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Did Big Brother Really Bring Back James For The Pranks?



There is no overnight today as Amy is not feeling well, so I am going to fill it with something that has been on my mind recently, which also happened to come to a head yesterday during the veto competition.

The veto competition was the one where houseguests went in, hid a square veto logo and then one by one went in to try to find the logos. The remaining hidden veto logo wins (which was Paulie).  Now, if we remember two seasons ago, toward the end of the season, the remaining players were locked in the HoH room while they could only watch helplessly as the jury members came back and destroyed the house. Victoria was furious at that as they went through her stuff, and the house was also pretty pissed how Zach dumped a lot of their food out.

This week, James was given the second care package, which has been in the heads of people like Nicole and others who so desperately want America to love them. It also helped remind James that people still like him, and made him remember why they liked him. Personally, I think America liked him because he was a combination of nice, fun, and sadly pathetic the way he kept following Meg. His pranks were funny and generally good spirited with the occasional scare and giggle. Well, this season, James clearly went in the house with that role to play, as that is what he thinks America wants. He turned Natalie into a prankster herself, as she was boasting the other day how she pulls the most pranks, while James gets in trouble for them.


Fast forward to yesterday, the day James possibly decided to go too far for his fans. A ‘prank’ that may eventually get him evicted from the house (not like he had much of a shot to win the game, anyway). During the competition, James went in and decided to be the ‘funny guy’ once again, but this time play the Zach role as he destroyed the kitchen including doing things like smashing eggs down on the floor. According to the house, he pretty much tore the place apart, and when the feeds went live, even Natalie was a bit pissed. Especially considering someone (probably James) went through her ziplocked back of underwear and tossed them around.

Later in the day, James claimed he was brought back because he was the fun prankster and that’s what people like about him. He said it was all fine and good until he ran into “Mr OCD” Victor who hasn’t been a fan of the pranks at all. He wasn’t going to change, and the fact that he was recently given the second care package shows him America still likes him, so he took it upon himself to make America happy by being a dick to the rest of the house.

As I stated above, I don’t think America brought him back just for the pranks. They are a side effect of his good nature and fun, but unlike last year, he is clearly forcing them just to play that role. He scaled back on the pranks once he got into whatever the hell he is with Natalie, and has spent most of his time firmly inside her butt (much worse than he was with Meg). I guess he realized he’s been pretty boring compared to last year, so he needed to go back to his roots.  But, did he? I don’t think so. Despite being a fairly terrible player, and always following Natalie around, he is just a good guy. Then when you put him next to the rest of this cast, he looks like he’d give Donny a run for his money. Forcing pranks or trying to play a ‘role’ just isn’t him. I don’t believe that’s why he was brought back, and it is a big reason why I think he was second in line to Natalie when it came to receiving something from the fans.

What do you guys think? Is James more fake this season, or is he the same James he was last season, just with a more uptight cast around him?


(live feed updates later on, or as I like to call them ‘updates on Paulie running the house’)


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  1. AIO_7

    Good analysis, Steve; I’ve been reading about, and feeling myself, that James pranks were lame and getting old for quite sometime now. I also agree that James maintains his “popularity” simply because there is no one else to like, and he is mis-reading what the audience wants from him.
    I hope Mary Ann is mad at him, there is no excuse for the mindless destruction that you described.

    • Shivani33

      Natalie clearly didn’t like what James did, and he knows it. Last night she kept her distance from him from him more obviously than ever, talking with others, wearing a big old “don’t touch me” face mask and telling Michelle that she wasn’t going to sleep next to James and just needed some space. James acted like she was just in a bad mood and said to Corey, “I’m over it.” James went from cute clown to jackass, but they’ll probably patch it up. She won’t forget it, though.

  2. Caryn
    Caryn (2982 comments)

    Did anyone else hear James say to Natalie, one night laying in bed, that rule number two is: Don’t talk game. ?? James doesn’t want Natalie talking game with him knowing he is the only person in the house she does talk to.

  3. Avatar
    Gerardo (2748 comments)

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I’ve just never really understood the whole James popularity thing. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but that’s just not the reason I watch Big Brother. Inside the house he’s very boring, plays a very weak and scared game, and the pranks aren’t that interesting to me either. I agree with Steve that he’s been even more boring this season (mostly due to his intense showmance) and the pranks are definitely forced. I guess I can understand voting for the person you think is the nicest (especially this season since most of the players are unbearable) but I just feel like if they had a house full of players like James and Natalie this show would’ve been cancelled years ago.

