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Nicole And Paul Think Natalie Has Hidden Secrets – Can’t End Soon Enough



T-minus 30 or so hours until Big Brother 18 is over…. wait, I think T-minus is supposed to be an accurate number. Don’t they use that for shuttle launches?   I can see it now… “T-minus about a minute until launch”. Probably wouldn’t go very well.

Before I talk about Big Brother, I want some suggestions for how to handle Survivor this winter.  Seeing as I’d probably only post recaps like once a week (I can’t really think of what else to actually post), should I bother with a different site, or just post it here under a Survivor category?  Big Brother is easier to blog because it’s happening as I type this, but Survivor already happened. We’re all at the mercy of CBS and their schedule.  I can probably search for spoilers, but I heard some site got sued for posting that, so I’d rather avoid that area.  I have survivorjunkies.com, but I haven’t updated it in years and would have to modernize the layout to make it more mobile friendly.  I suppose that may be the better option?  Just start posting there, and modernize it when I have time?  Thoughts, suggestions?  Keep BBJ as Big Brother only?

Alright, now on to the house. The house is clearly running out of stuff to talk about because now they’re speculating on whether or not Natalie had some super secret like she’s really a rich CEO of a company. I mean I guess it kind of fits. Playing some ‘ditz’ role to get by early on is no different than the Ian ‘harmless’ strat. I did point out early on a few times how surprisingly she was the only one of the noobs who actually seemed aware of potential flaws in their ridiculous plans that Jozea had.  She also apparently has a multi-millionaire friend and rarely talks about it.  Obviously, she’s hiding it from us as well if true, but I am just saying I guess it’s not too crazy for them to think so considering last year’s 3rd place finisher was a secret millionaire.


It’s also funny just listening to them talk about junk now that little matters. They’ve been pretty open about their games this season if the topics ever come up. They’re clearly just waiting for this day to go by so they can get on with their lives, and it’s hard to blame them.

With that, here are some updates

  • 12:30pm – Paul is talking about Corey’s dumb comment “momma didn’t raise no bitch”, and how ‘not-Corey’ that was.
  • 12:55pm – Paul is yelling at his sister through the camera saying he’s going to put her on the block when he gets home
  • 7:00pm – I forgot I had the update thread going. Oops. Watching some TV, I’ll check in on the feeds shortly. This thread was honestly to get opinions on the survivor blog anyway
  • 8:50pm – In 24 hours, the house will be gearing up for Big Brother: Over the Top. James is already fast asleep, and Paul and Nicole are having a conversation in the safari room
    • I really hope Nicole doesn’t screw over Paul. I will be really, really disappointed in her if she does.
  • Wait, I flashed back to Nicole practicing her speech. She really is strongly considering taking James.  I may puke
    • nicole-thinking
    • This will be 50x worse than a bitter jury voting for Ian. Note – Ian’s season wasn’t bad, in fact it was quite good, I just think Dan’s was amazing.
  • 6:14pm – Nicole tells herself that she isn’t taking Paul, and he has to know it. There is no way he’s taking her, either, so she shouldn’t feel guilty.
  • 9:25pm – Jumped back to live. Paul is telling Nicole how he wants to take her, but she wants to make sure he’s not BS’ing her
    • This is because James is not doing anything, so they both think that the other person is taking James
    • Paul basically tells Nicole straight up that if she didn’t take him, he would never speak to her again. Not because she didn’t take him, but because there is really no reason to play it out right now as the game is over and it’s in the jury’s hands. If she was stringing Paul along and she doesn’t take him, he won’t talk to her.  If she was up front, he would have more respect and not be a baby (and I agree)
    • Nicole is still stressing because she wonders what if she can win against James and not againt Paul, and her decision loses it.
    • She asks him why he isn’t freaking out about that, and he says because his mind is made up.
  • 10:00pm – Anyway, they are still talking, Nicole is still freaking out. Paul is getting nervous now.  At this point, I guess it’s up in the air.  I will say, whether it is his plan or not, playing dead this season has everyone wondering about James. Appearing to not give a crap could possibly land him in the finals… go figure.

