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Big Brother Junkies Update



Good evening, everyone.  I have made a few small changes to the site to make it more fun for everyone.  Here is a list of changes…

  • Fixed Avatars
    • I found a bug that was making people create avatars in a few different places. Now if you go to your profile,  you should be able to upload one avatar and it will show site-wide
  • Profile Cover Photos
    • You may now have cover photos for your profiles.  In order to do this, go to your profile page, and click the ‘upload’ button on the bottom right of your default image
  • Compliment Each Other!
    • Under profile pages, you can select ‘compliment’ and choose from a list of compliments
  • Earn Points
    • Everything you do has a chance to earn you points. I am not quite sure what to do with the points, but I will figure something fun out

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  1. NKogNeeTow

    Thanks Steve. Things look back to normal now. I was wondering about the point thing. The first time I ever noticed it was earlier today.

    Oh, and I like your avatar too 🙂

  2. ShoeLover

    thanks for the site update!! I can finally log in from my phone!! woohoo!!

  3. Jannie

    Love that your avatar is back, NK!
    Haven’t been on here much lately…just got back from a week with the family in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This season has been so bad that I didn’t even care that I missed a week of shows. So disappointed in James and Nicole, I liked them the last time they played, but this summer, not so much. At this point I don’t really care who comes or goes.
    I will try and catch up and see if I can get back into it. ?
    Have a great vacation, stevebeans ☀️

  4. Elaine
    Elaine (1768 comments)

    Steve- Thanks for all you and Amy do for us!!

  5. Avatar

    Just want to say I LOVE this site….thank you for all that you do to keep us updated!!

  6. Quwana

    Just wanted to say this is the best site ever for Big Brother….I come to this page everyday to check up on what goes on in the house and what you or Amy has to say…keep up the great work…Thank You!!!!!

  7. CLangley

    Fantastic!!!! 🙂

  8. Renee
    Renee (403 comments)

    Sounds great! Nice additions to make it more interactive than ever. Thanks Steve!

  9. Alda
    Alda (1333 comments)

    Thank you Steve and Amy,very much.

  10. Mello_One

    Let me put my two cents in…Thank you Steve!

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