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Big Brother Double Eviction Night Thread



It’s the first double eviction of the Big Brother season, and it could be a big one. With Shelli likely walking out the door, the house is about evenly split and the second HoH could shift the power dramatically to one side. Depending on who wins it, of course. I mean James could win, put up Steve and John and then backdoor Becky for some reason. You never know. Although, if he does that, he’ll deserve to lose the game.

Another big thing will be how shocked Shelli will be when she realizes she is actually out of the house.  She was walking around very confidently early in the week, and while she has started to question the vote, I think she still deeply believes she has the numbers to stay. She should have been apprehensive when Vanessa pulled her aside and basically said ‘look, I’m going to campaign to stay. I won’t trash you in the process, but I am not going down without a fight’.  Vanessa did what she said. Shelli sat on her hands. And now, Shelli will probably be gone.

There likely won’t be a second HoH revealed tonight, so if you want to watch to see who wins, join the live feeds for free


Also remember – The NFL may be interrupting your DVR, so make sure it is properly recording tonight!


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  • 6:00pm – And we begin!
    • Highlights from former episode
    • They are showing the audience a lot. Figures, the week I’m not there.
    • They are showing the brief Becky/Vanessa conversation when Becky walked away
    • A random clip of James scaring one of the twins
  • 6:10pm – Eviction time
    • Shelli says happy birthday to Jason and compliments the house.
    • Vanessa takes a different approach. Recites something (probably from the bible)
    • Austin – Shelli (1-0 Shelli)
    • Steve – Shelli (2-0 Shelli)
    • James – Shelli (3-0)
    • Meg – Shelli (4-0)
    • Jackie – Shelli (5-0 — Shelli evicted)
    • Julia – Shelli (6-0)
    • John – Shelli (7-0)
    • Liz – Shelli (8-0)
    • Shelli not too upset. Expected it. Gives everyone hugs.
    • Interview time. Julie asks what went wrong. Shelli says Vanessa is a good player. She thinks James has a lot to do with it, and Vanessa has good game and a lot to do with it. She feels a bit betrayed from Vanessa.
    • Julie asks about Clay. Does she regret the showmance. ‘no’.  Do you love him? ‘woo, Julie, let’s slow down’
  • 6:23pm – We’re back. HoH time.
    • They are showing loops of certain moments on the memory wall. It is what the house has been studying all day for the HoH comp.  Here we go….
    • (note: if you watched the feeds. The debate is clear. Clay had the fork in his right hand)
    • Question 1 – All correct
    • Question 2 – James, Meg, Jackie, and Liz out
    • Question 3 – All correct
    • Question 4 – Julie, Vanessa out
    • Question 5 – All correct
    • Question 6 – Steve wins
    • They all head inside before the commercial break and nobody talks to Steve like in typical seasons when they all rush and plan who to nominate.  I guess Steve’s alliance decided they can just talk inside his head where it’s more private
  • 6:30pm – Nomination Time
    • Meg and Jackie are nominated
    • This doesn’t mean anything yet. I think Becky is the ultimate target
  • 6:37pm – PoV competition. It’s a puzzle type of thing that I bet Steve or Vanessa will win.
    • James, Vanessa, and John are the additional players
    • They need to get 3 balls in holes down a ramp thing.
    • Everyone has ball 1
    • John has ball 2, and James
    • Jackies and Meg have 2
    • John wins PoV, but Steve was complaining his wasn’t working properly.
    • Steve and John have a quick discussion on what to do.
    • Commercial Break. Should be interesting to see if John uses it to get Becky out considering he’s close to her. He may just not use it.
  • 6:45pm – We’re back. Veto time…
    • Meg and Jackie are very nervous.
    • John doesn’t use it
    • Commercial Break
  • 6:50pm – Eviction time
    • Meg and Jackie’s speech makes it sound like Jackie is gone. They know it
    • Vanessa (1-0 Jackie)
    • Becky (1-1)
    • John (2-1 Jackie)
    • Austin (3-1)
    • James (4-1 Jackie – Jackie evicted)
    • Liz (5-1)
    • Julia (6-1)


Check back to the blog later for the next HoH

The HoH competition will likely happen within the next hour or two. We should have the results before BBAD, so I’m going to take a Lifetime Movie break


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  1. danmtruth

    Mikey’s glad you pick up on that Please politic fee my head hurts just from this . Ann not trying to crush your spirt
    Was going to also write if Austin won and how the vote could go But than I thought wait I’m talking about Austin winning a comp . Ok time to move on
    Strap it down and buckle up here we GO

  2. Avatar

    ekkk, vanessa staying is going to be a big mistake

  3. Avatar

    This is going to be fun !

