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Can We Talk About Mark And Josh For A Bit?


Alright, this issue has been bugging me for a few days now, so I feel I need a good rant about it. Mark and Josh. Well, mostly Josh.

The two have had a weird relationship from the start, one with a bit more tension than any other in the house, and that came to a head a few weeks ago when Josh lost at pool but claimed he won. Mark thought it would be funny to throw the glass of pickle juice+hot sauce in Josh’s face (it wasn’t), and that set Josh off on this wild rampage.  Josh sat in the hot tub for awhile to cool off, which clearly didn’t work because it’s a hot tub(!) and then went into crazy mode when a few people came out of the house to talk to him.  Josh ranted about being disrespected on TV by having the juice tossed on him.  To be fair to Josh, he was completely right. It was a shitty thing for Mark to do, especially over a dumb game.

Josh then continued and railed on Mark for things that happened in the first week, like how he (Mark) betrayed Cody and is a shitty person for doing so. Yes, it was as random as I described, but Josh was not in the clearest state of minds (probably because he was sitting in a freakin hot tub in Los Angelas for like an hour).


The two had tension from then on out, but it was mostly controlled tension until a few days ago (Thursday) when Josh was running around the house slamming pots and pans to harass Mark. He kept yelling “I’m leaving today, I need to bond with you, Mark!” and it got to the point where Mark was hiding in the apple room to avoid Josh… who was sitting right outside the door yelling into the room.

Mark was able to maintain his composure throughout the day which eventually got Josh to stop acting like an idiot.  Problem solved, moving on.

Just kidding, this is Josh! A man who carries a grudge like Superman carrying the world on his shoulders.

After the eviction last Thursday night, Mark approached Josh and asked to squash any issues they had. Josh said he can’t do that and explained he was disrespected on TV.  Mark said he deserved some of the heat he has been getting for treating Josh poorly early on in the game and understands his anger.  He asked if they can at least be civil, and Josh gave a weird response by saying he won’t touch Mark’s bed or anything like that, but Josh still needs to harass Mark.  Mark looked disappointed and left the room.

Last night, the feeds returned from when Paul nominated Cody and Jessica and there was a lot of tension in the house. Cody was arguing with Paul who was then kicked out of the HoH room for swearing at Paul (by Paul, not production).  However, as Cody walked away, Paul went on the outside ledge and continued yelling at Cody to grow up (ironic that he yelled that to the man walking away), but during this time, Josh saw Paul being fired up and like any loyal puppy, he inherited the anger from his pack leader.

Josh decided to start going in on Mark who sat at the kitchen table silently taking the abuse…

He was not cracking Mark, so Josh ramped up his efforts by insulting him and (another ironic thing) calling Mark the puppy who follows Cody around. He basically said that Mark is a 6’+ 250lb follower who has no backbone (I’m paraphrasing).  Mark remained silent so Josh had to turn the dial up to 11.  He grabbed the famous pots and pans and started approaching Mark slamming them together once again (like he did for about an hour Thursday morning).  Mark lost it.  He got up and pulled the pans from Josh’s hand and clearly wanted to smash Josh in the head with them

Feeds were cut for a bit, and when they returned, Mark and Josh were in different rooms and neither were kicked from the game.  It’s clear no contact was actually made by Mark otherwise the feeds would have returned without him (and with Josh in a pool of blood).

Moving on to about 10:30 pm last night and Mark found himself once again in a room with Josh.  Mark gave a very sincere apology for the way he acted early in the game, for removing the pans from Josh’s hands and his outburst.  Josh asked if he was being forced to say that, and Mark said that production doesn’t force him to say anything. Mark wasn’t going to tell Josh to stop (Josh interrupts him and says he isn’t going to stop), but he wanted to apologize.  Josh responds “ok”.   After about a minute, Mark gets up and approaches Josh for a handshake to which he was rejected with Josh saying “I’m not going to do that”

A few minutes later, Josh was sitting next to Christmas who was comforting him by feeding him a bunch of bullshit.  She said it’s okay that he’s not ready to accept his apology. Kevin jumped in and said that Mark gave a sincere apology like 4-5x and tried to shake his hand and Josh said no. If he wants to wait a few days to accept it, that’s cool.  Christmas jumps in “if you want to. You can do it on the last day, the wrap party, or not at all”. Christmas continued by comparing it to an abusive relationship where he (Josh) gets him, then the other guy (Mark) apologizes.  He gets hit again worse next time, another apology and so on and so forth.   Josh listens in to the advice he’s given…

Now, this is where I say it’s bullshit because it’s not an abusive relationship, and to compare it to one doesn’t do any justice to actual abusive relationships.  Mark was clearly a dick to Josh early on and nobody is disagreeing with that.  Josh had been at some serious low points and Mark (along with many others) didn’t really reach out to him. Mark hit his own low point when he threw the pickle juice on Josh and has since apologized numerous times for. Josh never accepted his apology but rather continued to taunt Mark relentlessly until Mark snapped briefly last night by snatching the pots from Josh’s hands.  Rather than Josh apologizing for his onslaught of annoyance, Mark apologized to HIM to which Josh rejected again.  For Christmas to continue to baby Josh is irresponsible and for her to compare it to an abusive relationship is stupid.

I don’t know why Christmas decided it was a good idea to continue making Josh feel like he was in the right. To keep him on her side for votes?  Because she really believes it?  Because she has only seen one side to it all?  It’s hard to tell her motives, but I’m fairly disappointed with her after that.  She was there when Josh was running around hitting pots and pans. In fact, she was in the background laughing while he was doing it. By not telling Josh he’s in the wrong, she is enabling his behavior

So to summarize, Mark acted like a dick. Josh rightly took offense to it, but has since been holding a serious grudge and refusing to man up and squash it.  What Josh has been doing to Mark was far worse than a splash to the face with pickle juice, yet people are making Josh appear to be a victim.  At this point I seriously feel bad for Mark and hope one of Josh’s real friends sit him down and explain that he’s also in the wrong and he needs to squash this for good before someone actually gets kicked from the game.  It has gone on far too long and it is cringeworthy to see Josh ignore these apologizes.

What do you guys think?  Is Josh in the wrong?  Christmas?  Mark?  All of them?

Live update thread later on, but I had to get this point out of the way while it was fresh in my head


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  1. Avatar

    Christmas is “pissed” that she is a have not!!

  2. LindsayB

    They are all in the wrong. Mark is a dick. Josh is an attention starved puppy who keeps doing this because his “friends” egg him on and make him feel pretty. Xmas is being strategic with her friendship with him. He would make a great final 2 person right? He would also be super loyal with his jury vote. Josh is a great shield for his whole alliance and will do anything Paul or Christmas ask of him. It’s so dysfunctional yet so enjoyable.

    My biggest complaint about Josh is my increased cravings for spaghetti and meatballs.

