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Meltdowns and Backdoor Plans Highlight Live Feeds



Well, last night’s opening night on the feeds wasn’t exactly Joey streaking through the house, but it was also clear this cast wasn’t going to simply roll over to intimidating players, either. This could make for a season full of tension, and possibly fewer predictable weeks.

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The feeds opened with the Jace deciding to host a little greeting for the feed viewers (they were aware when the feeds were set to go live). He introduced everyone, and it seemed harmless – at the time. As we learned through the night, his ‘hosting’ was just one of many things that has earned him a huge target on his back this week. Apparently Jace has been pretty vocal about a lot of things, and he has also blatantly aligned himself with ‘The Mountain’ (Austin). Despite not being on the block, there is still a PoV to be played, and a chance we already know who the first to walk out the door will be.

As far as what happened during the last week. Here is a brief recap..


James and Jason won HoH (as you knew), and James nominated Jackie and Steve, while Jason nominated Becky and John (note: WAY too many ‘J’ names this season).  Becky and John won the BotB, which left Jackie and Steve up on the block – for now.

When the feeds came on, I thought for sure Jackie was screwed, but as the night progressed, we learned of the backdoor option that could still happen (depending on the PoV). A large majority of the house want to backdoor Jace and vote him out, which would make the ‘laid back surfer’ the first evicted two out of the last three seasons. It’s not a guarantee by any means, but as of today, Jace should not feel comfortable at all.

Now, the meltdown. Vanessa was really having a tough time of things last night. It seemed to have started during the introductions when they gave their family shout-outs, but carried on and on and on and on. The three hours I had the feeds on, Vanessa was crying whenever she was on.  Was it fake?  Or was she just having a rough night? This early in the game, either is very possible simply because we’re at the point now when the dust is settling, and things are getting real. Many of these people really wont’ see anyone but each other for the next 3 months.

Today will be the first full day of the feeds, so I’ll have a thread going in a few hours.  The house was up very late last night, so I don’t expect much movement for at least another hour or two at best.  I’ll be sure to update social media when things are stirring once again!


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  1. Avatar

    “but it was also clear this cast wasn’t going to simply roll over to intimidating players, either. This could make for a season full of tension, and possibly fewer predictable weeks”

    From your post to the BB gods.


  2. Avatar

    That has to be a BB record, ‘homesick’ on the first day with tears and all, it will be one hard to beat, unless faked. Congrat Vanessa.

  3. danmtruth

    Quick first impression The rock-n-roll dentist is annoying as hell John you have a mike STOP YELLING. Once mor a lot of young immature people . If Vanesa is such a big poker player why dosent DaVonno know of her . Hope each week it’s an old twist from past shows

    • Avatar

      With due respect to the HG’S just based on their recent conversations; I have to say unfairly, but not surprised; ‘they are as clueless about the real real world, even before they moved into the house, ‘but that be our young-ins who were taught what to think, not how’.

    • Avatar

      Because Day works in Inglewood California at the Hollywood Park Casino and Commerce Casino. Vanessa plays mostly Tournament s in Las Vegas so there paths never cross. Those 2 places are like worlds apart and might as well be on different Continents.

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