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Round 2 Of The Final HoH Competition Results



Before I begin with the spoilers, I am going to put it out there. After watching last night’s highlight episode, I kind of wish Caleb would still be in the game.  He may be a bit crazy, stalkerish and egotistical, but damn he is entertaining.  I love Donny, think he is a great guy, but at this point I wouldn’t mind if Caleb won America’s Favorite. Donny picked up his chunk of extra change through Team America, so it would be cool to see Caleb get a piece.  I certainly won’t be upset if Donny wins, or anyone for that matter – except Frankie.  I hate when people win stuff like that because they’re related to someone famous.. just like Elissa last season.  While BB15 had a pretty awful cast, Elissa did absolutely nothing in the house except be related to Rachel.

Last night was the annual episode that makes me sad that Big Brother is coming to an end and reminds me of all the fun I had blogging throughout the summer.  This cast didn’t have it’s BB15 moments, but they had quite a few of their own as witnessed last night.  Between now and the finale, there is almost nothing to write about, so my updates won’t be as often, and that also makes me a bit sad.  Part 3 of the competition is set to go on Wednesday night and the only thing between now and then will be speculation on who is going to the final 2.

As expected, Derrick won the second round of the HoH competition which means Victoria’s destiny is completely out of her hands (as if she ever had control of that).  On Wednesday night, Derrick will face off against Cody in some trivia style game and the winner will pick who he wants to sit next to in the finale.  Here are the options and likely results…


Derrick vs Cody = Derrick wins
Derrick vs Victoria = Derrick wins
Cody vs Victoria = Cody wins

As bitter of a jury it may be, I don’t see there being any chance Victoria wins.  She may get a pity vote or two, but the only thing going for her is that she somehow survived being nominated most of the season.  I don’t think that’s enough to beat Cody’s social or competition game, and certainly not enough to beat someone who was never nominated. Even as that fact was pointed out by Frankie late in the season, Derrick still avoided sitting in the nomination chair.  That’s an incredible accomplishment so far, but he has one more competition to go.  Should Cody win the final HoH, technically Derrick is automatically nominated so his streak ends and can’t brag about that… even if Cody picks him.

So there you have it.  Cody or Derrick will win Big Brother 16, and there is about a 97% chance it will be Derrick unless Cody wins round 3 and picks Victoria.  The big question is, does Cody want that extra 0 on his Big Brother winnings check?


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  1. Steve, 3 of the guys in jury made a pact (Caleb, Frankie, Derrick) that if Victoria got to F2, they would vote for her. Caleb even said in one of his interviews that Victoria definitely has his vote if she makes it to F2. I doubt Frankie would vote for someone like Cody, and I’m not sure about Nicole and Hayden (Nicole said Victoria was her best friend in the house). All I’m trying to say is that it’s not a done deal if it’s Cody vs. Victoria, and all you need is 5 votes to win. It’s more of a tossup.

  2. Derrick/Cody would be smart to turn on each other and take Victoria to seal the 550/500K deal. Plain and simple.

    • Its easy for most to see, but for some reason I do not think Cody sees it this way. I will be happy for him but shocked should he take Victoria. I think he will make one of the dumbest moves that will haunt him forever in his dreams and that is take Derrick. Oh he will say Derrick deserves to win etc. but deep down he will know he made a mistake and maybe his Bro Derrick will give him a car loan or vacation loan…na its a game they may speak a few times but few years down the line I would be they never speak again.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. So true. What do you think Derrick would do if he wins HoH finale? Think he’d be smart enough by taking Vic?

      • AIO_7

        I think he would take Cody, but you never know.
        If Cody were to take Derrick……dumbest move EVAH on BB.

      • Jannie

        I think Cody wins 50K either way he goes, Derrick or Victoria would both beat him in the finale.

      • I don’t think there is any doubt cody and derrick take each other. Stupid esp for cody. I think Derrick wins easily with anyone. I think Cody only wins with Vic. He told caleb loyalty meant nothin to him in their relationship cause Derrick was his final two for his game. Now he’s taking Derrick because of loyalty and I’m pretty sure he thinks Derrick will beat him. At least he’s not sure who would win. He has got to know he beats Vic.. At this point you take the one you have greatest chance to beat or you don’t deserve to win game.

    • I agree, the smart move is to take Victoria. Why would you risk 450K?

  3. Ok for all those that think BB should be played with Morals and Values. Lets say your playing Monopoly and you have boardwalk. Your best friend lands on Boardwalk and you must collect thus winning the game, should you? Is it right to collect and force your friend into Bankruptcy? Well it is a GAME! Thus Cody should be playing the game as Cut Throat as Derrick. Yeah there is not blood in the streets but he is plunging the daggers in the backs and cutting the throats of his competition, why? Because he understands its a GAME! If Cody takes Derrick to the end for Morals/Values/Loyalty or whatever hash he says he Deserves to lose because he is NOT playing the GAME!

    • You need to get another analogy. Monopoly and BB are nothing alike and who are you to say that Cody’s a fool for taking Derrick. It’s their game not ours. If that’s what he wants to do so be it. If Derrick wins ( which I think he will ) I then Cody will have to live with that. After watching him on BBAD he knows where most of the votes are going and knows he has an uphill battle. He’s not playing just for the money he wants to be one of BBs great duos. He wants to be Dan and Memphis. Who are we to piss on his leg and tell him it’s raining? Basically all of our strategy talks are done because there’s basically only two people left. ( sorry Victoria ) and now it’s up to the jury. Would Cody be smarter to take Victoria? Maybe who knows. But I don’t think that’s what he wants at least not last night. I will stand behind any of them right now because love or hate them it is what it is.

      • Rita

        Crushing it again Sandra.

        Seriously, bringing Victoria could be the worst thing for either of them. That is a bitter jury and I can see them voting for her over whoever takes her. Now if she was to have won HOH (I know, you can stop laughing here) and took one of the boys then it might be different.
        Derrick and Cody need to take each other and may the best man win.

        And long term.. if either were invited to play in an AllStars season nobody would trust them walking in the door if they took Victoria.

      • We are angry and bitter, not the jury. They’ve had time to cool down and think rational without outside influences. Their heads are on the game playing of the finalists. Every year I have watched they always choose the one who played the best game. Last year Andy took Spence (biggest floater and seat warmer) and Andy won because he played a better game than Spence.

    • I’m with you on this one. Living with each so closely, for so long causes a lot of them to forget the bottom line…win the game.

    • I agree that if Cody takes Derrick knowing he has chance to lose with him out of loyalty he deserves to lose because winning is the game and stupid move like that he did not play beast move at end. With Vic he has sure win.. Point of game is to win.

  4. Derrick better win against Cody. I don’t trust Cody to take Derrick to the final two. Cody doesn’t necessarily have an easy win against Victoria but his odds are sure as hell better against her than against Derrick. I just hope Derrick wins. It would be the hugest BB disappointment if Derrick doesn’t win.

    • AIO_7

      I disagree; in several ways Cody is more deserving to win. Plus, Derrick has already won plenty from that blueshit TA money.

      • I’m just curious why you think Cody is more deserving? They all got to the end. Doesn’t that mean that their all deserving? No matter if they got there by floating, scheming or being everyone’s pal? I’m just curious that’s all

      • AIO_7

        I never saw Cody throw a comp (like Derrick), plus he won quite a few. Beside the Christine stroking, he had a pretty decent social game.

      • You’re kidding (about Cody’s social game,) right? Aside from his thing with Christine, he really didn’t say much throughout most of the game. I actually remember thinking about that many times, how he was pretty much just sliding through the game week to week without saying or doing much of anything.

      • Social game is not all this game is all about. It’s about everything they do. Derrick has had a ring in Cody’s and everyone’s else’s nose since jump. He alone shifted this house week in and week out. There’s not a person in that jury house that dislikes Derrick. He was never mean or rude like some others including Cody. Cody layed on Christine the whole game. Derrick patted everyone on the back as they were boot kicked out. I don’t think there was one person in that house that thought the Cody/ Christine love fest was okay. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again Derrick will win this game if he’s in F2.

      • leafhopper

        Throwing comps was part of his strategy to win the game. Derrick was always looking at the finish line. He threw the comps when it was to his advantage, not to gain favor with other HG.

      • Exactly leafhopper!! That’s what peoples are not understanding! Derrick played this game very well. He thought about every single detail. Just like Dan said, he is playing 24/7.

      • Most times I’d agree that final three deserved to be there but think this time is exception. Vic essentially won no comps, has no social game at all except with Derrick, and did no strategizing or was she involved in any decisions. She just did what Derrick told her as he used her all game as pawn. None of house guests really liked her in game. She did nothing in the way of game to be where she is today. None of HG think she deserves to be there and will get no respect nor votes from jury.

      • Cody did have a good social game, from the side of most people like him. His a likable, nice guy. Derrick’s social game was very different, while everyone like’s Derrick, he was able to convince everyone to do his bidding and think it was their idea. So they were both great socially, in different ways. And while I think Derrick will and should win, Cody can take credit for a lot of Derrick’s moves as well, while he didn’t create or do them, they were working together the entire game, so in all reality, one could argue what one get’s credit for so does the other. Which is the downfall of Derrick’s Fog, how will he “prove” the moves were his?
        Furthermore, if they compare win’s, neither of them did bad. I think Cody won more, but I think Derrick had more HOH wins. So it might just come down to who each jury member likes more.

