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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 7/29/22

July 29, 2022 | 15 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJ fam! We’ve headed into week 4 and here’s hoping it’s a good one, although week 3 could be pretty hard to beat. Last nights episode was really good but the veto ceremony was better than the eviction in my opinion. Turners speech would just be hard to top. It was actually better than I’d anticipated.

I even got emotional when Taylor was fighting back tears. You could see 3 weeks of pent up emotion starting to come out. It had to feel a little like ‘yes, this HAS been happening and I’m not imagining it!’

Ameerah was evicted by a 7-4 vote and she handled her exit well. She understood why they took her out and she left with a good attitude. I thought at first she knew because she wasn’t wearing athletic clothes. It became obvious she didn’t know. She’d apparently planned on changing clothes during the break and just wanted to look nice since she was on the block.

(Bye Ameerah, you had potential but you were waaaaay too full of yourself and overconfident) Ameerah spent the afternoon planning for the hoh comp and trying to decide which Bestie pair she’d join if that was her option. She didn’t even pack all her clothes. (That’s what she was whispering to Jasmine about during her exit)

Since Ameerah handled it so well, we had to get our blindside fix from the others and they didn’t disappoint.


Nicole and Daniel:

This is my favorite! The look on the Leftovers faces as Ameerah was giving hugs was hilarious:

Here is Nicole trying to play it off like she’s fine with it. Is this a hug or does Turner look like he’s terrified?

I guess that’s enough about the episode so let’s get to the recap….

Before the live show:

Like I mentioned above, Ameerah was sure she was staying. She was open all afternoon about her game plans moving forward. She had a talk with Terrance, they hugged, she wished him well and wanted him to come back for the finale.

Terrance did a good job of playing the role of sad puppy who was going home. He was mostly sure he wasn’t but had to still be nervous on the block. Terrance said he was going to go up to the people he knew didn’t save him and thank them for keeping him. He also got choked on a chicken wing at some point but managed to use it to act like he’d thrown up from being upset. (Hey, not bad)

The Leftovers spent the afternoon trying to find a way to hide their votes or at least, have a reason for flipping. It got a bit messy but it mostly seems to have worked. Some of the guys came up with the plan to expose Po’s Pack shortly before the live show. They asked Taylor to go to Terrance and tell him she overheard Kyle and Ameerah talking about an alliance called Po’s Pack.

The thinking behind it was that Terrance would spread it while campaigning and maybe, someone like Jasmine would freak out, since she wasn’t in it or maybe she wouldn’t. Either way, after the eviction, people would at least know it had been exposed. That would give Kyle and Michael an excuse for panicking and changing their votes.

The hope was, whoever won hoh wouldn’t put Michael/Brittany or Monte/Joseph on the block. (They are the only 2 Leftover pairs who only have Leftovers in them. They have the votes this week as long as these weren’t the people nominated)

Two complications came up with the plan. The first was Taylor being nervous over being he one to do it. She flet like she was the only one having to prove herself to the group and it would make her an even bigger target. (Brittany told her it would build trust with the group if she did it) I got her point but they’re the ones who shit talked Taylor so much so this seems backwards to me. They should be proving they aren’t playing her imo.

Turner or Brittany could’ve done it since they weren’t in Po’s Pack but there was a legit reason for Taylor to be the one to do it. Ameerah and Kyle really did have a talk in the storage room about Po’s Pack a couple days ago. Right after, Jasmine had seen Taylor near the door and commented on it. It was the most believable story of who’d overheard something about it.

Taylor reluctantly did it it, Terrance went to Joseph, told him about it (he already knew) and he planned to talk to Jasmine too. The feeds went down so I don’t know if this convo happened or not.

The 2nd issue was Kyle. He talked a big game while forming the Leftovers but as it got closer, he started to panic at the thought of going otb. He kept telling people he wasn’t sure if Taylor would keep him or not. (This was stupid, like Taylor is gonna keep Daniel over Kyle?) After Kyle’s cam talk, I’m not convinced this was the problem. I actually think he’s paranoid Monte and Joseph might take the opportunity to vote him out since he thinks they could team up later. (This is speculation on my part tho) It’s also possible Kyle is so determined to take Alyssa out next over Nicole or Daniel and that could be where it’s coming from.

Post eviction:

The feeds came back after the hoh comp and Monte was the new HOH. (I still don’t know all 8 people who competed)

Michael and Kyle both talked about owning up to their votes. Michael said he got cornered in the bathroom right after the live show by some of the women. He told the story about Brittnay asking him about Po’s Pack, said he didn’t know what to do and switched his vote. (This story about Brittany was intentional) The Leftovers wanted Brittany to be the one who (fake) asked Michael about it. Obviously, if Brittany was confronting him with it, Michael hadn’t already told her so therefore, he couldn’t have been the one spreading it.

Alyssa was mad at Kyle for not filling her in on the flip. (Who actually thought she’d stay mad?) She didn’t and has already forgiven him. He played it off by saying Ameerah, Jasmine and Alyssa talk openly about never voting againt each other and said he knew that put him as her #4. Alyssa also talked with Monte and told him she was still with Monte and Kyle. She said shomances were supposed to work together. (No, I’m not making this shit up)

Joseph and Monte are still playing dumb from what I can tell. (Don’t hold me to that one tho) These people NEVER go to bed so there’s more catching up for me in the mornings. I get up around 5 am to go over what happened after I went to bed. Most days, they’re still up talking when I get up so I don’t catch all of it.

