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Round And Round The Big Brother House Goes



I was unable to blog a whole lot yesterday because I felt like crap, but I’m feeling quite a bit better, so let me try to recap on a wild day in the Big Brother house…

Clay and Becky were nominated, but you knew that. The veto competition came, and when the players drew for names, Vanessa got a ‘Houseguests Choice’, so she picked Shelli.  This made Becky upset because she felt it was clearly favoring Clay and not her (as it was). Becky was fairly obvious about her frustration, so when the feeds returned and Clay won PoV, Becky wasn’t very thrilled. Granted, Clay won it by himself, but she was still upset and felt like a target.

After the veto, Austin got wind that he was the backdoor plan, so he went on an apology tour that was quite embarrassing to watch. Not because he apologized, but because he made the entire thing about Liz and how he needs to be in the house/jury house with her because he loves her.


Shelli took advantage of this opportunity to push her own agenda and say that they should just vote Becky out.  This is because Shelli was annoyed that Becky was pissed about the PoV thing. Kind of petty, but people have been evicted for less.

Throughout the night, Vanessa, Shelli and Clay made a ton of different suggestions, one that even involved backdooring Jackie simply because she’ll be upset if they keep Austin. I guess if you’re going to flat out lie to someone (Vanessa and Jackie made a safety promise), may as well do it before they’re in jury.

I’m not sure what today will bring on the feeds, but I’ll be watching and keeping you updated.


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  1. danmtruth

    Arrrggg what is with this group! Watching Vanessa and Shelli try to justify there action is maddening. Last year Derrick made moves but stuck to his plan . He had no problem seeing people’s weakness and using it against them. He played his game regardless of how he might look like on the feeds. Vanessa and Shelli seem to be worried how they will be perceived. Vanessa did not want to be the person to eliminate Audrey because her being in a lesbian relationship and Audrey being transgender. That’s fine but why make up the lies about Jeff to get him out . Or the things she did to DaVonn to get her out. Not like Day didn’t do things to make her a target. Once again it all comes down who they think will come after them . Guess what EVERY ONE IS AFTER YOU !!
    Sorry for the length but listening to these people try to rationalize is crazy

    • Avatar

      Circumstances are completely different than last year. Vanessa is by far playing the best game. Weather you like he or not. Not sure why one wouldn’t like her. Although everone has a rite to their opinion. Of course less so called blood on your hands is best. And the sisters are clearly werent on the same page. Hmmmm That’s changing now. Guess just another “lucky” Vanessa move. This game is about playing in position and out of position. And when to adjust when the best hand delta goes wrong and then adjust accordingly to eventually have the best hand. I find it amusing how some people truly believe that Vanessa’s reads are bad. She can’t get em all rite people. And the reads that are wrong has caused minimum damage to her game. I sa8d this from day 1. Vanessa 8s a sick player in poker and is using her poker skills wonderfully to her advantage. Top 5. 90 percent Vanessa makes it that far. After that, as in pomer she will need some big hands with a tad bit of luck. And the persuasiveness. Which she Cleary has to win it al simple as that
      Have a great night people. (:

  2. Avatar

    What I want to know is where is all of the BB takeover!! Just like last year nothing but a bunch of bulls***t.

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