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America’s Nom Day In The BBOTT House



Happy Halloween, everyone! It feels weird typing that on this blog, but I should get used to new things as I’ll be wishing people a happy Thanksgiving as well.

Today is a big day in the house (I say this a lot, but it’s true). America’s Nom is happening, plus the power of veto. We will have a good idea on who is going home on Wednesday by the end of the day. Will the plastics be broken up, or will another LNJ (and another wasted HoH) happen?

Updated: Ok, now that America’s Nom is done, let me continue with what I was going to say.  Sorry about yesterday, it was kind of a dead day in the house, so I needed a break. However, during that break, I heard that some nasty comments were being tossed around in the comment section.  I asked people if they wanted to be a moderator for the section, and have had some replies I will look at.  Here is the deal – You get one warning then banned.  There was someone who was saying bad things, but I have deleted those comments, and warned him. He has apologized, so please treat him like you would anyone else. If  it continues, our new moderator will take care of that (whoever I pick).


Late add – I would like to introduce NKogNeeTow as the newest comment moderator!

I’m going to add a bit more above, but Dani threw me for a loop and is doing America’s Nom 30 mins before expected…


  • 9:35am – America’s Nom Time
    • The 3rd nominee is Scott
    • scott-nom
    • Justin and Jason are picked to play  (now Jason can stop crying about never playing)
  • 11:30am – The house is on outdoor lockdown.  Alex looks happy about it…
    • alex-happy
  • 11:55am – Jason is talking about California vs Mass for smoking. He says everyone in Mass smokes. Jason needs to get out more. Maybe everyone in his town, but smoking isn’t exactly popular in Boston
  • 1:00pm – Veto time!
    • Haunted theme. They are showing clips of people thinking there is a ghost in the house
    • haunted
    • Sounds like they need to find 3 items (doll, rattle, hairbrush)
    • They are watching a video of ghost story where some girl died in the BB house before it was build.  They say one day a year, a girl crossing into the realm to scare people
    • Was a pretty good production
    • Veto players are going to the yoga room while they wait. The rest get to watch from the HoH room
    • Each person is sent out to look for the items
  • 1:10pm – Alex, Morgan and Kryssie are in the HoH room.  I assume we get to watch them until the players are ready to go
  • 1:35pm – Justin’s up first
    • justin-pov2
    • He has 15 minutes to find the items
    • ghost
    • Another ghost sitting on the bed. Scared Justin
    • ghost-bed
    • And here is another
    • ghost3
    • Justin finished really quick
  • 1:47pm – Scott’s turn
    • Scott is freaking out about the real people in the house. He keeps screaming and freaking out. Hilarious
    • scott-scream
    • Scott looking for the toy chest
    • scott-looking-for-toychest
  • 2:00pm – Shelby’s turn
    • She is telling everyone in the house ‘f you guys!’ lol
    • She keeps walking by the box. Can’t find the toy chest either
  • 2:10pm – Jason’s turn. This is moving much quicker than last week
    • Jason finished around 2:15
  • 2:20pm – Whitney’s turn
    • She did pretty bad. She kept overthinking her spots and looked like under beds when most items were out in the open
  • 2:34pm – Danielle is up and is flying through so far. Hasn’t even noticed any of the people standing around yet
    • Danielle crushed the competition. It’s going to be close between her and Justin
  • Rough times –
    • Danielle – winner?
    • Justin – 1:47
    • Scott – 2:07
    • Jason – 2:15
    • Whitney – 6:00ish
    • Shelby – 10:00
  • 3:04pm – Time for the winner reveal
    • pov-times
    • Danielle wins the POV!
  • 3:50pm – Justin telling Scott that he’s most likely coming off the block. That would leave Whitney and Shelby, and not good news for Whitney
  • 4:45pm – Whitney is talking to the LNJ
    • Dani is saying she is going to take down Whitney and wants her to vote out Scott
    • Whitney is in full flip mode right now
    • whitney-talking2
    • On the bright side, Whitney’s presence in the LNJ crew makes them act a lot less vile. They have actually been talking game and not calling people whores.
  • 6:15pm – Had to step out. Looks like they got their Halloween costumes for the party tonight
    • alex-morgan4
  • 7:15pm – Party time
  • 7:26pm – Liz joins the party
    • liz-trickortreat
    • She doesn’t stick around long. A little BB treat for them
  • 7:45pm – Lawon stops by to trick or treat
    • lawon-trickortreat
  • 9:11pm – House is sitting around playing Never Have I Ever
    • neverhavei
  • 9:45pm – Everyone getting along and having fun. Now it’s time to call some spirits
    • oujia-board

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Go figure; Scott more unpopular than Krust.

    • Avatar


      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        The polls were actually VERY close last night, so I’m not surprised by the result (although I am very disappointed by it). Oh well, hopefully we can get Krustie out next week…

      • Avatar


      • LindsayB

        Glenda, unfortunately for us Krusti haters this week the polls aren’t always accurate. People vote that don’t vote on polls and some polls can be voted on multiple times. Also, each site is different as far as which HG and alliances are liked. Hopefully next week we can reunite the Krusti monster with her nasty boyfriend.

      • Mell

        Glenda, the poll you looked at was around 500 votes which is only a small sampling of the voters. You’ll get her next week! Hang in there.

      • Helen

        It’s happened twice before this too…the week Monte went home Danielle was actually leading for americas nom but Monte went up….the week Shelby and Alex were have nots Krustie was a strong second but didn’t get put on as have not….this week although vote was close Krustie did have the slight lead……so it’s only select polls that are “wrong”.