I will post an afternoon thread probably reflecting on the season, rambling, and all that fun stuff.  Then I will obviously have a live thread going to see who wins it all…

In a week, we start again


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  1. AIO_7

    ” Keep BBJ as Big Brother only?”


  2. Kari B.
    Kari B. (164 comments)

    Personally I don’t mind how you want to work the whole Survivor thing, I’m just excited that you’re considering doing it. I had no idea that you even did.

    Clint you really not supposed to do spoilers with Survivor, perhaps just a basic chat area where we can talk about what’s going on and give her opinions do who we like who he thinks a dip shit? 😉 LOL

  3. Kari B.
    Kari B. (164 comments)

    Clint? Not sure how that got in there what I said was “being that you aren’t really supposed to post spoilers…”

  4. Mell
    Mell (4499 comments)

    I suggest doing it right here but under its own category. It keeps it separate but easy to access. Thanks for great updates this summer and I look forward to your it this fall.

  5. Avatar
    Cathy (6 comments)

    INicole looking in the mirror with that weird smile and check her chin to make sure she hasn’t got chubby So weird

  6. Avatar
    ChadGS13 (1 comments)

    I’d totally help with a Survivor Blog. It needs to be done like a sports post game wrap up.

  7. Colby

    I would love for you to do a Survivor recap post once a week with a comments section.
    I never knew survivorjunkies.com existed. I went and looked at it and think it would be fine except I didn’t see a comments section. Did I just miss that?
    Posting it here under a Survivor category might work, except that I think the comments about BB and Survivor may become intertwined by commenters watching both.
    I know there are many, like myself, that don’t intend to follow the upcoming season of BB, and I personally wouldn’t want to weed through combined comments to ‘chat’ about Survivor.
    But that’s just my opinion, since you asked.

    • stevebeans

      You make a good point. A Survivor update here wouldn’t really disrupt the BB fans, but Survivor fans would hate to filter through all the BB posts for their content. Right now I don’t have a good way to split the categories in a user-friendly way, so it’s probably best to stay on it’s own site

  8. Shivani33

    Paulie has a meet-and -greet coming up, posted as being Oct. 8th, with admission prices from $10 to $60, at a place called iPlay America’s Event Center, Game Time Bar & Grill, Freehold, N.J. There is a rumor going around that the event will be attended by Derrick and Cody. My cousin sent me an email about this, titled “You Are Now Entering the Twilight Zone.” All righty, then. Great balls of fire!

  9. Alda
    Alda (1333 comments)

    I would love to be able to chat about Survivor with you guys.I know Caleb is on this season.I have made a few friends from this site and we’re on facebook together.WE critique Survivor and Amazing Race.It’s a lot of fun.So whatever works for you all is fine,Steve.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      …did not see Caleb in the Survivor cast …

      • Mel

        I haven’t seen the cast list. Jamea told Nicole and Paul that he just did it for the 2nd time and was back home already. I don’t know about it myself tho.

      • Avatar
        Rosie75 (1 comments)

        Would love to see Caleb on Survivor again.

      • Avatar
        Raider34 (328 comments)

        Caleb is rumored to be on the next survivor not this one

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1269 comments)

        didn’t Caleb have to get air-lifted out because of extreme heat exhaustion? Thought I read that his body temperature shot up and stayed dangerously high and it took him a long time to recover…

    • Avatar
      Susan B (27 comments)

      Thank you for all of the fun reading this summer. I don’t know if I would be a loyal follower of Big Brother if I didn’t have this site to tell the full story. I do not get the feeds because I would not be able to function at work if I did. The temptation to watch too much when I shouldn’t keeps me from subscribing. So I rely on all of you to tell me what is going on. Thanks, again! Susan B

      On a side note: I have not joined Steve’s FB page because I don’t want all the emails telling me someone has posted. But I will join if someone will tell me how to stop the emails. Thanks.

      • ShoeLover

        Just select which notifications you want sent to email. I am friends with them on FB and that notification is off. Just got to your notification settings in Facebook and you have all kinds of options what you can have sent to your email.

