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It’s that time of the week, for the pointless veto competition to be played out which will result in nothing other than rearranging chairs on the Titanic (too soon?). When I thought there was a chance that Nicole and Corey were going to stick with the final 4 alliance, I had a bunch of different scenarios that could happen today which may change the flow of power. Assuming James went on the block, 2 of the 5 remaining people had the power to shake things up.  If James won, Paul or Victor were guaranteed to go home (without the bitterness). If the person not nominated won and pulled off his buddy, Nicole would be sitting there next to James.

Now? No matter who wins, Victor or Paul will be going home. The only thing that can change that is a flip in strategy by Nicole and Corey, but that won’t happen.  They fired the shot, and you can’t put the bullet back in the chamber (is that the right term?). Anyway, the scenarios that follow are this:

  • If James, Nicole or Corey win veto – Noms stay the same
  • If Paul or Victor win veto – they take themselves off, James goes up, but Nicole and Corey have the vote/tiebreaker to do what they want

That’s it.  The only thing now is to find out which one of the bromance is going to jury first….


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  • 2:40pm – Feeds have been down for the veto comp for about an hour+.  There is no telling how long they can be down. If it’s the comic book challenge, we’re looking at many more hours
  • 5:20pm – Took a nap, feeds still down.
  • 6:10pm – Feeds still down
  • 6:20pm – Feeds back.  It does look like the comic book competition.
    • nicole-pov
    • Nicole won the PoV!
    • If they stick to the plan, noms will remain the same and Victor will go home this week. There is a very small chance that they can send James home, but it’s really unlikely.
    • It was indeed the comic book challenge.  Corey’s had Nicole in it with something to the effect of ‘kiss your ass goodbye’
    • Victor approached Nicole and gives her a dip hug. He says he can’t be mad at her forever.  I guess it’s time to start kissing butt
  • 6:30pm – Nicole has been walking around looking for her mic, only to realize it was already on
    • Anyway, need to finish up my homework. I’ll have the feeds on the background and if anything exciting happens, I’ll be posting!
    • Let’s get a poll, first.
[poll id=”30″]
  • 8:00pm – The guys are sitting around the table talking about movies
  • 8:30pm – Victor decided to give Nicole a scare…
    • victor-nicole

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  1. Helen

    Well you know Vic is going to give it all he’s got…
    I really don’t understand the strategy lately though on some of t these people. Michelle and Natalie both just tucked their tails between their legs and went quietly off to jury. Now Paul and Vic are doing the same. Do you think it would affect how James might look at nicorey if the knew Corey gave Vic the bribe for final 4 and to vote out Michelle? Would Corey look at James differently if he knew James and Paul had a huge part in getting paulie Out? There.is just so much that Vic could do to maybe change things and I don’t get the reasoning why not?

    • Avatar

      NO, their minds would not change bevause…
      – getting Vic is the right move competition wise he can bring it
      – James knew without the bribe that Nicorey stabbed him and Natalie in the back
      – Corey was enlightened not long after the Hoh mom’s that James, Paul and Vic were the reason he was on the block next to Paulie
      – Had it not been for jealously, Paulie flirting and making FT comments, and Victor being one of Natalie’s first option for a showmance and some Peer pressure to ‘bounce checks’ getting Frank out, all of which caused James to get some blood on his hands, James would have never made a move whatsoever up to this point this summer and now is not the time even if he did have power.

      Besides trying to not be so loyal and try and bus drive Paul (which nobody would buy or really care) there is nothing Vic can do.

  2. Avatar

    This maybe a dumb question but why won’t James work with Paul and victor of he wins veto? Hey one of them down so Nicole has to go up and they have two votes to get her out. By nominating Paul and victor I’m sure nicorey have burnt their bridges…..

    I read the blogs but don’t watch the feeds so I maybe missing something.

