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Guess who is getting evicted: Evening/Overnight Updates, 8/20-8/21

Good evening, everyone!  I started this as a post-veto comp update but it may be a fairly early night because some of the houseguests spent the whole night studying for the comp and not sleeping.  So far, there was lots of smack-talking by Paul initially following the veto but conversations in the HoH and other parts of the house indicates that any replacement nominee will be safe.



About the featured image – several are feeling a little under the weather due to lack of sleep and the wet nature of the comp.  So, Paul isn’t really doing the “neener, neener, I won the POV” face.


  • 7:15 p.m. –
    • its Nat telling Vic that it’s not her nom (to replace)
    • HoH: James & Nat (Michelle in shower) – After giving Paul & Vic a place to celebrate briefly, the sweethearts discussed sharing the plan with Michelle.  Someone commented about the fact that James was the returner and Nat was the new player.  James was asking her if he should talk to Michelle.
  • 8:00 p.m. –
    • HoH: James & Nat (Paul in shower) – Nat says Michelle wants to take out Nicole.  Paul comes out of shower and leaves.  Nat says she really wanted him out.  She wanted Vic to win (me, too).  She says she trusts Vic.  They talk more game plays.
    • London: Paul & Vic – Paul says when they win HoH next week, Nat & James are going on the block.  He says they have to keep playing nice all week and that if they get rid of Vic, he’s f*d.
  • 8:30 p.m. – The Battle Over The Big Meech Head
    • HoH: Nat & James – Nat saying she needs to make sure Paul doesn’t get inside Michelle’s head to put James on the block.
    • Safari: Vic, Michelle, Paul – Vic & Paul trying to make sure Michelle doesn’t let anyone into her head this week.
  • 8:45 p.m. –
    • Kitchen:  James, Nat, Corey, & Nicole – James saying he is going to act like he hates them until the vote.  Nicole & Corey agreeing.
  • 9:30 p.m. –
    • HoH: Nat & James – Nat says James needs to hang out with Paul & Vic so they don’t get suspicious because gets paranoid.  He leaves the room and she closes her eyes to sleep.
    • London: Paul & James – Paul wants to know why he was put up, if James trusts him.  James says this is a slam dunk week.  He says they put Corey or Nicole up this week and then Nicole up next week and Michelle even said she would be a pawn.  Paul cannot let go of stuff.
    • Tokyo: Nicole & Corey – Gettin’ busy under the covers?
    • Safari:  Vic & Michelle – Chatting about food and Michelle’s bad experience with chicken at a Chili’s.  Vic leaves the room and Michelle is eating chips or something and she has the worst habit of chewing with her mouth open and crunchy things make it almost unbearable to listen.
  • 9:45 p.m. –
    • Kitchen: James & Paul – Checking out HN pies.  There’s even a slop pie.
    • HoH: Nat is getting ready for DR
    • Safari: Paul, Michelle, James – Michelle putting on makeup, James trying on her sweatpants, Paul checking out her birth control pills and then they move on to details of her periods… (I can’t go any further with this conversation…between this and her abominable mastication, I am convinced she was poorly raised.  Even for shock value, I don’t know any women who would use this subject.)  Thankfully, they’ve moved on to talking about the same old Paul topic – Corey & Nicole calling him a liar & manipulator.  Michelle asks James if he is still close with Nicole.  He glosses over it but implies they are not close.  James asks Michelle who she is going to put up and she says Corey.
  • 10:45 p.m. –
    • HN: James & Vic – James wants to get on Survivor next season. Vic says him, too.  James teases him that he couldn’t survive without his hair products.  Vic then says he would go on Amazing Race and James says he would be good on that.  Vic leaves to get something to eat.  James says he’s going to stay in HN.
    • Safari: Vic, Paul, & Michelle – Paul says James is real onboard.  Vic says he is going to wait until Thursday to talk to Nat.

Since it’s just these three saying the same things over and over again, I’m going to call it a night.  I will check the flashback in the morning.  Goodnight, everyone!!

  • In a nutshell (the rest of the night) – I looked at the flashback and there is really nothing earth-shattering.  Everyone except Vic was in bed by 12:30 a.m.  He chatted with America & worked out in the back yard until about 3:00 a.m. and then he went to bed.  Here are some highlights:
    • Workout tips & playing pool
    • Hates slop and won’t put all the sweet stuff in it.  Makes a salsa slop instead
    • Is worried about someone coming back
    • Likes Nat & Michelle and wouldn’t put them up
    • Took a cold HN shower and said it sucked

Vic said he is going to be the latest in bed this week.  That means more of these chats with America!



