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Tiffany Does Nothing – Saves Herself

Random picture of Zakiyah, unrelated to story.

(edit: I forgot to mention that I’m still looking for a writer. Contact me for details.  Must know wordpress and watch the feeds)


If there ever was a time to get by on family reputation alone, this would be it. Tiffany (aka Vanessa 2.0, or V2) was the target throughout the week, but was under the impression that she was safe, so she did little campaigning. Despite the lack of campaigning, she went from definitely gone, to almost saved, back to definitely gone, finally to be saved one more time; All without her knowledge of what was going on. It was pretty impressive, yet sad at the same time.

This all happened because Da’Vonne (and the rest of the house) has been getting really sick of Frank over the last week. While many in the house haven’t been huge fans of Tiffany and her unstable gameplay, it was Frank driving the force to get her out. With the decline of Frank’s standing in the house exposed that fact, and it certainly wasn’t lost on people like Da’Vonne.  She certainly wasn’t about to sit around and do Frank’s bidding, and tried to change the outcome of the week. In addition to saving V2, Day’s plan was to use her against Frank moving forward until he’s out of the house. Of course she glosses over the fact they’ll still have to get V2 out at some point as well, but I guess they’ll worry about that when she is HoH and pegging off the vets.

Da’Vonne coached V2 into being more human, while simultaneously dropping hints in the ears of people like Paulie and Nicole. Her actual attempt was going well until it hit Paulie, who decided it was a foolish move to keep a stronger player in the house, while also making an obvious signal to Frank that he’s not as safe as he thought.  He shot down the idea and convinced the rest of the house to just stay the course and vote out V2. Additionally, Day’s coaching backfired as well. Instead of being smart and social, V2 decided to clean the house and the follow people around all day casually asking what they were going to do tomorrow (today). This annoyed Paulie and Corey further and they wanted to just wash their hands of that situation.


Tiffany gone, right? Wrong. While all this was going on, Bronte was running her mouth about her she still wants to target the boys and word got back to Paulie. This caused the final reversal that would eventually get V2 the votes she needs to remain in the house. Throwing caution into the wind with Frank, Paulie simply didn’t want to risk Bronte winning HoH and targeting him and Corey, Z, or another ally.  After a quick discussion, Bronte went from safe to likely evicted tonight by a potential overwhelming number. I am guessing a vote of 6-3, with her only votes being James, Natalie and Frank.

While I can see both sides to the argument, there are basically two sides to Paulie+Crew’s plan…

a) Vote out Tiffany. This keeps the plan in motion, and Frank in the dark. It makes him easier to beat for HoH, and easier to backdoor. Does it guarantee an eviction? No, but it makes it easier


b) Vote out Bronte. This shakes Natalie, and makes Frank realize he’s not safe. It removes the very short term threat of Bronte, but fires up Frank, and they’re still going to have to worry about Tiffany later


c) Vote out Paul. This keeps Bronte and Tiffany in the house, and it shows the house isn’t working with Frank. Not a good plan from any angle.

In a sense, he’s choosing to trade Tiffany and about an 85% chance of Frank eviction for a Bronte eviction. It’s not a trade I would make, but I also understand the paranoia when you hear rumors about someone directly mention your name as a target. Bronte did that, and that made her the target.

Predictions for tonight…

  • As stated above, Bronte will leave with a 6-3-0 vote. Maybe 7-2 if James gets brave
  • The HoH competition will be a memory comp where they will look at pictures and have to remember details from each one.
  • There will be a large number of people trying to throw the competition.
  • Don’t expect Michelle or Paulie to win as they don’t want Frank safe.
  • Nicole and James will also throw when they can so they don’t have to be the one to get out Frank. I don’t think Corey does as well
  • This leaves Paul, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Natalie and Frank as potential winners.
  • I am going to say out of that group, Zakiyah, Paul and Frank have about an equal shot at winning.
  • (update: As someone mentioned, I completely forgot Tiffany for HoH. This changes things considerably. I give her an advantage over everyone else. In fact, I predict she is next HoH)

What do you expect to see happen tonight?


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  1. Avatar

    you forgot tiffany as potential winner of hoh

  2. JD

    There will be no living with DA and her ego this week. More high pitched screeching DR’s from her. You got to give her credit for playing better than Frank. I think I will pass watching tonight.

  3. Avatar

    I really am tired of these snooze fest BB’s I remember when I wouldn’t miss an episode a few years back. Now I’m lucky if I watch the live episode and I do not have feeds and only come here couple times a week. Everything has been way to predictable there really hasn’t been any surprises and what happened to the have not comps? Or reward/punishment comps? Comps that made them stay up all night? Anything that keeps fans coming back. Thanks for the blog I luv that I have a place I can come n catch up a whole week without watching the boring show I appreciate all you’ve done through the years.

  4. danmtruth

    Watching feeds and reading jokers i’m confused. The big talk is who will vote for who understand that, Than they turn around and want to throw votes at Tiff V2 to confuse Franke the snake They have Day(1)Paulie(2)Nichole(3) Coret (4) Z (5) and James (6) Michelle (7) All it takes is 5 to keep it out of Bridgets hand with a tie Yet the want to fool Frank so they want to throw votes With Corey saying he cant be seen voti g to save Tiff because he does not talk to her? Did they forget tne vote is secret? You just LIE when Frank ask who you voted for

  5. Jannie

    Omg…they(Nic, Corey, Paulie, Faki, and James) have spent the last hour trying to figure out how they should all vote. They are still keeping Van2.0, but they can’t decide exactly who should vote for who…you know, to confuse Snakey Frank.
    Watch them screw this up – wouldn’t surprise me at all.
    And James is worried that Nat will be upset with him. I don’t think he has the cahones to go against the group, but if he did that wouldn’t surprise me either.
    Nothing personal against Bronchitis, I just want Bridgidiot and her Snake to be screwed over. Sitting in the HOH like the king and queen of the castle dictating to their subjects – they deserve to not have their wish granted. ?
    Finally a show that will be fun to watch!

  6. Avatar

    Frank is going to end up winning this hoh. He won that comp in his last season, and he is going to know that the house is against him. Day is making a huge mistake imo, because Frank is going to feel super betrayed by her specifically. Bridgette should have used the pov because if Nat had gone up as replacement, James would have nipped this talk in the bud. Bad game play all around. Let’s see who ends up on top.

    • Jenny M

      I remember in his first season I hated Frank at the beginning, and kept waiting for him to get voted out, and he kept winning comps and staying in the house. At some point my opinion of him changed and I was rooting for him. Can’t remember the details but probably he was being a jerk, doing stuff like he’s doing now that is making people mad… then started showing his more human side.
      I just remember being SURE that he was going home, and then they’d vote, and dammit, he was still there!!! This time around I am expecting him to be hard to vote out.

  7. Painter1

    Frank was a comp beast in his season and pretty much this season, don’t think getting him out will be easy AT ALL. If he ends up getting HOH Paulie and Day will be targets probably with Cory ad a replacement.

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