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I Take Back What I Said About Vanessa



I was wrong.

I rarely say that on this blog, or in life, simply because I’m so awesome (haha). But, watching last night’s CBS episode of Big Brother and getting DR reactions of the house over the past week, and it is safe to say that I was wrong.

About what?  About Vanessa making a stupid move by nominating Julia and pushing to get Meg out of the house.


In a regular season with good players, this may have been a stupid move, but I failed to trust the judgement of Vanessa who has been reading these people for over two months now. These are simply not good players who remain in the house, and Vanessa looked at the situation differently than a typical viewer. Instead of seeing a super strong trio who will make the final 3, she saw a really weak trio who will likely be 3 out of the 5 votes needed to win Big Brother 17. The only difficulty was getting them to jury without doing it herself.  Had she kept Meg over Liz or Julia, she gained nothing and likely lost at least 2 jury votes in the process.

Liz and Julia are clearly not the type of people who are going to respect big game moves, so by having Steve get one of them out, while Vanessa is a shoulder to cry on, it essentially locks down 2 jury votes. Had she been dealing with players who respect the game and respect big, smart moves, perhaps Vanessa would have approached last week differently. She did what I failed to do, which is successfully read the way these players will react to the situation. That is probably why she is a multi-millionaire professional poker player, and I am a blogger.

So, let me tip my cap to you, Vanessa. You earned it.  I was wrong. You made a good choice last week, and you’re still the favorite to win this season.


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    When is the Veto ceremony? I Say Austin use it on yourself. If you either stay on or take Liz off you deserve to go home. Marcelles ring a bell lol. Course I would rather Liz goes as she is the glue that holds the trio together and without her they fall apart.

  2. Elaine

    Vanessa has surprised me. I have been unsure of her play many weeks, (which with this cast has kept it interesting). As Houdini she has freed herself from some tight spots. I wasn’t expecting her to be so outwardly emotional. Knowing her profession I expected her to be more pensive and not so out there with the drama. She even mentioned after Steve won HOH, that her poker player teaches her how not to react, but secretly she was really excited he won. I guess she has been able to read those houseguests to know what she could get away with. Though I know many who comment here dislike her a lot, I think she has played a thorough game and is the real deal (pun intended).

  3. danmtruth

    Just what Vanessa planed promise F/2 with Steve I think with John also To assure they won’t target her. Promise F/ 3 with Austin to let him think he still has a chance to bring Liz Once more using Steve or John as a shield so if Austin wins HOH he has a target other than her . As for her final speech as I’m sure Vanessa is planning that . I can hear her explaining how she played all of them and if they are any type of fan of the game they should respect the fact she was able to do all this.
    Reading Jokers once more we are treated to Steve’s late night rambling stream of consensus . Even Jack Kerouac or William S Bourrough in there most drug out drunken binges could not keep up with his twisted logic. Steve knows that late at night he has a captive audience . Except for trying to catch Austin and Liz doing the undercover bump and grind. There is not much to watch so like any good late night infomercial Steve fills the void with junk. Steve is working on his speech to nominate poor Julia. He points out how her and her sister are historical figures as no twins have ever gone this far in the game. Yes Steve that is true because other house guest in past seasons were smarter . Knowing that a family bond in a game like this is dangerous and hard to break up You should say you two girls are trash and my mother would never approve of either one of you Beside Vanessa needs you out

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    I love Vanessa. I feel she’s played this game better then anyone ever has. I def give her props.

    • Jannie

      While I don’t actually “love” Vanessa, I have said all along that she is a genius as a player.
      I never doubted any of her calculations about the game.

      Interesting last night that she told Steve that he would “100% win against her” in a F2 situation.
      To which Steve replied, “Then why would you want to take me?”
      Yes, Vanessa…Why??

      I think she either:
      A. Wants to take Julia and win it.

      or(and this would be cool)

      B. She doesn’t really care about the money so if she takes JMac or Steve she would reveal herself at the finale and tell the jury to give the money to the other player. She was just playing for the challenge.

      Somewhere in the real world I know that Vanessa has a heart. She has been quite charitable in the Poker world.

    • Avatar

      Jannie, I think Steve catching that comment was great. I think he realized that he caught her in a lie.

      Everyone is there to win. Why bring someone to the final 2 that can beat you, when you can bring someone slse that you can beat.

    • Avatar

      Jannie. Beautiful comment. On many levels. .B

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    I’m so torn about last nights episode. The exchange about Sigmund Freud was hilarious! JMacs reaction to the twits fawning over Steve in his HOH room was priceless and Liz telling Julia what a terrible kisser Austin is made me laugh (although we know that happened a long time ago). But production failed to show the twits true colors by not showing their reactions when they thought they were going on the block together. And Liz in the DR saying how she doesn’t understand why Steve would put her up….they have been sooooo nice to him, not making him feel like an outsider nerd. Hope production shows the true reactions when Austin wins POV and the pure selfishness Liz displays. Come on Big Brother, show the non live feeders just how nasty these two twits really are.

