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Big Brother- Wednesday Recap for 8/19/20

August 20, 2020 | 48 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning ya’ll! It’s eviction day again but it feels like it’s been a lot longer than a week. No matter who leaves, I’m glad this week is ending. It’s been crazy watching so many people repeat their past games so far, even when they don’t think they’re doing it. The house is also starting to form a weird combination of past seasons too.

For example: Kaysar is overplaying and loyal to a fault. Nicole F is using ‘I’m a victim, feel sorry for me, someone was mean to me’ bit it works.  Dani trash talks everyone until her comments become personal. Christmas only thinks about teams, comp wins and sides. Memphis wants to repeat BB10 except be Dan this time. Cody wants a redo for BB16 except be Derrick. DaVonne gets lost trying to solve her alliance mysteries without realizing what all her research will cost her in the end. We’ve all witnessed Nicole A repeat last summer, even if  it was all in her head this time. This is exactly what they did before.

The vibe from certain seasons is recurring too. The big alliance (the one Kaysar kept trying to warn people about) formed quickly with everyone unknowingly reporting back to it) (BB16) There’s the small core alliance where each are working a specific person outside of it. (Brigade, BB12) Unfortunately, there’s even a sprinkling of BB19 because the entire house is going against 2 people and making it too personal. I still hear a little bit of talk about Janelle and Kaysar being dangerous players but most of it is personal. I hear a lot more talk about how Janelle is a terrible person, saying she’s toxic and making up lies about them to justify their dislike of them. She isn’t on the block but the entire week has been about Janelle.

There was more talk yesterday about putting Janelle on slop than there was the upcoming hoh and the plan to evict her. NicF wants to be the one to replace herself with Janelle as a have not since they choose this year. Christmas, Dani and NicF were annoyed when they found out Kaysar will probably make Janelle a have not. They feel robbed of the pleasure and even discussed the order people would choose in the hope they’ll still be able to do it. (Remember when they thought it was so mean the way Memphis did it?)

As for the game talk, it was more of the same with a couple of exceptions. NicA had another melt down but this one included (sort of) making up with Janelle and Kaysar. She’d started doubting her thoughts all week and considered she might be wrong. It didn’t last, she kept going back and forth and I honestly don’t know what she thinks now.

Instead of people being a bit leary of DaVonne moving forward, she’s solidly on the outside of her alliance at this point. Here’s my recap but its by player instead of by conversations. They were just the same conversations from the day before so it seems nuts to type the same stuff again. I may not be consistent with this depending on the house activity from week to week but for now, it makes sense to end each week with where the players are alligned and what their plans are moving forward.

  • Memphis There isn’t a lot to say here because he stayed out of most everything. That’s hard to do when you’re the hoh but he did.  Like him or not, he did exactly what he wanted this week. Sure, his alliance doesn’t fully trust him but he was already #6 in the 6 person alliance he started. (The Committee) He isn’t the biggest target unless David stays and wins hoh and I think Tyler can point David at Janelle or Kaysar anyway.
  • Janelle talking to Memphis about why no one went after Jackson last year

