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Nominations, Temptations, and More!


Alright, I had to take my daughter into the city for a concert and of course, I miss some hopping feeds.  I am dead tired, but I wanted to give you an update before I pass out.

(oh and if you want to follow my adventures, add me on snapchat: stevebsfan)

The temptation competition was held and the results are in:

  • Mark won the competition – He is safe
  • Jason lost the competition – He is 3rd nominee

After that, it was time for real nominations, and Paul did what he said he was going to do and call Cody and Jessica’s bluff on the announcement Jess made last night.  He said the best way to find out exactly what power they have is to nominate them and see what happens, and that’s exactly what he did.

  • Jessica and Cody are the nominees (along with Jason)

When the feeds returned around 7:23 pm, Cody and Jessica were in the HoH confronting Paul on the issue.  I am going to get more into it, but I just stepped in and need to eat a little.  If I don’t come back, I’ll recap a little from the conversation. I’m mostly just starting a post-nomination discussion thread for you guys!

Quick Updates:

  • 7:20 pm – Things get real tense real quick in the HoH room to the point where Cody keeps telling Paul to fuck off.
    • Paul kicks him out of the room and after some tough talk exchange from Cody, he finally leaves
    • Paul chases him and tells him to grow up as Cody goes away with Jess
  • The two move into the bedroom and Jessica is furious at Cody
    • She is telling him that he is ruining her game and he is playing the villain.  She starts yelling at him
  • 7:40 pm – Out in the kitchen, Josh and Mark are going at it
    • Josh calls Mark a follower, then a flip flopper
    • Josh says both of them suck (Mark and Cody)
    • Wreck-it-Ralph’s anger is building!
  • Note – I am visiting my father in the hospital tomorrow afternoon but I need to cover a lot of this craziness
    • Josh comes back into the kitchen and talks about laying Mark the fuck out. Mark laughs. Josh asks what’s funny
    • Josh goes and gets the pots and pans and does his thing.  Ralph (Mark) loses it and goes to pull the pans out of his hands
    • He grabbed a pan and looked like he was about to slam Josh in the head with it and then the feeds cut, boo!
    • Note – Mark looks funny with the outfit being angry



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  1. Avatar

    Can we please see or listen to someone else? Come on. This is almost 2 hours of non stop therapy. …….is this big brother? Or days of our lives?

  2. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Thanks for the new thread Steve! We lit that last one the hell up! Lol

  3. strwar1

    Glad Paul called out Jessica’s called her bullshit! Go Paul but noe he has to make sure they are still up there and I hope someone expect Jessica and Cody get it and get Jason off the block

  4. Shivani33

    Elena is keeping busy talking about herself to anyone who’ll listen. It’s just like skunk spunk.

  5. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Kevin is soooo messy! Josh and Mark just exchanged words again (this time much more calmly). Kevin went up to Josh afterwards and whispered how he agreed with Josh and understood that Josh will have to go home and explain to his family and friends how he let someone disrespect him and didn’t do anything about it. He tells him he did a good job making his point, and now that Production told him to stop he should just calm down.

    Kevin then walks directly into the next room and tells Mark how he is on Mark’s side, and he respects Mark because if he had been in Mark’s shoes he would’ve killed Josh.

  6. Seattle Kari

    @stevebeans I hope you had a fun time at the concert with your little one and sending prayers and positive thoughts for your father’s full healing!!

    I had a funny feeling that Jessica was going to get pissed off at Cody after the eviction didn’t go through as they planned. I find that really humorous.! And even though Paul really isn’t one of my favorites I love how he call Cody out and told him to grow up. Frankly a few of the people there need to grow the hell up!! 😉

    Have a great weekend everyone! Yeah even you thumb downers, LOL!

  7. Avatar

    I’m sorry I had to catch up on everything with the live feeds, but is Paul going to break up two showmances in one night?

