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Final Sunday Of The Season; No CBS Episode Tonight



Good afternoon, everyone. Only a few more days to go before the live finale, and both Nicole and Paul have been talking to themselves more and more about the final 2 scenarios. While I am almost positive that Paul won’t take James to the final 2, Nicole is still flipping back and forth (shocker), and she’ll be one to watch this week. At this point, it’s really hard to say this could be a $500k decision simply because her odds don’t look good against either James or Paul. Paul has the ‘warrior’ defense where he fought all season, blah blah blah, while James has the ‘nice  guy’ defense where votes for him are not votes for Nicole. Under normal circumstances, I’d say James has no shot, but some people are really pissed at Nicole.

That said, I do have a hard time believing there will be 5 people in the jury who think the gameplay of hooking up all summer and backstabbing whenever possible is worth $500k.  Shit, I could be talking about either James or Nicole there. Really the only difference is that Nicole had to get her hands dirty a few times, while James took the path of least resistance. Wait, flipping on your alliance can also be considered taking the path of least resistance, especially when she merged with two strong players (Paul and Victor) to get out weak ones (Michelle and Natalie). In the end, she can claim her f2 alliance did realize it was then time to get the strong players out, so she can try to take credit for Corey’s HoH elimination of Victor.

Needless to say, no matter who is sitting in the f2, I think it will be a close vote


I guess I’ll do some feed updates, even though it’s super slow. I’ll be doing homework in the background (if I miss some super important updates haha)

  • 1:50pm – The trio are in the safari room talking casually.  Nicole is talking about shoving wires up groins, awesome
  • 3:00pm – Paul is inside practicing his speech
    • He is going to play the fact that he had no help in terms of the care packages (unlike Nicole and James)
    • He always tried to make sure there was a bigger target in the house
    • He won his way to the end after Victor left.   First by winning HoH/PoV and getting his biggest threat out (Corey)
    • Then he won the first part of the HoH competition
    • And of course…. friendship
    • paul-practice
  • He then sets the mic to 2 minutes to see if he can do his speech in that amount of time
    • Being a first time player opposed to being a veteran will be one of the first thing he mentions. He had a harder road because he didn’t have the experience they did
    • His appearance and attitude made him a threat, and was on the block 6x
    • He escaped because of his abilities.  Twice because he won the veto, the other he used his social skills and teamed up with the right people at the right time
    • Then, there was a secret riddle, and he was the last person notified about, but he was the first to solve it
    • By him (luckily) selecting the round-trip ticket, it prevented 4 strong players from re-entering the game, including Frank the Tank
    • All he had was the loyalty from Victor and his social game
    • Then goes on about his winning the way to the end.
    • Now, I’m here, totaling at 7 votes, which is the highest in the game.  (I assume he means comp wins, which he will have 7 if he wins the final round)
    • I stayed true to myself, and then goes and gives Nicole a compliment (as he plans on sitting next to her), and there is one rule he won’t break, friendship
    • With 13 seconds to spare
  • 3:15pm – Paul finishes and goes outside to talk to the Praying Mantis who is sitting next to some spinach they gave him. He didn’t eat it.
  • 7:10pm – Watched a bit of the Emmys. Why is BB never nominated?  It’s not easy to pump out a live show once a week and have 24/7 cameras on people for 3 months.
  • 7:30pm – James and Paul playing pool for the 2,304th time this week, and Nicole showerin
  • DO NOT FORGET – Big Brother: Over the Top (the Fall season) is starting just a week after BB18 finale, so don’t go anywhere. I will be covering that, and I will be doing all their profiles and fun stuff.
  • 8:20pm – Nicole and James are in the kitchen and start talking about the f2
    • She is vague with her reply to him about her plans.  This gives me the idea she is strongly considering Paul at this point.
    • When Nicole talks like this, that’s her way of saying ‘no way’. Listening to her talk right now, she would take Paul if the competition happened tonight.  There is still a few days for her to change her mind
    • James is doing his ‘well, I just wanted to talk and try’.  No, James. You’re not trying. You’re just asking. Tell her why you think she can beat you in the final 2
    • james-thinking
    • She tells him that he doesn’t have any blood on his hands, while she is drowned in it
    • Nicole knows he has Michelle and Natalie’s vote.  He tries to tell her she has Da’, but she shoots it down and says he does as well.
    • The fact that she answered him REALLY quick on the Da’ point would tell me she has been thinking about it and has done more than just ‘winging it’.  She knocked out 3 votes she thinks James almost certainly has within a minute.  She’s not taking you unless you actually give her a good argument, bro.
  • 8:30pm – Now she is getting into it and telling her she is disappointed how he left her alone this season rather than work with her
    • Not once did he care where she stood until she won a competition
    • Nicole says she has no votes.
    • He says he doesn’t think he has Paulie’s vote. Doesn’t know about Z.  Corey.
    • She says Da’ and Bridgette will vote for him.  That brings her count for him to 4
    • Then she mentions how he was treating her kind of crappy when it got down to 3, and she felt he was going to take Paul
    • James may have just screwed Paul’s dual final 2 alliance.  He said Paul went through the woods with the blindfold and got hit by every branch.  This is literally the way Paul described his game to Nicole a few days ago, so he clearly used the same speech on James.  Uh oh
    • Nicole doesn’t say anything about it, but I know she caught that.  How can you not?
    • She points out how Paul did call Michelle a very bad word, so she may possibly vote for Nicole if Paul is up there
    • Nicole doesn’t think she has a girl’s vote, especially against James.   James says “That’s if…that’s iff…  yea, that probably would”
    • Nicole doesn’t want to lose to a bitter jury, and she is guaranteed to have 2 sitting next to James (Nat/Michelle).  She points out how they may vote for Paul, but there is a chance they’d flip to her
  • 8:42pm – Nicole says she thinks the girls are tighter than ever.  She’s going to be surprised to see the jury house.  She’s right about 4 of them, but Z is in Paulieland
  • 8:52pm – Nicole leaves the room, and James says to himself he knew he had the jury votes, but he didn’t think Nicole knew that. He knows he’s screwed
    • Nicole comes back and says she doesn’t owe either one of them anything, so she’s not going to use that as her decision.
    • She means she would have taken Corey even though she knew she’d lose to him, but she’s not going to make a bad decision with James or Paul and risk losing the $500k
  • 9:00pm – James points out how it’s 9, and that means bedtime soon.  Nicole leaves to finish her laundry.
    • That was almost painful to watch.  This is exactly why James doesn’t deserve 1st or 2nd place. She smacked him down (not in a mean way), and he couldn’t come up with even a dumb argument.
    • Yesterday, my wife told my daughter that she was going food shopping tomorrow (today), and her argument was “But I have school Monday”.  As much as that argument made absolutely no sense to what they were talking about, you have to give her credit. That one line was more of a fight than anything James did tonight, or probably even this season.

