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“You Played Yourself” by Mel

We don’t know if they played themselves or not but each of them could have. Paul with his handling of the jury, Christmas for staying after breaking her foot and Josh with his pots and pans.  I want to give Steve a huge thanks for giving me the opportunity to discuss my thoughts and obsession with Big Brother. I’ve seen every season but the only things I typically write are my monthly P&L statements and my weekly grocery list so this part of BB was new. I appreciate everyone’s patience while getting my feet wet and I know I tend to ramble. If Steve has me contribute in the future, I promise to work on that. I want to thank Steve for letting me write them and you guys for being willing to read them.           One last time this season for my BBJ ride or die Gerardo: #RavenSTFU


Sometimes we’re surprised who makes it to the final 3. Remember season 15?  Who the hell saw that one coming? I don’t think we’re surprised this year. Xmas & Josh were in similar situations even though one broke their foot and the other broke the pans.  Once they got over the hump of people “needing to evict them,” their chances of people keeping them for strategy grew by the day.  Some wanted Xmas out to avoid her getting sympathy votes and felt Josh should leave out of pure annoyance. Cody, Jessica, and others being targets bought them time. During those weeks, Xmas become less sympathetic and fighting with a few people didn’t hurt while remaining someone who is easier to beat in comps. People started to become immune to the annoying things Josh did and realize he may be a great person to have in the end because he’d pissed off so many people.

No one should be surprised at Paul being here. Along with watching him control almost every move in the house, we had the statistical odds to go by as well. Including OTT and this year, 6 seasons have had returning players. 5 out of those 6, a vet made it to the F3. If Paul makes it to the F2, it will also be 5 out of 6 times a vet is in the F2. The only time it didn’t happen was Jesse in season 11 and America had a hand it that. (Jesse must hate America voting since he was evicted on both his seasons because of it) Had that not happened, who knows how far he would have gone? Regardless, 5 out of 6 are good odds even without Jesse. (I didn’t factor in All-Stars)

I think Paul can win if he’s in the F2 no matter who he sits beside. We don’t know how a jury will vote and I’m guessing like everyone else.  I usually don’t want a bitter jury but Paul was the leader of the personal attacks and taking things below the belt. Now, he wants them to forget all that and vote for who played the best game. If they vote because of personal feelings, it’s because he set it up that way. All three need to do different things in order to sway the jury and they’ve all made mistakes. These are the hurdles I think each one has to get over. Not everything I’m saying below is completely accurate but it’s what I think they need to sell the jury whether its true or not.


Josh–  He went from public enemy #1 to knowing every decision made in the game and he needs the jury to see it. It was smart of him to out his alliance in his goodbye msgs. (Alex got her msgs after she was evicted and Josh told her too) He needs to move past that if he makes it to the end. They won’t be that impressed by it after the initial surprise since they all had a F3 with Paul. They’ll see it as Paul choosing them because Josh & Xmas were the weakest ones. He needs to focus more on his alliance with Xmas rather than Paul. He should talk about comps he won and how it moved him forward in the game, especially if he’s with Xmas. His obstacle will be getting them to see him as a player with a real strategy. If he’s against Paul, (and I think he will be) he has to convince them he fought with people because he wasn’t afraid to fight his own battles and tell them the strategy behind it. (good luck with that) His craziness needs to seem intentional and he should throw Paul under the bus HARD for being too afraid of losing jury votes to do anything himself. He’s already taken the blame so it’s time to take the credit too for the things Paul didn’t want to own. He should tell them he only played dumb, saw through Pauls game weeks ago but used him to get to the end. He can’t be seen as Pauls puppet. That’s a tall order for someone who doesn’t get his point across well at times. They may not give Josh credit for the things he actually did do because they don’t take him seriously. If he has the opportunity and decides to evict Paul, he could get some respect from the jury but he’s afraid he’ll lose to Xmas because he thinks most of them still like her. If he’s against Xmas, he should point out they may like her better but he made the biggest move of the season by getting out Paul.  Tell the jury they gave her the only comps she won. Josh did a lot of damage to his game with the fighting and he’ll have to work for it.

Christmas– She’s done the least to win but people may like her more than Josh and Paul and that could be enough. Her comp wins may annoy the jury unless she spins it that they agreed to throw it to her because she wasn’t afraid to take the shot at Jason & Alex but Paul and Josh were. She can say she survived the block the first night and got to the end by being loyal to 2 people. She can tell them how she plucked Josh from BB ruin, saved and molded him to do her bidding on command. She needs them to focus on Josh being her puppet rather than her being Pauls. Tell them she was left with only a social game while recuperating from major surgery but it was good enough to get her to the end. She needs to make Paul the guy that Xmas and her meatball used. She won’t do that because everyone wants bragging rights as Pauls bestie so she’ll probably just campaign for Paul to win. I think the jury will see her as someone who didn’t do anything especially if they keep that image in their minds of her winning a foot race while wearing a tutu and a boot. Although I think she should have left, I give her props for breaking 10 bones in her foot and fighting through it. I don’t think I could have done that.

Paul– He’s controlled the game from beginning to end and the jury won’t need convincing of that so he’s ahead of the other two in that area. His mistake was jury management which is surprising since that’s what he came into the house focused on but he did exactly what he did last year. He thinks he’s done a great job because he blamed others for his moves and he did get people out the door still liking him but then what? He needed to do what Josh did in the goodbye msgs. They’re going to be mad anyway so why not have it happen earlier to give them more time to get over it and show them a little respect. That was the time to apologize and stroke egos. You want that mostly out of the way when you start pleading your case on finale night. The goodbye msgs are when you tell them it’s just a game and not personal, you couldn’t win against them and you can’t wait to hang out after it’s over blah, blah. Don’t waste the finale time apologizing and having to explain why you did it. At F2, you want to focus on why you should win. Maybe he plans to do it during the jury questions because if the speech he’s rehearsing is any indication, he’s planning on skipping over it and I think that’s a mistake. He tricked them in the house and insulted them again when they left. Alex is the only one he told because he had no choice and guess what? It may have worked. She’s still mad but she knows why he did it, even if she doesn’t like it. Saying he couldn’t beat her was the main thing she took away from it too. It stroked her ego and she didn’t waste any time repeating it. Paul will focus on never being on the block, having to play alone as a vet and having to use a different strategy as last year. He needs to be careful with “never touched the block” because I think he can get Cody’s vote if that doesn’t rub him the wrong way. Paul stopped saying “never nominated” to “never touched the block” after he was called out for it a couple of times. His ego won’t allow him to say “once the safety was over, I went the entire season without being nominated” but he should. He also needs to tread carefully with “I was all alone in the game.” Every juror except Cody knows they had Pauls back. He could win no matter what he says and these mistakes would be bigger if he was sitting by someone stronger. They may give him the win simply to avoid giving it to Josh or Xmas even if they’re bitter.