    • Zach

      There’s a great little Italian restaurant called Scali’s Ristaurante, if you’re ever in central Ohio(who really wants to come to Ohio?) you should try it.

    • strwar1

      I have feeling Christmas and Josh are going to have relationship outside or inside the house. Idk why,but I have feeling cause she is enabling him and using him for just attacks and has him as a shield and he is loyal to Paul and her,so idk like i said.But the question you are asking Stevebeans is that I think it’s just enjoyable and yet does come off as wrong,but as long has Jessica and Cody and Mark are around he will always be used for those reasons like attack and him being a shield.

      • strwar1

        Also on a later note she does give some sort of compassion and she sees him has puupy in her eyes that needs to be protected from all this pressure from the game that he is in.

    • Avatar

      I like your new avatar, Linds! 😛 Do you have a rottie?! Too stinkin’ cute!

  3. AIO_7

    “What do you guys think? Is Josh in the wrong?”

    Slosh will be Slosh. Writing a novel about his behavior could be as equally wrong and time wasting.

  4. Zach

    Steve, your first mistake is calling Josh a man. I believe is he just 21 years old and very few if any people that age are adults by maturity. Mark is a very insecure man, he has made several foolish mistakes in regards to Josh and he has yet to own up to them. I guess my point is Josh is still a boy, immature and medically speaking his brain is not even fully developed to understand consequence yet. Yes Josh is annoying, and over the top. But he seeks the approval of his peers and is willing to push the limits without becoming physical to appease the house. Ultimately it’s a shitty experience for both as I am sure underneath Josh is hurting and just wants to make Mark hurt too. While Mark continues to not get it, and doesn’t know how to handle this confrontation.

    • Shivani33

      Josh has said he’s 23, which matches most of his pre-season cast bios. Ramses is the fellow who is only 21 and was the youngest one in the house. Josh also said in his early cast interviews that he intended to lie, cheat and manipulate and that Evil Dick is his favorite player. Nevertheless, very often, Josh shows multiple signs of being 23-going-on-2.

      Interestingly, Cody has the self-discipline to not let Josh get him reactive. Mark, on the other hand, is vulnerable and goes through his own patterns of an unresolved gamut of emotions, from aggressiveness to feeling victimized to losng self-control and then becoming remorseful and apologetic. I think it’s very hard for him to love himself and I do respect Mark for trying to heal and improve. Josh doesn’t ever really move on or let it be. Obviously it’s only partly strategic, and he’s being a buffoon (and a self-professed jock who carries grudges.) He isn’t using his conscience to see when enough is enough. His antics can be comical but how many are laughing AT him and not so much with him.

      In my home, we say that Josh has a football-head mentaliy: the best defense is a good offense. Ugh. Yet Mark asked for it by treating Josh with sarcasm and contempt for quite awhile before Josh started to get stuck on his one-note performance as a jackass, encouraged by half of the house. These two guys are a lot alike, and when looking at one another, both are uncomfortable and angry with “the man in the mirror.” Both were warned in DR last night to back down. Please pardon the novella, Zach, yet thank you for helping to evoke it.♡

    • Jenny

      on last night’s BBAD, Mark apologized for everything he has done to Josh and owned up to all of it – he agreed he was wrong, and started to explain himself, something about being bullied as a kid and kind of having flashbacks to how it felt to be laughed at while someone was bullying him… Josh cut him off to rant at him some more, then caught himself and asked what Mark was going to say and Mark said never mind it’s irrelevant. I don’t particularly like Mark but I believe he was sincere in his apology. He also apologized to the rest of the house and said he was wrong for his part in it, no matter what Josh did or didn’t do. Josh is being a jerk for not accepting the apology and continuing to harass Mark.

  5. AIO_7

    Cowpoke is now wearing his orange Whistle-Nut jersey while he, Lips and Dry Papa bone up on the Veto…


  6. Colby

    Josh seems to obviously be mentally challenged – a man child. It is wrong for Paul, Christmas, and Alex to encourage that behavior. He continues because he sees it pleases them and thinks it makes him their friend.
    His parents should be mortified at the behavior and upset that the others are taking advantage of him. If they are proud of it there is seriously something wrong with them too, and it explains a lot.

    • Avatar

      Colby..I agree 100% with you. Steve thanks for sharing all of that..I’ve been thinking the same thing. I am to the point that a don’t watch much because I can’t stand Paul and Josh nonsense..

  7. Avatar

    Josh has that terrible affliction of being coddled by his mommy and other women in his life. He is delusional… almost like a young famous person surrounded by yes men. I don’t think he’s growing out of this behavior anytime soon or without therapy. I don’t understand Christmas’ motives either but she should know he is not a good player to align with or attach yourself. He has zero personal insight and no self control. He is a big baby. His parents shouldn’t be embarrassed but ashamed… they created this. I can’t imagine being in the house and saying my parents are going to be so destroyed if they see me crying. My parents would tell me to buck up and get over it.

  8. Alda

    Watching Christmas coddle Josh like she is his mother made me sick.The difference here is a mother would have her child’s best interests in mind.Not so for Christmas.Even when Kevin said Mark was sincere,Christmas had to interject and tell Josh he doesn’t have to accept Mark’s apology.When I was raising my son I always taught him to do the right thing.This is not the right thing Christmas.Shame on you!

    • LindsayB

      Omg she’s playing a game. Part of that game is to correctly manipulate the people around you. This isn’t a game to see who the sweetest, nicest person is. This is about lies, deception, and benefitting from people’s faults. Can we quit blaming people for other people’s weaknesses?

      • Avatar

        My pet peeve in life…people who blame other people or situations for their own behavior and actions…

      • Avatar

        Omgosh, Lindsay! Thank you so much for saying that! Have people forgotten that the game of BIG BROTHER is being played?? We’re not watching ring around the roses! Come on people! If everyone is so tore up about all this, I don’t see how there wasn’t many heart attacks and strokes watching season 8!!

      • Alda

        My point was Christmas always jumps to Josh’e defense.I thought she truly cared for the guy.That’s all.I know it’s a game.I’ve never missed an episode in 19 seasons!I thought those two were solid.

      • Shivani33

        Christmas has babied Josh consistently, ever since she zeroed in on his receptivity to being her special, needy child. He eats it up. She dishes it out. She gets away with scolding him sometimes, too. Part of her schtick is “counselling” other players, and she’s proficient at knowing their numbers and what to say.

        She has made it very clear that she does not like Mark at all, particularly in a bathroom talk with MattRess and Raven, when all 3 discussed Mark as being the guy that they most want to evict. All 3 agreed that even Cody is preferable to coexist with than Mark, who behaves with wishy-washy emotionalism and is also tempermental. Christmas wants Josh around as long as he’s handy, and then she’ll help him to jury to continue being handy.

        Christmas has been, all along, one of my favorites to watch this Season. I think that she’s much more self-aware than any of the other women and has one of the most topnotch games ongoing in the house, alongside Paul and Kevin, who is so edgy.