  10. Alda
    Alda (1333 comments)

    I wouldn’t mind driving up to see Derrick and Cody,but I’d pass on Paulie.So,I’ll be staying home.Oh yeah,what about Z? I guess he forgot to include her.

    • Shivani33

      It’s not easy for me to believe the rumor about Derrick attending. That’s how come it’s a rumor. I went to the website of iPlay, and only Paulie is advertised. For the $10, you only get in to the place and have to pay more for the meet-and-greet with him. For me , it seems very surreal and reminds me of a South Park spoof of Tom Cruise. Or like I’m a visitor to planet earth whose tourist visa has expired.

      • Avatar
        Teagan (4 comments)

        When you go to the actual FB page once you have followed/joined, you can go to edit notification settings and chose to not be notified but still have access to the page. I have had to do this a few time with different pages. Hope that helps!

  11. Avatar
    Karen (189 comments)

    I’m excited that you’ll be willing to do a Survivor chat. Where ever you do it s ok by me.

  12. Avatar
    Kristine (207 comments)

    Survivor on here is great. I won’t be watching the fall bb.

  13. Helen
    Helen (4875 comments)

    What that snake is getting ready to do to Paul is wrong on so many levels I can’t even….
    I sincerely hope by taking James she loses to James with a vote of 9 to 0
    She literally makes me want to puke

  14. Avatar
    Victoria (21 comments)

    Watching the live feeds for a couple of minutes and reading jokers, I get the sense that Nicole has had a brain fart. Who in the hell practices a speech like she does. It is almost as if she is brainwashing herself into believing she played a good game. I am so over Nicole and James

  15. Mel

    Nicole is taking James if she wins HOH for sure. She’s in the process of convincing herself that Paul wouldn’t take her either. That’s how she works. She has to give herself a pep talk and justify her moves. I’ve gone back and forth with things she’s said but she’s also told Paul that Cody would have beat Victoria 7-2 if he had taken her. (she lives by 16) She’s not going to gamble on Paul. She’s going to gamble on the jury seeing James is Victoria and she is Cody. It’s done imo unless Paul wins.

    • Helen
      Helen (4875 comments)

      Yup I am afraid that’s true. I am gonna check on here tomorrow evening and if Paul loses this final HOH I’m not even going to watch the season finale. I would never have believed that it was possible to dislike someone you have never met as much as I dislike snacole but I do.

      • Alda
        Alda (1333 comments)

        Same here

      • Avatar

        I don’t understand the why people are so down on Nicole. She’s playing the same type of game men in past seasons have, but she the snake?

      • Mel

        I don’t mind her game. I don’t think it’s that great but what game she’s played, I can handle.(Other than it screwing the player I want to win) I have a problem with all the stuff she’s done that didn’t help her game and had nothing to do with game. I can’t remember watching a man play like this (catty, petty, whiny, victim, telling so many lies about people who are already gone) so I can’t compare.

  16. Avatar

    Posting about Survivor would be awesome. My only request would be keep the blog about the show, and personal things, such as trips, how you talk to your cat etc. I log in to get updates about BB, not about unrelated topics.

  17. Alda
    Alda (1333 comments)

    I have no respect for Nicole whatsoever.Every poll I’ve looked at feels Paul deserves this.Julie wants Paul to win.I hope when this is over Nicole sees what people really think of her.If Paul doesn’t win part 3,I will literally throw up! She doesn’t want to tell James her decision because she doesn’t want him to be prepared with a speech.What a snake she really has turned out to be!

    • Avatar
      Victoria (21 comments)

      I feel exactly the same about Nicole! I hope all of the females on the jury realize that Nicole lives her life threatened by other women; I can only assume this has been a lifelong problem for Nicole. It also clarifies why she has had to cling to males for two seasons. She is a joke!
      What I also find strange is that she actually thinks Cory was one of the strongest players this season, which I did not see. In fact, though Cory is not very bright, I think his game would have been better without Nicole.

