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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/22/22

August 22, 2022 | 44 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, I hope you got to do something over the weekend because sitting around waiting for feeds wasn’t the best use of our time! As if the outdoor crew wasn’t miserable enough, now they have to endure loud music playing for hours at a time. (Stupid wall yellers)

Joseph after nom ceremony:

Without even getting into what it’s putting them through, look what it’s doing to the game. Game talk already had to happen in front of each other since its an open space. Now, if they talk game at all, we’ll never see it. (Past players have said the only way to say something and guarantee it won’t be on the feeds, is to do it in the morning when they play wake up music)

Turner after nom ceremony when he didn’t think he was going up:

Unless they’re playing generic music, we won’t see it on the episodes either. They won’t be able to show us convos with copyrighted music in the background. On top of that, we saw how bad the audio was outside during the episode last night. When Kyle spilled everything to Terrance while water was running, they had to caption it since you could barely hear it. (I can’t believe they weren’t able to clean that up for the episode at least) The backyard setup was already an audio struggle because of planes flying overhead and other noises.

Kyle trying to overhear Joseph and Turner talking after noms:

To summarize the backyard twist, it sucks to be on Terrance’s side and it sucks to be us. Ya’ll know I hate twists but I’ll admit, this one had potential but not without WAY better planning and probably sinking some actual money into it to make it work.

Turner trying to find a way to sleep:

I guess he found it:

Ok, enough about that…I should mention my scheduling issue this week. The recap for the rest of this week will have to be posted later in the day. Steve will probably have already started the thread which includes the live feed updating. If you want to read the recap, you may have to scroll to the bottom to find it. I have my granddaughters this week and it’s the first week of school too. That will take up my mornings this week. (Unless the feed situation changes, it may not matter too much)

Here’s a look at each “festival” and where we think things are as of now:

Dyre Fest:

They were given a canopy, sleeping bags, a porta potty and camp food. The lights never go off and now, music is playing at odd times day and night. I would’ve said they can’t talk game very well since it’s an open area but Kyle managed to do it. How did they not see this? He was actually counting on his fingers while talking to Terrance so it should’ve been obvious.

If Kyle did it, Joseph and Turner could’ve too. Most peoples’ games have more than one flaw but Joseph and Turner share the same one. Their biggest flaw is assuming everyone they’re playing with plays the way they do. I’ve said before, Turner plays a simple game. He has an alliance of 7, he’s loyal to it until he gets to his alliance of 4, which he hopes will take him to his alliance of 2. Simple. Joseph plays a busier game than Turner but his plan is the same. The LO’s, the Pound and then the end.

Fans are pissed Kyle outed the Leftovers and think its causing Joseph to leave. Kyle was already geared up to take a shot at the alliance. I’m not sure if people are pissed that he’s taken the shot or pissed over the way he did it. (Both?) Let’s be honest, it isn’t the wrong move for his game. (sort of) Kyle should NEVER allow Alyssa to be evicted if he can prevent it. Do I think he could’ve accomplished his goal without outing his alliance? Yes. Did he know that? No.

Kyle telling Alyssa about the LO’s. I wonder how mad she was or if she was even mad. She couldn’t have a reaction in front of everyone so I have no idea.

Terrance will probably stick with Kyle and believe him because Kyle talked first. We’ve also seen how Terrance is when he picks a side. (Remember Daniel?) Talking first is the only argument I can come up with for Kyle’s timing but I still think he could’ve waited. Alyssa had already convinced Terrance not to put her otb. (It’s not the way it was shown on the episode but that’s the way it happened) If Kyle had only told Alyssa about the LO’s, I think they could’ve convinced Terrance not to put Kyle up either. This could’ve been accomplished by telling Terrance some info like why Joseph and Monte asked him to join their Festie Bestie duo. He could’ve acted like it was something Monte or Joseph accidentally let spill in a convo.

