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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 9/8/20

September 9, 2020 | 26 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! This is a crazy work week for me so I’m apologizing in advance for anything I miss or completely screw up.  The odds are high that it’s going to happen. Christmas continued to play victim and couldn’t understand why Bay or Day had a problem with her. Even if they hadn’t had an argument, she put them on the block. What the hell is she missing?

There was also bad news because Cody learned his Grandfather passed away and thats always such a bad situation. It has to be hard to be in the house without the comfort of your family. Both my grandparents are gone now and I still miss them so much. The other hgs tried to be there for him but also give him some space.

This feels like such a weird transition but on a much lighter note, here’s the rest of what happened yesterday:

  • Dani told Nicole they need to watch out for the men so they don’t get picked off. (Nothing like getting rid of half the women before thinking about this) Nicole thought it would be weird to put up 2 guys but said she would. (That’s big of her) They’ve wondered if Cody and Enzo have a F2 and discussed targets. Dani thinks she and Tyler have fixed things so doesn’t want to go after him. (Tyler told Dani he was going to tell Day and Bay he lied about Dani going after them) She said she could still backdoor him and said Cody would just have to deal with it but doesn’t think he’s an immediate problem.
  • Dani tried to act like she was fine after everything came out Thursday but she’s still pissed that Cody and Enzo didn’t tell her Tyler had talked about coming after her. (She isn’t dumb and has to know why) She told Cody it was ok and she was over it after Cody told her Tyler just got paranoid and he squashed it. Yesterday, she asked Enzo about it too. He did his usual ‘I just don’t want involved in this stuff, yo.’ He agreed they should’ve mentioned it to her. (Enzo agrees with whoever he’s talking to at the time but they all want to work with him, so it’s working)
  • Christmas is still worried about ‘false accusations’ and not wanting to be portrayed wrong. She talked to Memphis about it a little. (We all know there’s been talk in the house about the optics of putting Bay and Day otb together. Cody, Nicole and Dani had several convos about it. It’s why they didn’t want to do it. Instead, they pumped Christmas up for 2 weeks and got her to do it)
  • Christmas’ team on the outside definitely has things coordinated for her, as far as promoting her brand. This popped up on my timeline so purchase now and you can get 25% off:
  • Day let Dani know when she talked to Tyler, he told her he was telling the truth about Dani. (So much for squashing things)
  • Ian is still concerned about the untouchable thing. Bay told him that Christmas said Ian was her untouchable a couple days ago. Ian asked Christmas about it and she told him she never said it. Later, she told Enzo she didn’t care.  She said it was good if people thought that because they might take out Ian instead of her if people thought they were a duo. (Ian knows this too, it’s why he’s been freaked out over thinking Christmas said it)
  • Bay and Day are still convinced that Tyler started everything and lied about Dani going after them. (It’s too bad that one good and clear conversation could’ve cleared this up) They discussed Tyler have some Dan’s funeral level plan when he told them he’d try to get evicted this week. (Nicole and Kevin have said similar things. No one has bothered to elaborate on it and explain what Tyler would’ve been trying to accomplish tho. He wasn’t otb or in danger but….he tried to get himself otb…only to save himself and evict Bay??? He didn’t  need to go otb for that and this makes absolutely no sense. If they’d talk themselves thru it logically, they could see  this is stupid. I’m not saying Tyler didn’t do something stupid, it just isn’t this)
  • David is convinced Cody, Nicole, Dani and Ian are together. He told Enzo he saw them having a meeting. (He’s sort of right, they do have the 4 Prime alliance….it just happens to be fake) David and Enzo also talked about wanting Bay to stay this week.

Tyler and Dani spelled out “Pop Pop” on the table after Cody found out his grandfather passed away.

  • Bay thinks Tyler set out to sabotage her game from the beginning based on a conversation he had with Day. (It was the day before) Tyler told Day he was voting to keep her. She was surprised and he said Bay knew he was and she’d even asked him to vote that way. He said he would get his mind back on the game and he’d like to restart with her if possible. He made some comment about finally being able to play the game. This got all twisted after Day told Bay about the convo. Bay took it as if Tyler was saying, once Bay left, he’d be able to play his game. This isn’t what he meant but this is where the sabotage comments are coming from.

David has new confidence since winning a power and is starting to play the game. (maybe not well, but he’s playing)

  •  David admitted to Day he campaigned to Tyler to keep Bay but he said he thought Day had the votes to stay. He said he was testing Tyler and wants to see if the info gets back to the other group or Day. (I’m not sure what he meant)  He told her what he thought about the alliance with Cody, Nicole, Dani and Ian. I’m guessing he wants to see if Tyler tells them David campaigned for Bay but I have no idea what the hell he was talking about. David doesn’t trust Tyler anymore either because even after his talk with Tyler, he still thinks Tyler was trying to set Bay up.
  • David spoke to Christmas to ask her why she put Day and Bay otb. He wanted to know if they were her noms or if she was doing someone else’s dirty work. (This dude has zero subtlety) Naturally, she said they were hers and she didn’t like being questioned by him. Later, David told Enzo he was trying to plant the idea (not seed, to give ya’ll a break) that people were making fun of her and her noms. (It’s David so  who knows?)
  • Nicole, after telling everyone she didn’t  like talking about “the podcast thing or promoting stuff,” (when Nicole A was in the house) talked all about her podcast to Tyler and Memphis. Nicole said she’d asked Angela to do it but thought it was when she was out of town. She hoped Angela would do it now since she could promote her new cookbook.
  • David doesn’t plan to take a shot at Memphis but wants the house to think he will. I guess it’s working because Memphis thinks he will so David would be Memphis’ target.