      The two remaining vets think they have played a good game, when in fact they were both played by Cory and Natalie. I guess James and Nicole will see this when they watch the show!

  18. caRyn

    Whatever works best for you, works for me. I am thankful you are considering doing this for us. I love Survivor and Jeff Probst.

  19. Shivani33

    This choice of Nicole’s to ditch Paul is dependent on her winning that last comp. There’s still that river to cross. Many of us will be watching closely to see if the last comp will be a fair fight…or not. I have thought consistently that Nicole would choose James over Paul, with the only possible deviation from her plan coming if she believed that she would beat Paul before the jury. She has more confidence that she can beat James with the jury than Paul. She has already rehearsed his demolition as a do-nothing comp thrower whose primary interest was Natalie, just like he was with Meg last Season.

    There’s that vet alliance and remarks by both James and Nicole about engaging in mutually beneficial bribes to factor in, too. Another big consideration she’s likely to have had conflict about is her “image,” knowing that if she screws over Paul and sticks with James, her image is going to take big hits. I think this has been a major source of her display of hesitancy – the need to look good.

    What has been painful is how long she’s taken to pull her “screw Paul” train into the station. Has her way of playing been built on being trustworthy or honest? From my observation, no. Her gameplay has been the very opposite, based upon clever deceitfulness, leading her to be identified as a “snake” and a backstabber. The nice girl shtick is covered with warts and lesions, but she smiles as she stabs, to let her victim know that she is in the right, and that it is the all the victim’s fault. Classic psychopathology, Big Brother style. Why would she change this now? It’s been working so far.

    Her self-image is magnified disproportionately – to the point that she gives voice to seeing everyone else as behaving wrongly , except for her. She repeats like a mantra that she has never done anything wrong. That’s her story, and she’s sticking to it. Is it worthwhile to dream that Nicole will have a spiritual epiphany and change her mind? Probably not. There’s 500k and BB fame in the garden of Eden.

    I keep hoping that Paul has Nicole’s number and hasn’t bought into her miasma of double messages and really don’t want to see him disillusioned or hurt. If he wins the last comp and doesn’t evict Nicole, that choice at least, will be his own.

  20. ingodog
    ingodog (106 comments)

    On a totally different topic, what do everyone think about Brad and Angelina breaking up?

  21. Helen
    Helen (4875 comments)

    Does anyone else find it rather strange that Nicole was in the DR for quite a while this evening and afterwards when she was talking to herself she said…”I’ve got a feeling I’m going to win F3 comp ….then said I am winning comp? Probably already rigged by production for her to win it IMO.

    • Avatar
      bobo (55 comments)

      She will go down as the most despised winner ever of BB

      • Mel

        I would choose to watch Evel Dick every summer over ever having to see Nicol again once.

      • Mel

        Nicoles most annoying comment last night for me was after she whined to Paul on and on and on….she squirms so much more because Paul is confident, honest and isn’t afraid to put the uncomfortable topics on the table. She has no idea how to handle that because she’s so incapable of having that type of conversation.

        She told Paul “I just don’t like to make choices. I don’t even like to pick which restaurant to go to.”

        SHE’S ON BIG BROTHER!! That is basically the meat of this game. You have to make the right choices at the right time. She really thinks she deserves to win because she’s watched rhe show for so long… If it’s that easy, where’s our check?

        Nicole thinks she has to have Paul’s vote to beat James. (She probably does) Paul has spent too much time on “friendship” this week and not enough letting her know she doesn’t have it if she evicts him. She would feel forced to take Paul.

    • Colby

      Paul was also in the DR for a while and spent a lot of time by himself ‘processing’ it when he came out. Then later,per Jokers:
      11:41 PM Paul goes to wake up Nicole again. She doesn’t get why they are feeling uncomfortable and they won the comps.Paul doesn’t want to keep her awake but she says she’s fine. He is frazzled. It was rapid fire (assuming in the DR because we get FISH)
      So no, I don’t think she got any kind of special treatment or advantage. I think they were just trying to prepare/rehearse them for the live show.
      I think she may have just said that as kind of a pep talk to herself.