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  1. Mello_One

    Ok, ok…I get it now?! Paul won the Veto, so he will stay in the BB House. Victor goes up against either Nicole/Corey. And yet AGAIN, Paul will cast the “only” vote to keep Victor in the game!!! But alas Vic will be evicted yet again…sigh, Smdh…

    Victor will be the 5th Jury member, and will Battle Back with the other Jury members of Paulie, Bridgette, Zakiyah, & DaVonne. Victor being the Comp Beast that he is will Win the Jury Battle Back!!! With Victor back in the BB House, he will win HOH, and put Corey & James little behind on the Block.

    Either hopefully Corey is Evicted, or Sadly James is Evicted…End of Story

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      My thoughts exactly @mello_one. Couldn’t agree more.

    • Avatar
      Missy (2 comments)

      I like Corey! I don’t get why he is hated ? Is it just for a show and? He seems to be the less crap talked out of the guys

    • Avatar

      Yeah this will be a wasted eviction cause Victor will come back and will want revenge omg this is a waste they have to to get rid of Corey or Nicole cause if by god king douchebag Paulie comes back(please god no) he will have some allies like Nicole snake and Corey they have to rid of those puppets of Paulie and I will be rooting for Bridgette but if Victor is there he will destroy that from happening and he will come back a second time and hey he can forgive but can t forget that’s what is going to happen god come on Nat or Michelle pick Nicole or Corey

      • Avatar

        You’re right about that. Paulie will have Ratcole & Bambi on his side if he comes back & he will wreak havoc upon the BB houseguest that are left. He will surely take over again.
        Im not going to bother getting my hopes up about anything until the last minute because Nat can’t make up her mind about what she’s going to do & James flip flops back & forth in behind Nat like a fish out of water, so who the hell knows how things are going to play out.

  2. Avatar

    I would rather see Paul & Vic battle it out in the end. Paul has been strategizing since the very beginning of the game. He has fought his way from the bottom of the totem pole to the top without being found out. Vic has went from being evicted & out of the house to fighting his way back in, winning HOH back to back & getting out the top dog & his girl. Non of the other houseguests have played as hard as these two.

    I was thinking, wouldn’t it be something if Nat made it all the way to the end & then we find out she’s a superfan & knows this game like the back of her hand & she was just using James to get her there? As it is, it’s possible that she’s related to a BB vet. I know if I was related to a BB vet I would know as much as possible about the game from them.. Just sayin!!!

    • Mello_One

      @ Ann
      Hi Annie, how are U this Saturday??? I totally agree with you! How stupid was it of Nat Nat to believe in someone that has not spoken to you all Season long, & has shown you that they don’t like or respect you ~ that would be Nicole!!!

      Victor & Paul deserve to win the game, either one of them….BUT…I am also Voting for Paul for the AFP, if not for this Dude the WHOLE doggone Season would have been as boring as watching Paint Dry! And of course Paulie was on track to win the Game, with all the couple making Googley eyes at each other…LOL!

      • Avatar

        @Mello & Gerardo, I don’t want to watch them anymore until Wednesday & Thursday. These people are driving me insane. The only reason I plan on checking in every once in a while until Thursday is because I don’t want to miss out on Paul “Friendship, Never cared, Ya Boy” & his funny sidekicks Vic & Baldwin doing another puppet show. I think it is hilarious when Paul says “never cared”
        The rest of them can kiss my grits.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      Natalie sure as hell isn’t acting like someone who knows the game like the back of her hand. All of this flip flopping around she’s doing this week. It’s driving me crazy.

      I totally agree about Paul and Vic being the two most deserving of the grand prize. At this point, I just want to fast forward through this week (I can’t take any more Nat flipping or Nicole whining) and see what happens with this jury buyback comp.

      • Mello_One

        @ Gerarado
        The D.R. played “BIG TIME” in Nat Nat’s decision to put Paul, & Victor on the Block…And to have an Alliance with Nicole/Corey! The BB D.R. Does this crap every season, sometimes the HG ignore what they want…

        Example on BB 15 when Donny was on the Block, and was sent to Jury, I think the D.R. wanted Cody to keep Donny in the House, but he was voted out.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        @mello_one Yep, they absolutely did. But at this point, the decision is made and she needs to figure out what she wants to do moving forward. I just don’t think I can take another four days of hearing her complain to “Jamesy” that she doesn’t “know what dooooooo” and going back and forth between a) keeping Vic and working with him and Paul, b) evicting Vic and working with Nic/Corey, c) evicting Vic and working with Michelle (even though they just screwed her over, or d) saying screw it and nominating herself for eviction (okay I made up that last one…but you get the point).

