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Editorial – Double Eviction Blues


The double eviction may or may not be over before this is published but I’m writing this before it’s happened. DE has always been my mini superbowl. I run around trying to wrap up my work day and like to have the popcorn ready! As feed watchers, it’s one of the only times in the season that we get to be surprised too and for tv viewers, it’s a lot of action in 1 hour so its a win, win for all of us…usually. We never know what’s going to happen during a DE. (partly because there isn’t enough time for outside interference) Sadly, it doesn’t feel exciting this year. I’d like to mention that when I talk about something being “exciting,” I’m referring to an underdog moment, a move that’s unexpected or something that flips the house. I don’t mean a particular person winning HOH and someone I don’t like being evicted. There are only a couple of people I even like at this point and I’m not crazy about them. I don’t really care who wins this season or past seasons for that matter.  I always have people I DON’T want to win and I have opinions on who I think SHOULD win as we all do.  I’m not getting a cut of the winnings so I’m just happy being entertained and seeing interesting game play. The ship has sailed on that one because the game strategies aren’t interesting and things that were entertaining me have been beaten into the ground so I’m over them too.   I’m confident Mark, Elena or Matt will go home on the DE. If Mark wins hoh, I’m still not confident anything drastic will happen. Some combination of Mark and Elena will need to win HOH and VETO for them both to remain in the house after tonight but do many people even care if Mark and Elena remain? They suck too!  Paul will be in the house tomorrow regardless of what happens tonight.

Having the feeds go down immediately after a DE and stay down for 24 hours (most seasons) would feel like torture. I don’t think it will matter as much this year because there’s a good chance that only one person left in the house (Mark or Elena) is going to be mad and no one will be surprised. If Elena is still there, we may miss her having an argument or a tantrum during the blackout but when we know she’s orchestrating it to get more episode coverage, is it really that big of a deal? She was upset Wednesday night by her DR sessions. She said something about being worried they weren’t going to air her fight with Josh because that wasn’t what they were asking her about in the DR. When we hear things like that, we know her argument was for show and starts to feel a lot less important.

After seeing Wednesday’s episode and it being edited to look like Alex is a hardcore game player, I started thinking about how differently we see the houseguests when we watch and/or read updates recapping the feeds. Of course, this isn’t something reserved for BB 19. Remember when the majority of viewers thought Danielle was America’s sweetheart in bb14? Only people watching the feeds realized early on what she was like. There’s still a lot of people out there who think this is the first year we’ve ever seen anyone like Raven but that’s not true.  Raven may take it to a whole new and obnoxious level but Danielle was the original sick girl who had overcome so much but not really.


Pausing for a Raven update: she was pissed this week at getting almost no DR time, thought Matt tickling her gave her a seizure and has salmonella in her finger. She’s gotten a lot of under the covers, live feed viewing this week so she should be happy about that. Right??? #RavenSTFU

We’ve had other past houseguests look one way on the show when in reality, they were something entirely different. That’s one reason BB shouldn’t exactly be considered a “reality” show. We know it isn’t really a game show either. It’s an entertainment program that includes competitions.  I’m not saying we won’t continue to be frustrated when certain things are manipulated from year to year but I do think it softens the blow if we approach it from that perspective from the beginning. There’s nothing new about this.  Think about the advantages Rachel had when she won her season. Yes, she did amazing in comps but she couldn’t have competed well if things hadn’t happened to keep her in the damn house.  Remember the coaches and season 14? They couldn’t be kicked out of the house because technically they weren’t playing the game. Did anyone actually believe they wouldn’t end up as players? Of course they would and the coaching thing just gave them safety for a few weeks.  (at least everyone in the house knew they were safe, unlike this year- secret safety is too much even by BB standards)  Remember the year they did everything humanly possible to give Jeff the win? Even with the over-the-top assistance he had, he still managed to screw it up and Jordan ended up in the winner’s circle.  What we call diary room manipulation, ridiculous advantages and production interference are really just a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a tv show. It’s still more access than a behind-the-scenes look at any other show on tv which is super cool but it’s frustrating because of the competition aspect and a huge prize at the end. With 500k on the line, we want a level playing field but honestly, you’d have to go back to the first few seasons to have that. I’m not sure that it was even that way in the beginning because we knew less about the process back then.  Remember what a jerk Eddie was in season 1? Regardless, the guy with one leg was always going to win because America voted. We’ve even had unscripted diary rooms taken away which was about the only way a tv viewer could gain any honest insight on the players. When there’s a vote for AFP, we want a true depiction of who these people are and the tv voters don’t get to have that.