I think I’ve mentioned Jasmines only concern this past week was knowing it was her turn to be a have not. (She and Turner are the only ones who haven’t done it) She’s talked about it ALOT and wanted to avoid it at all costs. She’s used her injury, tried pretending like she thought it was Michael and Brittany’s turn again and everything else you can imagine.

She talked to Joseph about throwing the hoh comp. He’d been working on her and telling her she shouldn’t win again so soon or she’d be seen as a threat. (Haha) He also had her convinced he wants to take Turner out and can’t do it if he’s safe. She told Joseph, they only reason she wouldn’t throw it was to avoid being a have not. Joseph, being the friend he is, offered to take it for her if that’s all that was stopping her. (Joseph 25 put in work this week)

Indy and Alyssa got to choose and Indy picked Michael and Brittany. Micahel may have volunteered when Jasmine wouldn’t (not sure) but Brittany apparently stepped in and said no, it was Michaels birthday this week. Indy changed her mind and made Turner and Jasmine the have nots for the week. (Indy still tried to get Brittany to do it but she held her ground on it)

Jasmine is already complaining about the stairs. (She seemed fine with them whe she was the hoh) It’s petty but I’ve waited for this and I couldn’t be happier!!

Jasmine isn’t trying to use her bad foot nearly enough. I don’t know if that’s contributing to the slow healing or if it’s because the sprain was a really bad one. (I’ll just point out she can’t make her own meals but she got to that platform easily enough during the hoh comp) I’m an asshole, not a doctor so I don’t know. Her foot still looks terrible tho:

Nicole was the most vocal with her outrage last night. (Shocker, I know) She can’t believe she’s not in control, can’t believe the alliance turned and REALLY can’t believe Taylor is probably in with the group that made this move. She’s also started asking people to knock before coming into rooms they share with other people.

She’s pissed she chose Taylor as a Bestie and feels she’ll be the target now. She said she won’t have the votes to stay anymore. She’s mad at Joseph for sleeping in Ameerahs bed and then evicting her. (He’s still denying but I guess she isn’t buying it) Her biggest outrage stems from realizing a woman (Taylor) is actually working with the men to take out other women!! (Does she even understand how words work and the ones she’s said?) She obviously doesn’t remember her groups next targets were Taylor, Brittany and Indy. Not only that, her final 2 is with a man. (a shitty one but a man nevertheless)

Po’s Petty Posse (minus Nicole) is hoping Taylor is still Monte’s target this week. These women were STILL planning to target Taylor again this week if they’d won. This is part of Nicoles anger. She wants a way to get Taylor out but knows she can’t go otb or she could go home.

Kevin Jocobs, the winner of BB Canada 10 (most recent winner) had a Twitter thread yesterday on why becoming fixated on 1 specific target can and probably will ruin your game. (If you haven’t watched that season, you should) He is an amazing player and I’d rank it as one the best seasons I’ve ever seen, periodt.

After working out the votes, the women are mad at Brittany for voting to keep Terrance. Even tho Michael was in the actual alliance with them, they think he was pressured into doing it. They agree they don’t want to talk to her anymore. Indy said she “wants that bitch on slop next week” and wants to punch her in the face. (These people are soooo mature, arn’t they?)

I don’t know how long this will stick but for now, Jasmine is pissed at not being included in Po’s Pack. (Her girl Alyssa didn’t tell her) Nicole thinks Alyssa is the one who told people about it. (even tho Taylor overhearing Kyle and Ameerah has been put out there) Joseph encouraged Turner to go with it and act like Alyssa told him.

Joseph worked on Daniel by playing dumb and hurt because he was left out of Ameerah’s alliance. Hes trying to convince Daniel that Nicole will be safe if she ends up on the block. Later, Joseph told Taylor she’d be safe if she went up this week. (She’s nervous and probably not entirely convinced)

Monte told Jasmine she was safe after she wiped the crumbs off long enough to go talk with him. (She’d already said she felt safe to the women) She’s relieved and said she feels they need to wait until she has a fair chance to play the game before going otb. (When would that be exactly?)

The Leftovers are trying to decide noms. They would like to give Taylor a break to build trust and taking Alyssa out has been discussed. This isn’t set so I don’t know what will happen yet.

The leftovers waited for Indy to leave the hoh room and she finally got called to the DR.

They jumped up to celebrate the day:

Mics things to add:

Alyssa, Indy and Jasmine are wondering if they can trust Nicole, Nicole is all over the place, Terrance helped out the Leftovers by choosing Monte and Joseph’s Bestie pair to join, Indy gets increasingly more hateful and Jasmine already has demands for things she needs in the have not room.

I don’t know how long the leftovers will stay together or who will make the first move to break them up. I also don’t care because they’ve turned the season around so whatever happens from here, I’m good.

Check back later for noms and have a great weekend!


7-4 vote, nice honest exit ameerah

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