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Nothing New On The Comp Front



Good evening, everyone!  This post is generally just something to put there because I noticed my last post is getting super long with the comments. Round 2 of the competition has not taken place yet, and I am not sure if it’s happening tonight or not.  I said from the beginning that I think it’s happening on Saturday, so I’ll just stick with that.  If it happens tonight, well, pretend I didn’t say anything.

As far as the impact of tomorrow’s comp, it’s tough to say. James is unlikely to win, but in the rare case he does, Paul will probably beat him in the final round and there is a 50/50 chance he’ll take him vs Nicole at this point.  If Nicole wins, she has a better chance at beating Paul in the 3rd round, and there is like a 70/30 chance she’ll take James over Paul.

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It’s really hard to tell what Paul is thinking right now because he needs to read people who are no longer in the house and try to guess how they’re acting now.  He has no idea Z and Paulie are bumping uglies again (though he probably expected it, I know I did).  He doesn’t know Da’ and Z were fighting, or that Da’ is seriously considering voting for Nicole to win.  He does know that Michelle doesn’t like Nicole, but he also knows he called her a c*nt shortly before she left (as you saw again tonight on the CBS episode).


Every remaining player has at least 1 guaranteed vote, but that’s about the extent of the guarantees.  While James totally Victoria’d his way through the game, other fans (and the jury) may buy his story about intentionally laying low so he’s not a threat.  To be fair, he didn’t totally Victoria his way through, mostly because she wasn’t about to jump in front of a bullet for someone who will likely want nothing to do with her when the season ends.  James put his neck on the line more times for Natalie than he did for himself, so that’s something.. right?

I personally don’t think James can beat anyone at this point, but he’ll still get some votes because it reminds me of BB13.  Porsche did almost nothing the entire game, yet still managed to get 3 out of 7 votes mostly because Rachel was tough to like (much like Paul and Nicole). Just like Rachel, I do think the jury will end up respecting their gameplay if either are sitting their next to James and end up giving them the prize, but it could be a 5-4 vote.

Paul and Nicole sitting next to each other?  Forget it. I will be shocked if half the jury doesn’t just walk off stage without a vote (not that they can do that, but you get the point)

Alright, my ramble is done. Continue chatting about the season and I will post an update tomorrow when round 2 is complete!


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  1. Shivani33

    BBAD reruns. Gorgeous full moon tonight, so we missed the memory trip on CBS. It’s getting kind of late to start a comp, but those reruns are a little weird for BBAD. The last thing that I read on Jokers was Nicole doing something yucky in the bathroom mirror, so we’all are kinda lucky.

    • caRyn

      Victor Arroyo 44.09%
      James Huling 21.33%
      Nicole Franzel 10.94%
      Paul Abrahamian 6.8%
      Natalie Negrotti 5.09%
      Corey Brooks 2.92%
      Da’Vonne Rogers 2.6%
      Frank Eudy 1.5%
      Paulie Calafiore 1.43%
      Glenn Garcia 0.93%
      Michelle Meyer 0.73%
      Bridgette Dunning 0.72%
      Tiffany Rousso 0.36%
      Jozea Flores 0.22%
      Zakiyah Everette 0.2%
      Bronte D’Acquisto 0.14%

      • caRyn

        Yesterday was the first time I voted for any TV show/reality TV person. I have always thought they were rigged. I decided to vote in case I am wrong. Just in case.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        I didn’t get into voting until last year. I can’t remember now what I was so worked up over. This year I’ve been a lunatic. I’ve harassed a couple relatives who don’t even watch BB. I’ve gotten them to do it each day since it doesn’t take up much of their time!

      • Avatar

        Victor deserves AFP…hope he gets it. He was engaging, got along with the others, cleaned, and played his heart out! All around good player. Plus that guy deserves a chunk of change!!

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        I’m the most shocked that 0.22% of people voted for Josea. He must have a large family!

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Ella, some fans are obsessed with Julie Chen. She said in her interview she hopes Vic wins. I hope that gets him some votes too.

      • Avatar

        Yes Victor is the lead I just voted him again today too

      • Avatar
        Aiden (99 comments)

        I know people don’t like Nicole on this site, but I a soooo glad she won Part 2. I don’t want James in anyway winning anything for the rest of the summer. Especially not AFP. Unfortunately, If Nicole wins, she will bring him to final 2. Also, this is almost pointless, but be sure to be voting for your favorite houseguest! Go Michelle!!!

