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Afternoon Updates 8/16

Sick from Advil or sick from the game?
Sick from Advil or sick from the game?

Good afternoon! First, I just want to talk about how hilarious Paul’s secret service punishment has been. When that red alert goes off, the live feeders are in for a treat! Last night for example, James hid under the mattress in the Tokyo room and kept asking production to call a red alert. Finally, his pleas resulted in one, and the other houseguests told Paul to go find James before he hid again. So Paul goes running into the London room, pats down the bed, and finds a melon with a hat on it and realizes that James made a decoy of himself. He and Natalie then started laughing hysterically. He found James without much of a challenge after that. But then, he goes back to the kitchen to pat down the others, and Paulie had stripped and was standing there naked (he covered the front at least) to try to make Paul uncomfortable when he patted him down. Flashback to 5:30 am to watch the whole thing. Absolutely hilarious.


After that, however, Natalie became violently ill from the Advil she was given in the DR for her neck pain. She was throwing up while James sat by her side and comforted her. As of a little bit ago, she was still feeling sick, so James was giving her a pep talk to not give up in the safari room. Other than that, most were just getting ready or cooking, while Victor played with his HOH camera and took pictures of Paul’s pelican among other things.

Also, I just want to thank everyone for being so welcoming to both myself and Pamela! Seeing your kind comments really helps us get through the long hours of blogging.. So thank you all for that!


  • 1:03 pm – Outdoor lockdown called. Houseguests are told to head to the backyard and shut the door. Victor said for about 45 mins
    • Natalie’s still showering though
    • James thinks the lockdown is to change out tables in the kitchen
    • Nat goes outside but then gets yelled at to put on her microphone, which she left inside
    • These will probably be our feeds for the next 45 mins
      These will be our feeds for the next 45 mins….
    • Michelle and Victor are dueling with the floatie logs in the pool
    • Lockdown over.. They got the new smaller table
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.11.28 PM
    • Now we have an indoor lockdown
    • Red alert called! Paul was sleeping too haha
    • Victor put white powder on his nose and is lining it up on the counter to imitate crack for when Paul comes to check him
    • Looks like he lost James again
  • 2:24pm – James was hiding behind the trash can in the storage room
    • Victor – “Hook Paul up with a nerf gun.” please production lol
    • Paul goes into the have not room to tell Michelle that Corey and Nicole are whispering. He says “What more is there to whisper about?”
    • “It ain’t easy being Agent Friendship.” I’m really going to miss this punishment
    • Victor and James are cooking, Nat is in the DR (V and J think she might be getting a muscle relaxer), Nicole and Corey are cuddling
    • James – “When you get to the end of the season, there aren’t very many backdoors.”
    • Corey and Nicole are whispering again.. Sounded like they were talking about how Paulie is campaigning and he talked to Nat and James. Maybe the plan to rattle their cage is working if it’s still underway
    • James and Vic talking about burn victims while Nicole and Corey are trying different cuddle positions.. barf
  • 3:18pm – Pretty much everyone is napping or getting ready to nap, while Paulie is in the DR and Victor eats in the kitchen (is it just me or is Victor always either eating or cooking?)
    • Victor cleaning the kitchen again and putting dishes away
    • The house is dead. I’ll be back when people wake up!
  • 5:30pm – Paulie and Victor are talking about sports in the living room
  • 6:35pm – Pie time for Paulie
    • I went back in the feeds a bit to see if anything interesting happened.. Victor had a chat with the live feeders, and said he doesn’t want Paulie to have the RT ticket and that he wants to go for his 9th win. Other than that, James tried to make a pie and Big Brother yelled at him
    • Now, Victor and Paul are talking in the HOH room while Corey is cooking something and James is just sitting in the kitchen
    • Paulie thinks he’s going to be making a lot of pies tonight because the basket is filled with supplies
    • Great. Paulie is only wearing the apron while he makes the pie. He took his pants off and the camera zoomed in on the butt (I hope he doesn’t touch himself while making that pie)
    • James asks Big Brother to red alert Paul right now
    • Paulie the streaker
    • “Want some pie Meech?” “Not that pie!!”
    • Red alert called lol
    • Naked Paulie is running away from Paul
    • Paulie has put pants back on
    • Paul – “Do you want me to make muffins since Bridgette is dead?”
  • 7:10pm – Everyone is up and in the kitchen now except for Natalie.
    • Paulie talks to James in the Tokyo room, and says that he doesn’t think anyone is coming after Natalie.
    • He says he’s going to ask for sympathy votes and then if he ends up staying, he can say he doesn’t know what happened
    • Paulie – “Use me as a weapon while you can.”
    • James – “I’ll see if I can talk to Natalie and get a good read on her.”
    • Paulie – “Natalie doesn’t have a target because no one is going after her.”
    • Paulie says that both Paul and Victor together are dangerous and tells James to use Paulie as a weapon to take them out
    • James says he’ll put some “real strategic thought” into it
    • Paulie says he’ll keep himself open as a target if he stays, gives James his word (lol)
  • 7:36pm – Puppet show time with Corey’s eagle. Victor is hilarious with this
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.35.17 PM
    • Natalie is finally up.. She looks like a zombie
    • Friendship time in the safari room with Victor, Paul, and Michelle
    • Nicole is complaining to Corey in the kitchen.. “I hate it when people come at me.. it makes me like.. annoyed.”
    • Paulie’s pie just got done (1st one today) and friendship time is talking about male haircuts and how to trim beards.
    • Victor says he gets mani/pedis once a month and that his sister plucks his eyebrows
    • Nicole is now complaining to Paulie about how people are talking about videos from home (I’m not sure why it’s bothering her??)
    • James tells Natalie that they’re “more flippable” than Paul and Victor. I think he thinks him and Nat are safe if Nicole or Corey wins HOH
    • Natalie says she wants to be the one to send Corey home
    • James says he’s gonna go tell Corey that Paulie is campaigning against him to make him sweat
    • Natalie says she’s a social threat because Nicole and Corey “know what she did”
  • 8:20pm – In the Tokyo room: Nicole – “Do you feel confident that you’re staying?” Corey – “For the most part.”
    • Meanwhile, in the London room: Natalie is saying that Paul wants to get Michelle out before he gets those two out and that she thinks they have a solid final 4 with Paul and Victor
    • Paulie, Nat, James, Nicole, and Corey are all hanging out in the London room (Nicole didn’t want to), while friendship time is finally back on another cam
    • Natalie called to DR, maybe to be looked at again
    • Just random talk is going on right now with the 2 groups, so I’m gonna wrap up this thread. Make sure you check back for the overnight recap in the morning!

