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Bronte Reveals A Major Secret Plus Other Happenings



Good afternoon, everyone! I have to make it a brief one today because I am taking the daughter to an outdoor concert and it is 60 degrees and rainy!

Today is the power of veto competition that from first glance is essentially pointless. Sometimes they’re super important, sometimes not. This is one of those times where it really doesn’t matter who wins. Well, unless you’re Tiffany or her 5 fans (including her sister). Frnak has all the power this week .. well, Gidget is HoH, but let’s be real, Frank has the power .. so unless Tiffany wins HoH and saves herself, noms will probably remain the same. Now, I am not as certain about Tiffany leaving the house as I was Jozea and Victor, but I can pretty safely say that she will have her work cut out for her.

A quick rundown on the rest of the house….

  • Frank has been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. He has been pretty crude to the women in the house, though he claims he didn’t realize it and it’s just how he acts (he has apologized to Da’Vonne for example). But, he should know better. While that alone may be dumb considering the women outnumber the men right now, but he also isn’t helping himself with the guys, either. Frank has been overplaying the season so far, and the whispers got around the house that he has been playing a lot of sides. The guys are threatened by this, the girls are annoyed at him… it looks like Frank is going to have to keep winning if he wants to remain in the house. Basically, a repeat of his season.
  • Bronte dropped a bomb on her alliance last night by revealing her big secret.  Did I say bomb? I mean firecracker.  Bronte sat Natalie down and told her she had a huge secret to confess and to promise not to say anything even if evicted. Juicy, right? Well, just as she was about to say it, people started coming in the room and the conversation broke up. That only built the suspense for later in the evening when she finally got some alone time with her Spy Girl alliance. With tears in her eyes, Bronte revealed that she does not really work with kids, and actually did go to college. She revealed her intentions are to eventually work for the NSA to decode terrorist stuff  (or something like that). Seeing as neither Natalie nor Gidget really seemed to know what the NSA is, they both did their best to sound super excited and happy for Bronte. I don’t mean to bash Bronte, but she did it to herself with all the silly buildup for what amounts to a pretty disappointing secret. Especially considering she even admitted all her math knowledge likely wouldn’t have helped yet, and that includes the roadkill comp. She said Victor is a finance major, and likely would have won that regardless. Wonderful.
  • On the showmance side of things, Natalie was seen spending a bit of time with Corey yesterday. This made James look visibly uncomfortable, especially when Michelle told him a story of how Natalie was playing footsies with him at some point over the past week or two. James joked to Michelle that he had to end things with Nat, but I don’t think he will. Natalie pretty much has him wrapped around her finger for as long as she’s in the house.
  • Speaking of Natalie and reveals, I forgot to mention that after Bronte revealed her amazing math skills, Natalie said she was actually an NFL cheerleader. Not that big of a secret considering she’s been saying she wants to be an NFL cheerleader when she leaves the house, so the girls tried to humor her as much as Bronte was humored about her ‘secret’.

Ok, I have to run. Amy is going to post the veto results later. I didn’t double check this post for any errors, so if there are any, humor me like the girls humored Bronte and pretend I am right.


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  1. Colby

    Wow! 60 degrees sound heavenly right about now. Here in DFW my outdoor thermometer reads right at 100 (in the shade). Bet James and Corey aren’t missing this Texas summer heat at all……………
    Early this morning while everyone was sleeping, Nic, Zak, and Van2.0 (I think) came running out of the London bedroom saying they saw a ‘ghost with a towel on it’s head’, and went and slept in the other bedroom. lol
    I wonder if BB is just messing with them or if this will turn into some sort of twist or something.

  2. Elaine

    Good to know our national security will soon rest in the mad math skills of Bronte lol. As Jannie mentioned Colby, thoughts and prayers to the Dallas community, especially with law enforcement.