  22. Avatar
    yasmeen (9 comments)

    Keep BBJ as Big Brother only! re-open your survivor site 🙂

  23. Avatar
    sunshine (25 comments)

    Re open the Survivor site, people will find you and it will be a welcome addition to the season. You will find endless topics in the personalities of the players plus commenters will flock to you to agree and disagree with you and each other.

    Let’s have some fun.

  24. kneeless

    I am so over Nicole. I was a fan of her on season 16 but this season, UGH! I will be so thankful to not listen to her whiny voice, see her psycho smile while tapping her chin & messing with her “messy bun” over & over Again! I am watching last night!so BRAD. If I were Paul I would have shut her down after 2 minutes of hrs whining about James feeling confident. A BB super fan, never cared! She’s the exact person she says she doesn’t like & she’s done everything she complains about others doing. Hence, her dilemma she is figuring out she’s not the person she thinks she is. I have some indecisive people in my family but they don’t hold a candle to her! Glad finale night is here, Go Paul.

    Bring on Survivor! I hope Stevebeans does something & I can continue “chatting” with everyone here. I think this is my 3rd or 4th BB season at this site. BBJs is my favorite site & that’s because of Steve, Melinda & all of you!

    • ShoeLover

      I am feeling the same way kneeless!! I just wish Paul would have shut her up. It looked almost painful to him hearing her over and over complain about James and the mind games she is so difficulty dealing with. I really wish they go together to the end and seeing him win!!!

      Friendship is key… he was the underdog and his obnoxious behavior grew on me… hell I am loud and obnoxious!!! HA!!

      • Alda
        Alda (1333 comments)

        Isn’t it funny when Paul was feeling bad for the snake last night,he offered to go with her hand in hand and just tell James they were taking each other.He was doing that to make her feel at ease.She just giggled and changed the subject.

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        @Alda…..that should have set alarm bells ringing for Paul. The fact that he was willing to go and tell James along with her and her refusal to do that is pretty obvious what her intent is.

      • ShoeLover

        Yes!!!! Anything to avoid committing to taking Paul!! I wish he would have called her out on it!!!

        I think his nonchalant round about talk of them going together should have given Nicole a clue Paul is definitely taking her and at least guaranteeing a win whether it’s $50,000 or $500,000….

        Hmmmm seems as if greed is really showing its ugly head.

  25. Jannie

    Sorry to say I have pretty much checked out of this season. Still check in here, of course, to read the updates, but I haven’t even looked at Jokers in a couple of weeks. I will be watching tonight, but it actually hit me last week that I really don’t care who wins it anymore. If I had to vote, I would give it to Paul. James and Nicole turned out to be huge disappointments.. I think they had more fans before they played a second time. To me, they have both gone from being BB sweethearts to BB scumbags.
    I have zero interest in the BB fall season. But I love Survivor, so if stevebeans does a blog here for that would be great!
    Maybe just a couple of posts a week so we could all chat about the game, strategy, cast, etc..

    Hope to see everyone here tonight after the finale.
    And don’t forget to tip our gracious host on the way out! He really worked hard for it this season…we could all check in and out, he had to continuously watch these horrible people. 🙂

  26. Alda
    Alda (1333 comments)

    The people in the jury know that Paul played the game,and James didn’t.If Nicole wins part 3 and takes James I could really see the votes going for James.Don’t you think these bitter houseguests will look at her as a bitch and not give her their vote strictly because of her fear of Paul winning? That would be priceless!!

    • Helen
      Helen (4875 comments)

      I hope so!! Much as I don’t think James deserves it I would rather see him get it over her.

      • Mel

        My fear is that she’s right. If she takes James, she has Corey, Paulie, Z, Vic and possibly even Paul. If she doesn’t have Paul, she has a shot at Bridgette or Da. (Small but a chance) She knows this and knows with Paul, she has Corey, Paulie, Z, and James. (She has more of a shot at Da, Natalie and Bridgette than she thinks.)
        She knows it’s close and feels she can look way better if she’s comparing her game to James’ instead of Paul’s game. She’s right and if she goes with her gut, (if she chooses) I’ll need some hard liquor close by. My only hope at that point is that even tho Paul doesn’t respect James, he won’t think much of Nicole after either.