Andy Herron, who won BB15 said something that made me realize Raven & Matt could be the key to who wins this year. It’s obvious the jury has no respect for their games and are sick to death of Raven in general. (used death and Raven in a sentence and it wasn’t even on purpose-haha) Andy talked about how hard Amanda was pushing the jury for McCrae to win in BB15 if he made it to the end (he didn’t). She was so annoying about it, the rest of the jury said they’d vote anyone but him out of spite. Could we see a jury thats bitter, starts to move past it and comes back to bitter again, in part to take the opposite position as Raven and Matt? You never know. (I intentionally used this picture of Raven because I don’t want to look at her anymore)



Final thoughts:

Paul played the game very well but here’s why I don’t really care.  As I said earlier, one of his talking points is he played a different game this year. I just don’t see it that way. He played from a different position but how was his actual strategy different? In BB18, Paul was cocky, rude and arrogant. (this pic is from BB18) He bragged about his life experiences, wanted to be the center of attention and bounced from group to group lying and stirring up shit. He talked about confronting people behind their backs but rarely did it.  He was the ringleader of “we need to call them out” last year which involved a group of people singling someone out and starting a fight with them before competitions to rattle them. (this year they “checked them”) Personal insults were greatly encouraged by Paul and he suggested more than once to get someone to fight so they would be ejected. Paul wore people down with his words, never stopped talking and the results were often impressive. Some of what I just listed is what a good BB player should be doing. I’m very anti-Paul this year so I thought I should clarify that but doesn’t that game sound familiar?

There IS one big difference from last year to this but it stems from him being a returning player and playing from a different position, not a different strategy.  Last year he had to play defense and this year he was able to play offense. That’s basically the only difference and can he take all of the credit for that?  He started out on offense at tip off, remained there most of the game, and will be until the buzzer sounds and they head to the locker room. Any moment he’s ever played defense in either season, it was always zone and never man to man- that’s not important, just an observation while I’m stuck on the basketball analogy.

He was only safe for 3 weeks and after that he was fair game. I can and do respect how much he did. However, as a returning player with 8 friendship/safety bracelets that people needed to impress him to get, a star struck cast who’d just seen him on TV, the same comps he’d played before and the knowledge he had coming in, 3 weeks was really all he needed. I’m much more impressed with him making it to the F2 last summer because he started out clueless. My opinion may not be fair to Paul because some of us will never fully give him the credit that maybe he deserves but it’s the “maybe” that stops me.  I believe many returning players, as long as it’s someone who was remembered on their season and had a little charisma could do what Paul did. Can someone who’s ran a marathon beat someone who’s never even jogged? Of course they can and we’d expect them to. Paul played everyone beautifully but I’d be shocked if he didn’t because it’s what I expected.  5 out of 6 remember?  Since I expected it, I can’t be as impressed by it.

I’ve taken the word and information given from past players above all other sources and opinions for all things related to the game. Below is Paul’s opinion on returning players and if he had an advantage or disadvantage. Since the debate has been about Paul this summer, it’s fair to let him weigh in too. I saw this in the beginning of the season but had forgotten about it. It’s a quote from Paul while he was alone talking to the camera. It was on June 30th.  There’s a few places where I’ve skipped a couple words or a sentence but only because it was repetitive. I didn’t skip anything that would be a contradiction or take anything out of context. Paul will soon be telling the jury what he’s been rehearsing on the feeds which is he played alone because he was the only vet, half the house wanted him out and the deck was stacked against him. It’s what he’s supposed to convince the jury of and I dont blame him but the quote below is Pauls real view of things only 10 days into game. Paul’s thoughts:

“because I’m offering my knowledge as a vet and own experience, the people are starting to trust and beleive everything that I tell them, everything and because of that, based on my experience….hey, do XYZ and then XYZ happens or based on my experience, take my advice and trust me to do XYZ & they do XYZ and it works out in their best interest so it’s pretty much like training dogs. Action, reaction. Action, reaction. After a certain amount of time they all just trust me and now I’ve gotten to a point where everybody is just giving me information for no reason…..They’ll just start spilling the f*cking beans to me. I don’t know why….. The concept of like moths to a flame is literally happening which is insane to me. The more I provide them with a sense of comfort and a sense of security, because I know how bad the paranoia eats you in this house and I know what to say. I know how these new players feel because it was me last season. I had the same paranoia, the same anxiety……and these are all the things I would have wanted to hear last season that none of those asshole vets told me. Coming back a second time is waaay different. Now I get it Nicole, now I get it. Um, you just have the upper hand. I don’t know how you vets f*cked up so much last season, three of you, two of you. I don’t know what the f*ck your guys problem was but you have suuuch an upper hand coming back in this game a second time, mentally you have such an upper hand, it’s insane, it’s insane. I’m so calm, I have no paranoia, I have no anxiety… because now I know that big brother is not a sprint, it’s a f*cking marathon so you just gotta play it cool, don’t panic, don’t be paranoid and I think a combination of what I’ve learned last season which is that and a combination of just being the silly, f*cking idiot that I am, having a genuinely good time, that combination is going to get me far…”

Regardless of who wins and why, I think for many of us, BB19 will be one we roll our eyes at when it’s mentioned. We’ve had a few of them and are used to bouncing back and moving on to the next. We didn’t have a competitive cast but they were unique. I’d never seen anyone play like Cody, lie like Raven or cry like Mark and Josh. I also don’t think we’ll ever have another Kevin and he was a pleasure.  I’ll remember BB19 as a season that the BBJ family had to make our own fun because the gameplay was lacking….and we did.             Mel (l)


Steve’s Notes – Thank you, Mel, for your fabulous contributions this season! You are certainly more than welcome back any time you want and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the celebs who enter the house this winter


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  1. AIO_7

    Will 12/25 still have a hand on Paul’s ‘game’ even after the season? Inquiring minds want to know.


  2. Jenny

    Mel, you’re an excellent writer and I value your contributions.
    I only watch BB so I can come here to talk about it with this group.
    And that is why I’ll be back next year. I’ll probably be here for Celebrity BB unless they cast someone I can’t stand to watch.

  3. AIO_7

    For some reason my feeds aren’t loading properly so far today, but from what little I saw Slosh was up early doing dishes while the other two were still asleep in the showmance room.

  4. Avatar

    Just to add to the Raven/Matt factor – by the end of the season, those remaining in the house had begun to really question all of the stuff Raven told them after spending half of the season afraid to say anything for fear of seeming insensitive. So at least Alex and Jason and Kevin (although he won’t be in the jury house) will have been able to let the rest of the jury members know the extent of her lies. That means no one will be soft stepping around her and everything coming out of her mouth will sound even more ridiculous than it actually is. I don’t think she’ll help Paul but I’m not convinced the others will vote against him. I think Alex, Cody, Elena, Jason and Mark would all vote for Paul over Josh.

  5. Avatar

    Thanks for all of your incredible contributions, Mel. If this is you just getting your feet wet, then are truly in for some fascinsting pieces during the seasons to come.

    Veey much appreciate the thought process; structure; references & comic relief.

    All the best,

  6. hogwild

    I still wish there was a way all three of them could lose I know it can’t happen but I can dream.

  7. Avatar

    Mell. Congrats on a job well done!!

  8. Shivani33

    Unless the F3 are being deceptive with what they’re saying to one another, Christmas has given up playing BB, and Paul & Josh are going to be the last two standing. Probably Josh would have been evicted during Jessica’s HoH if she’d nominated anyone else but Ramses alongside of him. Paul’s determination to get rid of Ramses, plus his insistence that Josh play defeated, dead Meatball all of that week saved Josh and began to pave the way for him to get as far as he has by becoming Paul’s #1 goat and rabblerouser.