      • Jury doesn’t vote , typically anyway , with who they like best. It’s who played this game the best. Everyone in that jury house knows who put them there. When a bosses company ( say an ad company ) does well on a campaign does the client thank the underlings or the boss? The boss of course. Who was the boss of BB this year? Derrick was.

      • However, there have been Jordans that won because of being a nice person.

      • Hey lady!

        My money is on Derrick.

    • If Cody doesn’t run out of fingers and toes counting jury votes he might eventually figure it out. But I doubt it.

  5. After watching the recap of the season last night I realized how entertaining Caleb really was. I think Caleb would make a great firemen. He would rush into a burning house to save everyone including the parakeet. He does have a big heart. Would love to see him on Amazing Race. This way he would would only have to be loyal to one person.
    Too bad Caleb wasn’t part of Team America instead of Derrick or Frankie. If he had been Donny would have stood a much better chance of lasting longer in the game.
    I have voted for Donny to be America’s Favorite but if it is not him then I would be happy for Caleb or even Zach. I learned to appreciate Zach and his antics.

    • I think Caleb would do well on the amazing race too. Maybe one of brothers could race with him. He is hilarious with his judy chops. I was having a hard time with him at the beginning of the season because of the whole starker thing with Amber but the last couple of weeks he’s changed dramatically. But I still want Donny for AFP.

      • I agree with you Sandra ftsm!

      • Rita

        As much as I dislike Frankie I would enjoy seeing Caleb and Frankie team up on Amazing Race.

      • leafhopper

        I would be okay never to see Frankie ever ever again ever.

      • amen to that! I have had more than enough Frankie for a lifetime!

      • This season has several duos that would be great for amazing race:
        –Donny/Jocasta (remember they were close)
        –Zach/Frankie (even as annoying as F is)
        –Hayden and Nicole (adorbs!)
        –Caleb and Derrick (Braun and brains)
        –Cosy and Christine (ok, just kidding!!!!!!!!)

      • I would love to see an Amazung Race cross-over season where duos from several reality shows compete. Maybe Nicole and Hayden, Zankie (even though I dislike Frankie immensely) compete against people from Survivor, etc. The first episode could highlight each person, and how they got there that way the audience has a little history on each team (are they good? mischievous? Horrible people? Underdogs?)

      • I agree that Derrick and Cody would also make a great duo.

        Bahaha – maybe Amanda and McCrae?

      • That would really be entertaining!

    • Deborah: I think the powers that be at CBS have more in store for Donny, including a stint on “Amazing Race”. They realize he was very popular on “Big Brother” and, should he win America’s Favorite this season, that will be more of an enticement to bring him back on a show. I also miss Caleb. If nothing else, he was entertaining to watch. I think Caleb would be great on “Survivor”.

      • Donny is already scheduled to be on an episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful” (if I’m remembering correctly what Julie told him. I don’t think Donny knew what that was. I wonder if he’s mentioned that to the Jury. Would love to see what Frankie and Caleb think of that since they want big show biz careers after Big Brother.

      • Shelley: Would love to see Frankie’s reaction to Donny being asked to make an appearance on Bold & Beautiful. I have seen Brendan and Rachel on several times. Even saw Elisa in the background once. Not sure how Caleb will react….probably like he saw a ghost….or has he already seen a ghost? Caleb and his never ending stories.

      • I would imagine that Donny has already told everyone in the jury that he’s going to be on the Bold and the Beautiful. Shame we can’t see Frankie’s and Caleb’s faces. Although they would probably just think that if Donny got asked to be on a show that surely they would get offers to be in movies. Ha not likely boys. Lol

      • I’m willing to bet that Julie and BB Production are saving that nugget of information for Finale night. Between Donny’s B&B role and Derrick being a cop, they will need oxygen masks for Frankie and Caleb.

      • and if Donny gets America’s Favorite… Frankie’s head might just explode. (I’m picturing glitter everywhere).

      • They would think if Donny is offered a guest appearance then they would surely be offered their own TV series. I hope Caleb can recover and get back to being just Caleb after spending so much time with Frankie.

      • Anita M: You are probably correct. If Donny does win the America’s Favorite player then they (CBS)does need to somehow incorporate him in another show. When Julie said to him that The Bold and the Beautiful wanted him for an appearance he had this confused look on his face. Either he didn’t know what B&B show was or he thought “they want this face on that show”. Donny will be one of the HG’s that will do OK after BB.
        Not sure about Caleb on Survivor. He has too many people that would try to play the loyalty card. That is why I thought Amazing Race. He has one partner and that is the only one he would be loyal to. If Caleb’s brother is anything like him then they could be a great team. Maybe that is the way for Survivor….Caleb and his brother on Survivor.

      • Did you see Caleb when he was on slop. He whined all the time. Not to mention that he’s not that smart when it comes to strategy. He’s too loyal for Survivor. They would eat him alive. .

    • I’d much rather have Caleb there than Cody. Cody’s gonna lose. He’s almost as delusional about his game skills as Vic.. almost. ..

  6. Watching Derrick and Cody talk last night after the 2nd HOH it really sounds like they are committed to taking each other. They started this together and plan to finish together. They take pride in that. Also, the way they talk at least, neither one is convinced as to who the winner would/will be between the two of them.

  7. I think if Victoria makes it to the very end I would have to vote for her to win …. She may have done little but she made it all the way . More then most of the ones of the ones that worked there butts off all summer long ….
    But I really do hope Derrick wins it all .
    And Donnie I hope wins American favorite.

  8. Is Derrick the firdt playrr in Bb history never to be nominated. I watched everyone and cannot remember. Does anyone know?

    • I’m not sure if he is or not. I don’t remember anyone else doing it that’s one of the reasons he’ll win this game.

    • Bellmawrgirl: I was reading some “Big Brother” statistics and it said that, if he wins, Derrick will be the first player in “Big Brother” history to win never having been nominated for eviction. So, I gather CBS could have a hand in his winning if only to create more buzz about this occurrence. What I also read (and I found this to be quite disturbing) was that no female sitting opposite a male in the final 2 has EVER won the $500,000 prize. !!!!!! Apparently, it’s ALWAYS been the male who was awarded first prize by the jurors. So, even if by some slim chance Victoria ends up sitting next to either Cody or Derrick, the odds are not in her favor of being given the $500,000. However, Victoria would also make “Big Brother” history if she was to win for two reasons: (1) she’s a female in the final 2 sitting opposite a male; and (2) she floated throughout the entire game without winning a competition. IMO, I think the big prize being awarded to the male in the final 2 is because of the “bros before hos” mentality that has been pervasive through most of the “Big Brother” seasons. We really haven’t seen a season where the females have formed a strong female alliance from the very beginning. The females in the house have tended to seek hookups with dominant male players in the hope that this will keep them safe. I’d love to see a season where the females are savvy enough to form a strong alliance early on in the game and slowly start getting out the dominant male competitors.

      • good points AnitaM

      • I always hope that there will be an all girls alliance but I don’t see it happening. Just like you always see some dumb female going down in dark basement to see what that noise was in horror movies these women keep lining up to be dumped on BB. Or like women who are abused by their spouse and don’t press charges. Very seldom does BB put a strong woman in the house and if they do they get voted out quick. Victoria doesn’t deserve to win just because Derrick decided she was a vote to carry to jury.

      • If I remember correctly, isn’t that what Joey tried to do (form an all woman alliance) and was the first voted out? I know Amber tried to do the same later in the game, before she was voted out. Both times, I couldn’t understand why the other women in the house thought that was such a bad idea.

      • Rita

        They needed 5 Joey’s and less Victorias. One strong woman cannot do it alone.

      • Amber outed Joey on the whole girls alliance so Joey fessed up to Devon and got sent home for it.

      • Joey came on too strong (with her alter ego) and too publically. Had she attempted to quietly get the women into an alliance, she might have had some success.

      • Christine is the reason the all girl alliance didn’t work. As soon as it was mentioned to her she went to Frankie with the news. Christine did not like Joey, Amber or Brittany and chose to work against them.

      • Juaelz: I think Christine had an ulterior motive in working against the females in the house, in addition to being part of a male alliance. She wanted all the attractive females to be evicted.

      • How about an all female cast-that ought to be more interesting than this bunch_mlk

      • Get some roller derby moms in the house that can get the females to join together and are able to compete in comps and the no female winning against a male may get turned around.

      • No crap. . My mama would be on there fighting with all the men and playing dirty…

        Stop casting simpering college twits and girls looking for love. Cast grown women and men for once.

        A grown woman would have laughed In Caleb’s face if he said “don’t start a female alliance”..

      • Amen to that Willie. I’ve said the same. CBS seems to think that the older demographic doesn’t contribute as much youngsters do to their shows when in reality there’s more older people in our society right now.

      • The children should be the minority.
        I want grown adults fighting for the money like they need It.