      • Avatar


      • Helen

        Actually Glenda I don’t believe Whitney is “flipping”. She has told the girls from the gate her target is Danielle. And guess what? She has Jason,Justin and kryssie ready to get Danielle out…..PBS has been looking to lose Scott…so…LNJ is going to do that for them this week….Danielle wanted to cut one of the girls,she didn’t care which one and lil ole Whitney has played It perfect…..now she has put herself and the girls in position to take aim and hit her target with the help of Danielle’s own alliance!

      • Avatar

        This is what happens when you use a very bias BB fan site for a poll. Go to Jokers for your best bet at an accurate poll but even those #s are a small sample of all voters.

      • Avatar


  2. Avatar

    Honestly I won’t be too upset if Whitney or Scott goes home this week.

  3. Avatar

    Wow poor Scott, he must feel like crap ! He realizes that he is less popular than the Kryssie monster. I’ve really been liking the kid lately, he has shown real guts, dealing with negativity and staying above it all for the most part.

  4. BBBonbon62

    Scott??? I really thought Krustie Krabs was going up as America’s nom. Honestly I hadn’t looked at the polls on random sites since early yesterday but Krustie seemed to be in the lead. How quickly things change.

    Happy Halloween everyone

  5. Avatar

    Yes!!! Scott is on the block! I knew the polls were accurate and looking forward to Dani having a success HOH!!

  6. Avatar

    Thank you @stevebeans for always trying to keep this site civil ! Trolls have plenty of other places to go to spew their venom and hatred. Always love coming here for the family feel. Just like any family we disagree sometimes, but argue and come out laughing at the end !

    • Avatar

      @stevebeans this is what I’m talking about people like raider34 say things that are personal attacks calling people trolls and then want to point the finger or be a victim. The rules should apply to everyone.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Calling someone a “troll” (which is, by the way, the correct and actual term used for people who go online and incite arguments with others) is NOT in any way comparable to spewing nasty, hateful, and racist remarks at others. As a person of color, I was very offended by those remarks, and they have no place on this board or anywhere else for that matter in 2016. If you disagree with someone, by all means feel free to express yourself. But there is absolutely no excuse for disrespecting an entire race of people like that, especially not in the context of an argument about a damn reality show. It’s ridiculous and it’s disgusting.

        Thank you Steve for not tolerating this nonsense.

      • Avatar

        Gerardo calling people the B word and saying other obsence should not be tolated it’s all hateful. Your race is none of my concern at this point. I have already addressed that. And btw the way I’m ones troll. If you dish it don’t cry when someone else hits you harder.

      • LindsayB

        Speaking about someone on the show and speaking directly to people on here are two different things. You brought the hate and it got shut down. Deal with it. This is a place to talk about the show and the people on it. It can be done without insulting others and slinging racial slurs. You came here with attitude and you’re the one crying about getting reprimanded. The apology was nice but own up to what you did. Calling Danielle a bitch isn’t something that justifies your behavior.

      • Avatar

        @LindsayB you say very vile and means thing please don’t try justify your use of the B word and yes someone did call me the B word. LindsayB you enjoy provocting people. But today it won’t work. I don’t like to entertain weak arguments. As for getting shut down, that did not happen. As you will see I have impacted the way this site will be handled in the future. I’m not going anywhere I’ve have on my on regard agreed to be respectful. But that is nothing you can take the creadit for. You are a virtual bully. I’m going to be nice but I hope you will stop agating people.

      • LindsayB

        I say things about the house guests and respond to bullies like yourself. You were called a bitch by someone you to whom you threw vile racial slurs to. I don’t provoke anything, I only respond when people on here are attacked. Anyone on here calling someone on tv a bitch does not mean it’s open season to harass people. I too am very glad that going forward people who conduct themselves the way you have will be removed.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Okay everybody….Getting waaaay off topic again here. Let’s try something else. From here on out, we ALL try to play nice and start over. From here on, no more personal attacks on ANY Commenter’s character. Let’s keep all of our comments strictly about the actual BB players or the game and NOT about each other… CLEAN SLATE! I love my BB Family, old AND new. Let’s agree to disagree and keep it moving.


      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow that’s why I like you. I will agree to that. For the last time sorry for being offensive to everyone. #friendship from now on. Promise. Happy Halloween!

      • Mell

        Happy Halloween NK!

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much @Gerardo ! I hadn’t realized I would upset people by using the word troll. Hell I’ve been off of the site more than usual because I got tired of the use of the word hillbilly. So let’s all try to be civil, that’s all I was saying ! FRIENDSHIP !!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        You’re so welcome @raider34! And just so you know, you didn’t say anything wrong at all, and you never do. Your comment was completely innocuous and that individual made a ridiculously false equivalency, which was why I had to step in and shut it down. Other than that, however, I will not be responding to anything else that individual posts on this board. We are all here to have a good time, and life is too good to even feed into that kind of foolery.


      • Avatar

        @Gerardo yes we shall overcome but you have shut down nothing. Yesterday you claim to be so offended but said nothing. Please don’t trouble in my way I have to cry sometimes your way into a discussion that has nothing to do with you sir. Continue to wade in the water and we will have peace down by the riverside to study war no more. Understood.

  7. Avatar

    I think Dani has a backdoor in mind if Scott pulls himself down.

  8. Avatar

    Maybe Scott was a BB Halloween trick to us, and they are actually going to say it’s Kryssie !