  3. Avatar
    belledaisy (55 comments)

    ugh..if Vic does not come back to the house Paul will be next to go and IMO Season over..cannot watch anymore of Nicole & Corey…I hope he dumps her the minute the show is over..and James..you been played. Paul will get AFP & Nat will be off w/some other d list reality dude.

    • Mello_One

      @ belledaisy
      You & me both!!! I am so sick of looking at Nicole & Corey making out under the covers 24/7?! Do you realize that Nicole has YET to be on the Block this Season??? And now Natalie is furthering Nicole’s Game, it makes no sense?!

      Nicole, imvho should go on the Bachelor to find herself a study Man, or some Dating Game Show. Because Nicole on BB, & her Showmances are getting Nauseating!

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        I think Nicole AND James both need to go on dating shows, because clearly that is the top priority for both of them in the house. I get so aggravated that people vote for those two for AFP. I get it that people think they’re “nice”, but I just can’t stand people winning that award who haven’t even tried to actually play the game all summer.

    • Avatar
      Aste (6 comments)

      I was so unhappy when Nicole popped out of the suitcase at the beginning of the season. Further, I thought it would have been more appropriate if she popped out of a giant box of Froot Loops.

  4. Avatar
    rcmar (1 comments)

    Michelle is in a very interesting position. I can’t tell if she’s safe next week or if she will be evicted. No one is really after her, but she’s not really in an alliance either. That bring said, I think it would be smarter to put Corey up since he’s won a couple of comps.

  5. Mello_One

    I have to say that even though I don’t agree with Nat Nat’s decision to evict Paul & Victor, I Like Her. As I like also Victor, Paul, James, Bridgette, & DaVonne!

    But my personal FAVE is Big Meech, I love her zest, zeal & love for everything Big Brother, from Zing-Bot to Slop, Meech is everything a Super Fan of Big Brother should be.

    • Avatar

      @Mello, I love you hun but you totally lost me on that one. Meech tap dances all over my last good nerve with her cry-baby ass. I used to like up until that first fake cry. She started whaling & crying in the storage room sounding like somebody had stepped on her throat. It was all over then. As for Bridgette, she lost me when she teamed up with Frank & lost her whole damn mind. That girl would’ve sold her first born for a chance to be Fartting Franks girlfriend. Although I would rather see either one of them get to the end instead of Ratcole & Bambi.

      • Mello_One

        @ Ann
        Ann I’m not talking about her Game Play, I’m talking about Meech’s Love of Big Brother the Game. Meech is a Super Fan of the Game, & you can tell that her love for Big Brother is pure. I have read some of the things she has said about the show on Jokers, like she has been watching BB since season 10.

        Meech has always wanted to experience Zing-Bot, & has wanted to Eat Slop of all things!!! Meech also has a crush on Ian. But I guess I feel this way about Meech because most of the Contestants are Recruited for the show, and don’t know how to play the game, or its history. Btw, I have been watching BB since season 1, so I like a Super Fan on the Show.

      • Avatar

        @Mello, I’ve seen all of them too. Im just sick of this group of people & ready for it to be over.
        You’re right about Meech, I read about her too. I guess that’s why she’s playing better than the vets because she is a super fan & she really is getting the real BB experience.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I respect a few of the moves Michelle has made in the house this summer, so she’s the only person other than Paul or Vic who I could stomach winning the game at this point. But as far as her personality, I just cannot stand this girl. I’ve tried so hard to tolerate her, but she is so damn annoying and immature. And she lost major strategy points with me this week when she went along with a plan that would leave her alone in the game with two couples (some superfan…).

      And we ALL know how I feel about James. Dude go fill out an application for “Are you the one” or something. No one wants to cringe all summer watching you try to date someone way out of your league in the BB house.

  6. Avatar

    I want Da to make it back in the house simply to see Nicole crap her pants.