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Thanks Steve and give your Father all of our best wishes 🙂

  9. danmtruth

    it’s a long way to Thur but this will work out great for Paul He will get Cody out for a 2 nd time Great when he is standing as one of the final two telling why he should win Sounding like Jess wont use the hex Than Paul can tell everyone it was BS
    Paul is trying to get production to tell him about the hex If they do that is WRONG

  10. NKogNeeTow

    Did I hear correctly? Was Jason talking against his “ride or die” with WIR?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Sorta. Mark is on a major damage control mission, so he went and apologized to Jason for his display of aggression earlier. He mentioned to Jason that he saw Alex egging Josh on, and that really let Mark know how Alex feels about him. He thinks Alex clearly wants him out (she does). Mark then realized that he may have been saying a bit too much, so he started back peddling a little by saying he didn’t mean to talk about Jason’s “ride or die”. I think Jason was mostly trying to downplay how close he and Alex are and avoid Mark feeling like he had just messed up.

  11. NKogNeeTow

    I have a question:

    Just suppose Messi doesn’t use the Hex and she and Grody don’t win the Veto. Can she then be voted out? Because if she can and Paul REALLY wants to make a statement, I’d pull a fast one and vote Messi out instead. Grody isn’t as smart as she is so I’d remove her first then leave him there to flounder without her. What do you guys think?

  12. NKogNeeTow

    Messi is telling Grody that when she leaves this house she has people she has to answer to. She has family and a job to answer to and they’re going to see what goes on in this house.

    To bad she wasn’t thinking about those same family and job members when she was doing the horizontal Mumbo with him him in the HOH Room.

  13. danmtruth

    Cody said he has made enough money to fix his truck so he is fine to leave
    Cody has nothing left Jess is stomping on him

  14. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, Messi has Grody almost in tears. Still don’t feel sorry for him though.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    Guess they won’t be breeding after all.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Welp, that’s TWO broken men in the house tonight….and Josh AIN’T one of them.

    • Avatar

      I am so impressed with Christmas.

      A big part of her game is physical and she has had to adjust and focus more on a social game without the threat of physical.

      • Avatar

        When I see Christmas bond socially though, I see a big chunk of it being fake. Forced smiles, forced conversations about what THEY want to talk. I believe she’s in the perfect cast to do that though, most are dumb as a rock or not really playing the game.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Boy these people not only beat a dead horse, they pulverize it.

  18. Patrick

    Is it ok to post links in here? I just watched fifteen minutes of epic youtube on that fight.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Now Messi has Josh feeling sorry for her. The women are Ball Busters!

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Anybody else notice that when Alex doesn’t like someone, she doesn’t just want them out the game, she wants to disembowel them?

  21. danmtruth

    well don’t think even Dr Drew and relationship bootcamp can save this Hey Jess is he a hot head self center jerk well um yes Whats going to happen when Cody goes to her job sees some drunk guy hitting on her
    Quick trip to the HOH with Paul,Matt,Raven,cowpoke,Alex must have been talking about either Elena or Jess Saying that girl looks like a porcupine with all the pricks that have been stuck in her ,,,,, all class boys and girls
    Paul is holding court giving marching orders
    If Alex acts like this without any alcohol Thats a scary drunk

    • NKogNeeTow

      LOL, I was thinking the same thing while watching Alex, Dan. That little chick was so hopped up on adrenalin I thought her head might explode. And when she was ballet dancing around the kitchen screaming how she loves mayhem, I was laughing but I was scared at the same time.

  22. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    ‘Memba when Cody said his strategy was to NOT get involved in a showmance? Oh yeah I ‘memba!!! (That’s a South Park reference… my apologies if I’m the only South Park fan here lol).

    I bet Cody wishes he had ‘memba’d that strategy now too…

  23. danmtruth

    Even if you hate Jess ( as most here do ) you have to give her credit While Paul was piling all that BS on her “dude” Paul was saying on how people were saying how happy they were with her , her energy was up She shot back ya but no one was talking game with me Paul had no answer Than switch it to how happy the house was that she put Ramses up Oh ok

    • Avatar

      It was only a freakin week medusa…….your boyfriend screwed everyone over remember?

    • AIO_7

      “Even if you hate Jess ( as most here do )”…..

      But, but, but EVERYBODY wanted Cody back in the house (after being thrilled he was booted), so “we” voted Jessica the Hex. Makes sense to me.

      • LindsayB

        Oh yes. I don’t like Jess or Cody but totally wanted him back in the game. I don’t think Jess needed to get the hex to make it all work but am fine with that thought process. I love the game more than I hate them and more than I love Paul. I love things that shakes shit up and forces people to have to adjust their game and play hard.

