Alright, this issue has been bugging me for a few days now, so I feel I need a good rant about it. Mark and Josh. Well, mostly Josh.

The two have had a weird relationship from the start, one with a bit more tension than any other in the house, and that came to a head a few weeks ago when Josh lost at pool but claimed he won. Mark thought it would be funny to throw the glass of pickle juice+hot sauce in Josh’s face (it wasn’t), and that set Josh off on this wild rampage.  Josh sat in the hot tub for awhile to cool off, which clearly didn’t work because it’s a hot tub(!) and then went into crazy mode when a few people came out of the house to talk to him.  Josh ranted about being disrespected on TV by having the juice tossed on him.  To be fair to Josh, he was completely right. It was a shitty thing for Mark to do, especially over a dumb game.


Josh then continued and railed on Mark for things that happened in the first week, like how he (Mark) betrayed Cody and is a shitty person for doing so. Yes, it was as random as I described, but Josh was not in the clearest state of minds (probably because he was sitting in a freakin hot tub in Los Angelas for like an hour).

The two had tension from then on out, but it was mostly controlled tension until a few days ago (Thursday) when Josh was running around the house slamming pots and pans to harass Mark. He kept yelling “I’m leaving today, I need to bond with you, Mark!” and it got to the point where Mark was hiding in the apple room to avoid Josh… who was sitting right outside the door yelling into the room.

Mark was able to maintain his composure throughout the day which eventually got Josh to stop acting like an idiot.  Problem solved, moving on.

Just kidding, this is Josh! A man who carries a grudge like Superman carrying the world on his shoulders.

After the eviction last Thursday night, Mark approached Josh and asked to squash any issues they had. Josh said he can’t do that and explained he was disrespected on TV.  Mark said he deserved some of the heat he has been getting for treating Josh poorly early on in the game and understands his anger.  He asked if they can at least be civil, and Josh gave a weird response by saying he won’t touch Mark’s bed or anything like that, but Josh still needs to harass Mark.  Mark looked disappointed and left the room.

Last night, the feeds returned from when Paul nominated Cody and Jessica and there was a lot of tension in the house. Cody was arguing with Paul who was then kicked out of the HoH room for swearing at Paul (by Paul, not production).  However, as Cody walked away, Paul went on the outside ledge and continued yelling at Cody to grow up (ironic that he yelled that to the man walking away), but during this time, Josh saw Paul being fired up and like any loyal puppy, he inherited the anger from his pack leader.

Josh decided to start going in on Mark who sat at the kitchen table silently taking the abuse…

He was not cracking Mark, so Josh ramped up his efforts by insulting him and (another ironic thing) calling Mark the puppy who follows Cody around. He basically said that Mark is a 6’+ 250lb follower who has no backbone (I’m paraphrasing).  Mark remained silent so Josh had to turn the dial up to 11.  He grabbed the famous pots and pans and started approaching Mark slamming them together once again (like he did for about an hour Thursday morning).  Mark lost it.  He got up and pulled the pans from Josh’s hand and clearly wanted to smash Josh in the head with them

Feeds were cut for a bit, and when they returned, Mark and Josh were in different rooms and neither were kicked from the game.  It’s clear no contact was actually made by Mark otherwise the feeds would have returned without him (and with Josh in a pool of blood).

Moving on to about 10:30 pm last night and Mark found himself once again in a room with Josh.  Mark gave a very sincere apology for the way he acted early in the game, for removing the pans from Josh’s hands and his outburst.  Josh asked if he was being forced to say that, and Mark said that production doesn’t force him to say anything. Mark wasn’t going to tell Josh to stop (Josh interrupts him and says he isn’t going to stop), but he wanted to apologize.  Josh responds “ok”.   After about a minute, Mark gets up and approaches Josh for a handshake to which he was rejected with Josh saying “I’m not going to do that”

A few minutes later, Josh was sitting next to Christmas who was comforting him by feeding him a bunch of bullshit.  She said it’s okay that he’s not ready to accept his apology. Kevin jumped in and said that Mark gave a sincere apology like 4-5x and tried to shake his hand and Josh said no. If he wants to wait a few days to accept it, that’s cool.  Christmas jumps in “if you want to. You can do it on the last day, the wrap party, or not at all”. Christmas continued by comparing it to an abusive relationship where he (Josh) gets him, then the other guy (Mark) apologizes.  He gets hit again worse next time, another apology and so on and so forth.   Josh listens in to the advice he’s given…

Now, this is where I say it’s bullshit because it’s not an abusive relationship, and to compare it to one doesn’t do any justice to actual abusive relationships.  Mark was clearly a dick to Josh early on and nobody is disagreeing with that.  Josh had been at some serious low points and Mark (along with many others) didn’t really reach out to him. Mark hit his own low point when he threw the pickle juice on Josh and has since apologized numerous times for. Josh never accepted his apology but rather continued to taunt Mark relentlessly until Mark snapped briefly last night by snatching the pots from Josh’s hands.  Rather than Josh apologizing for his onslaught of annoyance, Mark apologized to HIM to which Josh rejected again.  For Christmas to continue to baby Josh is irresponsible and for her to compare it to an abusive relationship is stupid.

I don’t know why Christmas decided it was a good idea to continue making Josh feel like he was in the right. To keep him on her side for votes?  Because she really believes it?  Because she has only seen one side to it all?  It’s hard to tell her motives, but I’m fairly disappointed with her after that.  She was there when Josh was running around hitting pots and pans. In fact, she was in the background laughing while he was doing it. By not telling Josh he’s in the wrong, she is enabling his behavior

So to summarize, Mark acted like a dick. Josh rightly took offense to it, but has since been holding a serious grudge and refusing to man up and squash it.  What Josh has been doing to Mark was far worse than a splash to the face with pickle juice, yet people are making Josh appear to be a victim.  At this point I seriously feel bad for Mark and hope one of Josh’s real friends sit him down and explain that he’s also in the wrong and he needs to squash this for good before someone actually gets kicked from the game.  It has gone on far too long and it is cringeworthy to see Josh ignore these apologizes.

What do you guys think?  Is Josh in the wrong?  Christmas?  Mark?  All of them?

Live update thread later on, but I had to get this point out of the way while it was fresh in my head