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House Calls Jess/Cody Bullies; Spends All Day Bullying


What a shit show today turned out to be.  That’s the only way I can think to describe the house after watching the feeds today  (speaking of, get the live feeds free here)

The day began fairly innocently with the veto ceremony happening around noon, and Paul removing Jason from the block like expected. Paul had a small talk with Jess and all was cool. She began packing because that’s what you do when you’re nominated (to be fair, Monday is early to pack, but whatever). As she was packing and roaming around the house, she walked in on Raven talking to Jason, Kevin and crew.  Jessica saw Jason in the mirror pointing to warn Raven that Jess was coming.  Jess pulled Raven aside and scolded her about talking shit behind her back after having the fake deal to not use the hex this week. Jessica thought everything was cool until she saw that and then realized that the house is probably full of shit with their deal.

This got Raven very apologetic and said how much she loves Cody and Jessica and would never talk shit behind their back.  However, the crew got to Raven and told her to play it up a bit and start crying. This allowed Paul to create a Raven-victim scenario and play the mediator between her and Jess.  Paul went into the apple room to have a chat with her when Jessica basically laid it out all for him. She basically told him that she’s using the hex to stop the eviction and he’s full of shit.  The two went back and forth until Paul finally left the room to game plan another way to get her to not use the hex (he really doesn’t want to waste his HoH).


Paul decided to go full steam harassment mode with the house against Jody (I hate the term but it’s easier than saying Cody/Jess).  Him and Christmas coached Josh on how to call out Cody’s manhood, and the things to say that will make him snap. The goal was to get Cody to self-evict or try to fight someone so he’s kicked from the game – or a lesser version just ‘snap’ and show Jessica that he’s a loose cannon who isn’t fit for this house.  Josh loved it and was ready to go, but Paul told him to wait for the right time.  That conversation broke up and Matt/Raven hung around talking to Christmas.  Matt was the lone voice of reason throughout all this and said he doesn’t agree with taunting a guy who has killed people (Matt’s words, not mine). He asked Christmas if she’d be happy if Josh is punched in the face, and Christmas started getting pissed at Matt for not going along with the plan.  She yells at him, he leaves, Raven tries to calm down Christmas.

Raven trying to calm down Christmas

Josh can’t take the pressure of waiting for the right time, so he starts on his own by doing his pots and pans outside the apple room where Jody was trying to hide out.  I may have left out a few times with Josh trying to harass Cody but there was so much I can’t remember. What I do remember is Paul and Josh laying it on Cody hard today and Cody surprisingly doing nothing and saying almost nothing.  He has some serious discipline because I don’t know anyone who would have stood that type of abuse, especially someone of Cody’s build who can probably whip anyone in the house if he wanted.  Throughout the abuse, Cody remained silent.

Jessica, on the other hand, wasn’t as silent.  Josh decided to once again bash pots and pans outside the apple room, but Jessica was jokingly throwing apples at Josh.  That part was annoying but ‘game’ and Jessica knew it so she was playing along. When Jess left the room to pick up the apples, Paul summoned her from the kitchen to face an onslaught of questions from nearly the entire house. Well, from Paul, Alex, and Raven while the rest of the house watched.  Alex began by asking why Jess wanted her out of the house, and Jess said that it’s because Alex nominated her.  Alex pointed out that she didn’t go home, but Jess said that doesn’t mean she owes anything to her. Alex even slipped and said everyone wanted Jess out, so Jess pointed out how much more of a risk it was to nominate her in that situation.  They started arguing about cat ears being missing and then Raven jumps in and starts completely screaming at Jessica.

The nasty screaming and fighting began around 5:02 pm if you wanted to flashback and watch it. Raven goes into full blown psycho mode and yells crazy stuff at Jessica even after Cody brought her outside away from the conflict.  Seriously, she was yelling at the sliding door for a solid 5 minutes in a tone that may give me nightmares tonight. And no, not in a ‘Raven is so brave and scary’ but in a ‘holy crap I feel bad for Matt’ type of way.

After Cody took Jess away from that situation, Paul ran around the kitchen rallying the troops. He told Josh to get the pots and pans and all head outside to keep going on Jody. They were done yet and needed to get him to snap.  Randomly, Alex starts yelling at Mark about the cat ears situation to which Mark looked on in mostly confusion…  to be fair, that’s a pretty common look on Mark

Alex yelling at Mark

The group moves outside to continue yelling at Jody who are laying on the hammock alone. This only pisses off the group even more so Raven begins acting like a crazy person once again and starts to yell at Jess. Then finishes up with a wave ‘bye’

Raven keeping it classy

It really went on for a solid hour and a half including things like Alex saying Jess is a sexual predator because Jess grabbed her vagina, and Alex, Christmas, and Paul start hammering at Cody’s military background by teasing him for allowing the flag towel to rest on the bathroom floor. This was a few hours after Jason, Paul and a few others talked about how Cody is probably fake military because he has tape on his dog-tags. It was really a cringeworthy display by Paul’s crew and in no way represented ‘gameplay’. It was harassment and ugly.

I think Josh and Paul got called to the DR and Paul said that they can’t tell Jody to leave but they can still do things like bash pots and pans.

If you’re wondering where everyone else was during all this.  Jason and Kevin remained quiet other than Jason’s early interaction in the afternoon. Mark and Elena were also quiet until Mark started getting yelled at by Alex. Matt was his typical nothing self but he did say that he supports the group because they went after Raven. So much for being the only logical person.

And as I wrote this up, at 7:12 pm you can hear someone yell over the wall “America loves Jess, Paul is a bully”  or something close to that. A few people heard it, so that may change the game moving forward when people realize they’re attaching themselves to someone who is quickly turning into a villain of the season (Paul).  Paul’s harassment plan could very well blow up right in his face and he may finally get to see the jury house for himself. Then again, most of the house has shown zero spine all season, so it would be shocking if that changed because of a fan.

Things are quiet, going to take a break. I’ll check in later and see if any drama flared up, but I think they wore themselves out today.


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  1. Avatar

    quick question, when they determine a 9 or 7 person jury, don’t they tell the houseguests when they’ll start heading to the jury house, or would they announce it to us beforehand? This has nothing to do with the post so sorry, just wondering

    • AIO_7

      Who knows, Production is manipulating us as much as it is manipulating them.

