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Wednesday Night Big Brother Spoiler Thread


I have to say, it’s fairly impressive that we’re one week into the show and there still isn’t anyone in the house who I dislike. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not huge fans of really any of them, but I’m talking there are no people I grumble when they’re on screen. Here are a few notables…

  • Jillian – I feel bad for her. I still don’t know why anyone dislikes her inside or outside the house
  • Josh – This guy really turned around from the start of the feeds. I think his reality check conversation with Dom helped
  • Cody – He’s hilarious to me for some reason. I love his crazy faces or how he doesn’t do the goofy stuff production wants him to do for clips they can air. I also respect him not kissing ass
  • Alex – She is fun because she’s so blunt and doesn’t give a shit. Cody spent the entire last episode trying to help her, throwing comps, saying her name in bed and she replies that she wants to get him out. Awesome!

I mentioned a few of the people who have been higher on the drama list this season. Of course there are people like Kevin and Jason who are hilarious together. Paul is playing an overaggressive game but he’s always entertaining. Ramses seems like a genuinely good person. Raven, Matt, Elena, and Mark are just kind of there. Dominique is interesting to listen to because she’s very intelligent. Jessica is the only one I’m unsure of because she seems okay but really saddled herself to the wrong horse this race.

As we approach the final hours of Wednesday, people are going around and securing Jillian’s unfortunate exit from the house while Cody and Jessica distance themselves in the HoH room.  Let’s jump into some updates…

  • 8:00 pm – Mark has been talking a lot with Matt and Dominique.  Josh entered the room and they secured his vote tomorrow.
    • Mark is saying how Cody feels pretty confident but may only get Jessica to vote his way. Tomorrow may be a shock to him.
  • 8:25 pm – Christmas is in the apple room with Josh and telling him how good he’s been lately. His progress in the game, his good position, etc.
    • Josh tries to act cool and lay down and slams his head lol
  • 9:00 pm – The house is a bit scattered with Elena chatting privately with Dom.
    • Cody and Jessica also finally joined the house after watching them on private feeds from the HoH room
    • They were saying they wish Jillian wouldn’t run around dancing like she’s happy.  Jody is pretty certain Jill is staying. They’re going to be surprised tomorrow.
    • Going to step away from computer for a little bit while things are slow

Check back for updates!


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  1. Rita

    I’m happy I’m not the only one who appreciates Cody as an HG. He is smart to try to get Paul out of the house. Paul keeps telling everyone how awesome of a player he is and how he knows the game better than anyone and instead of trying to get him out they all fall in line let him lead the way. It’s NUTS!
    And now they are talking about throwing the HOH to him?

    We didn’t see the relationship between Cody and Jessica evolve from the start so I have no idea why they are so close so early. I think picking Cody was more like her picking a stock. She bought high and it tanked. Now the stock is too low to sell so she’s holding on until she finally will cut her loses. Maybe when Cody gets evicted.
    I just can’t stand watching them hiding out in the HOH room. They are worse than Amanda and McCrea in week one.

    • danmtruth

      @rita it was more like Cody chose his team Matt and Mark than add in his words chicks Jessica, Ellena, raven It was Cody who for better words set up the couples I just don’t trust Cody His comment about sticking to our kind

    • NKogNeeTow

      I feel the same way about your last 2 sentences. I sit here wondering every night, why is it that when someone gets HOH, who thinks they are omnipotent, they isolate themselves and the ones they are close to, in the HOH room. It’s like they forget that once their HOH is over, they still have to go back into general population. It gives off a bad vibe and the other HG don’t want to mingle with them because of the way they acted that prior week.

    • jimbo

      People always like to get on someone. Remember how BeastMode Cowboy was the worst stalker in the history of the world and needed to be locked up IMMEDIATELY? Uh huh…lame.

    • Mel

      LOVE the stock analogy…that perfect!

    • Lynn

      I very much appreciate Cody’s (not Jessica’s) play so far. It is smart to get out Paul who is a big threat. It was wholly unfair of CBS to essentially force him to show his hand while withholding critical information about the advantage given to Paul until said hand was indeed shown. But that is done and Cody will be evicted unless he saves himself via POV. I think it is a collective dumb strategy on the part of the rest of the house to keep Paul (after his freebie is over) and a huge mistake to then throw him the HOH. I guess having brains was not at the top of the requirement list for HG this year lol. I’m liking whistle nut and Kevin right now. They are entertaining.

