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Who are the face cards of Big Brother?

August 31, 2020 | 4 Comments
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Author: Mike

The King.

Dr. Will Kirby is the king card. He is the original scheming mastermind of the game. He was a powerful person who could really really help you and tear down your opponents simultaneously. In Season 2, he laid the blueprint for future BB villains. Dr. Will orchestrated a 24 hour fast for, as he described in the Diary Room, “no reason,” he dissed other houseguests in his final 2 speech, ruffled their feathers, and came away victorious in the end. Now, let’s fast forward to Big Brother 7: All-Stars. While the format was totally different, Dr. Will remained diabolical. He was easily the biggest target and still among the least nominated. He and Chilltown ally Mike “Boogie” Malin ran the house through the HOH reigns of the Season 6 alliance members. Whether it was taunting other houseguests (remember “I hate you all” and “big boy”), throwing comps, or executing sneaky moves, it’s difficult to point out the differences between Dr. Will of S2 and S7. Both characters proved fatal and the latter almost became the 2-time winner of Big Brother.

The Queen.

Janelle Pierzina is the most recent evictee of Big Brother 22. You read that right, Big Brother 22! The second edition of all-stars, which was called Small-Stars by someone, convinced Janelle to come back for the fourth time. She is second all-time in competition wins with 13 and notorious for Veto comps. She provided classic lines like “Bye bye bitches” and “buxom mixed with brains is a deadly combination.” She influenced future HGs like Rachel Rielly, Danielle Donato, and even Nicole Franzel. The Queen came back one more time still in love with the game, albeit a different kind of game than the ones she thrived in.

The Jack

This is hard to decide because the jack in a deck of cards is the least powerful of the face cards, but the person I will name is certainly not a weak player. Dan Gheesling takes this role. He is the type of jack you want in a game of poker because he can turn your hand into the straight flush. The jury vote was unanimous for the first time in BB history when Dan was crowned the winner of S10. He gave viewers epic moments in Veto roulette, Ollie’s meltdown, and Dan’s funeral (not to mention Dan’s Mist throughout S14). Dan had the ability to make you feel sad, inspire you, and manipulate you all at the same time. It is too bad he didn’t come back, but that just makes his two runs more special.

The Ace

Danielle Reyes changed the game. She is the reason sequester exists. She lied, backstabbed, and bragged (in the DR) her way into final two of Season 3. Unfortunately, evicted houseguests went home that season and watched Danielle (and Jason Guy) take out fellow houseguests 1 by 1 while Danielle trashed them behind their backs in the DR. The ace card fits Danielle because the ace’s value adapts to individual card games. In one moment, it’s what you need to win. In another, it’s what takes you down. Danielle Reyes is endlessly described by BB fans as the winner-that-never-was due to a bitter jury like Dan 11 seasons later in BB14. However, this paragraph is about Danielle, and she is an ace in the hole.

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