  7. Shivani33

    It’s been amusing to watch Michelle salivate like a hunting dog at how delicious it would be to catch Nicole with her teeth and shake her ass up onto the block. Her eyes glisten when she mentions it. But then Paul and Victor have hammered home that Corey is the better bet. Victor is a realist about getting the shaft, and Paul says he’s going to be sunk without him. Not! Plan for a miracle.

    What would be very funny to me would be if Michelle followed the scent and put up Nicole, and Corey helped vote her out, sick of romance, paranoia & nasal drip.. Maybe Michelle should get to work convincing him. “Corey, you could win this whole thing if you’d just get rid of Nicole. She’ll beat you if you don’t get her out now. Get your head in the game. C’mon, be a man.” Corey: I know your’re right, Meech. Just let me go ask Nicole if it’s okay.

  8. Avatar
    Missy (2 comments)

    Why is it okay for them five to talk crap all the time and Paul always !! And y’all don’t see the hypocrisy at all?? Everything they say and do !! Last night Paul doing that to Nicole! How he does not lie or talk crap!! That’s all he has done!! If they backdoor Corey or Nicole I quit big brother! They can get personal, y’all on here making fun of Nicole’s nasal drip!!! But paul is so great???! If Victor does not go and paulie win the jury contest it will be so lane…. Yes paulie said stuff about Natalie but so did all of them but Jame’s!!! See I think paulie got his payback!! Enough is enough!!!!!!! They are playing evil!! I think Natalie plays the victim to much!! She can flirt but he can’t! America how can you lije Paul?????? He is the biggest liar back stabber and manipulator hands down!!!!! He goes room to rolikeaking thimgs up ot changing the story!! I want Victor and Paul go and Paulie come back!! Paulie and Corey finale night! That will be a twisted summer!! James is getting played! Poor guy! But he preaches honesty too! But he bounces checks !! But America I can’t be the only one who can’t stand listening to Natalie mess with James head!! I’ll bet money on it! She used him and she did get you bot day 65? Cone on America…They can’t be hypocrites all day and night and attack Corey and Nicole! What has Corey done that’s sooooo bad??? If they back door him! I swear my big brother Sumner’s are over! I know I’m one person but watching the live feeds and seeing all that said and they cut so much out of production!!! Nat and Michelle and Paul are the worst players! Paul is a lying manipulator!! But no body but me sees it!!

  9. Shivani33

    One more thing Michelle could do is go work on Natalie about Nicole and demolish any more thoughts about the two couples being able to work together. Natalie knows there’s something screwy with Jamesey’s unwillingness to target Nicole, but she just doesn’t want to push him about it and seem jealous. She did get James to say he’d evict Nicole and Corey sometime soon, but Natalie wasn’t that happy with the way that he said it. There’s a weak link there that Michelle, Paul and Victor could be stirring. Natalie would probably open up about it to Michelle and get good and mad. It could change the plans back more in Paul, Michelle and Victor’s favor. Michelle is a little too distracted schmoozing with the boys. I’d like to see her knocking some heads again.

  10. Avatar
    Nana Jo (3 comments)

    I can take Victor all day long but, Paul is a non stop talking machine that drives me crazy. He is one narcissistic piece of work. Can’t understand all the love. I loved Nicole her season but she and Corey need to get a life outside of that nasty bed and room. Get up and clean or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Big Meech and Victor deserve to be final two. James is in far a major letdown because Nat’s innocent act is just that. #superfansunite

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  12. Avatar

    James is the biggest liar in BB16

  13. Avatar
    Aurora (1 comments)

    Don’t get me wrong here, I appreciate that there are people filling in while Steve is on vacation but these blog posts have been extremely sad lately. I’m ready for Steve to come back. I felt like this has been a pretty crucial week but It seems like any time I come on here now, the posts are either extremely short, not updated for hours and hours, or they don’t seem to make a ton of sense.

  14. caRyn

    James said to Natalie on BBAD that he will let Michelle know a couple of hours ahead of time on Thursday who he is voting out.

    • caRyn

      Natalie said to James – please tell Michelle that I didn’t know who you were voting to evict (Victor).

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        Natalie, girl bye! You really think Michelle is going to believe that Lames made a move in the house without getting it approved by his “ol lady”??

      • caRyn

        Natalie is correct though if she gets to the end with saying – she assisted in getting the large targets out of the house. Who is going after Natalie or Michelle? So the chance of Natalie making it to the end are high.