    • Avatar

      I agree and that’s exactly how I worded it too coddling him. Disgusting. Then saying it’s like when you have an abusive partner, are you kidding me? Gtfo xmas. In that kind of relationship you don’t have your “friends” cheering you on, get hit again do it again!!! Disgusted.

  9. Avatar

    I’ve never been a fan of Josh’s, I find home and immature, annoying mama’s boy. Yeah, Mark was a dick to him in the beginning but Josh totally over reacted to him and kinda proved Mark’s point. Does Josh really think his behavior this last week is gonna make his mom proud? I wouldn’t be. Mark’s no saint and he’s playing a horrible game but I think his apologies are sincere. Christmas coddling Josh is good for her game cuz it keeps him fired up and the spotlight off her if Josh is sucking all the air out of the room. I think all of Paul’s posse is (are?) using Josh as a weapon against Jess/Cody and Mark/Elena. Hey, it’s a game and it’s all fair in love and game.

  10. Avatar

    BB needs to conform to today’s SJW agenda! They should all get a participation trophy, the $ should be split equally between all contestants so it is fair to EVERYONE! Everyone should also wear the pink pu$$y hats like Dom had to show their support. 90 some odd days of everyone holding hands in the back yard singing “We Are The World”, oh and get rid of the have nots because if you make someone else a have not… you are literally HITLER! Once all of that is out of the way we will need to do something about the name Big BROTHER???? Are they sexists? Transphobic? Come on now it is 2017! Big PEOPLE 20!!! Now we need a room to keep the illegals…………………………………………………

  11. Ann

    Josh is a big man-child who seriously needs to grow up. It’s sad to see that he has low self esteem issues & I think he at some point in his life he’s been bullied. He wasn’t treated very nicely in the beginning of the show & now that he sees being loud & obnoxious is getting him attention, he’s doing it & he’s going to keep doing it. He most definitely has to put on a good show for those back home to show them that he didn’t let anyone disrespect him & he stood up for himself. Problem is he’s taking it a bit far & not only is he being disrespected & laughed at by his so called friends but they’re egging the shit on & using him. Bang the pots Josh, continue to name call & let your “friends” continue to get you to do their dirty work. Why do they care? All you’re doing is eventually going to get Mark or Cody to lay they’re hands on you so they’ll get evicted. Less work for your friends to try to do on their own in comps. Paul needs you to do some of his dirty work because its hard for him to beat Cody at endurance comps & Christmas is crippled so she needs you to do all she can get you to do.

  12. Avatar

    What a joke this whole week is……nothing matters….we all know what is going to happen Thursday night….

  13. Lynn

    I’ve watched all or most of it and come away with a really bad taste in my mouth. I thought BB was about strategically trying to manipulate others into voting for you, while also trying to manipulating them out. I found the subtleties and constant adaptions to those strategic moves fascinating, entertaining and funny sometimes. THIS is not what I bargained for. This dips a toe or two and possibly even a foot into a murky pool of cruelty and depravity and splashes some of that onto me, the audience. I just want to wipe that junk off! These people are encouraging Josh (and he is doing it of his own free will-his adult free will) to inflict the most demoralizing, humiliating and vicious taunting possible to another member of the group with the intent of either provoking violence, totally isolating, or causing him to quit. The group is gleefully (with raised crutches and dancing wand wielding ignorance- and even urges to escalate and escalate the situation) watching and passively participating in this public shaming. It is called “strategy and a game” to excuse it, but it doesn’t excuse it at all. It’s a gang mentality. It’s sickening and it is certainly not entertaining. It disgusts me. I would love for these guys to self-evict, leaving the gnashing-teeth gang no-one but one of their own to target next.

    • Zach

      So what did you call it when Jessica, Cody and a few of the others did it to Megan causing her to leave? I didn’t see you in an uproar then.

      • Lynn

        I didn’t see that. I was a little late to the feeds. I only saw Josh call her a snake and didn’t really know why. I missed that whole thing. Sorry to disappoint.

      • LindsayB

        What? Zach do you really expect people to complain equally? You’re so silly. lol

        #teamPaul #lovethehaters

      • Avatar

        Zach we didn’t have feeds then to know what happened. As a former military interrogator I was very surprised that the little we were shown by cbs caused her to selfevict.

      • Lynn

        Again, I didn’t watch equally therefore I cannot complain equally on that one. But I can tell you, if the same thing happened with different people, then my “complaint” is the same. It’s not a complaint though it is my honest assessment. Mr Steve gave his assessment and asked for ours. That’s all I did. By the way. Thanks Steve for bringing the topic up and giving your insight. I was afraid to. I was afraid I’d get “Mark”d”. Lol.

      • LindsayB

        So it was ok when Cody and Jessica berated Josh? The feeds were on for that.
        Wait. My bad. I forgot that it’s only wrong when Paul and his minions do it.

      • Zach

        At the end of the day, whether in theBB house or real life, people are ruthless. It’s called life,, you watch your back, do your best to be the true you and have no regrets. I’m sure everyone in the house will look back on this situation and realized that they should have done something differently. But just like they are playing a game for 500k, we are all playing the game of life to give ourselves the best.

      • LindsayB

        Lynn, to be clear… maybe you would complain and/or assess equally. There just seems to be a decent amount of hypocrisy this year by people bashing things when Paul does it but completely ignoring it if the other side does it. My thoughts on this aren’t necessarily towards your assessment individually so please don’t take it personally.

      • Avatar

        It was absolutely not ok lindsay. They belittled him and treated him like garbage. In my opinion Mark has not treated him that way. He pulled a dick move here and there. But to me he didn’t treat him in such a way as they had. He treated him like someone with a temper who blew their cool. Not that it’s ok at all. I feel bad for Josh after all of this because while he is making a fool of him self on television his “friends” view him as expendable. Helping the cause while he’s around. I think josh just wants to be accepted and that’s why he continues with this and feeds of of what xmas says.

      • LindsayB

        I hear you amber but Josh’s weakness and immaturity isn’t my problem. Nor is it the problem of everyone else in the house. There’s a reason we have the term “survival of the fittest”. Immature or not, he is an adult and it’s not everyone else’s responsibility to ensure his mental health. We will obviously disagree on this and that’s ok. It doesn’t make either of our opinions wrong or invalid.

      • Colby

        I seem to remember that Josh attacked Megan out of nowhere first. Then the argument between Alex, Jess, Cody and Megan was over what Megan thought she heard Jess say. But none of that got anywhere near to the ridiculousness that has been going on lately.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “In my opinion Mark has not treated him that way.”

        I have to disagree with you on that @amberchelly. Before Josh went off on Mark after that hot sauce incident, Mark was rude and snippy (and sometimes even hostile) with Josh virtually everyday. Mark is having a hard time in the house and he thought Josh was weak, so he took out a lot of his frustrations on Josh. And since Josh wanted to be Mark’s friend, he took it all until Mark went to far with the hot sauce. Now, all hell has broken loose. Josh may be taking things too far now, but Mark has NOT been innocent in all this. He was the original aggressor in the situation.

