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“You’re not allowed to talk about production” by Mell


There’s always talk of conspiracies and game rigging during Big Brother and this year is no exception. It’s practically a BB tradition so I’ll give you my thoughts on it like so many others over the years. I’ll try to back up my opinions with facts but even facts have different interpretations so you’ll have to decide for yourself.  I’ll list some examples of production involvement and some odd things that have occured over the seasons. To begin, I don’t believe BB is rigged and I don’t think CBS really cares who wins. However, it is manipulated and influenced throughout the game. Rigged and manipulated aren’t the same thing to me.  They don’t care who wins the money but they do want certain players to stay in the house as long as possible. I’m not bashing BB, I love it and would hate to spend my summer without it. Feed watchers are an opinionated group of people and some seasons, the fans are as entertaining to me as the hg’s. TV viewers have strong opinions too. Most seasons have fans involved with voting for AFP and sometimes other things. I’ll address the voting now and get it out of the way. I don’t think voting is rigged but I acknowledge that it could be. It wouldn’t be hard for them to do it but I can’t remember a time when the voting results didn’t match up with online chatter so it seems legit. People shouldn’t get on their favorite BB site, look at that weeks poll and decide it’s rigged. It’s like having red states and blue states. Some bloggers, update sites and the people who comment will tend to lean a certain direction with favorites from site to site. People also change their minds weekly and today’s hero will be tomorrow’s dud because we’re a fickle bunch. Twitter gains lots of momentum with votes and that’s before you factor in all the votes from the tv audience.  Tv viewers will have one perspective and BBAD & feed watchers will have another so unless you can poll many different groups, you can’t assume you know how the “majority” is voting. You could be in the minority without knowing it because everyone is different. (There may be 1 person out there who thinks BB9 was the best season ever. I’m gonna think they’re an idiot but they’re still gonna think it)

If you can accept BB for what it is, it can be less frustrating to watch.  The earlier seasons were a social experiment that we got to watch play out live. It’s evolved into a behind the scenes look at how a tv show is made at times. (I’ve said this before but it’s true) We see DR footage that’s scripted, twists to help keep the key “players” from being “killed off” the show and more hg’s using it as a 3 month audition for acting and modeling roles. However, we still get to see people trying to get along while living in a house together, some strategizing (maybe not this year) and some of the original show is still there. It’s just hiding under layers of Ravens make up.  We know it’s changed, but we still have moments when we see something ridiculous and throw a tantrum or at least throw something at the tv or computer. (cotton balls and wadded-up paper work well, that way you can take a stand against BB injustice without having to go out and buy new electronics. Our BBJ moderator, NK says socks aren’t bad either) I get mad even though I’m not surprised but I go into it with realistic expectations so I get over it quickly.  CBS will continue to piss us off with their choices and we’ll continue to raise hell over them. Let’s face it, we’re in a dysfunctional relationship with them and we stay because we hold out hope that it will get better. (I’m not speaking for tv viewers, you guys may be thrilled for all I know)

I’m not trying to ruin it for anyone and if you wish to continue to believe that everything CBS shows you on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings is true, please stop reading now! You can enjoy the show “as seen on tv” if you choose.  (I do wish you weren’t allowed to vote – nothing personal) I understand why Charles Barkley has complained about fans getting to vote for the players who play in the NBA All-Star Weekend. He says that it’s nothing personal, it’s just that we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about and we don’t make good decisions. As an NBA fan, I could get offended by that but I don’t.  I wish people on both sides of the “production involvement” argument could stop being so sure of their position when it doesn’t hold water. Some think it’s a game where everything is fair. They’ll never convince people of that because they aren’t willing to concede facts we’ve seen and heard that dispute it. They lose credibility because of their denial. This is also true for the conspiracy people out there. There are blatant examples of production interference so people get irritated and then think everything is a conspiracy. The people on this side lose credibility because they take it way too far. The hg’s having chicken for dinner isn’t a clue that Chicken George is going to host a comp. If a comp is held at night, it doesn’t mean CBS is trying to get out the person who enjoys morning exercise and likes to go to bed early. (Helen is the exception to conspiracy ideas and gets a free pass. Maybe I’m biased because she rocks! The comment section at BBJ would be lost without Helen! Keep doing you, boo. You’re amazing.)


Production IS involved in the game. It starts before people even enter the house. If you’ve ever seen a copy of the contract the hg’s sign you know what I mean. (Doesn’t everyone research the internet for stuff like that or is it just me?) I’m not going over it in detail because it’s lengthy and a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo. Hg’s sign a contract stating that CBS can change the game, the rules and anything else they want to change at any given time during the process. They aren’t referred to as contestants, they’re referred to as participants. If you’re on a traditional gameshow and you’re being chosen from the public population, there are laws governing fairness. BB hg’s are pre-selected for the show as “participants” so they don’t fall into that category.  Think of it as actors who get to say whatever they want instead of reading lines most of the time. BB is also marketed as an entertainment show, not a game show. (kind of like wrestling- you know, some of it’s scripted but they’re still getting to throw each other on the ground for real) BB can bring anyone back, get rid of anyone, script what they want said and show nothing or everything of a hg’s behavior. They can have last minute twists, change how a twist enters the game and end one prematurely. The contract says that “all decisions regarding the show will be decided according to the procedures established by the producers and at its sole discretion.” (that means there are no rules and anything they do is allowed) We think the show is about competitions and everyone having a shot at 500K. Nope… The show is about ratings and putting out a successful product that people want to watch just like every other show on tv. All 16 people don’t necessarily have an equal shot at winning this money entering the game. Any one of them could win but some will have more obstacles to do it. CBS didn’t know Cameron was going home on day 1 but they damn well knew somebody was. If the hg’s hadn’t gone for the 25K to let Paul in, they would have probably raised the amount. It was the highest amount ever offered as an in-game cash prize so somebody was taking it. BB isn’t forcing people to lose competitions either. People have stayed in the game despite productions efforts to get things to go another way during a particular week. There have been occasions when DR interference has changed the course of the game. There have been other times when interference was attempted but wasn’t successful. Some people fell for it and others didn’t, it’s as simple as that. Sometimes, when production didn’t get what they wanted, they threw in a twist to force it to go the way they wanted. In those situations, some “participants” have been screwed. We’re familiar with many events in past seasons. Everyone may not be aware of the details surrounding some of those events. Here are examples involving game manipulation, hg rule-breaking or a storylines that CBS wanted to push. Let’s start with twists:

  • BB11- Jeff got the coup d’tat – the most power ever given to someone in the game. (until this year) He was a fan favorite as was the showmance of Jeff & Jordan. No way in hell CBS was having his game in jeopardy until they had milked the ratings for all they could get. This twist not only undermined Chima’s HOH, it sent Jesse home for the second time because of a twist. (He was sent home in BB10 with America’s vote the week Dan was America’s player) Chima got pissed (understandably) and she was ejected from the game. I’m not insinuating that production had a direct hand in Chima being ejected because her anger and refusal to follows the rules caused that. She thought she had a shot at winning and the game was going to be fair. (The nerve of her to think something that crazy!)  She was wrong so production definitely had a direct hand in her anger. Maybe they hadn’t calculated that she would be THAT angry, keep tossing her microphone in the pool and refusing to go to the DR. (the mics are expensive and not treating them well is a huge no no) Jeff took down both her noms, replaced them with his own and he negated her entire HOH week.
  • BB9- Sharon was eliminated in the HOH comp at Final 4.  They got a question asking them how many pre-existing relationships are still in the house. (There had been a couple that year, I think)  If you watch a clip of this, you can hear typing and papers being shuffled in the background after they gave their answers followed by a pause. It was a strange moment, Julie appeared confused by it too but she eventually announced that there was still a pre-existing relationship in the house and it was the pet hamsters that had been there all summer. It was ridiculous! Sharon should have won the hoh but was evicted that week instead.
  • BB7- Mike Boogie got the coup d’tat. I called Jeff’s the biggest because Boogie didn’t get to keep his so technically he didn’t have it. The rules said that he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone but he told Will. This resulted in BB taking the power away from him. The hg’s weren’t told this and America wasn’t either. Boogie ends up strong arming Chicken George into nominating Howie by threatening to unleash the power if he doesn’t do what Boogie wants. (a power he no longer has) During the show, Julie asked if anyone wanted to use the power that week before they continued like she does any time a power is good for multiple weeks. The problem was, Julie knew that Boogie didn’t have a power to unleash anymore. Boogie didn’t stand up and use it because he didn’t have it and the viewers just thought that he chose not to use it. No one ever knew. Without the feeds, no one would have ever known. Howie’s game ended that week but Chilltown lived to fight another day and get good tv ratings.
  • BB14- Returning players came in to coach. (we needed them this year) They couldn’t be voted out because they weren’t playing the game. After BB gave them a free pass for a few weeks, they were given the choice to enter the game. (It’s like the 25k this year where there’s a 99.9% chance it’s going to go the way you want it to go) There’s no way they were going to have 4 highly competitive people give up their entire summer unless they were allowed to compete for the money. Someone was going to push that damn button. (This is actually me giving CBS the benefit of the doubt because it’s possible it was pre-arranged since one or more of the returning players could have made it a stipulation that they wouldn’t come back unless they got to compete) Remember who the four coaches were. These weren’t people happy to sit on the sidelines. The first month people couldn’t target them because they weren’t supposed to be players.
  • BB13- Rachel & Jordan were in trouble and ta da, presto…we have a team veto that week.  CBS wanted to keep these two ratings getters, I mean women in the game. Rachel wins and suddenly her teammate who was terrible at comps was safe too.
  • BB13- Brenden got to come back into the game. It was one of those things that wasn’t a possibility until it became a necessity.
  • BB OTT- Morgan got a care pkg that was explained to voters (in writing on the website) as an automatic veto winner. Once Shelby was in trouble, her care pkg changed to having a veto AND being able to save a friend. Shelby was my favorite so being a hypocrite, I didn’t care but if I was a family member or fan of who went home that week, I’d have been pissed because Shelby was on her way out the door. Corey got a care pkg in BB18 and they changed it too.

There are also times when BB SHOULD step in and they don’t. Here are some examples of the lack of BB interference or BB “oops” moments:

  • BB12- Brendon opened Pandora’s Box when he was hoh and unleashed Rachel back into the house for 24 hours. (she had been evicted) He was locked up and didn’t get to be with her while she was there. She spelled out the word “Matt” with pretzels and left it as a message to Brendon in the HOH room before she left. You aren’t allowed to spell or write anything. It’s one of the BB rule donts. Matt wasn’t on Brendon’s radar but it sure got Matt nominated that week. We’ve seen people get called out for trying to play tic tac toe using the color change of the fabric on the sofas as recently as this season and they’ve been called out for attempting to write with eyeliner in the past. The pretzel msg was a big no no.
  • BB8- Dick told Danielle about his HOH letter from his son and he explained the code his son used to send him messages in it. It had something to do with the first and last letter of each word but I don’t remember now. He said they worked it out before Dick left for BB. If we heard it, so did production but nothing was ever said or done. They did start having HOH letters written and sent in prior to the show being aired after that.
  • BB 18- Nicole and Corey planned to cheat on a comp if only one of them were in the final 3. It’s the comp where they ask the jury to complete a sentence and they have to guess which way the juror answered. They had a plan for giving both a serious answer and a comical one and decided in advance which one of those to go with. They’re not the first people who have discussed this. For that reason and the fact that I think it’s a stupid comp, I wish they would do away with it.
  • BB OTT- They had an oops moment during a comp when production staff could be heard yelling, cussing and cheering from behind a wall. It was clear they wanted Danielle to lose and Whitney to win. CBS staff are entitled to have faves but having the hg’s know who they are is inexcusable.  I understand OTT was an experimental season and it had a lot of glitches but keeping yourself from being heard during a comp isn’t new so it shouldn’t have happened. Danielle walked away from the comp knowing that production was rooting against her. I was too but I don’t work for CBS.
  • The have not rule enforcement has changed alot over the years. A couple people have gotten extra days on slop for accidentally eating something.  In BB12, Enzo practically hauled around a picnic inside that penguin costume when he was a HN. Many hg’s have cheated. I don’t know why they still have it, it’s not featured on the show anymore and those fun food comps are long gone. From observations, it seems like it’s used more to pick on people they don’t like. They’re the ones who usually get called out for it.
  • We all witnessed the REPEATED attempts this season from Paul, Josh, Alex, Raven and Christmas to try to get Mark and Cody to hit someone or to self evict. I’m not speculating about the motive because we heard them say that’s what they were trying to do. Those also happen to be two of the biggest things BB says you can’t do.

