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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 9/1/20

September 2, 2020 | 11 Comments
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Author: Mel

As Nicole Anthony likes to say, hello friends! Yesterday was another packed day of game talk and even with the feeds being down all night, there’s still alot to cover. There was an attempted wall yeller yesterday evening and that’s when the feeds cut. The timing was terrible because Kaysar had new stuff to think about after a talk with Ian and Cody spent the day getting more and more annoyed. Cody said he hasn’t slept well the past few days either. This will be a long one today.

Game talk yesterday evening

Recap from yesterday:

Ian & Bayleigh: Ian told Bay his theory from the night before. Paranoia caused them to to guess the name of the person running the house at the same time. He said Cody and she said Dani. Bay said she didn’t want this season to be ‘follow the leader.’ (This is the same person who told Janelle she thought it was a recent BB rule to do what the hoh wants) They discussed the wall yeller and Nicole and Cody running everything. She wanted time to process and they agreed to talk again later.

For once, Bay was listening as much as talking.

Cody & Ian:  Ian asked Cody if he’d throw the hoh to him. He told Cody he would put Day and Bay otb. (It would be hilarious if Cody threw it to Ian and he put up Cody. That’s not gonna happen, Cody’s too nervous now.

Ian & Kevin: Ian told Kevin they should try to get Kaysar to blow things up before he leaves. Ian said he talked to Bay and Kevin said he didn’t fully trust her. (True, Day talks to Kevin about not fully trusting her, which is crazy) Ian said he didn’t tell Bay alot. (He did)

Bayleigh & Kaysar: Bay asked Kaysar if he’d thought about blowing up Danis game before leaving. Kaysar said he had thought about blowing everyone’s games up before leaving.  She asked if he really had anything on Dani because he had told her he would blow up her alliance. Kaysar said he’d just said that to see her reaction.  He said he thought about calling out Dani, Tyler, Nicole and Cody but thought there was an advantage to keeping quiet and letting them think they were getting away with it for now.  (Best move) Kaysar said he’s spent weeks trying to tell people and blow up that alliance so doing it Thursday didn’t seem to make any difference. He also said he didn’t see an advantage to her game if he did it. Bay asked him to think about it and asked if there was any information he wanted to share before he left. (There was criticism online and a lot of nasty comments for the way Bay spoke to Kaysar recently. Kaysars wife put a statement out addressing it. It’s worth a read so I’ll add it below. Kaysars wife seems as lovely as Kaysar)

Cody & Enzo: Cody was still unraveling yesterday and he’s worried Tyler said something to Dani. Enzo said “he definitely did.” (He didn’t) Cody thinks this could blow up and Day might say something to Dani. Enzo thinks Tyler told Dani about Cody and Enzo knowing and said Tyler is trying to turn people against each other. (I don’t think he really believes this and I think Cody is carrying over from the day before, trying to get Enzo suspicious of Tyler) Enzo said he thinks Dani left Tyler out of knowing Nicole was told about the Slick Six on purpose, so Tyler would turn against them. (this made no sense) Enzo said he’s definitely going after Dani now. (Sorry Cody, mission failed)

Cody & Nicole:  They wondered how much trouble they were in and Nicole asked if he thought they could recover, Cody said not completely.  He said there was nothing they could do about it now and joked about telling everyone he was targeting her. He said he would put her on the block and she told him he better not. (He was kidding)

Nicole told Day she was getting too much sun. As she went back outside, Nicole said “the shade is my spot” and after she walked away, Day said “I bet the f*ck it is.”

Dani &Nicole: Dani said she was trying not to cry. (Naturally, Nicole told her she should) Dani told her about something Cody said to her. She said she told Cody about a conversation she’d  had with Tyler and said it went well. (She was trying to repair things over Tyler not knowing that Nicole knew about the Slick Six) Cody, sounding irritated, told her “I didn’t tell you to talk to Tyler.”  She told Nicole, she wasn’t planning on ever doing what Cody told her to do. (What Dani was hearing as hateful, was really panic. Cody was NOT having a good day) Dani was already in a bad mood because BB called her out and told her to get out of bed. She came thru the house mad, saying “it’s freaking stupid!” (I’m a morning person but wasn’t always, so I get it. When I was a teenager, my parents tried to avoid making eye contact with me in the mornings. Lol)

This pic doesn’t involve her juice. If I remember correctly, I think an avocado had offended her when I took this one.