  4. Avatar

    100 percent agree on the political free zone here. I knew I messed up when I clearly mentioned politicans playin in BB18.
    Grrr. 3 hrs until showtime here. How do I not peek at the results. Ugh

  5. Avatar

    going forward – who woould be willing to nominate Vanessa

  6. Avatar

    Shit. All the havenots out in 1 shot

  7. Avatar

    What a dumb move Steve.

  8. danmtruth

    What a waste Jakie & Meg Anyone wins POV he puts Becky up Give the money to Vanessa

    • Avatar

      No kidding.

      What a waste. He could have gone for the twins. Ir Vanessa, but she must have him completely fooled.

    • Avatar

      I would have loved to see him put up Austin and Liz. I don’t watch the live feeds much. Steve keeps talking about he and Becky not getting along. Is that all in his head? Seriously, they hardly show him on the show unless it’s when he’s talking to himself.

  9. Bonnie D

    Really Steve? Do you think you’re Mommy would approve?

  10. danmtruth

    Drinks flowing in chi town after that Ann ready to run into the street

  11. Avatar

    I don’t get Steve’s nominations. He’s still in an alliance with Vanessa right? Is he trying to backdoor someone? Or maybe backdoor Becky? I’m so confused.

  12. Avatar

    He’ll backdoor Becky or James if, by some miraculous miracle, Meg or Jackie actually win something!

  13. danmtruth

    Mikey no problem knew you were kidding

  14. g8trgirl

    Maybe Steve and John have a plan to backdoor vanessa?

  15. danmtruth

    John does not use POV Jakie gone Twins hate her so Austin votes along Vanessa can care less .

  16. Avatar

    Happy for Steve. I want Jackie out. The Twins are just taking up space and are worthless. Save them for the next round along with Vanesssa. Should have kept Shelli not Vanessa. Go Johnny go……

  17. Avatar

    is JMac going against Steve’s wishes? he is losing it.

    John is protecting Becky.

  18. Avatar

    John was protecting Becky….by not using the veto….. he knows Steve might have put her up

  19. Avatar

    Steve appears to be having a mini breakdown. That’ll teach him to win HOH! He should have thrown it to Johnny Mack! Serves him right. Now he has blood on his hands.

  20. Avatar

    although stupid – the twins and austin are a three headed dragon, plus vaness and steve

  21. danmtruth

    Steve is mad I think he thought john was going to take someone done and he could Backdoor Becky
    Vote time

    • Rita

      It’s going to be interesting on the feeds. Steve exposed himself. I agree Steve would have put up Becky and John saved her at Jackie’s expense.

    • Avatar

      Darntruth. So much for the final 6 deal huh. Lol
      Didn’t we say that wouldn’t last a week. And ugh. Living in pst. I missed it. And couldn’t help myself to watch the postings. I’ll watch at 9:00 here. I’ll predict exactly what will happen. It goes like this. Shelli out 8-0 Steve wins HOH. Puts up Jackie and Meg. JONNY wins the POV. Doesn’t use it. Jackie goes to jury. Gets 1 vote to stay.
      “Book it”
      I guess I’ll have to see if I’m rite at 9:00-10:00. Ha
      Good times (:

  22. g8trgirl

    This could have been an epic night and turns out to be a wasted vote. Steve ‘ s an idiot.

  23. Avatar

    At least these two guys have guts. Hope they vote Jackie out.

  24. Avatar

    jackie was playing a better game than Meg

  25. Elaine

    Jackie can be proud….all her lecturing about “vote with the house” (or else) paid off…..the house stuck together and voted her out! Now her laugh can continue to annoy Shelli in the jury house.

  26. Avatar

    Steve is gonna talk to himself all night tonight. A wasted HOH.

  27. Avatar

    Meg didn’t play at all…took up space. Jackie was just fair needs to go back to school. This is some lesson for James Meg and JacKie they thought they had it all figured out. SURPRISE!!!!!!! GO JOHNNY GO!!! Hope Becky makes it to the final two with JMac.

  28. Avatar

    John knows Steve hates Becky, so he didn’t use the veto. Steve is a detestable little weasel. What a waste of an HOH. Break up Austin and the twins if you’re too much of a coward to go after Vanessa!

  29. Avatar

    Such a stupid move for them to keep Vanessa. All because James thought shelli would put him up. Well Jim caused their own demise. Steve wasted his nomination. Vanessa and her group were going to put him up next. Only hope is for Becky, James and meg to join forces again and pull in jmac with them which maybe gets Steve. Don’t know if James has brains to do that.