    What else has Josh done for himself, beyond playing the fool? There are several things that Josh has done, but mostly the actions which he’s taken have backfired on him and have wound up helping him accidentally and not because Josh planned any strategies well on his own. As an example, Josh got HoH and wanted to evict Elena, but he was saved from the possibly very costly consequences of his independent thought by Paul’s use of Christmas and her ring of replacement and by “dumb luck.” Josh has a lucky star named Paul, who has kept on keeping him around, seeing him as easy to beat.

    Then later, Josh began to doubt Paul, to consider trying to nominate him and to feel that Paul was using him (and Christmas) to take the blame and the heat for Paul’s decisions, actions and eviction choices. Subsequently, Josh began to try to protect himself from blame during his goodbye messages by outing Paul as the consistent force and strategist behind peoples’ evictions. Josh was especially effective with what he said to Jason. He laid it all out to Jason in his goodbye, and then Paul’s goodbye message was played to Jason next. Paul portrayed himself as the blameless one, and it underscored and highlighted Paul’s refusal to own up to responsibility for his game. Suddenly Josh, who wasn’t wanting jurors to be mad at him, began to slip into the role as truth teller.

    Had Josh really rebelled against Paul to his face, Paul could have evicted him and kept another viable puppet such as Kevin or STFU Raven. But Josh began to relent and to relish the F3 triad of himself and his 2 favorite pals, Paul and Christmas. Paul doesn’t want to chance losing to Christmas, based on her turning out to be his potential Nicole. It appears that Paul has convinced Josh to keep him, if it comes to that unlikely juncture. Christmas, who might win over either man with a jury group full of ruffled feathers, acts as if she’s rolled over and died as a competitor. She “wants ‘her boys’ to win.” Talk about smack! Talk about a**holian logicistics. Well, her dodo choices work for me, if she’s, for once, being sincere. She dreams of returning to play another time as resurrected queen of BB. Fugettaboutit. Enough already.

    • AIO_7

      No one wants 12/25 back. She is the one who horse played and got her foot broke. Let her finish fondling Paul and get the Hell out of our lives.

    • Shivani33

      *logistics* sorry! And AIO 7, ” get the Hell out of our lives” is the best recommendation for Christmas. No more Big Brother for the half Pamela Anderson, half Mother Teresa of Crossfit nitwit.

      She looked hopeful coming into the game. Even after her rough break, lots of people sent her the temptation, probably feeling empathy. She gave her ring of replacement away to Paul and has been trying to land him with her frigging libido ever since. She’s been circling the drain and isn’t a favorite or popular houseguest in the polls anymore.

      Once Christmas said that if she’d wanted to be famous she’d have been a porn star. Now that was some clumsy, transparent fibbing right there. Of course she wants to be famous, only she’s not a hit, she has tanked. Please, no BB reruns! Maybe she can go badger people on The Unmarried Housewives of the Gym. Coming soon to a screen near you!

    • Tinkerbell

      I seriously, and truly, believe they have promised Christmas that she will come back next year. I have felt that all along. Two days ago she came out after a very lengthy diary room discussion, and she was very bubbly. She is a vicious fighter and she would not go down like she is now, without a grandiose fight. She is in a good mood, happy…..to me it all points to her having a secured spot in BB20. I cannot stand the thought of that, but I would bet on it. They did it for Paul……..plus they think they owe her because of her stupid foot. They do not owe her. What happened is her fault. She should have been gone immediately, never to come back. One shot, and your out for good.

  9. hogwild

    It is pretty sad that two of the final three are the nightmare before Christmas AKA hop along AKA scooter or Josh AKA sir cries a lot.

  10. Avatar

    Great post I love the detail and information mel.. your writing is very captivating and I want Kevin to win afp so bad because he was so classy and had to put up with them for so long everyone talking about him behind his back Christmas wanting to bash his face in I wish i could direct Russian boys to swing him the votes needed to beat a dick head like Cody who had 4 chances at the game and did absolutely nothing with any of them( battle back, evicting ramses,the temptation hex and failed temptation comp)I felt like he was disrespectful towards the game in some ways too but I get it that people think it would send some kind of message to the others to have him win but Kevin was classy and only james or kaser would rival the kind of guy I think Kevin is really good dudes!!

  11. Mimi Ryan

    Well, Paul’s analysis of his game play was well stated, however . . . . He just played an ugly game. He needs attention, he needs validation, only if Nightmare has him in her cross hairs, they are both in for some real pain outside of the BBH. MattRess – OMG. Matt is a total douche. Matt betrayed Kevin and Kevin regretted it big time. Matt couldn’t handle how Kevin reacted and then he had a meltdown with Jason. Matt you played dirty as well. Josh is a big Meatball, but I hope he wins against Paul.

  12. Seattle Kari

    I just want to post a quick comment also thanking Mel and Steve for keeping us updated. Mel you did a great job with your own post and I do hope you continue!! 🙂

    I’m sure many people will agree that it was much more entertaining to read your blog versus watching the show, lol! 😉

    Wondering if you are going to do so this winter with the celebrity if you’re going to take a break? I know you are family has been through a lot so I wouldn’t blame you a bit if you just don’t worry about it and focus on your home life. Whatever you decide you know you have our full support..

    One question. Does anybody know who won the final competition yet? I’m sure it’s Paul though..

    Well, rain has arrived in Seattle after a long dry summer. Yeah, SEATTLE. Ha!! I’m planning on relaxing and enjoying the cooler temps. Hope everyone had a great summer.

    Blessings all around!


  13. Avatar

    Chiming in to say I have *truly* enjoyed your commentaries this season! They are thoughtful and thought-provoking at the same time. I hope you’ll be back in the winter!

    The biggest difference for me between Paul last season and Paul this season is that last season Paul did not GAF about taking the blame, beasting it out and playing to win. This season’s Paul is so caught up with coming off smelling like a rose that it’s basically become a game I can’t respect. The passive until attacked (and then passive aggressive BS that follows with his “house management”), playing all sides of the house, fake loyalty, fake emotionality just rubs me the wrong way. Sure, it can work. Doesn’t mean I respect it. I think earlier in the season there was a thread where we were talking about how Paul’s DRs are structured to manage what the audience thinks about him. I feel like every time he’s on camera (which is SUBSTANTIALLY more than other HGs) he’s selling me his line of BS the same way he’s selling the HGs. No. You should be owning it to the fans/viewers if you want us to respect you. We are not an extension of your “sheep.”

    Also, I am incredibly ticked that SO MANY of the comps were exactly the same or similar to last season – that’s just completely unfair to the newbies. It’s not like they can’t come up with different comps on production’s end if they know they’re putting a vet in. Honestly, I’m just sad at the season that might have been — if Paul had never re-entered the house, this might have been a quite enjoyable season given the general stupidity and personalities of several HGs. Many many eye rolls will happen whenever this one gets referenced for me.