  2. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Well surprise surprise. Nicole won round 2 HOH comp……..
    Nothing we didn’t already know was going to happen

  3. Avatar
    Tracy Rubens (3 comments)

    In a Paul vs. Nicole scenario, I like Paul for the win, but from the jury’s perspective my prediction is Nicole: Cory, Paulie, Z, James, Da, Bridget and Paul gets Victor, Natalie, and Michelle. I believe Paul has better odds going against James. In a Paul vs. James, I see James getting Natalie and Michelle only. I hope Paul gets to choose and I hope the jury sees the game play I saw. Also, I heard the latest poll has VICTOR in the lead for AFP! Go Victor – I loved his laughing segment, showed how likable he is!

  4. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    I still think James could have more votes than that. Other than Natalie and Michelle, I think DaVonne may vote for him for personal reasons and Paulie may give it to him if he’s against Paul. I don’t think it’s a given that Bridgette either votes female “Nicole” or newbee “Paul.” Natalie is close to Michelle and Bridgette and they have had time to work on her.
    If it’s a Paul/Nicole final, I still think Natalie votes against whoever wins the 3rd comp and evicts James. I think if Paul makes a good arguement with speeches, he may have DaVonne’s.
    I may be in the minority here but I think Paul beats Nicole (barely) and Paul loses to James. (Close vote)

  5. Avatar
    Franko (692 comments)

    I really do hope Victor wins AFP!! I loved the laughing last night, too. I just loved hearing him laugh, period.

  6. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Random tidbits from yesterday: (Friday evening)

    J/P- James telling Paul about Nicole saying to Corey that she would never take Paul to F2.
    J/N-James saying he’s sure comp won’t happen until Sat.
    N-smells wrist of one of Corey’s shirts.
    *All 3 start packing and sorting of their stuff.
    N-Complains to herself that she may have to clean this weekend. (Vics gone)
    N/J/P-Chat about season. Nicole wants to meet Jason Roy. She thinks he’s great. (Guess she doesn’t realize that he hates her)
    Paul telling Jose comments: He asked Nat to wax his a**hole after only 1 wk of knowing her, said Corey was gay and said Nicole was cross eyed.
    Nicole says she didn’t care if Paulie had left the 1st wk. Paul says he had the worst team with Z, Da and Josa. Paul is surprised to find out that Tiffany was innocent of some things she was accused of.
    Paul says Viv didn’t see being cocky as a bad thing. James says he did at least back it up.
    Paul says Nat wasn’t cocky. Nicole says it was Nats strategy.
    All agree buy back comps don’t count for game tally so Vic has 6 wins.
    James asks how Nat was watching the McGyver comp. Nicole says she seemed happy and smiled. Nicole was feeling bad for him while he struggled but Nat was happy about it. (What a b**ch-There’s no game reason to say that and it’s a lie)

    Around 11 pm -comp – Nicole won

    • caRyn

      Thanks, Mell, for your updates.
      I am glad James told Paul that Nicole won’t take him to F2. Now Paul will fight even harder to win this last battle.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        I was too but I don’t think Paul beleive him at this point. I just hope Paul knows he needs to win it and make the decision. No matter who he picks, at least he’s at the end!

      • caRyn

        Agree. As long as Paul is told is all I care about. Paul was given the information. What he does with it is now on him.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Ryn, let’s hope he wins and it won’t have to matter! Last night, on that taped episode, he was so loud! It kept making me crack up. Maybe it isn’t funny if you’re standing by him but I think it’s hilarious.

  7. Avatar
    Susan (221 comments)

    woo-hoo – Nicole won part II

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      Well, hello! I don’t think I’ve seen a Nicole fan on here in days! It can get a little stale on here when everyone agrees with each other. Lol

      • Avatar

        I’m all for Nicole! She is no more a snake than Paul, Paulie, Frank, Da…… She is playing the game.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        I may stick a fork in my eyeball if she wins! The part of her people see as being a snake is about the only thing about her that I like in this game. I agree with you. She hasn’t backstabber or lied anymore than the people you mentioned. I love that Vic was so direct , honest and calm. (It’s easier to do that when you’re his size) Although he was my favorite, I don’t care about the lying and backstabbing. That’s big brother. If I have to get the forks out, it won’t be because of her being a snake. That’s the one area I can compliment her.

    • Avatar
      DingDong (92 comments)

      I was a Nicole fan in her 1st season , but I’m not a fan this season. Not because of backstabbing or sneakiness, but for laying around in bed all summer in a bad showmance . I’m not a fan of players whose priority is hooking up and only coming up for air to strategize at the end and usually just in time to wave goodbye to their literal “ride or die”.

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      Let me guess. James said he threw the comp. lol That guy is a piece of work.

