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Big Brother 22- Wednesday Recap for 10/14/20

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Good morning BB Junkies, I’ve mentioned how weird it is to be in mid October talking about BB. With just a couple weeks left, we’ve almost made it thru.  This season has been boring as hell but it’s still Big Brother and it’s been a nice distraction. Sometimes it’s been an annoying one but even that is distracting.  I don’t care who wins but I am interested to see how it plays out. Cody could won a couple of comps and take the prize and it would be hard to argue he hadn’t earned it.  Someone else could grow a set, step up and take it from him if they’re willing to cut him at the F4 or the F3. Either way, it will be interesting just to see what happens. (I didn’t say fun, I said interesting)


The winner of this season is by no means going to be considered the best who ever played just because it’s all stars. I mean, would any of you put Mike Boogie at the top of the list of best players?  I wouldn’t but he did manage to win the first All Stars. I’m guessing I’ll be somewhat satisfied, along with being disappointed, no matter who wins this season.


It would be sort of fitting for Nicole to win because she’s a past winner, they left her in the game, so they kind of deserve it. The down side is that I don’t want to have to listen to her claiming to be ‘the best that ever played’ because she’d be the only 2 time winner. Cody should probably win since he’s played the best game and because he created the easiest path for himself to win. However, that’s soooooo boring and predictable. I’d be OK with Enzo winning because maybe juries would go back to putting more emphasis on a social game and less on comp wins. On the other hand, Enzo has been so frustrating this season, I’m not sure I want to see that rewarded. Christmas winning is kind of what this season deserves, just because the cast has frustrated us so much with their new school BB mentality. Players usually care about who represents their season as the winner. It would be a little bit of karma for this cast to have Christmas Abbott be their representative. Having said that, I don’t really want her to win because, well….she’s Christmas. Memphis wouldn’t have been a bad winner, if you take his personality out of it. Memphis has played very straightforward, created strong alliances, won comps and played with some backbone. I even like the asshole move of naming 2 alliances the same thing. I equally like that he got busted for doing it.  I’d like to see more of that kind of gameplay in the future but he’s leaving tonight so that isn’t going to be an option.

I brought up a couple of BB comics yesterday but said I’d wait until the episode to talk about them further. I’m not going to go through all of them but a few of them stood out for different reasons. I actually liked Nicole A’s because it looks a little like her, it relates to an issue from this season and they even gave her (sort of) rainbow colored fingernails.  That’s definitely a Nicole A thing.

Steve didn’t like Kaysars but I did. The image is horrible but BB fans have referred to Kaysar as ‘King Kaysar’ for a long time, despite Cody’s confusion during the veto comp. I’m ok with his only because of that reference. I also think of Kaysar saying he was doing the River Dance when I see it and that was funny.


I’m also ok with Keeshas, even though it referred her birthday on season 10.  It’s one of the most iconic BB moments ever and she left early. They didn’t have much to go on this year, unless they were going to make one referencing Keesha taking Dans virginity. Somehow, I don’t see them going that direction.

Keesha may disagree because here’s a funny Tweet from Keesha, directed towards Cody after he was talking shit about her the other night and once again, saying he didn’t know her. (I love Keesha!)


I only liked Janelles because of the reaction we got from Nicole.  There’s so much more to Janelles BB story than being called a bombshell, so they definitely did her a disservice.

I’m sure the things Nicole said were scripted by the DR but it seemed to work on the episode anyway. Her facial expressions…

and the eye roll she tried to give were hilarious!

Yes, I liked Nicole last night on the episode. I admit it.  This was the Nicole I’ve always said could be likable. Instead of denying her issues with Janelle or anyone else, she should just embrace them. She came off as someone who is actually funny and has insecurities like everyone else. When she’s like this, she flips it around on us and it makes it soooo much harder to dislike her.

The worst comic may have been Tyler’s because it was lame and didn’t look like him at all. I guess that’s what you get when production tries to give you a golden boy edit but you keep trying to leave anyway. He went from this….

to this. They didn’t even give him muscles this year. He was the only guy without bulging muscles.

Even Ian got muscles! His comic was pretty bad tho.

If you thought referencing Keeshas birthday from 12 seasons ago was lazy, what about referencing Memphis’ job from 12 seasons ago? It’s been a long time since he was a bartender, or sorry, a mixologist.

