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There’s discomfort and then there’s this ~

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Hi!  Welcome to the afternoon snooze fest.  My name is Pam and I’ll be your guide as we try very hard NOT to join the houseguests in what appears to be an eternal slumber!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to help Amy out on the overnight shift and give you BBJ’s the morning flashback to all that’s going on inside the BB18 house.  I’m recovering for ankle surgery and since I can’t drive anywhere, this is a perfect way to make my recuperation a little more exciting.  So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

I’ve seen Corey in the bumper car before but I don’t remember seeing him from that overhead angle.  He can’t even stretch out good.  I feel sorry for the guy.  I’m not sure if sleeping on his back is the norm for him but if it isn’t, he’s not getting any rest.  No wonder he’s still sleeping in the HN room.  I don’t sleep on my back and this ankle thing screwed with my sleep patterns, which is why I’m up at all hours of the night.  It makes me feel like giving Corey a care package with another NoHN in it.  By the way, have you voted for the care package for next week yet?  The next care package is Eliminate Two Eviction Votes and voting ends 8/5 at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST ~ http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/americas-care-package/


  • 1:00 p.m. –
    • Corey & James finally get up and head to the kitchen, first Corey to fix his bowl of slop and James wasn’t far behind
  • 1:35 p.m. –
    • James asks Corey if he thinks it will be a double eviction and explains what goes on.
    • Da’Vonne makes her way to the bathroom and starts getting ready for the day.
  • 1:40 p.m. –
    • Corey takes a quick shower.
  • 1:50 p.m. –
    • Bridgette has joined James in the kitchen and tells him about her dream, which is too crazy to try to explain.
    • She asks if James is going to wake up Natalie and he says that wouldn’t be a good idea because she does not wake up well.  He leaves the room, maybe to crawl back in bed with Nat.
  • 2:00 p.m. –
    • Bridgette cleaning the kitchen and talking to Corey.  She on the hunt for ants all over the place.  (between ants and fruitflies, I’m not sure which I despise more)
    • Da’Vonne is working on her hair in the bathroom
    • Bridgette asks Corey to tell her a story, one that he’s embarrassed to tell people.  He said had a story but it wasn’t embarrassing.  It was on his graduation day and he had to go home to get something.  He lived in a suburb of Dallas and was on a two-lane road.  It had been raining and a car coming the other way went airborne and hit the van in front of him and narrowly missed hitting him.  He called 911 and helped wherever the paramedics asked.  The girl in the car was really messed up.  About 6 months later, a girl messaged him on Facebook to thank him for helping out.
    • Bridgette tells Corey about rear-ending a car in traffic.
    • Nicole has joined the world of the living and is spending time putting on her face in the bathroom with Da’Vonne.  I can’t help but think Da has Nicole on ignore.  I think Nicole finally gave up trying to make conversation.
  • 2:20 p.m. –
    • Nicole shares a story about being with her best friend running out of gas.  They called a guy friend to come help them get gas and he was very grumpy and got mad at them for laughing about the situation.  Once they got the gas in the car, they went to Chili’s and had a good time.  (we are now in the travel nightmare portion of the program…this is almost like watching them sleep)
  • 2:30 p.m. – Da & Nicole in the Safari Room
    • Da confronting Nicole about a rumor Nicole was going to put her up.
    • Nicole denying it and saying she is worried in a double eviction that Da will put her up.
    • Da saying she is getting these rumors within the circle about things
    • Nicole asks, “Why are we getting off track? People we trust are getting us off track. It’s people close to us.”
    • Da saying Frank planted information about Nicole before he left.  That Frank pinpointed when he knew Da was after him and she confirmed it for him.
    • Da says two minutes after we have this conversation people will talk and when we hear things, we don’t have to say who told use but let’s bring it to each other.  “We hear it, we absorb it, and we start to act on it. I do love you and maybe we can mend.
    • Nicole says “I feel a lot crazier this time than I did last time. I just go back to my Tokyo room and hide” and “It’s so awkward.”
    • Da says “I walk in a room and you walk out, you walk in a room and I walk out”
    • Nicole says she was holding the door shut so Frank couldn’t come back in.
    • Da says “I do love you and I’m glad we talked”
    • Nicole says “Thank you for talking to me. Seriously.”
  • 3:15 p.m.
    • Random chit-chat in the kitchen.  Paulie talking about New Year’s Eve in NYC
    • Paul still asleep

Had to take a little break to find some feed of the “real” kind but I’m back and ready to get the bb feed coming your way again!

