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Big Brother 22 Wednesday Feed Updates 9/16

September 16, 2020 | 141 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and so far it’s been a super weird week. Seeing as I need to drive 4 hours to pick up the tablet I left at the hotel yesterday (ugh), I’ll do a brief recap today.

  • Dani won the HoH she didn’t want to win.
  • She nominated David and Kevin.
  • Many fans freaked because they thought David was a moron for not using power.
  • The power was actually used as it was expected. The reason it wasn’t played at the nomination ceremony is that the powers can remain anonymous so it’s not an immunity idol situation where they slap it on the table and fist pump.
  • David took advantage of the anonymous part and lied about it – super poorly. They touched on that briefly during the CBS episode but it didn’t even remotely dig into just how little the house believed David.
  • Da’Vonne won the veto and the entire house pressured her to not use it because they didn’t want to make their lives in the house or jury worse for themselves.
  • Da’Vonne used it anyway because it’s not her job to worry about how Dani is perceived by the jury
  • Ian was nominated as the replacement nom and is likely going to jury
  • The house is now scrambling to do some weird thing which secures Ian 3 votes so Nicole can take credit for one of them. A completely stupid move that is the epitome of overplaying the game for no reason whatsoever.

And that is what I will continue on with as I do my pre-feed talk that nobody loves. Maybe everyone loves? Some love. Some like? Alright, here goes…

I honestly have no clue why in the world they’re pulling this shit with Ian. I understand that he threatened to be a bitter jury member, but stop with the games (I’m looking at you, Nicole). If you want to try and have good relationships with the entire house, you’re going to come across situations like this where you need to show your hand. Don’t cry because you promised 15 different people loyalty and it’s now coming back to bite you. Ian is not stupid. He’s going to know Nicole voted him out and it’s going to look even worse on her when he does find out. Not only is Nicole going to stab the guy in the back but she’s literally going to pretend she didn’t. Come the fuck on. That’s rookie behavior.

These people are literally creating a bitter jury member by doing this which is the crap Paul did and ironically allowed Nicole to win. You’d think she of all people would understand screwing over the jury is just bad gaming. She either needs to vote to keep him or accept that she probably lost his vote. By stabbing him in the back on the way out, he’s going to actively work on tainting the jury against her rather than just being 1 vote against.

I really think this style overall is just scumbag behavior and I can’t stand to see it. I expected better on an All-Star season but Paul’s poison still lingers in that house. He is largely responsible for this weird tactic of making 100 alliances and then playing dumb when you need to screw over 99 of them.

Alright, let’s get to updates:

  • 12:00 pm – Ian and Enzo are talking. He (Ian) is confident because Dani said she’d break any tie in his favor
  • 12:55 pm – Christmas and Enzo are talking about how Ian is manipulating people into feeling bad.
    • They say you can play game better against Tyler because Ian is more behind the scenes. They know what to expect with Tyler
    • In the kitchen, Nicole is in a panic to Cody because Kevin has been name dropping them. Nicole wants Cody to call him out
    • Ian apparently told Nicole that Kevin hates Cody and Nicole
  • Nicole moves upstairs to vent to Dani. She is still ranting about the bullhorn guy how they made a target out of her and Cody
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds keep going down which is the theme of the season and it’s really getting old.
    • Everyone keeps talking about that ‘thing that happened last night’. I’m hearing something about Ian and Dani and wine coolers. Apparently Ian said something to Dani but I don’t think it was on the feeds of course
    • Kevin is in the love room telling Tyler he’s going to keep him. I don’t really know if I believe it
    • Even when they talk about whatever happened last night they instantly cut the feeds. This is bullshit.
    • Kevin asks Nicole what happened last night. Prepare for feeds to be cut….
    • Oh, no feed cut yet because Nicole said she’ll fill him in later so I’m sure that’s a conversation we’ll miss.