        The sad thing is, Mark is a lot nicer to Josh now than he ever was before their blow out. If Mark had only started off treating Josh that way, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

      • LindsayB

        Colby that is correct. Josh has shown his lunacy since day one.

      • LindsayB

        G, you make a great point that mark is being nicer now than ever. I think it’s because Josh stopped taking the browbeating and starting fighting back. He’s no loner the easy target for Mark’s bullshit.

      • Mel

        Hey guys let’s not pick on Lynn. LOL. Steve asked about the Mark and Josh situation specifically so thats what the comment was about.
        Gerardo, 100% correct on how Mark has been all season regarding Josh.

      • Mel

        Colby, Josh is nuts but he didn’t exactly attack Megan out of nowhere. He sat beside her and listened to her have a conversation about needing to get out the big guys first. Josh, being a big guy felt he was included in that group so he began to get very paranoid. He was also an emotional wreck at that point and I’m sure it wasn’t a huge leap for him. I’m not defending his behavior towards her, I’m only saying that it didn’t come out of nowhere.

      • Avatar

        Gotcha I did miss the low blows Mark had been throwing prior then.

      • Avatar

        From what I saw it was mostly Josh who taunted Megan, so its the same issue just with a different target.

  14. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you @stevebeans, but I think you left a crucial piece of information out. Mark wasn’t just sitting at the table minding his own business when Josh started in on him last night. Mark actually started that argument. Josh was saying something about CODY and Mark decided to step in to defend his mancrush, telling Josh to “shut the f*ck up” and go say it in Cody’s face (which Josh had just done anyway before Cody left the room). That’s when Josh turned his attention to Mark and ripped into him.

    I do think Josh needs to just accept Mark’s apology and move on from this situation, but I just wanted to clarify that Mark also contributed to the escalation of the tension last night. Therefore, I still don’t feel sorry for him. If Mark had not told Josh to “shut the F up” I don’t think they would’ve even gotten into it last night at all. However, Josh needs to let it go now and just steer clear of Mark.

  15. Avatar

    Good afternoon everyone!
    Thought y’all and @gerardo might like to hear this little diddy..
    Now that Raven was picked to play in the Veto competition, she was talking to Mark and said (and I quote) ” she missed the last couple announcements because her body wouldn’t let her wake up.”

    She’s referring to the last couple of BB Weather Announcements and that she might not do well since her “terminal disease” affected her body and its ability wake up!

    Oh..and ditto to everything about Josh. Chill out, grow up and accept the man’s apology for crying out loud!
    Talk about throwing stones at glass houses!!

  16. ElaineB

    They all got selected (Production needs to do better with that process) to play the game of BB. Behaviors will either keep you in the game longer or get you booted sooner. Personal games are either helped or hindered by interactions with the other HGs. I hope at some point, more of the HGs decide to play to WIN! For now we are left with followers, fighters, and f*** buddies.

    • Avatar

      *And jurors
      It’s so disappointing to see them all ok with just making jury. Like why the hell did you come to play then??!?

      • LindsayB

        I sometimes wonder if the “I just want to make jury” comments are just strategy. Saying that implies you’re not going to play hard to win. Evicting someone who’s playing hard is oftentimes more appealing than someone who’s “ok with jury”. I’ll be curious to see if anyone steps their game up once we cross the jury threshold.

      • Avatar

        If I hear Matt say ONE…MORE…TIME that all he wants to do is make it to jury I’m gonna stab myself in the eyeball with a rusty fork!

      • Mel

        Absolutely Lindsay. I always think that when I hear people say it. They feel it makes them seem less threatening because their goal isn’t really to win. Matt… I’m not convinced it’s a strategy for him I actually think his goal maybe just to get to jury. LOL

      • Avatar

        The way this season is playing out we may never see the jury threshold!!

      • Mel

        Dom- you tube viewers
        Elena-career goals as a comedian/actress
        Xmas-book sales and crossfit career
        Jess-model/actress goals
        Raven-reach go fund me goal
        Cody-needs his truck fixed
        Kevin-acting/tv gig or his family needed a break. Not sure.
        Matt- was possibly there fixing some plumbing issues and got trapped in the house when the show started.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “Matt- was possibly there fixing some plumbing issues and got trapped in the house when the show started.”

        I’m DYING! LMAO!

        P.S. sorry Raven, didn’t mean to step on your toes with that “I’m dying” comment. It was figurative. Carry on.

    • Avatar

      My reaction is also to say it’s so funny I’m dying. We need a term for it raving? Rofl

  17. danmtruth

    Well lets move on from the Dan above WOW,,,,
    Saying Josh is a man child that he is not fully grown That his brain has not fully developed is all true and fine That still does no excuse his boorish child like temper tantrums. At what age do you start holding people accountable for there actions ? I was taught very early your action have consequences @zach if Josh were your young adult child would you be ok with his actions ? Kevin was right shake hands look him in the eye and move on Sorry Xmas this is not you can take your time and accept it down the road No because time will only add to it He has already said he will keep on tormenting Mark Why? when is enough is enough He says Mark has disrespected him in front of his family Ok so what are you doing now When does it end Yes his “friends” keep cheering him on They are just as much cowards Than everyone falls back to it’s just a game So for 500 K it’s fine to be an asshat @zach you forget it was Josh who first attack Megen with his paranoia on day 2 that she was out to get him Yes Cody and crew told Josh to get out of there faces They told him to shut up he keep talking Just like Mark apologia to him Like i said before as an adult i dont care who throw the first jab they all were looking to get in this fight At any time you could have walked away but nobody did than Now you have Mark making an at temp but Josh has decide no he wants to stay mad That’s his choice as an adult but dont be made when people call him out for being wrong

  18. Mel

    None of them are wrong. We all have our take on the situation but if you go back on the feeds, Mark was a dick to Josh long before the pool game. Josh is annoying but Mark was choosing to hang out with him anyway. He talked down to Josh every chance he got. When the pickle juice happened, Josh was furious. (Who wouldn’t be?) He did end up eventually accepting Marks apology but Josh also told him he would never trust him again. Unlike Mark, Josh hasn’t flip flopped on the issue. Two things happened simultaneously after the pickle juice and the apology. Josh went into fake seclusion while his teammates were encouraging him to harass Mark and Cody and Mark went right back to talking crap about Josh behind his back so…nothing accomplished.

