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New Information About Big Brother Online (Fall Version)



I know I’m supposed to be on vacation, but when you got a blog, you got a responsibility. If information gets leaked, you don’t sit on it for an hour and then call it quits. You get off your ass and blog that f’n story (Billy Madison reference, for those too young to get it)

Zap2it spoke with some producers of the show, and got a little more dirt on the show, and early feedback (from me) is positive.  Here are the cliffnotes:

  • Veterans
    Don’t expect any. Big Brother was renewed for 2 additional summer seasons, so they’re saving any big named returners for those seasons. Will there be the cousin of the roommate of someone who once had sex with Paulie?  Possibly, but don’t expect anything like we’ve seen in the past few seasons as far as ‘star power’ (verdict: good!)
  • Competitions
    They won’t be as elaborate setups, but they may play out longer (more endurance style?).  Feeds also won’t be blocked during competitions, which saves me from watching stupid Jeff Loops and his painfully awkward interviews with evicted cast members. Seriously, how did Jeff get that job? He was only mildly funny in a candid setting inside the house, but reading a script is not for him.
  • Scheduled Content
    If you like tuning in on Sun, Wed, or Thur nights to CBS for a summary episode, it sounds like they’re going to be keeping that similar theme. Of course, just not on CBS.  I don’t know the days, or even if they’ll be hour-long episodes, but it’s also not just going to be watching the feeds.  Everyone likes a good edited show, even me (especially when they can quickly pull up referenced clips, like last night’s ‘under the bed’ incident with Natalie).
  • Active Feeds
    Seeing as the entire thing will be online, and this is a whole new testing ground for them, production may really go in on these poor souls. Producer Allison Grodner basically said it sucks watching them sleep, so they’re going to give them reasons to be awake.  This could be a number of things including punishments, early morning competitions, endurance competitions, etc. Of course they’ll be allowed to sleep at night (sometimes), but I think they’re referring to the constant napping throughout the day.
    Please, she mentioned ‘without the restrictions of broadcast TV to make it a bit more interesting’… you had me at ‘without restrictions’.

Overall, it sounds like they’re treating this upcoming fall season as it should be treated. A testing ground for a new generation of Big Brother. Let’s face it, summer BB is stale at times.  It took half the cast evicted before someone finally made a damn big move, and that someone was only in the show because he won competitions to get back in after he was evicted early. If they didn’t have the pre-jury buyback this season, we’d be sitting there watching Natalie and Michelle on the block and Paulie running around with a crown on his head. I don’t care if you like Paulie, or hate Paulie, that’s boring TV, and boring feeds.  By using this fall season as a testing ground, I am hoping they not only cast a wider variety of people, but also people who aren’t just using this as a launching pad to their modeling career.


If you’re upset that you can’t watch the feeds because you’re in Canada, or don’t want to pay.. don’t worry. I’ll be sitting here all fall blogging, and I’ll do my best to add more screenshots, and better updates as I know there are people who simply can’t watch the show at all. You guys are what make blogging fun, so I don’t want to leave you in the dark with vague nicknames and inside references you are clueless about.

(Note – I FULLY encourage nicknames for these people in the comment section. Maybe we’ll even try to come up with official nicknames for people and we’ll have a glossary of the nicknames and abbreviations so people aren’t like … who the hell is ‘sunburn??’)


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  1. JD

    Best. Blogger. Ever! Have a great vacation Paul. Misery and I will be waiting for your return.
    Annie Wilkes
    Haha Seriously you and your family have a great time you deserve it!!

  2. Jannie

    The Puppy that Lost it’s Way!!

    After watching last nights show, I hate Paulie more than ever. What an arrogant, entitled little SOB.
    See Ya

    • AIO_7

      Jannie; yep, and that sob story about his aunt is the worst. If he was so worried about her then why come on the show at all? He also has plenty of other family members back home to help take care of her. Plus, she probably never liked Paulie anyway.

      I think he is just making up an excuse to not stay in the Jury House.

  3. Avatar
    CuriousCanadian (1 comments)

    Thanks for the update. Any idea why the live feeds are not accessible in Canada going forward? Doesn’t make sense, if you ask me.

  4. AIO_7

    O.K., O.K., I, even I, am a little disappointed at Mary Ann sniveling because some people made fun of her FT’s. Come on, girl, toughen up and win a competition. Mary Ann doesn’t “deserve” to win 1st or 2nd, but I am hoping she wins AFP.

    Vic. and Paul deserve to be F2.

    I’m also predicting that whoever has the Round Trip Ticket (assuming Paulie doesn’t) will be a Golden Power of Veto recipient. Think about it, that’s what the prize is.