  8. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Overnight tidbits:
    (using initials to shorten my comments)

    *Comp was listening to clues, running around and placing houseguests pics in frames. James says he got the answers right but struggled with frames.
    N/P-Tells J he did good job. (Don’t know if this is accurate but: N- around 7 minutes and J-18 minutes longer than her)
    *J-to DR
    N/P-dance and celebrate while J is gone. They have more F2 talk.
    N-wants to fast so she can wear a “tiny outfit she has for finale.” (White dress J mentioned yesterday?)
    N to P- says they are the two who have been crapped on most this season
    P to N-says N will love his speech (I’m guessing if he is last hoh?) He says plans to really compliment N and she may cry.
    P to N-says Nat will really hate her life because she hates both of them (kinda true)
    P- hard sells N some more about them being F2.
    N to P-says she was the mastermind with Corey and herself. (True-she shouldn’t brag. If Corey had teamed with Pablo, it would have been the same result- also, didn’t she just tell P that she tried to get Corey to put up J instead of Vic??)
    N to P-says jury will call her a floater but no way will call P one.
    P to N-tells her to sell herself and apologize to Corey later (see my point about P needing to shut up sometimes)
    N/P-Discussing getting matching F2 tattoos!
    N to P- she says she and Paul never threw anyone UTB.
    *N to DR
    J to P-says sorry for not winning the comp, more chit chat- nothing worth noting.

    After 4:00 am or so:
    P/N- discuss how James just wants AFP. N says that’s why he’s so worried about coming 3rd. (3rd can get it so I didn’t get this)
    They agree Vic or Corey should get it.
    N to P-says Corey wanted to give her the 5k bribe but she convinced him to give to Vic.
    N-says she really wants J to stress the rest of the week.
    Tells P that J didn’t throw the comp to her.
    P-says he would have taken N to end even if Vic was still there.
    N-says she wouldn’t have minded being in F2 with Vic. She would have said in her speech that if she had been given 3 chances, she would be at the end too. P laughs. (she had had 3 chances in total. Vic was planning on saying that if they were F2. That could have been funny)
    N-says if Vic and Paul were in F2 , she would have voted for Paul.
    P-says he missed graduation and hates that for his parents. He was in sequester at the time.
    N/J- J talking about DR questions and trying (not very subtle) to get N to say J is her F2. She won’t but her voice is getting higher while talking to him. (she’s a terrible liar)
    N- alone in bed, notices camera zooming on her, adjusts her bun to look better (still a mess imo), mumbles and says something to herself about “it will all make sense tomorrow.”

  9. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    I don’t look for Julie Chen’s interview each week but I usually find it interesting when I run across it. (I can’t remember if it’s with EW or Hollywood reporter or whoever) I don’t always agree but I do like that she doesn’t give responses with no real answer.

    She was asked about the F3 this week:
    * She didn’t like Vic at first but he became her favorite.
    *She wants Paul to win now.
    *She has been disappointed by James and Nicole. She doesn’t think James has played to win all season. She says he was there for “shits and giggles.” She doesn’t like the “slut shaming” people are doing on the Internet (guilty) but she doesn’t like that Nicole has only been loyal to Corey. She thinks she’s a huge backstabber and said that she has indeed been a snake.
    *When asked which shomance of Nicoles she liked better, she said neither. Julie felt the Nicole/Haden thing was immature and seemed like Jr high. She doesn’t think it’s very mature with Corey either. She said Corey is a nice, good looking lug but the relationship has no depth. She said when Corey told her that he and Nicole would be best friends, she knew it is “friends with benefits.”
    *Julies thoughts on Cody/Derrick F2:
    (since Derrick was just on I guess) She isn’t buying Derricks “you never know.” (She didnt 2 years ago) She says that we know we watched Cody kiss 500k goodbye and the moment Cody would have chosen Victoria, everyone knew to go ahead and make the check out to Cody.
    *When asked about Paulie/Da fight:
    She says Paulie shouldn’t have gone there wit Da. She agrees Da had low blows about his height and stuff but he didn’t have to engage it. She says mentioning Da’s kid was really bad on his part.

    Bonus gossip:
    Dr. Will won’t give specifics (obviously) but says this is the most amped up jury he has worked with in 4 years. It’s been his most entertaining one since he’s been doing the jury stuff. (stuff is my term because I don’t recall what he called his job)
    He said we shouldn’t count on bitter jurors staying bitter or the ones we are sure will be level headed not being unstable. (his word) His experience was that some surprised him in both directions.
    He kind of let’s them know that he sees jurors who already have there mind made up as a sign of low intelligence. (lol-he kills me!) He likes jurors who get it is a process till the end, their job isnt finished and the show doesn’t end when they get booted to jury house. He was asked about the Paulie/Da situation. He said for legal reasons he could only say but that all precautions had been taken to insure everyone’s safety. ( I don’t know if that was sarcasm or not)
    He was asked several questions he wouldn’t answer and would say because of his position or because of his involvement, blah, blah. The Paulie/Da thing is the only time he said “for legal reasons.” I just found that funny. I don’t know why.