CBS has an overall theme they would like to run with each year and if they have footage to support it, they’ll go with that even if there’s plenty of footage to discredit it. Sometimes the story lines shift as the season goes on. Remember how Paulie looked like an All American guy last year on tv but by the end they couldn’t avoid showing his dark side? The first week of this show, Alex appeared to be a little blonde ball of fire. They continue to go with that even though many of us see a caffeine induced, hyperactive chipmunk who parrots everything Paul says. Cody and Jessica have been seen as a modern day Romeo and Juliet. It makes for a good TV show. I don’t think it does but if ratings and feedback from viewers say it does… then it does. Let’s face it, tv viewers keep BB coming back every year and if a made for tv romance or a returning player will bring in viewers, you can bet your behind that’s what we’re going to get! Our $5.99 per month or $9.99 (if you splurge and don’t want commercials like me) doesn’t keep them in business. Remember, I’m really paying to see how a tv show is made.  I still like my feeds even when I get mad from week to week. I’ll threaten to cancel them, refuse to watch for a few days because I’m taking some kind of stand against the “injustice of it all” but I’ve never canceled and as long as BB is on the air, I’m sure I never will.  I’ll just continue to be mad, frustrated, excited and elated, sometimes all in the same week.

I’m frustrated with watching the same fights on repeat, too many showmances, a returning vet, and pathetic gameplay, the obvious things. I’m frustrated how this season’s gameplay has literally been so bad that the majority of people have managed to turn two extremely disliked players and Alphas  (Jessica and Cody) into underdogs and America’s Sweethearts. That’s not only my opinion either and it’s really happened.  I’m frustrated that Mark has risen to number 3 on many BB polls and it isn’t because he’s a good player, it’s because he may be our only hope for something exciting to happen. I’m frustrated that there’s already an online push for Jessica to be the first pre jury member to get AFP and that she seems to be the favorite of many past houseguests. It’s pitiful when someone who played a terrible game becomes a fan favorite because terrible or not, she was at least playing. Think about what that says about this season when the favorite of many past houseguests is someone who almost quit the show not once, but twice. I’m not even saying this for the purpose of bashing Jessica. I’m pointing out how bad the game is when Jessica being a favorite, based on her game moves is even possible.

I can handle being excited or annoyed based on who’s up and who’s down in the game but the main source of my frustration is boredom. I’m completely bored with this season and petty fights over cat ears, Coke, Christmas injecting herself into arguments, Paul manipulating the game and Josh calling out who isn’t loyal just isn’t cutting it anymore. I’m an eternal optimist so I’ll still be tuned in tonight, waiting for something exciting to happen. It probably won’t and this year, I won’t rush through my work day and I’ll probably skip the popcorn but I’ll still be watching.


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  1. Wendy

    Love love love your updates!! Would it be crazy to have the next cast all be married. That would being in lots of drama I would think. .

    • Mel

      That’s a very interesting concept and I don’t think I’ve ever heard it suggested before. With everyone being married you would assume there would be some maturity but since this is the oldest cast we’ve had in years, I wouldn’t bank on it. LOL I’m sure they would need to be extremely beautiful married people for CBS to even consider it but they would lose their showmance gimmick which I don’t think they’ll ever give up….sadly.

    • hogwild

      Interesting but it seems like that would just be copying survivor when they have had faimly members playing in the same season and Big Brother is already doing that by bringining back veteran players. I like the suggestion about letting the POV winner be the one to pick the replacement nominee if they use it.