    P.S. I haven’t read the updates yet so I apologize if this has been talked about.

    • Avatar

      Nat Nat should act tough but the comment Paulie mad about her FT(fake Tits)made me cringe and yeah I would her to win AFP I would of wanted Bridgeete to take it too but I don’t know I like both Frank and Bridgette and starting to like Nat Nat so it depends god it’s going to be hard to choose also yeah in want Paul and Victor to be in the final two in BB and I’m happy to see King Paulie to be Dethrone and crying like a little baby lol also I’m still teamBridgette cause I might vote for her to get AFP but if Nat Natstarts winning comps like i don’t see her winning any so far if she stops whinning about it cause that annoys me the most about her but she is acting tough a little and Bridgette was too so yeah I will have to wait and see

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (8351 comments)

        *Whew* I think that just went down as the longest sentence in history. Still love you though 🙂

    • caRyn

      The overall comments about her appearance is what is getting to Natalie and the fact that she has gained weight since being in the BB house makes her more self conscience. She said she cannot fit into her clothes. She fought the comments but know with the weight gain the comments are getting to her. Even though they are old comments.

  5. AIO_7

    Steve, I think “sunburn” is Meech. You can ask NKog, I think it is one of her nicks.

  6. Avatar

    I’m watching last night’s BBAD & I am just down right embarrassed for Paulie’s family because they’re going to have to deal with his craziness when he gets home. He is really making an ASS of himself. He’s begging, pleading & lying while tripping over lie after lie. He really might be in need of psychological help after he goes home because he doesn’t seem like the type of person that can handle finger pointing & people laughing & talking about him & Ooh, it will happen.

  7. kneeless

    I wish Paulie would just STF up. He keeps repeating the same thing, it’s like he’s on a loop. Wah, wah, wah, I can’t believe he is such a big crybaby at 27 yrs old. Grow up & grow a pair! If this is his attempt at a ‘Dan type’ funeral he’s got a long way to go. He doesn’t want to go to jury with ‘the people’ there. Well buddy, maybe you should have thought about that before you screwed them all over. He is sinking lower & lower every day. Let’s fast forward to Thursday, PLEASE!

  8. kneeless

    Oh, I get it now, Paulie is auditioning for “The Real Douchebags of New Jersey.” I say he’s made the cut!

  9. Alda
    Alda (1849 comments)

    Did anyone notice when bringing up the aunt with cancer he first stuttered and said”My grandmoth-I mean aunt has cancer.” I thought of Johnny Fairplay from Survivor right away!!

    • kneeless

      Of course he backpedaling & said his grandma beat cancer & his aunt is terminal. I hope he’s not lying, although I am sorry if he aunt is terminal, because I lost my mom to a long-fought battle with cancer & it is not something to take lightly. That being said, one should never bring that into gameplay. If on day one he would have said something like, ‘I am playing & dedicating this season to my aunt ______” that would at least established he does have a terminal aunt. But to bring it up on day 60 whatever, makes me suspicious.

  10. Avatar

    Veto wasn’t used so Paulie’s crazy ass is one step closer to walking out that door. Yaaaay!!!

    • Avatar
      Jenny (1 comments)

      Woohoo! Ironically after all the “Im not gonna campaign against my boy”….thats the 1st thing he did with Vic when the feeds came back on. “Give me one more week to help further yours and Pauls game” Smh. Get him outta there!!

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  12. Mel

    Veto not used

  13. Mel

    My thoughts on ACP if you want Nicile/Corey out:
    If you like vic-vote for vic since he can’t play hoh
    If you like paul-vote for vic and increase sitting ducks chances of being safe, Paul could get him and if he doesn’t- Viv won’t put him up
    If you like michelle- vote for vic since michelle may be the one most likely to still work with Nicole
    *someone in this new group gets screwed tho if nicole and cory wins hoh and the veto.
    I’ve been voting Vic but any bether ideal are welcome. Lol

  14. Avatar
    DebMuse (135 comments)

    I LOVE nicknames! It cracked me UP when you referred to Michelle as Big Cry!

  15. Avatar

    I really hope Paul, Vic & James are careful making their plans to get the Rat & Bambi out because nobody knows for sure who’s getting the care package or who the next HOH is going to be, not to mention the veto. If Bambi or the Rat end up with all 3 or even just 1 of them, it could cause a lot of damage because we all know who they would go after. They need a plan B just to be on the safe side.