  9. BBBonbon62

    Oh dear lord camera 4 just got a shot of Krustie getting off the HN bed and her pants stayed on the bed so we all got a full view of her butt and thong. I will never get that image out of my mind now…lol

  10. Avatar

    Omg Scott just stated, “Alex will be safe for another so it fine”! What is wrong with this kid?! Didn’t they just meet in the house a few weeks back. I can’t even feel sorry for him at this point. I know y’all dislike Krissie but at least the girl is playing for herself. And if I offended anyone because I like the LNJ crew, sincerely my apologies. But I will always comment my opinion even if it’s not in the majority.

    • kneeless

      Yes, Scott is throwing his game away for Alex. Can’t understand why a superfan would play like that.

      • Helen

        I don’t think he can help it….I am convinced he has OCD (his hand washing,dishwashing,tooth brushing ) all kinda point to some degree of OCD….also I think that most of us on here are pretty convinced he suffers some mild form of Asperger’s syndrome………

      • LindsayB

        Scott definitely has his pros and cons. He feels very grateful and indebted to Alex for her being nice to him early in the game when many others ostracized him. I appreciate his loyalty but he should’ve kept the extent of it to himself.

      • AIO_7

        This also proves that all that early morning talking to the camera (brown nosing America) might be counter productive.

      • AIO_7

        Poor choice of words; I should have written *indicates* instead of *proves*.

    • Avatar

      Cyn I tried to type this 3 times at work and I guess the AF finally blocked the site boo but here is what I had been trying to say. You never offended me with any of the comments you made. You gave others something to think about that they might have missed. I did “chew” on your comments and some I agreed with and some I didn’t but you were never rude or obnoxious in my mind. I will say I was a Kryssie fan until her head ballooned to match her ass when she got the care package and then she just became ridiculous. Keep throwing your opinions out there adults should be able to think on anothers point of view and either respond appropriately or ignore it. Granted I did get frustrated one night with someone’s post and may have made a snarky reply but I try to be considerate of others feelings. Thank you for your apology but it really wasn’t warranted.

      • Avatar

        Well another member accused me of maybe starting drama. When I comment, that is never my intentions. My apology may not have been warranted but I chose to give it to whomever felt offended by anything I’ve stated. Especially said, memeber. She knows who she is!

      • LindsayB

        She would be me!! Today’s been mostly gravy. Intentions don’t always translate. We’ve both said our piece (or is it peace?) and I feel like we’ve both been heard. Both should be able to move on from here.

  11. kneeless

    I was so hoping Kryssie was going to be the 3rd nominee. This might actually enjoy when the ‘real’ game begins. Not sure what I think of Whitney. She certainly as let the LNC get in her ear this week, being a havenot. I have kind of been middle of the road on her and am somewhat disappointed he seems so close to being easily flipped. I am pleased hat the LNC seems to be onto Danielle, And yet, as much as I dislike Danielle, I am appreciating her game play & strategy. What I do know is I would like to get Kryssie & Danielle out. I think with those 2 gone there could be some interesting things happening. Kryssie REALLY needs to be America’s nominee so she realizes we don’t early care for her! I also know that I hope Shelby wins POV & stays in the house. Guess I don’t have strong feelings between Scott or Whitney going. I am done with multiple musings…for now! HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my fellow BBJs!

  12. Helen

    Although in some ways I do like Scott I am kinda hoping he does go home this week…..I know that is probably not the popular view but I would really like to see Alex play without using Scott as a crutch. Plus I am kinda tired of his obsessive talk about Alex. Whitney is the one I would like to see go but I know that is not going to happen so I am not even going to fantasize about that (unless Shelby wins veto). Then I will. Lol

    • AIO_7

      Alex was talking (whispering) to Shelby on the hammock …. “Our first choice didn’t work out this week, but our second choice (Steve) did.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Helen, at first I was a big fan of the LNC. They were so much fun to watch and kept me laughing all night. Then they morphed into a bunch of crabby old women, sitting on the sofa bitching and smoking all night. The only one who wasn’t as bad was Justin. On the other side of the house, The Plastics were so stuck up, watching them actually put me to sleep. They were so dry and humorless I would change the cam as soon as they appeared. Now I’m so confused, I don’t know WHO I want gone half the time…Oh wait…let me change that….DEFINITELY want the Krustation gone 1st, then Dani (although she’s playing well this week, a leopard still can’t change it’s spots), then a toss up between Jason (whom I use to love until he became ratchet, maybe I’ll like him again if he cleans up his act and plays the way I think he can…but again, there’s that leopard thing), and Scott (I think he’s killing his game as well as Alex’s and I’m not impress by the act of Hari Kari (falling on your sword), not to mention he’s just a little to creepy for me). If nothing else, at least the game seems to be getting exciting again.


  13. Avatar

    Dani strategizes and makes her decision base on game moves not personal. She survived the block three times without begging! She could have put Scott on the block based on their recent blowup but she didn’t. She is a strong player and I wish more people give her credit. People are disliking for personal reasons and she’s playing this game well so far.

    • Avatar

      I don’t disagree but I don’t like her and therefore I don’t want to see her win.

    • LindsayB

      I actually like her strategic side. I just can’t get past how she has presented herself as a person. She probably would’ve been my favorite HG if she hadn’t been so nasty.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I have never seen her being nasty. And I don’t blame her for defending herself against a group of envious women whom hasn’t liked her since day one or Scott who openly admitted to harassing for viewers. I guess that’s why he’s on the block now. I will say, she’s playing a lot better since Shane left.