  24. Avatar

    Have Matt and Raven moved into the HOH? It will not hurt my feelings to see Raven to hit the streets….
    And Matt…what is it that he brings to the game other than a number? Oh yeah. He takes care of the dish towels……UGH

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Paul told Josh he’s going to call his college and find out if he really attended. Josh says yes he did, he attended school there.

    Paul: “Special Ed”?

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Paul just put vaseline on the HN bedroom door. Grody is sleeping in there.

  27. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Something feels a little off about this comment section… Oh, I know!

    *clears throat* RAVEN SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

    Ahh, that’s better! Equilibrium restored.

  28. Avatar

    They are going to make up….UGH …….JESSICA IS A FOOL. Cody is a douchewaffle in the house and probably the same out of the house…
    What does she see in him? He isn’t even good looking? His personality sucks…..

  29. danmtruth

    can Raven pick an accent for more than 10 min better still can she just shut up
    Jess showing why there are so many women’s shelters As she goes back to him this guy tells her he walks away from fights ?!? The same guy who talks about going to Ferguson for the riots to see if he could survive There is a REASON his family walked away from him Than for him to say he is fine with that She is nuts now it’s off to boffing time

  30. danmtruth

    It’s a long time till Thur lets see what twist and turns we will have

  31. Shivani33

    For Jessica and Cody, the sad mistake was getting so intense and intimate with each other before knowing one another at all. Now both feel the pull of that attachment a lot more than the fire to play BB. For now, they’re stuck.

  32. Avatar

    Funniest moment of the season 7/28 7:48:34 PM PST as Cody and Mark talk and Cody realizes that Mark is wearing a lemon yellow tutu with lemon yellow shorts/underwear/tights??? and lemon yellow knee high socks when he confronts Josh with the pans… seriously for everyone that thought Cody was a cyborg this is his greatest moment of humanity!!!

  33. Avatar

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a fan here for quite a few years and have never posted, but I could not hold it off any longer..I just tuned in BBAD and totally loved what Paul was saying to Mark about Cody, I’m not a Cody fan and wasn’t much for Paul last season but I am loving his game play this year…I don’t have the live feeds so sadly I missed all the action, but that’s why I always come here I can’t wait to see the fight between Josh and Mark, (hoping they will air that) Josh does have a loud mouth but he totally cracks me up when he talks to camera, gotta love the entertainment at least…

    Steve thank you for all your time you put in here and give to us BB fans, love the site..prayers for you and your family..my mother-in-law passed away of cancer this past December, sending prayers your way~

    Love reading everyone’s comments on here, you all keep it interesting here!

  34. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I get the feeling that Elena is no longer buying Paul’s BS. He just gave Mark and Elena another long sermon, and Elena just sat there rattling off an occasional “mm hmm” (in a very uninterested tone) just to keep appease him. She no longer hangs on his every word as if it’s the gospel.

  35. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    The HGs are in the living room now, they’re about to get some info for the Veto comp. For a second I thought they forgot to cut the feeds and we were going to get a peek. But alas, no such luck…

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Forget it Paul. It ain’t happening. She’s going to use that Hex.

  37. Shivani33

    It looks like everyone is paying attention to Hurricane Jillian but Grossica.

  38. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    All HGs (minus Grossica) are in the HOH room studying for the veto comp. Grossica already resolved to use the hex after their lovers’ quarrel, so they’re snuggled up in bed.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    How did a night that started out so promising go down hill so fast?

  40. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Everyone (minus Grossica) is planning to stay up all night to prepare for the veto comp. I almost feel bad for them knowing that this will just be a colossal waste of time. Oh well, it’s not like they have anything better to do with their time anyway.

  41. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Side note: I fall out laughing every time I scroll up and see the pic of Mark snatching that pan out of Josh’s hand. I may make that my new avatar.

  42. ShoeLover

    Oh my goodness GRACIOUS i missed some exiting Jerry Springer ghetto shit tonight!!! I can’t find my glasses!!! My eyes are straining with tears trying to read all the drama from the last thread and my DVR is warming so I can watch BBAD!! Got damn I love y’all and the play by plays are freaking awesome. I’ve bitten my tongue and the inside of my cheek twice now smaking on my gum!!