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  1. AIO_7

    I was just wondering if Aunt Grandma wrote to Paulie during his HOH.

    • caRyn

      Derrick’s grandfather really did pass on his season. If Paulie is making this up I can’t see that Derrick is that happy about this game play.

      • Avatar
        Ashley (2 comments)

        I thought it was Frankie’s grandfather that passed away? Because didn’t Derrick throw an HOH to him after he found out? Either way, Paulie using his dying Aunt is a sickening thing.

      • Caryn
        Caryn (2995 comments)

        Frankie and Derrick’s grandfather passed away near the same time.

      • Mel

        Both of their grandfather’s passed away ( in the same week I think.)

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1340 comments)

        Yeah, Frankie knew his grandfather was dying when he went into the house, so it wasn’t a shock when it happened, but he made a HUGE deal of it and got tons of sympathy and special treatment from CBS. Then Derrick’s grandfather died right after, I think very unexpectedly. Weird.

  2. Mel

    I loved when vic pointed that if ” he wanted the money for his aunt then why did he want to give up the jury money?” When he changed it up and told Nat that his aunt would probably be dead before he got home so they should keep him and let him play in her honor, I almost hit the floor!

    • Jannie

      Omg…this guy is a complete tool.
      Let’s just say that everything he says about his “aunt/grandma” is true. He still has absolutely NO business discussing her health matters on national tv.
      Nicory is one of the big reasons I can’t stand the show this season. Her whining and all the “isn’t he just the cuuuutest” is gross. I am embarrassed for her and her sickening behavior. We all know that he won’t give her the time of day when this game is over. He’ll be making plans to move to NJ to be with his real crush…Paulie.
      Ugh, I hope Corey goes next and Nicole self evicts right behind him so she can stalk him in the jury house.

  3. Mel

    Small table has arrived

    • Avatar

      Ingodog. There is nothing about Corey that suggest he is gay these people just have nasty and mean minds. Nicole does not think she has serious relationship with Corey. She’s said over and over that they just felt close from the beginning and they both think the other is very cute. They genuinely like one another. Nicole has not even kissed him!! They have both said that at different times. But when these people don’t like you they want you to be absolutely miserable. They want your life ruined!! They say nasty things about you. They look for anything that might prove their point that they are evil person. It could be a smile they say is smirk, it could be someone telling someone else they don’t like them, or them saying they hope they don’t get the care package. I really wonder if in the real world their relationships with others is like this. They call people rats and snakes behind their backs, call them gay if they have friendship of same sex. Call them stupid or low IQ just because they don’t talk much. I don’t know people like this in my life thank goodness. They are so judgemental and know so much more than anyone else.

      • Mel

        Don’t kiss?
        They have full out make out sessions!
        I’m not insinuating the are getting down like Paulina and Max Z but they most definitely make out. One of the reasons Nicole doesn’t like Nat is because it got back to Nicole that Nat and a couple other people had complained to each other that the noise was distracing while they were trying to sleep. I’m just trying to help here. You will have a much stronger case for Nicole (well a little stronger) if you stick to the facts.

      • Avatar
        Liz72903 (2 comments)

        lol! What Mell said!!!!!!!!!

      • Avatar

        Mell prove to me they have kissed!! That should be easy for you to do. Noise can be anything!!

      • Avatar

        In fact any of you should be able to prove a kiss that someone has actually seen!! Nicole just said she had not kissed anyone in 2 months but I’m sure you don’t believe her. Just prove her wrong. That should be easy

      • Mel

        Trudy, You are right again. A noise can be anything. I and most of America has seen them kiss, at night, in bed, each other. If you don’t watch the feeds and need to see it with your own eyes, you can find clips on many bb twitter acts or on youtube. You can probably also find photos and commentary on many bb blogging sites, perhaps even this one.

      • Avatar

        I’m not picking sides or anything here, but it’s a known thing and no secret that Nicole and Corey make out every night. When she said it’s been 2 months, that was a known lie. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WZicIK5-lHs

      • NKogNeeTow

        Again Trudy, he practically said it himself. Go Google their first day in the house. When he saw either Victor or TGF (can’t remember which one), he made a comment about having a showmance with them (in his voice over). His words, not mine.

      • Avatar
        Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

        Trudy that is so ridiculous. They make out every night and that includes kissing. Nichole lays on top of him. I don’t have to lie and wouldn’t. I don’t have a dog in this race. You sit here and say people are mean but you just sat here and called most people liars. I’m am one of the ones that has said I think Corey may be gay. It has nothing to do with his great bromance either. Doesn’t matter to me one way or another. I’m not the one laying on top of him every night. That’s Nichole’s problem. Your playing like a big mean girl yourself. Don’t try and sound all superior cause you definitely are not. I state when I’m wrong but I’ve done nothing or said anything hateful to you. I’ve called no names on here. Although I could certainly think of a few for you.