      • Avatar

        Big deal, she had a sexual encounter on big brother so have other players and some have gotten far in the game. That is apart of the game. But I can see how some ppl are still holding that against her but hopeful if she is not back doored she can win comps and earn her stay in the house.

      • LindsayB

        I don’t care about her bangin in the BB house. Strategically I don’t like showmances but personally I don’t mind at all. When I refer to her as being nasty it’s based on how she has acted and how she supports her friends’ actions. She has referred to the girls in the house as the C word on multiple occasions and is all about the farting/armpit on the pillow nastiness. To me, those things cross the line. Both sides talk some shit on each other and genuinely don’t like each other. From what I’ve read and seen, the LNC has taken it to a level that’s unacceptable for me. I like Danielle’s strategic side and good for her for getting some action.

      • Avatar

        LindsayB, I guess you didn’t hear whitney refer to Danielle as a slut last night. Those plastics have constantly talked crap about Danielle and are equally verbal with their nasty adjectives of her. So let’s not place blame on Dani, solely. Please…

      • Avatar

        @Cyn exactly right my friend 🙂

      • Avatar

        @LindsayB good to hear your perpective on why you call her nasty. I guess you are saying she is guilty by association. But honestly her being a witness to the crime does not make her guilty in book. She’s no angel but I don’t get nasty from her on some extreme level.

      • LindsayB

        Definitely not all on Danielle. I don’t like her never will. Don’t agree with all the things the girls say but IMO it fails in comparison to the level Danielle has taken it. Not a fan of Whitney, she’s always been on the bottom of the alliance for me. Guilt by association is a real thing. I would’ve gained some respect for Danielle if she would’ve tried to steer her crew away from their shenanigans. She was high enough in their ranks that she could’ve swayed that.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Cyn, a lot of people on this board HAVE given Danielle credit for being a smart player on many occasions. I personally have said it myself several times just in the past week since she’s become HOH. However, her personality sucks. That is why a lot of people dislike her. Disliking someone and respecting their gameplay are not mutually exclusive. We can (and do) give people credit for being strong strategists here even if we dislike their personalities.

      • Avatar

        Well that’s awesome to hear. I’m rooting for her. She’s not just the pretty girl of the house but is actually playing when a lot of them are awaiting her demise. As for her personality, I don’t think she has the worst. Some of the HG’s lack personality in my opinion. Could you imagine how boring the show would be with no personality?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh I definitely agree with you that Danielle isn’t the worst. I can’t STAND Krustie and Jason, and I much prefer Danielle to both of them, in terms of both personality and gameplay. I’m also not crazy about all of the Plastics either, but the Nerd Herd just always get under my skin more than the other side.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Cyn, I will concede, she is a strong player and playing the game well, but that didn’t start until this week, when she became HOH. People dislike her personally because of what SHE has shown us as her personality. Remember the saying “When someone tells you who they are, believe them”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that she’s done or said anymore nasty things than anyone else. I’m saying she hasn’t done any less either. But if she’s your #1 pick, then by all means, defend her as much as you want. You’re not the only person on the Board who supports her. There just isn’t that many of you. Doesn’t make you wrong, just puts you in a minority 🙂

  14. Helen

    Correct me if I’m wrong….Shelby does not have to eliminate all or any eviction votes if she chooses? Like she can eliminate 3. Or she can just eliminate 2. Or even 1 or none?

  15. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    The only reason I’m not terribly upset about Scott being America’s Nom is because I was seriously PISSED at him for not evicting Danielle when he had the chance. Many of us predicted then that leaving Danielle in the house was a mistake (she’s a much smarter and more dangerous player than Shane) and would come back to haunt Scott. Well Scott, Happy Halloween! The ghost of that bad decision you made two weeks ago is back to haunt you. Good luck in the Veto comp!

    • LindsayB

      I’d prefer the BS/S not lose a number. Now that it can’t be avoided, I’d rather Whitney go. She’s more of a threat to Shelby and Alex. Scott will still blindly follow them and be a nice shield.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I agree Lindsay. I don’t want Scott to go this week, and I would definitely have preferred my all time least favorite HG (Krustie) get sent packing instead. But I think Scott needs to either get the Veto or have someone use it on him to survive this week.

      • Avatar

        Actually Scott was never her target. This was her first HOH and she playing best for her game and those of her team. As would any HG’s would play if they won HOH. If BS/Scott won, two LNJ would be on he block. No one is really beasting the comp’s yet to say he/she is dangerous. LNJ represents diversity, the first of its kind on BB. I’m rooting for them.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        You’re right Cyn, Danielle is not after Scott, and that is (to her credit) because she’s handling this HOH in a very strategic way. I just meant that the only reason Scott is in this predicament is because Danielle is still in the house and won HOH. If someone from his side had won HOH this week, even if America had nominated Scott it would be very unlikely that he would get evicted. Danielle is the strongest player in the other alliance, and he should’ve taken her out when he had the chance.

    • Avatar

      But Danielle did not nominate Scott! America did that one. I’m glad someone who is actually playing the game remains in the house.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        She didn’t nominate him but she DID win HOH this week. That’s what I meant when I said she was dangerous.

      • Helen

        It would have actually been better for Danielle if Krustie had been nominated……she would have been able to take her down and leave her original noms (which was what she wanted). LNJ supporters really didn’t do her any favors….yes it takes out a number on PBS side,but it’s a number they were all willing to lose anyway. Danielle’s intent and strategy was to break up the girls……

    • Avatar

      Yes, I concur. From that aspect, he should have but he wanted Shane out, which was a personal move. That’s what happens, when you play personal and not strategic. Hopefully they can all learn from Danielle, make your moves based on the game and not personally.

