You’re probably tuning in tonight after the power of veto episode on CBS to find out what is going to happen tomorrow. If so, perfect!  If not?  Well, read on anyway because this site rocks and every post should be read.

Let me try to do a full recap of the week if I can remember it all…


Cody won HoH while Josh took safety for the week during the competition.  He was a bit paranoid because he was acting like a lunatic early on, so he felt the need to put his team at risk of going home in order for self-safety. This also resulted in an argument with Megan that was all over the CBS episode which was part of the reason she walked.  After the HoH competition, Megan misheard Jessica call Alex ‘panda’ instead of Pow Pow (which is in reference to Paola from a former season who looks exactly like her). Megan ran to Alex and told her who then confronted Jessica about the ‘racist’ comment. Jessica swore she didn’t say anything, and instead of clarifying exactly what was said, both Alex and Jessica ganged up on Megan who went into the DR and left the game due to PTSD from her time in the military.

That all happened after nominations so Cody was forced to nominate his third person of the week, and that was Alex.  This is when the feeds actually went live and we were finally able to watch what was going on in the house. We saw Megan’s face grayed out and Alex pissed that she was on the block. Tons of drama missed.  After that, Paul was given the option to choose his temptation which he would have been dumb not to. He did and was given three weeks of safety, but had to randomly pick a person to get a punishment. That was Ramses who will be forced to be the third nominee likely as soon as next nomination (though it could happen tomorrow, but that’s unlikely because that would be extremely messed up to not allow him to compete in veto).

Moving on, the PoV came and went which is what tonight’s episode is about.  Alex obviously won and took herself off the block.  For some reason without talking to the rest of his alliance, Cody decided to nominate Paul who happily told him he was actually safe from nominations for three weeks.  Cody thought on his feet and chose Christmas who flipped the hell out on him for doing so. She was very pissed because he told her she was safe but then threw her up there anyway.

In addition to pissing off Christmas and Paul on the same day, Cody lost all trust from his alliance which began to crumble that day. Paul and Christmas have been working people all week long which has done a great job at keeping her safe and also pulling people away from Cody/Jessica.

Then Monday rolls around and Christmas jumped on Jason’s back to ride around the house.  He ran outside and slipped on the grass which caused Christmas to smash her foot hard into the ground.  She was removed from the house and brought to urgent care. During this absence, Cody was wondering if he was going to be forced to nominate a 6th person of the week (Megan, Jillian, Alex, Paul, Christmas) and they all joked about how cursed he was.

Christmas returned to the game and told people that she had most likely torn some ligaments but had to return to get an MRI for sure.  That happened today (Wednesday) and she was out of the house all day which again resulted in everyone speculating what would happen if she was forced to leave the game.  Well, turns out she has two broken bones in her foot and production gave her the option to leave the game. She said ‘fuck no’ and stayed. They told her competitions will not be changed at all to make it more accessible to her, and she was fine with that. This means she will be forced to sit out of many of the next few competitions unless it’s something super easy like trivia.

Now, what does it all mean for tomorrow?  Christmas is almost certainly staying and Jillian should be the second person voted out of the house (don’t forget poor Cameron). Christmas has been able to secure Paul, and almost certainly Mark, Elena, Raven, Matt, Josh, and Dominique. Jason may also vote to keep her which would leave Ramses, Alex, Jessica, and maybe Kevin voting to keep Jillian.

Of course anything can happen as Wed nights are typically when the hardest campaigning happens so I’ll keep you updated later on in a live thread, but for now that’s where the house stands heading into tomorrow!