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Your Source For Big Brother 24 Spoilers
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New Information About Big Brother Online (Fall Version)

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I know I’m supposed to be on vacation, but when you got a blog, you got a responsibility. If information gets leaked, you don’t sit on it for an hour and then call it quits. You get off your ass and blog that f’n story (Billy Madison reference, for those too young to get it)

Zap2it spoke with some producers of the show, and got a little more dirt on the show, and early feedback (from me) is positive.  Here are the cliffnotes:

  • Veterans
    Don’t expect any. Big Brother was renewed for 2 additional summer seasons, so they’re saving any big named returners for those seasons. Will there be the cousin of the roommate of someone who once had sex with Paulie?  Possibly, but don’t expect anything like we’ve seen in the past few seasons as far as ‘star power’ (verdict: good!)
  • Competitions
    They won’t be as elaborate setups, but they may play out longer (more endurance style?).  Feeds also won’t be blocked during competitions, which saves me from watching stupid Jeff Loops and his painfully awkward interviews with evicted cast members. Seriously, how did Jeff get that job? He was only mildly funny in a candid setting inside the house, but reading a script is not for him.
  • Scheduled Content
    If you like tuning in on Sun, Wed, or Thur nights to CBS for a summary episode, it sounds like they’re going to be keeping that similar theme. Of course, just not on CBS.  I don’t know the days, or even if they’ll be hour-long episodes, but it’s also not just going to be watching the feeds.  Everyone likes a good edited show, even me (especially when they can quickly pull up referenced clips, like last night’s ‘under the bed’ incident with Natalie).
  • Active Feeds
    Seeing as the entire thing will be online, and this is a whole new testing ground for them, production may really go in on these poor souls. Producer Allison Grodner basically said it sucks watching them sleep, so they’re going to give them reasons to be awake.  This could be a number of things including punishments, early morning competitions, endurance competitions, etc. Of course they’ll be allowed to sleep at night (sometimes), but I think they’re referring to the constant napping throughout the day.
    Please, she mentioned ‘without the restrictions of broadcast TV to make it a bit more interesting’… you had me at ‘without restrictions’.

Overall, it sounds like they’re treating this upcoming fall season as it should be treated. A testing ground for a new generation of Big Brother. Let’s face it, summer BB is stale at times.  It took half the cast evicted before someone finally made a damn big move, and that someone was only in the show because he won competitions to get back in after he was evicted early. If they didn’t have the pre-jury buyback this season, we’d be sitting there watching Natalie and Michelle on the block and Paulie running around with a crown on his head. I don’t care if you like Paulie, or hate Paulie, that’s boring TV, and boring feeds.  By using this fall season as a testing ground, I am hoping they not only cast a wider variety of people, but also people who aren’t just using this as a launching pad to their modeling career.

If you’re upset that you can’t watch the feeds because you’re in Canada, or don’t want to pay.. don’t worry. I’ll be sitting here all fall blogging, and I’ll do my best to add more screenshots, and better updates as I know there are people who simply can’t watch the show at all. You guys are what make blogging fun, so I don’t want to leave you in the dark with vague nicknames and inside references you are clueless about.

(Note – I FULLY encourage nicknames for these people in the comment section. Maybe we’ll even try to come up with official nicknames for people and we’ll have a glossary of the nicknames and abbreviations so people aren’t like … who the hell is ‘sunburn??’)



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