    Mark also has a habit of doing things, apologizing, doing things and apologizing. I agree this is not similar to an abusive relationship as Christmas was describing but I think the point she was trying to make is that Mark says he’s sorry and keeps doing what he says he was sorry for. Mark has attempted to walk away which makes him obviously more mature than Josh but there is one area that I have more respect for Josh than I do for Mark. Marks apologies are only because he fears he’s becoming an outsider as far as the game so it’s fake. Josh tells Mark ‘okay, that’s fine but I’m going to keep harassing you.’ That’s honest and pretty upfront. There’s one area I even have more respect for Josh than I do Paul. Paul would love it if he can push someone to be ejected because of physical contact. He’s mentioned it multiple times this season and if you remember, he said it more than once last season. I like that Josh kept announcing last night that Mark never touched him and he wanted him to come back in the house so he could do it some more. Josh actually isn’t holding a grudge over the pickle juice at this point. He’s told Mark and several other people that also. He is doing this to drive Mark crazy because their side of the house wants Mark shaken and doing badly in the game. It will make him easier to evict when the opportunity comes and it can drive a wedge between him and Elena. Christmas is certainly not going to tell Josh that he should make nice and accept Marks apology. Their entire side of the house (minus Kevin maybe) wants Josh to do it so it would be counterproductive to give him good advice on a personal level.

    The pots and pans have been done before and so are catchphrases. The fact that Josh is an annoying person makes what he’s doing and saying more irritating to us. Paul putting Vaseline on door knobs and Alex jumping out of trash cans has been done before too but since more people like them as players, there’s less complaining about them not coming up with original material. Make no mistake, Paul was intentionally trying to rile Cody up yesterday. What is the real difference? Is the difference that it’s Paul doing it instead of Josh? Paul said worse things to Cody than Josh did to Mark. I mean Cody has told Paul he would rather work with him than against him and that they could be a really good team (obviously not sincere but neither is Mark) so this could equal Marks apology to Josh and squash it. In spite of Cody telling Paul they could work together, Paul still wants him out. How is this any different from Josh wanting Mark out?

    I don’t think that Josh should have to stop doing ANYTHING that he’s doing and here’s why: It’s working.
    He’s being used by his side of the house to make an ass out of himself so they don’t have to do it but nevertheless, it IS working. I also completely disagree with Josh being told in the DR last night that he had to cool it. Josh hasn’t touched Mark and therefore hasn’t broken any rules. Yes, he has gotten near Mark with the pots and pans and apparently he was told not to get up in Mark’s face with them but Mark DID make contact with pickle juice. Pickle juice may be quieter than pans but Marks came closer to crossing the line than Josh has imo. He also came closer to it when he grabbed the pans. For pity sake, in season 8 Dick dumped a cup of tea on Jen’s head, verbally harassed her and bagged all of her clothes up and hid them from her. She destroyed cartons of his cigarettes. No, it wasn’t pretty to watch but it was allowed to happen. This was also a man versus a woman. These are two grown-ass men (regardless of their maturity levels) and they fight with condiments and tutus. I think hg’s should watch seasons prior to 16 before coming into the house and at times, I think some viewers should go back and watch some older seasons too.

    • LindsayB

      Agree 100%. We all have our own thresholds when it comes to deciding what crosses “the” line. Remember how riled up we got with OTT and all the boogers and armpit sweat? That crossed my line for sure. Bottom line is that regardless of where our individual lines are, these people basically signed their lives away to be in a no holds barred game that is dirty and cutthroat at times. What would be ok and not ok in the real world really doesn’t apply here.

    • Colby

      Mell, I agree with you most of the time, but have to take your views on Josh with a grain of salt.
      We all know that you and NK have your own little ‘Josh Fan Club’. 🙂

      • Mel

        Colby, very good point. Lol. I do want to clarify especially because NK and I have our little mini Josh fan club. There isn’t one ounce of me defending Josh and his behavior because I have a soft spot for him. I will defend Alex, Cody, Mark and others I can’t stand in the game for doing the same thing. I believe even the annoying hgs deserve to get to go by the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” plan. Haha

    • Avatar

      “Marks apologies are only because he fears he’s becoming an outsider as far as the game so it’s fake”

      You hit the nail SQUARELY on the head with this one Mel!!

    • Shivani33

      See Season 2. See Season 6. Or watch Aaryn, Amanda and Gina Marie in #15. Etc., etc. What can be defined as bullying has happened often. Physical encounters sometimes arise, too. I don’t want any of it in my life, yet certainly these situations are part of Big Brother. What else is new? Frankly, the Season 19 group is fairly typical, with fighting and getting under one another’s skin. With that being said, I think that production is being exceptionally lenient. Mark could’ve been thrown out of the game for throwing that pickle juice and hot sauce at Josh. It is a chargeable offense in California, as well as where I live in Florida.

      Derrick introduced a more civilized, judicious way to run a BB Season. Yet, if there were a Derrick dominance everytime the game has been played ever since, Big Brother would become boring and lose viewers. Cancelled, maybe.

    • Mel

      Okay, none of them are wrong but seven of you are. Just joking…

    • Avatar

      Hi Mell! While I see your point about Josh being or not being allowed to continue the taunting, I want to mention something about the pan banging. Very high decibels can severely damage one’s hearing. It can also cause headaches and disrupts others (who aren’t laughing and egging it on, I suppose). What if a handle broke and the pan went flying into someone’s face or head? I know I sound like an ole bitty, 🙂 , but I would have to remove myself and anyone I love far away from the pan parades. But I like Josh more than Mark; Josh seems like a sweetie that needs a lot of mentoring but also love and acceptance. He clearly missed out on something or was in some kind of family or group dynamics that stunted his emotional growth and maturity. (There are, in fact, too many man-children in that house).

  19. danmtruth

    One point thats being miss We talk about these things as individual incidents As in most things in life it’s an accumulation of things Last night was a good example Josh yelling at Cody who was not in the room but i’m sure could hear him Jsh yelling was just as much show for the people in the room Mark was feed up with the act The smart thing get up walk away say Josh your opinion means nothing to me i’m out of here No this was left over anger from the hot sauce pickle juice . That was left over anger from Josh feeling Mark and Cody talking down to him And so it goes on It’s hard to take one incident and say this person was right this person was wrong When both sides need to share in the blame
    Yes reading these sites you see early on people slamming Cody Jessica and crew for picking on Josh We all have out #team but is any side innocent? Far from it Lets move on have some laugh The few things we can agree on ;
    Steavebeans has a great site
    @nkogneetow should get an award for staying up to give us updates on the hose pets
    no body has ever written a kind word about Raven on this site or should the little scam bi#ch