    • Avatar

      I have been out all afternoon. I came home around 7pm (4pm BBT). I put on flashback to AN then veto then here. WHAT HAPPEN HERE. There is so much fighting. I had to stop at this post. Can we go back to the way it has been since the game began PLEASE. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. The tension is so high. This is just a game. We are suppose to be having fun. I know it can and does get emotional. Everyone please take a deep breath. It has been said several times that we are resetting since whatever comments were made that i missed, but the fighting has continued as i kept reading. SO AGAIN, LETS RESET.
      Every week that Danielle has been on the block i have voted to evict her. We all saw from the beginning she was smart. We also saw how nasty her mouth has been, how entitled she feels, how its always about her etc. there are two sides to this game. Strategy & Social. Most of us on this site have felt that her social game (negative) out weighed her strategy game (positive). Yes some of the girls also have flaws in both. We or maybe just I do not believe players that call “the other side” such nasty vile names are worthy of winning 250 k. We personally have a hard time watching such behavior. I could get deeper into it but its enough to get my point across, i think.
      I know we now get to play a little. Maybe CBS will see all the fighting and take some of that away from us. FRIENDSHIP. There seems to be more fighting from fans than players.

      • Mell

        Agree. I’ve found myself on here lass and less the past week. It was becoming a bit if a downer. I think the voting makes everyone feel more invested and makes people want to sway others opinions so they will vote the way they want. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that although we have some power this season, none of us are in the running for 250k. This entertains me but my wallet will remain the same when it’s over.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I agree with you both and in fact, I think the thread where you decided to post this comment was a perfect example of a civil discussion about the GAME among Cyn, Helen, Lindsay, and myself. We discussed, shared ideas, disagreed at times, but did so with nothing but the utmost respect for each other’s viewpoints.

        To be honest, this endless discussion about posting etiquette, civil discourse, and playing nice is what’s starting to be a downer for me. I’m glad Steve addressed it, and I’m glad everyone had a chance to say what they needed to say, and I’m hoping we can move on from this topic altogether and just get back to enjoying Big Brother. I don’t think there’s anything left to add to this discussion at this point, nothing’s left unsaid, and I think/hope we’re all on the same page. The vast majority of commenters here are respectful to one another anyway, so I just feel we’re beating a dead horse at this point. Now, let the BB games begin! (Saw reference in honor of Halloween)

      • Avatar

        @Gerardo, agreed. I look forward to watching the remainder of this season and sharing my thoughts. Nite everyone!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Gerardo: See, that’s why you’re my little BB Darlin 🙂

  16. Avatar

    BS/Scott need to win a comp and not rely on America to carry them the way to the finish line! The winner should deserve that check based on playing the game rather then it being handed to them because they were their favorites! I’m glad a BS/scoot will lose a #! Let’s play some BB!!

    • LindsayB

      Both sides have won comps. It’s been pretty balanced on that front.

      • Avatar

        Yea they won some. I just find it hilarious that BS fans thought they were just going to give Shelby the cp, nominate Krissie and get rid of another LNJ member. Nope!! It’s time to play to win. Their fans think they can steamroll the LNJ and have it one sided the remainder of the game. If you want to stay, win a comp. that’s it!

      • Avatar

        I voted for Scott but I prefer a BS member go this week! Make them sweat instead of sitting back while the other side has to fight every week and still be uncomfortable.

      • LindsayB

        Both sides have also been guilty of begging America way too much and asking us to help them out.

  17. Avatar

    Just got on to see Scott was the nom. So excited. Maybe we can get back to playing the game instead of just seeing one side get picked off. It’s way more fun that way, just my opinion. And so thankful this site will be watched for haters. I stopped using it because of that. But I read that it might not happen any more.. woooohoooo. Game on! Happy Halloween and stay safe out there.

  18. Avatar

    This veto competition is hilarious ! CBS would have had to edit the whole thing out due to all the cussing for a regular season. The reactions of the HG’s are priceless.

  19. Avatar

    Well Shelby just blew the POV. That girl can’t win anything 🙁 I feel bad for her because she really tried.

  20. Avatar

    My girl Danielle just beast through this competition!

  21. Avatar

    LOL this the perfect comp for Whitney she’s been a ghost in the bb house for weeks. she said she didn’t see the girl because she is the girl lol I’m starting to like her a little more now.

  22. Helen

    If Danielle wins veto who will she take down? Whitney or Scott?

  23. Avatar

    Yes, no pressure for her to win but she went for it. If it came down to Alex, Dani and Scott we will have good competitors to earn their spot.

  24. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Well Plastics, I was rooting for you (we were all rooting for you, how dare you!), but you just could not get it done this week. At all.

    Love her or hate her, Danielle kicked ass this week in both comps. As they say where I come from, Plastics y’all gonna have to “hold this L” this week.

  25. Avatar

    Dani and that bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos in her HOH basket hilarious. they all sucking up so phony. She has proven she a threat but it would be a great time for her and Alex to link up. Heard Jason, Krissy and Justin throwing shade at Alex last night. Think Whit was laughing too.

  26. Avatar

    As a LNJ fan (Dani my fav), BS fans don’t take this week as a total loss. I think the house will be balanced now, even on both sides. More entertaining and fair for future competitions

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m actually kinda happy Danielle won, because it makes me feel better about Krustie not getting America’s Nominee this week. Now we know that Danielle would’ve probably won Veto and saved Krustie anyway, and that would’ve REALLY pissed me off lol.