  4. Avatar
    Susan (2 comments)

    I love James…but the nice guy, regular guy, self effacing, good humor James. The underdog that now has the prettiest girl.. But there is something odd this year snd I totally agree that ‘he’ is taking advantage of AFV and his role in the game.james is not stupid, knows the game and must clealy see the house guests are no getting him. The game blunders he has made are obvious. James’ actions are all very scripted. I think ‘he’ is the Twist.

  5. Avatar

    Too bad James has morph from a fun guy into an unwanted clown now, even Natalie is losing respect for him, if she is a good friend as she says, then she needs to have a serious sit-down with James and show him his sad side

  6. JD

    James was brought back as was Frank for their AFP status. Goes with the two twosie twist. Two AFP, two siblings etc. James is exactly what he was last season. He wasn’t a player then eithet. He’s always been about the girl and what the house wants. Last year he talked about his daughter and was “the nice guy” so he won the AFP. I voted for him so he would have money for his daughter. This year he is an already has been player. Nice guy yes but still same guy. No game play, looking for a girl and pranks are not what set him apart.He doesn’t know how to play the game. Proof being he is doing the same thing this year and didn’t learn from his season. If thinks America wants/likes him for house prankster he’s wrong. Stop people pleasing James! Don’t be what you think what other people think you should be. Be who you are, use your own brain. (The one on top of your shoulders)

  7. JD

    James’s reign of AFP is over. James clearly didn’t get what America was saying. He should have gotten the hint that America wants him to man up and make a big move. Wasn’t meant for him to do more lame pranks. Wasted care package but I am sure Paulie will enjoy it. James will serve it up to Paulie on a silver platter and bent over.

  8. Avatar
    WTF? (21 comments)

    I don’t get James being AFP. I find his pranks annoying and juvenile. And I really don’t get giving James the Care Package. What sense does it make for James to have it. He won’t use it to assert any kind of power or take over the house. He’ll just use to go with the “house” i.e. Paulie. Why not give it to someone who would really use it? Also, I’m hoping that Z gets eliminated so that we don’t have to watch her submitting to Paulie’s abuse anymore.

    • Avatar

      It really didn’t matter who got that basket power this week because with z and mich up there is not a big play to be made. Pauli wants him to use it to save z this week but that’s not big play. It was wrong week for that to come out. And there will be no power for de. Now that would have made game more interesting. Would have been great if they could use their power for few weeks to save to use when it might matter. The next power. Keep yourself safe? Won’t mean anything unless z or mich get it because they are next to go first one then another And no one is going to vote for any of them to get it and the others are not in trouble to go yet!!

    • Avatar
      Alisa (25 comments)

      The only 1, maybe 2, that would use this for them are PeePee. Since they already have everyone voting how they want it would still be a waste for them to have.

  9. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    Wow. I can’t believe America loves James

  10. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    I’m just putting this question out there.If we had to vote today,who would you guys vote for AFP?I seriously don’t have a clue who I’d vote for right now.

    • Avatar

      I was wondering that myself. I would probably vote for Frank, because he actually kind of reminds me of my husband (we were discussing this recently lol). However, there’s not many to choose from. Almost all of the HGs are incredibly unlikable.

      • JD

        Mrs. Beans Please don’t tell us Steve walks around farting?! His star shines so brightly with us that would kind of cloud the light. Lol. You guys are an awesome duo!

      • Avatar
        Dee (1 comments)

        Glen for the win!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    • JD

      I am voting for Glenn. Will he win AFP? No. Are my votes throw aways? Yes. I just can’t vote for one single person. This house was Paulie and little Paulies. So if I am going to throw my vote away I am voting for Glenn. I would have really liked to see what he would have brought to the game. He was clearly to mature for this cast. If anything maybe CBS will see my votes and get a message that we need more Glenns and less Bachelor BB style. Truly would love Glenn to win and show this cast how unlikeable they all were. Funnier because they all seem to think they deserve AFP. Oh crap it just hit me. Paulie’s got this game won if he somehow won AFP also oh jeez just can’t even fathom how disgusting.

      • Avatar

        Glenn was responsible for his leaving and no one voted him out. And he blamed his team for him leaving and they had nothing to do with it. Then he had chance to come back and royally screwed that up physically and strategically in that challenge. But everyone has the right to vote for who they want. If Glenn your favorite vote for him. Frank also got on show just like James did. He didn’t play good game and screwed himself or he would have still been there.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      Being in Canada, I can’t watch the feeds, so I only know what I see in the episodes and what I read here. Based on that my pick for CFP (It’s not all about you America…haha) would be Natalie or Corey.