Not gonna lie, this cracked me up:

The saddest workout I’ve ever seen:

With neither of them otb and Terrance winning the veto, mission accomplished. It’s why I think Kyle should’ve waited until after the veto was played to decide to tell everything. Terrance knows his own position in the house and he needed a lifeline. I don’t think it would’ve taken much to get Terrance on his side. (Maybe I’m wrong and maybe Terrance believed him because he gave him sooooo much info. I also think doing it when you’re not otb gives it credibility so there’s that)

Meanwhile, Joseph and Turner kept digging a bigger hole. It was mostly Joseph because he was already Terrance’s target AND he did a lot more talking than Turner. Neither of them showed any signs they were going to spill and it didn’t seem like they knew Kyle did. Terrence is annoyed with Turner for continuing to lie to him but it’s not as bad as for Joseph. Joseph goes into great detail with his lies. With every sentence, we watched it get worse and worse for him.

The last time we saw anything in the backyard, we were waiting for Joseph and Turner to figure out what was happening. They hadn’t because Joseph kept including Kyle in his plan to try and make Alyssa the target. (Read the room dude, or yard, whatever) Joseph asked Kyle to talk to Terrance to help get Alyssa otb, Kyle went to Terrance and told him what Joseph would be coming to pitch instead and I’d imagine, nothing’s changed.

Kyle’s pulled Turner in even more, convinced him (it seems) the players inside are bonding this week (true) and the people outside need to stick together. He has a plan to blame outing the LO’s on Joseph since he’ll be gone and can’t say otherwise. He’s explained to Terrance and Alyssa, if his “hands are clean,” he can still pretend to be with the LO’s to get info. He’s also planning on convincing Turner to tell Terrance about the LO’s. Part of this is to get Terrance willing to work with Turner. (I also think it’s Kyle’s backup plan for who outed the alliance)

Kyle makes game moves without thinking them through and has all season. His instincts arn’t wrong about being a target tho. The inside LO’s don’t even know what’s happened yet but they’ve already been planning to take Kyle out 1st. He IS a target and he DID need to make a move against them. (His blind spot is not realizing Michaels the cause of it) I don’t think Kyle’s biggest mistake in the game is what he’s doing this week. I think his biggest mistake (2 actually) was weeks ago and it’s put him in the position to be targeted over Michael by most of the LO’s.

Michael was going to be Monte and Joseph’s 1st target when they got to 7. Kyle had a great relationship with Monte too. He was closer to him than Joseph. When Kyle decided he should worry about another cook out alliance, he threw away Monte for Michael. (Monte- one of the most loyal players all season and Michael- the most strategic and cut throat player in the house who is only using Kyle) That was the 1st mistake. He’s been proven wrong over and over about a CO 2 but he’s refused to be wrong.

The 2nd mistake was panicking when his relationship with Alyssa first started. If you remember, Alyssa first became a target because KYLE made her a target. Every time the LO’s would meet, he kept giving them ALL the reasons to take Alyssa out. He pushed for her to be the target. After another week, he’d changed his mind but all those reasons were out there. Too late. After making her a target, he openly let all of them know how badly he wanted her to stay.

I don’t even think Joseph & Turner figuring out Kyle outed the alliance would do anything at this point. What are they going to tell Terrance that’s much different from what Kyle told them? Kyle lied about some of the details like saying Ameerah told Joseph about old school, instead of Alyssa telling Kyle. I think that would matter more to Alyssa than Terrance. Even Alyssa would probably only be mad at Kyle for a whopping 10 minutes.

On top of that, the noms are set so Turner has to worry about saving himself. He’s friends with Alyssa and has a F2 with Kyle. Naturally, he’s going to go with them over Joseph. Unless something drastic has happened, I think Joseph will be gone on Thursday. Joseph’s been really popular this season (with live feeders at least) so maybe this is some consolation:

Before Kyle did anything, Joseph was Terrance’s target. Lets say Kyle goes otb with Joseph, Terrance wins veto, Alyssa and Turner vote out Joseph. If Alyssa goes otb with Joseph, Kyle votes out Joseph, Turner votes out Alyssa, Terrance breaks the tie and Joseph is out. We end up at the same place.

Big Brochella Fest:

The weekend was much simpler for this side of the house. Jasmine was the target, she went on the block, didn’t win the veto and now she’s going home. Done, right? Almost.

They had margaritas and Jasmine complained about them not being frozen margaritas. (Shocker)

Jasmine gave all the same excuses to avoid the block but they didn’t work this time “baby girl.” Michael and Brittnay have used the time with Monte to make a final 4 with him and Taylor. They continue to encourage Monte and Taylor to be suspicious of Kyle if Joseph doesn’t come back. It hasn’t taken much encouraging because Monte and Taylor were already thinking that way. Taylor’s really been missing Joseph and honestly, so has Monte. The more they talk about how great he is, the more Michael hopes he’s gone this week.