      • Avatar

        Well I looked at both of those links. I couldn’t see anything. The first looks like she’s lying on top of him with him under covers and her out of covers. Can’t see faces. Looks like she’s asleep on top of him. The other one I really couldn’t see very well at all. I couldn’t zoom in. Bad camera angle and I couldn’t tell if she was facing him or not. Is this it??? I will give you benefit of doubt. OMG!! What a whore!! I guess she expects him to marry her now!!

      • Avatar

        Sandra. Didn’t realize I had called you any names Sorry if I had. I’ve always respected your opinion even when we disagree so often. Let’s make a deal since you think so little of me. You don’t respond to my comments and I won’t respond to yours.

      • Mel

        Oh Trudy, I thought we were going to have a more laid back day today. I and I would imagine most people do not think Nicole is a whore. She just isn’t a saint. I personally wouldn’t care who she made out with (she is an adult) if she didn’t go out of her way to portray something else. That may be why some of us want to point it out. There isn’t a need for her to say anything but she feels the need to try and convince us. That’s why she says the things you’ve heard. Why do you think she does that?

    • Mel

      Those chairs look really uncomfortable. Didn’t notice before if they are the same ones.

  4. Avatar
    Kay (47 comments)

    It would be fitting if everyone voted so it was a tie and Paulie got voted out due to pie penalty.

  5. Avatar
    Debi (3 comments)

    Don’t know why but just now the “screen shots” are not showing…………never happened before.

  6. Mel

    Cory’s voting ranking have gone up a ton. (Not popularity rankings like in jokers) I’m getting nervous this could be close. Can’t underestimate how many fans and followers Derick, Nicole and Cody have. (It’s alot) I’ve been putting all mine into Vic and am going to continue. His have gone up alot too. Meech has dropped some, Paul stayed close to same. For tv show voters, I think it may come down to who gets the better edit on wednesday and thursday. (Mostly wed) Vic and his straight shooting with Paulina or Paul if they show a lot of secret agent footage. Surely Paul tv fans will get that giving it to Vic give them both 2 chances at hoh.
    Natalie lovers didn’t seem to get they screwed her by giving her the 1st one.

  7. Shivani33

    Natalie, with her hurt neck, stomach being sick and lady cramps, is having a rough patch. She’s not sure if she’ll be all right to play in the next comp unless her neck improves. She said that the Advil is what made her sick to her stomach, because she rarely takes anything like that. If she can take a muscle relaxant, that might do the trick. Sending her well wishes and good cheer.

    • Avatar

      If she can’t take Advil a muscle relaxer will put her on her butt!! She doesn’t need to take anything stronger than Advil, Asa or tylenol

      • Mel

        It may not make her sick tho. There’s something in advil and some ibuprofen products that can give you a sour stomach. That may be it.

      • Avatar

        Some people have stomach problems with taking Advil unless they take food with it but muscle relaxers are even worse on stomach. But later Natalie said she threw up because she got her period in first time in 2 months and sometimes she did that

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1340 comments)

      Ibuprofen (Advil) can definitely make you sick, especially if taken on an empty stomach. And cramps can cause nausea… I remember being around that age and vomiting after taking ibuprofen for cramps. That stuff is very hard on your insides if you don’t take it with enough food to buffer it. I’ve also taken muscle relaxants for a back spasm and they helped a LOT without making me sick. One kind made me really loopy (and happy!) but another kind did not. I don’t remember what either was – been a long time. Hope the poor girl can get something to help, though! Cramps suck!

  8. danmtruth

    Let me get my tinfoil hat on With this up coming vote for co-HoH I cannot help but think production would not mind seeing Corey with the ACP Just as I had a hard time believing that Nichole won supper safety Thursday cant come fast enough

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1340 comments)

      I can believe people voted for Nicole to get that costume! 🙂
      Also several people have pointed out that the CBS viewers who don’t see BBAD or the feeds or blogs like this probably have a very different view of the cast than we do.

      • Mel

        Nicole got alot of votes 3 ways also. She does have alot of fans since she’s played before. You also have cody and derricks fan base and twitter followers. She’s with Paulie so that helped too. I read on several sites where people who don’t care for her voted to give it to her so she wouldn’t get #3 or #4 (the best ones). She is getting a good edit for only tv viewers. Bridgette seemed way ahead of her evrn on the last votinf day but she went home.

      • Colby

        Don’t you think cody and derricks fan base and twitter followers would have voted for Paulie? It was pretty obvious to the viewers that he was not safe this week.

      • caRyn

        Nicole wanted to wear a costume. She said so on BBAD. She said it was one of the things she liked the most about BB.

      • Mel

        Well crap, I should have thought of that part! This would have been a good year for me to go in and strategize. Lol
        Maybe I wouldn’t have been any worse than the first half of season.
        The only way my idea would hold up at all is none of us knew who would be hoh until voting was almost over. They could have held off voting for paulie so he could get a better one and Nicole was a good choice too for them…but the more I type, the weaker my reasoning is sounding! Ha

    • Avatar
      Liz72903 (2 comments)

      The Co-HOH will not work in Nicole or Corey’s best interest. It will be very possible that if one of them gets HOH the other will still go home because each Co-HOH will get to put one HG on the Block.