    • Mel

      I think it’s fine if they get 1 as long as it’s only 1. If they get anything let’s hope it’s HOH. That way one of them will be on the Block and the other one can’t vote. Cory’s #’s are rising in care pkg polls. Michelles way ahead but I don’t trust her not to want to keep Nicole at some point. There were stories about clay from last season knowing Cory. If that true, I hope clay fans, nicole fans and people who only watch TV show can’t rally enough votes for that dufus

  16. Mel

    I’m loving pauls new plan. It’s a little devious but smart! Nicole may actually have to tell some of her secrets finally trying to save Cory!

    • Avatar

      What are Nicole’s secrets?

      • Mel

        I guess secrets was the wrong word to use. I just think in the process of having to start campaignin for Cory, she will throw Paulie utb. If she does this, she will have to end up admitting she knows alot more about paulies game than she has let on. She keeps telling everyone she’s never known anything and she’s just been along for the ride. She may find a way to have cory do it and leave her out of it but I don’t think so.

      • caRyn

        Or Nicole may campaign by saying why Corey staying would be good for their game if they keep him. She is known for that. Making future deals.

      • Avatar

        Nicole doesn’t know anything about Pauline’s game than anyone else now knows. It was a boys alliance. James, Paul, Corey and Vic know lots more than Nicole. Nicole knows nothing to tell. Nicole also knows they are all after Paulie and she and Corey are also just as disgusted with how Paulie have been talking and have both tried to talk to him to stop his inappropriate actions. Paul has actually encourages Paulie and I think nat really enjoying it also. All that flirting Paulie did with her and that’s all it was- flirting and nat was just as bad with him. They just didn’t show that. If it had really bothered her she would have said something to him or someone else at the time. She’s not shy about speaking her mind. Her excuse is she’s a flirty person! So it’s ok for her to tease and flirt with Paulie but not for him to do same to her. That’s why Paulie is so upset but no one seems to get that. Everyone of boys except James were doing the FT comments and Paul was worst one!! I haven’t heard Paulie telling anyone that to take up for himself. If everyone was honest with themselves they would admit they see ppl on tv or in their lives and say “she has fake boobs”. I do it all the time and it’s not meant as something bad it’s just that it’s obvious with most ppl that have them. Nat made everything Paulie said seem so much worse than it was. She cried wolf when there was no wolf. And I don’t like Paulie. This was start of hor day got frank out. Statements he made were all in jest and didn’t bother day as all but she acted later as if it did. Both of them were laughing and kidding with the other.

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (8351 comments)

        TRUDY! Put DOWN the Kool-Ade and slowly back away from the table.

  17. kneeless

    Who thinks Paulie will be booed on Thursday? Not saying he should or shouldn’t but curious what others think? Didn’t Christine get booed because of her antics with Cody. Of course she was married & that irked folks. Just wondering what you all think.

    • Avatar

      They ask the audience not to boo now because it’s classless. If most of ppl on this forum were in audience they would boo!!

    • JD

      He won’t get booed. CBS controls the audience more since then. Frankie was going to get booed big time but the audience was shelled. He came out not knowing how much he was hated. Besides there are Paulie fans clubs all over. Once he’s out of BB he will be fine. Lots of people will be around to feed his ego back up. Give CBS a hand at good edits. Unless you see feeds or BBAD you don’t see the real Paulie.

  18. Avatar
    Virginia (2 comments)

    I can’t believe this bunch of house guest give them stacks of card none of the can’t figure out how to make deck of cards polish. And cardboard, Pauline is arrogant. I only hope this not a way for those three Paul,Pauline, and victor are planning to get James his is a very good players

  19. JD

    Corey doesn’t have to campaign to stay. Paulie’s taking care of campaigning for him by his tantrums and double talking. Paulie would have had a better chance of staying if he had shut up and layer low. Might not have worked but the more Paulie “doesn’t” campaign the more the getting himself out the door.

  20. caRyn

    Paul will flip just as quick as Michelle. If Nicole and Corey have advantages or if Paulie somehow stays in the game, Paul will blend right back in with them.

    • Avatar

      Caryn. How right you are. He’s the real rat in game. He’s been keeping all his options open telling everyone he has their back. That’s so he can flip right back if needed but also help him with jury votes. Everyone in jury thinks Paul fought to keep them but was over ruled

      • caRyn

        Paul has a great social game with them all. They have no idea of what all he knows, what all he has said and what all he has truly been involved in with the game.

    • nkogneetow
      nkogneetow (8351 comments)

      The other night Vic and Paul were in the SR saying how the house is now divided and the 2 of them were in the middle. They said it was the perfect place for them to be and if the power shifts to one side of the house, they run that way, if it shifts to the other, they run that way. Then they held hands and skipped back and forth across the SR…..it was funny as hell.

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