      But you’re right, one great thing that’s happened this past week is that both sides have started fracturing a bit and we’re likely to see more side deals and game playing moving forward. I’m really enjoying this season so far (Nerd Herd and all)!

    • Shivani33

      @Cyn I’m someone who gets behind players rather than sides and saw a couple of days ago how hungry and determined Danielle was to win this veto. That she did it was no surprise. She brings to mind a song by one of my favorite singers, Clarence Carter. It’s called “I’m Not Just Good, I’m the Best” and has a line about “Everybody knows I’m a Capricorn, and I don’t leave no job undone.” And Danielle is a Capricorn. Lol.

      She gave her word to Scott that she’d keep him if things went down this way and told him that she meant it. She said that she wants only two on the block for eviction. Last night, everyone in her alliance was crapping all over her behind her back – up most of the night along with Whitney. Danielle was wise enough to get a good sleep. I wonder if anybody will spill the beans to her about how much they put her down during their blab fest?

      Again, I like individual players and how people work the game. Usually alliances become more & more insignificant anyhow, as people get evicted. I know that many people don’t like Danielle. It’s not always easy or even possible to root for someone who rubs people the wrong way, no matter how well or successfully they play. ( I didn’t like Nicole. She won, and I had to smoke a Cuban cigar, losing that bet.) Anyway, I have a soft spot for Danielle. Don’t feel alone. My favorite player, whether he wins or loses, is Justin. Life is funny that way.

      • Avatar

        Yes, I remember when Dani was poundering to herself about leaving two people on the block if she could. She played this outstandingly without the support of her team. I was disappointed to hear them talk about her. I like Justin but lately he’s been playing both sides. I think he’s bothered that Danielle chose Shane over him. I foresee him through D

  27. GL

    Ok I’ve been away working. What the heck I thought we were supposed to get Krusti not Scott !!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar

      I don’t know, maybe there are a lot of people that only watch the episode and the clips or they just don’t mind vile disgusting remarks and actions. Maybe they don’t mind being called nasty things, eating candy after they have been wiped on someones dirty sweaty feet or sleeping on pillows that have armpit sweat and farts put upon them. Maybe multiple feeds and votes. People may not like Scott because he is “different”. Maybe people want to keep nasty in the house for their entertainment. Nasty is as nasty does or something like that (Forest Gump saying). What ever the reason there is nothing we can do about it. I guess we all look at the game differently. I myself like a clean good game.

    • GL

      Yea when I got home and turned the apple on and saw Scott was the third nom I just sat down and went why!!!!!
      It just surprises me the crap LNJ gets away with. The BS do a lot as well but my god the filth the LNJ does and Dani has the gull to talk about bulling

  28. Avatar

    OK I know completely off subject, but a look at how things change. Trick or Treat time for my grand kids and we get all dressed and ready to go. We step outside and they say it’s too cold. Now mind you they had jackets on and it’s 68 outside ! In my day we would have gone regardless even in snow if necessary lol. But I do have to give them credit for ingenuity they suggested we just go to the store and get candy !

    • Mell

      Haha. Smart kids and a sucker for a Grandpa! I should know because my 4 year old granddaughter runs the show when she’s with me! I own my own business, have employees and a husband but a 4 year old is the one who can lead me around by her finger. Lol

      • Avatar

        Thats what Grandmoms are for. I have a 2 month old Granddaughter. I thought i was the only “old” person to like this show.

      • Avatar

        My granddaughter is 15 & my grandsons are 9, 7 & 1. They all know when they come to Nana’s it’s field day. They can do no wrong in my eyes & the little brats are my heart. My son says “mama never let us get away with all the stuff she lets the grandkids get away with,” & my granddaughter says “that’s because she didn’t like you.” Lol

      • Mell

        Don’t you just love that confused look your kids give you when they are watching you with the grands that says “this is NOT the same woman who raised me!” Lol

      • Avatar

        @Mell, you’re exactly right. It’s just something about those grand babies that just melts your heart.

      • Avatar

        This is my first.
        Ann – to funny
        Mell – cant wait
        My son lives 1/2 a country away, its killing me. I don’t know how my mother in law did it. They actually spent time in the middle east. Never lived in the same state when they were in the US. The closest we came was 1 state away. Haven’t figured out what i want to be called yet.

      • Avatar

        @lotusflower, no matter what it is that sweet little angel calls you, I promise you you will love it. It will be the special name that your first grand baby has for you. Just wait until you see those tiny little hands & tiny little toes & perfect little face. You’ll look for similarities to your son & to you & your husband. I promise this will be one of the most special days in your life when that angel is born.
        Take lots & lots of pictures & videos. Congratulations!!!

      • Mell

        Lotusflower, I’m so happy for you. It’s been amazing! I think sometimes you get to choose and sometimes they choose what you’re called. Lol I know people have been confused when I’m out with my granddaughter at times because she calls me “buddy.” Once when I was picking her up at daycare, they asked her if she was going with her grandma and she said “no thats my buddy.” Lol

      • Avatar

        @Mell, I think that’s so cute (Buddy). Love it!!!