      • Avatar

        yes they do !!!!! cody was in DR came out from there and told jess that they wanted to talk to her they’re probabiy babying her I really don’t like them I hope they both walk out the door because cody said that if you leave I am going with you bye-bye IF one of them win HOH then we know it’s RIGGED for them to win cody is an ass Jessica would do much better with out him I hope they leave soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • AIO_7

        Glenda, there is a reason that they are not supposed to talk about Production.
        Think about it, if they did they would give away the game Production is playing.
        On another note; there is no way that your comment merits 27 negs. One or two people (and I think I know who one of them is) must have changed browsers, and computers, and tablets, to get you up to that total.

      • LindsayB

        Oh AI you’re so cute when you’re passive aggressive.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Good question Ike. I was wondering that too.

      • Avatar

        I sure hope they don’t just walk out on the game. I’d rather see them walk though the pack like nobody’s business and hope someone touches them then call an ambulance, press charges and sue the heck out of the offender, BB and CBS. This is NOT a game for game sake, it’s a cruxification

    • Sassy

      Me too! I can’t believe that is not predetermined.

    • Avatar

      Let’s hope its 9 and Paul gets 0 votes at the end

    • stevebeans

      As far as I know, production decides. They are just guessing it is 9 because of the last few seasons and will feel real stupid if it’s 7 this year (I hope it is)

  2. Avatar

    Bullying is so uncool and it is turning me off Big Brother, Shame on CBS for letting this happen, things could have been handled different. This is going to backfire in real life. Houseguest can be annoying without bullying. Paul needs to go. People stand up to him. Seriously!!!

  3. danmtruth

    @nkogneetow better get ready it might be a late night As Paul and Xmas plan on keeping Jess and Cody awake so they wont get any sleep That way they will play poorly in the HOH A few holes in that it will also keep other HG up Not tooooo childish
    Now Alex Jason Kevin going over days Not sure but Alex has gone over this same stuff about every other day She still is getting stuff wrong Yard Boss just sits their adds a few things

  4. danmtruth

    Sorry forgot Josh was in their He is clueless

  5. Avatar

    Its like lord of the flies and getting out of hand. I can appreciate a good game but this is harassment and bullying and as much as I like drama this is not drama it’s sadistic. The folks have been brainwashed by Paul and can not think for themselves. So jess does not want to follow Paul’s orders and Jody is attacked relentlessly it’s ridiculous. Imo none of them deserve the money they have all become jerks. I’m done with BB 19 if Paul’s goes packing I’ll be back if not see everyone next season.

  6. Avatar

    Wow. Just wow. There are really some low class people in that house. I have lost all respect for Paul, Josh, Alex, Christmas, and Raven.

    • strwar1

      Really? Cause I think it’s pretty good plan and I have not lost any respect for them especially Raven,Alex,Josh,and Paul! Come on sure it looks childish but they have to come up with ideas and things that they need to get ahead in the game.

      • Avatar

        It is true! I didn’t want to believe it myself but this is bullying. Bullying cant or should not have a place in gameplay. Particulary, even to consider bullying a veteran. This is getting scary!!

      • LindsayB

        So it was ok with Josh was getting picked on? Cody gets to be exempt because he’s a veteran? Um no. He’s getting treated the same way he has treated people. I’m not gonna use the word bully cuz we are dealing with fucking adults here. I’m about to go by some Kleenex stock because all this crying. I’m gonna be rich!

      • Avatar

        I feel like putting Cody in the house from the start was a poor decision on BB part. He had to pass physiological test. And not sure how he did. I have watched this show since season 1. Clashing personalities yes. But someone who makes the whole house uncomfortable no. If I hear my bf/gf one more time between Jody I will vomit. People come one , it’s a tv show you met 45 days ago and what is the success rate of showmances 2% . I also feel like Josh is a bit unstable but definetly entertainment

    • Avatar

      Let’s not forget Matt fabricating they attacked Raven justifying them acting like fools….this is the ugliest season yet, I’m down for a good argument but this is nuts….don’t question a mans clear Military service, as a vet myself that disgusts me….maybe that tape over his tags are because they belong to a fallen friend…..

  7. Avatar

    Yes, what they are doing constitutes criminal harassment. I can’t believe BB production allowed it to continue. Jess and Cody should sue.

    • Avatar

      I think that Production has pulled Paul’s Coattails on the Harassment, & Bullying. Because he came out of the DR telling his Little Minions to Cool it. Because he is being called the “Head Bully,” and is losing his Fanbase.

  8. strwar1

    I’m really loving how the house just hates Jessica and Cody and how things for them are beginning turn out(it was always worse for them)worse for them.But like i said these things that Paul,Alex,and Raven(especially for her and proud she isn’t taking shit from Jessica) that they are doing to Cody and Jessica is making me what Jessica/Cody out even more. Also on the Paul being the harasser(he isn’t at all and idk why people are saying that)he is not that and it will never work against him cause he is doing good and has the house backing him up everytime.

    • Avatar

      Paul’s a jerk coming from a big Paul fan or an ex Paul fan.

      • strwar1

        Moncia21 Paul is just doing he needs to do and no he isn’t jerk in my eyes and yes I’m a BIG Paul fan too,but is it just somehow the only way for them to get rid of Jessica and Cody? It doesn’t matter if Jessica uses the Hex or not.Cody is going him and she will probably use it but it will be a waste for her and next HOH will put them up again cause the House wants it.Paul is doing what Alex,Jason,Josh,Raven,and couple of them want and there’s nothing wrong with that

      • strwar1

        *Cody is going home

    • LindsayB

      Yeah. So I’m watching the big debacle now. Jess is the one who started tearing into Raven. All Raven did was defend herself. Is she screechy? Yes. Do I hate her? Yes. But in this case I think she just finally had enough of Jess being the bitch she is. I like that Jessica stands up for herself and talks back but I find it ridiculous when she gets upset when someone talks back. Everyone is pissed and I love every single second of it.

      • strwar1

        Raven is becoming my second female favorite in the house along with Alex being my favorite female in the house.Raven doesn’t take shit from Jessica and Jessica is becoming the bitch that people in the house hates.Sorry,but Jessica is digging herself in a grave over people talking back.