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

      I’m with JD. Glen for AFP.

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  12. Avatar

    James this season is just a rehash of James last season. It got really old and I’m certainly not a fan of him this season, especially since he has his head up Natalie’s butt. It seems to me like his whole goal is to try to be AFP again with doing exactly what he did last time.

  13. Shivani33

    James was told last night that he must cancel two eviction votes AND isn’t allowed to cancel his own vote. Paulie has instructed James to cancel the votes of Paul and Paulie, and James agreed. Paulie told Z. that he won’t use the veto and that Michelle is going. Also, Paulie told Paul that it’s time to break up Nicole and Corey because both of them keep leaking info to each other. Nicole is more likely to be sent to jury than Corey, for Paulie’s convenience. Sidenote: James is beginning to worry about his standing in the game now. So far his strategy is to plant himself more firmly as Paulie’s robot.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      Seriously? How can these idiots just allow it to happen like this? What does Paulie have over them that every single one of them has decided to just do exactly what he wants?

    • Avatar

      Shivan. I didn’t see or read anywhere that Paulie said that about Nicole. I did read where victor said Nicole should go soon to get Corey in stronger with them. He said it to Paul and Paul just listened. Vic’s picks for finals were him, Paul, Corey, much and Paulie!! Paul didn’t reply at all

      • Shivani33

        Paulie said it to Paul. It was very brief, during a moment when they were alone last night. Paulie only said that it’s time to break the pair up because they tell each other everything and that Nicole finds out too much of the “Execs'” plans from Corey. The guys have already agreed to vote out Nicole, so Paulie didn’t need to tell Paul that again. Even Corey knows that Nicole’s days are numbered and that, in all likelihood (so far) she will precede him to the jury house.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Paulie told both Paul and Vic that it’s time that Nic and Corey be broken up because they need to reel Corey in and Nicole has to much of an influence on him.

  14. Kneeless
    Kneeless (1749 comments)

    They are all a sorry lot, aren’t they? I wish CBS would read some of the comments on various sites. I cancelled my live feeds & for the reason for cancelling I said this cast is awful, boring, too young & I have lost interest. Probably won’t matter but at least I voiced my thoughts.

  15. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Maybe I’m the a**hole, but I would get extremely po’d at these stupid pranks. I wish someone would punch him in the fact the next time he jumps out at them, after all they thought they were in danger and needed to protect themselves…

  16. Shivani33

    Paulie can be innocent in the upcoming eviction if James nullifies his vote. Paul has wanted to vote out Z. If his vote is eliminated too, here’s what it looks like right now: Nicole, Corey, James and Bridgette will vote for Michelle to go, with only Natalie’s vote indefinite. HoH vote of Victor’s will not be needed to break any tie. Take away Paul and Paulie’s votes, Michelle will either be unanimously voted out or unanimously minus one. She’s planning to “blow up the game” with her pre-vote speech, but how effective can she be?

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      But what is Michelle going to blow up? There’s not much she can say that everyone else doesn’t already know (or won’t care about). This is what happens when you play a lazy, scared, go along with “whatever the house wants” kind of game. She has absolutely no leverage whatsoever at this point, and she’s basically just sitting on death row waiting for her execution on Thursday.

      • Shivani33

        Amen, Gerardo. Michelle would realize that she’s got nothing left to lose and start her spewing here and now… if she had anything. Da’Vonne was similar. Two rowboats without any oars left and holes in the bottom, inevitably sinking. All that Michelle wants to say is who’s running the game, which would be news to no one. What’s that old saying – denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Meech is another one who talks a big game then does nothing when the time is right. She is just like James. She might be thinking she will go but hoping she will stay, so that alone might make her think twice about saying anything negative about any of them before they are ready to step into the DR to vote.

  17. Boo

    You’re all a bunch of idiotic piss ants…
    I’m so over this cast, this season and all of you’re bloody ignorant comments.
    MICHELLE IS THE BEST BIG BROTHER CONTESTANT OF ALL TIME! She’s the smartest, most beautiful HG this show has ever seen. You’re all just jealous haters.

    Go drown yourselves.
    Boo Bitches

  18. Avatar

    The girls need to play the game or they will all be booted out. So frustrating with the romances.

  19. Avatar
    Karen (2 comments)

    Yes James needs to start playing BB but why is Nicole there? If her goal was just to find a new boyfriend BOOO. Get Nicole out or tell her AND James to stary plying the game instead of just being FLOATERS!!!

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