    • Avatar

      It would not be in James’ best interest. Victor is a strong competitor and had already named James as a target, not to mention James and Corey are pals. And he knows, or should know that if he were to somehow pull out a final two that his best shot at winning is against Corey (who people see as having floated) or Nicole (who has her share of bitterness in the jury). Paul’s game all season has been to stay below the radar in terms of angering jury members and Victor gets props for being a beast and if he were to make it to final two is definitely the most deserving.

  3. Avatar

    Praying that Victor doesent win. I like him, but I want Paul to stay more.

  4. Avatar

    This peobably will not happen but I would love to see James win the POV and pull Vic down. Then Corey would have to put Nicole up. Vic and James could get Nicole out. That would really stir up the house!

  5. danmtruth

    Nichole and Corey are looking at votes in the jury house How when ask what “BIG ” moves they made in the game This is what they will point to That and take credit for things other people did It will sound a lot likes Andy’s answer the year he won I stood in the back ground and let other people make moves The other factor is who they think they can beat this week for HoH So that makes James the perfect person to drag along

    • Shivani33

      Now, Andy Herren’s win didn’t get me doing any happy dance. Grrrrowll! Thanks for reminding me. In some weird way, it’s cheered me up to recall living through Professor Rat’s season and being annoyed and disappointed when he won. Goody for him. Now I can use his victory to lighten up if another suckhead wins BB18.

  6. CLangley

    I don’t understand why Vic wouldn’t go to Nicole with all the stuff Corey says behind her back and try to use that as ammo to split them apart in case he gets to stay.

    • caRyn

      Nicole wouldn’t believe it. Plus, Victor and Paul are waiting until after veto to figure out what is next. Paul knows the target is Victor. Paul is reserved because his options are limited.

    • Alda

      I thought the same thing.I think James was around for some of Corey’s conversations too.Come on Vic let her know Corey is dumping her bun!

    • Shivani33

      Paul might be more suited for busting Corey, with Victor as backup. He can bring on the sarcasm and talk circles around everybody else in the house. Tell her that Corey said he’s waiting to get her drunk at the after party so he can get away from her and check out sexier, better-looking women, like he usually dates. Tell her Corey has told all the men all along that he’s not serious about her and was in on plans to evict her. Give details and tell her to wake up. Tell her Corey only loves Corey…and Paulie.

      At the same time, how about calling out Nicole and James for their cute little secret alliance and telling Corey that he’s going to be dumped? That those two will never take him to F2, so be a man and go into the final countdown with the bros, because he’s getting played by the vets, and soon he’ll be kicking himself. Remind him that he already has a mother and won’t like Snackole bossing him around. And she will. There’s plenty of fuel for one helluva house meeting. In my dreams…

  7. Avatar

    Actually there is another scenario that would work awesome. If james won veto pulled Vic off then Nicole took his place, she would definitely go home because the votes would be Vic and James. Man that would really stir up the house. …

  8. danmtruth

    @clangley i’m not sure it would make a difference to Nichole She feels her best chance to win is to be sitting next to Corey and James

  9. caRyn

    Corey said Victor isn’t good at this game. If not, why is he Corey’s target Victor?!

    • Helen

      Corey talks big..when he was last HOH he gave this long talk on camera on how he wants to take Vic to final 4 cause he thinks he is better and stronger than Vic and how he would rather sit next to a strong player at the end. Hahaha. Yeah right Corey,you are such a loser you need to take two of the weakest to final 3 just so you have at least a chance!! Give me a break….corey,you ARE the weakest link!

    • Helen

      Revenge for Paulie but he won’t admit it.

    • caRyn

      True and because Victor has mentioned so many times about his accolades in this game, Corey knew he wouldn’t win against Victor when it got to jury votes.

      Correction – leave out “he” in my above comment.

  10. caRyn

    There shouldn’t be anymore twist. As much as there has been speculation that this game has been rigged for Corey to win, the same could go for Victor if there is another twist in the game.