      • LindsayB

        I don’t think I could ever say that I actually like Raven. Ever. But I love that she lost her shit today and stood up for herself.

      • Avatar

        Lindsay and strwar, just so y’all know, I’m right there with y’all! I’m agreeing with everything y’all are saying! I swear, these last few seasons have been so “soft”, I think most people have forgotten what the game of Big Bother is. I’m shocked at how upset people are getting. I’m loving all this!

      • LindsayB

        Amber, that’s why I heart you!

    • Avatar

      I don’t care if Cody is going home I don’t care if they all go home. I luv BB but if you can not accomplish your objective through negation, deceit or any number of ways and have to resort to harassment you have serious issues. Nobody in the house should be subject to this treatment it’s not gameplay and for production to allow it to continue they are complicit if anything should happen.

      • LindsayB

        It is gameplay. Psychological gameplay. It may not be the game you would play which is totally cool but that doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s.

      • strwar1

        Monica21 maybe production doesn’t care.But,this is something they like and they have not seen any sort of problems from there eyes and but if let me tell you something.If some things like this are somehow are new to us(which isn’t at all cause it happens a LOT in the house)this wouldn’t be the first time things like this are a issue.If things become too heated than they will step in.

      • Avatar

        It’s NOT gameplay it’s HARRASSMENT they are not staying in the Hanoi Hilton it’s BB not some jail cell.

      • LindsayB

        It is. It’s actually ok for people to play the game in a way you wouldn’t. They aren’t there to hold hands and sing hymns. This isn’t a morality contest. It isn’t summer camp.

      • strwar1

        Monica21 it is SO gameplay and Lindsey is right and this isn’t and never has been in any bb about morality or being nice for a long time and let me win or let me win other comp.It isn’t like that at all.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I guess I just have a hard time between when it goes from game play to mean. I keep teetering back and forth on this one. Yes, I do find some of it funny, but you have to know when to stop. A few times it seems like they went to far. I guess that makes me a flip-flopper? 🙂

      • LindsayB

        Voting out your alliance member or “best friend in the house” is mean. Lying to someone to make a strategic move is mean. Duping someone into trusting you so much they hand you the game is mean. It’s all mean. We just all have our own thresholds of what level of mean we would be comfortable doing if we were playing the game.

      • NKogNeeTow


        I remember when Elena/Elaina(?), Rachel’s sister, was in the house and she was almost tortured by that little sh!thead Frankie(?). He and whoever the other 2 or 3 left in the house came after her so relentlessly that she actually kept herself locked in a room because she was afraid. Production NEVER stepped in. This group isn’t even harassing Grody/Messi nearly as bad as that poor girl got it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying any of it is right. I’m just making a comparison.

      • Avatar

        I remember that NK, but Amanda was the “THE WORST” at the Harassment of Rachel’s sister!!! That Girl was ready to pack up & go home!

        That Season, Big Brother 15 was the Racist Season, which was the Worst, & now BB 19, will be known as the Season of the Bully, which will come in as a close 2nd as the Worst….Smdh?!

      • Avatar

        Comparing the BB house to anything that happened to our POWs in the Vietnam War completely and utterly lessens the horrific abuse and torture that our soldiers suffered at the hands of the Vietcong. Please, do not even put the 2 in the same sentence.

    • Avatar

      Actually you don’t know who’s going home next depending who wins HOH and Jessica/Cody has shown they can compete and win with the entire house against them! So….

    • Avatar

      I think your on crack…..The “house” as you call it is Paul….he is running those idiots they have no power….you seem to forget the competition beast pair of Jess and Cody can win HOH gusss what Paul can’t play for HOH….put up Raven and Paul sounds good to me….win HOH again and again…..

    • Avatar

      Do you watch/read the live feeds or just watch the shows? He has definitely been the leader of getting the others to harass Jody, I wonder if production will air that? I loved Paul up til now.

  9. Avatar

    I have a hard time with people who just lay in bed all the time in the BIg Brother house. Cody and Jessica want everyone to feel sorry for them now because Cody was in the service…. And she just wants to stand by her man….uuugggg I’m sorry if you like these two people but I really can’t handle watching a mini porn all the time with these two or the sad puppy faces like this is the end of the world. There is not one person who has not said bad things about someone in that house…they are all guilty of something….so what who cares IT’S A GAME…have they crossed the line, maybe but the majority of them have at some point. No one should be singled out for being a bully. Cody was to Jason big time last week. They all need to get their heads back in the game and play. I wish they were not allowed to sleep together.. I mean Jess said she was thinking of her mom, that she didn’t sign up for this….ummmm are you telling me you think your mom likes watching you do it on TV but being called out for stuff is not right…oh Brother…it really does gross me out and makes it hard to watch….but at least there is drama and that’s why most people watch Big Brother.

  10. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    If they cut these feeds off one more damn time today, I’m gonna go the hell OFF.

  11. Yael Sara

    I’ve tried putting what Josh says into Google Translate. I got nothin! What the heck is he saying?!

  12. Avatar

    This week of blowups including the latest is music to my ears. I am proud of anybody (Cody & Jess) for standing strong in the face of such major adversity as this past 48 hours has dished out. All season (and it will continue) some consistently get on Cody and Jessica for their behavior (earlier weeks of “bullying” Josh, being scary looking and real intense, being tremendously arrogant, talking trash to house guests, and all that bit). But this ultimate display of the lowest form of sportsmanship orchestrated by the leader of the pack in Paul has confirmed what I felt all this season and really last season, this guy is a straight up loser. I’m proud of Cody and Jess doing what all people should when a bully is around, and that’s stand up to them!! Kudos to Jody!!

    Team Cody (Jess) may never see that final two, but Paul’s clowning and ruthless behavior will in no way shape or form get him to the final two either. These extreme tactics of harassment and intimidation is his MO, he did it with Cody and Jess in previous weeks, he did it to Ramses, he flawlessly executed the bashing of Dom right out of the door, he has turned on Mark & Elana, and has even caused Kevin to view Paul as having a Napoleon (little man) type complex that will need to be eradicated from the house sooner than later.

    I’m a great fan of drama and action packed events that any season of Big Brother can bring, but this season and Big Brothers allowance of this type of disgusting behavior on many of the house guests part, is shame shame on BB production.