      • Mel

        They will need the hoh and veto to both stay…assuming this crazy group stays on track!

      • Avatar

        Correct Liz. This weeks package won’t help them If Cody gets it he saves himself for week but not Nicole if other person puts her up but u never know. The two hoh might do some dealing to get out stronger person that will help everyone else’s chances of getting in finals. It would be great time to take out Paul or Vic. It would still give strong side more numbers than the two of only Corey and Nicole. They could still take out Corey/Nicole next time. If Corey doesn’t get the package, there really isn’t much of advantage for other side of house to get it unless they take out strong member of one of their own

  9. Avatar
    Missyin74 (15 comments)

    Actually Natalie hurt her neck before the ziggt marley party happened last night and she’s the one who started taking 4 Advil at a time. Apparently watching the feeds this happens to her once in awhile and she has to lay down for like 3-4 days til it’s better.
    Paulie won some Tvs, a smartphone and a tablet last night at the party and him and Corey and Nicole we’re in the hammock as of 4 am my time going over days in the house vs what happened and Paulie helped her and C remember a lot of things.
    Paulie also said that if he has round trip he’s coming back in HARD and calling Pail and Victor out when he walks right back in.

    • Shivani33

      Yes, she was showering pre-party when she first mentioned her neck hurt. They were back in the house after the party at 5:00 p.m., BB time. If Natalie takes care, I think she could be okay by Thursday’s comp time. Her sick stomach might have been from a combo of junk food at the fair and advils on top. My mama always tried to get some bread or pasta into her kids before meds could hit the stomach, if possible. I’m just fond of Natalie and want her to feel better. Silly as it might be. Everyone in my family likes her a lot.

  10. JD

    Personally I don’t have an opinion about Nicole. She hasn’t been a factor for me. Having a showmance that at times seems one sided is not game play it’s just being in an aliance. Sure she went back and forth and got info. They all did. Either way as said she doesn’t seem here to play. I am interested in people who want to play. James is going back and forth. He seems he wants to play but hasn’t learned how. Still think he’s been bullied a lot so he waivers between the popular group. Frank and Da came to play unfortunately they lost sight of the big picture and took each other out. I think if they had played together we would have had a whole different game. Bottom line they put in (imho) two weak but fan favorites and two strong players. The weak are there because they float and just want to hang out the strong played too hard too soon. Made it easy for Paulie to take control. With the Titans out who was left? Floaters and followers. Who knew Victor would come back and be a beast and Paul learn to play as he was going along. Paulie got over confident, ran his mouth because he had to let everyone know he was the king. Paulie only has himself to blame showing his true colors without the golden boy CBS edits.

    State your opinion about who you like or dont like. Stop attacking people and making it personal because they don’t happen to agree about being a Nicole fan. You have your favorites we have ours.

    • Mel

      Great description on everyone’s game you mentioned

    • Avatar

      Jd. Actually I agree with everything you said except you are blaming me for attacking people who don’t agree with me. To me I feel it’s the other way around because I’m in the minority on this site. I’m not trying to get anyone to agree with me but trying to find out why they are attacking players and their reasons. Do you realize you just attacked me?? I take none of this game personal. I think it’s amazing that everyone takes it so personal and acts like it’s real life when it’s a stupid game manipulated by cbs.

      • Mel

        Actually, you came at me pretty hard just last night. Lol. I was talking game and you started insulting me. I don’t mind. I love that people are so passionate about this game because I love it.
        If you would like, please tell me what you like about Nicole so much. This is not sarcasm. I really want to know. My mother is 63 and loves BB. She and I rarely like the same people. I always ask her why she likes them. Sometimes we see each others points and at times, we don’t. I’m still always curious about it.

      • Avatar
        Angel (35 comments)

        LMBO!! @Mell and @JD Trudy attacks and throws insults then plays the victim. I had to rip her a new one a few weeks ago. Everyone knows she’s trolling because she likes the attention but most people hit dislike on her comments and move on. Thinks she’s up to 1000 #noshady Trudy #justfacts we all love big brother that’s all that matters. :”

      • Avatar

        Mell if I insulted you and hurt your feelings I am so sorry I would never hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose. I am very blunt and say what I think but never intend to hurt someone’s feeling. I have said many times why I like Nicole. Probably the same reason your mother and her other fans like her. When I have told reasons for liking her people come out and tell me how wrong I am. I don’t think she plays a good game because I don’t think she is used to lying and talking behind people’s back. When she does it it’s awkward. She doesn’t like drama and this house is full of it esp this year- her season not so much. To me she’s the all American sweet next door neighbor. I don’t see any way she can be considered a snake or rat anymore than anyone else in house in fact she does less scheming, lying than most of them. She’s a smart girl. I just like her. Would be proud to have her as friend or daughter or relative. She’s ditzy and cute and funny and lovable. She reminds me of Jordan who I also really liked. I think it’s personal when ppl call me a troll just because I disagree with them. To me it’s a lot better than using the thumbs up and down which is anonymous and cowardly to me. I never use it unless it’s to agree with a compliment to Steve and Melinda and others who write the web page. And I’ve been accused of giving people thumbs down!! I will jump all over racist comments on this forum and because of that I have been trolled and insulted and she did the same to several other people. I have been on this site for years and others who have been here know I state my opinions strongly. Again if I insulted you I didn’t mean to and again I am sorry. Were you the one that said you wanted Nicole rattled? If so that was mix up as I was thinking you were talking about something else and you came back and said you were talking about this week. If that wasn’t you forget it. Have a good night I’m off to finish watching volley ball

      • Mel

        Trudy, Thank you for your giving me your thoughts on Nicole. I never said you hurt my feelings, only that you used insults and I wrote (lol) right after. I hoped you would know that I was making light of it. I haven’t been around for years like you but I can see the funny (and yes insulting) comments are just humor and sometimes irritation at players. Being trashed on blogs and bb sites is almost a rite of passage for bb players. They know this. Sometimes you just have to lighten up a little. The comments I’ve been reading on here for years are really quite tame compared to some. Again, I appreciate you telling me why you enjoy Nicole. I agree with some of them. I don’t pick the players I like for those reasons but I know people who do. Players play in different ways and fans like people for different reasons. I think thats part of the reason people like to discuss it. Feel free to disagree with me anytime you want, it’s fun. Hope you enjoy your volleyball.