  11. Avatar

    James needs to flip to further has game. Best case scenario is James wins veto and takes Vic/Paul down only replacement is Nicole. Nicole goes home. Can’t James see Nicole is the snake. If that happens I won’t miss an episode and would love it. James please win veto and use it.

    • caRyn

      James can lay low to the end and not win any comps and be F3.

      • Helen

        Yes but why is he happy with 3rd place? I would rather take my chances and be 50000 dollars richer than going out 3rd with nothing.

      • caRyn

        James could be F3 without winning a comp and the other hg fight it out and take James to F2 without James having to do anything. James might have a better chance of winning that way then making a bold move at this point. Plus, what if James isn’t good at comps and what if he really hasn’t been throwing them?

      • Mell

        James would actually walk away with more money coming in 3rd as long as he get AFP. He is convinced he’s getting. That’s why I don’t think he cares.

    • Colby

      That would be best case scenario for Victor, but not for James.
      They all know they won’t win against Victor in F2, so they have to take the shot when they can.

    • Avatar

      Wouldn’t he just be backing the bromance to break up the showmance? I must say blindsides are always fun. And James does like to turn things upside down whenever possible. It would be The Execs again! Paulie would be thrilled.

  12. Helen

    I could not vote for Corey…..ever….game aside any human being that sets a defenseless animal on fire for s##ts and giggles AND thinks it’s funny is disgusting.

  13. danmtruth

    Sorry Jude but I never remember James doing anything to shake up the game In both season he always talk about big moves Yet when push came to shove he never did James is the dont rock the boat Go along with what ever the house wants poster child

    • Avatar

      Re season 17 — Remember the HOH comp which resulted in a HOH for James. Shelli dropped out after James promised not to put up Shelli and her Clay. Deal made. Shelli dropped. James put up Clay and Shelli.
      James was totally behind V/P on the block when Nat and Meech co-hoh’d. Nat was never directly ordered what to do but was constantly reminded of who is the biggest threat in the house /who she couldn’t beat. This is how James turns things up.
      In season 17 didn’t he make some crazy promises while crossing his fingers behind his back? Something about it wouldn’t count as a lie? He is sneaky.

  14. Avatar

    Is Corey really using Nicole and plans on dumping her after the game? I haven’t seen anything on BBAD. Is it on the feed and CBS is not showing it?

    • Colby

      Yes, he keeps talking about getting her drunk at the wrap party and then ditching her to go pick up girls, and how he isn’t ready for a relationship, and about doing promo tours with he guys and all the girls they will get, etc., etc.
      He has zero interest in having a relationship with her outside the house.
      He has used her for his game the entire time.
      He is a scum bag.

      • CLangley

        Yep and he’s also said he’s not getting into anything serious until he’s 35 or 40 yrs old. He also brought up the fact he prefers brunettes and has never dated a blonde. He said he won’t date anyone unless he likes them more than he likes his dog and said so far he hasn’t found anyone. He’s being such a douche and she doesn’t even know it.

      • Avatar

        Colby & CLangley
        In Reality…VICTOR is the one who has a Crush on Nicole, Imvho…

  15. Avatar

    Corey isn’t using Nicole. He just won’t be dating her afterwards. Ironically the smartest way for him to get out of the situation unscathed is to propose to Nicole on finale night. She’ll say no, he’ll look like the sweetest guy ever and he’ll be out of that whole deal… Evil genius move.

  16. Avatar

    I’m so glad other people are noticing the crap Corey says about Nicole and women in general. He’s so much like Paulie it’s disgusting. He knows how Nicole feels and he’s using her for sex. I read on jokers he was telling James how a girl who was a ‘6’ tried hitting on him. And how he doesn’t want to settle down until he’s 35-40 (which is fine) but basically said he hadn’t found a girl worthy of him yet. Like c’mon dude, gtfo of here with your crazy eyes. His personality makes him extremely unattractive.

    • Avatar

      Corey is almost like his Best Bud…Paulie in regards to Women?! That is why I don’t understand for the love of Gawd why Zakiyah has gone back to Paulie?! That Dude Dogged her our Royally!!! ! Hate to say this about Zaki, but she is Whipped when it comes to SEX…Smdh.