        This cast “didn’t need it”

      • Can we throw in some hockey moms? I’m all in!

      • A Hockey mom would win it too!

      • Victoria has won at least won comp. She talked about it on last night’s recap episode. I believe it was a POV

      • @AnitaM…if u want to watch a Powerful All Female Alliance go all the way and WIN… Watch BB6… it was the only BB season to have an all female alliance… The Nerd Herd… 🙂

      • I think if BB would cast current/former female athletes we would see different results. These are women who would win at comps. Because female college athletes don’t get the special classes the males do they would have to be smart and they wouldn’t run to the males to protect them. And if they are looking for eye candy, they would fit the bill as well.

        Wake up casting and give us some strong women to compete in the game.

      • I think it might shake things up and be a little bit interesting (Although harder to put on television, perhaps) if they had two houses, one female and one male, with, ohhhh, say 15 players in each house? The first half of the season (or there abouts) they play the game separately, each house maybe not knowing that the other exists. Then they have a double eviction, and the houses merge.

        (IE, then it becomes interesting again, as new relationships are formed etc. Do people at the bottom of the totem pole switch? Do the genders stay together?)

        Then, a week, or even two, after the merge, they re-introduce all four houseguests from the double eviction episode.

        Just by these changes also we have a lot of different dynamics…

      • Correct, but ONLY if he wins the last HoH, which I kind of think he might throw so he doesn’t have to break his word to either Cody or Victoria.
        In season 3, the only time the 2nd place winner (and the 3rd place guy too) was “nominated” was from the final HoH competition. So, so far, Derrick is actually tied with Danielle and Jason from Season 3.

    • I think so, as well, bellmawrgirl. I posted stats I found about this some time last week, and if I remember correctly, they both currently hold records for almost opposite “feats” – Derrick for never being nominated for eviction, and Victoria for the number of times she was nominated, lol.

    • Danielle and Jason from BB3 both made it up to this point (Final 3) without being nominated but then Lisa won the HOH so they were both nominated for the first and only time. Also, Drew from S5 and Alison from S4 have never faced eviction (meaning, they might have been nominated initially but they got vetoed off before eviction night). If Derrick wins the final HOH, he will make history as the first BB houseguest to never be nominated all game. So far, he hasn’t broken any records, only tied them.

      • Alison. First player I’ve truly detested.
        I didn’t watch her on All Stars, my interest in the show had waned by 2005.

        I like Frankie more only because he can dance.

      • She was annoying but she definitely played the game better than Jun. Talk about bitter juries!

        You might have enjoyed her All Star season, I think she was the first one voted out.

    • I’m not sure if he’s the only one. Was Dan nominated the season they brought the coaches back?

    • If Cody wins last comp that counts as Derrick going on block but no one has made it that far. Two have made it without going on block to final three I believe.

  9. As far as game play goes Derrick should win, I have not seen scheming like that since Dan and it was a beautiful thing to watch all season. Especially when you have people in the house that treat it like a vacation instead of competition and all they have to show for their time on BB is a tan. He is playing for his family and puts his life on the line everyday as a police officer… I respect that. My wish list for Wednesday is for Derrick to win BB16 and for Donny or Caleb to get AFP.

    • You gotta be careful around here comparing Derrick to Dan. I said that and got eaten alive on here. But I agree and even Dan agreed Derrick played a great game. I can’t wait to hear his speech on Wednesday. I have to disagree about AFP but that’s our choice on who we want to win that. I’m for Donny all the way.

      • I can definitely see the comparison of Derrick to Dan, they are both great strategists. I would agree that Dan had to be more creative than Derrick ever did, but part of that is Dan’s own fault for making himself a target.
        And who cares if some random person on the internet that you’re never going to meet disagrees with you. 🙂

    • Derprick is now a desk sargent so not so much life on the line anymore. He did use his government training to manipulate this house full of stooges. Donny was on to him early and often and that’s why Derprick told the house if anyone was caught talking with Donny they would be the next target. Derprick will probably win but since he spend 10 years making friends, getting their trust, setting them up and sending them to jail I’d be surprised if he didn’t make it this far.

  10. Bridget

    Watching After Dark last night I think Victoria really believes she deserves to be in the final two over Cody.Not gonna happen,Princess.

    • Derrick and Cody were discussing that and agree with you. They were saying how she thinks she got herself as far as she’s come. She was really upset last night after losing because she felt she did really well. And she probably did but in a competition like this your best isn’t always The best.

    • Jannie

      I always chuckle when she’s in the DR talking about “how hard she’s worked” to get to the finals.

      • She did Janine. She did. (I am not being sarcastic)
        Hard work includes swallowing being the butt of people jokes.
        If you say that is not so, I call bullcrap.

      • Yeah they really write her some bad scripts. It never corresponds with whats actually happening in the game.

      • Jannie

        I don’t think she’s taken much crap from anyone in the house. She may have been the butt of jokes in the DR, but not to her face. No one trashed Donny more than Victoria. She has also said nasty things about Cody, Brittney, and Amber.

        She’s not the innocent butt of all the jokes.

      • No she is not. Actually she has talked badly about everyone even NICHOLE. She got really close to her esp when NICHOLE re entered house but when she left she parroted derrick saying she was a liar. Not sure she ever said anything bad about Hayden but think she had crush on him that was not reciprocated.

    • She does. Bless her delusional heart. She thinks she got to this point by herself. Doesn’t have a clue.

  11. Steve, I was reading your comment,”Elissa did absolutely nothing in the house except be related to Rachel” and I would like to point out that once it became known in the house (very early on in the game) that Elissa was Rachel’s sister, she had an extremely large target on her back. They wanted her out. Also, Rachel’s following made certain that Elissa was given early advantages, thereby increasing that target on her back. I think in order to combat that, Elissa’s plan was to lay low and not make waves. She found a pseudo “ally” in Helen and went along with her gameplay for most of the game. I don’t remember how many competitions Elissa won that season; but I do recall one–where she had to catch baseballs. She slipped off the ledge at one point and, through sheer tenacity, was able to cling onto the pole and pull herself back up and win that competition.

    • AIO_7

      I got to where I couldn’t stand Helen. I liked her better than Amanda, but not much.

    • Yeah she did and I actually liked Elissa but that Hail Mary move she made catching those balls was actually against the rules and she got by with it.

      • Sandra, how was it against the rules? I thought the rule was your feet were not allowed to touch the ground. Her feet didn’t. She came close to falling off but managed to hold on and pull herself back up. Are you saying that they weren’t allowed to touch the pole or hold on to anything? Amanda had one near her and basically was doing the same thing.

      • You couldn’t touch anyone else’s platform or bars.

      • Thought you just couldn’t fall off. And u r right amanda did it also just not as well.

    • Elissa won a few competitions and one of them was OTEV. In my opinion she deserved America’s Favorite Player because besides winning some comps, she also was a nice and decent person. I also liked Helen very much. Most of the HGs last year were disgusting.
      About Helen I can also say I sent her emails and she answered every one of them. She also sent me three autographed pictures and also offered to help me with a personal situation. Helen is a great person.

      • Wow. That’s great.
        I liked Helen also.
        I’ve wanted to meet Elissa. I bet she’s a decent person in real life. She teaches yoga about 20 miles away from me, but I didn’t want to appear stalkerish!

      • Willie, I’m sure Elissa would love for you to stop by just to say hi. She seems like a very nice person.

    • Agree. She was my favorite last season. I liked her character and that as much as they put her through she did not lower herself to their level and she could be a beast in copms. Esp toward end saving herself many times. Lots liked her in house until they found out who she was. And unlike frankie, that was no fault of hers. Guests figured it out because they looked alike. She then became big target. Also ppl au ppl in America liked her only because she was Rachel’s sister but if that was true, just as many did not like her because of Rachel. I really don’t think Rachel ended up being of help to Elissa at all. She was nothing like Rachel. Rachel has grown up a whole lot since her first episode. She is much more mature now.. I wanted them to win on amazing race and they did well with everyone against them. Esp when they turned couple back at end when any of them would have done same thing in their place. Teams took that move in a personal way and it was game move. Then all treated them badly. It was very immature for adults to act like that.

  12. I would vote for Victoria to win, look at it she made it to the end and did nothing to get there, she managed to escape eviction a million times. Everyone else played the game for her, or did they? Was this a master plan or just coincidence on her part?

    • I agree with you Kathy

    • Seriously. Don’t you think just once if it’s not coincidence that she would’ve felt threatened and won something? She couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag.

      • At least Lisa Marie won one of the three final HOH’s didn’t she?

      • Ann, Lisa Marie is Elvis’s daughter. Gina Marie is the one from BB15. LOL

      • As soon as I re read that I knew something wasn’t right!

      • Ha ha thought I’d missed Lisa Marie on a show!! Gmail did win comps. But not much else.

      • Some people are Physical, some people aren’t mental, some people aren’t both.
        Doesn’t make their will or right to survive less than anybody else.
        The effort and work it takes to swallow and stomach all the crap they have to take from others, is merit worthy in itself.

        Nobody sucks more than people who kick others when their down and revel in their shortcomings. Those people don’t care about the quality of their win, after all a win is a win.