    • Avatar

      I wonder how many of the HG’s actually watched Paul’s game last season? First off, he obviously has a huge advantage coming into the house between his past experience and then being GIVEN the first (unofficial) HOH of the season without having played a comp. What I mean by “unofficial HOH” is that through his “friendship bracelets” he didn’t get to decide who was going up as a traditional HOH would, just who was safe and NOT going up. Then getting the power to be safe the next 3 weeks is his latest “reward”. If I were a houseguest I would wonder if putting him up after his 3 week vacation is even worth it. He may have another power (“temptation”) up his sleeve and another HOH would be left Cody-faced if they tried to nominate him again. As much as everyone was in “shock” by the whole Cody putting up Paul thing, really, they would have been wise to get out a strong player this week over a floater/pawn. The only problem getting him out so early is that he would possibly (likely?) get to come right back in using the “Battle Back” after week 5.

      When the expected keeps coming true, how do you expect the unexpected?

  2. danmtruth

    i just cant get a good feeling on how this vote is going to go Funny thing is it has little to do with the people on the block More to do with WHO is campaigning for them Most of the old showmance group dislike Grody for going rogue on them Yet they dont like the hard sell by Paul Whistle -no-nut cant see that neither sides care to see him except as a pawn Kevin well what can be said he will need to see what way the house is going All i know is the last thing i want is Grody getting to cast the tie breaker vote

  3. Avatar

    In my 19 seasons of watching Big Brother…This is the 1st time I have ever seen a HOH look like he Crapped his Pants during a POV Ceremony….Good Lord Cody?!

  4. Avatar

    The look on Grody,the cyborgs face was EPIC!!!!!

  5. Avatar

    While I hate to say it or see it happen I have a bad feeling Christmas will be evicted! I hope if that happens Paul gets HOH so we can watch the house squirm….I think very few peeps would feel safe…….

  6. danmtruth

    so with Ramses “curse” if he is put on the block by the hoh Does that satisfy the curse Or does he need to go up so their are 3 on the block one week So this week we might get 8 people in the pov ?

  7. Avatar

    I loved the veto ceremony! Cody was pissed! He looked like he wanted to explode. Hahahahaha. I didn’t want Alex to go but had he fought for veto and listened to his alliance (at the time) he wouldn’t be in the powerless position he finds himself in now. He has no social game he thinks he can just Alpha Dog and bully the rest of the house.

    And what about him just brushing his teeth at Paul. Hahahaha! Stupid stupid Grody with his cold, dead eyes ! And his jealous girlfriend Jessica Arias!

    I think those moves not only cost him the game but cost him a spot in the jury.

    • jimbo

      The veto comp was essentially over for Cody, he was too far behind with little time left, so Cody just waited it out. No way in the world with the time he had left could Cody have won that veto. He just knew he had little time and it was fruitless. That was a big nothing…cant see why all the HGs are so weirded about that. I saw the time left for him and where he was at…impossible.

  8. Avatar

    Oh em geee. Every face on the couch when he nominated Paul…then all their faces when they found out he’s protected. One of the best episodes I’ve seen in a while. Hilarious.

  9. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Me: *sits down with popcorn to watch BBAD*
    Me: *sees Dim Dom doing her wack ass talk show*
    Me: *gets up, turns the TV off, goes to bed*

  10. Avatar

    *dom-splaining. Damn autocorrect!

  11. Avatar

    I wonder how Cowboys wife feels about her husband being the biggest jerk on the planet…….

    • Avatar

      Wait, what did I miss? Why is he the biggest jerk?

    • Avatar

      Well he used the homophobic f word yesterday. I still think Cody is worse with his ‘people should stick to their own kind’ comment

      • Avatar

        Cody is just a bigoted a**hole….Cowboy I feel at least owes it to Christmas not vote for her eviction…..he was just as much at fault for what happened as Christmas…..Jillian means nothing to Cowboy….at least he had a sort of friendship with Christmas……I think he’s a jerk. The only reason he is voting for Jillian is because Alex wants him to…..obviously he isn’t man enough to make his own decisions

  12. danmtruth

    Dim-Dim or Porprah thinks her words are being transcribed in stone Sad part is she will get a job in t.v. some where after the game

  13. NKogNeeTow

    I roared when Jill said since she’s been in the house she’s let her freak flag fly. Must have been a vanilla flag that blends into the scenery like she does. She seems like a nice girl, just to bland for this group.

  14. Avatar

    Paul needs to go. I never thought it possible, but he is even more full of himself than last year. I have begun muting the tv when he comes on. I loved it when he went to the HOH room to talk to cody… Cody’s responses, or lack thereof were priceless!

    • Avatar

      I hate to say it, but I agree with you. I really liked Paul last season, but now he’s acting like he’s the best BB player in the history of BB players. I’m glad Cody doesn’t give him the time of day. Sad to say, it actually made me respect Cody a teensy tiny bit.