Ok, the house is outside talking about the rest of the case. Bed time for me


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  1. Avatar

    ” Happy” 🙁 final day of summer new friends. Enjoying a peaceful sunny day in Seattle, near the Sea-Tac Airport. Temps about 68 – 70. 🙂

    Watching my Hawks play the Rams… (Pretty cool that the Rams are able to come back and play, especially in their old stadium. Can’t blame them for wanting to play hard for this game! 😉 )

    What’s everyone else doing?

  2. Avatar

    Actually I want to ask something about the show…

    Wouldn’t putting James up next to either player be a “sure” win since he is just done nothing all year beyond the showmance and losing challenges on purpose? Why would anyone want to give him the money? Is it just because they don’t like the other players? (Peersonally I find this a stupid reason.)

    Can someone give me a valid reason why he actually has a chance of winning?

    • Avatar

      I guess I should have read the above report a little bit more closely. Somehow I missed it that it is just the whole disliking Nicole aspect. But is it that way with Paul too?

      • Mell

        Sometimes it’s both. They may be bitter or they may just like James more on a personal level. The question is, can he convince the jurors who vote for game that some of his “nothing” was game?

    • Avatar

      Kari B
      Some jurers vote personal instead of strategic. Most of the girls don’t like Nicole so james will likely get their vote even though he didnt win any pov and 1 hoh. And just sit around all summer. And expect to win America favorite player again. I would like to see nicole win against Paul but I think Paul will win against both james and nicole. Nicole is just thinking she just don’t want to lose against james. She would rather lose to Paul than james. I do think nicole should win against james but I don’t think she will because of a bitter jury.

  3. Shivani33

    From 1:57 pm, a part of (one of) today’s F2 speech rehearsals featuring a Nicole soliloquy. This is a small excerpt from a long speech in need of trimming.

    Franzel: Corey absolutely helped me in this game. I completely think I helped him too. He was very likeable, very personable. He was everybody’s favorite in this game. He was a smooth talker. I will give him that credit all day, everyday. But when it came to strategy, I believe I was the one behind it with all the brains…. (From Jokers.) Scene from Act III: Dorothy explains banging the Scarecrow, Wizard of BB, Season 18. Chinese year of the Monkey. Hoo-ha!