        The unfortunate reality is the world and its standards are dictated by those kind of people, and their rule is perpetuated by the same “weaker” and weak minded folks buying into their BS.

  13. GO DERRICK, had to get that out there.

    No doubt the higher tax bracket for 2014 will go to Derrrick. The real question is, does Cody have the back-stab blood in him to take Victoria and bye-bye Derrick in a eviction shocker, if he wins, its a 10 times paycheck so hard to resist, and T.V. buddies or not, Cody got needs also.

    I don’t think Cody will do it, his real life honor will blind him for the game he is in.

    I believe Derrick would do it if the situation was reversed, because Derrick came to play for keeps.

    • Rita

      The only way Cody will take Victoria is if Derrick tells him to do it.

      • I believe he has to also rewind the key on Cody’s back as well.

        Big dollars can change loyalty, but Derrick is doing a good brainwashing job of ‘We are F2 Forever’ propaganda. Hard to tell how much Cody is buying into it.

        Has Cody been so condition that he thinks he can beat Derrick over Victoria? Then Derrick is the master in NLP programming, and I am sure Cody’s family and friends are yelling at the screen for Cody to pick the sure and only win for him Victoria.

    • Derrick has been able to separate personal feelings from the game that’s why I like him so much.

      • He’s not doing very good job of that now in house on feed recaps with Vic..she’s put the guilt on him big time but she’s telling him the truth about how he feels and he doesn’t like it. Really getting to him. It won’t change his mind but she’s telling him reality and he doesn’t like facing it.

      • I think the only reason Derrick is not going to take Victoria to final two is because he is afraid the jury will vote for Victoria to win because he made a safe choice. Remember the guys said if one of them took Victoria to final 2, they would vote for Victoria to win.
        Cody will take Derrick to final two because he loves their alliance and he wants there to be a Hit-men legend. But I also think he is afraid the jury will give the win to Victoria.

  14. Ok here’s whats going happen.
    (Since I said it, not going to, but anyway)

    If Derrick doesn’t win HOH 3, Cody is taking Victoria.
    Simply because he feels he will “crush” her

    But actually, Derrick is GOING to win HOH 3. And take Cody.

    1) he won’t trust Cody to choose him over Victoria.

    2) to take Cody would hurt Victoria but she will still vote for him. She would want to be spiteful but unless Cody buttered her up, she still vote him over Cody. (She wont want to hurt him, so long term)

    3)Derrick needs Cody to prove he is the mastermind. Derrick doesn’t know that he in fact does NOT need Cody for that since the Jury already knows and b) the Jury will see Cody only as muscle.
    Cody will be saying ” I. Me. I did “this this and this”. And the Jury will say “no, “the HitMen” did “this this and this”.

    Derrick could take Victoria. But he might feel he has a harder sell of his actions”. Letting Cody recount the “Legend of Derrick”, would be far more effective.

    • You are so wrong this time. They both take one another. Won’t hurt Derrick but Cody will lose the big money and the irony is that I think he knows that. And he knows no one would vote for Vic. He keeps saying he doesn’t know why Derrick spending so much time babying her when she doesn’t even deserve to be there and has done nothing entire game..that non of them except Derrick wanted her there.

  15. Derrick deserves to win because he actually played two and a half house guests games, his, Victoria’s and without him Cody would have been gone early in the game. Victoria has sat on her self imposed throne all season and cries at the right time, whines at the right time but trashed everyone in the DR or to Derrick. She is not a stupid girl just relies on self entitlement and being carried by others. Cody did better in comps so he did half way play the game. Just a fan’s thoughts and observations.

  16. Hey I haven’t been a Victoria fan, but how can we say she’s not played the game or won anything? Her and Caleb won the BOB that hooked them together as Adam n Eve, and the she got off the block once by getting Caleb to give her the POV medal while he took the cash. Then she worked very hard to help Derrick and show everyone they weren’t together so they could put up Frankie, then Caleb on the block and ultimately get voted out. She did outlast everyone else without winning comps but socially being in the right spot each time.

  17. In defense of Victoria’s game. She did what she could do.

    (To give Derrick a lot of credit, maybe more than he deserves)
    If she wasn’t the perfect pawn, Derrick would have let her go earlier. He could have chosen let’s say Jacosta, another floater or anybody else, anybody else (you pick the person) But he didn’t. Why? Victoria had the necessary quality he identified was needed to forward his game.(That might say something bad about her personality or character but that’s another thing) That, THAT was HER contribution. A contribution no less worthy than Cody’s muscle.

    She played HER game Her way. Maybe her strategy was to isolate the strongest player and attach her self to them.
    Just like Derrick psyched out the other housemates, maybe she did as well. (She is a woman after all)(Not that all women are like “that” but maybe SHE is”.) Maybe she didn’t just accidentally wander into the right person.
    She looks like a “a real housewife of ” for a reason (some might say she looks like a Jersey shore resident, or a Kardashian cousin lol)
    But my point is maybe her game was to align herself with a strong (male) player, because she recognized she wasn’t otherwise physical or mental.

    She seems to genuinely be ok with the $50K not the $500K, prepared to play 2nd fiddle for some of the money, not all, some. Why shouldn’t she be rewarded for her contribution to Derrick’s game. It is Derrick and Cody being delusional that she wasn’t an unnamed HitMan. If she was so unnecessary, and anybody could have played the part, (maybe I missed this but) let’s see them convince people to sit next to other people who they identified as threats

    I believe that Derrick could have just as easily chosen Caleb over Cody as his muscle if he wanted. Frankly Derrick, NOW there would not be a doubt that he would have ever wised up and be tossing around whether he might or might not be taking Victoria over you. There Derrick, there is the fault (the mistake) in your game. You should have chosen the soldier who can be led, than the two (2) tongued salesman. Sure Caleb was a blabbermouth, but you would have made contingencies for that by feeding him whatever you wanted to get around or withholding whatever you didn’t. If you needed somebody to confided in TAH DAH, Victoria to the rescue. But Derrick you have one more mistake to possibly to make, which was as I just pointed out is still your first (1st) mistake. You will choose Cody.
    (I know Derrick is not going to read this)

    The problem with Victoria’s, as with some women, strategy however is, “men will be men”. They might call “bros before “hos””, they might believe greater honor to square off against each other.
    Or she might luck out and Victoria actually meets a guy who will reward her for supporting him.

    The thing in my mind that works against Victoria, is this, If Derrick is an “honorable” guy, he didn’t make a F2 promise to her. He did to Cody.

    • I love Victoria don’t get me wrong but Derrick could’ve brought someone else along. Anyone. There were other floaters. You can’t call anything Victoria did strategy since she didn’t have any. Victoria sincerely thinks she is a completion beast. Who made her feel that way? Derrick did he gave confidence she didn’t have for a good portion of this game. Derrick could’ve talked to the feeds and gotten the same amount of support. She did nothing for him , he did everything for her. Not buying it sorry.

    • Vic had no strategy. Derrick needed pawn and he picked right one that had no mind but what he told her. She was no threat. He could not have taken Caleb. The reason they got rid of Caleb was because he could have beat them in comp at end and one of them would be out. They could not afford to take anyone who had chance to win one of final two comps. Derrick could only take Vic cause she was no threat in any way. Jacosta would have not done what Vic has done. She would not have been clay in derricks hands.this is one big reason Derrick deserves to win it all. He and he alone is responsible for Vic being there now. Cody wanted to drop her several times. Derrick kept saying it would be a waste of veto since she could be sent home at any time because she was no threat. They put up with Vic because of Derrick. Only thing she did decently was fake her fight with Derrick but I think although she might have fooled them it would not have changed how they thought she would vote in jury. So it was all for nothing..Derrick just covering all bases and also this helped him he thought from going on block because she might vote for him to go and break up alliance at end.

    • Rita

      Does anyone else recall Derrick telling Victoria to “just sit there and look pretty” and she enjoyed doing just that?

      Can you imagine someone telling Janelle to sit there and look pretty?

  18. So what needs to happen is Derrick throw the #3 Comp and let Cody win – and have Cody promise to take him to final two to get that Victoria off of Derricks back – she has done nothing but cry and beg and demand that he take her because she says he promised and not to hurt her – give me a break – if Derrick can not man up and tell her to get – well you know what – then let Cody do it.

    • I hope Derrick doesn’t throw the Comp. tho.

      Right now he’s spending the time softening up Victoria, trying to set her up to let her down.

      I almost want him to choose Cody, so I can hear hear Cody spew his crap.
      I was cracking up last night when he was in the room counting the votes and realizing he has a problem.
      Based on that I figure he’ll decide Victoria is easier.

      Only thing I’m left wondering is, when I listen to him and Derrick speak to each other, who is lathering up who and who is buying what.

    • leafhopper

      Derrick’s loyalty lies with his wife and daughter not with Victoria and/or Cody. He will not risk throwing the comp to Cody or worry about getting blood on his hands and run the risk that Cody with back out on his promise of taking him to F2, nor will he worry about Vic being angry with him about not taking her. Derrick will look out for his family now and he will smooth things over with Vic before she goes to jury. He has been cultivating their relationship all summer for this purpose.

