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ScaryVerse Twist Wipes Out Double Eviction

September 27, 2023 | 10 Comments
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Author: Mike

Since my last article, the house has undergone a transition led by the “BB Zombies” twist.

Cameron and Jared have been “evicted,” but they are still roaming the house as zombies. In other words, they get the opportunity to come back in the house, mingle, reconcile with enemies, and make amends with houseguests as they wait to compete in challenges that will bring one of them back into the game.  

Cirie appears to be back in the game after an internal dilemma of whether or not to continue participating. Her alliance with Felicia, as seen in Sunday’s episode, is significantly ruptured. 

While the power is no longer in the iron grasp of the Fields clan, it’s yet to be claimed by a strong faction. Cory and America are trying to gain control, but America’s inability to keep information hidden could contribute to the couple’s potential demise. 

The show is pinning Cory as a methodical mastermind by airing a lot of strategy-driven confessionals on Sunday night. It appears that the house is leaning on Cory or Cirie to take charge. 

Felicia, Jared, Cirie, and — since Meme was in the room — didn’t do themselves any favors when houseguests overheard Felicia, Jared, and Cirie arguing. Felicia looked the worst for a couple reasons. First, any argument involving yourself is bad at any time in the game. Second, she clearly lied to Cirie and Jared. We can probably assume Cirie/Jared and Felicia are no longer going to trust each other.

Sunday’s episode concluded with Jared and Cameron squaring off for part three of the battle back competition with Cam ahead 13-9. 

The “BB Zombie” twist can lead to a variety of outcomes. 

Jared comes back and has a resurgence coupled with a Blue, Cirie, Felicia, or Meme HOH week. Although Felicia and him might not be as close as they once were, I don’t see Felicia targeting Jared because he can be used as a comp beast for her. 

Cam comes back and is a wild card free agent. His closest ally is probably Cory. The two meet each other on a strategic level and understand that Cirie and Jared are a duo who will not turn on one another. Since Jared already evicted Cam, it is unlikely Cam would befriend anyone formerly or currently on Jared’s side. 

The house is filled with tension about the upcoming HOH competition. Whoever wins will likely set up a series of dominos. He or she could put up the returning Zombie (Jared or Cam) to get less blood on their hands. 

On the other hand, nominating Cory and America would be a bold strategic move for anyone since the couple’s target level is slowly increasing. It’s unfortunate that a double eviction – traditionally an exciting and critical night when reviewing any season – preceded such a lackluster twist. Cory revealed his hand for nothing, potentially.

This season is entertaining for the fact that we don’t know who will win. Cirie, still capable of winning, has slowly dipped in quality game moves after dominating the first half of the season. 

Are you excited for tonight’s episode? What do you think will happen?

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