  3. danmtruth

    As a Chicagoan I never understood people from Arizona saying “Yeh but it’s a dry heat ” Like that makes a big difference It’s 100′ A oven is dry heat and that cooks a cake

    • Elaine

      I live in the southwest and we often use that expression referring to the fact that we don’t have humidity along with oppressive heat. You are right though Dan, if it is hot enough, hot is hot, dry or not.

      • nkogneetow

        I partially grew up in the desert in Cali and now live in the DMV area and I can definately (sp) tell the difference. The humidity here is a killer. Given the choice, I prefer the dry heat. 100 degrees of dry as opposed to 100 damp, does make a difference. It’s hard to even breathe here sometimes. And your clothes stick to you…yuck!

      • Jannie

        A dew point in the 70’s, like we get in MN is horrible… I’ll take dry heat any day.
        Not that I’m a stalker…?, but where in the heck is “DMV”?

      • Colby

        I wondered the same thing Jannie.

      • Jenny M

        Guessing DMV is an autocorrect of “DFW” (Dallas/Fort Worth)?
        There is definitely a difference between a dry heat and what we get in the midwest. High humidity means you can’t cool off by sweating. Also I have asthma and can’t freaking breathe in hot humid air. Thank goodness for air conditioning!!!

      • nkogneetow

        @Jannie: DMV – DC/Maryland/Virginia 🙂

      • Jannie

        Love that area. We were out there last summer. Stayed at the Embassy Suites in Chevy Chase and jumped right on that great Metro system…?

  4. Shivani33

    Just noticed Paulie, Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette saying that all four are playing in the Veto Comp and are pretty sure it’s die-rolling. Paulie said he’d choose to keep the same nominees. I think that Bridgette has wasted her little HOH.

  5. Clangley

    I so hope van 2.0 is going home. Good grief I can’t handle her anymore. The crying, the plotting, the paranoia just like her sister. Many many prayers for Dallas!!! Definitely one of my favorite places and was sad to see what went down.

    • Elaine

      I agree. She is too much like her sister and though I don’t want to penalize her for that, this season might have been too early to have her on. Vanessa was a polarizing houseguest and feelings about her were strong either for or against. Please tell your husband I will take my burger med. well with cheese lol.

    • Avatar

      I want Crybaby Tiff gone too but I would much rather see The Great Mathematician Bronte gone first. I think it would be harder to get her annoying ass out because I think she’s better at physical comps than the Crybaby.
      Bridgette is a real idiot. She totally wasted her HOH. Frank has all of the power with his roadkill win & his flunky’s HOH.
      Do you guys think Jozea is out there floating like a free dandelion right now? I doubt very seriously that dandelion gets to float his ass back in the BB House.

  6. CLangley

    And if my husband is reading this, get home and cook some burgers!! Lol

  7. Shivani33

    Tiff practicing like mad with q-tips for the comp, suddenly excited. She feels that she just had a mental breakthrough about how to win this round. Day and Z. encouraging her to play it with everything she’s got. Tiffany’s attitude is far from defeated. Frank, by the way, is talking about putting up Michelle if Bronte comes off the block. Michelle has been weakening her “position” across the board by kind of being a big, miserable poop. Maybe cabin fever?

    • Elaine

      Isn’t Michelle safe because she is Cat. 4?

      • nkogneetow

        I think she is. If so, the only ones Frank has left to choose from would be:

        James & Corey – Because he wants to get the rest of the guys out so he’s left with what he considers “weak” women.

        Da – Because she spurned his advances and told on him.

        Z – Because it might upset Paulie’s game and throw him off.

        Nicole – Because he knows she has a good strong social game AND it might upset Corey and throw his game off.

        Natalie – Because it would throw a monkey wrench in the Bobbleheads.

        Just my opinion 🙂

      • Elaine

        Has Frank kept his RK win a secret?

  8. Avatar

    Frank couldnt wait to tell he won the roadkill comp. I dont know that any of these people can keep a secret.

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