    • Shivani33

      Dr. Will would be aware of how litigious Paulie’s family has sounded while they’ve defended their son in public forums. Already they’ve mentioned lawsuits for slander. With as much as his parents have shown, who knows what could be going on behind the scenes? They could have a lawyer firing off warning shots to CBS, etc. They could be preparing to file a civil lawsuit, at the least. Even Z. could be making those kind of noises. No doubt Dr. Will has been instructed to be aware of it and to be careful of what he says, because of actions by the Califiores and perhaps counteractions from CBS/ Big Brother.

      It doesn’t matter if many viewers believe that Paulie received a pretty soft edit or saw him conducting himself much worse than what CBS aired. It doesn’t matter if our opinions find Paulie solely responsible for his own behavior. We know how frequently people file lawsuits with little or no grounds…and sometimes these people reach settlements, sometimes they even win. Certainly it doesn’t matter if I think Paulie’s family has been making him and themselves look worse instead of better.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Really good point. I wasn’t surprised he didn’t want to talk about it but the way he avoided was odd. I didn’t even think about the families. You never know. You know how every year, some of the family watches the finale from that “green room” backstage. With Paulie, Z, Da’s family, it will either be total silence or where the real action is that night! (forget the tv show, I would rather watch that)

    • AIO_7

      Mell, I’m surprised that Julie would be so candid; refreshing. Also seems like she sees things the way we do.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        AIO7, She does pretty often. I don’t catch all of them because truthfully, I forget about her doing it every week. She doesn’t normally say things like “sh*ts and giggles” and “friends with benefits” but she’s usually up front. I know after Paulie left she said something about him being such a pouter and poor sport. (can’t remember exactly)
        James is her husband’s all time favorite. Maybe not after this year but with him being the ceo of cbs, that shocked me! I also know Julie has (in the past) suggested having more coverage of the jury house. I forgot the reason they gave her for not doing it. Sorry, I get going and tend to ramble on. lol

      • caRyn


      • AIO_7

        “James is her husband’s all time favorite.”

        That explains a lot.

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  11. Avatar

    Though I think it will be wiser for either of them to take James to F2, 50K is way too much for James’ game play. I would like for it to be Nicole and Paul, because of those left, they both deserve to be there. Out of the 2 of them, Paul is my vote to win. Don’t like a lot of Paul personally, but as a game player in BB, I think he did the best job at moving through the season. He survived a number of times on the block, as well, and that can be tough to do.

  12. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Alls I can say is Paul really needs this last win. If not he will be the last member of the jury.
    A snake is a snake and although Snacole has been very convincing in her talks to Paul, her fatal bite will come this Wednesday night if she wins round 3.

  13. Jannie

    I was clearing out my DVR last night and ran across an old BB episode. Victor was the HOH and he put Zzzzz and crybaby on the block. In his nomination speech, he told Zzzz that she was up because “she didn’t give him any attention, gave it all to Paulie.” He also really humiliated them by throwing beads at them and saying something really stupid.
    Because this cast is so awful, I keep seeing everyone trying to make Vic some kind of hero. He played the game well, but was no nice guy all the time. He got screwed over quite a bit, but was no innocent.
    As for the three who are left? Don’t really care who wins…can’t emotionally invest in these morons anymore. I will be watching the finale, but have given up worrying about what happens.
    AFP? I would give it to Glenn, the only one who didn’t act like an a$$ this year.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      Jannie, I remember that week too. I liked him after he came back and he really pissed me off that week. I’m not making an excuse for him but this will sound like it. Paulie and Paul kept pumping him up and encouraging him. They kept saying certain things would be funny but behind his back knew he damaging his game. He even asked if the beads could be taken wrong. They assured him it was just good humor because he is from LA. He didn’t mean the comment about Z. The guys made up a reason for her to be otb that Paulie thought would be funny. Vic isn’t really so petty that he wanted attention from her. He still did it and he’s the one who got wrapped up in the stupid “bro” crap. That’s all on him. I’m just saying that if you look back at feeds from that week, it wasn’t exactly like the episode makes him look. That was the week I became convinced Paul was serious about his F2 with Paul instead of Vic. (I still think he was until the tides shifted. I always felt Paul was playing Vic when he got back in the house and not Paulie. I didn’t blame him. Paulie was HBIC) Vic WAS crappy that week so I don’t know if this will make a difference to you. Lol

  14. kneeless

    Has anyone else had problems voting for Vic, I mean AFP!! I did my alloted votes yesterday & when I logged in to vote today I was cut off after 4 votes.