  27. caRyn

    I heard Paul’s F2 speech and I liked that he applied it only to himself and his game. Paul has one speech and it doesn’t matter who is sitting next to him F2. I liked that in his speech he also complimented Nicole if they are F2. I haven’t heard James or Nicole’s speech.

    • Mel

      I don’t think James has one. I’m not being sarcastic for once.

      • Alda
        Alda (1333 comments)

        Mell,you’re not being sarcastic.James doesn’t have a speech.How often did you see him study?Even when Nat would try to study with him ask a question about a certain subject or date he would always look up and say”Uh,Umm,I don’t know.”

      • Mel

        True Alda. He seemed a couple of times to be dismissive and almost act like she was silly for wanting to study.

  28. caRyn

    I just watched the last BBAD for this season. Nicole said to Paul that she was not relaxed one minute in this game. She said Corey was closer to James than he was with Paulie. I didn’t know or think that. She said to Paul that she wasn’t sure if he was taking her to F2 based on the way James is acting. I don’t think she will take Paul to F2. I don’t even think she will give Paul a heads up that she isn’t. She wants Paul to give her reassurance that he is taking her to F2 but she doesn’t give him that reassurance in return. Paul is sincere that he is taking Nicole to F2.
    Paul and Nicole are on the same rollercoaster ride. Nicole is coming across as if she is alone in this stressful situation and I don’t think she is considering Paul’s feelings.
    Paul wanted him and Nicole both to have a clear mind once Nicole won the second HOH. Paul believes it doesn’t matter who wins this last HOH because they are going to F2 together. Nicole is having James concerns and Paul should pick up on why she is having James concerns. If Nicole truly intended on taking Paul to F2 and vice versa they should be having the talk with James. You want James to vote for you, fill him in now.
    I don’t like when hg want to play a previous hg game. I wouldn’t want to give the previous hg credit if I won and I wouldn’t want to admit that I couldn’t play my own game. And never would I want to be compared to someone else.
    Final thought before the episode…I want Paul to win this BB season and I want Victor to win AFP. Friendship.

  29. AIO_7

    I was just over at Jokers and according to their Jury Vote Predictions in F2 Paul would lose to both SNacole and Lames. SNacole wins in every scenario.

    • Mel

      That’s how it kept adding up for me all last week. I’ve been hoping I’m guessing VERY wrong. With Paul/Nicole combo, I need need Da and Natalie to surprise me and vote for Paul. With James/Nicole, I need it to come from Paul. Otherwise, Nicole is probably the winner of BB18.

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        I don’t think Paul will vote for Nicole if she evict a him. He flat told her last night that at this point in the game there was no reason to be deceitful and if she boned him the only thing he could take that as now is a BIG f*** you.
        Nicole is still stuck in BB 16 and how that jury felt and voted. Paul has tried to tell her over and over this is NOT that jury and they are not Cody,Derrick and Victoria. It is pure speculation to believe for one minute that any given jury member will vote a certain way. Da especially. Give her one good reason,just one,on why she should vote either Paul or James over Nicole because she does not want to vote her ANY money.
        James has been a slug all season yes…..but Nicole has played a very dirty game.
        Remember the old saying…it’s not about whether you win or lose but HOW you played the game.

      • AIO_7

        Mell, I want Paul to at least win something (2nd place), and I want Lames to get nothing. I guess I could choke down SNacole winning.

      • Mel

        AIO7, That’s where I’ve moved over to the dark side. I very much want Paul to win but I finally admitted to myself a couple days ago that I would rather James win over Nicole. I never thought I would or could think that but I do. Admitting it is the first step, right?

      • Mel

        Helen, I hope you’re right about Paul’s vote. I’ve been afraid that he may vote for her since she played better than James before he stops speaking to her. Nicole talked so much about bitter people sucking and how super fans don’t respect bad play. Ironically, I could see her being bitter before I see Paul being that way, yet he’s the one who would have a reason to be.