Production needs to get narrative diary room footage so viewers can follow the storyline for the clips they show and its used to let us know the players game strategies in private so I understand the reason for them. (I’m not going to start harping on the scripted DR’s and missing the good old days of DR gold from people like Janelle, Britney, Will, and Danielle(BB3). I could fill a page about it. It was great, we don’t have it anymore, it sucks, so moving on) DR’s are also used to ask leading and suggestive questions, get them paranoid and get them to make decisions that will help the show, sometimes at the expense of the players’ games. There are LOTS of examples of diary room interference but here are a few:

  • BB18- Natalie was planning to take a shot at Nicole and Corey but after she came out of a DR session she had changed her mind. She told James that production REALLY wanted them to work with Nicole and Corey. This is what I mentioned earlier about how sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. BB4 winner Jun has said the DR discusses things with you that maybe you didn’t know but it’s stuff you should be asking yourself anyway so it’s no big deal. She’s a past winner so obviously her opinion has merit. So do the opinions of other past hg’s who disagree with her. Jun had a strong personality and she played when people were still trying win instead of getting jobs and followers. Jun was going to do whatever the hell she wanted anyway. Someone like Natalie, who’s there for a bit of celebrity and the CBS spin of a showmance is absolutely going to take productions advice. If she’s told working with Nicole and Corey will make for “better tv” she’s going to do it and she did.
  • BB8- Dick’s been vocal about how much the DR tries to manipulate and steer the game. Either Dustin or Eric (can’t remember) would have went home on a particular week in his season except he said the DR intervened. It happens a lot, it just didn’t work on Dick. I don’t see anyone telling him what to do but players like him are rare, especially now. He isn’t a bitter loser lying about CBS. He won BB8 and was invited back 5 seasons later. Other players have said similar things.
  • BB7- Here’s a quote from Howie during All Stars. He was complaining to Janelle about DR pressure. This was his second time playing so he wasn’t a newbie. He said “if they would shut up, the game would be so much easier. They incite people to do things, they say they don’t cheat and help people…. but bullshit.”
  • BB8- Dick, Danielle and Jen had a conversation on feeds about how the DR tips them off to things that otherwise, they would have no idea was going on in the house.
  • BB9- Amanda complained on feeds about how they made her say “all these things in there that she didn’t want to say.”
  • BB9- Adam said on feeds he felt the DR was putting so much pressure on him “to nominate certain people.”
  • BB14- Boogie was heard on feeds saying how he and Shane were being told to keep Frank in the house during their DR’s. Boogie talked about how blatantly obvious and pushy they were about it. (CBS and especially Alison Grodner loves her some Frank)
  • BB8- Eric was America’s player. He wanted Danielle out the week he won the veto but he was forced not to use it because production said they didn’t know how America would want him to use it. They had planned for every possible scenario except the fact that Eric could win a veto?? Sure. CBS was also loving the father-daughter storyline. Eric was sent home on a DE right after.

Here are some of the storylines that BB has pushed to keep in the house:

  • Shomances-BB loves a showmance so it isn’t a shock that Brenden & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan have had assistance. Just between these 4, they’ve had a duo safety veto, player returning, power to take over the HOH, Pandora’s box and all playing more than one season. They’ve also had special guest appearances anytime they have marriage, engagement or baby announcements, appearances to host competitions and until recently a job interviewing the hg’s before and after the show. (Jeff and Jordan moved to Colorado so he gave up the gig)
  • The Female Factor- Nicole was America’s sweetheart in season 16. When she returned in 18, she had everything CBS loves.  She was innocent and sweet (as long as you didn’t watch the live feeds) a popular returning player, had been in a showmance and to put a cherry on top of that BB sundae, she got in another showmance. There had also been a lot of chatter in recent years about wanting another female winner. BB18 is a perfect example of meeting in the middle for how you feel about production because they definitely took steps to help Nicole but they knew they had good ratings with the sitting ducks, Paul and Victor. They can’t know these things beforehand and they do highlight what’s good for ratings as it evolves. (If everything was rigged, you can also bet your ass that Franks envelope would have had the ticket to let him back in the house. He didn’t even make it to jury) Vanessa was another who played during the time of “why hasn’t a female won in so long.” She worked for it, deserved it but lost in the end. (If it was rigged, Vanessa would have won) In BB15, Elissa won the MVP thing every week. She was Rachel’s sister who had tons of fans by then so it was almost like having vet status for votes. All the racists ruined that season anyway.
  • Returning Players- I believe certain competitions are held at calculated times to give a particular person an advantage. I don’t know that for sure but it’s happened too many times for me to think it’s a coincidence. They know which comps traditionally work better for small people, fast people, long lanky bodies, etc. but they still have to win it on their own. ALL returning players have an advantage in comps because they’ve done them before. They have an advantage in the mental part of the game too as they are better prepared for the boring days, missing family, etc. Returning players like Paul and a few others have the greatest advantage because they played in back-to-back seasons. Paul isn’t competing in comps he did years ago-it was last summer. Those things still may not be enough to keep them around so they throw in twists that are usually geared to help the vets stay in the game. They bring them back because a familiar face and a fan favorite can help get people to watch when the season starts. As viewers get to know the new hg’s and acquire new favorites, it isn’t as important for them to stay because by then, people are tuned in anyway. Usually, most returning players lose their appeal to viewers. For every Janelle and Will who stayed popular, there is a James and Nicole who didn’t.
  • Players with good edits- Nicole in 16 and 18 was seen as a sweet girl so they weren’t going to show her being petty to the other women on BB18 or all her bedroom activities with Corey in the tv clips. Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff we see on the feeds can’t be aired but they haven’t had a problem on other seasons showing clips that let the viewers know just how far a “relationshit” has gone. (Shout out Shivani33-I borrowed her word) They’ve thrown more than one woman under the BB bus over the years. Nicole’s storyline is her being the sweet, innocent girl from a tiny little town so she didn’t get that treatment but the footage was there. Danielle in 14 was edited to look like that seasons Alabama Southern Belle so viewers didn’t see her yell at people, have tantrums, pout and tell outlandish stories very similar to Ravens. Liz and Julia, the twins from 17 could have been shown as mean and petty since they were completely horrible but there was a twin twist to focus on. Paul in 18 and so far in 19 hasn’t been shown as an arrogant jerk who takes things to another level when it comes to personal attacks, trying to get someone to self evict or hit someone. Last year, he was shown as this quirky underdog who played secret service agent, wore a blow up duck and used catchy phrases. We’ll have to wait and see how the next few weeks go to decide this years edit.

There are more examples but it would be the same stories with different names and seasons. Hopefully, these are enough to show that we’re all sort of right. There isn’t a predetermined winner, it isnt a waste of time cheer on your favorite player and we do get to see what happens when you toss a bunch of people together who otherwise would’ve never met.  It also shows that having a favorite is fun but maybe we shouldn’t get too invested in them and that everything may be fair in love and war but not necessarily in Big Brother.

Lets move on to some BB history you may or may not know because not everyone has been watching for 19 seasons, plus 1 if you count OTT.

