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Big Brother Feed Updates – What Is David Doing?

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and it’s the last full day for Janelle to try and stay, but after making virtually zero progress yesterday, I don’t anticipate anything but a production twist saving her this week.

So, it’s time to look beyond Janelle and see what the future holds. And that is going to be some weird conflict between Tyler, David, Da’Vonne, and Bayleigh (maybe not Bay). Tyler told David that Da’Vonne was tossing around the idea of keeping NicoleA last week as that’s what you do when you’re in an alliance. Oh, wait, Tyler is also in an alliance with Da’Vonne as well. Tyler was simultaneously loyal and disloyal at the same time. Smooth gameplay, Ty.


Tyler’s poor game aside, David told Bayleigh that and Bayleigh told Da’Vonne that he knew. Da’Vonne tried to have a bunch of talks with David all night until she got the truth from him, and it worked. He eventually spilled and told her his source (Tyler). David went up to Tyler and told him that he spilled the info to which Tyler immediately died a bit inside.  David assured him all is well because everyone is going for Kaysar next week so all is good. Tyler felt better and everyone went home happy. Kidding. Tyler knows that next week’s target is a long way from now and David just completely destroyed one of the 6 person alliances in the house two days before the next HoH is played (which Tyler is sitting out of).

After David left the room, Tyler was clearly a bit disturbed by the entire thing and did some cam-talking wondering why David was chosen this season. I get why people are frustrated about working with a newbie but they are the people working with him.  Tyler and Da’Vonne both decided to take him under their wings and it’s on them if he screws their game. That’s just how it goes. Needless to say, Tyler is going to be stressing pretty hard these next few days, especially if Da’Vonne wins the HoH (spoiler alert, it’s unlikely she’s going after Kaysar if she does).

Before I begin, follow me on Instagram! And also a big thank you to Kari for her generous donation!  She is another long-term BBJunky who has supported this site for many years. I really appreciate your support!


  • 12:00 pm – Not a ton going on right now. Tyler and Day had a talk where he did some damage control. Not sure how much it actually helped. I assume the two will be talking in more detail later on
  • 3:00 pm – Alright, time for some updates…
    • Janelle has been still campaigning. She made a pitch to Dani
    • Dani humored her by telling her she’s in if she gets the votes. Everyone seems to be doing that to her
    • Tyler told Cody about his David incident and both stewed on it for a bit.  Both agreed David is dead to them
    • Really frustrated because they have tried to help him along all season
    • Tyler points out that he specifically said to David “Don’t tell Da’vonne. You’ll fuck me over”.
    • Cody re-tells the conversation to Nicole and Dani
    • Speaking of, Cody also said he made a point to not flirt with married girls this season. Yet he continues to have his joking flirt thing going on with Dani.  Oh Cody, never changes.  (btw, you shouldn’t flirt with single girls either. Remember the whole girlfriend thing?)
    • Meanwhile, Tyler is still doing damage control with Bayleigh. He is telling her that all he said to David was that he heard it and to double-check with Da’Vonne.
    • Circling around to Janelle. She went to Tyler and told him that Dani wants to speak with her. This is in reference to Dani voting her way if she got the votes.

    • Dani immediately asks how he got out of trouble with Da’Vonne. Tyler is like “how did you know”. Word travels fast, my man
    • Dani says that Cody was able to talk their way out of it with Da’Vonne
    • She says that Janelle keeps hounding her about the vote.
  • 4:00 pm – Things have settled down for now
  • 6:30 pm – Alright, back from the CBS show
    • Pretty meh. A little disappointed in the baby segment. I really thought they were going to torture her all week long but she mostly got off light. It was a pretty funny segment but could have been so much better with a little more abuse lol
    • There is a committee meeting tonight (for those keeping track, that is the Memphis part of Tyler’s alliance)
    • Ian got a little pampered
    • David and Enzo doing a catch-up session
    • Cody mentions how NicoleF said that she can’t go after Da’Vonne after what happened on their season. He is angry about that (It’s called playing the jury, Cody)
    • Tyler joins and they’re all talking about how sketchy Dani is. Uh oh. Looks like Dani is no longer flying under the radar
  • 8:30 pm – This house is just full of people bitching
    • Tyler, Memphis, and Cody had a bitch session on David’s betrayal of Tyler.
    • Dani was also there briefly and complained how Janelle has been harassing her to stay. Memphis said he just told her that he’ll vote for her to stay because he doesn’t care about lying. He said “what’s she going to do? Call me in a few months complaining?”  So yea, Memphis telling her she has his vote but she doesn’t. At least not now. That leads me to this.
  • Dani pulls Cody aside…
    • She says “want to play risky?? Want to throw two votes to Janelle to stay just to shake things up?”. Alright, sounds like someone in production finally got to someone.
    • This is to ‘set up’ Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. Cody says nah he won’t do that.
    • Dani says that she got Christmas to say she’ll nominate Da’Vonne and Bay if she wins HoH
    • And the reason they want to nominate them together is that they want to get rid of Da’Vonne but look like heroes to Bayleigh by keeping her. They want to keep Bayleigh. But Da’Vonne is on to them so they want to chop her but not lose jury votes in the process (if this happens during jury)
  • Janelle breaks up the conversation to try and campaign to Cody
    • She thinks it’s going better than expected. A bunch of people who are telling her that if she has the votes, she’ll stay (she’s thinking Memphis)
  • In another room, Enzo and Bayleigh are talking
    • Enzo points out that Janelle has so many enemies. He wants to keep her but he’s fine with Kaysar too
  • `12:00 am – Havenots are off slop so people are up and hanging out. Boring night but I think Janelle is still going to make a push tomorrow.

Update in the morning!


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