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Adam Addresses His Critics

September 1, 2011 | 3 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

So last night Adam was sitting around alone outside, when he decided to have this long confessional to camera.   Just to be clear, Adam didn’t sneak in a laptop and check my blog last night, did he?  I mean some of the things he said made me wonder if production told him about it, but then he goes on to mention how people probably love Shelly and hate him and realize he has no clue what’s going on outside of the house.


Adam has been such a professional ass-kisser the entire game, he was even doing it to people who are no longer in the house and can’t even see what he’s saying right now.  Granted he is probably assuming bloggers with no life  like myself will recap his incredible ass-kissing session…. and  he’s right.

On Daniele

This was a confusing one.  He thanks for her trying to play the game too early which eventually broke up his partnership with Dominic, but he doesn’t trust her and felt she played the game full throttle the entire way.   He is right on that, Daniele clearly played far too hard far too soon so she can get out of Dick’s shadow.   I appreciate her efforts as someone who would rather blog about that than the house sitting around talking about dogs, but she was definitely far too aggressive this season.

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On Jordan

He is feeling a lot of regret for turning his back on her this season, however he still feels she has done little to get where she is this season and expects people to vote for him if he’s in the final two with her.   He’s right about her not doing anything, but he’s done even less at this point.  Sure, if he’s sitting in the final 2 with her, it’ll likely be because he finally won something to get him there, but does that mean he’ll deserve it?  It’s hard to say, but right now, if those two were in the finals, it would be hard not to think Jordan deserves it more simply because she was loyal to her alliance and rode it the entire way through, unlike Adam who has floated.    Based on the talk of the vets, they are not a fan of floaters, so it will be interesting to see what happens if he gets there.

On Rachel

According to Adam, the way Rachel acts with Brendon is just because they’re in love and he hopes us at home can feel the love for someone that she feels for Brendon.  Thanks for the tip, bro, but a lot of people feel that type of love, they just don’t have to act like they’re pre-teens in “love” to show it.   I’d like to say Jordan feels equally as strong about Jeff, but the maturity level varies from couple to couple.     I’m happy Rachel is in love, as I’m sure many are, we just don’t like being reminded about it every 2 seconds.. that gets annoying.

As far as her being a competitor, you’re right there.   Inside Rachel is a lot of passion and she expresses it no matter what she does.  Whether she’s in love or holding on to a banana, she’s going to give it her all.  I admire you for saying you’d like to go head to head with her in the end, but be careful what you wish for there.   Right now I think Rachel is everything the jury is looking for in a winner, and she’s going to be very dangerous regardless who she’s sitting next to in the end.


On Competitions and Strategy

Adam says he hasn’t thrown any competitions this season except the bubble gum one where he couldn’t win that even if he were trying, but I find that hard to believe.   On the robot one alone, I seem to remember him saying that he wasn’t trying hard because he didn’t want to win, and isn’t that throwing it?

He admits to being a floater, and while he doesn’t say that was his strategy coming in, he has said it has worked for him so far and he’s right.  He’s going to be in the final 5, and has done that by riding the backs of the vets then masterfully floating back to the newbies while not pissing off Rachel and Jordan, then floating back to them when they got power.   While floating is looked upon negatively by the vets, and yea it’s a pretty risky strategy, the fact is that it is a strategy that can work if executed properly.   Right now, he’s doing it well while Shelly isn’t.  She’s going to be going to the jury tonight while he’s going to live another day.

Does this mean his peers will look at it the same way? I think it really depends on the argument he gives, and who he’s sitting next to.   Adam does have a chance to win it all if he can win at least one competition down the stretch and then perfect a speech that will convince the jury that he has been great at staying under the radar and then winning when he needed to.   It’s a long shot right now, but it can happen.

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