  20. Avatar

    I agree that Josh is extremely childish. It feels like he was coddled and sheltered his entire life, including his time here in the BB house. With that being said, I find Josh’s outbursts entertaining at times. I am definitely not a Cody fan, and watching Cody get irritated with him is good TV imo. BUT I don’t believe it is healthy for people to encourage him to continue the way it has. I guess I’m torn… As a viewer: I am entertained, yet as a human being with morals: I am mortified.
    Now as far as Mark goes; I’m not a big fan of Mark, he is a power follower and goes “wherever the wind blows”. It bothers me to no end. I get that this is a game of social networking and deception, but to watch him float from one HOH to the next is nauseating. At least the other HGs have half a spine and drew their battle lines in the sand. Mark is still trailing down the beach with a stick!!! I had higher hopes for him in the beginning and now I find myself hoping they cut him off at the legs soon.
    Now as for the Mark+Josh drama, I really hope it ends up with Josh coming to his adult senses (I can dream, right?!) As much as I dislike Mark’s game, he deserves to be forgiven after the NUMEROUS sincere apologies he has extended to Josh. OK yes, if someone threw hot-sauce laced pickle juice in my face, I’d probably have beat the hell out of them and been evicted. I would feel extremely disrespected, but I would also use my rational adult mind (something Josh clearly lacks) to realize that people make dumb mistakes and accept the apology.
    Hopefully when Josh gets home his parents sort him out. If he were my son I definitely wouldn’t allow him to think some of his more extreme behaviors are normal or acceptable.
    Josh is playing the villain very well. And he’s too naive to realize he’s only in the house still because it keeps the negative attention zeroed in on his back, opposed to the people pulling his strings.

  21. Avatar

    This was a great post that I completely agree with (hence, why I think it was great ). The worst part of the situation is the coddling and encouragement that the other houseguests are giving to Josh. For as much as the Paul’s side of the house likes to remind everyone that this is just a game, they are egging on some pretty nasty behavior that could result in serious harm.

    • Zach

      Life is nasty. It’s fight or flight, you either step up or step out. Based on your comment, you seem like the type that wants everyone to get along. That’s fine and dandy but it’s not how reality is. People don’t always get along, things get said and done, some that we would go back and change others that we learn and grow from. There is 500k on the line and I’d manipulate, lie, use people, and even deceive to win. I’d play the women, turn the guys against eachother and wreak havoc mentally on anyone standing in my way.

  22. Mel

    Regardless of our personal opinions on how Mark and Josh should be allowed to behave, I have to say one thing. I will forget Matt, Jillian and others but I will never forget Mark going after Josh while wearing a neon tutu!

    I also haven’t made fun of Raven yet today. Thanks for the reminder Dan. I couldn’t help but notice when shit went down, Matt and Raven took off. She said something about her past experiences and how she couldn’t handle it. I’m not sure what she was alluding to. My guess is she may have been tackled by security at some point while she was trying to leap over the Walgreens Pharmacy Counter for a quick smash-and-grab.

    Last unrelated and irrelevant point: I hate when the HOH wants to act like they’re running for Mayor when it comes time to pick Have Nots. There was a time when Have Nots were used as one more form of strategy. Why in the hell would Paul make Christmas and Alex, two of his closest allies Have Nots? Missed opportunities!!
    I’m starting to sound like my grandpa with the “there was a time…” I can hear him now saying “back in my day…”

    • Zach

      I think he made Christmas and Alex have nots to further his agenda with his own team alliance. “Hey Matt and Raven remember when I made them have nots? I’m closer with you guys” and also, “hey Christmas/Alex I need to make you have nots to keep our secret final 2 alliances off everyone’s radar, sound good?”

      • danmtruth

        @zach perfect point Paul feeding the soylent Green to the team ,,,,,,, IT’S THE EVICTED HOUSE GUEST YOUR EATING AS SLOP !!

      • Mel

        I hope you’re right Zach because I hate when they take that wimpy approach. Paul kept saying he was going to pick the ones who hadn’t had it before which for me is the wimpy approach so I’m not convinced but I hope you’re right.

    • danmtruth

      Mell i’m glad to be of some little service How much do you want to make a bet that some where in those hair extensions is a razor blade Never knew a hillbilly girl griffter who didn’t have one

  23. Avatar

    Cody says he looks totally portrayed as a d***head and he does not care NT
    07/29/17 12:44 PM

    Ummmm. Cody. We know…….would you like some fried chicken to go with that dochewaffle?

  24. Avatar

    Josh may be immature and acting up, but I feel sorry for the kid. I think he is going to be just like Justin [from BBOTT ] and be totally crushed when he finds out these people are not his friends and will use him only as long as needed. I hope I’m wrong but I see him being really hurt and affected when he realizes he’s been being used, not really liked.

  25. Avatar

    None of us really knows what it’s like to be stuck in a house for thre months with a bunch of total strangers. People make alliances in the first day or two then find out later the can’t stand the person. We see a lot more on the feeds than the house guests see so we have more info than they do. I for one could never play tha game, I’d crack in a week.

  26. Mel

    Laughing my butt off at Christmas telling Paul exactly what Jessica’s advantage is because Jessica broke down and told her. Paul tells her-no it isn’t. Hahaha

  27. Avatar

    The whole pickle juice issue should have ended with the ketchup and salad dressing, that’s what “dudes” do.

    Josh must have had things given to him or even when wrong , was told it was ok , out of the house. He does not know how to deal with defeat.

    Most will call it a “game move” but Paul has been the major influence in Josh’s actions, not that Josh is not a willing participant, I feel Paul knows that and uses it even more to his advantage.

    Paul is a very good manipulator, especially those of weak minds as much of these players seem to be. Paul kept tempting Cody that day and had to have the last word.

  28. danmtruth

    as much as i hate Cody Please use the hex Thur just to see everyone’s face Yes useing it is a dumb move Jessica’s better off without him She has a better game So what she stays maybe 2 more weeks? Oh the fun to see the looks

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I hate Cody too, but from an objective standpoint, I think Jessica’s best move is probably to use the hex and try to go after Alex next week (if she or Cody wins HOH). If she can get rid of Alex, I think Jason would be VERY open to working with Grossica. They could definitely draft Mark and Elena at this point, and even Kevin is already halfway on Grossica’s side (but he knows Paul has the numbers and the control right now).

      Grossica can still turn things around if they get their heads out of their groins and into the game.

      • Mel

        I think you’re right Gerardo. It would be dumb for Jessica to help them evict the one person who’s on her side so she can be alone and a target next week. She has to win her way to the end at this point regardless so why not keep someone there who is good at competing. If and when they lose, they’ll at least have a jury vacation together.

    • Avatar

      Or she uses it and neither her or Cody win HOH and Jess goes home the week before jury…..it’s a possibility

  29. Shivani33

    Paul consumed almost everyone’s energy by the all-night cram session, and people are a combination of dull and on edge. Paul shows his own weak streak more when he’s tired, just like most of us. He’s more of a talker and less of a good listener, especially when he’s either overtired or pissed. Even when he’s a-okay, he tends to listen to others superficially, despite being astute and clever. Sometimes he gets an idea and beats it to death rather than adapting it.

    If he pays attention to what Christmas told him about the Halting Hex, maybe he’ll have the chance to fix the noms and not waste his HoH. He could make a deal with Jessica to remove her or Cody from the block and swear to enforce a vote-out of the replacement nom. (Elena, Josh, etc.) It isn’t too late yet to adapt his plan. Except he isn’t listening.