  30. Avatar

    What a waste! He should have took the chance and put the target up instead of pawns and if she got taken down, he could have put up another threat! Instead, he put up the 2 least threatening people! Waste! I can tell he’s upset it didn’t go as planned, bit still, he should know better! Wow!

  31. Jannie

    Steve, Steve, Steve…
    I know he wanted to backdoor Becky, but the minute JMac won that Veto I knew he wouldn’t use it.
    You wasted your HOH, Steve.

    On all that is holy will someone PLEASE get out an Austwit, ANY Austwit….pleaseaaaaahhhh!!!

    • Avatar

      Van got to him..he could have taken out a POWER couple. he has no “deals’ with them….Van made these noms …and she probably will win ….but she i s a bully I know for a fact BS…… artistustin might flop…..hopefully

  32. Alda

    Did anyone see the big smile on Black roots Liz’s face?Dumbest move yet Steve the wimp!I understand JohnnyMac not using the veto because he didn’t want Becky backdoored.

  33. Jannie

    It was pretty obvious that Steve’s puzzle board wasn’t working right. They are even discussing it in the house.

    Not fair. The game was compromised…but I’m sure CBS doesn’t care. Probably set it up that way.

  34. danmtruth

    My daughter was yelling to put the twins up to break that group No short sighted Steve waste his HOH
    This next HOH will take on more Austin is blind to the fact that the twins are now more allined with Vanessa then him . James and Meg now must look to see where they fit in That place is at the bottom with any group
    As I see it ;
    Vanessa Liz Julia with Austin as the sacerficial lamb
    Becky John
    James Meg the fools
    Steve a man without a team
    Vanessa will bring Steve in just to have a vote and cannon fodder
    I HATE the smirk on Liz face when she votes Talk about spoiled bitch that’s the poster child
    Who would not want to be a fly on the wall at jury house? Can you say awkward Must have been a chilly ride together
    So two more eviction than bring a person back? They should also say they are safe for a week better yet eviction night bring back evicted house guest have them play to get back in and also be HOH that week

  35. Avatar

    “…inside his head where it’s more private.” is quite possibly the best line you’ve written yet. Zingbot should use it.

  36. Colby

    Vanessa and her minions have the numbers again. The only good things are that she has been exposed to the whole house and I think Austin has had about enough of her. Did anyone notice the look on his face tonight when she was giving her speech? I can’t stand him, but I can’t stand her more.
    I hate it, but the James gang did it to themselves, all because they were afraid Shelli would go after James.

  37. Sweet Bee

    Stupid players, stupid moves, stupid, stupid, stupid.
    Vanessa just won BB17 unless Shelli can get back into the game.

    • Avatar

      Sweet bee. No doubt Van is in great position as of now. And the best player by far. Weather you like her or not. But to say she just won is very early to say that. Too many variables. Like I said a few weeks ago, with her power of persuasion, a lil luck. Well she just got the luck part. (With James genious move? Bahbahaha.) She is 90 percent top 5. Then it comes down to the timing. Winning the rite comps at the rite time. Then the all important fin al 3 Last HOH. If Vanessa is in the game still noone will wanna be agianst her in the top 2. They will loose. So she would have to win the final HOH. It’s not as clear cut as last year when we all knew Derrick had it by around week 5. In conclusion, ya she is in a great spot. But a long way to go. I wouldn’t book it. (That last sentance was for Darntruth)
      P.s. I read your commet about how your kiddo thinks Austin is creepy. Funny. My kiddo runs out of the room when Austin appears on T.V.He’s 4 and says that monster is on T.V. agian.

    • Avatar

      So you miss a day on this blog and you miss a LOT.

      I was shocked when JMJ voted to keep Van. WTH happened?

      When Van dropped dime on Becky’s double-agent routine from a few weeks ago, that flipped JMJ?

      It makes my skin crawl to have the twins in there.

      I did not like those snide faces they made when voting Jackie out…so catty.

  38. Avatar

    I am watching Vanessa talking about throwing the HOH comp to Julia (because “it’s good for Julia’s game”). Apparently Vanessa doesn’t want anymore blood on her hands. At this point, I don’t even know why she cares. If I were her, I would be trying to win every competition I could especially since she knows a lot of people will be gunning for her. I would not take the chance that Austin and those twins would win and save her sorry ass.

  39. Avatar

    I’ve been skimming through a lot of comments lately and don’t remember if anybody’s said. What was the “miscommunication” that Jackie was talking about, right before she was evicted in her persuasion (“keep me”) speech?

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