  14. Avatar

    I hope the roided up Skankamonster and her two sidekicks Blubbering Mommasboy Tearmaster and Hideous Tattcretin read these blogs afterwards and realize how much America reviles all three of them.

  15. Helen

    Anyone catch what they just announced just before fish?

  16. Mel

    What’s the difference in CBS access and CBS Interactive? Wil is going to be interviewing the houseguests live in the backyard after the finale and they keep saying to check it out on CBS Interactive.

  17. Mel

    Pre jury members gave an interview withis thoughts and predictions.

    Jessica thinks Paul will win because Cody is an alpha who will control the jury and she doesn’t see him voting for Josh. She hopes Cody proposes but doesn’t think he will. She says the only way Cody wouldn’t get AFP is if Paul fans are voting for Kevin. (Wouldn’t Kevin fans vote for Kevin?) She said Paul knows he’s the villain from his comic and someone yelling America loves Jessica over the wall. She was asked what her favorite comic was and she started critiquing most of them and saying what they should have been but she loved hers. Yep, she’s still self-centered.

    Jillian says she got screwed and should have came off the block the week Meghan quit. (she should probably talk to Cameron about who got screwed) She thinks Josh should win because he’s came so far from where he started.

    Dominique is taking credit for Josh’s game because she says she told him before she left to keep doing what he was doing. She wants Josh to win and doesn’t think Paul will. She plans to tell everyone I told you so and she says Paul knows he’s the villain by now.

    Cameron wishes he had gotten to play in Otev, is the most surprised that so many people were willing to throw away 500K and only thinks Paul deserves to win.

    Ramses hated the way everybody ganged up on one person and says it started the week Dominique left, he says he couldn’t believe anyone ever said anything bad about Kevin and wants to be friends with Kevin above everyone in the cast. He says Paul has it in the bag to win.

  18. Mimi Ryan

    BB19 Winner – ALMOST ANYONE, BUT ESPECIALLY NOT Garden Gnome Grinch Loving Paul

  19. Alda

    Steve,thank you for another summer.It is so appreciated.Mel,you have such a knack for writing.Hope for a funfilled winter from both of you!

  20. Mel

    If I get on Twitter again in the next 24 hours, I hope someone takes my phone away! I know better but I do it anyway. I couldn’t stand Jessica for a good part of the season, then I got behind her (kind of) and ignored the shomance simply because she was standing up to Paul and now I’ve come full circle and think she’s just a big asshole. I’m so tired of hearing about her love story and people wanting to know how she’s feeling about being reunited. They want to know where they’ll go eat after the show and every other stupid thing you could imagine. Her fans must be 12 because seeing Jessica and Cody kiss is a much bigger event to them tomorrow than the finale itself. I’m also tired of her talking about how dumb the cast is because I’ve seen the clip floating around of how many times Jessica said “I trust Paul.”

    • LO1004

      Jessica is out of her mind. I love how she thinks the cast is so stupid, but she literally had a Hex that could’ve kept her safe for 2 more weeks and making it to jury, but she threw it away for an a-hole that she knew was going to be gone a week later. She could’ve actually had a chance in the game if she hadn’t glued herself to someone who had absolutely zero social game. You can’t get through BB on comps alone.

    • Tinkerbell

      For a while I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt…..but that was short lived. When she was in the house, and after, she is so disgustingly gross to me. Dirty….as in skanky dirty. Her body, her mind, her mouth…..all of it. Only my opinion, but I think she could care less about Cody. In her way below average mind, she thought it was good tv – auditioning for a soap opera. She will drop Cody like a dirty diaper – that she is. She likes Cody for the exposure they have as a couple, and for money he might win. She was campaigning heavy for herself in the beginning. She even said…..”I want to win.” When that wasn’t working, she started campaigning for Cody. She wants that giant diamond rock she told Cody about…..so she can hawk it when she dumps him. Sheesh, $25,000 wouldn’t even buy what she thinks she deserves. Also, as soon as Cody sees who she is, and what she really is, he is going to flip. She doesn’t fit his lifestyle, and vice versa. I hope so much a trusted friend grabs him asap so he will know the truth, and not be duped further by that skanky call girl.

      • LO1004

        Every time I see her posing like a pseudo playboy model on IG, I think – Cody is going to freak the hell out. I wonder if there’s anything more than bubbles floating around her brain.

      • Mel

        I still think she isn’t grasping reality completely either. she’s done photos of her wrapped in the American flag with Cody’s military picture in the background. I’m sure there’s a part of her who thinks she’s all Gaga right now in TV love but she’s in love with a Marine and I felt all along she’s romanticizing that. Maybe they’ll surprise us but I don’t think the roofing supply salesmen from Iowa is going to be her cup of tea.

      • LO1004

        Yes. She’s in tv love w someone she hasn’t seen in 6 weeks and one of their last fights was ‘is this how you are in real life?’ And his response was a very clear ‘YES’. She’s miss social butterfly and he straight up told her he doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t keep much contact w family either. One of the lessons I’ve learned is, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. And run!

      • Tinkerbell

        Mel and LO, Speaking of Playboy – Within the past two weeks Christmas said she hopes Playboy calls her. She is ready. It was one evening in the ASPR. Paul was with her. Somebody else, but not sure who it was. Seems like Josh.

      • Mel

        I didn’t see that but I do remember reading it on an update.

  21. Avatar

    When is this miserable rotten season going to be over?

    • g8trgirl

      The end draws near. In just about 24 hours will be the beginning of the end of the 2nd worst season in BB history. And not a moment too soon for me.
      Great job Mel. Can’t wait to hear you dish on the “stars “.

  22. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Awesome analysis Mel(l), as usual! May the #RavenSTFU be ever in your favor!!!


  23. Avatar

    @shivani33 spot on analysis with the remaining trio. I appreciate how you expresses Josh getting lucky or sorta walking into situations that helped him gain momentum in the eyes of the jury. And you are correct when you say had he openly rebelled against Paul making a stand, he would have been ousted.

    This is where the term “greatness” with Paul’s game cannot be associated with his play and decision making this season. Paul clearly wanted a hitman to run his “mobbing” clan. Josh was an overgrown kid (meatball) who tried to rise to the occasion, but had no real qualities of being a cold, calculated, uncaring, ruthless hitman. But his arrogance and selfish blindness, which was a mistake, could not allow himself to remotely see Cody as a hidden ally secretly working together to rid the house of the contestants.

    He should have…
    a) kept his enemies closer (Cody) who would do the dirty work for him.
    b) kept a target bigger than himself (Cody) around so the jury could have somebody to hate even more.

    If Paul wins, then this example of a glaring mistake is all for naught. But if he should lose (like I think he will), then there is no way a mistake like this can still have him in the light of playing one of the greatest games ever.

    • Avatar

      Cody hated Paul. There is no way would he have done Paul’s dirty work for him.

      It may have worked out better for Cody to hook up with Paul, as Paul has proven to be the much better player,, and he could have protected Cody.
      However, Cody’s ego would not have allowed it.