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        @Mell…I don’t think it would necessarily be a bitter vote against Nicole. He also told her that if she thinks she has a better chance against James than him,he would respect that. What he won’t respect is her lying to him again. He has given her every opportunity to be up front with him and maybe I’m wrong but when you give a person as many chances as he has given her I don’t think he has any choice but to say ok then,F**k you too……

  30. Shivani33

    One noticeable thing late last night from Paul’s face was that he was engaged in some sort of silent, very incisive contemplation right after Nicole went off to bed. James was sitting with Paul, and with his gut instinct ablaze as usual, noticed Paul’s expression after Nicole left. James asked, “do you miss her?” “HELL no,” Paul replied. He looked at James with a kind of accepting fondness for a nano-second and shifted back down to the slow, first-gear position, where James likes to be a passenger.

    And in her bed, Nicole gave out a monotone, short monologue to the camera. The first line was “God help me.” Then she said that someone was going to be hurt, that she feels bad and just wants to be content. In essence, she sounded as if she had already won the final comp but was trying to be miserable about her incumbent eviction decision. As often with her camera moments, it was as if she was self-instructed (or DR encouraged) to deliver some lines. And this time the lines were supposed to indicate an emotional struggle within her conscience, but she came out sounding as if the voice crying out in the wilderness was on auto-pilot.

    • Mel

      Fantastic observations!

    • Helen
      Helen (4875 comments)

      What do you believe Paul was so deep in thought about?

      • Shivani33

        @Helen By golly, it was one of those moments when I wished that I could hear what Paul was thinking. It looked as if he was listening to his inner voice and, at the same time, really trying to understand the vibes coming from Nicole. He didn’t look confused, just immensely receptive to his own thoughts. You know how sometimes when someone leaves your space, you receive a sudden flash of insight from their absence, as if the noise is gone, but you feel what is left, very powerfully (?)

      • Mel

        He may just be questioning that convo he had with Nicole. The thing is, I only want him to know what she’s up to so he stays on guard and wins the last comp. I still think he should take her to the end even if he figures that she won’t take him. I think there’s a good chance that Paul would lose to James. He would have to get Bridgette, Corey and Nicole to beat James.

  31. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    I’m just glad this season is almost over. I do want Paul to win but more than anything, I just want it over.

    Mell, did you see the message I left you on the last post last night?? Just wondering.

    I am going to check in on here for the fall season. I don’t plan to watch it but I actually miss seeing you guys almost as much as I miss watching the show.

    Steve, do whatever you want about Survivor. A separate post on this site with a summary would be great cuz I do miss a few shows and I get lost. This is your blog, Di as you please and you can keep talking about your cat!!!!!

    • Mel

      Rsndom question:
      Can a haz mat team come in and take care of that house in only 1 week?
      Franko, yes I did. I’m glad to hear it! I can’t watch a lot of it either. Most of my fall season will be reading updates. Im going to try the reverse. I usually watch and then read or comment. Im going with the updates first and when I hear about something good, Ill go look….or I’ll quit my job, be in a robe all day and be glued to it until somebody shut off my internet and repossesses house. I’m curious as to how well you can grasp who the people are without watching all the time. We’ll all find out soon.

  32. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    I just want this season to be over.

    • kneeless

      Me too, Franko! I think since they lengthened the season it’seems too long. Especially this year when I struggled with finding a favorite. I’m curious to see the “over the top” BB. The only reason I want BB to continue is for everyone at this site. I am so happy to have others who partake in my summer guilty pleasure!

      Franko, I hope to continue to find you here & wish you the best. I can so relate to health problems & know how difficult things can get. Take care, my friend.

      There are so many of you here I’d like to get to know. I hope we can all continue to connect while we enjoy(?) BB Over the Top! For now, let’s get ready for tonight’s BB18 finale!

  33. Alda
    Alda (1333 comments)

    I think it finally hit him that he might be loyal to a fatal ,venom sucking snake.

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