    This will be the biggest HOH competition yet up coming, because for the first time this season, nobody is really safe, and all of the spotlight may not be on Jess and Cody being nominated once again. Even though team Paul by a thread still has the numbers. The free ride for everybody is quickly coming to an end (its game on for the entire house)!

  13. Avatar

    I’m appalled by most of the people in that house. At this point, I’d vote for Cameron to win the 500K. Anyone that can support that kind of behavior is equally repulsive 🙂

  14. Edsel

    Great post, I couldn’t agree more. I wondered what was yelled over the wall so thanks for those details.

    • Shivani33

      Not certain of the exact words, but hearing that the bullhorn user yelled that America loves Jess/Paul’s a bully. I noticed that Alex didn’t choose to repeat whatever she heard and said, ” I must have heard it wrong.”

  15. Avatar

    Today reminded me of a bb15 when Amanda lost it and was tormenting Elissa and had her basically confined to the HOH room

    • NKogNeeTow

      Peri, I think hers was even worse. She was in the house by herself and Frankie or Ian or whoever it was and the 2 or 3 HG made her life almost unbearable. She was tormented every waking hour. They would even stand outside her door and yell vile things to her. Production never stepped in once.

    • Avatar

      Season 15 of Big Brother, & BB19 will go down as the worst of the Reality Show called Big Brother, due to the Bullying. And of course BB15 was ruined due to the Racism.

  16. danmtruth

    Paul says Cody creates a hostile environment !?! Soooo just what are you doing Paul What did you do to Dom
    Now Raven saying how Jess is fake around the other women !?! This coming from Americas scam queen
    There is a lot of revisionist history being spread
    once more everyone is going about lie’s because no one else lie’s

  17. Avatar

    I just don’t get it. Did everyone forget how Jess acted when Cody was in power. How Cody treated every single person in the game, including his entire alliance. How he berated Josh and called him less than a man and said he made some sort of “victim noise” (I have never heard one of those before) all this because Josh voted to save Christmas. How about how Cody treated Megan who had done absolutely nothing to him except said something negative about marines apparently. How about how he treated Christmas after she broke her ankle and learned she was having surgery? This list goes on with this guy. The things he has said and done. He has threatened multiple people in the house. The behavior that Jess has enabled. Now Cody is a victim?

    It is a game and Cody and Jess have made about as many wrong moves as someone can make. I am not saying I like the behavior from either side, in fact I can’t stand it. I probably won’t even turn on the feeds tonight because I don’t want to see it. However, Cody has been a terrible GAMEPLAYER. His strategy was to win comps, aim for big targets, and try and intimidate. He failed at every single one of them. When you fail to execute and you in turn tick everyone off, then they are going to react.

    I just don’t get this whole “bullying” thing. Cody and Jess are victims of bad gameplay, not bullying. Their poor game decisions have brought them to this point. Last week they had the power and what did they do? Each other in the HOH room and lock the door. I have no sympathy for them being stupid.

    With that said, if Production hasn’t Hexed the sexual predator nonsense, then they need to do that. There is no place in this game for sexual predator talks, especially when there are real victims that have experienced this horrible thing. It is not something to falsely accuse someone of or to throw around lightly. That is classless.

    • LindsayB

      For some reason there is definitely a lot of short term memory issues around here. Sure, it could be argued that two wrongs don’t make a right and that’s fair. But to say poor Cody/Jessica? Give me a break. They are assholes and are being treated that way. It’s a house full of assholes and I love it. When everyone is hanging out and getting along, everyone bitches cuz they are bored and “nobody’s playing the game”. Now shit is blowing up and it’s too stimulating?

      • Avatar

        I am just left scratching my head.

        Cody has berated Josh and threatened to go on the outside and call him a sexual predator because he tried to sneak peaks at girls in the shower. Calls him less than a man, a victim, disregarded Josh’s emotions after a serious talk with Raven about his grandfather, called him all sorts of names, and charged at him when Josh defended his vote to save Christmas, and its surprising that Josh can’t stand Cody and wants to make his life in the house miserable?

        I get it if you don’t agree with everything going on, but Cody and Jessica are not victims.

      • LindsayB

        I love that everyone is making Cody and Jessica miserable right now. If they’re gonna dish it out, they need to take it too. I am impressed that C&J were able to have all that going on and not react I just hate that they don’t see how they’ve brought this on themselves.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        @lindsayb they don’t call her Messi Jessi the Victim for nothing! Okay, by “they” I mean “I”. But I stand by the name!

      • Painter1

        EXACTLY LindsayB
        , even now Cody talks about the other house guests and not trusting anyone but jess. Why because she puts out? We finally get action and everyone talks about morals. When its slow and boring we wish for this action. Its about 500,000 to the winner and how you get that is up to you, real life chess match. This has been crazy going so far and Im enjoying it.

    • Avatar

      I find this season as Paul vs Cody/Jessica. No one else wants to try to do anything until numbers are down to jury members. Whenever someone is evicted Julie ask them why didn’t you campaign. Campaiging is talking with each houseguest to get them to vote to keep you not making yourself look bad by starting rumors about someone they is trying to get you out of house. You only get called out that way. So far all the houseguest that have been evicted have not tried to get votes. No one wants to socialize. Cody has brought all problems upon himself and Jessica because of his “I’m mightier than anyone” attitude and I should not have to socialize with you because you are a peon. And if you do do what I say there will be hell to pay.

  18. hogwild

    I’m starting to lose a lot of respect for Paul to me this has gone well beyond gameplay and it’s now just him and the rest of the house acting like assholes because they feel like they can and no one can do anything to stop them. When this game ends and they leave that house they may discover to their shock there will be a lot of people who were disgusted by their actions and will give them the same kind of stuff they were dishing out rather it’s Paul or one of the others who wins they may discover that money can buy them a lot of things but class and respect aren’t one of them.

  19. Avatar

    When I was more of a lurker on these threads in the beginning, it seemed to me that a good number of you were rooting for Paul. Do y’all still cheer him on after how he’s conducted himself thus far?