    • Avatar

      Akasnana, I agree. I had the same reactions about last night’s episode, but with another note. I wonder if the reason why the twins’ true colors weren’t shown was for continued viewership. All in all, this has been a boring season with weak players making stupid moves, with the exception of Vanessa & Becky, the one person who tried to get Vanessa out.
      This season has been scraping the bottom of the barrel, and last night was a pleasant surprise for me. 🙂

    • Avatar

      I agree Arkansas!! If you only ever watch the CBS episodes, the twins are likable. But if you know the full scope of the things they say and do, you know what mean people they are. They things they were saying about James when they found out he was trying to flip the house to save Meg were gross, they have said some awful things about JMac, they have accused Meg of being a thief, but the things they were saying about Steve throughout his current HOH reign were beyond disgusting. In all these situations they were attacking people on a very personal level…looks, personality, etc. but they took it to a whole new level with Steve!! They are simply nasty, mean girls! I hope neither of them or Austin win it!! I don’t care for Vanessa either because I think she has a mean streak as well, but at least she is playing the game and playing it hard. All Austin cares about is getting some fame out of this. And I saw on Jokers where the twins said “Our goal coming in to this was to get to stay long enough to wear all our new outfits and we did that, so it’s whatever now”. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? CBS needs to cast people who really want to play the game and stop being in people who are only concerned about what they look like!!

  6. opium4damasses

    Veto ceremony is later today, and Steve was up in his HOH bed at 4 a.m. practicing his renom speech, making sure that he honors the twins for lasting through so many evictions since Julia entered the game. Probably the three voters for this new eviction will vote for Liz to go. Even if Austin throws a gentlemanly vote to evict Julia, the majority of two votes are slated for Liz. Steve is impressed with being the HOH who makes BB history by nominating both twins at once. Going forward, Steve worries about Vanessa, but I think she will be able to clarify things for him soon and to alleviate his specific doubts. If he decides to mess with her, it could be the beginning of the end for Steve, since Austin already wants him to go asap.

  7. Avatar

    I don’t care for Vanessa. I really want someone to turn on her. This should have been done a long time ago. She has been playing the whole game for everyone. It makes the game so predictible, and not as much fun this year. She really has to go after Liz. Then get rid of Austin

    • Avatar

      I think Steve will wise up and realize he needs to get rid of her before she does it to him first. I also think JMac knows he needs to. However JMac may have a tough time beating Steve in F2 (because Steve is likable and has won 2 HOHs) but JMac may have a good argument against Vanessa because she has screwed over so many people.

  8. opium4damasses

    Regardless of Steve’s momentary doubts about Vanessa, they are the most likely F2 and have been since the cast was picked, IMO. Vanessa really is a big sister to him and clearly, she loves watching him grow, navigate and analyze. I have a feeling that she wants to make sure that Steve comes out with some good money for his college fund.

    • danmtruth

      Sorry Opium4 there is nothing in Vanessa’s game that says she caries about anyone over the money. You say she cares about Steve ? Any time he showed any sign of disagreeing with her she bullied him back Either by with holding her “love” for him. Crying and shaming him . Just flat out manipulating him Yes Vanessa has been playing the best game . She has controlled most of the action in the house . Good thing she had a house full of worker bees Not much thinking just go along and let Vanessa do the planing.

    • Jannie


      Steve said the other night that there have been “no bullies” in the house this season.
      I was kind of surprised to hear him say that, but Vanessa is so good that she isn’t even perceived to be a bully.
      And I do agree that even though she is harsh on Steve sometimes, I think she is also the nicest to him – there is a kind of little brother/big sister relationship they have(twisted at times, but it’s there).

    • Avatar

      I think Steve was just too embarrassed to tell people about the bully session that Jase laid on him early in the game. If that wasn’t a bully session, I don’t know what is.

  9. Avatar

    I liked how last night’s episode showed us Steve’s thinking process of why he didn’t want to flip the house, and why. And in hindsight, if he had flipped the house, then he would have had a huge target on him from Austin, Liz (who won the hoh for the double eviction) and Vanessa.

    At least going into this week, he has just as much chance as anyone to take second place.

    And isn’t karma interesting ? After being such a bitch behind so many hg’s backs, It took all of 15 seconds for Liz to start crying after being nominated. Abd this was genuine crying, not the fake tears that Vanessa can conjure up at a moments notice.

    John was hilarious in the diary room again. He is one reallt funny guy – would love for him to get some kind of part time gig out of this.

