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Big Brother 22 Wednesday Feed Updates 9/2

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Alright, rant time. I’m sure you expected this as I complain about the feeds being down just about every season now, but last night was complete bullshit.  Allegedly there was another wall yeller but didn’t actually get their message out because they were caught by production or something. I don’t know, I don’t care. The part I have a problem with is having the feeds down for about 8 hours because of it. It’s bad enough the feeds go down for about 10 seconds every few minutes because the person controlling them has a super sensitive finger and immediately blocks out anything that ‘breaks rules’,  but turning them off for 8 hours is just unacceptable.

I usually take this time to talk about the current status in the house and catch people up on what is going on before they follow along with the feed updates, but last night basically didn’t exist so there isn’t much to write. The alliances are crumbling. Cody and Nicole are being exposed. Ian has quite a bit figured out. Kaysar is still going home. If there isn’t a clear divide in the house after this week, this season will piss me off.


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  • 12:00 pm – Cody and Enzo are in the HoH room
    • Anyone notice how Cody starts morphing into the people he’s around? With Dani he becomes super sarcastic and with Enzo he uses ‘yo’ every sentence?  I can’t wait for him to start using a midwest accent by the end of the season after hanging around with Nicole all year.
    • Cody mentions how Dani wants to come up with a cover story in the even that Bayleigh blows up the slick six. He plans to just deny it.
    • Cody wants to win the next HoH and then sit Bayleigh in the room and confront her on what she planned to tell Christmas (regarding who is running the house)
    • Enzo mocks Tyler’s veganism after they bitch about him. He wants to say “be a man, eat some meat”. Alright, alpha. Talk tough when you actually make a big move in this house. Kaysar? Please.
    • He also calls Memphis a gimp with a broken back and they’re carrying him.
    • Blogging these two dummies in a bad mood is not a good combination.
    • Enzo jokes that he’ll tell Julie he’s happy to be out of the house if he’s evicted next week. Us too, Enzo. Us too.
  • 12:45 pm – Bayleigh and Da’Vonne come up to the HoH room (Cody is gone)
    • Enzo says this season Day should win an HoH. That’s the theme of the season with him and Memphis winning their first HoH (Day has never won)
    • Enzo talking about how much he loves Tyler and how he has balls.
    • Cody is talking about covid in the bedroom with Bay and Nicole. Nothing really exciting
  • I am heading out to dinner so I’ll likely miss a bit of afternoon blogging but doesn’t appear to be much going on
  • 6:30 pm – Alright, I’m back. That was an insanely boring episode.
    • The best part about it was touching on the Dani/Nicole thing which should begin to play out in future episodes
    • Checking the feeds. Da’Vonne is talking to Tyler and Bay is chatting with Enzo. Nothing major. And looking at Twitter, nothing seems to have happened while I was gone.
    • Enzo says he thinks the Pats may be better than Brady this year. So he’s not on my bad side anymore


    • Enzo and Bay give us a good feel of the feeds right now
  • 8:15 pm – Enzo, Tyler, and Cody up in the HoH room securing their final 3 alliance called ‘Triple Thr3at’ (note – I’m not typing that 3 in the name ever again)
  • Let’s just skip the foreplay and call it the Brigade 2
    • Cody = Lane
    • Tyler = Hayden
    • Enzo = Enzo
    • Nicole = Britney
    • Dani = Kristen?
  • 9:00 pm – Kaysar and Ian have a long conversation
    • Kaysar has accepted defeat. Is packing and says he can’t even get votes from people who like him
    • Ian calls Kaysar the smartest person he’s played with. Kay points out he played with Dan and Ian says Dan isn’t smart. Just socially gifted. He’s smart in a social way but not book smart
    • Ian says he’d beat Dan in an IQ test every time. Weird flex
    • Kaysar thinks Cody should be a target because both sides will have to expose their positions to save him
    • Ian says the people in the house are generally not very intelligent.  He also talks about the bullhorn a few times which keeps cutting the feeds. You’re killing me
    • Kaysar suggests Dani vs Cody so they can see where Nicole is
  • Up in the HoH room, Dani, Cody, Nicole, and Enzo are chatting
    • They speculate that the other side is starting to form an alliance
    • Enzo this time mentions the Slick Six in front of Nicole
    • Cody talks about how last week’s rogue vote was a dud and the camera goes to Dani

Check back for updates



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