  • The game format was changed after season 1. America voted for the winner that year. The producers felt the hg’s tried to portray themselves in a better light rather than being authentic since we were going to vote. That was a good decision because we wouldn’t have seen the ruthless game we like without the change. At one point, the entire cast remaining in the house (maybe 6 people) almost walked out together to quit the show. That house was really messing with their heads.
  • There was no veto in BB1 and BB2. People were nominated, you sat there all week and somebody went home.
  • In some of the earlier seasons, they had a vegetable garden. Over the years they’ve had chickens, a pig, a dog, turtles, and hamsters for pets.
  • They started sequestering the jury after BB3. Danielle Reyes lost by a vote of 9-1 because the evicted hg’s were allowed to go home and watch the show before the finale. She talked smack about them in the DR and they were offended by it. She is in my opinion, the best player ever who didn’t win the game and had amazing DR’s. She was robbed and CBS knew it. This was also the first season with a veto comp.
  • BB5 was the first season with twins and it’s also the season that caused the veto player pick to be changed. Nakomis was the first player to realize how to backdoor someone. It was called the six finger plan because of 6 players. Up to this point, players picked whoever they wanted so she suggested NOT nominating the people they wanted out in order to prevent them from playing in the veto comp. They changed the rules to drawing chips so people had a chance.
  • BB6 is the year they got a new house with an upstairs. Before that, the hoh was just a tiny bedroom located with everything else in a 1 story house.
  • The first 10 (approximately) seasons, they had to compete to earn food for the week, the hot tub and other things. Those were the best comps ever!
  • The All Star season BB7 is when slop was introduced into the game. Before that, it was PB&J. It’s rumored that one of the reasons there will never be another All Stars (I hope it’s wrong) is because in BB7, the hg’s were a nightmare. They would have “sing outs.” They would sing knowing the feeds would have to be cut and would do it until production would bring them alcohol, food from certain restaurants, etc. Some of them also snuck away and left the jury house when they were sequestered. BB also pays returning players a flat fee plus they earn the weekly stipend which is said to be more than new players get. The older vets have more established careers and kids now too so I don’t see many of the ones we would want to see come back anyway.
  • Two hg’s have gone to the hospital because of an allergic reaction to slop. They were both in BB9. Victoria in BB16 was found unconscious on the bathroom floor and I think went to the hospital too.
  • 4 hg’s have been ejected from the game: Justin-BB2, Scott-BB4, Chima-BB11 and Willie-BB14.
  • Three hg’s left voluntarily for emergency or personal reasons. They are Neil-BB9, Dick-BB13 and Megan-BB19.
  • BBOTT’s diary leak with Shelby isn’t the first times that’s happened. It’s happened several times over the years.
  • The person wearing the Zingbot costume started yelling to let them out in BB12 and almost passed out from the heat. The person wearing it in BB14 did pass out from the heat. Hg, JennCity, assisted them until the medic could be brought in.
  • Just as production has their favorites, they also have players they don’t like. Sometimes, for the same reasons as us but they have other reasons too. Danielle in OTT was always breaking the no napping rule and she wouldn’t ever get up when they called her. (There’s one of those every year) She was annoying as hell and her stories started grating on your nerves. It’s wrong that she heard production rooting against her but I understand why they were. The women in BB17 and BB18 would take an hour or two getting to the DR when called. They wanted to do their hair and make up first. (Raven did that this year and I heard her complaining that when she finally went to the door, they wouldn’t let her in-payback) Some hg’s are a pain in the ass for the staff. Some are simply annoying. (Raven got called in and told to respect her microphone because she wouldn’t stop screaming) If we think she’s annoying, can you imagine how people in the control room feel? People who quote movie lines and sing alot are a problem too because the staff has to be on their toes and switch the cameras quickly. It’s the same when you have a hg who constantly ignores the rule for talking about production. Everyone slips up but some hg’s ignore them and keep going when told to stop. Their job is harder when dealing with these people. They also have subtle ways of getting back at them. I mentioned earlier how it seems they’re selective over who they stay on top of with HN’s. Elena got called out for things more often than others but based on her makeup and reason for going on BB, she was probably someone who took forever to go to the DR when called and she was constantly being told to wake up. In BB17, Austin hated his stinky guy comic so what did CBS do for BB18? They named the imaginary smelly guy who was stinking up the bathroom inside the road kill camper “Uncle Austin.” They’ve taken digs at people over the years, they’re subtle but there if you’re paying attention. I don’t know what Austin did to get on their bad side but having to watch him paw and stalk Liz all summer would have been enough for me.

I’ve never cared about going to a live show but I’d kill for a chance to go through the area where all the cameras are and talk to the staff.  I’d love to know which players they’ve disliked the most and if they’re different from my picks, if they look forward to Kevin’s stories this year like I do and if Justin cracked them up during OTT. I want to know if they hated Rachel and loved Britney and which hg bathed the least. (guessing Austin) Did they think Renny was a blast and are they tired of seeing Jesse come back? How many people are needed to set up the big comps? (They can’t have a smooth set up like TD Garden in Boston does laying and removing the parquet basketball court over the hockey rink, can they? They don’t do it often enough) How many trips does it take to carry in the groceries every week and who does the shopping? How big is the location where they test out the new comps and who are the people getting to do that fun job? How long does it take to change the decor in the house each year and do they have it professionally cleaned after each season? If I ever get the answers to these and 1000 more questions, I’ll be sure to pass it along to you. Whether you’re fairly new to BB, if you’ve seen every season and especially if you took the time to read all this, I hope I gave you at least one interesting tidbit that you didn’t know before.


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    • strwar1

      Yup I heard about that already and it’s all over twitter now! God,him and Alex are such assholes and punks

      • Avatar

        Jason doesn’t work for a corporate firm where you have to meet a certain code of conduct. He is a rodeo clown, I feel like he will be able to find work even some places have heard of scandal and refuse to hire him. I could be wrong, know close to nothing about the rodeo business.

    • LindsayB

      Jason was leading that whole conversation. All that is completely on him. Not Paul. Not Alex. Him. The golden boy has fallen.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Absolutely. And although I loathe Alex, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume maybe that was a nervous, uncomfortable “laugh”. I doubt it, but I’ll still give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m clinging to the hope that there is at least some decency and humanity deep, deep down in her.

      • feltso gudinya

        i have a terrible confession to make….i enjoy alex and she makes me laugh…it’s because she reminds me of when i was growing up in seagate in brooklyn….i don’t know her background but i’m guessing she had older brothers and they showed affection through roughhousing….cocky confident foul mouthed and street smart with a cadre of friends….this coney island hitter chick makes me feel young again

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s a very hurtful confession feltso. However, I’m willing to forgive you for this betrayal as long as you’re #TeamRavenSTFU.

  1. caRyn

    The night before the Veto ceremony Raven was talking with Christmas in the bathroom and Raven told Christmas that if the two of them are left OTB that Matt is going to do what it takes to get penalty votes. This was planned before it became reality.

  2. caRyn

    Also, the night before the Veto ceremony Paul kept warning Raven while they were working out in the backyard that noms could stay the same. Raven acknowledged Paul but I don’t think it sank in with her.

  3. AIO_7

    ….” I don’t believe BB is rigged and I don’t think CBS really cares who wins. However, it is manipulated and influenced throughout the game.”…..

    That’s pretty much how I see it. A few tweaks here and there. There is a reason they don’t want the guests talking about Production.