      • Heck. If he feels really badly he can give her the extra $50,000 he’ll get as a Team America winner.

      • I agree, leafhopper. As I posted in the previous thread, I think although Victoria will clearly be very upset/mad at Derrick for not taking her to the F2 as she feel he promised her, you know he’ll still get her vote from the jury anyway. He’s formed such a strong bond with her, I feel she’s that dedicated to him. (I believe she’s also said from the DR that she would do whatever it would take to help Derrick get to the F2 and/or win.)

        I also agree that he can always worry about smoothing thing over with her (if he even cares to at that point, sadly…) after the fact.

        I truly hope BB will make mental health assistance available to players like Victoria who I feel clearly will need it once she gets the full realization of how Derrick has played her all summer. (Sheesh, she already hasn’t been able to handle what little she’s already found out this past week.)

    • IMO Derrick will win the final comp and take Cody to the F2. Once he wins that last comp, he will have one commercial break to make the decision and then Vic goes to meet the other jury members on stage. Then it’s Q&A and the vote for the winner. Any ‘campaigning’ needs to be done before showtime on Wednesday night. But I think the Derrick already has his mind made up.


    I hate that, particularly last night, TVGN always seems to end (also cut to commercial) when they finally started to talk about something interesting.

    Also when oh when is Game of Thrones gonna start again. I hope they don’t lame it up.

    Also isn’t there a way they could make Naked & Afraid, more exciting. The sitting around waiting for the 21 days to be over sucks. The only challenge in that (which is a true challenge in itself)is withstanding the starvation.

  20. I just ran across Frankie’s audition for Survivor. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Or both. http://www.inquisitr.com/1485011/big-brother-16-watch-frankie-grandes-audition-tape-for-survivor/

  21. I want to thank SteveBeans for writing the updates.
    I want to thank you guys, the posters, for keeping my summer entertaining. I’m going to miss reading the comments and assessments. I learned a lot about how people think.

    I want Derrick to beat Cody. I want Donny as AFP. And I just want it to be over.. What a weird season.. the 2 HoHs, the BotB, the reset.. the dog! Just weird!

    My highlights are Christine getting booed, Donny talking about Christine walk in and his reaction when he realizes she’s really there! Classic!

    My lowlights were the bad talk about other HGs and Frankie. He should have been eliminated once they realized he was rich. I knew they were rich. I post on entertainment/celebrity gossip sites. They advertise for other cites. One post says “Celebs that were rich before they were famous”. Guess who is the “face” of the ad? Ariana Grande.

    I read that nice post by Blossom. She’s right. Ariana is 21, but she LOOKS 12. They dress her like a 35 year old streetwalker. Little kids look up to her, old men ogle her, it’s quite gross. Please don’t let Mango win AFP. If he does, it’s rigged, and he will get booed.

  22. Talk about double standards yet again – Derrick asked the producers if he could tell Victoria that she was going home and they forbidden him to do that – against the rules – what happened with Zach – they certainly told him that without any consequences happening – I guess they think it makes good TV by having Victoria drive Derrick nuts. And personally think Victoria has a mean streak in her – anyone that is constantly saying they could kill someone has an issue – even with her own sister with their physical encounter. Sorry just do not like Victoria.

    • Derrick said he was going to tell Victoria that the DR told him that he couldn’t discuss his choice because she kept bothering him about it. It actually is in the BB rule book that you aren’t supposed to tell anyone who the noms are but as you can see that rule was never enforced or obeyed.

      • Just what I was going to say. He said he would Tell her that but don’t think he actually ever went in and asked. In fact at the time I thought, “she isn’t going to buy that, you haven’t been to the DR yet.”

      • leafhopper

        Yea, BB told Derrick to “Shut it down” when he was trying to talk to talk to her about his decision. Cody referred to the relationship as the equivalent of a high school bf gf kind of thing. Derrick even said that he has been in more fights with her the last few days than he has ever been in with his wife. I think that it just speaks to her maturity levee, and probably stress level too. But I will also say that if I were to be locked in a house with the same people for that long, I am pretty sure we would have our share of arguments and I know we would be on each others nerves.

    • Frankie used to threaten violence in almost every threat he made, which I always thought was very odd and disturbing. (“If you touch that, I’ll kill you in your sleep!” and that really, really disturbing physical/sexual threat he made to Zach.)

    • I think this is the only time that BB will hold to the rule about saying who the F2 will be because it will hurt their ratings. Money trumps people’s sanity every time.

  23. Bridget

    Off The Subject for a minute. I read that Justin Beiber is asking his fans to vote for Frankie for the $25,000 America’s favorite player.That really sucks!!

    • With everything we’ve seen happen this season, nothing surprises me anymore (sadly.)

      Not sure if it will even matter at this point, but don’t forget to vote for your choice for America’s Favorite Player today and tomorrow, the last day to do so!


    • I have read many different and opposing things. Besides do you think Justin would really take the time to help out anybody?

      • leafhopper

        actually, at this point in Beiber’s failing career, Frankie probably has more fans than he does, so he is probably trying to ride either Frankie’s or his sisters coat tails. lol.

      • Fakie’s sister’s manager is also Beiber’s manager.

        And the manager is also the producer of the new CBS show Scorpion which was promoted on BB…do you see the links?

        Fakie was pimped to CBS and they bought the fame whore. And those of us who get the feeds had to sift through his vile conduct all season.

    • Good reminder to vote. I’m now following Zach on Instagram and whomever is posting for him has put up the link so he can be voted for. It’ll be interesting to see how this ends up. Zach and Donny could split enough votes that would otherwise have beat Frankie.

      • Sadly, Donny and his girlfriend aren’t into social media at all, so unless someone does something like that for him, I’m guessing a lot of missed votes for him.

  24. jimbo

    Derrick wins against Cody, unless Cody being the first to “out” the Hitmen to Caleb, and thus the Jury, makes him seem more important than it is. And, also, I get that it is nice that Derrick never got nominated, but, to me, someone like Dr. Will surviving weekly nominations by using his wit and charm is more impressive. Could Derrick have survived if the other side of the house EVER had the chance to nominate him? We will never know, especially because the double HOHs and his big alliance protected him from that possibility.

    • The other side of the house had quite a few chances to get him out but the only person that had the balls to do it was Nichole and she put up Frankie and Caleb. She’s only one person.

    • I just want to ask again to all the people that are talking smack about Derricks gameplay if you had the chance to play BB would you rather go the whole game not being nominated or would you rather be thrown up there and possibly evicted. If your honest with yourself and others on this blog why wouldn’t you rather not be nominated. Derrick played a very sound and intelligent game. He didn’t go in the house for any other reason than to win the 500,000 and take it home to his wife and child. Why would he risk that just because he might think his game might be boring to us. Really? Come on people. This game has been played already. Support those left in the house they deserve it.

      • There are many reasons I don’t like Derprick but one of the main ones was the way he would talk to the camera. We are watching the feeds, we saw what you just did and you have the nerve to talk to us and lie about it as if we were one the fratbrats in the house?!?! If he would have owned it, I could have at least respected that but he didn’t.

      • He pandered to America. Not good

  25. TVGN did it again. Keeps cutting when its interesting.
    You know its rough when Victoria is the exciting one in that house.

  26. I’m team Derrick, but I was very impressed with Cody when he revealed the hitmen alliance; I then got extremely disappointed when some of the forums said Derek told him too; Come to find out on the livefeeds when Cody told Derrick he was going to reveal but Derick was fighting it..when he saw Cody wasn’t going to let up, he said that Cody and him should tell Caleb in the good bye messages-not sure if Cody agreed to this..I rewatched Caleb’s eviction and the goodbye messages and that sneaky Derrick did not talk about him and Cody’s alliance the Hitmen in Derick’s goodbye message to caleb, it looks like he had planned on Cody taking the blame for Caleb’s eviction, and thus poisoning any votes Cody had in jury via Caleb….wow so good for Cody he just singlehandedly guaranteed his spot with Derek in F2-Cody may have just secured himself at least $50,000 and he might be the only person in the game to have one move that outsmarted Derrick

    • Again yes Cody said ( Derrick did not start this conversation ) he wanted to tell Caleb about the Hitmen alliance during the eviction. Derrick told him he didn’t think he should. Why? Of course he didn’t want Caleb to know but this conversation was a very short one with Cody pushing it so Derrick told him to do what he wanted. If Derrick was upset about this he would’ve said something to Cody about it already and he hasn’t. Cody and Derrick both have every intention ( as of right now ) of taking each other to F2. Derrick cleaned up this mess just like he always has in the goodbye message something he’s done all season long when he has been behind those that were evicted. It’s called gameplay. He did it well.

      • leafhopper

        I think it is about timing. Obviously Cody was itching to tell everyone about the Hitmen and he did, against Derrick’s advice, but Cody took the credit or the blame depending on how you want to look at it. When I think back to Cody’s speech about the Hitmen, I don’t remember the words that he said (or the details) as much as I remember the tone. I remember the “bragging” and “boasting” nature of his voice and speech, and that sits in my memory more than any of the actual words that he said….. I think it comes down to “It is not so much what you say, as how you say it…..”. Perhaps that will sit in the jury mind too when they are remembering who is responsible for making them “bitter”.