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Wait till Paul finds out the Bed Bugs are back together after the thought he broke them up.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Let’s see if Elena clues in the group on what’s happening downstairs. If she doesn’t she might be putting another nail in her own coffin.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    So Ms.Messi wasn’t buying what Paul, Xmas or Elena were selling about not using the Hex.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Oh oh, sounds like Elena isn’t telling Paul the same story. Guess we know who else might be going sooner than later. She didn’t tell him that Messi is using the Hex tomorrow and that’s why they aren’t studying. Bye Bye Hot Lips..

  47. Shivani33

    I’m disappointed in Grossica and their nonchalant, lazy asses. Use the Halting Hex, fine and dandy. But during this all-nighter weather report, the very least that Romeo & Messica could do is to ruin every weather report by following Paul through the house banging the hell out of some huge pots and pans. Paul won this weather thing on his first Season. Come on, lovebirds! Win friends and influence people.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Paul/Alex/Jason/Kevin/Xmas/MattRess/DMW/Josh/Hot Lips

    Hot Lips is telling the room about her earlier convo with Messi. She even tells them about the convo she had with Messi and Grody before she came upstairs. However, she’s leaving out the part where Messi told her that they (she & Grody) weren’t going to study and going to bed because she’s using the Hex tomorrow so there will be no need to study for something that doesn’t matter. Messi clearly told Elena that NOBODY was going home this week.

    Elena is playing a VERY dangerous game. She has NO idea that she’s the next one on the totem pole as far as who they want out. Once they find out she knew, she might as well grab WIR and jump into bed with the Bed Bugs, cause her goose is cooked!

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Wonder if the Bed Bugs will even bother to get up to go into the Living Room. Probably not

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Maybe it’s just me but I think each of them should remember at least 1 clue then they share.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Nope, Bed Bugs still being buggy.

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Messi is called to the DR. She says “No, I’m sleeping”. She lays there and goes back to sleep.

    Production calls her again. She does not move. They don’t call her again.

    Where are the penalties? I think as a penalty, they should take her Temptation away.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Oh goody, fish. Maybe they’re pulling Messi’s ass out of bed.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Feeds back. She’s still in bed. *Apparently she thinks that that Hex covers sleeping too.*

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Roh Roh….MattRess/DMW/Alex talking outside the HOH room. They think that it’s futile to study if Messi is using the Hex tomorrow. They want to go to bed. They go downstairs to the bathroom to discuss it.

    Grody comes in to use the bathroom. Alex waits for him to come out. When he does, she ask him if they were studying. He says no. She ask them what they were doing. He’s walking up the hall and says nothing but makes some kind of gesture (I couldn’t see it). And goes back to bed.

    Paul runs in and tells DMW and MattRess to study the tail end of the Weather Report (clues for the Veto Comp). Alex, tells him what Grody said and how he acted. Paul tells them not to worry about it because Grody just wants to spend his last few days with his girlfriend. MattRess questions this. He, Alex and DMW are tired and want to go to bed. Paul is convinced that they still need to study and it doesn’t matter whether Messi uses the Hex or not.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    The house has broken up into 2 groups and each group are trying to remember certain clues/facts from the Weather Report:

    HOH: Paul/Xmas/Kevin/Josh/Elena/WIR (who is fast asleep on the sofa)

    Kitchen: Jason/Alex/MattRess/DMW

    The Bed Bugs….asleep, don’t count.

    The Kitchen Krew still aren’t convinced that all this studying matters. MattRess keeps telling them that because The Bed Bugs are asleep and don’t seem to care, and only Paul and Jason really have to worry about winning the Veto tomorrow, why do they have to stay awake. Jason ask to go to the DR (doesn’t say why…maybe to ask whether or not studying is necessary?).

  57. NKogNeeTow

    Paul/Elena/Xmas seem to have memorized the Report well.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    The Kitchen Krew are to busy bitching and rambling about random things to study.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    The Kitchen Krew are slowly and sporadically going over things from the Report. They don’t have it memorized nearly as well as the HOH Crew.

  60. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Paul/Kevin/Xmas/Elena taking turns reciting the Weather Report. They are VERY good and have it memorized word for word. They have had 2 Weather Reports so far. BB has told them that they will get them all during the night. No telling if they will get more. So far, only 2.