      • caRyn

        I believe Corey and Paulie are very similar when it comes to how they treat females they are involved with. If Nicole left before Corey there is no telling what all Corey would say about Nicole. I don’t know that it would be as bad as the things Paulie said about Zakiyah, but I bet Corey would say a few things that the world shouldn’t hear.

  17. caRyn

    Nicole not understanding why Victor is upset/hurt being OTB is nonsense. Nicole gets upset/hurt by catty talk.
    Behind closed doors, when Nicole and Corey are alone, they try to convince one another on why it was a good idea to put Victor and Paul OTB together and how it is good for their game. It is odd that they are trying to convince one another. It is a game. They didn’t do anything wrong.

  18. Avatar

    I think James’s best move is to let vic/paul one of them leave. That way he can try to team up with whoever is left. I think people will vote for Nicole over everyone except Vic. Just because everyone Hates her yet she still made it to the end. They’re bitter now, bUT I could see them eventually voting her for the win. Because corey and James haven’t done anything….

    • Avatar

      Only problem with that is that James & Nicole have had an Alliance since before they came into the House! James is Loyal to a Fault, & he won’t team up with Vic or Paul, whereas Nicole is not so Loyal, she will be taking Corey to the end!…James has already said that he will be happy going out 3rd!

      • Helen

        That makes no sense . I mean why bother to come back for a second season to be happy leaving 3rd? Is he really that much of a tool?

  19. Alda

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye sweet Victor!

  20. Shivani33

    I think Natalie went into the jury house and said, “well, Nicole got what she wanted. She helped backstab every other woman in the game, so she could be the only one girl left.” Bridgette can say, “you are so right! We’ve all heard of the anti-Christ, and Nicole’s the anti-feminist from the dark ages. As women, we can’t respect her with any votes.” Natalie: “I know the answer to this, everybody. Vote for Jamesey!” High kicks and cartwheels. Paulie:” You bitches are so dumb. Corey’s my Man.”

  21. Mell

    Well, this sucks! I was hoping Vic would get some revenge next week. Instead, he will be in jury. I’m running out of people. If Paul leaves next, the only thing I have to hope for is that the next week and a half goes by quickly!

  22. Avatar

    Son of a bitch!! I so wanted Victor to take this to the end. I’m done watching now. I cannot fathom watching Dumbass Corey, Snake Nicole or Mooch James win this game.

  23. Mell

    I have 3 main concerns going forward.
    1. Paul not making it till the end.
    2. James wins and future players copy his game style.
    3. The women in jury are forgiving and decide next week would be a good time to start preaching “girl power” again and vote for Nicole to win.

    • Avatar

      That is an Issue, and I believe Paul, without Vic won’t make it to the end…We will have the folks who Laid up all Summer, & Road their Alliances Coattails to the end, Corey, Nicole, & James…But between the 2 Vets, only one will make it to the end! Nicole knows there is a Jury House Full of Voters who will not Vote for her, so she will bring Corey.

  24. Helen

    For some reason I still believe that Nicole and James have a final 2. I don’t think she has any plan to take Corey to F2…..which is kinda ok with me cause if that’s true Vic will win AFP

  25. Shivani33

    Corey is pissed that everyone else had their own comic, but his comic was Nicole and featured her butt. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Mell

      Well, we know how the rest of the night will go. Nicole-Coreeeeey,are you maaadddd?
      Corey-No Nicole
      Nicole-You seem maaadddd. You had the best one and you should be prouddddd. Want to cuddle?

  26. Alda

    Mell,you just made me vomit in my mouth.What will BBAD be without Victor?

  27. Mell

    They are still arguing over that damn comic and what it meant! Paul is fanning the flame a little. I hope he keeps it up. I wish Vic would have stayed mad longer. He’s already hugged Nicole, kissed her forehead and told her he forgives her.

