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Big Brother 22- Wednesday Recap for 8/12/20

August 13, 2020 | 18 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning and first eviction day of the season! It feels like it’s been longer than a week, which is weird since we usually have 2 weeks we have to catch up on when it starts. This may be why it feels like the game is slow. We’re usued to the hgs having a week knocked out when the feeds begin and they have 2 weeks before someone is evicted. They’ve only been there 8 days and the game can’t really begin until they have time to let some things form naturally. It’s why a lot of people are making alliances but few feel like they’re going somewhere. It’s also all stars and what some people see as slow game play, I’m actually seeing as good game play. Sure, there are some bad reads on the house but overall, these people arn’t making the same mistakes a lot of new players would make. When people arn’t playing sloppy and the house isn’t blowing up, it can feel like a slow game.

Ian dancing the other night when the house got alcohol

Same night-Keesha learning Nicole A’s dance

I’ve got a few random things before I get to the recap. Does this ever happen to anyone else? You’ve finally talked one of your friends or relatives into giving BB a try because you’ve explained how the game is really based on strategies, planning and analytical thinking. They decide to give it a shot annnddddd this is what they see when they watch for the first time:

Yep, they see a dude riding a half peeled banana. This is usually when they start questioning MY thinking skills. Oh well.

There’s been a petition online this week to save Keesha. It was going around that when Enzos fruit fell, he knocked over Keeshas stack so people didn’t think it was fair and wanted a do over for the comp. We didn’t see that play out on tv last night but even if we had, really? I thought it was hilarious the petition had over 2000 signatures the last time I saw it. I can run with the best of them getting worked up over the show but sometimes, we have to know when to say to ourselves “stop, back away from the computer and go get some fresh air.” Hopefully Keesha will get a kick out of it when she sees it tho.

At first, I didn’t think we’d have any kind of a battle back because Keesha or Kevin are supposed to do some interviews with people after Thursday. Yesterday, Janelle told Dani she’d asked if she’d be going home if she was evicted early and was told no and it would be mid September. This sounds like they could be holding the early evictees to bring someone back. It could also be precaution for covid, in case someone tested positive and had to leave. That’s all I know which is still basically, nothing.

I like this pic because of Janelles costume in the mirror

The hgs got some BB questions to answer which Steve already covered so I’m only going to mention a few funny moments from it.

  • This was Danis face when Keesha said she liked Evil Dick:
  • I also thought it was odd when someone said Evil Dicks season was their favorite. Why wouldn’t you say “BB8” or say “Dani’s season?” She’s sitting right there!  When talking about best looking people, some said Victor and NicF asked “new Vic or old Vic.” DaVonne told her old Victor which NicF takes as pre-Nicole Victor. I think it was Christmas who said Corey and NicF doesn’t want him brought up so we’ll see if she holds a grudge. I may have recency bias but in my opinion, BB6 Kaysar was pretty hard to beat:
  • Enzo thought Dr. Will was the best looking and Janelle said Will would agree with him.
  • Ian said he thought Andys win was underrated and Bay mentione how Andy thought so too and Tweetwd about it all the time. (He does!) Janelle told Ian that Andy just became his biggest fan.
  • Bay asked Dani if it was BB13 that she was on with the couples. Dani got pissed and said “I was never a couple.” (Good greif! Bay was trying to say pairs and YES, it was 13 and YES, Dani was paired with ED. I get it, she hates him but that isn’t everyone else’s fault.  He’s the only reason she made it to the F2 anyway so she can’t seperate her BB history from him unless she wants to seperate from BB completely)

Now, on to actual game talk from yesterday:

  • Tyler and Bayleigh had an emotional conversation about their season and they both cried. Bay told him he didnt have anything to apologize for anymore and they were good. They’d made up but it wasn’t in person so this felt different for them I guess.
  • Dani was upset because she said people had called her mean 5 times in one day. She said she knew they were joking but it upset her anyway. Janelle consoled her (sort of) and said she thought Danis jokes were funny. Dani said she knew she was mean when she was younger so she had worked hard not to be that way now. (It didn’t take) She said she was just sensitive to those comments and later, she blamed David mostly but said several people have said it. (If you watch BB8 and BB13, it’s the same kind of mean as before. She’s passive aggressive and insults people by saying she was joking) Dani and I are kind of opposites. She says shitty things to people in the form of jokes. I make jokes about actual shitty things. Go figure.
  • Here’s my summary according to Danis way of thinking: Dani makes mean jokes and no one should be upset but she’s upset even when she says that she knows they were joking.
  • Kaysar told Janelle he spoke to Cody and said he thinks Kevin is staying. He thought they should tell Kevin soon they were voting to keep him so it didn’t appear they did it after they knew their votes didnt matter. They debated who they should work with and target and arn’t on the same page yet.
  • Bayleigh told DaVonne she doesn’t want do let NicF get anywhere near the end of the game. Da agreed. They also both think NicF has something going with Ian. (Enzo caught Ian and Nicole whispering and told Cody so Enzo is on to it too)
  • Kevin pitched to Janelle and she told him she wanted to vote with the house. She tried to get him to use the safety pass on her for her vote but he told her he wouldn’t just for a vote. He said “girl, I’m not that easy!” Lol I think Janelle was a little annoyed that Kevin seems to have a lot of votes already. She’s realizing she doesn’t have any leverage.
  • Ian told Kevin he’s voting to keep him. He said he didn’t care how the other votes went, he had his vote. (Ian’s already said he thinks house voting is stupid)
  • Kaysar told Keesha he heard from Memphis that Cody wants to keep Kevin. He asked her not to tell anyone he’s the one who told her.
  • Keesha went to Memphis, asked him about it and told him Kaysar told her. (Damn it Keesha!!) Memphis talked around it and said Cody doesn’t vote and just thought that was Codys preference. Keesha still thinks Cody is pulling the strings this week.
  • DaVonne gave Keesha a kick in the pants and told her she needed to talk to people one on one. She did but it was a bit too late and to the wrong people.
  • Nicole A busted Cody, NicF, Dani and Tyler having a meeting and told Da and Kevin she thinks it’s an alliance. (It is) Nicole A also brought up Cody and Enzo. Da covered for them and said she didn’t see them working together.
  • The group of 5: Bay, Da, Dani, Cody and Enzo have a meeting planned for later today.
  • Kevin told Da and Nicole A he doesn’t have a problem with Cody. He said if Cody swings the vote his way, he’ll pay him back. (Ugh, Kevin still needs the cool kids to like him and I hate seeing it) Kevin still thinks Janelle is working with Cody and Tyler. (I’m hoping Kevin and Nicole A still have slop brain and this shit wears off soon)
  • Kaysar, David and Enzo talked in the storage room about the vote. Enzo said this week was a done deal, he didn’t care anyway and he was more worried about what he was wearing tomorrow than who was going home. Haha
  • Enzo talked to Janelle, said they had each other backs, etc. They talked about David and Christmas being wildcards because they didn’t know what they’d do. It was a lot of F bombs and ‘I got you, yo’ from Enzo.
  • DaVonne told Christmas she wanted them to vote together. She gave several reasons why they should keep Keesha but said she was fine either way. (Da has wanted to keep Kevin this entire time) She made it sound like Keesha was the better option.
  • Keesha campaigned to Cody and said he had influence over the vote. It was an awkward conversation and neither got anything out of it.
  • NicF and Cody discussed how they don’t think Dani really wants Janelle out yet. Cody told her he’s been lying to Dani about how he feels towards Janelle. NicF said it made her really nervous when Dani told her that Janelle trusts her. (NicF nervous, who’s shocked?)
  • Christmas told Janelle she thinks DaVonne wanted to keep Keesha. Janelle didn’t think she had the votes, said she was good with either so Janelle went back to working on keeping Keesha a little bit.
  • NicF told Memphis all about her past shomances. (I guess it’s fine when Memphis wants to talk about it)
  • NicF was also shocked at something Da told her. NicF told Tyler and Dani she’d always thought James would’ve been easier for her to beat in her F2 with Paul. Da let her know if that had happened, she’d have lost to James.
  • Kevin continued to go around promising everyone, everything to keep him. Some of the hgs have noticed that Kevn can’t return this many favors. He also asked Dani again about her vote and she got annoyed. She told him that she’s said it several times and he needs to stop asking her. She said it makes her feel like he doesn’t trust her. He apologized since she was a little hateful with him.
  • Janelle asked DaVonne about the votes, said Christmas wanted to keep Keesha and she was ok either way. They talked about not wanting the women to get picked off. Da said she was good either way too and said she’d talk to Bayleigh about it.
  • Christmas told Cody they could beat Keesha in comps and he pretended to be open to it. He told her his fear was that Janelle had Keesha on her side. Cody discouraged Christmas from campaigning for Keesha
  • Janelle asked Bayleigh why they weren’t keeping Keesha and Bay said she thought it’s what Cody, as hoh, wanted. Janelle said “tell me again why we’re doing what the hoh wants.” Bay said “I dont know, I think it’s a recent rule.” Janelle told her “we used to play, if it’s what the hoh wants, you do the opposite.”
  • Kevin broke out his Anita Veto but hasn’t shared it with the house yet. DaVonne reminded him the first person out on BB16 went around with an alter ego asking for votes. I love how Da knows ALL the BB history! She’s like a BB encyclopedia. (For younger readers, there was this thing called an encyclopedia… well nevermind) She even mentione Cssandra (BB1) passing away and how she was the first person to ever enter a BB house.
  • DaVonne, Bayleigh and Cody got together and convinced Bay that Janelle is just playing her. DaVonne got the whole thing started about keeping Keesha but is managing to put it all on Janelle. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but it was impressive. Bay has a good thing with Janelle tho so they shouldn’t destroy it too soon. They can use it but Da may want to make sure Bay doesn’t start buying into it. Cody told them he’d told Janelle several times she was safe and didn’t need to play the safety comp. (Lie) They think Janelle is masterminding some stuff and they’re on to her now. Haha
  • Janelle told Christmas it was weird how things switched to Keesha staying. Christmas asked how it happened and Janelle told her “it was from you telling me DaVonne said it.” (Janelle has already floatd the idea of putting Christmas otb if she won hoh so this didn’t help Christmas any)
  • Cody and Dani got together and sort of made a final 2. They talked about Memphis being grouchy and wanting to be the boss. They said he’d destroy his own game. Dani admitted she’d hung out with Memphis a few years ago because his ex was her wedding planner. She said he should trust her since she confided to him. (I think Memphis may have already told him this) They both agreed they’d have to watch out for Tyler and laughed over being in so many alliances.

I can’t wait for tonight and hope the new hoh is someone who makes a few people start showing their cards a little. Have a great Thursday!

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