    • caRyn

      She was the one behind it with all the brains. I don’t think Corey will appreciate that line. Hopefully Nicole will change that up and give Corey some credit. Corey, Paulie and Zakiyah may all vote the same. Don’t step on any toes if you get to F2.

      • Helen

        Corey is the one who wanted first Michelle out and then Natalie. Remember his late night talk in the HOH room. I think Corey planted a lot of seeds for Nicole and now she is going to try and take credit for them as her idea. IF she makes it to F2 she might lose Corey if she goes there.
        I think production is giving us these 3 or 4 days to reconcile the I inevitable….Nicole in F2…..UGH

      • Mell

        Good point Caryn! Is it Caryn or Ryn? I rotate so I can be right half the time.

      • Jenny M

        it’s cute that you think Corey will notice her taking credit. he barely knows he was on the show

      • Caryn (Ryn)

        Given name is Caryn. Ryn – nickname. When there were two Colby’s on here, I updated my profile.

    • Mell

      Ya, I think the trimming should start with Corey. She HAS his vote so who else on the jury gives a crap about how great he is! Still, some want to say she’s played all summer and been thinking about game.

      • caRyn

        Right. Any votes that she may have could be changed with a speech praising Corey as a person. It will remind the jury how she was isolated with Corey in the BB house. And then if she takes all the credit for their (Nicole & Corey) game moves, Corey may not want to vote for her. He may want to sting back – he is a Scorpio.

  4. Avatar

    I really DO NOT want to see either James OR Nicole win the $500,000. I don’t really want either to win $$50,000 but oh well. I just want to see Paul win at this point. I’m just sooooo ready for Wednesday to get here!!!

  5. Shivani33

    Nicole told Paul that his new buddy, the praying mantis, won’t eat spinach. It has been pretty funny that Paul, the city boy, doesn’t know a carnivore when he sees one. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a metaphor for his final moment of the game, being eaten alive by Nicole and James. Considering James an unworthy opponent is not a sound justification for trusting Nicole to discard James and favor Paul. Remember that bullhorn message, Paul.

  6. Mell

    These are my thoughts on season 18 and the final 3 since we’re heading into the last week.

    It’s obvious many of this cast not only still live with their parents, they must have people who do a lot for them. It’s the only reason I have for so many lazy, nasty and helpless people. I have a 20 yr old son who I suppose you would say still lives at home during the summer and a month over Christmas . (He’s away in college) However, he IS an adult. I’m not doing his laundry, cleaning his bathroom and if he cooks after my kitchen is cleaned, he damn well better clean it up!
    It won’t be a year I remember as “great game play” but I’ve seen some terrible players leave, some improve and some get pretty good at this game. I will remember this as the season of whiny, high-pitched, baby talking, sex starved women along with vet disappointment, one of the best competitors EVER, a loud guy who eventually grew on me, a Calafoire meltdown, 1 great bromance and the trio of Baldwin, Pablo and Mr. Jenkins. I now have friendship, pissed and never cared in my vocabulary.
    I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed BB18. I didn’t think I was going to be able to say that for a long time. I’ve yelled, laughed and became emotionally invested in who wins so I would be a hypocrite so say I haven’t liked it. No matter who wins (Go Paul!) I have liked it more than 15, 16 or 17 as a whole. (Derrick was impressive but the season was predictable) It’s torture yet fantastic to not be sure who is probably going to the F2 so close to the end.

    Paul- I REALLY want him to win but I don’t think he has been a great player. Hes the best of the 3.He has corrected mistakes along the way but has missed a couple big ones. Paul is a great talker but he never takes a breath to listen. He has missed some crucial things because of this. He should have noticed last night when Nicole was asking him if he thought the jury liked James. (That’s not chit chat Paul.) Instead of telling Nicole all week why James doesn’t deserve it, he should be telling her why he thinks the jury will give it to him. There is more to work with than “Nat has time to work the jury.” He lack the smoothness of someone who can persuade and hammers away for the brainwash method instead. He did work the jury on their way out the door but his method may have been too heavy handed to work. Some of his mouthy moves could have easily backfired. At times, he wanted to call people out so bad, he lost sight of what was to gain in the game by doing it. I am impressed he went from the bottom to the top and didn’t have to give up being the loud obnoxious guy to do it. I’m also impressed he became everyone’s buddy at one time or other and seemed fine when he had Vic and when he didn’t. (anyone who thinks he didn’t know anything about this game is crazy tho. He’s talked bb old school several times)