    • feltso gudinya

      i have trouble rationalizing manipulation isn’t the same as rigging…

      • Avatar

        I definitely think the difference is they might give someone an advantage but it’s still up to them to make it work for them – like winning comps. I also think production has give all of the HG’s tips/warnings/advice – in the form of the questions they ask in DR and not really sure how else – but some of them run with it and some of them don’t. I don’t think Josh is smart enough to pick up on some of the things that Paul has been saying but he clearly has taken what he’s been asked/told in DR into account. So he’s half way there. But then he still trusts Paul implicitly which means he won’t use it to his advantage. If he did, that could have been or still could be a game changer. The rest of the HGs must let those comments fly completely over their heads because I really haven’t heard many others mention things like that. If they have caught onto those comments, they have completely discounted it. Paul is the only one who seems to pick up on these context clues and run with them. Part of that is he’s a lot smarter than the rest of the HGs and part of it is he’s played the game before. So it’s been an advantage to him. Manipulation still allows the cards to fall where they fall whereas rigging would essentially have a predetermined winner. It’s a subtle difference. I have had a sense that production did not care for Jessica and that’s why she’s gone. But she could also be a perfect example of the manipulation vs rigging – they gave her an advantage but she wasn’t able to make it work for her.

  4. Avatar

    What an incredible post, Mell !

  5. Avatar

    I am a long time reader and first time poster. THANK YOU for the awesome post Mel! Also THANK YOU for all of you, who keep us informed….

  6. Avatar

    I’m glad you wrote about the Coup d’etat power given to Jeff in season 11 and the huge impact that had on the game. That was just outright meddling by production in a blatant attempt to keep Jeff and Jordan on the show for as long as possible. Chima and her alliance got royally screwed over. I have always contended that Chima should have brought legal action against BB and she would have had a pretty good case. Not only was Jeff gifted such a huge power but then Chima was not allowed to vote in the eviction even though those were not her nominees. Had Chima been allowed to vote, I believe that Jesse would have been saved.

    • Avatar

      That was also the season that Jordan Chest Bumped Russell Kairouz, & a lot of people thought she Violated “the Do Not Put Hands On Other HG” clause.

      But we all Liked & Loved Jeff & Jordan so much, I guess BB did not care about enforcing the rule.

  7. Avatar

    – Pots and Pans turn it up to 60 for intimidating, harassing behaviour with hopes of self eviction through violence
    – Calling out Ramses sexuality
    – Going to great lengths to make a point with borderline racism (Dom’s and Pauls blackface controversy)
    – Fat shaming individuals such as Josh
    – Questioning two different people (Cody and Kevin) as to whether they actually have kids or not
    – Showing a blatant lack of respect for a member of the armed forces (saying they are liars)
    – Houseguests flat-out refusing to do Diary room sessions when called
    – Piling on individuals who are the next to walk out the front door unrelentlessly using a mob mentality
    – Allowing Xmas to leave the BB house on multiple occasions
    – Being tolerant of Josh peeking at the naked ladies showering in a moment of uncompromised exposure
    – Finger butt plugging by not just Jessica towards other people, but the boys did it to each other
    – Matt’s outright refusal to honor being a have-not for the week

    The list is not complete and exhausting to say the least. All of the above actions by houseguests has been more than tolerated by BB production, even if many agree (game play moves) or disagree (disrespect for your fellow man as well as the game).

    Jason’s latest scandalous comments about Kevin’s family, although very distasteful, is run of the mill normal everyday atrocious behaviour that riddles this year of BB19. Will Jason actually do what he said to Kevin’s family, I don’t think so, he doesn’t seem the type. Just all caught up in the moment and game (shaming the next target) like many of his housemates have done all season.

  8. g8trgirl

    This is your best one yet. The things that you remember and the perspective you bring are truly insightful. Thanks for sharing. Brought back a lot of memories for me of when the game was played well.

  9. hogwild

    Just curious why is everyones avatar back to the letter? No big deal just suprised to find it this way.

  10. Helen

    I am honored Mell!! Thank you for the great read!!!

  11. danmtruth

    @caryn for posting that LindsayB as you said the fact he 1)has those thoughts 2)he said it out load It amazes me that he thought it would be funny and the others in the room went along with him Josh and Paul laugh and went along with it They did not say this was wrong Just laugh about how they could not wait to see it We have a house that not only question Cody’s military service His manhood Tje same thing with Mark
    Mell just gave us a great rundown of seasons past But this group gets my vote as the most vile group top to bottom Other seasons had a few lowlifes

    • AIO_7

      Don’t think for a minute that Paul didn’t store Jason’s comment into his Rolodex.

    • Tinkerbell

      @danmtruth @caryn Earlier in the season Jason, talking to others about Raven, “I’ll hold her while you guys take turns.” Last week I was very upset about Jason taunting Josh about his Mom. He did that for three days. It was horrible! Josh kept asking him to stop, but he wouldn’t. Finally someone else spoke up. Jason is a mean person. If he can say all of those things so easily, so readily, it tells me they are foremost in his feeble brain. His rodeo days are probably over when he gets out……and they should be. I pity his wife, young son, and now a new baby on the way. Jason, you are an idiot!

  12. AIO_7

    Don’t think for a minute that Cowpoke is not Paul’s target this week. Paul doesn’t want to let Cowpoke have another shot at HOH. Paul would settle for Kevin going, though. Paul is going to need Kevin next week for companionship if he winds up on the block and the groups Klieg lights are turned on him. He should stop bad-mouthing Kevin behind his back.


    • AIO_7

      Lo and behold, Cowpoke runs back and tells Alex everything Kevin said.


    • AIO_7

      “* Paul* is going to need Kevin next week”

      This should read *Cowpoke*.

      • Avatar

        In past seasons when there was a lone wolf following an alliance breakup, someone like Paul would scoop them up. This season, Paul hasn’t had the need to have an alliance with someone like Cody or Mark. So far, he doesn’t seem to need Kevin as there is still trust between Paul and the “power” couples. Even Paul seems surprised the group has not even nominated him. They haven’t even considered using him as a pawn. I agree that they’re all stupid for not realizing who’s deciding the moves, holding each HOH’s hand, and making final deals with everyone. Unlike most other commenters here, though, I don’t find this aspect boring. I’m fascinated by the lack of common sense and especially by the duration of this lack of awareness and, more importantly, lack of paranoia.

      • Avatar

        Oops, I guess I didn’t refresh the page. Yes, completely agree. Cowpoke will definitely need Kevin. Kevin is his best bet of surviving the next couple weeks.

      • Avatar

        @keets – yes, the lack of paranoia is amazing. This has been the same strategy every week – once you’re the target, nothing you do is right and people manufacture chaos. Yet, even Kevin, who knows he is the target can’t even see that the entire group is in on it. They simply will not see it. If he’s even thought that it might be the whole group, he hasn’t dug very deep to see if he’s right. No one tries to spy on anyone either (other than the cam in the HOH room where they can’t hear the conversations). So weird.

      • Avatar

        Paranoia has been integral to the house in past seasons, and each player who made it past the first few weeks talked about adjusting to it. Apparently this season they’re more relaxed.