    The Bed Bugs are still cocooned in, unconcerned and comatose. Oh and Messi never did get up and go to the DR.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    Paul is telling the room that Grody isn’t worried about The Bed Bugs not studying and is still saying that Grody is defeated and has already said he’s going home. He has no idea that the female Bed Bug has convinced the male to stay and fight (hence, the reason she’s using the Hex).

    MattRess is still trying to convince them that even if she doesn’t use the Hex, Messi will still at least go to Jury. Xmas and Elena are trying to explain to them how the Hex works. Elena tells them that the way she understands it is that if the Hex is used, this week is null and next week will play like this one never happens. Paul keeps insisting that Cody clearly wants to go home but if she uses the Hex, she will be putting a larger target on their backs next week.

    Xmas is saying that The Bed Bugs are expecting them not to study to throw them off, so that they should study. Everyone tells her that Cody doesn’t want to be there. Xmas says, but what if he didn’t mean it (smart girl). They keep shooting her down (dumb room). Elena and Xmas say that they have talked this subject to death (true).

    Paul is trying to play out both scenario with her using or saving the Hex. Josh says he thinks she is playing with heart and wants to stay with Cody. Kevin says he thinks she wants to be a movie star (*double take* where the hell did that come from?).

  62. NKogNeeTow

    Kitchen Krew: MattRess/Alex/DMW are back downstairs and very unhappy. They just want to let the chips fall where they may tomorrow, let Messi do what she wants to tomorrow and send her home next week.

    They are joined by Paul. The 4 of them start bashing Xmas for being so aggressive with the studying (she keeps interrupting people and correcting them). They are saying they are getting tired of her but are trying to deal with her for the moment. The 4 of them start to study (Paul is running up and down the stairs studying with both groups). Jason is still in the DR.

    The Bed Bugs are still in hibernation.

    • Avatar

      Just wanted to say that you are seriously the best Nkog. For always keeping us updated for those that dont have the feeds. I have been coming to this site for years and I love it! Steve is the best too of course. 🙂

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Wreck-It-Ralph isn’t that bright as it is and is still asleep on the HOH sofa. Wait, since he’s safe, he doesn’t have to play for Veto, right?

  64. NKogNeeTow

    I think that Production is waiting for them to memorize the first 2 reports before they give them another one.

    Josh is now studying. He’s a little rustier than the rest but he’s not doing to bad. Now if he only remembers half this stuff tomorrow.

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Paul/DMW/MattRess/Alex in the kitchen laughing at WIR and Josh.

    DMW telling Paul how WIR got up in Josh’s face and told him “Alright Josh, you broke me”. Josh: “I haven’t even started yet”. They laugh.

    Elena comes downstairs. She retells the 4 about her convo with Messi…for the umpteenth time.


    They all run in and sit down to wait.

    All present except The Bed Bugs.

    They tell Josh to STFU (he has a tendency to talk while BB is giving the Weather Report).


  66. NKogNeeTow

    Feeds back. They didn’t show the Weather Report this time. The group has left the Living Room so the clues/info has already been given.

    Kevin says they’re killing him.

    Elena does stretches against the wall before going back upstairs.

    Everyone is upstairs. Paul is repeating the Report for everyone while they fill in the blanks.

    Alex is pacing the floor like a caged animal and messing up her hair.

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Okay Guys. I tried to hold out as long as I could to keep you updated but it’s 6:30 AM here and I’m about to fall out of the chair.

    Hope you understood my ramblings. I tried to get in as much as possible.

    Talk to you later and luv you all 🙂

  68. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, one more thing. The Weather Report seemed to be based on the evicted HG. The first Report was about Cameron, the second was about Jillian, the third was about Dominique, so the next one should be about Ramses.

    Production just announced that Have Nots must sleep in the HN bedroom. Paul and the group wake WIR up and tell him to just go to bed.

    Okay, that’s it….I’m out….OFFICIALLY!

  69. ShoeLover

    I fell back asleep and my DVR just went off!!!! I found my glasses And now I am fittin to have myself a read along!!

  70. Avatar

    NK thanks for the updates! I don’t have the feeds because I would never have time to watch, but I do enjoy reading.