    Nicole-She is not a great player either. I will never be convinced she was playing all summer. Her actions and relationships back it up. I think she has very little self control. She is probably someone who (in life) does what she wants and worries about it later. I dont thinks shes a rebel, she just has no will power. She was starting to worry last night about having a shomance. She said herself that she didnt care for 90 days but now she worries because she told Hayden she wouldn’t. She mentioned telling her mom she didnt want to get in another one but was worried it would happen. (then don’t-not that complicated) I’ve heard her say to herself or Corey too many times that she needed to hang out with so and so and not do it. She would worry later that she didn’t. She didn’t invest anything in anyone. (not even James) She got lucky with a vet with his personality. She can be mad that he didn’t do much but that worked in her favor mostly. His head wasn’t in the game enough to need any reassuring from her to keep him solid. She wouldn’t be so paranoid that the jury will say she floated and Corey protected her if it wasn’t in her mind already. (notice how Paul has never considered someone will say he floated) Paulie is actually who protected her more than Corey. He ran the house right up to his exit. That bought her alot of time. A better player would have built some relationships with the women since 5 are on the jury in case the vote is close. She and Corey did turn it up when they needed to and she did have a great position with all 4 guys left in the house. She and Corey did save themselves when Nat was HOH. (production helped, not conspiracy theory, she said it) Nicole didn’t have to work for that but the part that was James’ influence can be credited to Nicole because she did have his trust. She also has Paul sold on her for F2 it seems.
    (Nicole has told Corey that most people vote for who they like every year and that’s how she voted. It’s ironic and explains why she’s so worried about the bitter vs game voting)

    James-I was trying to remember if there was a season where someone stumbled to the top more. I won’t recap his game and non game blunders. It’s redundant. People in jury do like him. If he gets to the end, we’ll see how much. It’s more fitting to mention someone else’s game when talking about James. I know Paul and Nicole are talking crap this week and you can’t read much into what the say. I did think it was amusing yesterday when they discussed how James didn’t deserve to be in F3 and Corey and Vic did. They spoke of how sad it was and it broke their hearts, blah, blah. I kept waiting for any sign of a light bulb moment from them or production to go to fish for a moment so someone could hand them a shovel. If it’s so disgraceful to them that this has happened, maybe Paul and Vic should have got out James instead of Natalie (they have said at least she competed) and maybe Nicole and Corey should have evicted James over Vic. Thwy dont think they had anything to do with him still being there. Its because there is no justice in the world or something. James may have less in his bank account than the other two (for those who feel thats a reason) but something tells me it wouldn’t be that way if he spent less on strippers and buying rounds at the bar. I do think he got a very rough start in life, he’s said he was bullied badly as a kid and has probably been trying to fit in all his life. I have compassion for him but compassion has nothing to do with Big Brother.

    • AIO_7

      Great summation, Mell; and this stands out to me, . . . .

      “She and Corey did save themselves when Nat was HOH. (production helped, not conspiracy theory, she said it) Nicole didn’t have to work for that but”. . . .

      It was so strange how that happened; GNat and SNacole had hardly exchanged a word all summer, but with one sentence by SNacole . . . “Paul is out to get you” . . .GNat flips without even any pressure from Lames, and then she let’s the cat out of the bag about Production’s persuasions. Very sketch.

      • Mell

        I agrer. It was the perfect storm. James had been pushing, Nicole made her comment and then the long DR session. 12 hours prior to that, Natalie wanted nothing to do with Nicole and believed nothing she said. That didn’t change ONLY because Nicole said “Paulie said that Paul said he was going after James.”

      • AIO_7

        Also, there was little, if any, follow up discussions between GNat and SNacole; the what, where, or why for any in depth reasoning: and no resulting bond between the two. It’s as if it was all predetermined. Very sketch.

    • Avatar

      I’ve read quite a few interviews with past players and jury members and they all said the same thing, jury members vote for who they like best. I’m not saying I agree or don’t agree, I’m just saying that’s what they all said. Nicole knows that too. She should be worried!

  7. Avatar

    This is going to be the longest 3 days ever!

  8. Mell

    Voting end at 9:59 AM tomorrow morning.
    If you want to vote in the morning, be sure to vote before midnight PACIFIC time today or it won’t let you!

  9. Helen

    Paul and Nicole in kitchen talking…..James thinks Nicole is trying to “blow up his game” so what is he doing? Well what he does best of course,he’s outside resting in the hammock! This guy is just too much!

