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Big Brother 22 – Week 2 Nomination Results

August 15, 2020 | 80 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s Friday night and that means one thing – nominations!

Who will be nominated is actually interesting because Memphis has 5 names in mind but hasn’t really set on any two of them. He is currently thinking of Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, David, NicoleA, and Janelle. With that said, he seems to be leaning toward NicoleA mostly because she asked about safety and he strongly hinted she should play in it. She chose not to. Da’, Bay, and David all did.

I mean if you’re not looking to ruffle feathers, that is the safest route. He basically warned her she may be an option but she didn’t try to save herself. The least he can do now is give her a second chance to play veto so he’s not a complete scumbag over it (I only call him a scumbag over the move because it’s a weak move against a weak player so backdooring is weak x2).  My point is if you’re going to have a backdoor type of week or a big bold move week, really go big. If you’re going to play it safe, nominate NicoleA, tell her she’s the target, and let her try to save herself.

Alright, enough foreplay, let’s get to what you really want to know:

David and NicoleA have been nominated for eviction

  • 7:00 pm – David is trying to cool down in the storage room
    • It’s nice to see him finally get a chance to play. I just hope he doesn’t blow himself out and get evicted because of it
    • Tyler comes in to join the conversation and encourage David. Hype him up a bit
    • Sounds like Memphis said something along the lines of ‘welcome to the game’
    • NicoleF, Day, Bay, and Kaysar meet up with David in the room to calm him down. This is really his first time dealing with any of this so they’re just reminding him to keep calm and focus on veto
  • In another room, Kevin is telling Da’Vonne that Kaysar is full of shit. Don’t trust him
  • 9:00 pm – David, Ian, and NicoleF are sitting around talking about dating
  • 10:45 pm – Checking in on the house
    • Memphis and Janelle have been chatting
    • Memphis says he is really gunning for Ian. The more he thinks about it, the more he wants him out. Also sounds like he’s getting some HOHitis as he told Janelle that he wants to now beat her record of comp wins.
    • Dani and Da’Vonne chat a bit of game. Kevin joins and tells them how Janelle has been mentioning NicoleF’s name a lot to get out
    • Memphis sounds like he really doesn’t like the fact that David is in the house. Based on his speech, he is pulling the ‘David isn’t worthy’ crap. I mean it is All-Stars and David is nearly a newbie but relax a bit
    • Ian comes up and the three of them start praising Mike Boogie
  • Meanwhile, Kevin is talking to NicoleA
    • Kevin said that the other side of the house is playing them. He says the other side is pulling people away to recruit them for an alliance. His theory is that Janelle is recruiting NicoleA, Christmas is recruiting Ian, and Kaysar is working Da’Vonne. That’s his theory for an alliance.  I mean it’s not far off from Memphis and his plan to each work someone but he has the wrong people
  • 12:00 am – Alright, we have a lot of back and forth going on.
    • Let me summarize by saying that Janelle and Kaysar are being played hardcore
    • Janelle finished her conversation with Memphis and went to report to Kaysar. She told him all the stuff how good she feels about Memphis blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter what she said because she’s wrong.
    • Shortly after that, feeds switch to Cody telling Tyler everything that Memphis told him. Cody apparently went up to the HoH room to get Janelle out of there and had a little alone time with Cody. Memphis told Cody everything about the conversation which means he is in no way working with Janelle. He is just stringing her along
    • And they also agreed they need to keep David unless they can’t, so right now things are not looking good for Nicole.
    • Oh, one of the big things that Janelle did say which got her excited is that Memphis wants to backdoor NicoleF. While I can see him saying that, and being honest about it, the simple fact is that he’s definitely swinging on the other side. If he ends up backdooring Nicole, well then we have an entirely new game. If he just puts up a pawn next to NicoleA or David, he’s locked in with the guys. Monday will be a good way to determine his actual loyalty

I’m off to bed!  Big day for Nicole and David tomorrow as right now it’s basically a coin flip who goes home. Both need safety bad

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