DaVonne & Nicole:  They sat outside and talked, just to make sure they were good, (they don’t hang out with each other at all, they just have an agreement not to go after each other)  They both said neither of them have heard people saying their names (both lying) They talked about how they’ve both told people they couldn’t put the other one up. (Nicole knows there was a recent alliance meeting with Day, Cody, Bay and Enzo. In the meeting, Day said she couldn’t be the one to put up Nicole, Bay said “don’t worry, I’ll do it.” Nicole mentioned the wall yeller but called them “an angry fan of Janelles.” (Haha, probably) She said she couldn’t blame herself for something she didn’t do and tried to downplay it. Nicole said “I already couldn’t play because Janelle, who is great at the game, was talking crap about me.” (Right after this, Nicole said “shit” while talking to Dani and Cody. Yes people, Nicole Franzel cusses. She just doesn’t want you to know it) If I was playing as well as Nicole is right now, I’d probably cuss like a sailor nonstop, give the camera the finger and tell us to suck it! (Strangely, if Nicole did that, I’d probably become a fan. That may say more about me than it does about her)

This isn’t from yesterday but it’s a cute pic of Bay and Day.

Day & Bayleigh: Day had to focus Bay after she overheard Dani talking to Tyler about BB20.  Bay said she was standing right by them when Dani was asking Tyler what he’d done to Bay on their season. Tyler said something about back dooring her and being disrespectful to her the week she left. Dani kept saying, so basically, you didn’t do anything to her. Bay was also upset with Kevin because she feels like he’s always trying to get her to talk about her personal life, regarding her past with other men besides Swaggy. She thinks it’s disrespectful and thinks he does it on purpose. Bay said it was different standards because people got mad when a joke was made about Nicole’s relationships and said that’s off limits. She said they thought it was ok to drag Bays past up. (I don’t know Bays past but she does have a point, they do treat it differently. As far as Kevin, I just think he’s a gossip, doesn’t get along great with Bay and was trying to find something they could talk about) Day told her “you’re playing one of the best social games I’ve seen in a long time and she isn’t worth it,” Day said Dani was trying to get one of the to blow up and put a target on themselves. (True)  Bay also told Day about Ian talking to her earlier so Day probably put the pieces together. (The night before, Kevin wouldn’t tell her his source for all the stuff he was telling her, the theory Ian has about Cody and Nicole)

Bayleigh & Dani:  Dani asked to hang out and they had an awkward convo. They discussed targets, needing alone time, etc. Dani asked if Bays target was still Memphis and she said she didn’t know because his back was messed up. (He’s gotten a couple messages some meds and it’s doing alot better) They agreed this weeks target was still Kaysar. Bay said things about not trusting people and the way people say things about other people in the house. (I really thought she was going to spill and could tell she was dying to call out Dani for talking about her but she didn’t.  Bays social game is so good this season but her Achilles heel in the game is her inability to keep things to herself.  I don’t think she does it on purpose, even though at times, it looks like self sabotage.  Just like her convo with Kaysar about blowing up Dani’s game, she acts as if info should be used to call people out, instead of holding it and using it to make a game move)