      • Avatar
        Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

        If you have such disdain for the game, cbs and every player but Nichole and Corey why do you watch? Why do you come on here arguing with peoples opinions?

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  12. JD

    @Mell I am with ya!

  13. Mel

    I should have probably asked this earlier. I’m pretty new to commenting on here. (Not reading – been doing that for long time) If there are any unwritten rules for posting etiquette, please let me know. Some places have them and some don’t. This is my favorite place for discussion on BB. I love that the comments are funny without losing the game insights. I’ve been on a couple where all game convo has gotten lost. Don’t get me wrong, I crack up at the mean stuff but I like to have “a little moral to the story” to go with it. Sorry to interrupt game talk with that- just don’t want booted because I didn’t know any better. (Like some of the houseguests)

    • NKogNeeTow

      Mel, I’ve never seen any written rules on commenting here. Most of us have been here awhile and pretty much know each other and are use to each others humor. We get a few who will try to start something every so often. We either comment to them then move on or ignore them all together. We have a few what I call “regular” trolls (they come back every year, we know them and we’re use to them). We sometimes say things that might go a little to far, but for the most part everybody here is pretty cool. The main time the board gets up in arms is when someone makes things racial or political. We try to steer away from that type of conversation. Race, politics and religion are 3 things that a lot of people don’t always agree on and can turn a conversation into something completely different. We try to stick to the game here (even if it’s negatively). All in all this board is pretty fun and I think we have some of the most intelligent commentors, I’ve seen on any blog.

      • Mel

        I agree and am enjoying everybody. I got a lottle worried when I made a joke about if Paulina’s grandma dying and him giving houseguests bribes from her estate sale stuff. It’s when he was out of options. Once I got a couple thumbs up, I figured I was in the clear. Lol. I love BB and love to laugh. You guys have been the perfect fit. I made a comment yesterday thinking I had a really good game thought. Once somebody pointed out the flaw in it, I thought it was hilarious that I had overlooked something so simple. I like to make fun of the players but I’ll do it to myself just as easily.

  14. JD

    Truly out if respect I didn’t mention names. You called yourself out. You called us judgemental people here. Here are YOUR exact words. “But when these people don’t like you they want you to be absolutely miserable. They want your life ruined!! They say nasty things about you.” ” I don’t know people like this in my life thank goodness. They are so judgemental and know so much more than anyone else.” Who is judging who here and making it personal. Thank you for proving my point. If we are so horrible why are you here?

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Trudy: I have no problem with you personally, and as I’ve told you before, I don’t even care that you love Ratty (and yes, I’ll still refer to her as that) so much. But I think the thing that gets everyone with you is that every time someone makes a comment about her, not only do you quickly jump to her defense, which is fine, but you then proceed to chastise us for things that we have SEEN or HEARD her do or say….Hence, me always asking you what show you are watching. We know what we’ve seen and heard, yet you try your hardest to convince us that we didn’t. Then proceed to tell us what horrible people we are for discussing it. As I told you a few months ago, you have every right to your opinion and I’ll fight to the death for you to express it. I will not, however, give you a pass at trying to call us out for calling her out.

      But I still love you though 🙂 (And you’re the only one I tell that to..lol)

    • Avatar
      South City California (4 comments)

      Perfectly said! and Trudy will still excuse Nicole and Corey on their bad behavior and low blow comments no matter what , but if another HG has to defend themselves to them there she goes again putting on her rose colored glasses , she is just biast for them period! Oh buy the way american girl next door comment give me a break, OMG she is so delusional for these 2 hahaa✌️out

  15. Avatar
    Karen (199 comments)

    Will someone explain to me why Paulie has to make pies, didn’t hear any explanation on BBAD.

  16. JD

    Mell your good. Your entitled to have any opinion you want and can debate. I just draw the line when it crosses from BB players to people who attack personally because you don’t like their favorites. It’s ok for them to have an opinion and make remarks about our favorites but if we have one about theirs apparently we are judgmental and want them to be miserable.

    • Mel

      Thanks. I think it’s more fun when everyone likes different people. I like chatting on here because no one in my house watches BB. It keeps me from driving them crazy and keeps them from looking at me like I AM crazy. I always enjoy people’s perspectives on the players too and having something pointed out that I didn’t notice before.