  20. Mel

    It’s strange how 2 big rules are to not intentionally try to get someone to hit you or to self evict. They’ve done both more than once. I didn’t have a problem with the other night because Josh was only trying to annoy. I do have a problem with people trying to provoke a fight. Paul has harped on it for days and days. He mentioned it alot last summer too. Paul has been playing the best game by far but things like tonight are why he’ll never make my best player list. He’s doing it partly as a strategy but he’s also having a temper tantrum. He couldn’t stand the fact that something wasn’t going the way he dictated. How dare Jessica use a game advantage? When hoping someone self evicts or hits you is your only (and apparently 1st choice) game move, it shows you’re desperate. Paul has looked like a puppet master but could it be he’s only successful because most of this house are puppet type people? Anyone can get a well trained dog to sit. Would his limited range of moves work on a different set of people? Would this work with a cast who wanted more than to be seen in as many episodes as possible before willingly going to a jury vacation in the hopes of kick starting a career from BB? Maybe, I dont know. However, I don’t think you’re that great when the only method you have of getting someone out of the house is to get them removed by CBS or to self evict. That’s the culmination of a loud mouth, a bizarre BB cult leader, and a mob mentality…not a great gamer. If I hear chatter with Pauls name linked to the likes of Dan, Will and Derrick anymore, I seriously may vomit. This isn’t coming from a Paul hater either. It’s easy for them to say this. They want him to fail. I’ve always liked Paul, I’m just not remotely impressed with his game anymore.

    • LindsayB

      It’s definitely not his only method. Just one of them.

      • Mel

        What else is he doing Lindsay? He orders people to do things, orders people to stop talking to others and his go to move is instigating annoying harassment to try to get someone to throw a punch or self evict.

      • LindsayB

        You said the only method was her someone removed or self evict. That’s just one of his methods, not the only.

        He has also performed well in comps and manipulated almost everyone in the house to do his bidding. He has most of them blindly following his lead.

      • Mel

        I should have been more clear. I have given Paul credit for several things this season but I meant at this point in the game. That’s the way I should have put it before. Since he heard about the hex, it’s like he’s went into panic mode and has doubled down on ordering people around and the strategy is very clear. (Isolate, terrorize and cause a fight or self eviction) I was super impressed with his initial strategy to give people good advice and then when he had them hooked, give them bad advice. I’m also always impressed when someone has a plan and the can actually execute
        it. He was doing that but bossiness, tantrums and arrogance are causing him to do those things in a more aggressive way. Everyone likes different things and I am more impressed with the subtle mind f*ck. Will, Dan, etc.

      • LindsayB

        Fair enough. I love watching it cuz I just like chaos but I do worry about him sabotaging his game right now. I guess we will see in the coming weeks how he handles the aftermath of this week. I hope he goes all the way to the end and wins the whole thing but also hope people start actually playing the game, even if it gets him voted out.

    • ShoeLover

      Could it be Paul not fully knowing the game last year and playing his heart out only to get played in the end, that maybe this year he has decided at some point he will still play wholeheartedly ( with a little cold hearted vindictiveness taken out on the newbies ) but not be the one who gets played?? Has it gotten out of control or is this his plan? create chaos then sit back and wat,h them all destroy each other and he walks out the door $500,000 richer?

    • Avatar

      YAAAAAAAAAAAS girrrrrrrrrl!!!!! perfectly said. thank you.MELL.

    • Avatar

      Yep, Paul is the low of lows. I didn’t like his smug greatness the 1st time around and it’s much worse this time around. He may be a master manipulator but so was Hitler. He’s the kinda guy who leads the pack to do his dirty work. I mean I could see this happening in any school, etc today and we wonder why teen suicide is up….duh.

      This is no longer a game but a pack of haters doing their thing. Shame on BB and CBS …get rid of Paul …he had his time, jury wouldn’t give him the money and why he’s back is beyond me

      • Avatar

        No, just no. Comparing Paul to Hitler is horrific of you. Hitler killed millions of innocent people; Paul didn’t, period.

  21. kneeless

    Jess’ biggest mistake was opening her damn mouth about the hex. But, I never said she was the smartest player!

  22. AIO_7

    After her behavior today, I guess that Christmas can kiss away America’s Favorite Player.

  23. LindsayB

    Josh cracks me up. He’s all bummed now cuz he just realized he’ll never get Jessica to make him chicken casserole again.

    • Avatar

      Josh is funny. He’s like the world’s brattiest toddler. You can’t help but have the love/hate feels towards him.

      • danmtruth

        @stemmie i like child like people Not bratty manchild like Josh GTF UP

      • Avatar

        That’s what I was saying Dan. He is totally a bratty manchild. It’s like I hate his personality so much that I actually start feeling sorry for the dude. For reals, he’s such an idiot though.

        What does he do for a living? Anyone know? I assume
        living with his mom is probably his only career…*

        *nothing against living with your mom. It just seemed fitting.

      • Avatar

        Oh yes. I remember now. “Hair care sales”

        … wait for it…


        *Again, nothing against people who sell hair care supplies.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I believe his family owns a hair care business. I think I recall him saying its a family owned business and all of them work for it.

  24. Yael Sara

    Cody had just come in letting Jessica know production really wants to talk to her. Curious!

    • Avatar

      I think they kissed her butt and made it all better…she said the woman in DR was so nice to her and wanted to come in and give her(Jessica) a hug

      • NKogNeeTow

        But, but….Wouldn’t that be favoritism?

      • Avatar

        Indeed it is….production has been catering to both her and Cody for weeks….if she doesn’t want to go to DR she doesn’t…if she does not want to wear frog costume she doesn’t…..yesterday she pulls her offended victim act and they let her know everything will be ok…
        People keep saying this season is all about Paul….in a way it is…..it’s the how can we screw Paul over this week

  25. Avatar

    This is, by far, the worst season of Big Brother in a long time. Once again casting has failed miserably. Can they not just find good game players? Instead a bunch of instagram and Tinder bums are cast. Seems good for them on paper but you end up with 2 tramp wannabes who care more about constantly showing their tits, a handful of equally boring and predictable male followers, and about 3 people who were smart enough to be there. Add Paul and they do as expected… check themselves in the mirror, remove their bras and leave their brains on the sideline. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t know that I will finish this season and if it’s cancelled after this flop, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

    • Avatar

      Last wednesday Big Brother did a 6.29 in the Neilson Ratings. The closest to Big Brother was the debut of Little Big Shots Forever Young with a 5.29.