    • Avatar

      I think the bigger issue is that NO ONE ELSE in the house saw that keeping Cody was better for their game. Honestly, if Cody stayed (at either point) instead of people blindly trusting Paul, Paul would have continued his insane focus on Cody — probably keeping him from developing the relationships he did with other people and distracting him enough that they’d have had a shot to get the numbers to get him out. At every point this season when they’ve had a chance to take a wounded, isolated player and turn it into a number, they’ve failed. Most recently, the fact that Josh is on to Paul’s game, Paul threw the split vote on Alex, and Josh didn’t keep Alex as a result to go after Paul is just one of many many instances this season of god awful gameplay.

  24. Helen

    I am soooo glad Kevin got to go to jury house and not sequestered

    • Mel

      I thought those were so funny…well most of them. Lol. Their all sequestered now. Do you think Raven is driving her handler crazy?

      • Helen

        Raven is driving everyone crazy. Well except for Matt the doorknob

      • Mel

        She’s alone now tho so that’s why I thought it was so funny because she doesn’t have Matt to occupy her time anymore.

      • Colby

        Are we sure that the jurors can’t see and talk to each other?
        I know when they are sequestered before the game the cast can’t talk to each other, but why would it matter once they are in jury? They talked in the jury house.
        Sequestering a jury is to guard them from outside influences.
        Even trial jurors that are sequestered are allowed to talk to each other, eat together, watch movies, etc.

      • LO1004

        By a show of hands, who here feels personally victimized by Raven Walton?

      • Avatar

        Mel. What do u mean sequestered? Do they not all stay in jury house together until they come to show tomorrow?

      • Avatar

        Colby, I was just asking about that. I was always under impression they all stayed in jury together, just like in bb house, except no cameras or communication with outside world. I thought they played games, swam, talked etc. just no outside communication

      • Colby

        trudy, mel mentioned the other day that they are sequestered in a hotel a few days before the finale because the jury house is too far from the studio to transport them back and forth. I didn’t know that before.

    • Edsel

      That’s great to hear. I wanted him to be able to experience jury house and not be sequestered alone. ☺

  25. Helen

    Finger painting in jury house!! Lol

  26. Avatar

    First of all…omg – THANK YOU for writing this excellent piece today!! I have just been going crazy trying to find something, anything to read about BB and was so hoping you would write something!
    I usually get this way towards the last few days when there is nothing going and the houseguests sleep their life away and I realize how long I’ll have to wait to watch BB again! (I’m not getting my hopes up for CBB)
    You made a lot of great points with a great summarization.
    My dream for finale night is for Paul to send Christmas and her pathetic whoremongering self out the door and then see Paul come in 2nd and Kevin win AFP.
    I truly think that Josh has a chance to win even though deep down I doubt he will.
    I am also hoping that the camera crew are on their game that night and really show us some of the jaw-on-the-floor facial expressions of the houseguests when either Kevin or Cody wins the coveted prize!

    Oh..and can you just imagine what kind of slut dress Raven will be wearing tomorrow night??
    Blech!! Just the thought of seeing her tomorrow night plus the screenshot of 12-25 holding onto Paul’s junk, I’m starting feel a wave off BB nausea wash over me!

  27. Avatar

    If Josh gets to choose who to bring to F2 and chooses Xmas, who do you think Paul votes for?
    Is he a bitter jury member or respects the big play?
    If Paul chooses Josh, who do you think Xmas votes for?

    • Mel

      I’ve wondered about that too and can’t decide what I think…which is odd since I’m usually opinionated! Lol

    • AIO_7

      “If Josh gets to choose who to bring to F2 and chooses Xmas, who do you think Paul votes for?”

      I think he votes for 12/25. As a matter of fact I think Paul will take 12/25 to F2, and is blowing smoke up Slosh’s rear. (I could be wrong, though, because I really haven’t been listening to them on the feeds)

    • LO1004

      This is a great question. I think he’d vote for Josh out of principle b/c Josh actually played the game. Paul is the one that threw both Xmas’ HOH’s to her. I don’t see how he can rationalize voting for her if she’s in F2 b/c he’s all about “game play”.

      • AIO_7

        ” I don’t see how he can rationalize voting for her if she’s in F2 b/c he’s all about “game play”.”

        Slosh did scant little more than 12/25 this year. I don’t think Paul is about other peoples game play. I think he is more about counting jury votes and first place money.

      • LO1004

        Totally agree Josh didn’t do much more, but he did study w Paul for hours for the days comp, not to mention did all his harassing….I mean dirty work. And if Josh voted out Paul on finale night, that’s a huge game move. I think Paul’s vote would go to Josh, could be wrong, but that’s what I’m going with.

    • Avatar

      To be honest..I can’t even let my mind go there because Christmas winning $50k would totally send me over the edge! Haha!

      • LO1004

        True! And she knows she doesn’t need it. I mean…she’s telling them to take each other! If you’re hard up for cash, you don’t go around just giving up in the last few days of BB.

      • AIO_7

        …”she’s telling them to take each other!”

        Or it could be reverse psychology, and/or hedging against a let down. See, if they don’t choose her she can say “I told them not to take me.”

      • LO1004

        Yes, could be reverse psychology or preparing for let-down, but I think it’s guilty conscience. She’s been talking a lot about her broken foot and how she’s been “carried through” the season.

      • Colby

        The Joker’s poll predicts that she would win over either Paul or Josh in F2, and that Paul will beat Josh if F2.

      • AIO_7

        Again, a hedge….and perhaps a hint (for the cameras sake) for AFP.

      • AIO_7

        “The Joker’s poll predicts that she would win over either Paul or Josh in F2″….

        WOW! I never would have figured that.

  28. hogwild

    Anyone else find that picture of Christmas, Josh, and Paul together on the bed a bit creepy or is it just me?

  29. Avatar

    Just wanted to say to the” little lime headed cat” with one L. Reading your pieces were the highlight of this season for me.It was just like being there without having to look at the reject gnome or Ravens disgusting presence and as you all know the list goes on and on and on………Just wanted to say thank you for your time and expert explanations for those like me that needed some help figuring out this mess from time to time….
    Thks Mel with one L……….Til we meet again…..

  30. HappyHippo

    Yes Mel thanks for the updates! I couldn’t stomach the live feeds the last few weeks so it’s great coming here to catch up. I really hope production and the BB gods read some of these things and do I major overhaul on people before next season! I look forward to this show every summer. I can honestly say I wish nobody would win this season. Hope Kevin gets AFP, seriously, only person with any class in that house. And I wish there was a way to see these nimwits reactions to what people really think of them personally and their “gameplay”….a season of A holes!

  31. AIO_7

    These two…in-separable.
    (I’m really starting to believe the rumors that these two had something going before this season started)


  32. jimbo

    I’ll call Paul out on one point in his “speech” to the cameras reported above. He says he wasn’t paranoid — bullshit. First, he largely controlled this sorry house, so there were few times that he had to be truly paranoid. But he was very paranoid at times, especially with Cody and Jessica, and paranoia also caused the Cult Leader (as I named him early on) to “issue” bullying attacks numerous times on this season of Big Bully (something I also pegged this season). Whoever he was afraid of, he led his Cult to, quite literally, destroy them. I said it in the first few weeks, to people’s annoyance, but I’ll say it again — this season turned as soon as the petty, stupid “Couples Alliance” turned on Cody because Cody didn’t tell them he was going after Paul. Instead, incredibly, they ran to Paul (who was VERY paranoid at that point!). If they would have stayed together, Cody was nothing if he wasn’t loyal, and they would have run to the final 6. America ridiculously hated Cody at that point in the game, too, but now I hope he wins Americas Favorite Player, because he fingered Paull instantly, and because it would piss off Cult Leader Paul, who will be the worst person (yes, he beats morally challenged Evil Dick) to ever win BB.

