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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 9/22/20

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Good morning everyone! Yesterday included a another wall yeller, a plumbing repair and an alcohol delivery. With so many feed cuts, todays recap should be a shorter one.


Reminder: The Sunday episode will soon be moving to Monday.

Rockstar Kevin

Tuesday Recap:

  • Kevin and Memphis: Kevin checked in, Memphis assured him he was staying, told Kevin to keep doing what he was doing. (Walking around with a blanket?)
  • Cody and Enzo: They both think Day has to go, they said she had a lot of people protecting her. (Sure, it’s the ole ‘with friends like this, who needs enemies…’ but whatever)
  • Christmas and Day: They had a ‘heart to doesn’t have a heart’ convo. Christmas wants to be better, loves Day, glad they’re friends, etc. Day gets out of Christmas she will be voted out.
  • Day and Kevin: Day gave him advice moving ahead for when he stays. She said she got confirmation she’ll be leaving, asked him not to say anything and said he should still campaign as if he’s in danger. He wanted to know who told her but she refused to tell him.
  • Today was covid test day.
  • Day and Dani: Day said she knew she was leaving, said Chriatmas told her, Dani acted surprised and said no one had told her anything. (that’s partially true since Danis alliance doesn’t trust her anymore)
  • Tyler told Christmas he thinks people understood one of the last wall yellers when they said Tyler and Christmas had a F2. He said Cody had told him about Dani saying the two of them were close.
  • Dani and Nicole: They discussed Day leaving and Dani said she can’t keep sticking her neck out for Day. (I mean, sure, Dani takes some time off from trying to get rid of Day and on those days, she tries to keep her) Dani created an entire false history while talking to Nicole. It was so bad, if Nicole had been doing it, I’d have been sure it was for episode footage.  Dani said she’d made a deal with Cody that she’d let Day go but made him swear David would be next. (Dani is conveniently forgetting how she kept pushing for Day to leave as early as week two. Nicole kept wanting Bay out first but Dani kept arguing with her. It was only around the time Cody got on board with taking Bay out first that Dani did too.  Nicole said she’s spent the past 2 weeks lying to the two people she is the closest to and she isn’t doing it anymore. (Will this Thursday include a DR clip of Nicole claiming Day is her best friend now?)
  • Kevin and Day:  They had their daily convo of Kevin saying ‘I think Nicole is lying’ and Day saying ‘no, it must be David who’s lying.’  She did acknowledge it could be true and Kevin said the only receipt she had was Nicole’s word. Day reminded him that David’s word was garbage.
  • Nicole talked to Christmas and Dani both regarding how and when to tell Day the truth. Nicole said she’s about ready to crack and didn’t know if she could keep doing it. (Nicole doesn’t really want to tell and has even considered not even telling her in her goodbye msg) Dani said she only had to hold on for 2 more days. Dani said if she was going to tell her, she needed to do it in the goodbye message. Dani also suggested trying to find a way to blame it on Memphis. When Nicole spoke to Christmas, she said she was going to do it in the msg.  You could tell Cross Fit Crazy probably wasn’t happy to hear this since she’d already told Tyler she thought they should do it. (She really thought she was on to a unique idea) She also made that weird deal with David and told him she would do it.  Nicole also has a new talking point that she’s began to repeat. She started saying she would have told Day already if it would only blow up her own game, but she can’t because it would blow up the people in the Committee. (She sacrifices so much for others, its quite admirable)
  • Kevin and David:  They talked about working together after this week and discussed why Day believed Nicole over David.  Kevin said that Day is convinced Nicole won’t betray her twice because Nicole would be too worried about the kind of heat she would take outside the house. David seemed to feel insulted that he would be considered the liar so quickly. They agreed Kevin should act like he felt wronged somehow by David. They’re hoping this will lower the chances they get put on the block together. David said he’d  really tried to work with Day but her constant fact checking was too hard to deal with and it hurt other people’s games. He said it was why he didnt like sharing info with her. Kevin asked if he wanted to vote to keep Day. David admitted he did on Sunday, but not anymore.
  • Day asked Dani if she told Nicole to flip the vote. Dani swore she didn’t. Day asked Dani what she thought about trying to convince David she believed him and acting like she would go after Nicole if she stayed. She wondered if that could be her one chance to stay this week. (Even if anyone believed it, and I doubt they would, Dani is the reason the guys want Day to go so it wouldn’t work) Dani said she was good with it and liked sneaky plans.
  • Dani told Nicole about the plan and Nicole wasn’t happy at all. She told Dani no, absolutely not. She feared Day could start believing it was true and said it would give David a reason to go after her. (because as of right now, David doesn’t know how he voted??? He’d only figure that out if Day beleived him?)
  • Enzo said there was another wall yeller. (who is claiming to have said Nicole lied about her vote) I don’t know if anyone heard it tho.
  • Dani let Nicole know that Christmas  had already told Day she was leaving. Later, when Nicole talked to her, Christmas pretended like she didnt know who was leaving and acted like she hadn’t said anything to Day. (Nicole may be ready for or her to go soon too after that)
  • The house guests got alcohol again and there was some debate over hiding it, if they should and how much. Nicole told Enzo to hide some beer, Dani wanted to hide an entire bottle of wine and told Nicole she needed new friends when Nicole didn’t want to hide that much. (They did hide some of it) Nicole, whose idea it was to hide alcohol to begin with, told Cody that Dani wanted to hide it.  Later, she also let Cody know Dani was doing really large pours for the wine. (I wonder if she plans to go with Cody and hold all the doors open for him when he goes to cash that winning check too)
  • Day wanted to shower first so she wrapped her wine in foil to hide it. (from Enzo, I think)
  • Days wine got to her a bit and she started telling Kevin how she was sick of most of them. Haha
  •  Kevin told day after talking to David, he still thinks David is the one who flipped. (Kevin does this pretty often) He’ll talk one way with David but completely change the conversation around when he retells it to Day. I’m not sure it can always be chalked up to game moves because, sometimes he does it when there’s no benefit for him.

Tonight, we should get to see the Zings and the hgs reactions to them.  They sounded a little lame so I’m not expecting a whole lot.  Today should also be the main campaigning day but I don’t really see it changing anything.

One last thing:  I don’t think it’s possible for Day to not have doubts about the vote at this point. I don’t think she’s lying to Kevin about what she thinks but I do think she’s is in a little denial. I also don’t think it’s possible for Day to have completely missed Nicole’s body language when she asked her about it that last time.  Towards the end, Nicole couldn’t even look at her. She has to have doubts, at least somewhere in the back of her mind. It may be too hard to accept that she allowed Nicole to dupe her twice. Worse, it led to alot of the mean things she said about David and she isn’t going to want to face it. How Day finds out about it, is probably going to be crucial to her jury vote.

Have a great Wednesday!




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