    • Avatar

      @ Mell
      Dang…I love that Guy! Victor really changed after His First Eviction! Vic was a Straight Shooter, he did not BS anyone about them being the Target, he was Honest, Humble, & Gracious…So sad that he will be out, and the Folks that literally laid up all Summer will Win?! Its just too bad that he didn’t put James, or Nicole/Corey OTB when he won HOH.

      Don’t forget to Vote Vic for APF, when Voting opens up

      • Mell

        Me too. I like them both and for totally different reasons. I really hope Vic gets AFP and if Paul doesn’t make it, I hope he goes out with a bang. He probably won’t tho. Paul can’t stand James and I dont see him acting crazy without an audience. I don’t mean that as an insult. It just wouldn’t be as effective.

    • Avatar

      Can someone tell me what was going on with the poster with Corey and Nichole?

  28. Avatar

    They had this on joker. Nicole thinking Corey’s comic was somehow insinuating that he was going to leave Nicole after the season is over.Wonders out loud if Corey is secretly slamming her in DR. Corey denies it.

  29. Avatar

    Well Nicole won the Veto, and its 100% that Victor is going to Jury this time for sure…I think when Victor was Angry the other day after coming out of the DR, I think they told him that he was going OTB, & going to Jury?! So sad for Vic, he really deserved to win the Game, he & Paul Played the WHOLE Season, not just the Last half of the Season. Cory is a Wealthy Dude & he laid up all Summer, James got all wrapped up in a Showmance, and so did Nicole…But those 2 Boys Played their Asses of, & were Entertaining to Boot! 🙁

    Don’t forget when AFP voting starts, to vote for Victor. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Well, you can’t deny that Nicole has definitey played this game well.(BLASPHEMY!!!) I think her or Paul deserve to win this game as of now. Victor definitely played his game well, Nicole I think played the game better though.

  30. Helen

    Corey really is clueless if he thinks Nicole is taking him to final two over James……..

  31. jimbo

    Stevebeans, with all your power and sway with CBS (haha), why don’t you propose this (brilliant) change to the POV. Instead of the HOH being able to select the new nominee if someone wins veto and takes themselves off the block, let the veto winner pick the new nominee! OR, after winning POV, the POV winner gets to select from a hat (50-50 chance) of HOH OR POV winner selecting the replacement. Don’t you see how this would energize an otherwise sometimes boring POV? If a nominee could pick his/her replacement, the drama and stakes would intensify! Thoughts? We could humbly call it the JIMBO rule (ha ha, J/K).

  32. CLangley

    Is it just me or does Corey look like Ren from Ren and Stimpy??

  33. Avatar

    What really upsets me about Big Brother is how Production Manipulates the out come of the Game for who they want to Win. Everybody I know Voted for Victor to win the Care Package that Corey got…NOBODY really “Likes” Corey?! I could say the same about the Care Package that Nicole won also, she was going to Jury, if she didn’t win her CP!!!Corey was also given the Instructions to win the Last HOH, I miss the days of Big Brother when the DR, & Production didn’t mess with the Game & the Gamers, BB was PURE BACK THEN

    • Helen

      Exactly….it’s like right now….there is absolutly no reason to even bother watching. We all already know the outcome. Nicole won’t use POV. Vic is going to jury. Blah blah blah. What is the point?
      Next week either Nicole will win HOH or James will have a miraculous win and Paul will go home.
      Can’t wait for survivor and amazing race. I’m sure production does their fair share of meddling but at least they are not so blatant about it……

  34. Avatar

    I would rather Nicole take James to final 2. But I worry when the time comes she will be more concerned losing Corey. Agree with comments above, guys should spill beans about Corey wanting to ditch Nicole right away.