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1340 comments)

      that’s what I like about this blog- people generally respect each others’ opinions. I seem to remember a Trudy posting in past years and am wondering if it is the same Trudy as before? In prior years Trudy didn’t stand out as someone who was on the defensive, so not sure if the same person or if she’s just a huge fan of Nicole and doesn’t like hearing anything negative about her?
      Either way – Trudy – your opinions are welcome, and for the record, I don’t think Nicole is a bad person at all, but I am disappointed in her for the way she has let her infatuation with Corey kind of take over the game. I was thinking with Hayden it was more of a cute thing, where she liked him but tried to keep him at arm’s length, whereas this time around she’s acting like a silly teenager.
      And yes, it’s just a game on CBS so none of us should be getting angry about it! 😀

      • Avatar

        Jenny I am the same Trudy that’s been here for years. And I agree with you about Nicole’s game. She came in to play a different game than her season but hasn’t done a very good job of it. I don’t mind ppl not liking her but when they call her a rat and snake etc I Just like to know their reasons and ask for examples. Also calling Corey stupid and gay. Just want examples. I don’t see anything that would point to him being gay or stupid. I guess I must come on too strong in my posts but have not meant too. I don’t set out to insult or hurt anyone’s feelings at all. I watch bb as a ppl watching hobby. I just like to find out from ppl reasons they like or dislike the house guests Their reasons are really interesting an unique and tell a lot of how they actually look at life

  17. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    James woke up ..had a drink and then watered mr. Jenkins ….bonus poinys for james …he is a really nice guy .

  18. Mel

    Paulie is convinced the camera was zooming in on his penis a few minutes ago.
    He used tissue up in his nose few minute ago and then threw it on the floor. (He did that with floss yesterday)
    He chats with Vic about how dirty the house is shortly after -nope, he’s not making the connection
    *this was last night but he went into detail with Paul about what he did with Z. I guess that was in case everyone watching missed it the first time. He said he kept telling her to shut up because she was making noises. I’m not recapping the details. I felt like I needed a shower the first time.
    * Last night also-(said to nic/cory) He is positive that decision to flip was sudden because America would never let 2 of the favorite players (cory and himself) go on the block together if they could have stopped it with a care pkg
    Sorry if this is old news

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      his ego can not fathom he is so unpopular …hoping he is OUT ..has to deal with the girls in jury ..NO buy back …and Vic gets the CP co-hoh …he seems very calm and collected … final days with people that might want to think for themselves sounds good to me …..
      ..and the Z talk just makes him a bigger A$$hat

    • JD

      @Mell thank you for sharing. I don’t get the feeds or BBAD so I didn’t know that update.

    • caRyn

      I will go into detail. According to Paul: Paulie and Zakiyah boned 5 times. Once in the HN room – bumper cars. The sex was not protected. Joked about there being a BB baby. And Paulie also boned her from behind. Paul said this to James and Natalie on BBAD last night.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1340 comments)

        also, ewwwwwww.

      • caRyn

        Paulie was talking to Michelle in the bathroom on BBAD last night and said that he doesn’t argue with family out loud in public. He said that if the get too loud inside his dad will stop it.

      • caRyn

        Paul was talking with Natalie and James and somewhat slipped. Paul said he didn’t want to sit next to Paulie OTB so they decided not to put him up there. Natalie asked if she had a say if she didn’t want to go on the block. Paul said he and Victor are like brothers.

      • Avatar
        nachomamma (179 comments)

        Z never said that ..that I know of …just a pool pissin paul prick puffer piece

      • caRyn

        If you are talking about Paulie and Zakiyah hooking up it came from Paul’s mouth last night on BBAD.

      • Mel

        The comments about Z hooking up with Paulie have been mentioned several times. First by Paulie in a room with several people shortly after eviction in the nirobi room I think. Michelle told him that Z said she was only continuing to sleep in his bed to not hurt her game. (Michelle’s actually not lying about this. Z said that) paulie told Michelle that wasn’t true because “we boned last night.” He then said the had 5 times and then he told where. Last night around 10 or so Paul and James were discussing it. Nat didn’t know so they were filling her in a little. Then late last night/early morning, Paulie and Paul talked about it again. That’s when Paulie went into detail about how they managed it each time and some other details.

      • Avatar
        Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

        Pauli is truly disgusting the way he talks about Z. He could care less about anyone else’s’ feelings. Imagine what poor Zakiyah’s mom is going through because of it. Z had trust issues with guys when she came on the show. Said she kept picking the wrong guys. The good part is maybe picking this one will teach her the difference between what her hormones tell her about a guy and what her head does. Attraction is important but get to know him next time. The way he talked to her in the Paris room that night was reprehensible. Then he talked to Nat the same way. He talks about women like they’re dirt. I hope his butt gets help when he gets out. He truly needs to watch himself on the episodes ( although he said he won’t).

      • caRyn

        Sandra – I do feel bad for all of the parents and family members of the hg. Without a doubt it isn’t easy for them to hear what everyone has said.

      • Mel

        That’s exactly who has came to my mind when things like that have happened. Z’s mom.
        Although her mom is pretty feisty herself so she may be handling it okay. Zakiyah’s mom is who got on Twitter and trashed Natalie a while back saying that Natalie was ” trying to spread her legs for Paulie.” This was couple weeks before Nat to Z that stuff about Paulie. It was a week when Z was mad at Nat for talking to Paulie or something.

  19. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    just saw paulies butt ….is he looking for a modeling Ka rear ….he was talking about acting …some movie last night….I thought it might be about Cody ….not sure .

  20. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    just because bad crap is going on down south …major flooding ..if you can ….HELP
    https://www.facebook.com/VillalobosRescueCenter/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED sorry to be a buzz kill … but I know you all have hearts…..

  21. Avatar
    BBLove (220 comments)

    BB18…BOOO. Seriously, rotten tomatoes.

  22. caRyn

    I haven’t seen the hg get alcohol on BBAD in a few days.

  23. Avatar
    Karen (199 comments)

    Just read that this weeks HOH is a shared HOH and it has something to do with the ACP.

