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Final Sunday Of The Season; No CBS Episode Tonight

September 18, 2016 | 80 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Good afternoon, everyone. Only a few more days to go before the live finale, and both Nicole and Paul have been talking to themselves more and more about the final 2 scenarios. While I am almost positive that Paul won’t take James to the final 2, Nicole is still flipping back and forth (shocker), and she’ll be one to watch this week. At this point, it’s really hard to say this could be a $500k decision simply because her odds don’t look good against either James or Paul. Paul has the ‘warrior’ defense where he fought all season, blah blah blah, while James has the ‘nice  guy’ defense where votes for him are not votes for Nicole. Under normal circumstances, I’d say James has no shot, but some people are really pissed at Nicole.

That said, I do have a hard time believing there will be 5 people in the jury who think the gameplay of hooking up all summer and backstabbing whenever possible is worth $500k.  Shit, I could be talking about either James or Nicole there. Really the only difference is that Nicole had to get her hands dirty a few times, while James took the path of least resistance. Wait, flipping on your alliance can also be considered taking the path of least resistance, especially when she merged with two strong players (Paul and Victor) to get out weak ones (Michelle and Natalie). In the end, she can claim her f2 alliance did realize it was then time to get the strong players out, so she can try to take credit for Corey’s HoH elimination of Victor.

Needless to say, no matter who is sitting in the f2, I think it will be a close vote

I guess I’ll do some feed updates, even though it’s super slow. I’ll be doing homework in the background (if I miss some super important updates haha)

  • 1:50pm – The trio are in the safari room talking casually.  Nicole is talking about shoving wires up groins, awesome
  • 3:00pm – Paul is inside practicing his speech
    • He is going to play the fact that he had no help in terms of the care packages (unlike Nicole and James)
    • He always tried to make sure there was a bigger target in the house
    • He won his way to the end after Victor left.   First by winning HoH/PoV and getting his biggest threat out (Corey)
    • Then he won the first part of the HoH competition
    • And of course…. friendship
    • paul-practice
  • He then sets the mic to 2 minutes to see if he can do his speech in that amount of time
    • Being a first time player opposed to being a veteran will be one of the first thing he mentions. He had a harder road because he didn’t have the experience they did
    • His appearance and attitude made him a threat, and was on the block 6x
    • He escaped because of his abilities.  Twice because he won the veto, the other he used his social skills and teamed up with the right people at the right time
    • Then, there was a secret riddle, and he was the last person notified about, but he was the first to solve it
    • By him (luckily) selecting the round-trip ticket, it prevented 4 strong players from re-entering the game, including Frank the Tank
    • All he had was the loyalty from Victor and his social game
    • Then goes on about his winning the way to the end.
    • Now, I’m here, totaling at 7 votes, which is the highest in the game.  (I assume he means comp wins, which he will have 7 if he wins the final round)
    • I stayed true to myself, and then goes and gives Nicole a compliment (as he plans on sitting next to her), and there is one rule he won’t break, friendship
    • With 13 seconds to spare
  • 3:15pm – Paul finishes and goes outside to talk to the Praying Mantis who is sitting next to some spinach they gave him. He didn’t eat it.
  • 7:10pm – Watched a bit of the Emmys. Why is BB never nominated?  It’s not easy to pump out a live show once a week and have 24/7 cameras on people for 3 months.
  • 7:30pm – James and Paul playing pool for the 2,304th time this week, and Nicole showerin
  • DO NOT FORGET – Big Brother: Over the Top (the Fall season) is starting just a week after BB18 finale, so don’t go anywhere. I will be covering that, and I will be doing all their profiles and fun stuff.
  • 8:20pm – Nicole and James are in the kitchen and start talking about the f2
    • She is vague with her reply to him about her plans.  This gives me the idea she is strongly considering Paul at this point.
    • When Nicole talks like this, that’s her way of saying ‘no way’. Listening to her talk right now, she would take Paul if the competition happened tonight.  There is still a few days for her to change her mind
    • James is doing his ‘well, I just wanted to talk and try’.  No, James. You’re not trying. You’re just asking. Tell her why you think she can beat you in the final 2
    • james-thinking
    • She tells him that he doesn’t have any blood on his hands, while she is drowned in it
    • Nicole knows he has Michelle and Natalie’s vote.  He tries to tell her she has Da’, but she shoots it down and says he does as well.
    • The fact that she answered him REALLY quick on the Da’ point would tell me she has been thinking about it and has done more than just ‘winging it’.  She knocked out 3 votes she thinks James almost certainly has within a minute.  She’s not taking you unless you actually give her a good argument, bro.
  • 8:30pm – Now she is getting into it and telling her she is disappointed how he left her alone this season rather than work with her
    • Not once did he care where she stood until she won a competition
    • Nicole says she has no votes.
    • He says he doesn’t think he has Paulie’s vote. Doesn’t know about Z.  Corey.
    • She says Da’ and Bridgette will vote for him.  That brings her count for him to 4
    • Then she mentions how he was treating her kind of crappy when it got down to 3, and she felt he was going to take Paul
    • James may have just screwed Paul’s dual final 2 alliance.  He said Paul went through the woods with the blindfold and got hit by every branch.  This is literally the way Paul described his game to Nicole a few days ago, so he clearly used the same speech on James.  Uh oh
    • Nicole doesn’t say anything about it, but I know she caught that.  How can you not?
    • She points out how Paul did call Michelle a very bad word, so she may possibly vote for Nicole if Paul is up there
    • Nicole doesn’t think she has a girl’s vote, especially against James.   James says “That’s if…that’s iff…  yea, that probably would”
    • Nicole doesn’t want to lose to a bitter jury, and she is guaranteed to have 2 sitting next to James (Nat/Michelle).  She points out how they may vote for Paul, but there is a chance they’d flip to her
  • 8:42pm – Nicole says she thinks the girls are tighter than ever.  She’s going to be surprised to see the jury house.  She’s right about 4 of them, but Z is in Paulieland
  • 8:52pm – Nicole leaves the room, and James says to himself he knew he had the jury votes, but he didn’t think Nicole knew that. He knows he’s screwed
    • Nicole comes back and says she doesn’t owe either one of them anything, so she’s not going to use that as her decision.
    • She means she would have taken Corey even though she knew she’d lose to him, but she’s not going to make a bad decision with James or Paul and risk losing the $500k
  • 9:00pm – James points out how it’s 9, and that means bedtime soon.  Nicole leaves to finish her laundry.
    • That was almost painful to watch.  This is exactly why James doesn’t deserve 1st or 2nd place. She smacked him down (not in a mean way), and he couldn’t come up with even a dumb argument.
    • Yesterday, my wife told my daughter that she was going food shopping tomorrow (today), and her argument was “But I have school Monday”.  As much as that argument made absolutely no sense to what they were talking about, you have to give her credit. That one line was more of a fight than anything James did tonight, or probably even this season.

Ok, the house is outside talking about the rest of the case. Bed time for me

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