      • ElaineB

        I concur Melinda. I have loved Cody’s interaction (or lack thereof) with Paul. I am glad Cody hasn’t fallen prey to the Paul double-talk and self-promotion like the other HGs. No matter how much I like a player, unless it is an All-Star season, I prefer not to see them again. I voted for Paul to win….last year! Not interested in his schtick anymore, and as you said, acting like he is the best BB player in history.

      • Avatar

        @Melinda Beans
        Yep, but Isn’t it kinda of IRONIC that our beloved Paul has kind of taken on the rolls of Cody, & James from Season 18??? I really thought he would just sit back in the early weeks of the game, & just Observe.

        But Paul has taken on the roll of Cody in the way that he has taken on a Leadership Roll in the BB House, “My way, or the Highway”…Whereas all Paul needs to do is just Chill Out! And then the James Roll in the way he reacts to the other HG in,”This Isn’t My First Rodeo” attitude.

    • feltso gudinya

      and his tattoos r horrible……he looks absolutely insane. and that bacteria farm gestating on his face is nauseating….while on subject, the guys should put on shirts when eating. i find this behavior revolting…..

    • Avatar

      Paul definitely was not my favorite last year. However, I thought he played a better strategy game than Nicole. So as a bb fan, I appreciate him, despite the fact.
      As annoying as he may or may not be to some viewers, he will be campaigning bigtime to get rid of Cody. Considering how Cody blindsided his alliance, he could find himself in trouble. Additionally Paul will be protected for 2 more evictions – tons of time to work the house.
      I think it will be great viewing if Paul gets hoh tonight. Maybe, just maybe he would get his toothbrush, and show Cody how well he brushes his teeth.

  15. Shivani33

    I’m not coming up with anyone in all of the BB Seasons who has screwed up his game as quickly as Cody. He got the first HoH and turned it into maggots on whoopie pie, with a side order of deranged stares. It has been entertainingly disgusting.

  16. Shivani33

    It’d be mighty fine if somebody in that house gave Dominique an “interview.” Maybe that would be the end of it.

  17. jimbo

    I really have zero clue as to Cody’s reverence of Alex. I mean she’s ok, but what’s the fuss to be on her side?! So she did good in one comp. Other than that — and who knows if that repeats itself — big woop. And what in the world is the sense in keeping Christmas in the house?! Are these people stupid? First, she should have been evicted the first day — she was the only threat up. Ok, you can say her foot is screwed now and that hobbles her in future comps, but these dummies wanted to keep her before that! They want to vote out a complete pawn like Jillian? And, Cody is getting an EXTREME edit, where they really are trying to push a theme on him. It’s a little much. I watch him on BBAD and I don’t get the same sense that CBS edits him. A little, but not like the CBS edit. Gotta say, I like Kevin and the cowboy. Different than your usual suspects on here, and Kevin is an older dude who can hang with young dipshits and not be too out of place. And the voyeur in me wants Raven and Jess to stay a bit longer…with close-ups!

    • Lynn

      I agree with you completely. Sounds like we are watching the same thing through the same glasses. I’m really unhappy about CBS skewing the game toward Paul (3 weeks free, let all the guests come beg you for safety. You can grant 8 of them safety and he basically had no consequence for getting the 3 weeks Rather more like yet another perk) and totally screwing Cody’s HoH – 5 noms. Cody prob wouldn’t have won anyway being such an obvious threat, but he may have made jury. I just like to see a fair game.

  18. AIO_7

    Sometimes I think that I’m watching a different show than Steve. JessA is loathsome. I dislike Grody slightly less than Arias, but I want him gone first so she becomes the skulking pariah of the house, reduced to trying to get into Slosh’s pants for succor.

    Also, I wish I was as confident as Steve that Christmas was staying; right now I don’t see the votes for that.

    As much as I’ve hated the JODY/HOH situation (seemingly the longest in BB history, ever), it’s been a very exciting kick off week for BB 19.

    • ElaineB

      I haven’t hated the Cody reign because it has provided for some very good BB action. Since he is an egomaniac he has bathed in the glory of being able to put all those people on the block. I think Paul having to reveal his three weeks of safety, great! I too am ready for a new HOH!

    • Avatar

      I watch the show WITH Steve and I sometimes feel like I’m watching a different show lol. We had this long discussion last night as to why on earth he would like Cody lol.

      • ElaineB

        Reading the thread from Steve this morning, I actually agree with a lot of what he says. I do like the fact that folks have different perspectives about the HGs and gameplay. We are all armchair quarterbacks and it makes for lively discussions!