      • Avatar

        @keets which is so weird because with all of the crazy, mean stuff, you’d think they would be on high alert.

  13. HappyHippo

    You have such a way with words! Very well written….loved it! And I learned quite a bit I didn’t know….

  14. Tinkerbell

    Thanks so much, Mell ! Spectacular!

  15. HappyHippo

    What happened to everyone’s picture next to there name?! That’s how I know who you are haha

  16. Tinkerbell

    Kick.Matt.Out.Tonight ! Take Jason, Alex, Christmas, Josh, Raven, Paul. Positively miserable animals. Sorry to insult the animal kingdom. Hmmmmm, that leaves Kevin. Finally peace for that poor battered man. Lock the rest of them up in the L.A. country jail until they can be transported to a deserted island to feed on each other.

  17. LO1004

    Such a great read, thank you so much for taking the time to post! So many things I never knew, but will surely be paying more attention.

  18. Alda

    Who the hell does Matt think he is? All he has done this whole season is screw Raven,eat cereal and take showers! Now,he’s breaking HN rules and trying to test Kevin.He just asked Kevin if he’s threatening him.I wish Kevin would punch Matt in the face! i know he’s be evicted,but it would be worth it.

    • AIO_7

      When did that happen? Do you have a time?

      • Colby

        Per Joker’s, about 6:42.
        Paul and Josh told Matt and Raven to mess with him. Matt went over and leaned into his face. Kevin calmly told him not lean into him like that and Matt started yelling repeatedly ‘Are you threatening me? Should I go get you a glass?’

    • Renee

      He knows Kevin will get kicked out if he does hit him even if it is provoked. He probably has been warned when they keep calling him to the DR. I imagine he has questioned them about how far he can take it without getting kicked out himself. He truly is pathetic!

    • Helen

      At this point if I were Kevin I would tell production F you. I’m done with this BS and walk away….
      The rest of these idiots are in for a rude awakening in 22 days….twitter is on fire over the BS going on…
      Social Media can ruin people’s lives…..

    • Sassy

      His anger against Kevin is misplaced. He should be mad at Jason and Alex, but instead he is upset that Kevin campaigned to Jason to stay. How dare he! The plan was for him to leave and he should not have interfered with that. Although everyone is pretending they had no idea Jason was going to do this, everyone was in on the plan except the 2 OTB. Kevin isn’t even the target for next week! I can see him self evicting if they continue to act like this.

    • Colby

      And guess who put Matt up to getting in Kevin’s face?

      • HappyHippo

        He is a pig as much as the people who he has do it. Every time I wake up and catch up on the night feeds through y’all I am more and more disgusted. With them not y’all

      • Avatar

        Suggested someone do it and actually doing it are two entirely different things. People should be held accountable for their actions. Did Paul put a gun against his head and threaten him? Did he threaten his family? If anything someone learned a lot about the human Psyche prior to coming back into the BB house. Don’t hate the man because he came prepared. Don’t bring ham sandwich to a knife fight, you’ll end up bleeding and hungry.

        **disclaimer** Not a Paul fan, not a fan of any of them. When you’re normal emotional defenses are worn down, your real persona comes out. Sort of like when your drunk. Are you a happy drunk, mad drunk, passive drunk, violent drunk.

      • LindsayB

        Careful Wayne. If you say anything about Paul that’s isn’t a rant about how he’s “made” everyone in the house be the way they are you risk petty name calling.

      • Avatar

        I’m not worried…. I’m not holding a ham sandwich… And Good Moring! That’s some serious tongue you’ve got!

      • LindsayB

        Oh Wayne. Thank you! That’s quite the compliment. Great way to start the day!!

      • Avatar

        If you can’t start your day without a lot of tongue, what’s the point of living…

  19. danmtruth

    A few weeks back I jokingly said I had to stop watching As it was hurting my soul Now I’m starting to rethink if it was a joke
    My daughter ( over 21 ) and I like to play a game The first night we take turns picking HG It makes it just gives you someone root for Dumb but fun This year we just have lost interest

    • Sassy

      Danmtruth – yep that is dumb, and my son (also over 21) and I do the same thing… LOL! We look forward to this every year. It is the only show we have in common, but we have lost that this year. He stopped watching weeks ago and doesn’t care to hear my updates from the feeds. DAMN this cast!! Good thing we have plenty of other things to talk about…

      • danmtruth

        Sassy I understand it is fun conversation starter We have done this for years Mostly just a good laugh We could careless who wins on the show Or which one of us win Just fun to talk

  20. Mel

    Thank you guys all so much for the sweet comments. I told Steve I got a little carried away and knew it was getting too long but it just kept going. I’ve been checking in and reading comments (have to stay current on #TeamRavenSTFU) but work has been crazy busy and my husband surprised me with a puppy for my birthday….that I didn’t ask for so its been nuts around here the past few days. Lol

    • Renee

      Happy Birthday! As always, fantastic post. We appreciate you!

    • Tinkerbell

      Mell, Yaaaaayy, a new puppy. Congratulations! I know it’s extra work while they are babies, but oh so worth it. They bring such great joy and happiness. Unconditional love furry companions. “Happpy Belated Birthday to you.” I hope your birthday was full of fun. Be thankful you can’t hear me singing. Ha

    • Avatar

      Happy birthday! Enjoy the puppy =) Your post was long but certainly worth the read!

    • Sassy

      Happy Birthday Mell! Congrats on the new puppy! My daughter brought one home last week. Her friend wasn’t able to take care of it and was going to take it to the pound. In her very generous and kind heart, she said she would take her and she did! Now we have 3 dogs for me to take care of…

      • Mel

        Thanks Sassy, similar situation here. My husband has a standard poodle that fishes, hunts kayaks, does everything with him and my dog passed away about 2 yrs ago. Kept saying I didn’t want another. This was a puppy in the process of being trained to be a service dog for someone who couldn’t keep him. He’s identical to my husband’s dog so he took it as a sign I guess. Lol
        I hesitated just for show but I was in love in less than 5 minutes. Just can’t let him know that.

    • Avatar

      Dear Mell
      Happy B’day Young Lady! And Yes, I was going to ask you for the Cliff Notes to your Novel, LOL?! TY Mell as always for your insight, You Hit It Outta the Park!!!

  21. Mel

    I just read on twitter that if BB15 and BB16 had a love child, it would be BB19. That’s so true. Haha

  22. Yael Sara

    Was just typing… it’s as quiet as a mouse with comments on the Tuesday Feeds, Will Matt be Booted. Then remembered there was this more recent blog post. There everybody is 🙂

    The fish have been up a bit for not leading into a comp. Do we have speculation? Are the fish drowning? We have already seen all the fights… ARE THEY FINALLY TAKING MATT OUT?!?!

  23. Helen

    I’m sure production has a mess on their hands….There has been a lot of backlash from social media towards CBS and BB production over the BS that has been escalating the last couple of days …..