  2. Avatar

    So Steve is super awesome and I love his post, but I had to create an account to give the tl;dr version of this post: the season is so boring even the double eviction isn’t exciting…

    To me, this is the worst season next to the racist season. There have been so so many chances to make moves and actually play the game but everyone just wants to hang out, yell at each other, do what Paul says, then repeat. Over and over and over again. =/

    • Avatar

      I haven’t watched since the 2nd week. Except for the episode when Cody came back. I read your updates everyday to get a feel of what is going on. Can’t wait for these HG to watch back and see how they looked to the viewers and truthfully I hope they read what people really thought of them bc right now they probably think they are playing a good game. I also hope CBS realizes they need to cast better.

  3. Avatar

    I am done watching after the double eviction until Paul goes up. ANXIOUSLY waiting for updates on that one

  4. Avatar

    I’ve been watching BB for around twelve years, and this is my first year doing live feeds. I’m absolutely hooked. In your post you mentioned the feeds being down for 24 hours… Is this true?! My eleven year old daughter and I have been patiently waiting for the cute kittens and bunnies to go away for a couple hours now… What ever will we do?!?!! Lol. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before. Guess I’ll have to be a part of the real world today then…. Boooooooo.

    • Mel

      The feeds are supposed to go down tonight before the double eviction episode like they always do on Thursday and they will not come on again until around midnight tomorrow night. There is a special Friday night episode that’s going to be aired on CBS tho. This was a good year to get the feeds if you want to really know what’s going on but that can be said for every year. At least when you pay for the life feeds you can watch all the past seasons. That’s a little bonus when we get bored this year! LOL

      • Avatar

        Yeah, we decided to go ahead and rewatch an old season to pass the time. I’m lazy and didn’t want to unplug the firestick to plug the cable box back up. Thanks for clearing that up for me though. I’m excited to see what happens the next couple nights.

      • Tinkerbell

        So disappointed there won’t be feeds tonight. I was really looking forward to watching the excitement after the eviction. However, it might be nice to sleep tonight.

  5. Avatar

    Well said Mell! Love your updates and thoughts on the game. I was telling someone earlier today that live feeds give you a completely different view of the cast than the tv show itself does. Production definitely leads tv viewers to see things like they want. Just the same, I continue to watch, on tv and live feeds and I read updates on here every single day! I am a BB junkie and will continue to watch even when things don’t go like I want or when production interferes with what really should happen (like Christmas staying instead of being taken out when she hurt her foot). I love Paul, hated Cody and Jessica. However, production showed a better (and I use the term loosely) side of Cody last night that almost made me want him to stay. Almost..:)
    All things considered, I love BB! Even when the season is predictable, I watch to see how my favorite player does. I remember thinking when they vote out Johnny Mac…I am done! Ok..I stayed. And when they voted out Donny…”I AM DONE?” LOL I stayed. It draws us in, makes us root for the bad guy (Evil Dick) and makes us hate the good ones!
    This season is no different. We keep watching to see who is going to pick on Mark and who Paul is going to manipulate and if Cody is actually going to step up and play now that his sidekick is gone! Love it or hate it…here we are, on site, talking about this great show we all love..even when we hate it!
    Thanks for reading my post!

    • AIO_7

      . …”I remember thinking when they vote out Johnny Mac…I am done! Ok..I stayed. And when they voted out Donny…”I AM DONE?” LOL I stayed”…..

      I second that emotion: I did the same thing this year when Jessica got the Hex.

  6. g8trgirl

    Once again you hit it out of the ball park.
    My biggest disappointment is that we asked for older players and this is what we got. I’m sure AG is thinking, “that will teach you” and we’ll be back to the 19-25 year olds next year. Based on this year’s mess, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

  7. Avatar

    I’ve been watching for years and coming here for few..I’ve had live feeds for 2 seasons I cancelled live feeds yesterday..I don’t like the bullying and down right meanness this season..not interested in watching that any more..I find that I come here and read more than watching these days..I find I even fast forward thru much of the tv shows.except Thursday’s..I really hope they..CBS learns some thing about this season..what not to allow..I’ve enjoyed For years big brother..and really hoping next season will be entertaining, not this crap..