  33. Tinkerbell

    Wish we could have a BB19 do-over. In all of the seasons BB has been on, this is the first time I feel completely cheated. Empty feeling to the max. No staple of summer to enjoy. I kept hanging in there thinking it would get better, but it didn’t. I wish I would have dropped out much earlier. I can’t believe we have to wait an entire year. By the time next season rolls around, it will seem like two years because of this year we had nothing. On the upside – I’m looking forward to sleeping again, going to the grocery store, seeing family and friends, cooking….and even going to the dentist.

    Production…..if you ever listen, please do not ever bring back a former player, for any reason. I refuse to call them Vets….because in my heart that is reserved for our military. An All Star cast is okay, occasionally……but please, never bring back the formers ever, for any reason. I don’t even like seeing them when they come back for a comp. All new houseguests is the best entertainment. All of them are green, all of them have to figure it out. Thats fun!

    ** Quit having some of the same boring comps repeatedly. Bring back some from the good ole days. Food comps, dancing houseguests, the list is long. You have a lot of options.
    **Please do away with slop. The houseguests get weak……and we are tired of that crap. I am anyhow.
    ** This might be boring…..but maybe all male or female cast. Different for a change.
    ** Punish the lazy butts and rebels when they disobey the guidelines. Matt was a prime example of that. Also, sleeping when they are not supposed to, etc. Seems pretty simple to deduct from their stipend every time they mess up………money, and/or lack of it, talks.
    ** Do not let people like Raven and Matt trash the house with ridiculous food fights…..especially when you production, know it is staged by morons.

    ** For live feeders…..let us really have live feeds. How you do it, production, is lame. We are paying. Every time someone sneezes, you go to fish. You suck. This year is the worst!! Several times it has been down 1-2 days, and many times in between. Stop it. The past week especially Josh has been singing non-stop…..fish every five minutes. Stop it. Also, they know they aren’t supposed to sing….deduct from their stipend. Again, money is a language they understand, and they will listen.

    Oh well, my list could go on. I’m just crabby. The season is over. I don’t like it, especially because we were robbed.

    Steve with Beans, Mel with one L, Incognito with NK, Gerardo with 2 Rs, no Ls………I can’t thank you enough for all you do. Thank you for your contributions, updates, comments – and greatest humor. I’m happy we had your site, Steve, so we could have fun here, in this dreary BB summer. Thank you so very much.

    To all of our hurricane, storm, flood friends……my prayers continue for each one of you and your families. I started to list your names, but I can’t stand to think of missing anyone. God bless and protect you as you rebuild your lives.

    Love to all xo

    • HappyHippo

      Very well said! I agree ….Between Irma and this depressing season my iPad has remained at 80% power or higher….not usually the case! I will definitely be back next summer in hopes of a more intriguing season and cast. One where there are multiple favorites and we can argue our case for our favorite…not this season with 3 Paul fans and the rest ready to stop watching all together…I will tune in tomorrow night just to see what happens and what the kicked out guests say

    • Colby

      Add to the list some incentive to not just ‘make it to jury’. Maybe increase the stipend each week they stay in the house once jury begins, or something!

      • Tinkerbell

        @colby Thank you. That is on my liat as well. How could I forget? I wish they would not even allow them to talk about jury. This season was ridiculous with all of that jury talk.

      • HappyHippo

        Thanks! We faired pretty well especially compared to others. It was just a stressful week beforehand preparing and then a week after with no power. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Maybe all the HGs except Kevin though….hmmmmm…..I like that haha! Hope everyone else that got hit hard comes out of this ok too!

    • AIO_7

      “**Please do away with slop. The houseguests get weak……and we are tired of that crap. I am anyhow.”

      This is the first thing Id get rid of. It’s just stupid; let them eat.

    • LO1004

      Yes to all of the above! And if they do bring anyone back, please no one from 17-19. Just no.

    • LynnD

      @hobie Thank you so much. (I am still trying to recoperate from Irma) i truly appreciate the posts made by Steve & Mel. We still have no internet and no cable. I have not been able to see anything BB since the 7th. Reading the blogs and comments are all the info I am getting. (I am in DVD hell) So thank you all for keeping me updated and informed. Will you be doing a live feed tomorrow night?

      I will definately be on here tomorrow night to keep updated. Keep that info coming.

      Thanks again to all and see you tomorrow night.

  34. Tinkerbell

    I’m sure all of our Junkies remember this, but just in case. Voting for our favorite ends at 9:59 a.m. tomorrow morning. Pacific coast time. Happy voting. No matter who wins, my reward is going to be the look on the faces of the other knuckleheads when they don’t win. The majority of them have talked about it, and even campaigned. Yay, can’t wait.

    • Mimi Ryan

      ” my reward is going to be the look on the faces of the other knuckleheads when they don’t win. The majority of them have talked about it, and even campaigned. Yay, can’t wait.” I’m so with you on this 😉

  35. Avatar

    Steve & Mel thanks for keeping us updated on this train wreck of a season! Thanks to the fans on this site for keeping it real. Well now I can look forward to Survivor were people actually want to win. Hockey is just around the corner. Go Canes!!

  36. Avatar

    Cody approached Paul about working together. Jessica also wanted to work with Paul to a degree. It was Paul’s opportunity to be a great player by maneuvering Cody and Jessica in a secret corner (side alliance with limited shelf life). Being the great master manipulator as some have labeled Paul, its moves like this that would make his gameplay great.

    Cody and Jessica once having an agreement with Paul to work in secret, would have done their own brand of eliminating targets which keeps Paul’s hands totally clean, and the evicted houseguest fuming at team Jody.

    The reason it didn’t go down has nothing much to do with Cody’s ego, as it has to do with Paul’s own ego that could not turn that kind of power into a powerful ally for a spell. Thus if Paul loses he can look back on this and say, hey I ended up being the one they disliked because I controlled way to much when it came to evictions. My self appointed minister of defense in Josh was clearly the wrong appointee. I should have milked team Jody as long as possible.

  37. Tinkerbell

    P.S. Production – Please only select people with good earing habits……..mostly the simple rule of chewing with their mouths closed. Also, Production – please spend a little money of your high yielding BB money, on higher tech microphones. It would be great to not hear them crunch and slurp. It would be nice to not have to listen to them opening food packages, food preparation, and all of those of loud background noises. While I’m complaining, how about a different picture when you cut away from feeds, and relaxing music. I know you are listening. Ahahahaha. Thank you.