    • Mell

      I really started leaning towards Nicole taking Paul but when she was practicing her speech, she mentions how she didn’t play emotional but says James did. She says that’s why he evicted Corey for Natalie. I get why you would slam someone sitting next to you but not on the jury. That makes me think she’s back to James. She has really gone overboard with Paul today If she isn’t taking him.

  10. Avatar

    Thanks for ur updates I have been using using since last big brother season and ur on the ball I appreciate this I dont have live feeds and like to have a heads up when it gets down to the last month or so of the season 🙂

  11. Mell

    Finally, the Nicole and James talk is happening!

  12. Alda

    If Paul doesn’t make the F2 I’ll be really pissed!.He has to win this last comp.I think Paul really believes Nicole would take him .I don’t know why he would put any faith in her at all.I just don’t get it.She is such a liar.I was just sitting here thinking if Paul doesn’t win this season and Vic doesn’t get AFP I feel like I wasted all these months for nothing! I really disliked most of these houseguests but Paul and Victor made me laugh.They really had Friendship and brought some light to a boring and childish group of people.They deserve something for keeping me awake watching BBAD.Other seasons the houseguests would talk to each other about BBAD and try to keep it interesting to watch.This gang went to bed when the show came on!!

  13. Avatar

    This is the 1st year invited for AFP. Really think Victor deserves it. I would also be okay w Day or Paul winning it because,while not always nice, they were entertaining. I feel like my 4th pick would Glen which is pretty sad since we barely got to see him.

  14. Mell

    This b**ch is driving me nuts! I had almost resigned myself to the fact that she could possibly win by telling myself that she did at least get out of bed around day 75 and play a little. She took the initiative to go to the DR and let them know they better smack some sense into Natalie because she needed some fricken’ help around here! She halfway cleaned up 1 mess she made in the house AND the poor girl has about had to suffer a heat stroke from staying under those damn covers at night!!
    I can’t tho! I can’t!
    Part of her conversation with James involves her saying that Natalie and Michelle won’t vote for her because they are bitter. She says if Michelle doesn’t vote for her, then she’s bitter. Sas she won’t lose to a bitter jury. She says she’s not ok with it.
    She goes on to say that she knows all the girls are tighter than ever, will vote together and are just bitter. She then says she didn’t do anything to any of them.
    *She also told Paul earlier that she has never done anything to Michelle.

    Look Messy Bun Barbie-You didn’t turn water into wine, you just opened the door to the BB house. So did 15 other people. Didn’t you fight tooth and nail to get rid of DaVonne and tells lies about her? Didn’t you ignore Bridgette ALL summer except when she got the evil eye from you when she gave Corey a frickin’ cookie? Didn’t you PERSONALLY nom and break the tie to evict Michelle? Haven’t you talked sh*t about Natalie ALL summer and continue to lie on her as recent as yesterday and hurt James with a lie that didn’t have any effect on your game? Z will probably vote for you but didn’t you tell Paulie every single private thing she told you that had nothing to do with game and fuel the flame for 30 minutes before sending him to the Paris room to let Z have it?

    You didn’t doooo anything to any of them tho! Guess what Oh Great Nicole, BB guru and sacred player with Derrick in 16…
    Michelle could vote for James because he had her back that last month. (In his pathetic way) She could vote for Paul because you both played well but you evicted her so tough sh*t, Paul wins that coin toss.
    Natalie-James protected her in the game so no one could fault her for thinking he played well (and she’s not that bright) She worked with Paul alot more than you because you kept trying to get rid of her.
    Da-May have already snapped, killed Paulie and be waiting on bail money and America is the last jury vote.
    Bridgette-May have got bored in jury, misses Da since she’s in prison and rolled and smoked some of Mr. Jenkins. She could be out of her mind by now.
    There are lots of reasons those women may not vote for you and they don’t have to be because you are a saint and they are bitter!! Get over yourself!

  15. Helen

    Alls I can say is a “buzzed” Nicole is very convincing that she is NOT taking James to F2.

  16. Avatar

    **Stupid random thoughts:. I remember when ,1) Hg’s weren’t allowed to go to bed until BBAD was done recording (usually 12:00). I remember them intently watching the clock waiting for the time they could go to bed. 2) I remember when they weren’t allowed to tell the person they were evicting that they were being evicted. Which always made for a more exciting eviction night. 3). I remember when they were told not to do any shout-outs when they were giving speeches otb. Now often times shout-outs are a big portion of their speeches.4). I remember when an hg broke the rules there were consequences, such as getting an extra vote.

    Stupid and probably petty but these things have just been bugging me…have they been bugging anybody else?