  24. Tinkerbell

    Tinderbox, ticking timebomb………

  25. Tinkerbell

    How many ounces of foam can be packed into one push-up bra…..to push implants up under a terminally ill girl’s neck. Just wondering. Ahaha

  26. AIO_7

    Feeds are back: Matt is still in the house. Still haven’t seen Kevin yet.


  27. Tinkerbell

    Regarding Kevin, Alex just said……..”F*** him, f*** his Mom.” Jason is asking about live feeds – On all the time? Will they go away? You Tube? Can everyone see them? Sorry bucko, too late.

  28. Sassy

    Alex, Jason, and Josh are talking in HoH, NONE of them think it is possible to watch the live feeds when they get out. They think the Petty Hat is going to be trending when they get out of the house, because Alex is so important. Josh thinks this is an intense season and that is good for viewers.

  29. Tinkerbell

    Prison Yard Girl Christmas “Joy” is a motivational speaker. If that isn’t the biggest bag of BS!! Let’s see how full her calendar is after this.

  30. Sassy

    Flag Day reassured Kevin that he is not alone. She was also explaining rules to him, so maybe that is why they had such a long break. He was asking about whether or not they can mess with his stuff (clothes, food, etc..). He knows Alex threw away the slop and thinks they (Alex and Raven) are messing with his clothes. He said he has to much stuff to carry around with him but feels like he needs to do that.

  31. Tinkerbell

    I’m ticked….again!! Production is going to allow these a** wipes to continue to taunt Kevin until he breaks and hits one of them. Fire all of them.

  32. AIO_7

    I’m glad Kevin is finally on to Alex; she has been disrespecting him behind his back for weeks now.

    • Tinkerbell

      Nothing but a gang of low life bullies. Cannot wait until they all see how much they are hated. Welcome to the real world gangsters.

    • Avatar

      it’s not just Alex…they’ve all been disrespecting Kevin for a while now! It pisses me off the most when Jason does it, since he turns around and acts decent to Kevin’s face. At least Alex is just a petty B at all times.
      And since I’m on here…oh hell yes with the kick Mattress out of the house for purposefully collecting penalties! Total disrespect of the game and his fellow players who at least attempt to follow the rules.

      • Sassy

        None of them care about the rules. They are ALWAYS breaking them and production has not been giving out penalties, why start now. I know they have given Matt at least one this week. I hope they do not give him any more or they evict him for breach of contract.

  33. kneeless

    Wuth fish, for so long, I had hoped they were packing everyone up, sending them home, calling it good & sending the money to Texas.

  34. Yael Sara

    I’m in YouTube memory lane, sorry guys!

    What’s the opposite of Matt…

  35. Tinkerbell

    The two men-girls are in lust. Tonight Christmas told Alex that she cannot wait to see her dressed up for the live show. It was a touching moment.

    • Avatar

      Probably because it will be hideous and Christmas can’t wait to snarky comments about it to Paul. I don’t know what Christmas was like before she entered BB house (if her original positive persona was pretend) but now she is someone who LOVES to rip people apart.

  36. Painter1

    Wow Mell great read!!! I couldn’t stop reading. Great info keep up the great writing.

  37. Avatar

    Thanks Mell for the great BB history lesson. I’ve been watching the CBS show for 6 seasons and BBAD for 3 so I’m a relative newbie compared to the rest of you guys. These are the lamest HGs I can remember and I’ve come to the conclusion that Paul should win cuz he’s the only one in that house with any brains. The rest of them dont know if their afoot or horseback. Please let this be over soon so Survivor can come back.

  38. danmtruth

    Production must have had a come to Jesus meeting as we say Everyone is so NICE to everyone
    Along with STFURaven we need a #put the FloatAwayPaul
    Do these people think they are ALL going to be such GOOD FRIENDS outside of the house Bestties for life
    Not to mention ALL the offers and money they will make
    Xmas now has a Walking cast or is it just a boot Usaly by know you would be going to physical therapy
    The good thing is with Kevin as the HOUSE target ( except your voting Matt out ) they have not talk about Cody as much

  39. danmtruth

    Things are bad if NK and Gerroldo are not on line
    And now Alex starts the trash talking of evicted HG
    Josh and Xmas say they need to not hang out around each other or Alex and Jason might figure out they are working together WTF
    start the clock Paul just came back from the DR after hitting himself with the weight bar How soon till Raven is hurt

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m here Dan, but you’re right…things are bad. It’s basically the same thing rehashed over and over again. Kevin is evil, Kevin is mean, Kevin is an asshole, Kevin is a liar, Kevin doesn’t deserve to be in the BB house. Meanwhile, Matt is downstairs refusing to follow the rules…but KEVIN is the one who doesn’t deserve to be in the house??? F**k outta here!!!

      • HappyHippo

        I don’t know how y’all do it. I’m usually glued to the live feeds even if they are just fixing themselves something to eat. My husband would say “you have a problem” haha. Now he will ask if the feeds are cut cuz I don’t have them on . I’m like no, just every time I turn them on they are trashing Kevin or a long evicted houseguest or talking about how awesome they are and I can’t handle it. I’ll throw my iPad or break the screen.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    I’m here Dan…reluctantly, but here. It’s getting harder and harder every night with these HG 🙁

    Just to show that “God don’t like ugly”, I was just about to say something nasty about Paul and I hit my thumb with a hammer.

    Oh what the hell, who am I kidding, I’m going to do it anyway….

    I’m hoping Paul’s nose is broken. That way he’ll be in a LOT of pain for the next few days. Serves him right for all the mental anguish he’s caused over the last few weeks. Mean? Yes. Do I care? Noooope!

    Not to be outdone, The Corpse Bride will have jammed her arm, elbow deep, into a running garbage disposal before the night is out.

    Send-A-Kid-To-Camp-Day took Jabberwalkie Josh’s bacon out of the pan and threw it on the floor just because she felt like it. If he had any sense, he’d wait until she finished building her burger, then dump it on the floor and tell her the bacon need company.

    Kevin has shuffled through the house to the HN Room, mumbling that if anyone touches his stuff, he’s going to tear the fucking house apart and destroy all of their stuff and nobody’s going to stop him. He says he’ll be damned if “she” pushes him around for the next 10 days.

    Jabberwalkie Josh is now in the HN room messing with Kevin’s head (aka…pretending to be his friend). Kevin is telling him about how pissed is is at the Gremlin and how she has messed with his things and dumped out his food. Jabs is trying to tell him that he was pissed at him because Kevin had talked about him. Kevin is telling him how it’s not him but EVERYONE else in the house has been talking about him and calling him names behind his back. Jabs is telling Kevin he thinks he’s a cool dude (well, he is until as long as it takes Jabs to get back to Spanky & The Gang to tell them about the conversation). Kevin is telling Jabs about all the shit that’s been going on and said in the house (and he’s 100% correct). Kevin says he’s tired of it and he’s had enough (YOU GO BOY! KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES!). Jabs is telling Kevin that he’s giving him advice and telling him that if he says something about somebody, he should own up to it (this coming from the main one always calling people out for being liars but tells the most lies and has more than 2 faces).