      • Mel

        Don’t worry about your typos, I was talking to NK the other night, thought I wrote “squirm” looked back later and had written “sperm”

      • Tinkerbell

        Mel, I saw the “squirm”. Seriously made my day. Hahahaha

      • Mel

        I didn’t even realize I did it either. I was scrolling through and had seen she commented and that’s the only reason I caught it. Oh well, that wasn’t my first typo and it sure won’t be my last. The worst thing I ever typed on here was when I made the mistake of taking a sleeping pill one night, went to bed but decided to pick up my phone and check the site one more time and saw something I wanted to comment on. I didn’t even know till the next morning I had created a new language. I sent Steve a msg. once after doing that too. After those couple Einstein moments, typos don’t even phase me! Lol

    • Helen

      Talking with their mouth full of food!!!!!!

  38. Mel

    There were some questions above about the jury house and here’s what I know. They could have done something different this year but here’s how they’ve done it as recently as last year. The last person evicted that doesn’t make it to finale night, which would have been Kevin, goes to a hotel and spends the night after he’s evicted. I believe all the jury members do this and they aren’t taken to the jury house until the next day. The jury discussion they have and air on the show doesn’t happen at the jury house. It happens somewhere else closer to the studio. The last person evicted who doesn’t make it into the final 3 (used to be the final 2) meets up with the jury at this location. That’s why we see the last jury member most seasons walk up and approach the group who’s already seated and it usually looks like they’re outdoors sitting around a pool or something, at least it has that illusion. After the jury discussion is filmed, all the jurors are sequestered individually in separate hotel rooms until the show on finale night. I know we saw the pictures of the painting projects from the jury and they could have done things different this year but all of these pictures were taken individually and not as a group. They almost looked like the mugshots with inmates holding their clipboard that has their name and inmate number. (I told you guys this year had a subtle prison theme!) They also had this weird solid background that didn’t really look like a wall in a house so I think it’s at least possible they gave them something to paint but not while they were together. Kevin could have went to the jury house or they could have spent the whole day together painting at the location where the jury discussion was held so they definitely could have been together. I’m just going off the way they’ve done it before. I read that the jury discussion was held on Friday and based on when Kevin was evicted, I don’t know if there was enough time for him to go to the jury house. I don’t remember where I read that or what the source was so I don’t know for sure that it was on Friday.

    • LO1004

      The way the photos were taken individually lead me to believe they were not in the jury house. My Aaron Hotchener came out and studied the walls as well and I’d say they were taken in sequester.

      The question I have about this hotel is, do they take the tv and phone out? What if they’re hungry and want room service? How do they make sure there is still zero outside influence?

      • Mel

        They don’t have a phone, they do have movies and they have room service. it’s basically like the sequester their in before they go to the house.

      • LO1004

        What happens if they try to leave the room? Do alarms sound? Is secret service standing guard making sure they aren’t slipping into each other’s beds? Can they drink? Why do I want to know all this stuff?

      • Mel

        LO1004, you maybe my kindred spirit because these are the things I’ve obsessed about for years. I’ve always said I didn’t care about seeing a live show but I’d love to go back in the area the crew works in, where they control all the cameras and stuff. They each have what they call a handler that stays with them. It’s harder for them to make a break for it in hotel sequester but people have snuck out of the jury house before.

      • LO1004

        Yes, sitting in an incomfortable chair watching 6 min of live tv isn’t nearly as appealing as watching them through those 2 way mirrors. Or watching the people who control the ‘story lines’ and the reasons they pick those ‘story lines’. I want to know exactly what kind of person it takes to deal w nightmare DR sessions. Paul was saying Elena was the worst and very mean to them. Do they purposely hold back foods she loves for being an asshole? I want to learn it all.

      • Mel

        If you scroll back thru the threads about 3 wks, there’s one called you’re not allowed to talk about production. it’s very long and some of it’s about production manipulation which you can just scroll past but lots of other things they do to house guests they don’t like and the bottom section has some behind-the-scenes information. I had more stuff other than what’s in it but the post was too long as it was. I do think it’s stuff you’d find interesting.

      • LO1004

        Thanks Mel! I’ll go back and check it out.

  39. Avatar

    What ever happened to the luxury comps? I remember when they used to have ones where they would earn special prizes like designer clothes and stuff. We don’t even see the food comps anymore. It seems like all of the “expect the unexpected” crap has taken up all of the time and now the “classic” BB that I have grown to love is slipping away. Can we have a season with no twists or turns, just straight BB?

  40. Tinkerbell

    Posting two pictures of Nightmare with two different fiancées. She definitely has a type.


  41. Shivani33

    Thank you for the pictures, HobieGirl. I wonder what’s the story of the breakups. She hangs over Paul like a turkey vulture zooming in on the freshly dead. It is stifling, as in “give me SPACE!” But then again, he is in on the game, too. Last night she had her back to him and was scooping ice cream. With each scoop, she stuck her butt way out in his direction, all ” here’s my butt! See me pointing it at you?” He took it just so long before he couldn’t resist the thrust anymore and came up and grabbed her around the waist for a nano-second and then ran off grinning when she screamed. Hahaha! Men are sooo easy to tempt.

  42. Shivani33

    I’m thinking there was some meprobamate dissolved into whatever Joshy was drinking today. He kept talking about how Paul really hasn’t made any moves in the game. In fact, Joshy was saying that HE himself has made all of the big moves. Joshy took down Jessica, Elena and Kevin. He wreaked havoc on Mark. By God, he played everyone! Paul has just been there hanging around, that’s all.

    • Avatar

      If he loses 500k to Josh that Paul will be upset. Having to listen to Josh give a backyard interview where he says this nonsense about Paul doing nothing and painting himself as mastermind..wow. Last year I hated it when Paul didn’t win. This year I don’t care who wins as long as Raven, Jason and Alex are out of the running. But I don’t think anyone can disagree about the fact Paul worked the hardest and didn’t get distracted w friendships or hook ups.

  43. AIO_7

    I got in my final votes for AFP. 19 more for Kevin, and I threw Cody 1 vote.

  44. Seattle Kari

    Side thought on the way production handled things.

    players have been told when family members died, and also were told about 911. Wouldn’t you think they should have told Josh about the hurricane because it affected his family in Puerto Rico? if I were him I’d be really pissed that someone didn’t…

    • Avatar

      I didn’t think about his family in Puerto Rico (because I didn’t know about them) but his immediate family in Miami evacuated and put out a statement that they were safe and didn’t want Josh to know because he would worry. I feel like once they evacuated, it settled the should they or shouldn’t they tell him question which made it easier for production.

    • Alda

      I thought his extended family was from Cuba.

  45. Avatar

    As far as this finale goes…Do they announce AFP before or after the jury vote/announcement? I am really living for that WTF moment for both Josh and Paul if they announce AFP before the winner/runner up. Like that moment when everything is a lie and it comes crashing down so they have no idea which way the jury will vote. Let me down easy if it’s the last thing they do before ending the show.

  46. Avatar

    I am sure when the season end tonight. There will be meetings tomorrow in the boardroom of CBS to discuss BB20.

    I think they will discuss coming up with a better cast of players. They also need to figure out why this season went so wrong from a fan point of view but the ratings were decent. Some weeks they had the best ratings they have ever had.

    This season for some reason maybe because they gave Paul too much help and things went too well for Paul that exposed them and had the fans dig a little deeper on the show and some secrets that are not public knowledge crept in and took away from the illusion and magic of the show.