    • Mell

      They bug me too. Except for the sleeping, I’ve heard them mention the other stuff. I’ve heard people discuss trying to get in shout outs. Frank mentioned somebody too (can’t remember who) and said that it was crappy because BB only has 3 big rules for live shows. Shout outs- cussing-? He said and they did them when they left. I think it was Vic. (1st eviction) He gave out his twitter or something. Last season got on my nerves and they were idiots but with candy fights, cooking shows and pot ball, they did at least try to entertain us. Houseguests get at chance at 500k by napping, playing some games and hanging out at the pool. I don’t think it’s wrong for us to be able to say “dance monkeys.”

    • g8trgrl4life

      I fondly remember the good old days. But.. I also remember battle of the block and am thankful that it’s been laid to rest.

  17. jimbo

    With the girls that are in the jury house, I can’t blame Z for sticking with Paulie and being in “Paulieland.” Really. Those girls were excruciatingly hard to take this year. I hated Vanessa last season, but at least she played the game hard and smart. She was one that was fun to “hate.” Brig was so stupid, she didn’t listen to Frank’s exiting advice of sticking with Paulie, and instead blew him up. And how did that help her exactly?! It didn’t, she was out within two weeks of that brilliant move.

  18. Avatar

    OMG Paul calling Nicole Velma from Scooby Doo when she lost her glasses……hilarious!

  19. Mell

    Too bad James doesn’t know how to help himself. When Nicole waneed to know ways he helped her, he said he had her back in secret. Why didn’t he mention putting up Frank and Bridgette when she was terrified of Frank staying? Frank wasn’t after James. He should have mentioned convincing Natalie to put up Paul and Vic, voting out Vic over Corey, giving her the hoh that sent Michelle home and throwing away his deal with Paul and Vic to work with them. It seems to me James has put in almost as much work for Nicoles game as Nicole has.
    If she wins and doesn’t take him, I hope just once she will say “it’s because I think you will win.” She always has to have a reason that doesn’t make sense. When she was saying she was upset that he evicted Corey yesterday, I was lIke huh? She rembers she was the only other choice, right?.

    • Helen

      Mell. …I think she IS taking James…listen to her in bathroom at 10:10 pm last night

      • Mell

        Crap, I haven’t got that far! I’ll listen.

      • Helen

        I think what she is doing is telling Paul all this. No way I’d take James and actually sounding convincing so he is less inclined to be as intent on winning this last round. If he thinks she is taking him 100% maybe he won’t be thinking he HAS to win it to save himself?
        Much as I don’t think James deserves ANY money, I think Nicole deserves to take that walk of shame Wednesday night and become the last member of jury more!

      • Mell

        Thumbs up was for the info, not that it’s good news. Lol

      • Mell

        Helen, I’m with you. I can’t believe I feel this way but I would rather James win than Nicole. I really would. James sets a bad example for future players to throw everything and chase a girl but when I thought about it, is she much better? She went stupid over a guy, was protected by Paulie, Corey, even James, Paul and Vic at times. If we’re thinking of future players, those arn’t the women I want to see play. She’s too entitled and if James wins over her maybe people will see its dangerous to take a “James” to the end in the future.

      • Helen

        I couldn’t agree more Mell. When you really think about it what James said last night actually makes sense. Is NOT doing anything actually a strategy on his part? I mean he is in final 3 because no one perceives him as any kind of a threat. He is just Lame James bungling his way to final 2.

  20. Mell

    Here’s something on a lighter note. After I had my “messy bun barbie” rant last night, I’ve pulled myself together.

    Who else is hoping production doesnt say anything to them on Monday about the finale? They still think it’s on Tuesday. It will be funny if Paul puts on all his leather and Nicole breaks out the white sandals, they sit around for a while and have to take it back off.
    *I don’t know why Nicole has talked about her finale clothes so much. When it was finally revealed, (insert drum roll here) it’s the red and white checked thing she has on for the shows intro. Haven’t we seen that 3x a week all summer? Never cared.

  21. ShoeLover

    Hi yall, I know it’s been 4EVER since I’ve been on, but I have been watching and reading every day!! I PROMISE!!!

    I don’t have anything to add because yall have said it all but….

    I want a shirt that’s has “PISSED” across the chest then only a fuzzy outline of Paul’s beard under it!!!