  8. Colby

    I think we all long for the days when they had ‘real people’ that needed the $$ and wanted to win. Not the starlets, entrepreneurs, rich kids, world travelers, etc.. And it wasn’t obvious from day one who production was pushing to go far in the game.
    The only way to really send CBS the message is to hit them in the ratings and stop watching the televised shows. They aren’t really an accurate representation of what is happening anyway.
    They have great ratings. Not much else is on in the summer. And then you’re hooked for the season even if you don’t really like any of them. Like me this year, just waiting / hoping that some of them will grow a brain or some balls to take out the dictator. But I think it is too late for that this year. I’m pretty sure they will worship Paul all the way to the $500K.
    I personally will be checking in here (cause you are a bunch of fun nuts) and on Joker’s to see if anything changes, but I just can’t even look at these scumbags anymore. I was on vacation last week and didn’t miss it a bit.
    SO I will be watching Masterchef on Wednesdays, Project Runway on Thursdays, and I’m sure I can find a football game, Hallmark movie, or something on Food Network or Investigation Discovery to watch on Sundays.
    Don’t misunderstand, I don’t think me not watching will affect the ratings, that is just my choice.
    But if enough people did it, they might pay attention.

    • Jenny

      I get back at CBS by recording the show on my DVR and watching it back so I can fast-forward through the commercials. I’ve heard that actually does make a difference in ratings. I also DVR BBAD because I work days – I watch it back the next day. If I didn’t have you fine folks to chat with about the show I wouldn’t watch it at all, so thanks, everybody!!!!

    • Mel

      I completely agree with you and have thought the same. Unless tv viewership drastically dropped, it would never make a difference and I actually think a huge drop in tv watching for a show that’s been on for 19 seasons would cause the show to get cancelled instead of reworked.

      • Colby

        I think a huge drop for the entire season may cause it to get cancelled, but think a drop during the season would just send a message that changes are needed.

      • AIO_7

        I don’t think it’s working. I’ve seen ratings that this year is as strong, or stronger, than past seasons.

      • Colby

        I don’t doubt that AI. It’s like staring at a fatal car wreck.
        And those that only watch the network shows are not actually getting reality.

  9. Avatar

    Thanks, Mell! I mostly watch, then read, but hardly post. Love reading your perspective on things as we really think alike!! It’s gonna be an interesting 24-36 hours to come!! On the flip side, I’m kinda glad feeds will be down….need to pack for a trip with my daughter!! LOL
    Ta ta for now! Thanks again!!

  10. Mel

    Even if Mark manages to win the HOH, should we really hold out hope for him to make a good decision after seeing his wardrobe decision during the veto competition? Was there a point when he tied that yellow shirt above his belly, stood back, looked in the mirror and said “Yep, this will work?”

    • Jenny

      I have to believe he was being funny by tying his shirt the way the girls do. Those shorts were way too small on him already, and I think Production provides their outfits. Like hey, the shorts are so ridiculous, might as well make the whole ensemble as silly as possible.

    • AIO_7

      Mell: I thought that I noticed all the contestants had their shirts tied like that. I believe it was a part of the competition wardrobe.

    • Avatar

      Yuck! Totally agree with you Mell on Mark and his yellow shirt! Even hubby was like “What the….?”

      Then we were watching the veto prize comp and Raven spent every…single…second pulling the top of her shirt down and pushing her boobs up.

      Actually, I seem to have a problem with a lot of their wardrobe choices from the hideous bandanas, Raven’s goth look, Mark and his too short shorts (gross) and then the ringleader of them all Elena, with her constant need to let the world know she is not wearing a bra.

      I could go on and on but you get the picture.
      Blechhh….just plain BLECH!!

    • Ann

      I was wondering about those skin tight shorts & that shirt tied up. What the hell was up with that? I remember seeing him wearing tight pink shorts too. Did Elena tell him to wear it or what was his thought process at the time?

