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Video: Catch Up With Big Brother Over The Top!

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Seeing as it’s eviction day, the house is extremely slow, so what better time for them to release a video showing a small recap of the season so far!  I am so thrilled that they are releasing videos for free so people can actually hear how these people sound, and get a taste of the best season you’re not watching.

(You can change that by joining here. You get a week free trial to see if you like it)

This clip wasn’t long enough to cover everything that has happened over the first 3 weeks, but it is certainly progress to see more and more videos being posted for everyone to watch. My final goal is for them to release the weekly recap videos that they air on Wednesday nights, but baby steps.  Enjoy the video, and remember, keep wearing that t-shirt with a dress!

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  1. Comments (1427)

    Unwilling to enter the kitchen because the sound of Plastic laughter makes her cringe, Krustie tells Jason, “I think I’ll just go fart in Shelby’s bed for awhile.” Shelby said in a pre-game interview that she never saw much Big Brother, because her mom didn’t like her to watch reality tv. I hope Shelby’s mom isn’t home hyperventilating while Krustie pours out the charm.

    Pablo, save us!

  2. Comments (1247)

    Boy oh boy is she in for a surprise when she gets home. She won’t be having fans from BB.
    She wants to fart in Shelby’s bed but if someone did it to hers she would run her cry-baby ass straight to DR to complain.

  3. Comments (140)

    Jason says Shelby likes to hear herself talk. She makes him look like Helen Keller.

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