    They certainly need to tighten the reins on big public issues like “Bullying” and Mob Mentality. Given there is a big campaign in North America to stamp out bullying and also equal rights for all races, creeds and religions. Certainly violence against Women is a hot button in North America right now given who won the awards at the Emmy’s.

    The way Megan was dealt with by the other House Guests was unacceptable and it set the tone for the season. Whoever was in control of the house on that week would toss a name out and the rest of the house would gang up on that person and use verbal abuse (Bullying) to out that person. Mob mentality as it where.

    Given what went on in Charlottesville, VA was similar mob mentality. Now the issue was different it was a bunch of crazy KKK / Neo Nazi’s causing a commotion. But the episode where Cody and Jessica were being blasted by the other house guests was tough to watch whether you’re a fan of Cody and Jessica or not.

    Josh’s behavior in the house was unacceptable with the banging of the pots and Paul encouraging that behavior. It made Josh look really bad and not mentally stable and Paul who said he is an Adult and doesn’t engage in immature behavior was certainly hypocritical in that moment.

    North America is also dealing with a lot of mental health issues such as depression. It is no doubt in my mind some of the things that were said and done to each other in the house certainly put people into that state. I have concerns for Mark, Josh, Jessica et al with the amount of crying that went on. Yes, I understand it is ok for Men to cry and show emotions but that was a little more than that this season.

    For the first time I actually was worried for some of the house guests. Cody looked like he could snap at any moment and if Josh kept pushing him I have no doubt he would have gotten his ass royally kicked before BB Security could come and break it up. The rules of the show state that Cody would be kicked off the show but I think mentally that would have done some major damage to Josh and he would not have lasted too much longer in the game. Same goes for Paul who pushed Cody a little too far and I think that would have really damaged Paul mentally if Cody used physical violence.

    We saw Mark almost use violence on Josh. Kevin came close to losing his $#!t on Josh. I am not sure the food fight between Josh and Mark is within the rules. To me that is still violence. The Raven vs Matt food fight was also hard to watch. That got nasty and I am not sure why that is ok? Maybe, I am way off base but that still sends a bad message.

    The Jason rape jokes were unacceptable so much so CBS didn’t air them but they also didn’t give Jason a warning or punishment. What was worse a Woman (Alex) condoned the jokes by laughing and joking along with him. Why is that ok?

    Violence against Women is a very serious issue and should not be joked about in any context. How would Jason react if Cody joked about raping Jason Wife and making his young Son watch? No too funny now is it.

    I agree there never should be physical violence among competitors in the game, however regulations and codes of conduct must also be put in place about bullying and off color jokes, and personal abrasive comments. Verbal abuse is just as serious and physical abuse some times more so. The mental damage that can be done with verbal abuse is much more long lasting.

    BB is also part of the problem. They had a VETO comp where garbage, verbal abuse and violence were used against people competing. Cody and Jessica had to endure people dumping garbage on them, spraying food at them, spray painting them, yelling at them. BB managed to cover all phases of bullying in one Veto comp. Unacceptable and was hard to watch regardless of how you feel about Cody and Jessica. If that had been against Paul I am sure there would of been more on an outrage.

    You have a costumed Robot “Zingbot” who’s zings are not that funny say some pretty abusive things to the House Guest. Why is it ok to call Josh fat on National TV. Is that not body shaming? Is there not a big movement on right now about moving away from body shaming.

    If nothing else BB pushed a lot of the wrong buttons this season which is why BB19 will go down as a bad season. There are some areas that need to be cleaned up to get this show back on track.

    Personally, I preferred the old format and stop with bring back former players to play. If you need to bring back former players to boost your ratings then you need to rethink the format of the show. All shows run their course, maybe BB is coming to the end of its run. Time will tell.

    But BB / CBS needs to be a little more social conscious of the content and realize in a world of rampant social media and a show that promotes 24/7 viewing you need tighter controls.

    I didn’t even get into the other issues that were exposed but this post is all ready too long. I welcome your comments. If you feel I am way off base here so I apologize for wasting your time and thank you for at least reading my post.

    • Avatar

      I have a hard time believing they are going to make significant changes when the ratings were so good. I hope they don’t bring back any other vets or at least change up the comps so that the vets can’t predict every next move. I also hope they change up the order of double evictions and what not. I also hope they think through the contestants/house guests a little more. (That’s a lot of hope). It’s not really fun to watch people use the show as a means to an end, however misguided their belief is that this is going to bring them fame and fortune. I can see one or two people like that but not most/all of them. Someone mentioned a few days/weeks ago that on paper, these really did appear to be strong contestants so sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way they thought it would. But it would have been so much more fun watching people fight tooth and nail for their right to stay. I think the bad behavior would have flourished less if people didn’t just shut down the minute they were on the block. There was no strategy or game play once someone had a target on their back. No “flipping the house”. So those in power just gained more power. I would love to see comps with individual prizes so that the guests were more inclined to play hard. One of my favorite things this season is when Elena stuck Alex with the hot dog costume and took the $5000. More of that please.

    • Avatar

      I guess I am not clear about what happened to Meagan. When was she group bullied? I missed it if it happened. She got into different arguments but there were reasons for fighting, even if they were dumb. This is what I recall…. 1) Josh went off on Megan. He was paranoid everyone was out to get him at the time and her comment about golden apple put him over the edge. 2) Cody told her didn’t like her when he put her on the block. But to be fair he would have said that about 70% of the house even week one. 3) And Megan misquoted something Jessica said about Alex. Paul told Jessica what Megan was saying. Jessica got pissed about Megan saying something she didn’t. (It was an honest mistake on Megan’s part. Jessica said other bad things about Alex but not that.) This lead Alex going off on Megan for starting trouble.
      Having severe PTSD and being in BB does not seem like a good idea during any season. And with this crew things got more and more petty, not good environment.

    • Seattle Kari

      The gang up on/picking on one person was not done until after Megan was out. I get the feeling she really should have been there in the first place if she broke that quick.

      Totally not condoning it I’m just saying that they need to do a better check on who can handle being teased by others during the game because it does go on.

      Paul just didn’t encourage Josh’s pots and pans and getting in people’s faces. He told Josh to do it. No Josh should have been adult enough to say no but he wasn’t. He got way too much enjoyment out of it

      • Avatar

        Thanks for info.
        The 1st time he did the pots and pans I thought it was silly and kind of amusing. And time he did it when Jessica threw oranges at him also seemed playful. But it became so obnoxious especially as he did it on command.

  47. Lynn

    This was my first year to get the live feeds and to comment here. I will def be back, Good Lord willing. (Never take tomorrow for granted) Thank you Steve and Mel (with 1 L) for the updates and commentary! This site made this season bearable. It truly was the worst ever. As with any contest or game, when it’s over in the first few minutes, it’s boring the rest of the time. I thought the hand-outs to Paul were an awful way to foster fair competition. But what is done is done and it can’t be over soon enough! I voted every day 20 times for Cody in hopes of voicing a great big “na na na na” to his royal shrimpness! Also, it’s supposed to be our favorite and Cody was my favorite because he was funny and had incredible self control when the gang-up happened. Not sure if I had his physical capabilities, that I would have been able to take that junk! Loved hearing from all of you-including the Paul fans!

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