      • I agree. Thought the way Cody talked in bragging and nasty way and tone had a lot to do with it. The way he said we used you was trying to rub it in to Caleb and no reason to do that. Plus I could never figure out if they were blindsiding Caleb why do the whole hit an reveal. What good was it. Then after doing the speech at eviction why rub it in more and repeat it in goodbye message. Just to brag and rub it in to Caleb. What was purpose except to cause hurt to Caleb. Cody wanted to come down on Caleb all season but never had guts to do it to his face so does it in goodbye speech when he doesn’t have to do it like a man to his face.

      • leafhopper

        Exactly Trudy!! I couldn’t remember what he had said, but I remembered feeling that it was uncalled for after I watched the episode. I remember feeling that it was unnecessarily nasty and something that Caleb (or really any of the other jurors) did not need to hear. It left me with a feeling that he was being vindictive not just informative. And truly, as blindsided as Caleb was, I wonder how much of the actual words he remembers as well, or if he just remembers the feeling he had after watching the message (like me). He said to Julie that he was most disappointed in Derrick BEFORE he saw the goodbye messages. I wonder how much his feelings have changed now that he has had time to think about it.?.?.

  27. Don’t forget to vote early tomorrow for AFP. Last day to vote and it ends at 10:00 AM!!!

  28. Boy I tell you what Victoria is getting down right ugly in the BB house. She’s giving Derrick hell because she’s knows he’s not going to take her. . She alternates between hollering at Derrick and telling him he’s going to win. He just needs to tell her and get it over with. She will have forgiven him by Wednesday if he would just tell her. I think he’s making a mistake not telling her now. The only reason I can figure is he wants to wait until the last part of the hoh. Just in case he doesn’t win the final he can blame it on Cody if Cody takes Derrick like it sounds he will. She’s fighting with Cody too and he’s kinda egging her on. He needs to leave her alone. She is acting like a spoiled little brat. She didn’t win anything on her own she needs to knock off the princess act. She’s going to drive Derrick away from wanting to remain her friend. Yes I understand her feelings are hurt but that’s no reason to behave the way she is. Get over it Victoria.

    • Victoria at 22 is extemely immature. She’s also been very sheltered and spoiled. She needs to grow up and get rid of her “princess’ dreaming. If she doesn’t it’s going to be a rough ride for her in relationships.

      • Yes Abbey I’ve said the same thing about Victoria. Her parents didn’t do her any favors by keeping her that sheltered either.

      • I just wonder how her parents feel about her sleeping in beds with all these men… and these trashy outfits she wears for every eviction. Stillettos and short skirts, skintight strapless dresses that she has to keep tugging at to keep them where they are supposed to be… She dresses like a whore. Wish someone would help her learn to dress like a lady. note: I do NOT think she actually is a whore. Would never call her that. I just find her dress-up clothes tacky.

    • After one of her rants last night, Derrick told her that it is against the rule to say who he would take and that he could be kicked out. She understood and backed off. IMO Victoria is becoming very unstable. The guys should hide all sharp objects.

      • Why would they start enforcing rules now? Plus it sounds like production is telling Vic she should be upset with Derrick because he gave her impression he would take her to end. ( which he did)

    • Rita

      I think at first she was hurt but Victoria has bragged and is very proud about her ability to convince people to do what she wants. She has talked about getting super low discounts on things by being annoying until they give in.

    • I’m sure it’s torture for her to have to be there until Wednesday. (And thank you for the updates. I apparently haven’t missed anything by being away from the feeds.)

      • Jannie

        I hope Victoria annoys the hell out of them for the next three days.
        They deserve it for dragging her to the final three and using her all season.

        Derrick and Victoria having a “friendship” after the show is over?? Not a snowballs’s chance in hell. I think Derrick did see her as immature and vulnerable. He did protect her throughout the game. But once he gets back into his “real” life, Victoria and Cody will be memories. He’s on a whole different life track (married with a child) than they are.

      • Agree that she should make their last days miserable.

      • But she’s making my last days miserable too. Lol

      • leafhopper

        Holy Cow!!!! I don’t think I can take 3 more days of her whining and constant need of affirmation!!! Derrick has put up with it all summer, Cody may snap, or at least his eyes may get stuck in the back of his head from all the eye rolls he has been doing.

      • Derrick brought it on himself. He created the monster.

      • I agree also. Small price to pay for Derrick. I guess he thought she would go out without making a fuss.

      • No he just thought she might try acting like an adult after her stomping her feet because she didn’t get what she wanted. He never promised her F2. She was annoying as all get outs last night on BBAD.

      • Victoria is also mad because she and Derrick didn’t have a ‘name’ for what she considers an alliance. Her parents may refuse to let her watch the video when she gets home. I’m sure she will be mortified about some of the things said about her in HG DR sessions. She will be horribly hurt if she watches the rape talk and sees how Derrick acted.

      • She hasn’t acted like an adult all summer so suddenly she’s all grown-up. He’s known for weeks she’s delusional and has a crush on him.

      • leafhopper

        the “I love you’s” are getting out out of hand.

      • He told her they would go all the way together. He talked about on of them would get at least the $50,000. So he did tell her that straight out few times and inferred may many times

  29. Hey Stevebeans. Did you ever name your Walking Dead Blog? You know I’ll be following you… Blogging Dead 😉

    For Franko, Willie and everyone else, I really hope you all will follow it too. I’d hate to loose touch once BB is over this year. Sorry for being MIA, I’ve been pretty sick, working and my Dad’s not doing great, so it’s been hard to have time to write, but I’ve gotten on to read when I get the chance.

  30. I can see it now Derrick & Cody having a convo, Derrick says Man I promise to throw you the final comp if you promise to take me over Vic. Cody tells Derrick in angry voice “what do you mean you would throw it! What if Vic wins? Then in Dr Will & Mike Boogie style they start hilariously laughing into the camera!lol

  31. Don’t forget that the vote for America’s player ends tomorrow (sept. 22) at 9:59 AM PT!! 6:59AM ET

  32. It takes a certain type of A-hole to participate in these shows. I dunno why I keep expecting otherwise.
    Tho I hate the beard, I liked Donny. He was a nice guy, but to even think he could compete he would have had have the trait. The fact that he didn’t mostly get to use it is awesome. It would have been interesting to see what he’d be doing to get into the F2.

    I almost do wish Cody wins HOH 3 and he picks Victoria.

    After reading “Jokers Update” I now know for sure what I already thought I knew.
    Cody is an A-hole.(Take not ladies (with brains) And Derrick is a just user-er plain and simple dirt bag.

    Victoria knows she not gonna go to F2. Derrick has no reason to interact with her after the show. So I hope she gets in all her “licks” and annoy the hell out of them.
    I’d love to see if Cody yells at her for whatever reason, and a argument starts, if Derrick would pile on. He seems he would.
    Suddenly Cody is his confidant?

    Derrick and Cody think she is so stupid, they are making jokes like that to her face. Derrick – “..will SHE see me (under the table)” Cody – “…VICTORIA, YOU CAN”T DO NOTHING.!!!! (LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH)”.

    Who is feeding Cody the Cop conversation, or really did he just stumble into it. Really BB16 Producers, no more attempts to insert drama at this point. The viewers are over it. They just want to get to the end.

    • Just curious. Do you just read sites’ recap of the feeds or do you ever actually watch anything for yourself? Not being snarky, I am just really curious.

    • Derrick hid under the table because she being a brat. To him and Cody but Cody just screams back at her. She’s being extremely ( thank you Ann for the word. ) snarky. Talking to cameras making snide little remarks because Derrick won’t take her to final 2. Honestly if he even thought about taking her before he won’t now and I don’t blame him. Only I wouldn’t be near as nice as he’s being. Okay she’s upset, we get it now shut up. Not you, her.

      • Rita

        I agree. Vicky has been horrible to watch. She was so concerned about looking stupid and yet she keeps doing things to make herself look stupid.
        At the same time we all know production pushes people who know they are going home to campaign. So I’m sure that’s not helping Derrick and Cody right now. And Vicky was following Derrick around all season so she has really got to be on his nerves now.

        The best thing Derrick did (but he could have pressed a little more) was ask Victoria why she should be in the F2. The 2 boys should sit her down and have a mock F2 speech and see what she has to say maybe she can convince herself she didn’t do anything to earn a final 2 spot over either one of them.

      • No she’s just as delusional as Frankie and Caleb. That wouldn’t help.

      • If Derrick asked Vic that she could tell him because you told me you were taking me all the way and she would be telling the truth. That’s why Derrick getting upset now because instead of just listening to him and shutting up like she’s been doing all summer she’s now telling him over and over what he told her all summer in stick with me and do what I say and we’re going all the way. I hopes she makes his life miserable until the end.. She’s telling him truth. Telling them both they are stupid not to take her because they would both beat her ( and they would). What does she have to lose? Give um hell Vic!!