  22. Avatar

    Steve asked why BB is never nominated for an Emmy. While BB has a super loyal fan base, the show itself does not necessarily appeal to the general audience. First and foremost the time commitment is intense. The majority of reality shows that air in the fall and spring take place over weeks not months. People are busy in the summer and having to commit to watching a show three times a week is just not how they want to spend their summer nights. Second, the BB cast tends to skew young and their antics may not be that appealing to the older end of the 18-49 demo over a 3 month period. The show has also greatly moved away from the original concept. Rules change almost every season. Twists fall flat. Production obviously infers. Casting of vulgar houseguests especially Season 16 is also just not that entertaining. With that being said, it no wonder that ratings have continued to drop. This season is tracking even lower than the last regardless of what this cast seems to think. Hopefully CBS will recognize this and bring the show back to its roots. If it doesn’t paying houseguests stipends and giving away at least $550,000 in cash combined with viewership slipping lower and lower each season might lead the network to decide that the show is no longer cost effective and cancel it altogether.

  23. Avatar

    I think Nicole would win against James.
    I believe Da, Z, Paulie, Vic, and Paul would vote for Nicole.
    Brid, Mich, and Nat would vote for James.

  24. Mell

    Random tidbits from last night:
    Paul REALLY needs to stop telling Nicole that Vic is over the game and isn’t upset with her! James loses more of his appeal to her if she thinks Vic’s vote is lost either way! He’s done it a lot. Why can’t he see that?

    James doesn’t have a chance with Paul but if he thinks he does, maybe he should stop trying to one up Paul. (tattoos, beer, wine, everything) James seemed so uncomfortable last night hearing Nicole and Paul talk about how Corey picked up Paul’s lingo and how much tslk Nicole and Paul have had this summer. He didn’t like Nicole telling Paul how people would have Pablo’s, how Paul is probably very popular with fans and that she and Corey should dress as Paul and Vic for Halloween. (Not that I think they will be together then but that was a cute idea) James will vote for Nicole even if she is the one to evict him. He still hates Paul.

    Nicole b***h alert: She told James that Natalie probably got a family segment and that would explain James’ zing. (about Nats family hating him) It sincerely bothered him and she kept turning the knife.

    Derricks dad isn’t only the person James said would be at the finale as his “person,” he told Nicole that’s who he listed as his emergency contact. That’s actually kind of sad. (for once, that wasn’t sarcasm)

    Nicole wants a tattoo that says “love stinks.”

    I’m starting to feel sorry for James. What the hell is wrong with me? I know better! This isn’t my first rodeo either!

  25. Shivani33

    There’s only one reason that I think Nicole would keep Paul, if she gets to do the choosing. That would be if she thinks James would get more jury votes & beat her that way. She’s worked her jury talk into saying how hard she went at it all during the game to stay in the house and how James doesn’t deserve the win because of what a non-player he is. She will talk about how James threw comps and concentrated on his showmance while she strategized. James was a nonfactor and she was key in everyone else’s fate in the game, had only one ride-or die partner but aligned herself with the right people every week until she became the last one standing. She’s a superfan who played her heart out and took risks, while James did nothing. I think this is her plan for how to gain votes from James -to demolish him in her speech and during jury questions. She will explain that she sometimes might have seemed to just stick with Corey, but this was her cover, her safe space, and never once did she stop strategizing and only laid low to keep the target off her back. And it worked! She went through nearly the entire game without even being nominated. This could be her best jury tactic.

    Paul is more of a wild card to guess what his jury votes would be, and she can’t figure out an effective way to discredit him and to make herself look like the better choice to win. She might act as if she’d choose Paul over James for F2 and be claiming that she wants to beat the best and not the “floater,” but IF she convinces herself that she can demoralize James as a nonplayer, why bother? I still think that Paul has to win the final comp to make it to the jury.

    Paul is more of a wild card, even in terms of jury votes, and Nicole can’t say that he did nothing, which seems to be Nicole’s chosen jury point to make about voting for her over James.

    • Mell

      When she talked about the James stuff while she practiced is when I thought she was taking James. I can see her saying that if he’s beside her but it didn’t make sense to me if he was getting ready to vote. Lol
      She’s got James’ vote if she evicts him imo but she could lose Paul’s. That’s the other reason I thought she might take James.

  26. Shivani33

    Excuse me for the repetitive last paragraph tagged onto the end. Too bad there is no way to edit comments, or it would not appear.

  27. Alda

    I just finished watching BBAD from last night and came away thinking Nicole will take Paul.I hope I’m right.I still want Paul to win part 3 of course.I did laugh aloud for the first time in a loooong time watching a drunk Nicole.The three of them were hilarious!Butt naked Paul was too much!!!