  • 4:30 p.m. –
    • It’s breakfast time for the houseguests.  Michelle, Natalie, & Bridgette around the tall table and ever since Michelle sat in the HoH eating something extremely crunchy, the microphone right by the mouth has bothered me.  Bridgette is eating corn flakes and they are incredibly noisy.
  • 4:45 p.m. –
    • Paul randomly walks in and interrupts the conversation to say he wants to get some artist in Sweden to do a tattoo and I missed what led into it but he just said, “I’m free-ballin'”
  • 5:00 p.m. –
    • Production just came over and reminded everyone they weren’t supposed to discuss DR – naughty, naughty
    • Vic is working out, doing some impressive push-ups using three chairs.
    • Workout Buddies
    • Now it’s Paulie’s turn
  • 5:15 p.m. –
    • Only two rooms active right now -Corey & Nicole in the Tokyo room and Bridgette in the HoH bed while Paul goes to the DR
    • Feeds keep going down.
  • 5:30 p.m. –
    • Nicole talking to Corey about her earlier convo with Da. She’s telling him of her conversation with Michelle & Z last night and how she told them she felt in her gut that Da was coming after her, Corey, & Paulie.  She says she expected them to run to Da and they did.  Nicole said she told them unless she heard otherwise, she was going to assume Da was coming after her.  She’s saying how she knows they are lying to her and she knows Da has said her name before.
    • Nicole says she understands where Paulie’s coming from because Da is “coming after us”.
    • She says she is gonna vote Bridgette out but doesn’t sound like she’s completely on board with that.
    • She told them last night that she’d heard other lies before and they said “not to me”.  She tells Corey that Vic & Natalie is a waste.
    • She said she told Da “there’s no mending our relationship today” and that Da said “I let it go in one ear and out the other”.  She says she told Da that it makes too much sense to her to let it go.  She tells Corey that she will never have Da’s vote or Michelle & Z’s vote and that’s three.  She says if she ever made it to the end, it would be very hard for her to win.

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  1. Avatar

    I hope Bridget gets the care package just in case she doesn’t win HOH but I hope she does,i will vote for her only if she is nominated that is I hope isn’t

  2. Avatar

    Also a question I like to ask people of all the girls in the house in this Big Brother who do you want to win and who is your most hated girl in the house? I want Bridget to win and I hated Michelle she is annoying and acts like it’s high school over a boy like oh my god the way she gets mad at Bridget over Frank was insane and acts like such a bitch to Bridget during that time and she still does it to her and I don’t know who can be more annoying than that

    • Avatar

      I can’t stand Bridgette nor Michelle. Bridgette because she suddenly changed when she started hanging out with Frank. The baby voice one minute & cussing like a soldier the next.
      Michelle is a mean girl & thinks it’s supposed to be all about her. Did you see her act like she was crying in the storage room when she didn’t use the veto on Frank? All of the hollering & trying to crank out some tears.I wanted to punch her in her throat really hard. She is so fake.
      Nicole is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I can’t wait for her to get what’s coming to her.
      I have zero tolerance for Z. The girl is a doormat.
      Don’t much care for Da but because she’s the only person who I think would have the guts to go after The Godfather & his soldiers, I want her to stay.
      Natalie is a floater alright & does not have a clue about what she should be doing but she’s my favorite female houseguest.
      James is my favorite male houseguest & that dirtbag Paulie is my most hated. I don’t like loud mouth, hairy face Paul & dislike that jerk Victor even more. Corey is a follower & dirtbag too.
      These people have my blood pressure on the rise. If I have to watch Z hanging all over her abuser & still thinking he’s the best thing since sliced bread, Im going in after her & shaking the shit out of her.

      • Avatar

        Yeah Michelle is just my worst girl in the house so emotional and yeah I did see that happen god when see wanted to use it then she didn’t and now she said she feels regret over it cause of Bridget.The girl never gets to understand how big brother works like I have seen big brother for 4 years and I already know what to do in the house and Paulie just has to go I can’t take it anymore and Z is definitely a doormat and I don’t like her,but seeing her get this much from Paulie and still act like”Omg Paulie say what you to say to me about my face and all my stuff that makes feel less of a woman in your eyes”. And she still does it and yup Nicole is going to get what’s coming to her and Bridget is just Bridget yeah you don’t like her,but I do cause I find cool and I still hoping she makes a big move against Paulie I mean come on you would change your opinion on her if that happens

      • Avatar

        strwar, If Bridgette actually took a swing at The Godfather, I guess I would have to give her a tiny bit of respect even if she swung & missed. Lol

      • Avatar

        Yep that’s pretty much a perfect summary of them, Ann! Lol…

    • Alda

      I would like Da to win.But if she goes home Nat.Nicole can leave any day of the week! I am shocked at the change in her from her season.