  33. Exchange I caught late last night:
    Derrick: you aren’t going to bed until I come in there, are you?
    Victoria: you knooowww I can’t go to sleep by myself!
    This right here is why Derrick deserves #1, Cody #2 and Victoria, zilch. As Nicole said, “It’s Big Brother, not Big Baby.”

  34. Victoria is driving ME crazy with her incessant whining and crying. No idea how Derrick and Cody are standing it.

  35. Guess I must have worn out my welcome.

  36. Victoria has some serious mental issues, no one in control of their actions act the way she is. Can’t help but think her customers and future customers will be looking for another photographer. Wonder what her family and friends think of her behavior. She obviously doesn’t think the word no applies to her.

    • Rita

      I’m watching the feeds and it’s irritating me watching Vic continue to beg Derrick to take her to final 2 when he hasn’t even won yet.

      I want him to just say, “Fine, I’m taking you” and then blindside her Wednesday.

  37. danmtruth

    Hate to pile on but Victoria whole game has been whining . Another person who got a pass from production. Let’s face it for the first 3 weeks who even know she was in the game. Than for anyone to claim she was on the block and fought her way thru Were not watching the show. Every time she was put up there was a bigger target .She is so delusional !! Yes her true self is coming out in how she is treating Derrick

  38. So the DR did tell Derrick he wasn’t allowed to tell Victoria he’s not taking her. I’m sure this is BBs way of trying to keep the game interesting but I’ve had it with their interference. Why this rule now. Yes it’s been a rule for years but you can’t just pull it out of your rear end because it’s convenient BB. All season people have been telling people their not staying but now that it’s final 2 you want to interfere again. Your growing mighty tiresome on my nerves BB.

    • danmtruth

      Yet they told Frankie . So yes once more the rules only are enforced when production felt it help in the story telling

      • I honestly think BBs doing it because they don’t want everyone knowing that Derricks not taking her. Well jeez BB we already know. How stupid of them. Matter of fact wasn’t there stuff going around when Zach was on the block about this rule of theirs? Zach supposedly had the rule book out looking at this very rule because he thought he could use it to stay in the house, because Frankie had told him he was going home? Does anyone else remember that?

      • Yes because that’s first time I knew there was a rule. And zach was reading rule book. Also I think that dr telling Vic to bother others about taking her. Other day when she was telling Derrick he had told her they were going to very end together she said something about dr telling her she should be asking him about that because he has told her that so many times.

    • Perfect example was Derrick telling Frankie he was going home – even showed it on TV, remember? Frankie even asked Derrick if there was anything he could do to change that outcome, and Derrick came right out and said no. Why was that allowed, but not for telling Victoria the same thing?

      • That’s why I got ticked when they blindsided Caleb because they liked him much better than frankie. Plus Cody and Derrick on recaps kept saying they would not be doing right by Caleb not to tell him before. Then they blindsided him.

    • If Derrick confirmed for Victoria that he was not going to take her, she would self-evict before Wednesday night. LOL

  39. Read that production said Derricks not allowed to tell her on another blog. If anyone knows if this is true please put it on here. I’m mad as all get outs if BB interfered again.

  40. danmtruth

    I was one of the people who say put the breaks on calling Derrick the greatest to have ever played. For this group ofHouse guest he was perfect. He did a great job of manipulating people into targeting others. Thinking that it was there idea. Never realizing it was Derrick moving them to do it. Keeping Victoria as long as he did as a fall back in case Cody got bounced.The only problem was the night of the taking ALL of Victoria virginity’s .Derrick mention Victorias dad not going to feel comfortable hearing this talk. Yet he nervously laugh with everyone else in the room . Again remember this conversation was BEFORE anyone had anything to drink. As Victorias friend more importantly as a father himself! He should have said some thing Game ply or not
    If you can get by that as everyone in the room seemed to do . Along with all of production . So I can see how Derrick cannot be held to a higher standard . Derrick never drank while in the house always keeping his eyes on the prize What will be interesting is how all the house guest will feel after hearing his full story

    • I don’t think it’s ever someone’s job to police someone else. Derrick told him that Victorias father was not going to be happy. If anyone had made a move to do what Frankie said Derrick would’ve been the first to say no. Production would’ve stepped in. I’ve known some people who laugh a little under stressful situations maybe derricks one of them. Frankie has to take full responsibly for what he said.

      • Sandra ftsm — I totally agree with you. Frankie made the comment and Caleb with his follow-up comments were wrong on so many levels. Christine as woman starting that whole conversation was just a wrong as Frankie. Christine is a woman with no class or awareness of who she really is and Frankie is just a classless human being who embarrasses the LGBT community every time he opens his mouth. I contend that he used Joey wanting an all female alliance to get her voted out as a cover so that he would be the only representative of the LGBT community in the BB House. Joey was one of his targets from the beginning.

      • Yep I didn’t care for Frankie from the jump. His overly dramatic personality grated on my last nerve. He had to have the spot light on him all the time. Very needy. His comment about Victoria was just the last straw. I talked about this a couple of weeks ago. He definitely didn’t do the LGBT community any service. What disturbs me even more is he will never change his personality because there’s always going to be someone around him because of his money and over the top personality so he will stay this ugly person forever and think it’s okay.

      • Rita

        Every year someone says or does something in the house that is completely wrong and many levels. It used to bother me when the other HGs didn’t do something to stop it but I realize I’m not in the house. More often than not the explanation is “I didn’t want to say something and ruin my game”. It’s easy for us watching to say what we would do and most would really do it in the real world. But this is not the real world, it’s the BB house.
        I don’t hold a grudge against people for NOT policing others but I do hold a grudge against the ones with the bad behavior, especially if it’s repetitive bad behavior.

    • Another problem with Derrick is when he tried to make it look like he really tried to save Donny in his DR sessions. We know he didn’t.

      • He did try to save Donny at first but when Donny wouldn’t say that he wasn’t targeting Derrick he took him out. While I’m a huge Donny fan and respect him for standing his ground at the time I was screaming at the tv saying Lie Donny Lie!!! Lol

      • Rita

        Donny did lie. He told Cody they should team up and get Derrick out of the house. Cody told Derrick. Derrick asked Donny if he said it and he said he did not. He lied. That’s when Derrick knew Donny was after him and therefore he could not save him.

      • danmtruth

        Agree Derrick had no intention of trying to save Donny That whole lets put on a Frankie show was a joke. It gave him an excuse that I tried but was over ruled by Frankie Since when does something happen without Derricks approval. Derrick conversation with Donny proved nothing Derrick had targeted Donny for eviction . Derrick knew he could not control Donny . He was worried that Donny might turn other house against him

      • Yes and Derrick still would not have save DONNY even if Donny had told Derrick he wasn’t his target. He could not have trusted that Donny wasn’t lying. I think Donny was only one that actually scared Derrick. He though Donny could mess up his whole game. Plus I think if Derrick had proved he was going to be loyal to Donny because of TA, Donny would have been loyal to Derrick and TA. But Donny found out pretty quickly that Derrick wasn’t honest with him about that he was not fooled by the bull Derrick was telling him. It scared Derrick that Donny was not falling in line with with all the bull he was telling him that the others were falling for. Donny knew Derrick was full of lies.

    • Derrick laughed as much as everyone. And was laughing when he said that. One of them should have said we shouldn’t be talking about this. They were all laughing Caleb did say something at the end but can’t remember now what it was..but he was the one that said blood would be everywhere. Caleb stopped laughing before the others and has serious non smiling look on his face and then he said whatever it was he said. But nobody paid attention to him. Believe that was when frankie was doing his long hunching act.

  41. Two more nights left of TVGN. But all I saw was Victoria whining because she wants to go to final two
    It’s too late here, 2:12 a.m. Good night!

    • Good thing I went to sleep then huh?

      • Sandra you didn’t miss anything good. The thing is that when people campaign they go privately and talk to each person separately, but Victoria was just whining and complaining to both of them that they should take her. Cody told her “Why would I cross him?” In front of Derrick. She didn’t have an answer for that. What I don’t understand is why BB doesn’t let him tell Victoria that he is not going to take her to final 2 if he gets to pick. He basically has told her, but not firmly, because they won’t let him. I don’t like it when BB selectively enforces the rules. Zach and Mango knew they were leaving because they were told.

      • Everyone just about knew. It makes me mad that their all of a sudden going to start enforcing this rule. Either enforce all the rules all the time or throw the damn book out the window. Which is what they did for 97percent of the time.

  42. tried again to vote for Donny… only got to vote 10 times

    • When I voted last time right after mn last night I have 60 votes in my family. Have not missed a day of voting for DONNY. Last votes only let me vote 15 times on two of my emals. So Donny missed out on 10 votes. Ticked me off. I’ve counted each time to make sure. This was only time this happened.

  43. Got my last Favorite Player votes in.

  44. Got my last votes in for AFP. Fear The Beard!!! There’s still time for some of you to vote.

  45. danmtruth

    Got my 20 in every day .
    Did watch that video of Frankie’s Survivor audition . What an ego driven pile of crap. Can he name drop a few more times ?