  11. Avatar

    Anybody notice how much Paul looks at himself in the mirror, more than the girls

  12. Ann

    Anybody ever wonder why non of these idiots ever think why Paul always puts them up to doing the dirty work & never gets his hands in on anything until after the fact if at all? Why not call him out & say “why don’t you go down & say what you want said or ask the questions you want answers to or get a set of pots & bang them yourself”? Are they that afraid of the consequences?
    Something else I want to know is does Lumpy lips Elena really feel comfortable & safe enough to stay on the block & not take that VETO when she had the chance to secure her safety?


    • Avatar

      I hearken it to cliques like in High School. Some would just rather belong and not rock the boat. Their whole orbit revolves around the select few who are seemingly the most popular, the most what’s happening now. Production was very smart in assuring a high school hierarchy mentality this season with giving Paul 8 bracelets.

      Some cliques certainly not all, tend to think as one and gang up on those who were not with the in crowd; Cody and Jessica for instance. And some cliques have a tendency to boot out members who don’t roll with what the popular hierarchy wants to do, or they find petty and I mean petty things to justify their decision making. Examples of that would be the piling on of Mark, Elena at times, Kevin which has already started full steam ahead, and eventually Josh and the rest of friendship ring holders.

  13. Avatar

    Mell once again well written!

  14. Avatar

    To illustrate the delusions of grandeur and how important they think they are, but are not, take a look at one of Alex’s best pos performances so far.


    • Avatar

      Ugh! Big deal Alex you cooked some food. Guess what when you actually start living in the real world you will cook food for people. Especially If you have a family and do the traditional things that some families do. You will cook food for your children and they will not praise you or do favors for you and probably complain about the food you have prepared for them. You are in for a rude awakening honey! Sorry for the rant but I just can’t stand it . Again UGH! #AlexSTFU!

    • Edsel

      I saw this and didn’t understand why she felt the need to do this. All because he didn’t go sit with her while she was cooking the hotdogs? Do you think she has a thing for Cody?

  15. Avatar

    Mell as always love your editorials! I myself have also given up watching wed and sun shows. I still read this site daily. It is just no good this year.

  16. Edsel

    Mell, I’m glad you saw the feeds when Raven was complaining about not being called to the DR for two days and reminding production she was still in the house (repeatedly). I laughed. Production must be as tired of hearing her as we are.

  17. Avatar

    Mell Thank you as always for your Commentary. You hit the nail on the head as to how we are are feeling about this current Season of BB.

    As for me, I have gone to CBS FEEDBACK, & rendered a email of “PLEASE DO NOT CAST ANYMORE VETERANS, WITH NEWBIES.” Having said that, I’d actually love to see a Cast of All Veterans, but no more Veterans with Newbies. It ruins the game play, because the Newbies are in Awe, & take the Vets Words of Direction & Control as the Gawds Own Truth…And the sad part is that the Newbies, I believe, aren’t Actually Aware or Conscious that they have allowed the Vets to take Total Control?!

    The Majority of us know that most of the HG are Recruited, & have never watched BB, or know how the Game is Played. The Majority of the HG have Plainly said that in Sequester they are given Videos of BB, & it is the 1st time they have ever watched the Game!!! Now Combine that with a Veteran of the Game, & You get Big Brother 19!…Smdh. Casting needs to Cast more Fans of the Game, & fewer Recruits, Imvho.

  18. Sassy

    Mell – Very nicely done, I enjoy all your posts. Great subject for this one, as I have been feeling this way for awhile. I felt like you were talking to me directly and I appreciate that in a commentary.

    I wish a few things would happen:

    1. Give bonuses for competition wins, encourage them to PLAY!
    2. Create NEW competitions! I’m tired of the same thing with a different theme…
    3. Put 3 people on the block and ONLY they get to play for veto and save themselves.
    4. Penalties for breaking the rules – Have Not, Can’t play in next HoH, an eviction vote, deduction in pay – Don’t care what it is, but why have rules if they don’t have to follow them?

    I feel like the show is becoming redundant. The competitions are not exciting because I have seen them 19 times. If this show is #1 in it’s time slot, they could get more creative. This is the first year I have watched the live feeds and it has definitely changed my perspective on the people, show, and production. Not sure we will do live feeds next year next year.

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