  19. Mel

    I think it’s completely up in the air who’s staying tonight. The Christmas elfs need Kevin, Josh or Jason, otherwise it’s a tie. I believe Kevin and Jason are keeping Jillian and Josh still seemed undecided just a few hours ago.
    I really wanted Christmas to stay but at this point, I don’t really care. If Jillian’s stays it may be interesting to see if Alex and num-nut can get their own group together and quietly take over while letting the two showmance sides destroy each other. I also think things would be cool if there are three groups in the house rather than two. On the other hand, It would be interesting to see what xmas could accomplish with a broken foot. I doubt if it’s possible but I would love to see her beat Cody in some kind of competition with her one good leg.
    It’s so early in the season that I’m not going to be shattered no matter who goes home. I’m more curious about the fall out afterwards. We’ll finally get to see if Kevin is with Paul or Jason, which side Josh is on and if his new friends go back to hating him on both sides and whether or not Mark cries again.

  20. AIO_7

    ….”whether or not Mark cries again.”

    Fondue gets more pitiful every day.

  21. Alda

    I wonder if Mark is this wishy washy in the outside world? Yipes! This is going to be an important HOH. I hope Paul,Christmas{if she is still around},or Matt get it.

  22. Avatar

    Hi, my names Ike, I’ve been reading this blog for the past few seasons and decided to finally make an account, don’t ask why I didn’t before, but I love everyones different ideas and nicknames for the houseguests. I agree that none of the houseguests really make my blood boil like some other seasons, but I do get bad/shady vibes from the jess/cody/showmance side, but it seems like that has blown up before it even started. I will say that I don’t enjoy Paul as much as last season, but his being is kind of a roller coaster of me enjoying him and getting extremely annoyed by him, so that could just be me. I am actually enjoying Dom as getting some information from around the house, I know that Jessica was calling her Da’vonne in a demeaning way, but she does remind me of her by the fact that she is getting some different information, but unlike Da’vonne, she doesn’t spread it like Nutella around the house to blow up in her face. But she could also get voted out due to this and jealousy with her being with mark.

  23. Jenny

    I can’t believe Jessica didn’t flip out on Cody when he called her Alex. That was hilarious and really really awkward.

  24. Avatar

    Have I mentioned my intense dislike for Cody? I never did like him but when he made his inter racial comment and then his transgender comment he went too far…….then he tells his fawning gatherers…..no one will say anything,after all he’s a marine don’t ya know! He dislikes Christmas because he can’t ” control” her? WTF. Now he has Alex and her little band of losers thinking he walks on water and they can “trust” him after he just took a giant dump on his own alliance…..I guess it just goes to prove whether your an engineer or a waitress does not mean you have any common sense……that’s a flower that does not grow in everyone’s garden.

  25. Avatar

    Cody is such a butt. I mean I appreciate you serving and all but damn have some class. You’re on national tv after all. His time will come. I have Wednesday nights BB ep on the DVR. Cant wait to go home and watch his face when he tried to nominate Paul. Speaking of Paul, I am not one for people throwing comps, but I think it would be in the houses best interest to give this one to him. He can make some big moves, hopefully targeting Cody and Jessica, and have the rest of the house hide behind him cause hes safe. A lot happens in two weeks.

  26. Avatar

    Kevin is the only one I can’t quite get a read on….he has told both Paul and Cody that when he votes tonight he is voting Christmas…..Paul thinks it is for Christmas to stay,Cody thinks it’s for Christmas to go…..the one thing I do know is that Kevin is stupid….he sees exactly what Cody did to the people who trusted him and he also knows that Paul knows he took the 25000 temptation and hasn’t told anyone….so I wait impatiently to see tonight’s eviction….if Christmas goes than Cowboy,Kevin and josh are with Alex…..poor josh has gotten himself in a mess….he has promised his loyalty to both sides….either way tonight will show his cards…..

  27. danmtruth

    What has a longer life span A thought in Josh head Or a fruit fly Both are as irritating
    Nice to see some new blood in the group
    Any truth to th stoe that Grody got to skype with his daughter That it went as well asa conversation between him and paul

  28. Avatar

    Lol @danmtruth!! For a floater on the bottom of both piles ole Josh is playing a dangerous game! Both he and Ramses are on the bottom of the Alex alliance and although josh has a foot up with the Paul alliance because of Ramses,at least Ramses was honest with Elena in that he was. Voting to keep Jillian because he gave his word…Elena told him she appreciated his honesty. It always amazes me how every year BB has these buff guys who think they can beast every comp and yet sometimes it is one of the weaker players who end up winning….lol. Who would have thought in BBOTT Krustie or Jason would get a HOH? And yet they did….Alex this season is reminding me of Alex from BBOTT…she is a great player but her over reasoning and paranoia are getting in her way…..

  29. Avatar

    This is totally random and has absolutly nothing to do with the conversation but I was just watching BBAD and I was looking at Paul with his shirt off and wondered how freaking painful was that tatoo. He must have sat for days for it.

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