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Big Brother 22 Wednesday Feed Spoilers

August 20, 2020 | 93 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Some of you may have noticed some small design changes. Well, I went back to last year’s look (except for the comment section) because the new theme was just harder to fine-tune.  Those larger catch-all themes tend to have a ton of code that tries to handle every possible situation so it’s impossible to actually go in and manually change stuff without breaking 5 other things. That is why it took so long to actually get the cast list in the header working properly.  I like control and have more of it with this look.

Alright, enough of that shit. Time for the feeds because it’s going to be one hell of a day. NicoleA is not going down without a fight, possibly literally. Last night, Janelle tried to talk to her and she said something like ‘Don’t talk to me right now or I’m going to blow up’. The two hugged it out this morning, but that’s not going to last. There is so much tension in the house that Da’Vonne said she’s going to dress nicely today because she expects it. Why? Well because when there is drama, that guarantees people will be on TV. That’s a very good sign for later! I may need to pull an all-nighter tonight. We’ll see.

I have summarized this house a lot this week but I’ll try to be as succinct as possible if you’re just tuning in –

David is very bad at this game and people want to keep him because of that. NicoleA is also bad at this game, but not as bad as David. However, she is working with Janelle who has rubbed everyone the wrong way so NicoleA is the biggest target. David has most of the guys behind him while the girls realize there will be 8-6 male:female after tonight.  Most guys are pretty locked in on keeping David so the drama today (if there is any) should revolve around Da’Vonne, Christmas, NicoleA, and Janelle. Nicole Franny is pretty locked in with the guys (shocker, I know) while Dani and Bayleigh are keeping their safe distance.

Before I begin, a huge thank you to Kimberly for your donation!  I am truly humbled as to how many people have reached out

Alright, let’s get to updates….

  • 11:30 am – Christmas and Bayleigh are gossiping
    • Bay says Dani is deadset on getting Janelle out so that made XMas relieved.
    • XMas thought Dani and Janelle were getting close but apparently Janelle was spreading rumors so that squashed that
    • Bayleigh leaves and XMas self talks about how Dani is probably going after her soon
  • In another room, Da’Vonne is explaining to Kevin that she is really struggling because keeping David is really bad for her game
    • Kevin is telling Da’Vonne they need to push NicoleA into a house meeting. Eek!
  • 12:45 pm – Feeds went down for some reason
  • 1:15 pm – Feeds back, no mention of anything
  • 2:00 pm – Nicole brings up a point to Da’Vonne that if she just votes David based on a specific thing, will people exploit that and continue to use David as a pawn and put Da’Vonne’s allies up next to him week after week because they know how she’ll vote
  • 2:30 pm – NicoleA is still campaigning to Christmas. I am really proud of how hard she is trying

  • Janelle has entered the room to chat with NicoleA. She is confirming to Nicole that Memphis would break the tie in favor of Nicole. Nicole starts giving her shit about not believing that Janelle is scared to talk to Memphis.
  • NicoleA mentions how Janelle was working Memphis to not put Nicole up. Nicole stands up and walks away saying “Not hard enough”. Janelle says she did try and Nicole points out how neither she nor Kaysar were put on the block. Nicole walks out of the room and says ‘this is horseshit’ and heads into the kitchen.  In the kitchen, Nicole says ‘she better not follow me out here’. Janelle didn’t. She finished putting lotion on
  • 2:45 pm – NicoleA is chatting with Cody
    • She is admitting she probably just lost two votes by going off on Janelle.
    • Cody tells her it’s going to be a unanimous vote in either direction (if so, Nicole is screwed)

Dinner time. Be back shortly. Hopefully no blowups!

  • 3:15 pm – Janelle was re-telling the situation with NicoleA to Bayleigh. She knows Nicole is pissed at her. She’ll probably avoid her tonight.

  • Ignore the weird screenshot, I’m doing this on my laptop
  • Janelle once again tries to talk to NicoleA who clearly didn’t take my advice and stage a fight with Janelle. Instead, she just continues to pout and go on with her theory that Janelle just wants to split the house with Nicole as collateral damage
  • Nicole is upset because Memphis doesn’t want to talk to her (because he’s a dickhead?  And Janelle doesn’t give a shit about that so she’ll force herself to have a conversation with him. You can’t be timid)
  • I gotta say, Ant is acting like a baby here. I get she’s upset but it wasn’t Janelle’s job to save you. It wasn’t Janelle’s job to save Keesha. People need to top using Janelle to do their work. Play your own game.
  • Nicole says ‘I think it happened and you were indifferent’. Nicole, play your own game. Yes Janelle should try to save you, and she did, but it is not her sole responsibility to do so.
  • 6:00 pm – Just finished the CBS episode. It was pretty funny watching Cody mentally break down when Janelle walked in

  • 9:40 pm – Not much going on. Unfortunately no drama and doesn’t seem to be. Janelle still thinks Nicole has a chance to stay. She doesn’t
  • 12:00 am – Welp, the drama didn’t happen. That’s unfortunate. Nicole had a rough week but she tried. She really, really tried.

I’m off to bed because at midnight, the house stops havenot which means they’ll sit around eating for a bit. Maybe something will happen later, but that will be covered tomorrow!

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