  29. caRyn

    Feeling thankful, grateful and blessed that Justin and Whitney are teaming up. Justin confided to Whitney before noms and Whitney has been fact checking since. I hope he saved her game. Whitney brings calm and peace to Justin and that will and has helped him with his game. Listening to Justin talk game last night and figuring things out on his own was uplifting. Kryssie didn’t leave the room because she didn’t want to miss out on anything. I hope Danielle does use the Veto to take down Whitney. Danielle can’t risk LNJ not having her back. And she believes that they do and in a way it is true because they need her for numbers. Danielle is self centered and if she plans to work with BS/Scott they won’t tolerate the me, me, me. Good game player or not, they will distance themselves from Danielle and she will feel it and then not trust BS/Scott.
    What I have noticed that does cause cracks with LNJ is when one of them is HOH – Kryssie/Danielle – it’s almost as if they don’t want to hear what their alliance opinions/concerns may be. The LNJ HOH make decisions and then it’s like here is what I have done, now live with it. HOH is 15 minutes of fame – if that – with OTT. They need the numbers so they shouldn’t necessarily play an individual game that week.
    Wise for LNJ to get out Morgan to secure a Care Package.
    My favorites are Justin, Shelby and Whitney. I actually like both sides of the house. Always have.
    I don;t want to see Scott go. Not yet. BB is in his blood and I am glad he is having this experience. He hasn’t wasted a moment of it. Congrats to him.

  30. Avatar

    OK What the hell is up with Danielle and Krusti and their hateful glaring stares during this party. Everyone else is having fun but not Krustie and Danielle ha her moments.

  31. GL

    Krusti was crying cause all the others girls got sexy outfits and she is all covered up. Jason was telling her how beautiful she was. My pizza didn’t stay down lol

  32. GL

    Justin kills me lol carve away big guy

  33. Mell

    I’m with Caryn and like players from both sides of the house, I wasnt ready for Scott to leave but I’ve been on the decline with him anyway. I liked him in the beginning and loved him during the wall veto situation but since then, his game has annoyed me. You can’t tell everyone in the house you’ll do anything for Alex and not hurt your game. It was stupid to tell Shelby he’d vote her out over Alex. It’s almost as if he thinks their alliance will just accept he and Alex being at the top as a given. He should have been smarter so I’ve moved on.
    Justin was smart to give Whitney the warning about being OTB and let her know Scott/Alex played a part in it. I wasn’t sure she believed him since she wanted to know if he heard it directly from Alex. She doesn’t trust Scott anyway. I don’t know if she’s ready to flip the way LNC thinks she is but I knew she was willing to keep her options open when she didn’t run to BS and spill everything. That may be the first time this season anyones kept a secret. I said the 1st week Whitney would need to make me like her because for whatever reason I didn’t in the beginning. She’s played a smart game so far and took a gamble last week that paid off. I’ve always felt she was playing because there’s been several times she’s been the instigator to an argument without them realizing she had done it. She plants seeds in people as well that seem to take root. She’s also done it while maintaining a very innocent image. I can get behind that. Her biggest game flaw has been her blind loyalty to Alex but that may be changing.
    I’ve made no secret that I’ve loved Justin from day one and I actually think he’s been playing the game from the beginning. He plays too reckless for someone who wants to rest in the middle though. I won’t call him a floater because he makes no secret which side he’s with but is able to hang with both because of his personality and seeming to be clueless. He’ll probably be in trouble soon based on the popularity the hg’s know he has with America and being so open about having Whitney’s back. He isn’t doing it as much as Scott. Justin told Whitney and LNC that if he won veto he would take her down but if Krissi or Jason were OTB, Whitney was screwed.
    Danielle’s played hard from the beginning. I don’t care for her but she’s strategized more than anyone in her group. She’s been on her way to having a successful HOH in spite of a big care pkg that could have made her win pointless. She really needed that HOH and veto and won them both. She’s earned the right to get someone out from the other side this week and I don’t have to like her to admit that. I think she would be better off going with her first instinct and using the veto on Scott. I understand LNC wanting to break up Scott and Alex but Scott’s loyalty to Alex is causing the biggest crack in BS. His leaving could help BS repair it. Whitney may have new paranoia in thinking she’s the 4th with BS but she would be in the same situation on the other side. If Scott leaves, BS won’t have to give away where they rank each other.
    Unless something new develops, Scott will go home if he stays OTB and Whitney will go home if he comes down.

    • Mell

      I may have spoken too soon. I went to bed with BS ready to sacrifice Scott and woke up to Alex planting seeds of mistrust about Whitney. Danielle may take Whitney down but if she and Scott stay OTB, it looks like Whitney will leave. It makes sense because I’ve never thought Alex was as bothered by Scott’s undying loyalty to her as she acts the the other BS. She tells them often that she needs to talk to him and tone him down but I’ve only heard her say one thing to Scott about it. She told him once in the backyard that she wasn’t comfortable with him putting her game before his. It appears she has Shelby on board and the only thing left will be making Morgan okay with the plan. (It won’t matter if Whitney comes down and Morgan goes up)
      The divide in the house could grow more if LNC is told by the BS that they will evict Scott, Danielle leaves Whitney OTB to avoid putting yet another person up there and BS evicts Whitney anyway.

      • Helen

        If Danielle takes Whitney down and puts up Morgan leaving Scott ,how will Scott not be voted out? Whitney will vote him out,plus America probably will too?

      • Mell

        I think he will be voted out if he’s against Morgan but not if she leaves the noms the same. Alex and Shelby are leaning towards taking out Whitney over Scott. I’m sure they will discuss different scenarios today but last night they seem to be looking at Danielle taking Scott off or simply leaving the noms the same. I don’t think they’ve considered Danielle may take Whitney down.