      Do you know how hard it is to get a 6.29 rating in the summer? Big Brother isn’t going anywhere and if chaos like these keeps happening it will be one of the higher ranked seasons.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hi Rachel and Welcome to the Board!

      “This is, by far, the worst season of Big Brother in a long time. Once again casting has failed miserably.”
      We say that every year. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Thank you! I hear what you’re saying, but I haven’t ever thought that it was boring. This is the Paul show. Unfortunately they didn’t really cast anyone that was smart enough to make it anything else. I watched Paul last season I don’t really care to watch him shout his way to the end again. For me, he is annoying, narcissistic, and immature. I’m aware to some other people he’s great television… but to me… yuck. It has become boring. I’ll try to last!

  26. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Can I just say how much I’m enjoying all the respectful disagreement on the board today? Sometimes haters like to come on our board and accuse us of not having a diversity of opinions here. The next time a hater tries to pull that slander, please direct them to either of today’s threads.


  27. danmtruth

    My tablet might not last the evening These people are PATHETIC Raven talks about Cody making her cry Yes that was after Paul told her can you cry on demand You think a con artist like Raven cant cry on demand ? Alex complaining that Jess doesn’t accept to being a bitch like her

    • Mel

      Raven trying to somehow link being a victim of sexual abuse to Jessica calling her out today was a new low even for Raven. I loved when Paul got on his high horse with Jessica over it slamming Cody for upseting Raven and she had to point out that Cody wasn’t even in the room at the time.

  28. danmtruth

    Paul complaining about Jess touching his Ass How he feels violated Can someone tell me WHEN he ever told any of the girls to STOP maybe Elena
    Alex had to chime in that she works with rape survivors who will not enjoy seeing this How about when Jess, Elena, Raven were talking about anal bleaching with some of the boys Stop making shit up

    • Avatar

      I do seem to remember Paul and Kevin having a conversation about Jess doing that and Paul repeatedly telling her to stop. Kevin made the point that if they had done that to one of the girls and they had told them to stop, then they would be in serious trouble.

      This has been one of the more physical houses I have seen in recent years. Last night Elena was acting like she was humping and Josh walked in. Didn’t Paul and Kevin try and pull the covers off of Josh once because he got aroused. It is all a bunch of garbage. This sexual abuse/predator stuff drives me nuts. I hope it doesn’t make it to the edited episodes.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Alex also said the name of the company she worked for. She’d better be careful or she might end up like Gina Marie did when she got out of the house…unemployed.

      • Yael Sara

        That made me curious and I looked her up on LinkedIn.

        Her latest experience on LinkedIn:
        Big Brother Contestant
        Company Name: CBS Corporation
        Dates Employed: Jan 2017 – Present 8 mos

        Didn’t come across that for any of the others I spot checked. No real point to this, had just been curious and sharing 🙂

      • AIO_7

        WalMart? A greeter, maybe?

    • Avatar

      How about how she hits on Jason? She is the pot calling the kettle black. And I understand she is flirting with Jason when she does it, and not meaning harm.

  29. Jannie

    Geez, after reading this post and all of the comments it seems the house is full of a$$holes this year.
    Mob mentality in the BB house is a reflection of our society…just look at the bad behavior from the top.
    Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, you gotta do what you gotta do to win the $$$.
    Give me the psychological plotting of a Dan or Derrick anyday( although I will admit I did enjoy the bad behavior/pot banging of evil Dick). But he did not have “the mob” backing him up.
    I ususally like to root for a strong, smart female, but the only ones I see remotely acting like grown ups are Jason, Kevin and Matt.
    P.S. Love you all…thanks for the entertaining posts and commentary!

  30. Mimi Ryan

    Cody, is a very small person. He wants to see “Josh” suffer. Josh is a man/child and doesn’t really have any impulse control or situational awareness. Jess, well, she hooked herself up w/ a jerk, and she’s not all that either anyway. I’m not thrilled with the Bullying going on. To play, it’s best to play well and smart and not nasty and stupid. This isn’t going to go well, Hex or no Hex, Grossica or Guru Paul. Wanting someone to self evict isn’t much of a game move or play. Going forward, some people might want to rethink this thought process.

  31. Yael Sara

    This may have been previously shared, but just came across it in reading a Raven article


  32. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul might have just slipped up with Mark. They’re having a game conversation, and Mark is saying how he wants to win HOH, put Grossica on the block, so he can “clear his name”. Mark mentions something about distancing himself from Elena for now, at least until Grossica are out of the house. Hopefully, once Grossica leaves they can be close again– if not, he’ll see Elena in October. Paul then says “or in the jury house…” LOL

    Paul, realizing his mistake, quickly tries to clean it up by saying “I mean, hopefully you’re not in jury”. Based on the look on Mark’s face, I don’t think he bought it lol.

  33. Avatar

    Can someone who is nominated play in the Curse temptation AND the power of veto?

  34. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Grossica discussing their future in the BB house. They say it’s almost inevitable that they’ll be split up eventually. Jess says she’s not giving up, she loves to compete, and will never throw a comp. However, if it comes down to it she’d prefer to go home over Cody. Cody says he thinks that’s for the best, because he’s going to stay in the house and torment everyone for as long as possible.

  35. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Elena, cold showers are not that bad. Please wash your ass. Thanks.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Has the paint dried yet? Cause that’s what I feel like I’m watching.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    It must be midnight. Dumb and Dumber are about to start going at it. I can’t wait for MattRess to get kicked out of the house so I can find out where he works downtown and show up at his job with picket signs and a bullhorn.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    I’m just curious. How many of you think that this thing between Messi and Grody will last outside the house? And if you do, for how long? *Humor me, I’m bored.*

  39. Seattle Kari

    I am watching Brother after Dark and And Raven is acting all innocent like she was attacked over and over and did nothing wrong…

    And now Paul is acting all innocent too..


  40. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Josh: “I have never in my 23 years or my life…”

    Josh truly is the Cuban Yogi Berra.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    These damn people are more pissed about their delay to Jury than they are losing the $500K. WTH?!?!?

  42. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    OMG I am so sick of hearing Paul brag about how he’s played this game before. He just snapped at Josh for talking about what how he will act outside the house once the game is over. Paul tells him “You don’t know what it’s like to step outside this house! You’ve never played this game before! I have! You don’t know what kind of tensions build up while you’re inside. I do! So you can’t say what you’re like once you step outside this house, I can!”