Dani & Cody:  Cody is worried he’s losing his grip on the house but more worried Dani will find out he knows she’s the next target and isn’t telling her. He told Dani, Tyler is starting to make him nervous. He’s trying to play up the thing about Tyler not knowing Nicole was told about the Slick 6.  Dani told him (again) the talk she had with Tyler the night before went great and Tyler was fine. (It has to be so frustrating to Cody that Dani is good with Tyler now) Cody bounced between saying he was concerned about Tyler and being worried about Day and Bay.  Dani said they could completely trust Tyler but said she’s also worried about Day and Bay.  She made him swear not to say anything and told him about the Bay and Christmas thing that had recently happened. (Bay went to Christmas and said she had info but would only tell Christmas if she won hoh. Christmas told Nicole, Nicole told Dani. Nicole warned Dani she thinks it’s something about Cody and Dani) Dani is guessing it’s about the Slick Six alliance and that’s what she told Cody. She thinks Bay will tell Christmas about the alliance. Cody said he was done with the Slick Six because Bay and Day didn’t trust him and ran their mouths. (He’s mad Bay and Day don’t trust him over a fake alliance they made for the sole purpose of pretending to be loyal to Bay and Day, ironic huh?) Dani told Cody, Christmas would be pissed if she found out they were in an alliance without her. She said they (Dani, Enzo, Cody, Tyler) all should having matching stories.  (No, they should just tell her and tell her it’s fake if they’re worried) They’re only using Christmas to go after Day and Bay anyway. If Christmas isn’t spilling to Day and Bay people want them out, I’ll doubt she’ll tell this either.

Kaysar & Ian: Ian asked Kaysar if he knew he was leaving and Kaysar said yes. He asked Kaysar if he’d given up, he said no but didn’t know what else he could do. They named the votes he’d need and agreed, it would never happen, especially against Christmas. It was obvious Ian wanted to bounce his theory off Kaysar but was nervous.  He didn’t want to get anything started to make it appear he was trying to save Kaysar and he was honest about it. Kaysar asked if it was info that would help him stay.  Ian said no. (Sad, yet funny)  Ian opened up, told him what he’d came up with about Cody & Nicole being the core, Tyler was as an outer ring, Enzo a ring after that and David and Dani, etc. He referenced the wall yeller and said he thought he had it pieced together. Kaysar didn’t agree with the part about Nicole and said that wasn’t the game she played. Kaysar said Nicole didn’t mastermind things. Instead, she laid low, found people to shield in front of her the first half and the second half, she let her remaining shields go after each other. (Nailed it!) They tossed out ideas for how to break it up. Kaysar suggested putting up Cody with Dani. (I love Kaysar but PLEASE don’t do that! They could get rid of Dani and continue to hide the alliance from the outsiders) They think Memphis is playing his own game and on the outside ot things. (wrong and right. Memphis has an alliance but they don’t trust him) Kaysar told him he was safe with Bay and Day, said they’d go after Cody and Tyler too (probably shouldn’t have said that) and told him he could trust them. When they ended the talk, Ian told Kaysar to “come here,” gave Kaysar a hug and when Kaysar left, Ian sat down and cried.

A couple of weeks ago, Kaysar and Ian had one of the best strategy conversations I’ve ever heard. This one was no different. Sure, they have some pieces wrong but I love how analytical they both think. Sometimes, its gets them in trouble in the social part of the game because they both come off as arrogant and insensitive. (It’s what made Bay mad at Kaysar the other day) I can see how they’re viewed that way sometimes but they can’t help being loads smarter than everyone else in the house. (What’s that saying? It’s a burden and a gift) This is the alliance I’ll always feel robbed of getting to see.

Don’t get your hopes up. Barring some kind of BB miracle, Kaysar will be leaving. It doesn’t do any good to try and count votes either. Kaysar knows it and he doesn’t even have all the info we do. Bay and Day can’t keep Kaysar because they’re teamed up with Tyler. Kaysars’ told the whole house he’d go after Tyler and Cody. David has some weird thing about Kaysar having “low credit” and he’s also with Tyler. Memphis would like to keep him but he isn’t going to risk the spot he’s in to do it and the same goes for Ian. Kevin doesn’t even like Kaysar and will be doing what either Day or Dani are doing. The only other person who would like to keep Kaysar around is Christmas, who is sitting on the block next to him.


This can’t all blamed on the ‘big alliance’ and ‘boring game’ either. Truthfully, Kaysar did this mostly to himself. He could’ve laid low, went to the guys, said he was alone, named new targets, etc. Instead, he went to the hoh, who he should’ve talked game to weeks ago and told him he was coming after Enzos 2 biggest allies. Kaysar is probably in the top 5 for my favorite players thru all seasons but he’s a wrecking ball…..albeit a lovable, hard playing wrecking ball.

Have a great Wednesday!

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