    Another thing that Paul might not see or choose to use is that Jessica was the source of his trouble with Cody last night. Cody didn’t want to go up to HoH and confront Paul, but Jessica insisted. Only when Paul told Jessica to keep her voice down did Cody get angry. Paul & company want Cody gone. But if Paul had a sincere chat with Cody, he could learn that Jessica is the bigger game threat.

    • Mel

      Isn’t this the same comp that Paul pissed several people off with last year because his his pussy and abrasive studying? Maybe I have it mixed up with a different one but I think it’s funny if it’s the same comp.

    • Avatar

      Does anyone actually think Jessica would EVER believe ANYONE in the house telling her “they promise the house will vote this way” after what happened with Ramses. She is already upset she had him evicted.

      • AIO_7

        Yeah, but Jess won unanimously against Miss Cleo; so there is that.

      • LindsayB

        Yes, but this is a new day. With Cody in the house, she has to know that the house will take any chance possible to get one of them out. She was seen as a non threat against Dom cuz she didn’t have Cody.

    • LindsayB

      I don’t think there’s anything Paul could say or do that would convince Jessica to not use the hex. She will use it no matter what if one of them are otb.

      • Shivani33

        Paul’s decision to nominate both of them has left her with no option but to use the hex. For now, Grossica’s break-up is repaired, but for how long? I’ll concede to the most likely outcome of nobody going home – after PoV and potential renoms are complete. Certainly, I think that you’re right, and the hex will be over & done by Thursday. And I could dig it if something else happens.

    • danmtruth

      @shivani33 i must have been watching an alternative version I thought Paul said yes both of you come up In the HOH he was talking to both but mostly directing his comments to Jess She was doing every thing she could to keep Cody calm ( that was a lost cause from the start ) as he was very agitated Cody felt he had to come to the defense of Jess ( wrong move shut up she can handle it ) that started a war of words Jess was ushering Cody out Paul threw out the leave and let the adults talk This spun Cody around to give the perfect childish come back of oh yha make me More silver back ape chest pounding by both Finley Jess gets Cody to the open door Only to have Paul throw the big That’s it leave you pussy ,,,,,, Fun to watch but as ths thread started hard to chose a side when both people knew the only ending was going to be doping pants to see who’s bigger
      to the point Paul wanted both up to say his hands were tied it was the house that wanted them up Paul had no choice All BS it was Pauls idea and plan

      • Shivani33

        Late to respond. Real life dinners to make. Cody didn’t want to attend that hoe-down with Paul and Jessica. He said so and went anyway. I think he thought that no response was the better way for him to handle it and that he went along because Jessica pressured him. Other than that, I saw mainly what you’ve seen. I don’t like Cody much, but sometimes feel sorry for the guy, and last night was tough.

  30. Avatar

    At this point, the only person who I can root for is Kevin lol. Past couple of weeks changed a lot and I found myself finding more people to dislike than to root for. Mark was completely disrespectful to Josh which is why Josh has every right to defend himself, however, Josh instigating a fight and continuously harassing the others, just escalates the situation and improves Paul’s game more than it already has been. I don’t like Paul, not because of the way he’s playing the game, but because of the hypocrisy he portrays when he feels wronged. But, I dislike the house pets that obey and follow his every move even more. Ultimately if he gets to final 2 (since everyone is okay with handing him the win), he deserves to win because nobody else is playing the game except for Christmas and Kevin slightly. Jess and Cody could have avoided this week altogether but they were idiots for wasting Jess’s BOTH the HOH and POV. One of the dumbest moves in BB, other than Marcellas’s LOL (not really, but close!). As for Cody, I can understand his personality since he is a former Marine and has fought, and war does change people. BB is not a good place for Cody mentally. The person who decides to go after Paul will be someone I root for, since right now no one has the guts to do it. The game will start when the public enemies in the house (Cody, Jess and Mark) are gone.

  31. Mel

    We’ve alked about what a great game Paul is playing and he is but do you realize if Jess uses the hex this week, Paul will have been HOH twice and technically accomplished nothing. That’s kind of funny!

    • LindsayB

      Wait a minute Mell, how would that be possible? According to so many people, isn’t production doing everything in their power to ensure Paul doesn’t have anything go wrong? Wouldn’t a wasted HOH be something production can fix for him? He hasn’t been given some kind of special new power that negates another HG’s temptation yet?? Wake up production! Do your job!! Lol
      Seriously tho, yes. Come Thursday Paul is gonna be pissed and it’ll be fun to watch for sure. You know I love me some Paul but I love mixing the game up even more and I’m excited to see how this whole shit show of a wasted week turns out.

      • danmtruth

        need a bit of milk LindsayB ? a bit Catty to our tin foil hat crew

      • AIO_7

        ” Wait a minute Mell, how would that be possible? According to so many people, isn’t production doing everything in their power to ensure Paul doesn’t have anything go wrong? Wouldn’t a wasted HOH be something production can fix for him?”

        We get it. Production is pure and clean, and totally hands off. Anyone who disagrees with that is wearing a tin-foil hat.

      • Mel

        Welp, I haven’t said production is giving him the game so…I got nuthin’. Lol
        You know,I don’t think it’s a wasted week even when no one goes home. Things still get revealed, people still get pissed and we got feeds like we did last night so I’ll take it.

      • LindsayB

        I’m all good Dan but thanks for the offer.
        AI, I’m glad to see you’ve seen the light.

        Both of your responses show a bit of defensiveness when the ridiculousness of the tin hat theories are pointed out.

      • Mel

        I sit right in the middle wit the theories. Production can’t make someone win but they most definitely manipulate the game and have since very early on. I could list a full page of things that have been manipulated to help someone stay in the game longer for ratings. However, I don’t think they give a crap who wins and they couldn’t control it even of they did.

      • danmtruth

        OUCH you went all Alex on me @lindsayb don’t buy into 80% of the tin foil hat stuff Can we agree production HAS drop hints
        as they say just because your paranoid doesn’t mean someones not flowing you

      • AIO_7

        Mell: Where do you stand on Jess “getting” the Hex?

      • LindsayB

        Yeah Mell, we’ve definitely seen evidence of it (goat boy in the maze) and then we’ve gotten hints of it when questions are asked in the DR. My problem with the whole thing is when every single possible thing that happens in the game gets called prod manipulation/rigged. That, and the fact that it only gets called out when a HG someone doesn’t like is doing well. I know it’s not you Mell.

      • Mel

        @aio_7, didn’t see this until now. I think that Jess got the temptation fair and square. I don’t think feeders love her. I do think CBS gave them a romeo and Juliet edit so that helped with tv viewer votes. Many feed watchers gave it to her to shake up the game. They may not like Jess but they liked that she wasn’t one of Paul’s groupies. We also knew about the battle back and odds were in Cody’s favor so that gave people a chance for an all out house war if she had an advantage if/when he came back. It’s beleivable to me that many people who can’t stand her voted for her to get it.