  • Random note – I think after this season, you may see fewer and fewer people doing feed updates on Twitter, etc. I’ve noticed a lot of live feeders have dropped off over these last 8 or so years and it’s only going to get worse. I can tell many top Twitter updaters are very frustrated with the feeds being cut so often. I fear they’re trying to prep us for limited feeds rather than the 24/7 we’ve had access to.  Just my speculation of course but I just cannot imagine this being sustainable for the long-run. This season has been nearly as bad as Celebrity Big Brother 2 regarding the major censoring of any interesting content.
  • In fact, I told the rep at CBS us bloggers deal with that I can’t in good faith actually link to the feeds. I’ve posted maybe 2 links this season outside the ones that are automatically there in the header and that’s because the product has been so bad.

  • 3:00 pm – Ian is making a pitch to Memphis
    • He says he respects Memphis for being honest about his vote. Memphis has made no secret that he’s just voting out Ian. Ian says he’s been frustrated by the people who have been jerking him around and those are his targets if he stays and wins HoH
    • Memphis says he is voting to keep Tyler because he thinks Ian is a better player and smarter than he is (Memphis). He doesn’t feel there are a lot of people who are smarter than he is, but Ian is one
    • He says it can change but as of right now, that’s his vote.
    • I’m shocked we made it through an entire conversation without stars. Granted it was only about 3 minute conversation
    • Anyway, Memphis leaves and Ian says ‘not looking good for me’
    • Feeds switch to Cody and Nicole and instantly to stars.
  • 3:40 pm – If you didn’t guess, feeds have been down for most of the time since my last update. I’m about to just shut down my computer and watch TV for the night because this is bullshit
    • I can’t wait until BB23 (if there is one) where they hopefully stop protecting people.
  • 6:00 pm – I step away, come back and feeds are down.
    • Although this time it’s for a real reason. They are having a midway party. That’s good news because they may get liquored up
  • While we wait, huge thank you to LaToya for her generous donation!  You guys are really amazing. Thank you

  • 9:00 pm – Alright. Party over
    • David and Tyler have been talking. David isn’t ready to commit to Tyler yet
    • He’s currently talking to Christmas and wondering what to do
  • Tyler and Enzo are chatting
    • Tyler is venting about his conversation with David. David was giving him shit for ‘getting Bayleigh out’. David wanted to keep Bay
    • They talk about how Memphis hasn’t had to do anything and he’s going to float to the end
  • Ian is upstairs in the HoH room talking to Nicole and Dani
    • He is basically begging for votes at this point.
    • He is really stressing. He does not want to go to that jury house.
    • And back to feeds cut probably because Ian is likely having a melt-down and production is protecting him.
    • Ian has to go tomorrow just so we can start getting feeds again. This is ridiculous.


  • 10:10 pm – Feeds back
    • Nicole and Dani head to the bedroom to talk
    • Nicole says if she doesn’t give Ian a pity vote, Ian is going to scream stuff about them on the way out (so, he’s going to be a baby)
    • Dani says that’s just being a jerk
    • Nicole says if it’s 0 votes, he’s going to say stuff about just Nicole and Dani. Come the fuck on. These are threats.
    • Dani says to Nicole about Ian ‘why did you come here if your only option was to win? He is being a sore loser’
    • Dani plans on being stern with Ian. I guarantee this won’t be on the feeds
  • Ian went up to the HoH room to talk to Dani
    • They had a pretty brief talk but Dani basically said what she was going to, except not as mean. She just said Nicole has been pushing for her, he can’t keep treating her that way.
    • Ian said he understood then sat in silence until he was called to the DR

It’s been a long day. As I said, I need to drive 4 hours tomorrow to pick up the item I forgot at the hotel so I’m not sure I’ll actually get a good weekly recap in. Either way, I’ll try to get something up before the live show. If not, I’ll see you tomorrow at 8. Le’ts hope the house doesn’t blow up while I sleep

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