      • Avatar

        I’m telling you guys I think Nat is a lot smarter than she is pretending to be. She’s going to make it very close to the end if not all the way. James will let her get there if it comes down to him or her, he’ll give it her.

  15. AIO_7

    I don’t have much to add, I just know who I’m rooting against . . . and in this order:

    Non AFP winning house guest formerly known as Mary Ann

  16. Avatar

    Funny how Nat says she doesn’t wanna kiss James and cuddle in front cameras etc. i think she just doesn’t feel chemistry lol!

  17. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    Nicole and James so arrogant right now and think the fans will send ACP to either James or Corey . Oh hell no. Pauls getting all my votes. FRIENDSHIP

  18. Shivani33

    The two showmances are making their united front very obvious at the moment and are envisioning a clear-cut path to the end of the game. There’s a lot of bragging about two vets getting so far because of their experience and wise strategies. There are jokes about throwing Victor a toothpaste tube decorated with the word “LUBE” on it when he’s evicted. They “know” that after Victor goes, they’ll have the majority vote, etc. for the rest of the game. Showmances forever! Blah blah blah. Jamesey has forgotten about the slogan of the game. Expect the unexpected. Even now there’s nothing certain, and I’m thankful about that. It would be very frustrating to watch with no possibility of change, especially right now.

    • Caryn
      Caryn (2981 comments)

      James keeps telling Paul it should be an easy week so that Paul will stop talking about the game.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      Oh god don’t make me vomit. What exactly are the strategies that these so-called “vets” have so much experience with? Chasing romance with people who have absolutely no interest in them? I know damn well they’re not talking about their experience with playing Big Brother…neither of them have ever played the game!

  19. Mel

    Seems like next to nothing going on today. 2 shomanes hanging out by the pool. (I thought they said last night they were going to act like they didn’t like each other-that didn’t last long)
    I’ve been using the term “buyback” and didn’t know until today where that came from. You hear it enough and then just start saying it, like a lot of BB lingo. I WON’T be using it anymore. I didn’t realize that Frankie started it. I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you guys that. My PSA for the day I guess.

  20. caRyn

    If Victor leaves Thursday and is a jury member that will be three jury members that would team up with Michelle and Paul if they returned in the BB house. The three being Da’Vonne, Bridgette and of course Victor. Zakiyah will be used by the person that has HOH. That leaves Paulie going back to Corey and Nicole. Depending on the jury member coming back depends on if Michelle will stay with Paul.

  21. Shivani33

    Misleading one’s opponents is a common strategy to use, but James is laying it on very thick. Today he feels self-assured that he can get away with it, so he’s having fun talking out of both sides of his mouth and acting like Victor is safe whenever they talk. Awhile ago, Nicole was mad that the HOH door was locked by Michelle. Suddenly these two people are acting as if they’re wearing crowns. King James and his consort. Queen Conehead and Corey. I’m waiting for the tides to turn and not surrendering to what looks like a fiasco to me. A change has gotta come.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      “Queen Conehead” you’re killing me! Lol! I can’t wait to see the look on Lames and Nicole’s faces when Victor walks right back into the house next week after they evict him. They’re going to look even more clueless and pitiful than usual.

  22. caRyn

    Michelle is a nutritionist but has she had a real meal?!

    • Mel

      The first month or so, all I ever saw her eat was huge bowls of cereal several times a day.

    • Shivani33

      A nutritionist we know was concealing an eating disorder, not that uncommon. It was all about detoxing, diuretics and subsisting on next to nothing for her. Finally she became a fruitarian, caught a cold and now she be dead at age 32. Sometimes I’ve wondered what Michelle is up to with her grazing habit & haven’t seen her eat a meal, baked cookies when she was a have-not and couldn’t have any. Just an observation from the whole summer.

  23. CLangley

    Gahhhhh she eats more crunchy stuff than anyone. If it’s in a rattling bag and super crunchy, she’ll be the one eating it every single time.

  24. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    super gross comp

  25. Avatar
    James (17 comments)

    I still really like Jamesand Natalie. I didn’t know so many people no longer liked James. I don’t really seeing him lying or doing anything shady. If anything, he earned my respect when he told Paulie straight up “I’m clippin your girl”.

    Paulie was running this house and everyone was acting like he was the king of the house. It was tiring and made for what I thought would be the boringest season ever. The tides turned and people grew some balls. I love it. But definitely rooting for James and Natalie, they’re playing a good clean game, with the occasional check bouncing that’s necessary to survive in that house.

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