    *rolls eyes so hard* This is exactly why I hate having “vets” back in the house. I get so sick of hearing them act like they’ve won freaking Olympic Gold Medal just because they played a reality show game before. Dude get over yourself please.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    The air in the HOH Room must be thinner than anyone else in the house. As soon as anyone walks in there, they lose all sense of propriety. Apparently the room also has an automatic program that once anyone enters, only one subject will come out of their mouths.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    I had to change rooms. Jason and Kevin are more entertaining.

  45. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I guess Matt is trying to make up for speaking up against the group earlier. He’s bashing Cody hardcore now and saying how Cody was pretty much at fault for all the confrontations today, to the point where even Paul and Josh have defended Cody a bit.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Goddammit, as soon as I change room, they keep switching the cam back to the Den of Vipers.

    Hey, come to think of it, that’s a good name for Paul’s side of the house: The Vipers

    Grody and Messi: The Snarks

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Aw sh!t, there goes The Zombie trying to squeeze in what she’s been threw. *rolling eyes so hard they’re rattling in my head*

  48. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Drinking game: every time Paul says he will stand up for the people he cares about, take a shot. Make sure you have a designated driver or Uber available.

  49. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    You know things are bad when I’m relieved to be able to switch to a feed with Mark and Elena.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    I’m starting to hate The Zombie Queen more than I hate Messi.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    See, I’ve always said the Josh is smarter than they give him credit for. He’s making a lot of sense telling The Vipers that by them acting like bullies towards The Snarks, they (Vipers) look like the bad guys and The Snarks look like Romeo and Juliette. He says they should cool it so it won’t look bad. Of course my boyfriend Paul turns it around like it was his idea…lol

  52. NKogNeeTow

    They’ve had more fun at bedtime than they’ve had all day.

  53. jimbo

    Thanks, stevebeans, you said it all. At least I don’t have to be the one to argue what an ass Paul is this time — I can just point them to your column! Hmm….Wonder what Team Paul thinks.

  54. Avatar

    Paul: “I solve bullying by being a bigger bully to the bully.”

    Yeah Paul, that’s really good logic you’ve got there. Then there’s also your theory that Cody has “little man” syndrome coming from a man who is 5’4.
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    I can hardly stomach just reading about all of this chaos, much less watch it..and the picture near the top of the page with Raven fingers letting her true colors come out just about did me in!
    This isn’t all about bashing Paul or Raven etc..

    When the “pick your favorite player” poll came out yesterday, I could not even pick a player just for the hell of picking one.

    I love this show, all of the sneaking and conniving, lying and deceiving in the usual Big Brother mode of play…but THIS kind of “gameplay” is not entertaining to me.
    BB is my little “escape” every year but the past week or so I’m finding myself wanting to escape from the show.
    I realize it’s a game and I truly appreciate good gameplay..but the shenanigans going on this week are leaving me with a pit in my stomach type of feeling..like when you drive by an automobile accident and see someone really injured.

    Still plenty of time to turn it around and I for one sure hope to see that happen!

    Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and observations tonight…especially the ones thay actually made me LOL!
    Peace my friends!

    • Avatar

      You have to remember Paul is thinking like the kid that he is. Remember all of the Disney kids like Frankie’s half sister and Carly from iCarly and Victoria Justice from Victorious and Keke Palmer from True Jackson? Well he’s the same age as those kids. He’s from a spoiled generation and is used to getting his way. I know every generation thinks the generations born after them are spoiled. Mostly because it is true. Who was under 25 coming in this season besides Paul? Ramses- GONE, Cameron- GONE, Jillian – GONE. The only two people left in the house who are under 25 are two fan favorites Josh and Raven. LOL. Probably the two most annoying people in the house all things considered. Paul is just another annoying kid from an entitled generation. He wasn’t even alive for Desert Storm in 1991 so no wonder he has no problem speaking disrespectfully about the military.

      • Avatar

        A lot of world events that involve our military have happened since the gulf war. Having served for 20 years myself dating back to 86′ and retiring in 06′, the Gulf War was a blip in history compared to other events that have happened since then. Events far more bloody, troubling and horrific. I am not a Cody fan at all. He may have served but it was a few years in the Air Force then a few years in the Marines, He obviously couldn’t handle either service branch, which is troubling to me but he did serve and deserves the respect of serving his country. For any member of the house to question his service is indicative of the culture they were brought up in, how they were raised or more so, how easily they can be manipulated by others. It’s a pack mentality that has existed for centuries, it’s not specific to just this house or the millennial generation. Previous generations have had the same self entitled outlook as the current generation when they’re young and think they know everything. You can make a case for every person in the house as being spoiled and self-entitled. Even the oldest member. Look at Kevin. 52 years old but came from a privileged up bringing based on breaking the law. The only saving grace he had was he got knocked on his a$$ by the law a few years ago because of his parents and had everything taken from him. What’s he doing on here? Purely a narcissist himself trying to relive his days of being Mr. Massachusetts and from the baby boomer generation.

        What it comes down to is this:

        The human race is just another species of animal, just more evolved and creative in it’s desire to stay on top of the food chain at any cost. The house is a microcosm of all of us whether we want to admit it or not. The rancor that goes on in that house is no different from what is going on in this forum. We cheer, jeer, complain and make hurtful and derogatory comments in here all the time. *guilty* We attack others in here that do not agree with our perceptions.

        Then we have the BB production team, who frequents these forums all the time to gauge what the outside world is thinking then adjusting the game in anyway they can, mostly to create as much drama as possible for the sake of ratings and revenue to get people to watch the feeds. The money is not with the live show, it’s with the feeds. They can’t put 90% of what’s said or done on the feeds on network TV. You don’t think Paul was told by production to spool it up! Then told to reign it in. They have Psychologists on the production team that keep on eye on it and help plan production moves, they have them in the DR room to help bring the HG’s back down from certain meltdowns. It’s an evil industry that we are all part of. We fuel the industry engine with cash and validate the success of it all with these forums. We are the true manipulators of this game.

      • AIO_7

        So well written and said, Kevin.

      • Avatar

        Thank you, it was the coffee….. lol!

      • Colby

        I believe it is a very unfair judgement for you to say that ‘he couldn’t handle it’.