Here’s a couple pics from the house competition yesterday. They were broken into 2 teams, Slop Monsters and Team Shady:

  • Dani filled in Nicole about her talk with Day and Tyler telling Day that Dani really was going after them. She said he had until Thursday to fix it or she was going after him.
  • Nicole said she wanted Ian out and she doesn’t trust him in jury anymore. It was something about Ian not thinking a prior winner should win again. She told Dani it was mean to say that since she’s the only person he could’ve been talking about. (I was shocked she didn’t cry!) (Nicole knows Memphis and maybe a couple others will target Ian soon. She and Ian are already faking trust at this point, after the wall yeller, so I think Nicole just wants to cut ties. With all the talk about someones ‘untouchable,’ I think she’s trying to make sure she doesn’t go otb with him. She’s also annoyed he gives her less info now)

Enzo joking about pranking production by hiding under a bed, grabbing someone’s leg and forcing them to give him a power. He said it would end with the doctor trying to stab him with the large covid qtips instead.

  • Speaking of what’s mean and what isn’t, Dani finally got a taker for the shit talking she’s been trying to do over Ian. In past weeks, she’s tried it with Cody and Nicole but Memphis is the one who doesn’t mind it at all. Steve posted a thread on it last night for more detail. Basically, Ian’s rocking stresses them out and it was discussed. I can understand the stress part of it because just as Ian can’t control it, maybe people can’t control what effect it has on them. However, they CAN control all the laughing they did about it. Maybe it wasn’t meant maliciously but it felt unnecessarily mean.
  • Cody told Enzo they needed to get rid of Kevin and David so they can’t start working with the women and have the numbers. He thinks the next four to go needs to be Kevin, David, Ian and Day. He wants Day to be last because she might take Christmas out for them. He also said he needed Tyler to get it together because they need him to win comps. (They know his head isn’t in the game)
  • Dani got frustrated with Ian when she said she hoped Cody would win hoh. Ian said something about how they’d have to decide what to do. Dani asked if he was talking game and said she only meant she’d like Cody to get a letter from home. Later, Ian said he’d asked the DR if he won the hoh, could he give his letter to Cody. (They didn’t know yet) He apologized for misunderstanding Dani.

One of the reasons DaVonne is a popular player is because she talks to the viewers. (I’m not saying that’s the only reason) Last night, she had a Days Diary session and this is what she told us: She’ll campaign more today and tell people what they want to hear but will probably be lying. She doesn’t want us to judge her for helping Bay because that’s her friend but said she does want to be the one who stays. She also said the all girls alliance talk is fake. (Good thing since I think that’s how all of them feel) She talked about how hard it was to keep her composure when Christmas was getting amped up the other night. She hopes we saw all of it so it can’t be twisted to make her look bad because Christmas is telling everyone she felt attacked. The only people she thinks she can trust as of now are Nicole and said she was surprised too, Kevin even tho she knows he’s all over the place and Enzo. (This is bad. This is very, very bad)  Day said she’d probably go after Christmas and Tyler if she won hoh.  If one of them took themselves off the block, she’d put up a bigger target. She knows Christmas has a power and wants to flush it out. She knew she wasn’t going to win a power but used a method of getting people to talk so she could tell who got them.  She thinks this hoh will be endurance and lastly, she said some of the people in there make her ass itch.  (Me too DaVonne, me too)

David did some camera talking of his own. He was missing his mom and said it was her birthday. He feels self conscious about being on an all star season because he knows he doesn’t have or know enough game history. Like Nicole A, he felt flashbacks from last season when he went on the block so early. He really wishes Day and Bay weren’t on the block together. He’s  proud he finally won something, will use it if he has to but hopes he doesn’t need it. (I think this is a mistake. David, out of all the players needs to use that power. Say he made it to the end, he needs a big move to have a chance at winning in my opinion. Something like that could allow the others to see him as a player. I doubt it, but it could) I still hate the powers and twists. I’m only saying, if I were David and trying for some slim chance to win, it’s what I would do. I’d be looking for a chance to use it.

  • Tyler came in and gave David a pep talk. David said he was happy to be there and Tyler said he wished he had his excitement back for the game.
  • Dani also took a turn consoling David. She actually went in before Tyler because she saw him crying.

I’m soooo behind this week! I still haven’t seen Sundays episode which I’m hoping to squeeze in before tonights show. For now,

Have a great Wednesday!

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