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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 9/13/22

September 13, 2022 | 20 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, is it Thursday yet? Man, the last couple of weeks drag every year. We sit thru convos about favorite fast food burgers and what animal would you like to be at this point in the season. We’ll spend all day listening to nothing for the 20 minutes of game talk we may get. It is what it is and what it is, will be a recap lacking much content. I’m sorry this one is so late today but I had something work related pop up. I’m self employed so even though I have “working hours,” I really don’t.

Brittnay used the veto on herself yesterday and Monte put Taylor up in her place. Taylor still isn’t happy about it but what can she do? Nothing. She can stay glued to Brittnay until after the live show on Thursday but that’s it.

Alyssa seemed fine otb against Brittnay because of Brittany’s recent shenanigans. Being up against Taylor is something entirely different. She’s saying she still has hope, wants to campaign, etc. but she knows she’s screwed. She knows both Monte and Brittnay are closer to Taylor than her and they’ve been working together for a long time.

I woke up thinking I’d see the veto comp tonight, only to realize a bit later, this is Tuesday. Between Labor Day and recently switching trash companies, (new pick up day) I cant even keep up with the days of the week! I’m disappointed because I’m ready to get this thing moving along.

Biggest news, I suppose:

Taylor decided to sleep in the HOH room again and she ended up making out with Monte. I only say it’s big news because I don’t know how, or if at all, it could effect the game.

Here’s the actual game talk from the day:

I don’t bother starting with “after the hgs woke up” anymore because they don’t go to bed until I’m ready to leave for work most days. This translates into alot of napping during the day. Most of the game talk happens late at night but that’s been true for most of the season.

About the only thing before the veto ceremony was Monte pumping Taylor up about her taking out Turner. He said it would be good for her resume. This cast is like most recent seasons in the way they value comp wins. (sort of) They do, but they also want Alyssa gone because she has friends in the jury house so they have to feel a social game is important too.

Taylor and Brittnay had the usual convo of “do I have your vote to stay?” “We have to win next week.” (Nothing exciting there to report)

Alyssa camera talked a bit. She said her social game was good and she went over her strategy this season. She said she didn’t have a plan and was just going with the game. (Um, ok. What the hell does that mean?) Really, what’s the difference between Alyssa and Victoria from BB16? Victoria actually won a few comps, that’s the difference.

Brittnay asked Alyssa if she’d called her a Karen. Alyssa said no, she’d misheard but was glad she asked her about it instead of just thinking she’d said it. (Lol)

Taylor was talking about the speech she was planning on giving against Alyssa back when she was the hoh. Alyssa misunderstood and thought Taylor was talking about saying something bad about Alyssa this Thursday. She was momentarily shocked and it was pretty funny.

Late in the afternoon, Brittnay and Turner had a talk and I’ll be honest, it’s the only convo I was remotely interested in hearing. (It’s also the one I don’t have any screenshots from, sorry) I’ve mentioned how Taylor could be in trouble if Turner and Brittnay realized they should work together and could both benefit from evicting Taylor.

This chat didn’t go that far but it was something ar least. Turner let Brittnay know Michael told him Brittnay was lying about her job. (I don’t know if Michael actually said this to Turner but I don’t think so. Michael did say it to Alyssa and she told everyone else)

She didn’t confirm or deny it and just told Turner they could discuss it in October. (Why doesn’t she just laugh, say she can’t believe Michael was that desperate and tell them what she does for a living?) She could say “I know this sounds dumb but I thought people might be weirded out by my job.” After the meditation sessions she’s led in the house, it would make complete sense.

She didn’t do this because Brittnay’s go to move is deny, deny, deny. (It’s what got her in trouble with Monte the day before) Turner went on to admit he told Michael about their late night convo (sort of making a F2) because Michael told him that Brittnay was trying to get him out last week. He said he also knew she was trying to get Monte to put him up this week. He said he’d been annoyed with her so he spilled it all to Michael. He told her it was only game and he didn’t take any of it personally. (I’ll get back to this later)

They discussed the vote, both said they were voting out Alyssa and Turner asked her not to tell Alyssa yet. He said he wanted her to have a good week. Brittnay promised she wouldn’t say anything. (We’ll see)

Brittnay said she wondered if she was being set up with her vote this week and told Turner about her convo with Monte. She said Monte told her their game relationship was irreparable. She asked if it was that way with him. Turner said no, it was only a game, he didn’t take any of it personally and yes, they could still work together.

Alyssa campaigned to Brittnay but it wasn’t anything earth shattering. “Il be indebted to you if you keep me” and “I know you’re closer to Taylor” kind of stuff. Brittnay asked about things Michael said to her before he left. Alyssa told her he’d said the same thing to her about Brittnay lying about her career.

Brittnay made fun of the 1 time Jasmine cleaned and how dramatic she was over it.

Turner filled in Monte about his talk with Brittnay. They were also speculating about what Brittnay could really do for a living. (maybe just ask her?)

Beyond this point in the evening, the game talk mainly consisted of rehashing things that happened this season. (I always like these talks. It’s when people come clean about things that don’t matter anymore. Sometimes it’s funny and at times, people get their feelings hurt)

Brittnay had her daily camera talk. She said she wouldn’t make the mistake of trusting Turner again. She was upset with Michael for telling her secrets. (She’s gone from being devastated over it, starting to think he did it on purpose to help her but now is back to thinking he just threw her under the bus) She said she wished she hadn’t told Michael she was lying about her job. (No shit?)