  35. Mell

    I don’t want it to be true but I actually think Nicole could have the votes against Corey, James or Paul. There are some obvious assumptions here but if it’s
    * Nicole vs James-
    Nicole has Corey, Paulie, and Zakiyah
    She could fairly easily have Vic and Paul (I don’t think they will stay bitter. Vic really likes Nicole and Paul can’t stand James)
    She could have DaVonne (if she votes for game play and I can see that)
    Bridgette may not automatically vote for James because of Natalie and she’s hung up on a girl winning.
    *Nicole vs Corey-
    I think she gets DaVonne, Bridgette, Natalie and James.
    She could get Vic and Paul. It’s a long shot but I wouldn’t rule out Paulie with the Cody connection.
    *Nicole vs Paul-
    She probably gets DaVonne, Zakiyah, James, Natalie, Corey, Paulie. I wouldn’t rule out Bridgette (girl thing again) or even Michelle as crazy as that sounds. (Michelle doesn’t like Nicole or Paul and Selfishly she may think she can get some notoriety helping someone win who lives nearby. Hell, she may even stalk and try to be Nicoles friend again)
    There are enough “maybes” that she may already have the 500K. I’m depressed and going to bed now. Hope I wake up to alot of thumbs down and people showing me how this won’t happen! Good night guys.

    • Colby

      I have my doubts about her getting Natalie’s vote. She was pretty bitter towards Nicole and I’m not sure she will have been in jury long enough to get over that yet. Maybe against Corey, but probably not against Paul.
      Bridgette may vote against James because he sent Frank home, but she may have been in jury long enough to get over that and they did work together to get Paulie out.

    • caRyn

      You have Paulie and Zakiyah voting the same. I can see them voting together for the same person.

  36. Alda

    Victor and Paul on THE AMAZING RACE! That ‘s my wish.

  37. Avatar

    Aaaahhh. I don’t want Corey to win BB because Paulie will be so thrilled. His ego twisted brain will have him taking most of the credit for win even though he has been sitting in jury house for weeks.

  38. Shivani33

    Corey has got to be thinking about how Nicole told him that she might have to cut him for a Final 2 with James, as well as whether he thinks he can beat her or thinks his odds are better against James or even Paul – presuming that Victor is evicted. Corey just might turn on her before the after party. On the other hand, she might become more attractive to him despite her whining and bossy-boots personality if she’s the new cash cow.

    Sometimes he strikes me as being the bigger snake in the grass between the two of them, especially when she keeps telling him, “Coreeeey, calm down!” He doesn’t appreciate it at all when she says that, and it’s become a routine already. He has said that when he’s on his meds, he is much more of a hustler and talks a lot more, loves to mingle. What will Nicole do then? Duct tape him into a closet with a padlock? They’ll turn into Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne before Christmas.

  39. Helen

    These people make absolutely no sense whatsoever….talking about who is the bigger threat in mental comps. Oh Vic. He’s a comp beast….next breath Nicole is saying oh I don’t want to be sitting next to Paul in F2. He is Super intelligent..way more intelligent than Vic!! DUH……..you just said from here on out its pretty much mental comps!!!
    How do you spell dumb? Nicolejamescorey?

    • Shivani33

      We spell it Paul is Snackole’s next project, I guess. Or maybe she’s ready to trade in Borey for Vic, even though she’s said he’s not her type. But Corey’s going on the Bachelor to shop around and then back to Texas to plan his plantation while he drinks mint juleps at his country club. Victor might be starting to look like a young Errol Flynn right about now.

  40. danmtruth

    My only hope now is for Paul to win the HoH As I see Nichole James voting Vic out He is to big of a comp beast
    Now we get to watch James Corey and Nichole perform mental masturbation on each other Telling each other how great they all are How smart they are How honest they are How they deserve this because they played the game so much better than anyone else

  41. Avatar

    Those hugs have been frequent and long, I think Victor has the secret sweets for Nicole

  42. Shivani33

    @Helen I think that Victor is more likely to go, and that has been what Corey prefers. Nicole just wants Paul to go right after, so she can keep James. Sometimes Corey expresses irritation about how James throws comps and doesn’t pull his own weight. I think that he has more respect for Paul and likes him more than James. So Nicole keeps stressing that Paul is too smart to keep and to never mind James.