  • Nicole A She’s going home unless something crazy happens and by crazy, I mean something that benefits the large group.  She finally told Jan and Kay why she was so angry with them, said she felt set up and said they didn’t try hard enough to save her. They saw it as some sort of breakdown, forgave her and continued trying to keep her in the house. The large group knows this happened and knows Jan and Kay still want her to stay. They also don’t need to keep NicA to go after the 2 of them because the whole house is after them. Other than Day and maybe Enzo, (if he was looking far ahead) NicA doesn’t help the larger group.
  • David In spite of his horrible campaigning and Day considering changing her mind to keep NicA, it looks like he’s staying. He had one good convo that I saw and it was with Bayleigh. I think it got her fully back on board with him. (Out of Bay and Day, she was the one most likely to work with Jan & Kay) He still has no idea how to play this game but it looks like he’ll have the chance to keep trying to learn.
  • Kaysar He was still trying to save NicA when I finally went to bed. He plans to work on everyone again today. Kevin has even started trying to tell him it isn’t going to happen. He had a meeting that included Bay and Day to see if they would commit.  I can fault him for not knowing when to give up but he isn’t wrong with the way he’s thinking. He gets that Day and Bay want to try and ride the middle because they feel ok with both “sides.”  What he can see but they can’t is there really aren’t sides. There’s one large alliance with extra people at the bottom of it. He knows they are sitting ducks if they don’t try to break up the big group.  Even after all the crap NicA has talked about Jan and Kay, he hugged her, consoled her and apologized for not being able to do more to save her. (Kaysar is an amazing human but there’s a reason he never makes jury)
  • Janelle She also tried hard to save NicA but she sees the writing on the wall more than Kaysar. Shes in a mess and knows shes the biggest target. (My girls gotta win hoh tonight or its gonna be a rough week ahead)
  • DaVonne She did way too much this week and dug herself into a hole. She’d rather keep NicA but doesn’t trust Janelle and Janelle is closer to Bay than her. She’s afraid to have 2 close allies (Bay and NicA) that are so close to Janelle. She also doesn’t want to stand out going against her group so soon.  Just because she pieced some things together and realized Cody, Tyler and Dani weren’t going to be loyal to her, doesn’t mean she’s ready to openly go against them yet.  Her original plan of trying to work both sides was a good one but I don’t think she realizes she can’t do that anymore.  You can’t work both sides when one side only has 2 people in it. There’s nowhere to hide. She got in the middle of too much stuff this week and Dani was able to twist it too easily. Day is in trouble imo and I hate it for her because she was looking pretty good at first.
  • Bayleigh  Her situation is pretty similar to Day’s except her closest side friendship was with Janelle and that was hurting her with the larger group. Last week Dani trusted Day a lot more than Bay. Maybe she realized this because she ran and told everything yesterday to Cody & co. She spilled everything Jan and Kay were trying to do. That’s great for now but I think all she accomplished is making Day a target before her. She isn’t off the list tho.
  • Kevin  He’s made himself and easy pawn moving forward. He and Janelle finally had a convo about needing to come together but it happened to late. Kevin isn’t to blame for all the stupid things NicA thought this week but he is to blame for continuing to put fuel in her crazy train.  He finally laid off telling Dani everything Jan and Kay were doing but only after there was nothing left to tell. He’s  working with them at the moment trying to save NicA but he’ll run from them as soon as NicA is evicted.
  • Ian  He knows NicF has an alliance without him which she continues to deny.  He’s told her he was fine with it and said he didn’t mind being the Britney in the new brigade because Britney did get taken close to the end. I don’t know if he means this or not but unless he’s changed, I don’t think he’ll turn on Nicole. He stayed loyal to Britney on his season and what he’s  building with Nicole looks very similar. I think he’s sincere about wanting to work with Kaysar but he’s also sincere about not wanting to do it until Janelle is gone.
  • Dani It’s her birthday this week and if you haven’t witnessed Dani having her birthday on her previous seasons, well, you’re in for a treat. She becomes very demanding and completely obnoxious. You’d think it should be deemed a national holiday.  She’s already been in the DR wanting to know if she’s getting a cake and presents.  She has successfully moved Day out of her way with Cody and Enzo and she was making progress on taking over NicF’s spot with Cody. She stumbled a little this week when Day started trying to catch people in lies. At first, Dani thought Tyler was lying and told him. Once she figured out the truth, she went to Tyler and told him she knew it was Day and not him. This made Dani trust Tyler again.  (Guess what Dani? Now Tyler doesn’t trust you) Tyler, Enzo and Cody have already had conversations about not trusting Dani. She’s not in trouble yetand they want her on their team. They just know they have to watch out for her now.
  • Christmas She’s actually not playing too bad but she’s really annoying. She’s probably burned bridges with Jan and Kay if they realize she was lying all this week. Kaysar has a good relationship with her though and because Jan and Kay won’t have any numbers, they may keep trying to work with her and keep telling her things. I truly believe this is Tyler’s intended final 2 and that alone should keep her safe for a while. The BB19 wants to jump out of her occasionaly and it doesn’t take much for her to get on board with NicF and Dani’s nasty comments about Janelle. Everyone waited for Janelle and NicA to have a confrontation this week which didn’t happen. If there is one this summer, somehow I can see it being between Janelle and Christmas. Christmas likes to fight other people’s battles since it makes her feel like part of the team and she’s easily manipulated. (I have no reason to think this other than I just do) She’s still talking about wanting to take over for Julie. I have no idea what got this started.
  • Cody  He was mad when he realized the hoh comp is probably going to be a crap shoot tonight.  He’s got a lot of people on his side but he’s definitely a target for Jan and Kay. Janelle was working on Memphis last night trying to get him to see that too. Memphis won’t because he thinks he has a final 2 with Cody. He’s probably in the best position as far as alliances that are actually loyal to him but not as far as visibility. He’s definitely a target and he knows it. It’s why he got so worked up this week. He’ll push for Kaysar to go over Janelle. I think Ian would love to see Cody gone. He may not want to do it himself but he knows it would better his position with NicF.
  • Nicole F We need to get prepared for NicF to be around for a while.  It’s no secret that I can’t stand the whiny, victim game she plays but let’s face it, it works and this season, it’s working well.  The only person who wants to go after her is Janelle and she’s the number one target moving ahead. I could see Nicole being around for a long time and I may as well prepare for it.  I’ve criticized her in the past and made jokes about her inability to play without a showmance. I have my answer as to if she can or not. (She can) Nicole F is very good at this game. She spent the week complaining about Janelle and worrying about what kind of edit Janelle is going to get. That’s my biggest problem with Nicole’s game. It isn’t because her game is trying to play the ‘sweet girl from the midwest who everyone is mean to.’ It’s because it isn’t really her game but her focus is trying to convince us that it is. Truthfully, if Nicole was a player who whispered into the camera ‘haha, they’re all suckers and they’re really falling for the sweet girl act,’ I’d probably love her as a player. (She won’t so I don’t)
  • Enzo He’s in a great position. Everyone loves him and he’s the comic relief for the house.  I actually think he may be more well liked than he was in his first season plus he has the benefit of knowing he may need to win some comps this time. Even Day and Bay, who are skeptical about the guys they’re working with, make comments about still trusting Enzo. They don’t put him in the same category as the other guys. Kay and Jan also think Enzo, along with Memphis, are the only guys in the house they might be able to get on their side. Enzo is like Memphis in that the only side he’s on is his own but unlike Memphis, he does a great job hiding it.
  • Tyler He did a good job convincing his alliance they needed to keep David for their own reasons. They don’t and it’s purely for Tyler’s benefit. There’s been a few jokes within his alliance about him outsmarting all of them and he even joked last night that he had an alliance with the entire house. They were all just joking around but it caught my attention. I could see a scenario down the road when someone feels betrayed by Tyler. He could always use that conversation to say ‘hey, I told you I had an alliance with the entire house, it’s not my fault you didn’t believe me.’ Hell get his way this week and I’m probably most interested in his moves the next couple weeks.

There will probably be more scrambling today.  I can appreciate Nicole A not going down without a fight. It’s just been painful to watch her take on the wrong fight. It’s made me feel very tired this week and at this point, I’m just ready for someone to be evicted (I don’t even care who anymore) and move on to the next HOH.

Have a great Thursday!

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