    Mell, love your updates! And finally…GO PAUL!

  15. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Don’t stop voting if it looks like Vic is winning. All the polls are individual and there are many. It’s only based on the people who are on that particular site. I even spoke to someone yesterday who thought when they did the poll that they had voted. So basically, they hadn’t voted at all…all season! Some sites have Vic in 3rd or 4th and some where James is either ahead or right on Vic’s heels. Some people click on the “who do you want to win” poll because they are on there reading that blog. They don’t always take the time to get on CBS site and vote. They may want Vic to win but are assuming others will make it happen. Vote! Vote! Vote!
    Just food for thought…

    MIMI RYAN (235 comments)

    Ugh, after seeing last night’s CBS episode of BB18, which I generally do not like these types of episodes, but I don’t want to missing anything. Well, Corey is really a TOOL. I’m being polite here people. He really is a piece of work. Z, would do better without him. Then she say’s she wants a Branchell relationship from all of this, REALLY?????? Delusional woman. I wouldn’t want that sort of relationship ever, Drama, Whining, etc. . . . . I know it’s been said here, but after seeing his BS demeanor, I’m really disgusted with him. Victor deserves AFP and more, I sincerely pray he gets some great work with great money attached for him and his family. I can’t believe Nicole at this point, if she wins I’ll barf.

  17. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Every time I see Nicole and Paul talking now all I can think of is the fable about the scorpion and the frog.
    The scorpion wants to get to the other side of the river and knows the frog can get him there by jumping on the lily pads. The frog is hesitant because he knows the scorpions sting will kill him but the scorpion convinces the frog by saying “why would I do that,we would both drown” so the frog is convinced and takes the scorpion to the other side of the river and when they get there the scorpion Stings the frog. The frog says “why did you do that”. The scorpion says “because that is my nature,it’s what I do”.

  18. Avatar

    I think Paul played hard but I didn’t like the WAY he played. Making the girls cry and cursing at them doesn’t make a good game player. Nic is just Lucky to be here she is no game player. To me James made good moves when he had to and he never made anyone cry . He’s a good guy with a daughter who would be proud of the game he played.

    • AIO_7

      Sorry, but I just can’t jump on the Lames band wagon.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      James does seem like a really nice guy. He’s a pervert but nice to women simultaneously. It’s a strange combo. I can only remember a few moves James made tho. (I’m not counting nom’s for Frank and Brid-that’s a non move because everyone wanted him out)
      1-He used his vote steals to get rid of Z. That’s barely a move becauae Natalie almost had to beat the sh*t out of him to get him to.
      2-He told Paulie what Da said about couples to show loyalty to him. He should have stored it insted-used Da for a vote (she was on his side)-got rid of her later. He could beat her in comps.
      3-He told Da she was leaving on accident when it was a secret as his alliance almost pooped their pants.
      4-He was involved in a huge move to get rid of Paulie-drew a line in the sand-then didn’t want to work with the side he had just jumped to.
      5-His gut convinced Natalie there would be no jury buyback and to trust Nicole/Corey. (he lost a number-natalie)
      6-He busted Natalie out by saying she wanted to keep Vic where Nicole/Corey could hear. (lost trust and may be why it isn’t a given Nicole will take him to end now)
      7-He threw Nicole the hoh-didn’t even have 1 convo trying to make Paul or Vic the target. (lost his 1 other number)
      8-He is putting all his trust in Paul who he has crapped on all summer and Nicole who he has gone against aND loat her trust.
      *I get he’s still in there but has made moves that cost him numbers when he didn’t need to. It could have maybe been in a final 3 with Natalie and Paul, Michelle and Natalie, Nicole and Natalie, etc. The point is he was close to ending with 2 against 1 in his favor. We’ll never know but I feel like he’s there because of dumb luck and the fact that Nicole couldn’t stand Natalie. If Nicole and Corey hadn’t gotten rid of Vic, James wouldn’t even be in the final 4.

  19. Shivani33

    The funniest moment for me on BBAD was a short live bit shown between the reruns. Paul and James were going to bed. Paul said, accompanied by plenty of cussing, that the hell with it, he was going to sleep commando. James said that he could never do that because he kicks off his covers most nights. Paul said something like, “yeah, four hours of your balls.”

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