  28. Avatar

    Taking Paul would be the riskier move for Nicole.
    Da might respect him for getting her out.
    Paulie may vote for his bro and whoever Paulie votes for Z will vote for.
    Victor will vote for Paul.

    If she takes Paul the only guaranteed vote I see for her is Corey.

    Who knows how Mich, Nat, and Bridg would vote. They want a newbie to win. One that has had to fight all season.

  29. Mell

    More from BBAD last night:
    All 3 are hanging in the backyard with wine. Everytime J goes in house, P/N bash him. N relays some of her convo to P that she had with J. (She has an attitude from the wine and embellishes some but some is true) They are insulting each other when all 3 are there. (just in fun) P says N has dentures and that she looks like vomit. It’s that kind of stuff.
    J is going in and out basically being a servant for N and P. He’s bringing snacks and making them a pizza. N and P thank him.and J makes a comment about needing to kiss their asses. (this James is funny when he’s just got a sense of humor without trying too hard)
    N saya she called up Johnny Mac 3 weeks before she came on the show and went off on him because he listed her as one of his least favorite players on his bio last year. You can tell she just cant accept why he was almost AFP and doesnt like J pointing out how close it was. (She has said she broke up with Hayden in February but when she made the call, she said she was out one night with Andy (15 winner) and Hayden. It makes more sense now why she promised Hayden she wouldn’t get in a shomance with anyone.)

    N isn’t missing any opportunity throw shade at J either. I already mentioned the stuff about Natalies family and the zing he got. (There is a very different vibe than joking when she is talking to J tonight)
    J is saying that he doesn’t know why his bio said last year that Victoria was his favorite player. N asks him if he’s trying to be Victoria. He tells her no and that he didn’t put that on his bio. (Just a guess-he got confused and mixed up “favorite” with “would like to sleep with”)
    J-“I really like Victoria… she calls me all the time, we talk.” P-“Does she really? Victoria?” J-“yeah”
    Paul”Daaannggg” N-“She calls everyone.”
    J looks at ground and then gives Victoria a shout out. P and N shout out to Frankie (yuck) and N thinks the camera has turned away. J says its on him and asks who he should mention. N just says “I don’t know. Is the pizza almost done?”
    As they all head in for pizza N asks J if he likes Victoria as a person or as a player. (he has already said it’s as a person but she wants him to insult her game-N has said before she is very good friends with Victoria but would rather J insult her on tv than let it go)
    J stammers and doesn’t want to answer. N says “like if she won, would you be happy?” J-“I’d be happy if anybody won who got to the end. You made it.” P-“that’s true.” N-“mmmmmmmmm”
    They begin talking over each other and N gets louder and more hugh pitched. J saying its a controversial subject. (I bet) P is says come on now, come on now and N is saying no,no,no,no,no,no.
    J points out if someone made it to the end they did something right basically. N is more annoyed and says that if you are a bb super fan, you will noooot vote for someone who did not work their butt off. N asks J if he is alright voting for someine who was draaagggged to the end. J says “well ok, that may be the case. She says she will neeevvvveeer vote for anyone who did nothing. J is trying to convince her that doing nothing IS something and it can sometimes be a strategy. N tells him it’s not a strategy a super fan would ever respect. P agrees with her.

    Paul get called out for not washing his hands after using the bathroom. He says he only touched his weiner, he didn’t touch his a**. They laugh at him for getting called out and it really breaks the tension.

    • AIO_7

      J-“I really like Victoria… she calls me all the time, we talk.” P-“Does she really? Victoria?”

      This is another lame Lames lie.

    • Mell

      Update on Johnny Mac story:
      He must have heard about Nicole talked about it last night. He said on twitter that his version of the story was the bar they were at when she called was so loud he couldn’t make out what she was saying and he thought she was nice and called to say hi. Lol

  30. Shivani33

    I hope that Paul wins Part 3 and gets to choose what happens next. It could be that both Paul and Nicole are saying what each thinks the other wants to hear. Both have been blowing plenty of smoke, and I’m questioning whether either of them feel loyal to one another or are showing their real intentions at all. There are no unarguable conclusions and no certainties, so it’s not over ’til it’s over.

  31. caRyn

    I am watching BBAD now and 4 minutes into the show Nicole is talking to James about her game. She said she got this far by talking to people, not just sitting back doing nothing.

  32. Mell

    James was listening thru a crack in the door to Nicole and Paul outside. They were discussing votes and practicing speeches but he may have over heard a talk about them being the final two and James not being deserving. If he didn’t catch on yesterday, he may have have had the “aha” moment today.

  33. Alda

    Do they still think tomorrow is the finale?

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