Once again, Monte said something risky while he was sitting otb. The last time Michael was HOH and Monte was otb, Monte told Kyle he thought they should take Michael out when they got to 7. Luckily for him, Kyle didn’t share that info. This week, while being otb, he told Taylor they should take Michael out at 5. (Their #5 is Joseph)

Taylor, who completely trusts Brittnay, told Brittnay about the convo. (This is an example of how Taylor’s not a very strategic player) I don’t fault her for thinking Brittnay is true to a f2 with her because Brittany’s believable when she talks about it. She tells Taylor, there’s no way either of them will beat Michael so they have to take each other. (This is accurate so it’s believable. Taylor can’t assume that Brittnay is willing to come in 2nd to Michael and as of now, she is) When Taylor told Brittnay, she thought it was good news. Taylor was only focusing on the fact that she and Brittnay had already discussed how to get rid of Michael at the end. Here’s the part I do fault Taylor for though.

Why in the hell would Brittnay want to go into a final 4 with Taylor and 2 people who’d take Taylor over her to F2? All that does is ensure that Brittnay would have to win her way to the end. It’s not the worst plan for Taylor but it’s terrible for Brittnay. (This is one of those moments to keep the plan but keep your mouth shut about it) Truthfully, it’s not even a great plan for Taylor but she’s working with limited options at the moment.

This is also the conversation that caused me to be so pissed when we lost the feeds. I was anxious to see if Brittnay told Michael and if the plan this week changed. Without knowing what’s happening outside, it’s still probably better for Michael to get rid of Jasmine but taking out Monte could be even more tempting with this info. I guess Michael could look at it both ways. It’s bad that Monte made a f4 but plans on cutting Michael at 5. On the other hand, it tells Michael that Monte really plans on being loyal to him until they get to 5. At that point, Michael gets to play in all the veto comps.

Michael camera talked last night and I still don’t know if Brittnay gave Michael the new info but Jasmine is still the target. Keeping info to yourself is smart sometimes times but I do think Brittnay should tell him. Maybe not yet if she wants Jasmine out and she thinks this could change things this week. Michael will need the info moving tho forward for Brittnay’s game. Unless she plans on winning alot of comps, Michael is her path to the end. She won the veto this week so at least she has a comp win that isn’t shared with him. They may have gamed it since it was the stay and fold comp.

Jasmine’s began hinting at reasons to come off the block. She hasn’t done much but she’s tried to plant seeds that maybe something’s going on with Taylor and Monte and can’t be trusted. It doesn’t matter because even if Taylor voted the “wrong way,” Michael could just break a tie. She’s at least trying to get herself off the block and protect her own game. I never have nice things to say about Jasmine so I figured, what the hell? I’d at least point out she’s trying to play the game a little bit.

The inside group got alcohol again but it was a pretty boring night. They’ve brought up several times hearing the music coming from outside. They’ve mentioned it going late into the night and have wondered if it’s some kind of punishment.

This was a long recap but I think it’s becauae it mostly wasn’t a recap. It’s pretty much just my thoughts about the game from the weekend. I’m probably the most intrigued by Michael’s decisions coming up. Even the decision to take out Jasmine this week was interesting. If Joseph is coming back, it may be better for Michael to take out Monte. (it’s still risky) If Joseph isn’t coming back, he needs Monte in the house to go after Kyle for payback. I enjoy the way Michael sees the game and is playing the game.

Jasmines eyebrows, they’re fascinating:

I’ll also be curious to see if Kyle can get away with both outing the Leftovers and blaming it on someone else. Another thing I’m interested to see is where Turner’s game goes from here. Will he go along with Alyssa and Kyle and just go to war with the inside group? Also, how quickly does Turner get targeted with Joseph gone? It may actually be better for Turner to stick with Kyle even if he doesn’t agree with what happened this week. He probably needs the mayomance as a target in front of him.

Based on convos with the inside LO’s, Turner’s moving up on the target list. Taylor was getting a lot closer to Turner but the more time she spent with Joseph, that’s slipped away. I may not like the results this week but I do think the game is getting more interesting.

You can check for afternoon recaps the rest of this week and have a great Monday!


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