    • Mel

      The acp prize is a co hoh so I’m assuming houseguests won’t know until after hoh comp

      • Avatar
        Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

        They’ll find out when the care package arrives as usual I would think. Whoever it is will have the stuff the regular HOH has and the ability to pick one of the nominees for those who didn’t know. I’m still wondering what this Friday show is going to be. Will it be a jury buy back this giving Pauli two shots of maybe coming back in the house? Lord forbid I hope not.

  24. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    …just found a link Survivor starts 9/21 …any chance BB will go that long?
    CBS tries to tie and ending with a beginning sometimes …

  25. JD

    For someone who is not going to campaign a lot against *sniff *sniff his boys Paulie sure is doing a lot of campaigning. There’s nothing wrong with campaigning just own up to it. It’s a little nerve-wracking that James and Nat could end up siding with Paulie and actually believe what he is selling. He’s already got Meesh hoping he has the RT. If Meesh, Nat and James flip Paulie’s back. Please let us be done with him this week. I don’t want to see his naked butt. More and more showing his immaturity.

  26. Mel

    Comments all made recently by Paulie:
    *Tells Vic to keep him and use him as a warrior to take his targets out. Says he won’t go after Vic
    *Tells Paul that he will have his back and never go after him. Says his social game is blown and he needs to go out the right way respecting the game andwill fight for Paul. Then says he still won’t go to jury.
    Tells Michelle he will stick with her and even tho he was trying to make a deal with Vic to take ppl out, he wouldn’t go after her.
    *Tells James/Nat- Hebwill stay and fight for them because they need him t9 look after them in this game. Has their back.
    *Tells Nic/Cory that he wants to go home now because he want them to be there. Tells them he will give them all his game wisdom so they can use it to take ppl out.
    (Who’s left for him to be a warrior against? Maybe he’s planning on kicking Julie Chen’s butt, nobody else left)

    • JD

      If every single one of the houseguest sat around the table with Paulie, said out loud to each other what Paulie told them, I do believe Paulie would have a serious meltdown. Everyone would know all the deals he’s tried to make and Corey his boy and Nicole would see he is campaigning hard. The meltdown would be so epic and hardcore. We wouldn’t be able to laugh and chat about. One that he would need medical help or he would get up and walk out right then. He would be so humiliated. Imagine being confronted at the same time by everyone? Wow cheese n rice

      • Mel

        He would because when everyone confronted him fri and sat, he lost it. He said if anybody came at him again tho he would punch people in the face and bb wouldn’t stop him or something to that effect.

      • Colby

        That would be something to watch!
        Some of them have called him on his multiple f3’s and stuff, but it seems like he has forgotten that. It probably would really be effective as a group.

        And isn’t he the one that told Frank (with that smirk on his face) in the house meeting to just give up campaigning because it wasn’t going to happen. They need to do the same thing to him.

      • Mel

        Yes and he’s the one who went off on Tiffany on purpose right befor a comp to shake her up.

      • Mel

        Finally! I’ve been waiting since yesterday afternoon for this

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  28. caRyn

    BBAD has been on one hour and absolutely nothing has happened. It is 4 hours tonight. I hope it gets better.

  29. Avatar
    Gerardo (2785 comments)

    I don’t know who said what to Nicole but she is FREAKING OUT. She really thinks Paulie may have flipped the house against Corey.

    • caRyn

      James has said 3 things within 24 hours that have concerned Nicole. Nicole is concerned that Corey may be leaving this week and not Paulie. At this point she is freaking a little and wants to speak to James about it because it is all confusing to her right now.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2785 comments)

        Yes, Nicole was saying that she’s going to corner James and ask him point blank if he’s planning to vote Corey out. She thinks Michelle and Paul may already have flipped, but if she can convince James and Natalie that Paulie is too dangerous to keep, then they’ll be able to save Corey.

        This could actually be an interesting development…if more than half the house weren’t in bed right now. Grrrrrr, the producers really need to make the HGs stay up for BBAD. Nicole and Corey both went to bed, so as of now there are only three HGs awake. This is really ridiculous.

      • caRyn

        Did you hear the conversation Victor, Paul and Michelle had about Nicole?

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2785 comments)

        I didn’t hear the first part, but I heard Vic say he was “FUMING” and that she needed to go next. Then I heard them bashing her for being so all over Corey. What got Vic so upset with Nicole?

      • caRyn

        All I heard him say was Nicole lied but I do not what lie he is referring to. Before that Michelle was talking about how Nicole had lied to her. I am trying to figure it out.

      • Mel

        Finally James is saying something on purpose instead of it being a slip up!

      • caRyn

        Paul said he had a two hour conversation with Nicole earlier in the day. Victor, Michelle and Paul chime in one after the other about the comments Nicole had made. Here are Nicole’s comments: I don’t do anything. I have no strategy. I never put anyone up. (Victor said to Michelle and Paul: Well, you should have. I would have more respect for you. Paul said to Michelle and Victor: Actually, remember week one I was roadkill and I was your back-up plan if Jozea didn’t go home, well you are my back-up plan if Corey doesn’t go home.)
        Then Victor says he is fuming. Something happened previously and Nicole lied to Victor’s face. She could have said right then and there that that was what she thought he meant and it could have been cleared up right then and there. But no. It is something else if she really thought it but she told him straight up no – so we were in agreeance. Whatever it was Victor got a lot of flack. Michelle said Nicole just doesn’t do well with confrontation. Victor doesn’t give a…

      • caRyn

        I just watched it back on BBAD. It was around 1 hour and 37 minutes in.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Caryn: What Victor is referring to is the night Ratty met with him in the Nairobi room or whatever you call it. It was right after he won HOH. She wanted to know if he was going to put her up. He asked her point blank about his blindside. Asked her if she knew about it and who was there when the plan was made. She kept hemming and hawing about it and wouldn’t give him a straight answer. He kept a straight face everytime she tried to evade answering. He told her, just tell me who was there and who came up with the idea. She kept saying she didn’t remember. After he wouldn’t let up and kept pressing, she said that she thinks James was in the room. He then asked her who came up with the idea to backdoor him. She finally said it was James, then quickly begged him not to tell James (it was actually TGF that said he was going to Backdoor Victor). Victor knew she was lying, because he already knew it was TGF, he just wanted to see if she would lie to him. He then went to Paul and told him about the convo and that he knew she was lying and said he was pissed. I think I posted the convo either the night he won HOH or the next morning. You might want to check the comments for those days.