  43. Avatar

    Can someone please enplain to me on the after dark this. Randomly a voice comes over loud speaker and will say something like….Corey you cannot talk about production. Yet whoever is being called out acts like nothing was just announced and goes back to talking. I never see them laugh or say…what did I say? Its confusing to me!

  44. Avatar

    I know this sounds really bad but I don’t know how much more watching Corey’s eyes I can take..

    Just totally gives me the creeps the way they shift around and bug out.

    • Avatar

      I would like to evict Paul’s beard and Nicoles floppy hairdo.

    • Avatar

      oh joy, now I find that he shares the same birthday as I do….

      Halloween, that explains his shifty eyes… lol

      • Colby

        I guess that explains why last night he said he didn’t understand why prod kept going on about Christmas being his favorite holiday because Halloween is actually his favorite.

      • Mell

        He’s going to hate his edit being portrayed as stupid and he had 1 conversation about christmas and cbs ran with it. He wasn’t happy last night with his comic being about Nicole either. Didn’t he also get annoyed that his zing was about a shomance? I thought he said it was more about Nicole than himself?

  45. Helen

    James has a much better chance going to final 2 with Victor than staying with Nicole and Corey. By staying with them he will come out 3rd (unless he has F2 with Nicole which I don’t think she will honor). He told Vic and Paul tonight he would be happy with 50000. If he can somehow convinced Nicole to keep Vic and makes a final 2 with him I think Vic would remain loyal. I don’t think Paul would is why I say Vic plus I think Vic could win in F3 to take him.

    • Mell

      I thought the same thing. I’ve gone back and forth on Nicoles plan. She has even told Corey that she couldn’t take him to the end but I couldn’t tell if she was serious. If I was Corey, I wouldn’t go to 3 with some I didn’t have a chance of getting to take me to 2. They want Vic gone and these conversations about not being sure are fake imo. James may have lost to Vic but bit he won’t even get there with Paul.

  46. Helen

    I could be wrong but I think that Nicole and Corey may have actually put themselves in a poor position. Next HOH it will be James Nicole and Paul playing. James probably won’t win so that leaves Nicole to pull it off. Otherwise Paul has guaranteed final 3. Then depending on who Paul puts up either James Nicole or Corey will go to jury. No way out…..

  47. Mell

    I didn’t turn on after dark untill thus morning so this may be old news. Does anyone else think Nicole has now decided she is doing the directing and scripts for the show along with being the favorite houseguest of cbs? She had a conversation with James about who to keep. You can tell she is throwing out lines. (almost like they do in dr) She had a wierd smirk while saying the stuff. She had a stupid talk with Corey after he won HOH also. Corey was confused and she told him she needed to say stuff to have for footage or something like that. I’ve seen James do that a few times this season. The show is bad enough but if feeds and after dark are going to be scripted too, I may as well watch Law & Order reruns.

    • Avatar

      very interesting
      hadn’t watched yet
      Tell me what James did?

      • Mell

        I’ve just heard him talk in the past working common bb terms in the conversation and you could tell it was intentional. That’s what Nicole was doing. It’s as if they are making sure prod has these lines to use for clips on the show. You know, how they want to try and mislead tv viewers or make them think a decision hasn’t already been made. It’s just annoying. Last night James wasn’t basically just saying “whatever.” He should have an opinion but even James can comprehend that it wouldn’t matter what he wanted anyway this week.

    • Shivani33

      Two days ago an article was posted at Big Brother Network entitled “Nicole Franzel Admits to Faking conversations for Footage.” It is worthwhile reading, and Nicole acknowledges what she has been doing. I’m refraining myself from adding any opinions to what the article and its subsequent comments contain.

    • caRyn

      I did see Nicole talking to James and Corey about who they want to keep and evict (Paul or Victor) and Nicole was fishy. It was a false/fake conversation. If it is on one of the episodes we will know why – she was probably told to have the discussion.

