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Live Eviction Updates; Bye Bye Victor



Whew, squeezed everything into one afternoon, but ended up zonking out because of it. Now it’s time to quickly do a live update thread and get ready for the episode tonight. As I write this, I just saw a commercial where people on a roller coaster wear VR masks.  You’d think just being on a roller coaster was exciting enough, but now they want you to wear a mask so it feels like a computer game.

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Enough of random ramblings, let’s begin the updates…

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  1. Watching the intro…do they get to chose their outfits, and what they do …I would think so ….maybe that is why I like Bridge, wearing clothes and flashing a peace sign …..and I LOVE nurses.

  2. Guess they can’t get rid of frank this week. At least Tiffany is not part of the spy girls alliance so she can be targeted and obviously Paul can be targeted too.

  3. Brigette’s not going to nominate her fellow spy girls. Possible house flip? I could use a little more drama in this season.

  4. g8trgrl4life

    Well, there goes the plan to evict Frank.

  5. The Frank plan is not dead. They still have Roadkill.

  6. Shivani33

    Frank can happily dictate who gets nominated to his pal, Bridgette. If she really wants to protect a women’s alliance, he’ll be glad to offer up Paul again and still push her to nominate that thorn in his side, Tiffany. If she doen’t bite for Tiffany and insists on nominating two guys, there are a couple of those on Frank’s mind, too. He’s talked about Corey and Paulie and even James needing to go soon. Of course, he also told Corey and Paulie that the three of them are the ultimate final three. Come on, Roadkill!

  7. danmtruth

    With The half Baked Gidget Bridget as HoH no one on Franks team can be nominated. Will she give her HoH to The Southeren Snake Frank and Primping Pimp Paulie to chose? Looks like V2 is the Target With Pawwlee Bearded one as a pawn Just as a fun week Put Nichole and/or Corey on the block With V2 up it will be fun no matter

  8. danmtruth

    Keep in mind 5 guys and 8 girls So things get interesting with voting numbers only 9 votes

  9. I think Gidget will nominate Paul, and maybe V2. Or she could nominate Paul and maybe James.

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