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America’s Nom Day In The BBOTT House

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Happy Halloween, everyone! It feels weird typing that on this blog, but I should get used to new things as I’ll be wishing people a happy Thanksgiving as well.

Today is a big day in the house (I say this a lot, but it’s true). America’s Nom is happening, plus the power of veto. We will have a good idea on who is going home on Wednesday by the end of the day. Will the plastics be broken up, or will another LNJ (and another wasted HoH) happen?

Updated: Ok, now that America’s Nom is done, let me continue with what I was going to say.  Sorry about yesterday, it was kind of a dead day in the house, so I needed a break. However, during that break, I heard that some nasty comments were being tossed around in the comment section.  I asked people if they wanted to be a moderator for the section, and have had some replies I will look at.  Here is the deal – You get one warning then banned.  There was someone who was saying bad things, but I have deleted those comments, and warned him. He has apologized, so please treat him like you would anyone else. If  it continues, our new moderator will take care of that (whoever I pick).

Late add – I would like to introduce NKogNeeTow as the newest comment moderator!

I’m going to add a bit more above, but Dani threw me for a loop and is doing America’s Nom 30 mins before expected…


  • 9:35am – America’s Nom Time
    • The 3rd nominee is Scott
    • scott-nom
    • Justin and Jason are picked to play  (now Jason can stop crying about never playing)
  • 11:30am – The house is on outdoor lockdown.  Alex looks happy about it…
    • alex-happy
  • 11:55am – Jason is talking about California vs Mass for smoking. He says everyone in Mass smokes. Jason needs to get out more. Maybe everyone in his town, but smoking isn’t exactly popular in Boston
  • 1:00pm – Veto time!
    • Haunted theme. They are showing clips of people thinking there is a ghost in the house
    • haunted
    • Sounds like they need to find 3 items (doll, rattle, hairbrush)
    • They are watching a video of ghost story where some girl died in the BB house before it was build.  They say one day a year, a girl crossing into the realm to scare people
    • Was a pretty good production
    • Veto players are going to the yoga room while they wait. The rest get to watch from the HoH room
    • Each person is sent out to look for the items
  • 1:10pm – Alex, Morgan and Kryssie are in the HoH room.  I assume we get to watch them until the players are ready to go
  • 1:35pm – Justin’s up first
    • justin-pov2
    • He has 15 minutes to find the items
    • ghost
    • Another ghost sitting on the bed. Scared Justin
    • ghost-bed
    • And here is another
    • ghost3
    • Justin finished really quick
  • 1:47pm – Scott’s turn
    • Scott is freaking out about the real people in the house. He keeps screaming and freaking out. Hilarious
    • scott-scream
    • Scott looking for the toy chest
    • scott-looking-for-toychest
  • 2:00pm – Shelby’s turn
    • She is telling everyone in the house ‘f you guys!’ lol
    • She keeps walking by the box. Can’t find the toy chest either
  • 2:10pm – Jason’s turn. This is moving much quicker than last week
    • Jason finished around 2:15
  • 2:20pm – Whitney’s turn
    • She did pretty bad. She kept overthinking her spots and looked like under beds when most items were out in the open
  • 2:34pm – Danielle is up and is flying through so far. Hasn’t even noticed any of the people standing around yet
    • Danielle crushed the competition. It’s going to be close between her and Justin
  • Rough times –
    • Danielle – winner?
    • Justin – 1:47
    • Scott – 2:07
    • Jason – 2:15
    • Whitney – 6:00ish
    • Shelby – 10:00
  • 3:04pm – Time for the winner reveal
    • pov-times
    • Danielle wins the POV!
  • 3:50pm – Justin telling Scott that he’s most likely coming off the block. That would leave Whitney and Shelby, and not good news for Whitney
  • 4:45pm – Whitney is talking to the LNJ
    • Dani is saying she is going to take down Whitney and wants her to vote out Scott
    • Whitney is in full flip mode right now
    • whitney-talking2
    • On the bright side, Whitney’s presence in the LNJ crew makes them act a lot less vile. They have actually been talking game and not calling people whores.
  • 6:15pm – Had to step out. Looks like they got their Halloween costumes for the party tonight
    • alex-morgan4
  • 7:15pm – Party time
  • 7:26pm – Liz joins the party
    • liz-trickortreat
    • She doesn’t stick around long. A little BB treat for them
  • 7:45pm – Lawon stops by to trick or treat
    • lawon-trickortreat
  • 9:11pm – House is sitting around playing Never Have I Ever
    • neverhavei
  • 9:45pm – Everyone getting along and having fun. Now it’s time to call some spirits
    • oujia-board

Check back for updates


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