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Exclusive Clip – Brett Movie Trailer

There are few things in life that I enjoy more than a fake movie trailer and BBAD has delivered with one for Brett.


My friends over at PopTV sent me this exclusive clip that you won’t find anywhere else (or so they say!) and it’s about our boy Brett

He started the game off as a super arrogant and unlikable ‘bro’ with a massive cringeworthy bio that made me instantly root against him. However, over time we have learned that his arrogance, much like Rockstar’s ‘swag’ is just an act put on for the cameras.  He’s actually a fairly decent guy and a great player of Big Brother so I’m now proud to have back to back seasons with solid people representing Boston!

If you haven’t been paying attention, he has faked a break-up with his friends and is brilliantly playing the lone-wolf style of play. He is acting like he’s a free agent willing to work with any side that will take him which should get him through some rough waters – especially after being an early target.  He’s one of the great casting choices this season, so I am proud to show you BBAD’s video of the Brooding Bro:


Thank you for the video, PopTV!

For more information on BBAD, follow this link to visit the PopTV page.

And, check out the schedule of BBAD here:

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  1. pkcable

    Cool promo! I actually caught some of last nights BBAD.

  2. ElaineB

    Thx Steve! When it was between him and Winston, I figured that if left in the house, Brett would actually be an active participant in the game. He has been a pleasant surprise. I wanted him to outlast RS, which he did! Wheee! Hopefully he won’t follow her to the jury house this week.

  3. danmtruth

    Outside of his goodbye message Bret has done a good job of adapting The thing is he is not winning comps He is taking that loss in the slip & slide hard He knows that L6 need him to win that Instead TY was the one closes It would have been interesting if it did go on a bit longer Still Bret has done a good social job getting back into the game

  4. mm22

    I like Brett-i hope he doesn’t go to the little house this week
    I would like to see his HOH -hopefully he can win one
    if he stays. I think he is funny n I understand the goodbye
    messages are important for jury votes but I can’t see
    Bay or RS ever giving him their vote.

  5. oowee

    I admit I have come to like Brett and his style of comic relief! Still not my number one, but definitely up towards the top.

  6. kneeless

    Feeling sorry for brett right now. He’s in the HN room with Sam. She has a whole love story concocted in her mind wuth Brett. I really think she has some deep seated emotional issues. Brett is handling her well.

  7. kneeless

    Sam’s telling Brett she has a history of having night terrors. Could it be from curb stompings & dead bodies?

    • oowee

      I could totally see Sam having a Dexter style kill room, but with her own crafted implements of torture and murder she scavaged from the BB back lot/junk yard.

      • oowee

        I forgot to say that of course she mixed up some slop along with some household chemicals so she could craft a curb for the room.

  8. Shivani33

    Brett just elevated Sam’s mood, temporary though it might be. He listened to her tripping about how alone she feels. He flattered her by saying that he had been leaving her alone because people are always following her around. Hahahahaha. Now that was music to her ears! Gawd help us. Sam has mudstomped self-worth.

    While appreciative of Brett’s combo of good and terrible manners, his analytical mind and his satirical humor, I don’t know him, as Mariah Carey would put it. Dudette has not won a comp. Also he gets some weird-ass misconceptions stuck rotating in his head about the game in front of him. Thankfully, he is less of a cypher than Kaycee. If Brett wins this game w/o winning a single comp, then his poor performance will be enhanced and brilliant. Until then, Brett is the dudette who hasn’t won jack bo didley. Waiting for some proof.

  9. Avatar

    Video isn’t working for me:’(

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