They talked about Girls Girls, Old Skool and other things that happened this season. Alyssa got emotional when Turner said something about “when you get to jury” because he wanted her to have more info. She was still under the impression the Leftovers found out about Old Skool because Ameerah said something to Joseph. (This was the lie Kyle told Alyssa and Terrance) They let her know they knew about it because she’d told Kyle and Kyle told the LO’s. Turner tried to fix the jury comment and said he didn’t mean going to jury this week, he meant whenever she saw Kyle again, he wanted her to have the full story.

Turner was basically telling her Kyle planned to blame the Leftovers forming and her side of the house being wiped out on Alyssa. They also talked about how paranoid Kyle played the game.

Brittnay asked Alyssa if Girls Girls remained an alliance and Alyssa said not really. Brittnay said she thought they continued as an alliance but had just kicked her out of it.

There is still an irrational dislike for Joseph, mainly with Alyssa and Brittnay. I feel like the more they talk about this stuff, the more they’d ease up on him. They aren’t and I don’t know if it’s because I’m missing something or they’re just in the habit of villanizing him and it’s stuck.

The only thing I was going to come back to from yesterdays talks was to point out the difference between Monte and Turner and the way they’ve handled Brittnay. No, Brittnay wasn’t buying what Turner was selling yesterday but with continued conversations, that could at least make her rethink wanting him out next..

When Monte had his last meeting with Brittnay to try and get her to admit she’d been lying, it went really poorly. Yes, Brittnay lied and got caught but so what? Monte, who is the obvious front runner to win the game at this point, did a terrible job during this convo with her. He asked her questions, she continued to lie and he told her he didn’t see a game relationship with her anymore. He was super condescending in the convo and it isn’t like he’s always told the truth. (Exactly how many F2’s do you have Monte? Who was it that knew about Turner putting Taylor otb before it happened? Who was it that encouraged Turner to put her up?)

OK I guess that could be fine if Monte was sitting there as the HOH at the F3 but he isn’t. He’s the HOH at the F5. He has no way of knowing what’s going to happen next. Let’s say Taylor wins the next HOH, Monte and Turner are on the block and Brittnay has the only vote. (Did telling Brittnay off really give Monte that much satisfaction, was it worth 750k?)

I don’t think Turner even likes Brittnay but that isn’t the point. He knows he’s staying this week and he knows she is too. He was smart enough to try to cover his bases. I’m not saying Turner is some genius player or anything but come on, this is beginner level stuff.

Turner took the first step to try and repair things with Brittnay. They’re still a world away from wanting to take out Taylor this week so I think she’ll stay unless something crazy happens in the next couple of days. I don’t think it will because 3 things would need to happen: 1- Both realize they should evict Taylor. 2- Trust each other enough to both vote that way. 3- Turner would need to betray Monte. (Like I said, I think Taylor is staying)

There’s still a couple of moves that could change my opinions on the F4 but for now:

Brittnay- I don’t think she beats anyone. Her best chance would be against Turner but I still think he wins.

Taylor- I think she beats both Brittnay and Turner. Monte is a much closer call but I’d give him the win for now.

Turner- I don’t think he beats anyone other than Brittnay. I think he could beat Taylor if he won the next HOH and took Monte out. I don’t think it would be a given he would beat Taylor, I just think it would be more possible.

Monte- I think he beats anyone he’s sitting beside. Taylor would give him the biggest challenge but I still think he’d have: Indy, Kyle, Terrance, Turner and Michael. Maybe would have: Joseph and Alyssa. If Taylor is the one who gets Turner out, I think she’d have a better chance at getting votes from Michael, Turner and maybe Alyssa.

Alyssa- (Yeah, I know she’s leaving but just in case) I actually think Alyssaa could win this game. She’s the one person who I think would be affected the most by jury discussions. Do they become a jury who really analyzes gameplay or do they vote for their friends and find a way to justify voting for their friend? If it’s the friend vote, she could already have Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Terrance and Turner. (assuming Turner is in jury)

It’s too soon for jury speculation and this is more for fun. Here’s a few things I’m basing it on until we have more from the jury. (From experience, we know we can’t really trust it anyway. We know they have jurors make comments both positive and negative about the F3 for suspense)

In spite of Indy and Jasmine saying they’re rooting for Taylor, Indy was close to Monte in the house. I think Jasmine just wants to be on the ‘right side’ of the fans. Her exit interview questions clued her in to how viewers felt about all the nasty Taylor comments. I could be wrong but I’ve felt Jasmine’s recent support of Taylor was mostly performative.

Joseph was the closest to Monte in the house but he’s very fond of Taylor and definitely loves her under dog story. Kyle knows he hurt Taylor but he feels he hurt Monte more plus, he and Monte were pretty close in the beginning of the game.

I think Terrance will vote for anyone over Taylor if he can, with the exception of Brittnay. There’s a chance he’s still annoyed with Turner and if you combine that with picking up on exit interview questions about Taylor, I could see him voting for her over Turner but not over Monte. As for Michael, I think Taylor has his vote if she can make a move against Turner or Monte. If she doesn’t, I think he votes for Monte. I could see Brittnay getting his vote if she was sitting beside Turner…maybe. (He does have to credit Turner for taking him out but he credits Monte more)

As for the people still in the house, I think Alyssa’s vote will be influenced by someone. It’s just too soon to know if that someone will be Kyle, Indy & Jasmine or maybe Turner. I think Monte and Brittnay will convince themselves they’re voting on game (depending on how they leave) but I could see both of them being bitter towards someone.

I think Taylor will vote mostly on game and I actually think Turner is the most likely to vote strictly on game.

These last paragraphs I’ve just written are probably complete bullshit and it was mostly a thought exercise. Obviously, these opinions will change based on how everything plays out but for now, who do you think has votes wrapped up? Do you think anyone has guaranteed votes already? It’s not like we have anything else to speculate about this week.

Have a great Tuesday!


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