  48. Mell

    Sorry to the men on here that I’m going to discuss tampons. Did I hear Nicole correct last night when she told Paul that the cardboard on the tampon stays inside and it is uncomfortable? WTF?

  49. Avatar

    Everybody says it s fixed and it’s boring and all, but here everyone is and still watching. Lmao

  50. Mell

    Veto not used. No shock with that one.

    • Helen

      I hate that Vic is going tomorrow….he so deserves to be there. My only consolation is that hopefully this show will get him into bigger and better things and he at least made 20000 dollars for the summer.. That’s not a bad chunk of change. I can only hope he wins AFP. I know he has my vote and everyone that I know will vote for him too!!!!

  51. danmtruth

    Now that Victor is gone he must get AFP who else deserves it he played his heart out

  52. Avatar

    I was watching big brother after dark and I swore Corey won HOH. I mean he was acting like he won. I didn’t know it was Nicole till I read this

  53. danmtruth

    It seems that Corey is getting annoyed that when ever production has a chance They portray him and Nichole together It is like he has done nothing without her

  54. caRyn

    I am all about game play but it chaps my a$$ when people smirk or laugh at someone else’s expense. I just would never lower myself to that level. For instance, if someone goes OTB, gets evicted, laughs at a speech that is disrespectful, wins a comp, etc.. That is when I keep score. Smirking and laughing is just as bad as some of these raunchy speeches.

  55. Helen

    It bothers me when it again is thrown into the faces of viewers when James reminds Nicole of their “deal” if one of them wins like he did this morning. I think they should both be disqualified……

  56. Mell

    You guys are right about Corey. He didn’t like the zing he got about a shomance and they argued a little. He really didn’t like his comic. I’ve noticed he used to apologize when he annoyed Nicole. Lately, it seems like whatever she says she doesn’t like, he keeps doing it on purpose.
    James just made a comment to Nicole about remembering the deal they made if one if them wins and then it went to fish. That takes a pretty big set of balls to talk about that crap when they’ve already got in trouble for it. I bet they don’t have to go announce to everyone that they won’t buy gifts this time since there are so few people in the house. It obvious, they can do and say whatever they want.
    There is also no point in hoping James will do something with Paul after Vic leaves. He’s done the math and knows that if he gets 3rd and AFP (he thinks he’s got it) that he will make more than getting 2nd place. His fee for going on the show and the 25k for AFP is more than 50k. He may sleep thru the next comp.

  57. Shivani33

    What a wide gulf between what primetime BB shows and what feedsters, etc. witness. One player gave a graphic sexual description late last night about what a”girl” did in bed with him. TMI, bubba. The same player has talked about picking up young women in bars and joked that it’s not on him if they’re underage and still manage to get into bars. He spent this summer and his previous BB Season mostly trying to attach himself like a barnacle to two women who didn’t want him as a lover at all. He doesn’t function much as a player, other than trying to push himself and (what could be) his pencil dick onto reluctant partners. And this is Mr. Nice Guy, again going for America’s Favorite Player in his encore performance. He can’t even keep it together enough not to mention his bribe deals, but his tales of his so-called sexual conquests are self-embarrassingly pathetic. Congratulations to BB production and casting. To me, this guy is almost as “cute” as a pus-filled boil on a mule’s ass.

    • Mell

      I’ve said in previous comments that basically if hes AFP…it’s Americas Favorite Pervert. He may end up in trouble one day unless he gets a little knowledge. This same player is under the impression that the age of consent in SC is 14. He would be wrong about that. I was creeper out that he even said it. (Correct or not!)

    • NKogNeeTow

      Wasn’t that pitiful? The stories that little pervert gremlin were telling, should have landed him in jail. Production was probably throwing up. Then he started with the farting. His family must be so proud….NOT! No wonder they don’t speak to him.

  58. Avatar

    Just read on another site Paul won HOH but not sure how that would come out.

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