    • forum.realityfanforum.com
      List of rules for BB. I don’t know what the ‘fine’ is, but some of them should owe BIG time. Christine for using sign language, most of them for not responding to being called to DR or talking back when called, LOTS of rule breaking!

  46. Got my final 20 votes for Donny in this morning. I’m on vacation and had to make sure I got my votes in everyday. I want to see Donny win AFP. Maybe Julie will say something like ‘the AFP in a overwhelming majority was (pause) not you Frankie, but DONNY. I know that was mean but I really don’t like Frankie.

  47. Has anyone ever called out Cody on his nose/snot snorting noise? He does it at least once ever 5 minutes.

  48. I have a question for anyone. I cannot remember when during the summer I heard this on the feeds but I remember a convo between Christine and several others about her tattoos. About how she and Tim are so poor. HGs asked her how they got so many tattoos and she made the comment that she would “trade” for them. She said very clearly that since she works for Starbucks, friends would come in and that she would give them freebies in exchange for tattoo work. Does any one remember that? I cannot find it in the feeds–too many boring days to go through. Just wondering if she will suffer the same fate as Spencer (job wise) for opening her big mouth on tv. Might be just desserts for such a “sweetheart”….NOT. Boy, am I glad she is gone. Just asking. Steve..do you remember?

    • I think that conversation was on BBAD too because I remember it also. There were probably 9 or. 10 people left. I wondered if anyone from her work was listening too. However she stated before that happened that she had to quit her job and lost all her stock in Star Bucks. So they probably just wouldn’t not hire her back.

  49. Ok, been fun reading others views on the antics of BB16. Suggestion for 17, no one under 35, no celebrities or wanna be’s. A more diverse group of people, or all type A personalities, with a backbone. No interference from production, and everyone treated equally. Wishing everyone good health, happiness and safety. Take care and God Bless.

  50. Frankie’s mom and sister, Ariana, tweeted for people to vote for Zach for America’s Favorite Player because Frankie and Donny had won money with team America. Ariana posted this about 12 hours ago, it’s kind of late for that endorsement since the voting ended this morning.
    I like Zach, but I also like Donny and I think he deserves the money. All my votes were for Donny.

    • Rita

      Yes, they did that the day before the voting closed. After tweeting for votes for Frankie.

      My guess is they may have realized they were begging for money for the brother of a “famous” singer and taking it away from real people. Too bad they waited there was less than 24 hours left to vote.

      Now they will take credit for Donny or Zach winning. SMH.

    • About America’s Favorite Player votes, I was thinking that if CBS/BB follows social media at all, they have to know that Frankie is in the bottom of almost every poll taken about the AFP so they’d have a lot of explaining to do if he all of a sudden ended up winning that award/money – it would be obvious that most of those votes came from Frankie and his sister’s fans (and Justin Beibers?? LOL) – not necessarily BB fans.

      Frankie’s mom and sister trying to get people to vote for Zach now, after voting for AFP has closed, just shows how much they even know about the award they’re trying to get people to vote for, lol.

      Donny for America’s Favorite Player!!

  51. At what point in the finale is the Team America revealed? Before or After the winner is announced?

  52. Does anyone know of a blog like this for Utopia where it’s easy to make comments? I haven’t found anything like this.
    Steve you have done such a good job with BB, maybe you’d like to do a Utopia blog? 🙂 Maybe you could write 3 or 4 times a week and when the comments get to be too many you can just open a thread for us to write comments without you having to write anything.

  53. danmtruth

    The question is finding 30 – 40 year olds who can talk 3 months off. I’m sure they are out their. I like a nice diverse group . Go back to the house guest needing to work for food for the week. Real have and have not separation. One thing I thought of money for winning HoH ,being put on the block, wining POV. Later in the season let players bid on things like . See any 4 house guest audition tapes. A 10 min call from home. Hearing House guest DR confessions Things like that can flip the house In recap you get your usual stipend . You can win money you can spend in the house Win HoH win 500$ be put on the block get 325$ Win POV get 150$ Than people on block could bid on POV and the winner could decide if they want to keep it or sell it
    Any other ideas on how to spice things up?

    • If they started the season earlier they could get a group of teachers…they have summers off. …maybe they could do a earn $ for their schools everyone would have a charity.. and no one would be famous.

    • I like that you’re putting in effort because BB is getting stale but all those ideas sound waay too gimmicky. Big Brother was at its best when it was just completely barebones with as few stupid twists as possible. I’m talking season 2, 3, 7 and 10. The best 4 seasons (in my opinion of course. Some people like S6). Other than season 7 which was all-stars (not really a twist), none of those seasons had a twist and they were excellent.

  54. According to the CBS site activity tracker …Fakie gained 29 pounds …Brittany had the best single day …soccer punishment day… hopefully she will get that reward she was hoping for.

    Waiting for the finale… hoping Derrick takes the big prize

  55. I swear if Victora gets brought to the final 2 I’m going to be one pissed off lady…
    That fake ass ugly big nose bitch DOESNT EVEN DESERVE 50.000 For not even playing the damn game.. And she really believes she is final 3 cause she’s good!! Haha joke is on you dumbass.

    • Just to clarify, this post is not from me. I’m not a fan of Victoria either but wouldn’t call her all those names. I happen to think she’s cute, but naive, and a little catty but probably being coached in the DR sessions to be rude about the other HG’s.

  56. Had a question? I read somewhere about what if Donny and or Frankie blew the whistle on Team America? Does anyone think the jury votes will be swayed then? I really want to see a Derrick vs Cody showdown-but you never can get a good read on Derrick..easy win take Victoria or somewhat tougher win with Cody especially with the reveal of the hitmen alliance…but if you throw in team america-I’m wondering if the juror’s will change their votes? I still think it will be close

    Caleb will vote Cody

    Frankie I don’t think will vote for Derrick

    Christine will vote Cody
    Vic will vote Derrick (maybe) she might vote Cody just because she is pissed at Derrick..Derrick the past few days has been trying to let her down gently-instead of the complete blindside like I think he initially was gunning for.

    Donny and Jocasta-Cody

    Nicole and Hayden Derrick

    Zach, not sure

    Going to be close for sure…can’t wait for the finale

    • It shouldn’t matter though. They should be voting for who played the best game, not how much money anyone won during the course of the game.

      • I agree, dcrunnergal – and I actually think that those who ended up in the jury house due to Derrick’s gameplay may not necessarily hold that against him when voting for the winner of BB. I think many will put their personal feelings aside, and look at it as him being a good game player (especially to have pulled off what he did with each of them.)

      • They always do. Usually people in the jury don’t hold grudges. It shouldn’t matter if someone has won money or not but if it did Cody is the only left in the house who hasn’t won money anyway. Go Derrick.

    • It shouldn’t be close, if you played the bb game. It’s Derrick hand’s down. He had the best gameplay and he played the BB game 24/7 without making any enemies or being nominated. If juror vote otherwise, they’re not true BB players. It’s a game and the best player should win.
      If not, then BB will lose many many viewers in the future. Don’t CBS would like that.

  57. danmtruth

    It will hurt Derrick the most.jury members will be thinking about all the money Derrick,Donny,and Frankie won/have. Once more the house will be shown how they all got played.Zach was effected twice . Once when people thought he was related to Gina Than with the people having there things taken. Than again Zach add to the confusion enjoying he attention

    • Unless someone the jury asks them about TA, I don’t think Julie will say anything until after the vote. Same thing about Derrick being a cop. Someone will have to ask the question because Derrick is not going to volunteer that information before the vote. Keeping that a secret is a big part of Derrick’s game.

      • No he won’t and I’ve stated before that if anyone who was in Team America tells before the end of the game they lose their money. Not going to happen. I don’t understand why people speculate about something that clearly won’t happen like Victoria winning part three and taking Derrick or Cody. It’s not possible because she’s not playing the last part. Come on people read the blog.

  58. Goodmorning everyone. Well in a day and a half BB will be over. I’m going to miss you all. I didn’t find this site until late late in the season but I really love it here. Everywhere else they make it so hard for you to make a comment. Y’all have been a god send for me. Keeps me from being so bored during the day. With my daughter like she is I’m pinned down to my house just about all the time, so I very seldom get to talk to anyone else. I love BB and the strategy that goes on in the game helps keep my mind sharp. I’m looking forward to survivor and amazing race. Wish you would do a blog about one of those SteveBeans !! That would be great. About game: Victoria has a Jewish holiday today so she will be praying all day and she can’t talk to Derrick or Cody. Derrick and those of us who watch BBAD get a break from her incessant whining. Yay!!!

  59. I feel the same way you do, Sandra. I also didn’t find this blog until at least mid-season, and am going to miss checking in everyday to see what everyone has to say about the latest “goings on” with Big Brother.

    The BB fan sites on Twitter are great for finding the latest news about what’s happening inside the BB house (especially for folk, like myself, who didn’t have the Live Feed or anything like that,) but there’s no “community” to speak of on any of those sites (that I could tell) like there is here.

    I enjoy watching Survivor and Amazing Race, as well. I know there has to be a ton of blogs and websites like this one covering both of those, but it would be nice to be able to do that with folk we’ve already come to know here on the Big Brother Junkies blog.

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