      • Helen

        Oh. Ok. I’m pretty sure Jason has convinced her to leave Scott up (she don’t want to make America mad by taking down our nom) and replacing Whitney with Morgan. Whitney has promised Danielle to vote out Scott.
        Things would really have to change between now and 1 pm and I really don’t see that happening….

      • Mell

        I think so too. The only reason I think she may do anything with the veto is to take Whitney down and put Morgan up so that Whitney and Alex are the votes that aren’t cancelled. If Alex and Morgan are the two votes, Scott will probably leave and it won’t matter how America votes. If Whitney and Alex are the two votes, it could get interesting because Alex could vote to keep Scott & Whitney could vote to evict him and then we would be the deciding vote. That could shake things up.

  34. Avatar

    I’ve been watching the feeds and the kids are playing with a BB styled Oiji Board. BB is of course playing with them, first with thunder than a wierd scary voice over intercom…..play or not, I’m really impressed with Justin, as usual. He apparently knows not to fool around with the stuff (probably has enough background being from New Orleans and the stuff that goes on down there in the name of spirit contact) and is hanging back, etc. But a group is really trying to ‘talk to the spirit’ with Krissy leading the questions. I guess it passes the time, but I’m just personally wary of such ‘play’ and considering some of the HG superstitions, will be surprised if BB carries it very far. But who knows, it’s Halloween and it’s a house of bored kids, sigh. As far as game play, I’m really surprised Scott was nominated, thinking Krissie would be up…I know I voted for her. Anyway. I really enjoy this forum and though I hang back most of the time, I try to keep up and read all the comments. I appreciate all the comments on the show and this is a main way I keep up. I’ve tried Jokers and always check in, but I think everyone here is more in tune to what’s going on! Thanks, fellow BBOTers!

  35. Shivani33

    Danielle told Scott that she would protect him from eviction. However, that was before Whitney (seemingly) switched alliances, resulting in LNC urging Danielle to remove Whitney from the block. If she does protect Scott and leaves Shelby and Whitney as the two nominees, will Danielle have to join the BS side of the house!?! That could be pretty awkward and really screw over her survival chances in the game. She knows that Shelby can cancel three votes, likely to leave the eviction choice squarely in the BSers’ hands. I see what decision I’d make, if I were in Danielle’s shoes. But she doesn’t hear all of the same conversations which we all hear. Maybe she and Shelby ought to have a real powwow before it’s too late.

    • Mell

      Did she offer to keep Scott and Alex safe or did she just make a deal that Scott and Alex would not be her nominees? I couldn’t remember because if that’s all she offered, she would still be keeping her deal. I know she told Scott if he was America’s nom that she may take him down but I thought that was more conversational rather than a deal.

    • Helen

      That’s what I keep saying….everyone,Danielle included,keeps making deals with everyone but the one person who has the care package power!!

  36. Shivani33

    I do think Danielle needs to take Whitney off the block but could learn info from Shelby first by dangling a temptation out to Shelby. “Shelby, I’ve been thinking of taking you off the block with my PoV and replacing you with Morgan, but here’s my dilemma….”

  37. Avatar

    So Alex wants Scott to stay. She just told Scott to talk to Danielle to try get himself pulled down. I guess she wants Whitney out, she claims she feels bad. Does she? Or is this to benefit her own game? That Alex, is always strategizing I will say that.

    • Avatar

      I’m telling you Scott going up has been interesting and created more conflict/distrust amongst the alliances. This is much more enjoyable than watching things go one way weeke after week.

    • Helen

      I think Alex wants Whitney out because she’s a pretty big threat…..she has not gotten a CP and everyone thinks Whitney is americas sweetheart and will win if left to the end. It would be smart to get Whitney out now if that is what people are thinking…..very few chances are left. This season is shorter with fewer opportunities.

  38. Avatar

    Whitney why?!! She used the bathroom and then went to the sink, wet a towel to wipe her face. But she did not wash her filthy hands:(

  39. Renee

    Does any one know the logic for America to have 20 votes for everything? Why so many? If a person is torn between giving a vote to someone they need to make a decision and vote for 1 person for whatever the issue is (nomination, care package, eviction). Or only give us the number of votes for the number of people it affects.

  40. Avatar

    Alex sucks at this game, shes in the bottom tier of the house when it comes to long term strategizing and social game. Her entire game is based on a kid with Asperger’s being obsessed with her and the fact shes part of the only sibling duo in the house. PLEASE back door this fake ass wannabe BB superfan.

  41. caRyn

    It’s too bad that Alex hasn’t had a real serious game talk with Scott about staying on the down low about his loyalty to her. If she had, it would have saved both of their games. He wouldn’t be offended at all and would understand completely. If her game is screwed it is as much on her as it is on him. I would like to see Scott’s game without Alex in the BB house.
    Whitney is a Libra. She is level headed. Libra’s are more in their heads and less in their heart. Meaning they make wise rational fair decisions and actually weigh options and don’t come from an emotional point of view. You won’t hear her talk about her feelings too much. It is rare if she does. Most Libra’s will come across as robots. She didn’t have a reason not to trust Alex until Justin confided in her. Like she said she will take it day by day.
    If Danielle uses the Veto on Scott LNJ will “know” she has made a deal with Scott/Alex and possibly Morgan. LNJ are speculating that she does now. This Veto Ceremony will tell both sides a lot.

  42. caRyn

    Alex wants Whitney out – not just because of the Care Package but also because Whitney is not stuck to Alex’s hip the way Shelby and Scott are. Shelby is annoyed that Scott is always hovering over Alex but Shelby hovers just as much if not more. And of course Alex isn’t going to go against her sister.

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