  41. Avatar

    The dislike of Alex on social media seems to be getting worse. If she and Raven stay on the show and continue their downward slide as humans they could take the bulk of the hate when this show ends. Thought it would be Paul but these two are contenders!

  42. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    The HOH crew (Jason, Alex, Paul, and Josh) are discussing AFP. They want anyone other than Matt or Kevin to win, but they are especially concerned that Kevin might get it. They decide that based on the way Kevin’s been “behaving” lately, there’s no way America would ever vote for him for AFP… BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Then, Paul says that he thinks JOSH is going to win AFP. Alex and Jason agree, saying America surely loves Josh’s personality and the way he’s entertained everyone all season. They say unlike Kevin, Josh isn’t mean. Kevin is mean. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Finally, they decide Jason is another serious contender for AFP… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    These people are soooo f**king clueless.

    • Sassy

      They are going to be SOOOO confused when they get out of the house! Last week Paul was saying he hopes anyone but Cody gets it. The list is growing, what he really means is ONLY he deserves AFP…

  43. danmtruth

    It was so funny Josh was giving his hero speech about facing up to Kevin How he called Kevin out Only problem was no one was listening Finally Jason said oh lets listen to Josh
    Jason has lost ALL self respect
    They are saying how Josh will be Americas favorite player Josh doing his best BBOTT Justin imitation
    God let Kevin win HOH or get safety from the apple

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Like I just said, Josh the Jabberwalkie is in the HOH as we speak, reporting the conversation to the Gnome, the Gremlin and No-Nuts (and Yes, he’s lost my respect again so he’s lost the right to me using his real name.) He’s telling them what a liar Kevin is.

    The Gremlin says at least Josh isn’t mean, Kevin is mean (this coming from the main piece of female shit in the house). She looks up and sees Kevin on the TV and thinks he’s coming upstairs. She hides and wants to jump out and scare the crap out of him (out of sheer meanness, I might add).

    The Broken Nose Gnome says that Kevin is a piece of shit and has been trying to get him to put the Gremlin and No-Nuts OTB.

    The Gremlin tells No-Nutz to tell Kevin that he’s a cunt bitch, and a few other things (she ought to do it herself, that way it will be from one cunt to another).

    Send-A-Kid-To-Camp Day joins them and joins in on the Kevin bashing.

    The Gremlin is talking a mile a minute and practically incoherent.

    The Broken Nose Gnome is in the HN room telling Kevin that whatever he say, just to leave him out of it (the lily livered coward….*rolling eyes*).

    This is truly a Den of Vipers and Vultures. I fear the best we can hope for is that one of the Korean midget’s missiles will hit that house and put us all out of our misery.


  45. danmtruth

    Paul is explaining how top 2 are not eligible for AFP Says how he won that last year but they gave it to Victor All the kids all felt bad for poor Paul What fools
    Slosh & chipmunk were going to fake meditate
    why Alex ask
    Slosh ; to get rid of anger and hate
    Alex; but we need that to win i like hate & anger

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Spanky & the Gang are still in the HOH, now counting up how much money Kevin might win. They are PISSED.

    The Gremlin says she needs some tax write-offs and wants to deduct her hair dying (*she needs a refund on that f*cked up job she has on her head now*).

    Send-A-Kid-To-Camp says Gremlin can’t write off certain things because she’s a public figure now. She says they all are. (*Are you f*cking me? Who the hell will remember these tubs of sh!t after the show, except their family members and friends?*)

    Meanwhile, on the Hammock…MattRess and The Corpse Bride are discussing what a nice person the Gnome is and how he genuinely cares about the 2 of them and is concerned that MattRess is leaving (uh huh).

    Up in the HOH, Jabberwalkie Josh puts on The Gnome’s hat and Trejo and parades around (imitation is the sheerest from of flattery…or he’s just your everyday run of the mill ass-licker….my guess is the latter of the two). Now he’s in No-Nutz shirt and hat (*this mother needs an identity of his own*).

    In the bathroom, The Corpse Bride is putting on her “IT” make-up. Her bed-warmer is not in sight.

    In the HOH, Jabberwalkie is horsing around and trying on The Gnome’s thing and the Gnome seems a little annoyed. It looks like it’s only a matter of time before Jabs will be on the wrong side of the Gnome King.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve taken as much of this as I can take. G, Dan, hope you can hang in there. I haven’t heard a new conversation in the rooms for over an hour. This little chickadee is going to bed.

    Night all and have a great day!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Goodnight NK! I doubt I’ll hang in much longer– I’m barely paying attention as it is. Paul, St. Patrick’s Day, and Jason are in the HOH room alternating between bashing Kevin and bashing Grossica (yes, they’re still talking nonstop about people who got evicted weeks ago). Paul also informed them that Munchie and MattRess were in the hot tub going full on Animal Planet (mercifully this boffing session was not shown on the feeds however).

      The good news is that I got plenty of work done tonight while I was ignoring these assholes.

  48. Avatar

    Mel I want to say thank you for that post. I will admit I have not seen every season but I have started to watch every season through All Access. I started watching the show because of my husbands grandmother. She has watched every season and got be watching it around BB13. And this post was awesome to read. Very informative and interesting. I know I don’t comment a lot but this page is so awesome. It definitely gives you a better understanding of the HG and what goes on that production doesn’t show on the weekly episodes. So I want to say thank you to Steve and Mel for keeping this page going 24/7. I look forward to ready every post yall make. And to everyone else on here that talk about BB and support each other; let me say I enjoy reading the comments as much as the posts. Y’all are simply comical. Lol and thanks to this page and the people who also enjoy it, I have gained a whole new perspective of the game.

  49. Avatar

    I really hope they allow booing for Jason’s exit. He deserves it.

    I also hope CBS has Julie grill Jason during his exit about these references of rape. Like she grilled Aaryn about her racist comments, Jason needs the same treatment.

    #JasonIsNotAFP!!!! Disgusting.

    Also, great post Mell!!

  50. Renee

    I have always viewed Julie Chen as a very classy lady. At this point, I am losing respect for her. How can she even want to be the face of Big Brother. Sure, she gets to be the one to call them out on their actions, but when does she take a stand and say enough is enough? This just isn’t something that I want to represent.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Two things I forgot to add…..


    Jeff Shroeder(sp) has finally made it to prime time. Starting next month, he will be one of the host of a new daily show on CBS around noon.

  52. Avatar

    I’m a little late in reading this post, but better late than never! Great article, Mell I really enjoyed it! The first season I watched was season 8 with Dick and Danielle so it was really helpful to read some of the “history”.

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