  71. Avatar

    So nice to hear Kevin and Jason complaining about how pathetic Raven and Matt are..and about how Raven can’t be a have-not because if her “condition” and the slop.
    If that is true that is SOO unfair! She should still have to be a have-not if for nothing else to make her sleep on the have-not beds! SMH!

  72. Avatar

    I have been following this page forever! I love to read the post and comments! I finally logged in.
    I CAN NOT STAND ALEX! She says she is this and that and is nothing but a follower!
    I CAN NOT STAND RAVEN(DMW)! She is a lair and full of shit! She fakes everything!
    I CAN NOT STAND JOSH! He is a pussy and worthless!
    I CAN NOT STAND PAUL!! I hated him in his season too! He was in second place and should never have been aloud to come back!
    These house guests are freaking stupid for keeping him!
    I literally want to scream at my tv lol

  73. g8trgirl

    Thanks for hanging on so long Nk. Really appreciate you keeping us updated.

  74. g8trgirl

    So now I’m a bit confused. Why does Ms. Thang get to use her hex today as many of you alluded to earlier? I thought she uses it on Thursday night to stop the eviction. What am I missing?

    • LindsayB

      She doesn’t get to use it today but we have to remember that they don’t know if they know all the details of it. They will play for veto today and the coochie lice will fail miserably since they slept thru all of the clues.
      I really hope Paul doesn’t do something crazy like use the veto on Jessica in some attempt to get her to not use the hex.

      • Avatar

        She’s going to halt the eviction anyway…why bother studying? Makes no difference

      • g8trgirl

        Thank you. Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t losing my mind as is usual for me lately. Lol

      • Avatar

        In my head she could only use it to block a person’s eviction, not the whole eviction, so if she and Grody are on the block together it would only protect one of them…. I am bummed I seem to be wrong haha

  75. danmtruth

    @shan64 They have given HG a break on slop in past seasons If memories serves me It was either Frankie (Hurts to even type his name) or Victoria who had dietary restriction that kept them off slop Agree very unfair But this season someone did take a no slop win Short term memories fail me
    People the hex wont be used before during or after the veto It will be used or not used THUR right before the vote We have a long time to go before that ramp up the drama People are already thinking why arent Grosica studying
    @nkogneetow We ALL need to thank you for staying up and giving us those updates We are indebted to you

    • Avatar

      It was DMW (that’s Raven right) that won the never have not . It was the starfish veto, she found the large gold star and stacked it on her platform thing. That ended her chance for that Veto but gave her the pass.

  76. Ann


    I just kept reading because there was no way I could type fast enough to keep up with you guys. Omg, it was as if I was there in the BB House watching the whole thing & I loved every minute of it. Thank you everyone so much.

    • Avatar

      Ann so happy you are here! I was thinking of you and hoping you were ok!!! I am feeling the same as you…. I can’t type as fast and keep up with these awesome wippersnappers keeping us updated (pls take no offense to me referring to anyone as a “snapper”)…. I am so thankful to you all for keeping us updated!!! Dang it I miss allllll the good drama on the live feeds….whenever I am watching they are doing something either incredibly boring or incredibly disgusting….and I end up getting side tracked….God hates me sometimes lol

  77. AIO_7

    O.K.; since the house guests are all (probably) asleep. I’m going to time travel the feeds and Youtube and try and catch up.

  78. Avatar

    The move would be for Paul to pull off Jessica after the veto comp. That would make Jess wonder if it’s worth it to save Cody this week OR to not use the hex and she herself would be safe again next week. Nothing breaks up a romance like not using the hex on your showmance. I think I saw that on a Hallmark card once.

  79. Avatar

    Jessica and Paul could still strike a deal before Thursday…..put someone on the block next to Cody who Jessica wants out of game…like Raven….in return for Raven going home……

  80. Avatar

    I thought they played veto on Monday not on Saturday? I’m positive they played veto last Monday!! Why the speed up this week?

  81. Avatar

    I just watched the fight between Paul and Grossica on YouTube. Why the heck does Jess think it’s horrible of Paul for putting them otb, he’s not in their alliance, he’s not their bff, to a game and he’s trying to win. Why would Paul not try to flush out the hex. Another thing, when do you guys sleep? Seems like a lot of you stay up all night watching feeds. I need sleep or I can’t function! What’s your secret ( you’re probably a lot younger than I am)

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