      • Avatar

        Nicole is my favorite and she said at beginning of show she was going to play completely different from last year and be smarter. She’s doing that. Natalie sweet but lately saying more nasty things. And not playing game at all. Z and mich are just mean and nasty girls. Bridge flipped on her alliance for frank and she’s been nasty also and said some nasty things. And day is the most two faced person to n house and has thrown every person in the house utb

    • Avatar

      Not sure which girl I would want to see win but I think the most deserving is probably Da… she’s the only girl actually trying to play the game! The other girls are having a competition with the pool logs to see who can float the best lol. I definitely dislike Meech and Z! Meech does nothing but cry over spilled milk and Z cries about Paulie… they have the dumbest arguments! I wish Nicole was playing like how she did before, I feel like she’s just a floater now! Bridgette is just lost without Frank lol… Natalie is the nicest of ’em all but a floater like the rest!

      and paul… you’re no one’s boy so you can stop saying “your boy” snd abusing the word friendship!

  3. Avatar

    Anybody think Hollywood has called Jozea & his scenarios to come & Star in one of those movies said he’s going to be in or maybe asked to host the Red Carpet yet??? Aaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

    I go back & look at that fool calling himself the Messiah, talking about he runs the house, scenarios & being a free dandelion. That dandelion damn sure is free but he ain’t running no house. Hahahahahaha

    • Avatar

      I don’t think Hollywood would do that but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is on a soap opera like Days of our lives orThe Young and the restless lol cause big brother contestants always get on there god it will be hilarious if somehow if Jozea comes acting like a angel on those soap opera shows lol

      • Avatar

        Don’t you dare curse like that,,, Jozea an angel? More like the devil in a nightmare. Lol
        I hope they don’t put him Y&R because I watch & I never want to see his face again. Lol

      • Jenny M

        I’m sure he can have a solid career in porn.

  4. Avatar

    I actually liked Paulie in the beginning & it slowly turned to just tolerating him because he’s Super Hot Cody’s big brother. Then it was dislike, couldn’t stand him & then after his first low, down, dirty fight with Z I hated the man. Now I wanna kick his ass. He’s the type of man you gotta get even with while he’s sleeping. His trifling ass soldiers need a good ass kicking too. They all need to be brought down a peg or two.
    I hate the type of person that has to make others feel small to make themselves feel big. That’s Paulie, Victor & Paul. Those smug ass smiles need to be slapped off of their faces.

  5. Avatar

    Omg #sadmeech lmao!!! I’m I the only one who found Michelle”s crying painfully hilarious!?! Can’t stop laughing!

  6. Avatar

    BB should tell the guys to stop calling Natalie “FT”(Fake Tits). (They are nice and fits her body well) It’s a very derogatory remark and very insulting. They never say it to her face and in front of James(I think). This is supposed to be a family show. I’m surprised there wasn’t more of an uproar about it.

    • Avatar

      Yeah well BB hasn’t done anything about it and I think they will not do anything about it also they haven’t done anything for Bridget I saw what the house did to Bridget look up online and see what Bridget has been going though in the house god they are soooo mean to her I hate the house and I hate Paulie

      • NKogNeeTow

        They actually haven’t done anything to Gidget, other than ignore her. Production won’t do anything about that, as long as they aren’t physically abusing her. And before anyone thumb downs me, I’m not wishing that on her, it just is what it is.

    • NKogNeeTow

      They do say it in front of her face and in front of James too. She and James just doesn’t get it because they’ve never told them what FT stands for.

  7. Avatar

    I hope they find some real contestants for next one or I’m just done with the show

  8. Avatar

    I like how Bridgette is super sweet and then a total bitch! She’s like a Care Bear with devil horns.

  9. Avatar

    Honestly Day is playing a lazy ass game. She eats, sleeps and talks crap about everyone to anyone who will listen. The bible will stay while she and all of her packs of hair are evicted.

  10. Avatar

    I was feeling sorry for Z then I remembered watching her put on her feminine hygiene product in front of a group of ppl in the pantry while Paulie was present. Hell if he didn’t lose respect for her then he sure damn sure should have.

    • Avatar

      Boy but Bridgett sure sees thru days game!!! Every other word out of day to everyone has been “Nicole Nicole Nicole””. Big jealousy going on here I finally figured out

      • Painter1

        Day has been throwing everyone under the bus and that’s why she needs to go. She has pushed on Nic for a while than she said Nat, than Meesch what loyalty does she have. She sets a small fire and hopes it takes off than she thinks she was the one who got a houseguest evicted.

    • Avatar

      What?! When the hell did that happen?! How was she not nominated and evicted right after that?

    • Avatar

      Dang girlie, have some respect for yourself. Just Few questions.. you forgot about being watched by America

  11. Avatar

    @Angel I know the “Post Police” are lurking but you’re right, this whole damn house is remedial! #sorrynotsorry

  12. Avatar

    Why doesn’t he just sleep on the floor or a couch? Is that not allowed?

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