      • AIO_7

        Fair enough, Mell. And an up-vote for you.

  32. Avatar

    I’ve had a struggle with Josh, in the beginning the way he unleashed on blue hair for no good reason I had trouble liking him but I didn’t like seeing how some guest really picked on him because he does seem like he’s very childlike in the mind … having said that, I’m over it and I think they really blew it following once again Paul’s instructions to not vote him out, if he makes jury then it’s on them and they deserve what they get if he acts there the way he acts now.

  33. Avatar

    So this is by far the latest I have waited to post into any season, since stevebeans started bbjunkies. So hey to all the vets back again this year
    That said thus is pretty clear cut. Yes Mark was wrong for the pickle juice, however that score was settled that night when josh did the what ketchup and mustard or whatever it was back at Mark. So right or wrong, the debt has been paid, its over. Even my 6 year old has the maturity to know that.
    I think its pretty clear Josh isn’t right in the head. He is the worse type of loudmouth Dick. He talks more shot than anyone, takes it too far everytime. Within minutes of saying i lost all respect for you, he says “nothing but respect and I love you as a person”. Someone has obviously told him as long as he says I hate you then also says I like you, it doesn’t really count.
    If anyone here is being abused it would be Mark. He is the woman getting yelled at and taunted and intimidated (if he was actually intimidated) by Josh. If mark reacts in anyway he gets called a bully or told has abusing josh. If it was the real world josh and his giant baby [email protected]% would have been laid out cold. But here its being allowed.
    At some point production should step in, even if just to say the pots and pans are not allowed. The cast will end up regretting it is they don’t get rid of josh. He is clearly someone who only feels like a man if he is trying to make someone else feel small. He is going to snap on someone, at this point the house should hope if/when he does it is on Mark or Cozy or someone else that can defend themselves and put him down, instead of one of the girls that won’t be able to fend him off.
    Sidebar, Christmas has been my favorite, but this crap with her and other babying Josh and not turning their backs on him is irresponsible and gross.

    • Avatar

      I think he did the pots and pans because Paul mentioned it when he was telling him about other people who’ve been in the game i:e Evil Dick. But there was a difference to me about why Dick did it and why Josh did. There’s a hatred with Josh that comes out when he behaves this way. A meanness if you will. It never seemed that way with Evil Dick to me. Just my opinion.

      • danmtruth

        he was an adult did not go in peoples faces Also was not as big as Josh most importantly knew where to draw the line

      • AIO_7

        Dick always seemed to be with-drawing from opiates, so it was hard for me to tell if he was trying to be mean or not. I know his own daughter hated him.

      • Mel

        I have to disagree on that one guys. Dick was scary, vindictive and the meanest hg they’ve ever had. It went so far that viewers were in shock. Josh is a chihuahua where Dick was a Doberman. No comparison. He tormented men and women and had a victim almost every week. Danielle hated him but not for that. She giggled while he did it because he was always targeting himself to save her.

    • danmtruth

      welcome back @christina glad to hear a voice of reason Yes I give Xmas credit for hanging in wirh the bad foot But if people feel Mark was disingenuous with his apologize What good was her cut rate Dr Phil chat with Josh Can you say enabler At least the yard boss Kevin tried to quash it

    • AIO_7

      Christina; the other day I was reading some of your old posts from way back in 2011. I thought with 1275 comments that you had to still be around. Glad you are back, you are a true old timer here.

  34. Avatar

    Agreed Steve. To me everyone is wrong. Christmas should’ve told Josh to man up and shake Mark’s hand instead of comparing it to an abusive relationship , which to be honest made me cringe. Obviously she’s never been in an abusive relationship because it’s nothing like what is going on between these two. Someone comes to you with a genuine apology you accept it whether you really want to at that minute or not. The Paul / Cody thing is just same thing different day.

  35. Mel

    I wish the jury stipend would increase for every week you’re in the game. They could afford it and if they didn’t want to spend more, I’d rather they spend less on comps. I would deal with bargain basement comps like they had on OTT to see people stop saying that 9th is the same as 3rd.

  36. Avatar

    This will be a long comp……individual. Will last for hours!!!

  37. danmtruth

    not when Cod and Jess will just stand their Jess might dance Cody stare say this is stupid walk off

  38. Avatar

    Did anyone catch Raven trying to get attention from the fight? Up in HOH when they were talking about it, she kept saying, “It was so uncomfortable. It brings back bad memories” (paraphrasing). She said it 3 or so times, and everyone just ignored the bait she was trying to dangle. It was pretty funny.

  39. jimbo

    I think this article was dead accurate. And, youre right about Josh getting his marching orders from Paul and Xmas. They are enablers, and moreso, they encourage it. It is good for Xmas and Paul’s games, and they like it. Paul has even said he wants Josh to punish certain players. Xmas, just like she was lying in her “empathetic” talk with Jessica last night, pretending she just wants to help her, also wants Josh to be a rapid d-bag, and was laughing to encourage and enable it. And, remember who was the one that wanted to evict BOTH Xmas and Paul the first week (and now Josh) — Cody. Yet, Cody putting up Xmas and Paul (2 d-bags who are dangerous in their gameplay) somehow makes him enemy of the house (atleast Cult Leader Paul in DR always tells us how Cody is public enemy #1, and of course his Cult Followers mimic Paul’s every word/desire, like good Cult members do).

  40. Mimi Ryan

    Josh is a dog with a bone to pick and he just won’t let it go. Mark, Dude, apologize ONCE & ONLY ONCE. After that, it’s the other party’s problem. Namely Josh’s problem to hold on to this situation and beat it beyond death, because for the rest of us, it’s over. Josh is a fool to keep adding to the tension unnecessarily in this game. Christmas has an agenda and she is using it. Paul has an agenda and he’s operating this to win. I love Jason and would like to see him win this, but it’s doubtful. Grossica – well, their days are numbered regardless.

  41. Avatar

    I think this ius a case of Frat Boy vs Mama’s Boy. Mark wants to be everyone’s buddy, a friend to all sides to keep himself safe. Frat boys like to play stupid jokes like the pickle juice in the face and frat buddies laugh it off, get other back.
    Josh probably hangs with his Mama and family where he’s their golden boy. It was funny seeing a grown man crying day 1 because he missed his family so much. So when Josh isn’t having all that love & sunshine blown up his #ss, he goes mental. He’s Tony Montoya one minute and “Why me?” the next. He is a total man child and the pots & pan’s prove it.
    Mark is the best to get out of the house first because he is strong and more likely to win comps. He is not trustworthy. Josh keeps the game interesting and has no chance of winning.
    Best scenario: first two in jury house who live there together longest: Josh & Mark. A whole new side show!

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