Ok, that’s enough of the comics. The rest weren’t even worth mentioning in my opinion because they either didn’t look like the person or they just didn’t make any sense. Here’s one more image and then I’ll recap what happened on the feeds.

Can anyone figure out why Nicole tried to hide behind the cabinet in her cat dress when the veto ceremony ended? Weird.


  • Christmas and Memphis had their usual morning chit chat and after, Memphis gave Nicole tons of info on buying an SUV. She seemed riveted by all his knowledge:
  • Here is Christmas representing yesterdays feeds perfectly:
  • She eventually got up to finish her packing:
  • By far, the biggest event of the day was discovering a drawer full of clothing.  After a little investigation, they realized they belonged to Janelle. Memphis thought it was hilarious that Janelle didn’t even bother to pack. (Actually, some of it was clothes she had given to Bay but Janelle didn’t pack much) She wasn’t confident she was staying, she just couldn’t be bothered to pack. Haha.  That’s what Memphis found funny and so do I.
  •  Christmas was cam talking and saying she and Memphis had to get together to discuss their games. She wants to make sure Memphis knows things that would help him counter arguments against her in jury. (Smart, it’s what Nicole did with Corey on BB18) She also wanted to do the same for him, in case she’s the one who is evicted.
  • Christmas & Memphis went over their thoughts about the people left in the game. Christmas sees Enzo as a floater but Memphis mentioned him having a great social game, He said he’s never been anyone’s target and he still hasn’t been on the block.  Christmas insisted having good relationships with people didn’t make him a better player. (Of course, she’d think that way)  Memphis thinks Nicole may have a better chance at winning than most people think. He pointed out that it’s an All Star season so rewarding a past winner could be viewed differently than if she was playing against newbies. He said having the target of being a past winner but making it to the end was impressive.

I mentioned sometime back that I’d agreed with Memphis way too many times for my comfort level. Here we go again, because I’ve been saying since nearly the start of the season, Nicole could win this game. The argument about not giving a prior winner the money was just made up.  I heard a few people say it this season but it was being said for strategic reasons and it wasn’t coming from a sincere place when it was said. Nicole is actually the person who made it up the first week to lower the target on herself. She had Ian there to use as an example, because he beat Dan.  (I’ve also said before, Dan being a prior winner is NOT why he lost BB14)  Now, what I didn’t factor in, was Dani having an issue with Nicole.  That could’ve changed and for all we know, she may have stopped working against Nicole in the jury.  I think the way Dani talks about Nicole’s game will have a lot more to do with Nicole’s chances of winning than her winning BB18.  Another thing could be the way DaVonne looks at it. Yes, I get it, Day asked Nicole for the truth ‘for personal reasons’ and not relating to the game. Well the truth is, it was going to end up being game related once the information was out.  If Day sees it as ‘this girl burned me once, I rewarded her but I won’t look like a fool and do it twice,’ this could hurt Nicole’s chances. If Day looks at it like ‘damn, this girl got me again, she’s good,’ it could help Nicole. I still say, if she takes out Cody, she wins the season.

Back to the Recap:

  • Christmas needed more convincing than Memphis when it came to Nicole. Christmas felt like Nicole had the Committee keeping her safe all season, while she and Memphis had to win comps to keep them safe. (They were all in the Committee so I don’t know what the hell she meant by that)  Eventually, Memphis appeared to make his point because once she was alone, Christmas said she saw Cody as less of a threat now. (Damnit Memphis! Thanks for nothing!)
  •  Cody told Nicole he still hadn’t decided if they were going to tell Memphis in advance if he was leaving.  He was also still pouting over Enzo telling Christmas they were keeping her this week.
  • All but Nicole, sat around chatting over who might win AFP. Most of them think it will probably go to Janelle or Nicole A. Enzo suggested Nicole F or DaVonne might win it but Cody set him straight. He told Enzo that Nicole isn’t really a fan favorite anymore. Haha (Most polls have Janelle in the lead, with Tyler 2nd. Some have had Day at the top and others have her at 3rd, for what that’s worth)
  • Memphis & Christmas talked about their games to help each other in the jury. Memphis correctly pointed out that they don’t have time to make a decision on finale night based on a few stupid questions that are prewritten. (OK, he didn’t say prewritten or call them stupid but it’s true and he at least gets it) I know they won’t but I’ve been hoping they would go back to the old format and do a lengthy jury question episode this year.
  • Enzo told Nicole he was starting to feel guilty about not telling Memphis. He said Memphis seems to be sure he staying so maybe they should tell him a few minutes before the show. Nicole said she didn’t mind but would like to know if that’s what they decided.  Nicole mentioned how Christmas still hadn’t spoken to Cody about his vote and Enzo said he’d told her she needed to talk to him.
  • While alone, Ezo said he really wanted Christmas to be the one to leave.
  • Enzo suggested to Cody they tell Memphis. Cody brought up Enzo telling Christmas she had Cody’s vote to stay. Enzo said he didn’t think he’d told her that and he didn’t remember saying it. (I kind of believed Enzo because there’s no way somebody can rattle off as much shit as he does and remember everything they said) They both laughed and Cody said yes, he definitely told her.
  •  Enzo said he really wanted to get rid of Christmas but he knew Cody and Nicole didn’t. He said it made him nervous to keep her because Christmas and Nicole have a clean slate now and he could see them teaming up. He told Cody he doesn’t think Nicole will take Cody to the F2 and would take Christmas if she’s still there as an option. Cody assured him Nicole would go after Christmas next and not Enzo. Cody said Memphis accidentally said told him he won the veto at F4 on his season and said he needed to go. (BB10 and BB22 comps are very different) Cody said they could still get rid of Christmas and could talk about it again. (Not gonna happen) Enzo said Christmas will cut Cody if she gets the chance and will keep Nicole instead. Enzo thinks Memphis will stick with the guys to guarantee them F3. Cody doesn’t trust it and even if he did, thinks Memphis will be harder to beat AT the F3. (They’re both right)  They agreed that personally, they’d rather see Christmas leave but Cody said strategically, it makes more sense for Memphis to go. Cody assured Enzo that if Christmas won the next hoh and Cody won the veto, he would evict Nicole and keep Enzo.
  • Cody and Enzo (joking) told Nicole they’d decided to split the votes and make her choose. They said it would make for better tv. (She’s already told them they better not do this)  She asked if they’d changed their minds and would rather Christmas leave.  After a little back-and-forth and saying maybe Christmas should go, Cody lands back on taking out Memphis.  He said it doesn’t matter because he plans on winning the hoh anyway.  They also go back to thinking they should just blindside Memphis and said that way, he’ll be mad at all of them. He won’t be able to single anyone out.
  • Nicole said it would be more fun to blindside Christmas. She said the plan had to stay the same but was just saying it would be more fun.  They questioned her about whether or not she would cut one of them at the final 4 if they blindsided Nicole this week and evicted Christmas. She said she would. (they were all joking)  They also laughed about OTEV and the curse. Enzo and Nicole said Cody can’t win now anyway because he won OTEV. Cody was still pissed that Christmas hadn’t even tried to talk to him. He said if Christmas continued to ignore his vote, maybe they should go ahead and evict her.  Nicole said no and said it only shows that Christmas is the worst player. She brought up how bad Christmas’ hoh was by putting up two people she had good relationships with. (true and Nicole is the one who talked her into doing it)
  • Memphis’ back was bothering him again and he was trying to lay on the floor. Eventually, he got back in bed and he and Christmas had one of their weird coded conversations before going to sleep. It’s obvious they have things they want to say to each other but won’t because of the live feeds. I don’t know if this is over their secret business venture or if it’s more personal.
  • Cody and Enzo played chess. Memphis told Chrismas what they were doing and she asked “do they even know how?”
  • Once Cody and Nicole were alone, he told her not to worry about Enzo and said he wouldn’t try to flip the vote. He said Enzo is just more of a talker and likes to keep going through all the scenarios.  He  brought up Enzo not being as good in comps and said he worried more about making the right decision because of it.
  • Cody, Nicole and Enzo continued to hang out in the HOH room. Enzo and Cody joked about spooning and snuggling on the couch so they could both listen to music.
  • Cody left and Enzo took his body guard position on the couch. When Cody left, Nicole said Cody was a terrible body guard. (This body guard stuff is really stupid) Just when Nicole makes me laugh on an episode, I turn on the feeds to this shit and get annoyed all over again.

I’ll catch you guys later tonight when we probably see Memphis evicted. Have a great Thursday!


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