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Big Brother 22- Wednesday Recap for 8/26/20

August 27, 2020 | 78 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! Its eviction day again and if the hg’s are correct, we could see a wall comp tonight after either Janelle or Kaysar are evicted. They’re only guessing but they definitely think it will be endurance. Janelle has asked some of the hgs to wear pink tonight for ‘her funeral’ unless they have to wear athletic gear. She asked Ian but I’m not expecting him to do it because he seems to be taking her eviction personally. He’s fighting Nicoles battles and even called Janelle a few bad names this week. Janelle gave Bayleigh one of her dresses and asked if she’d wear it.

I was up most of the night with a toothache so I’m not going to promise this recap will be the most thorough one I’ve ever done but here goes:

  •  Bay spent quite a bit of time with Janelle and Kaysar and I’ve really enjoyed watching the 3 of them interact. They’ve developed a great friendship in the house and I like Bays personality more when she’s with them. They teased Kaysar and Janelle told Bay to be nice to her dad “in his cardigan sweater.” Bay said it needed a lint roller and they laughed about him about wearing it with sweat pants and flip flops. Janelle said “it’s the worst outfit ever.” Later, Janelle told Kaysar to win and put Nicole otb in case there’s a battle back. She wants to go against her head to head. She said if Bay got power, tell her too and try to get her to do it.
  • Tyler put in some work with DaVonne and may have actually salvaged his game. She went to him and asked him about the stuff with David. DaVonne and Bay both seem to believe Tyler. She spoke to Cody separately and she believed him too. (Tyler HAD to keep Day and Bay on his side. If he wants to break up the Cody, Nicole, Dani thing, he needs people. Tyler isn’t running the game right now and he knows it.  Day and Bay are crucial to his game.)
  • Tyler and Cody talked but it was after Day questioned them. Luckily for them, there was enough truth mixed in with their stories that it all worked out….for them.  They both said they’re done with David and trying to help him. (Cody is serious, Tyler is lying.)
  • Day confided to Kevin that she’s a little distrustful of Bay.  She’d told Kevin the issues with David and told him a couple of things Bayy had done to make her question her.  (It stems from Bay giving Cody a little info that Day thought was private and finding out that Bay and David have had conversations about her. I don’t see this as a big issue unless Kevin accidentally turns it into one)
  •  Janelle baked homemade cookies that everyone loved. Nicole wanted one but either didn’t want to go in the kitchen and possibly run into Janelle, or didn’t want to admit she wanted one of Janelle’s cookies. She had Ian go get one for her and she hid in her bed to eat it.
  • Dani continued to put targets on Day and Bay and tried to steer Christmas towards taking out DaVonne first.
  • Janelle campaigned to Dani again.  Originally, she’d told Janelle she would be her 6th vote if she could get the other 5. Fearing she was making  progress, she told her she didn’t want to be a deciding vote and that she would be the 7th. Janelle reminded her how long they’d known each other and told her she’d be a guaranteed jury vote if she made F2. (Sorry Janie, she wants a crown, not an alliance with you.  I still say this is a stupid and short sighted move on Danis part.  Besides, she isn’t the one taking Janelle out so I don’t know how she thinks she’s dethroning her.)
  • Janelle accidentally dumped Cody’s guacamole all over the frig and tried to scoop it back into the bowl. Lol
  • Dani told Nicole she thought it was rude Kaysar hadn’t campaigned to her. She eventually went to him and told him he was good with her. (He doesn’t care if he’s good with Dani or not) Dani has also encouraged Nicole to uninvite Janelle to her wedding in her goodbye message. Nicole said she went thru with it. Christmas’ biggest contribution yesterday was being angry with David. She said he’s an idiot and even the newbies on her season didn’t play as badly. Dani was asked about the David stuff in the DR and was annoyed.  She thinks it’s stupid if they use part of the episode time Sunday to talk about it. She and Nicole think the time will be better spent with Julie asking them questions.
  • Kaysar and Bay planned for the future. Kaysar mistakenly thinks Christmas will work with him. They both know they need Kevin but agreed the can’t trust him and give him info. ( It’s too bad Day tells him everything)
  • Bay and Enzo discussed the votes to possibly keep Janelle and talked about Dani trying to avoid being a have not. (She’s been suggesting people pick someone who has already done it even tho she hasn’t)
  • Dani told Nicole the alliance Janelle kept mentioning was true. (This was when Dani panicked right after Memphis won hoh and she went to Janelle and tried to form an alliance) Dani said she tells everyone it’s a lie tho.
  • Dani and Tyler tried to work each other a little and they rehashed the David story. They agreed David may be one of the worst players they’ve ever seen.
  • Janelle campaigned to everyone (well, not Nicole) and told Tyler and Cody she’d target floaters if she stayed.
  • The Connect 4 alliance met (Enzo, Cody, Day and Bay) to regroup. (They should’ve been doing this before now) They went over what happened with David and discussed the possibility of keeping Janelle.  When Cody used Nicole as a reason for them not to flip, Bay asked him why they cared what Nicole wanted. She told him Nicole wasn’t in their alliance. (Good point Bay, now think on that one please) This might have turned into something but Enzo kept making jokes, had them laughing and they moved on.
  •  Privately, Enzo talked to Cody about keeping Janelle so they’d have someone to get rid of Nicole later. Cody said he didn’t want to fight that battle yet. (meaning with Nicole) Enzo said he was fine either way and told Cody how much he liked talking to Bay. He really enjoys her company and likes her as a person. (Enzo was pretty chill when it came to NicA vs David last week and Janelle vs Kaysar this week but Bay may be the way for us to see where Cody’s loyalties lie.  If she ends up on the block, Nicole will want her out and Enzo won’t. Neither will Tyler)
  • Tyler, Cody and Enzo met up and said they think everything is fine with Bay and Day. They all agreed Dani is doing too much and need to keep an eye on her. (I’m not sure if Cody means it but I think Enzo does and I know Tyler does) They wondered if the fans would hate them for taking out Janelle. (Yes, for now at least but we’re a fickle bunch so we’ll get over it)
  • Nicole wanted to go to bed early and was annoyed Janelle was campaigning. (She went to bed to avoid Janelle but NOT because she feared Janelle would campaign to her. She’s just running down the clock because she’s afraid Janelle will go off on her before she leaves.)

I’d like to say the 3rd times a charm but it isn’t. One of these two will leave tonight. Here’s a look at all 3 seasons they’ve been on the block together:

Here are a few more ‘then and nows’ of Janelle and Kaysar. This began with a chess match 15 years ago and Kaysar discovering Janelle was only pretending to be a ‘dumb blonde.’  A quote during BB6 from Kaysar to Janelle: “Maybe the twist is, put two normal people in a house full of freaks.”

See ya back here tonight and have a great Thursday!

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