      • caRyn

        Thank you. I totally remember that conversation Victor had with Nicole on BBAD that night. I am glad you clarified that that was the conversation Victor was referring to. I didn’t know if it was that conversation or if something else had happened. Tonight on BBAD Nicole said to Corey that she told Victor that James said B & D and that was what she said to Victor. That is not what she said to Victor.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2785 comments)

        Ahh, thanks NK, now it all makes sense. I remember that conversation too.

      • caRyn

        Nicole is ready to fight for Corey to make sure he stays. The storm is brewing and Michelle, Paul and Victor may go after Nicole like they did Paulie. Paul still doesn’t believe Nicole did’t know about the 5 guy alliance.

  30. Avatar
    Gerardo (2785 comments)

    Oh wow, Corey and Paulie actually sleep in the same bed?? I read other people’s comments where they talked about them sleeping together, but I guess I just assumed they were joking. There are like 4 empty beds in their room alone, yet they are sharing a bed anyway. That’s…interesting…

  31. caRyn

    Victor is funny. He said anyone says anything to him his reply will be 9 to 1.

    • caRyn

      Victor said if Paulie has the round trip ticket he (Victor) will literally have to go back to work.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2785 comments)

      Victor and Paul seem to be thinking along the same lines many of us are…they think there may be someone else coming back into the BB house soon. I’m glad they’re mentally preparing themselves for the worst case scenario, because as Vic said, he will definitely have to go back to war if that happens.

  32. Mel

    Nicole is upset over several things she’s been hearing. she’s starting to get paranoid that they may want to keep Paulie. This was actually planned by( the group) Paul/Vic realized Nicole and Corey had a very comfortable week because of Polly’s meltdown and they don’t want them going into the HOH comp that way. They decided cory should have to campaign – be a little rattled before hoh comp. That’s kind of been the theme this season. They got Nat, James and Michelle on board. They really aren’t trying to screw with Paulie at this point. They jusy know if paulie is trying ro stay, cor/nic may have to work for it. I was excited when I heard but nothing has taken root till now u guess. So when Paulie wants to drag someone off to do his pitch, they let him and Nic/cor see that. Nicole may have to end up admitting some things in the process she wants to plead a case for Corey and not Paulie she’s going to have to tell Polly Secret she always says she doesn’t know anything this will be her dilemma admitting she does know stuff and always did or she sits there and says nothing and so she knows nothing. Won’t change who leaves thurs bit maybe nic/cor won’t do as well in comp. That was the plan .

    Victor-don’t know what he’s mad over now but it started when he started spending so much time with Nicole and Core he was hanging around Nicole and Corey in recent weeks they were talking about him bad and that he was annoying he did say he was fuming but he was really just embarrassed from thinking they wanted him around and now knows they were complaining about it and making fun of him instead from I think it embarrassed him and he was just saying other stuff
    That how both things started.
    Sorry if spelling bad. I’ve taken my sleeping pill and then saw question. Just trying to help. I’m out

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2785 comments)

      Thanks Mell! Tomorrow is eviction eve, and now that Nicole is nervous (I can never read Corey’s emotions, but he seems pretty calm so I’m not sure if he’s as worried as Nicole is) we might see some action on tomorrow night’s BBAD. There was some game talk tonight, but the problem was that only 3 people were awake for most of the show. Even though I’m pleased with how the game has picked up over the past week, I’m ready to see a little more excitement in the house!

  33. caRyn

    I just finished 4 hours of BBAD and nothing else happened. Game talk between Paul and Victor – moving forward with their original plans.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Ratty and TGF can’t figure out how to put pre-sliced cookies on a pan. And he’s scratched his butt, grabbed his junk, blew his nose, gathered the trash, the placed raw cookie dough on a pan….all without washing his hands.

  35. Kari B.
    Kari B. (1000 comments)

    Warning: 1:45am Seattle COUGAR ALERT for no reason.

    My GOD I find Victor sexy as hell.

    That is all.

  36. JD

    I will probably get blacklisted and probably get booed for this but here it goes. First off I am not taking sides. I just think we’d have more fun talking about the house guests than taking barbs at each other. Some of us tease each other because we through this blog know each other. We understand their sense of humor. If you think someone is a troll ignore them. Don’t like their favorite ignore them. We ALL have a favorite and defend them. How many of us were done with Victor when he threw the beads at the girls nomination. Now he’s a favorite amongst most of us. @trudy has stated (several times) she gets passionate when she writes. Truly has also apologized almost individually to those she offended. Who cares if she is blinded by her favorite as some say. We get blinded by our favorite. So can we please stop the personal insults (unless it’s your friend?). As I said I am not taking sides and being diverse and debating who we love and who we hate is fun. The name calling and personal barbs are not. I know I should have probably stayed out of it. Just seems to get on the mean side of things like Meesh.

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