        Just because he didn’t make it a career, doesn’t mean he couldn’t handle it. The Marines is the toughest branch of service there is, and he obviously handled that. Given his age and years or service, he was obviously very young when he joined. It is not that unusual for people to have served in more than one branch of the military.

        None of us have any idea of what may have been going on in his personal life or why he made the decisions he did.

      • Avatar

        Colby: Point taken! I ask you to go back and read Cody’s comments about how his leadership was Douchbags and that they took the job too seriously. That all of his friends were getting out after 4 years. That tells me he couldn’t handle it. It’s only my assessment. I welcome anyone who knew him back then to refute….

      • Avatar

        Colby: Transcript from a while back….

        Cody – all I wanted to do is fight in a war..
        Cody says career wise being in the marines isn’t good.
        Cody – 90% of the career guys are f***g douchebags.. WAY TOO motivated

        Cody explains that all his friends left after 4 years he didn’t want to be in the military anymore. Adds that he went to sniper school with guys he went to bootcamp with.

        Make your own assessment….

      • Colby

        OK. I guess it is just a matter of word choice.
        To me, not liking something is not the same as not being able to handle it.
        A lot of people don’t like their jobs or the people they work with, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do their job.

  55. Avatar

    I am saddened and disgusted with the behavior going on in the house. What a childish and mentally unstable group of people. Anyone who supports this behavior is no better.

  56. Avatar

    What’s with this Hot Chocolate date between Christmas and Kevin? They are getting flirty with each other… very bad idea…

  57. Avatar

    I know there are Cody haters and maybe people behind Cody.

    What did Cody do that has earned him this malice? Other than going on his own judgment and nominating Paul without consent of other players he was aligned with. Also the getting in Paul’s face. Please give examples of what he said or did. Not a blanket, he is an ass.

    • LindsayB

      Russel laid it out pretty well earlier in the comments.

    • Avatar

      To say that Cody didn’t bully early on in the season is false. he belittled josh and made transphobic/homophobic remarks.With josh, he would talk about “victim noises” and other shit, but all in all he did bully. I still think that this was worse than what Cody did (in my opinion), and she might call it gameplay, I thought it was until it got to a certain point, and then it really needed to stop(again just my opinion)

  58. ElaineB

    If Paul’s name is ‘Bully’ then I am okay with that. I hope it follows him outside the house. Little respect for him last summer, and no respect for him this summer.

  59. Avatar

    Cody has berated Josh and threatened to go on the outside and call him a sexual predator because he tried to sneak peaks at girls in the shower. Calls him less than a man, a victim, disregarded Josh’s emotions after a serious talk with Raven about his grandfather, called him all sorts of names, and charged at him when Josh defended his vote to save Christmas, and its surprising that Josh can’t stand Cody and wants to make his life in the house miserable?

    When did the “charge” occur?

  60. Avatar

    Nothing anyone has said or done has even come close to the things that were said and done by Jason Roy to Shelby in BBOTT!
    Most of the house jumped on Jason’s bandwagon ……..

    • LindsayB

      Jason was a piece of shit. That whole crew was pretty vile. I didn’t care about the verbal stuff but my personal line was crossed when they did the booger, armpit, and chocolate in Krusti’s nasty shoes shit. Shelby was strong enough to take it and give it back with the verbal stuff.

      • Avatar

        Oh I agree Lindsay….I just can’t help but compare when people start attacking Paul or Alex for things they are doing! Cody and Jessica have treated people like s**t most of this season….even last week when Jessica and Cody were back in HOH room….
        I personally have questioned codys military background…..when show started and he was lying about his age he was in marines for 4 years….then his age came out and he jumped it up to 6 years….now he says it was 10 years……also he has described things that have happened and was actually called out on them for being actual scenes from movies…his response was ” oh well they must have made a movie about what happened”…
        Jessica and Cody have had to live only 2 weeks out of the HOH….both weeks they became “victims” and want sympathy for actions that they,themselves created.

      • Avatar

        I have no doubt he served. Both in the Air Force and then in the Marines. He obviously didn’t make it in either service branch. There’s a reason behind that. Now as far as his experiences, only his service record can confirm that or people that actually served with him. In any case, if he is embellishing his career, he will get called out on it by fellow military vets. I know marine vets, if he’s lying they will expose him publicly. All service members who served hate people who portray false valor, Marines especially are disgusted by it. I haven’t seen anything on social media that refutes his claims……YET!

      • Avatar

        @Kevin…..don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying yea or nay…..just saying I too have questioned his honesty about his past…..

      • Avatar

        “when they did the booger, armpit, and chocolate in Krusti’s nasty shoes shit.”

        Ewwwwwww…I had forgotten all about that mess..THAT was sooo gross!!

  61. ingodog

    I have to hand it to Jody for keeping it together when Josh goes around banging those pots, I would totally lose it. Probably get kicked out of the house, because I’m sure someone would have a pot up the side of their head. I don’t like Josh, he is such a drama queen. They are all pretty childish to me. Another observation is Elana really only in her 20s because she looks much older?

  62. Avatar

    What are the chances of a double eviction this week? They would have plenty of time if hex is used?

  63. AIO_7

    I agree with Lindsay…..and why would Production risk another week of sweet JODY love making?

  64. Avatar

    This narcissistic little man Paulie has such a pampered life and he can’t stand anyone thinking for themselves. The failure of his clothing line and his failure last year to beat Nicole has made him obsessed with winning and getting back some of his pride. He is truly the most digusting litle man that big brother has ever let play this game. Raven, Alex, Josh, Matt, Jason and Chriistmas are the dumbest players ever to be manipulated in big brother history. I wish Dominique was still in the game she knew a snake when she smelled one.

  65. jimbo

    So, KEVIN, if you don’t stay in the Marines for life, that means you “can’t handle it?” Do you know how totally moronic that statement is? I know many people who served time in war, and they are no longer in the military. You crapped on all of them. Nice job, jerk. Sorry to use the word jerk — but sometimes it truly fits, KEVIN.

    • Avatar

      Really? I’m speaking of one individual based on his own words and you take my comment and spin it to include all who didn’t make it a career. Are you really that obtuse? Maybe you should go back and re-read the entire post jackass. Sorry to use the word jackass-but sometimes it truly fits.

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