  10. opium4damasses

    @danmtruth Big sisters can be rough sometimes. Steve has received a lot of Vanessa’s guidance and has said that he’s thankful for it, and he could have been long gone already without her protection and fondness for him being a kind of umbrella all the long, hot summer. They are a lot alike with their analytical minds. I don’ t see her as a tyrant or as mean-spirited, nor as omnipotent. Rather, she appears very determined, strong and full of volition, a dynamic engine of will that she’s been showing him how to activate inside of himself. That dynamism was on hold in Steve, who has lacked self-confidence or much social experience. He has been most receptive to learning from her. And no! Vanessa certainly does NOT strike me as caring only about the money. She seems to be greatly interested in the game as a social experiment to test herself and to operate her theories in a different arena than the poker table.

    • Avatar

      I won’t question if Vanessa is a nice person or not.

      I will submit that she saw an angle to be able to connect with Steve by helping him with his awkwardness. And although she may have been helping him, she was using that relationship as her means of advancing in the game.

      Additionally, I know I have already said it, but I still believe that Steve ‘s social awkwardness is a ploy for him to stay safe in the game.

  11. Avatar

    Congratulations Steven. You are STARTING to catch on. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Expect the unexpected

  12. Jannie

    Veto ceremony has taken place and, as we all know, Austin took himself down and Julia went up.

  13. Jannie

    Although I think Steve and Vanessa have worked well together this season, I also think Steve has been Vanessa’s lap dog as a way to keep her from turning on him.
    He has seen how she can chew people up, spit them out, and make up lies to convince the house that a certain person has to leave. He appreciates(and fears) the power she wields in the house. The one time a few weeks ago when she thought Steve had betrayed her, he saw how fast she can turn on a friend.

    On Joker’s this afternoon, Steve is up in the HOH room alone watching Vanessa on the cameras. He has repeated, over and over again “Vanessa I do not trust you.” “I trust Johnny Mac more, I do not trust you, Vanessa.”


  14. Avatar

    Danmtruth, you are 100% right about Vanessa. She does not care about anybody in that house. If she’s any body’s friend in that house they sure as hell don’t need any enemies. Is this the type of person she is in her everyday life? Is this why she was so afraid that her girlfriend wouldn’t love her anymore after seeing how heartless, cruel & manipulative she can be? The way she messes with peoples lives is wrong on so many levels. She is a huge bully & treats Steve like shit. She’s not acting like a sister to him, she is the evil stepmother. I see why Steve is so socially awkward. Didn’t he leave one college to go to another because he was being bullied & picked on? Damn, if he thinks Vanessa is his friend after she treats him so poorly, it scares me to think how he was treated at the school he left.

  15. opium4damasses

    Yes, watching Steve up in HOH room and hearing him speak of his doubts about Vanessa and trusting John more was good. I received some not so good info about her today, too and am really thinking it over.

  16. Avatar

    You were totally right about Vanessa last week. Vanessa is in a much better position this week because the Austwins are complete morons and evicted James instead of JMac during the DE. Had they kept James in the house, one of two things happen:

    1. James wins HoH this week instead of Steve and Vanessa is basically screwed.
    2. Steve wins HoH but Vanessa does everything in her power to make sure Steve targets James. Steve goes along with the plan and Austwins are safe for the week unless James wins Veto. Then its Austwins are playing against Vanessa is next week’s HoH..a 3 vs 1 situation.

    No one could have foreseen all of the pieces falling into place for DE: Liz winning HoH, Julia not using veto (another opportunity for them to backdoor Vanessa that they failed to act on), and then deciding to vote out Vanessa’s biggest enemy instead of their own. Austwins had ALL the power during DE (HoH, the veto, and the votes to evict whoever they wanted). Instead of using it to set themselves up for this week, they screwed themselves.

    So it was all basically dumb luck. But yes, in retrospect, getting out Meg helped her and possibly even saved her from getting evicted during DE (Liz probably would have gone after Vanessa) but I don’t think it was some savvy, strategic move that got her where she is. Its was more so luck and the fact that Austwins are idiots than anything else.

    • Avatar
      You don't see the big picture

      Hey You weren’t wrong. You don’t see the big picture. There were so many variables there.Meg was in fact the best strategy to go. I’ll give 1 example. There are 10 easy. If Meg is there. No threat. Rite? We agree on that. Hmmmmm. Unless your sitting next to her on the block. See Victoria BB16. No brainer. If you can think past 2 steps, you would see this for what it is.Just dumb luck agian…..na..Time after time after time after time after time.

  17. opium4damasses

    @dmc Some things that V. has said were interpreted to me differently than the way I had seen them through my rose colored glasses.I’ve had faith that she will own her game behavior, the nastier aspects that have made her so disliked especially, and redeem herself a lot. Now I realize that she may become a genuine, insufferable and untruthful fake who will justify herself as she revises the history of her game play to suit her own ego.We’ll see, since she has plans to be public about it.

  18. Avatar

    Still intensely dislike Vanessa, the twins, Steve and Austin. While JMac is not my favorite player this season, he is the lesser of evils for me – so I would have to give my vote to him if I had one!

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