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Eviction Day In The BBOTT House



Well, I decided to take an unscheduled day off yesterday to celebrate my birthday (which was Monday, but I wasn’t missing that PoV). So, sorry about the lack of updates yesterday, but truthfully I haven’t been actually updating a whole lot because there is nothing going on in the house.

Shelby basically summed up the season in her final live DR session last night when talking about strategy for the season. There really hasn’t been any. This is because of the insane divide in the house along with America’s involvement, people basically just made friends and hung out waiting for America to decide who was going home each week. I love this season and many aspects about it, and at the beginning of the season I loved America’s involvement, but like any beta test period, you realize there are flawed aspects that need tuning. America’s involvement is one of them.  In hindsight, making America co-HoH every single week was far too overpowered and needs a nerf heading into next OTT season (if there is one).  Having one vote was pretty powerful in itself, but co-HoH is just too much.

Looking back at the season, look how useless HoH was:

  • Week 2 – Jason was target, but was saved by a care package. Alex’s ally Monte went home on her HoH
  • Week 4 – Kryssie’s target (Alex) was saved by the care package. Neeley was nominated and evicted by America. Another ally of the HoH
  • Week 6 – Shelby won HoH, America gave Jason Co-HoH which basically gave Jason 2 noms to Shelby’s 1. Alex evicted on her friends HoH
  • Week 6 pt 2 – Danielle won HoH, and America saved Morgan/Shelby with the care package which forced her to send home Whitney
  • Week 7 – Shelby won HoH, and Morgan was due to go home had Shelby not won the PoV
  • Week 8 – Morgan won HoH, and Shelby is going home.  To be fair, this is the first week that an ally is going home that didn’t have America’s involvement. Just bad luck

That makes weeks 1, 3, and 5 as the only weeks that an ally of the HOH wasn’t sent home due to America.  Week 3 was influenced by America with the care package, but Scott still did get someone out he wanted.

So yea, next season, tone down America’s involvement, and we’ll be better off.

Updates coming soon. Everyone is still sleeping

  • 5:15pm – Showing the recap of the week. I can’t wait to watch that pathetic thing called a veto competition happen
  • 5:55pm – Time for the eviction.
    • First, speeches. Kryssie gives a generic one
    • shelby-nom
    • Shelby says she’s not going to waste time begging for votes because she knows how it will go
    • To Morgan: Please win a competition so I have someone to root for in the finale
    • To the hypocridiots, she reveals she’s a lawyer and goes on to talk about women’s shelters, etc.
  • Votes:
    • Jason: Shelby
    • Justin: Shelby
    • Jason offers her some candy on the way out. Shelby replies “That’s ok, I got enough candy from the HoH’s I actually won”
    • Justin told her congrats on the lawyer thing.  Kryssie hugged her.
  • 6:00pm – Message from Julie
    • The winner of the HoH gets to bring another person with them to the final 3. The two who remain face off in a do-or-die competition.
    • Morgan reveals that she and Alex are sisters. Unlike Kryssie, Jason believes her right away and realized there should have been more twists.
    • (Kryssie is the one who is too smart to believe that)
  • 7:00pm – Round 1 begins. They have to roll the balls up the wall and put the correct person in the correct order for HoH wins.
    • hoh-compfinal

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  1. Avatar

    Happy the LNJ has made it this far. Odd enough I’m hoping for Morgan and Justin to be in Final 2 just because I think it would be interesting not be because I love or hate them anymore than the other 2 house guest. Krissy being in the house is pure luck. I think ppl actually forgot about her. Final three choice is Jason Morgan and Justin. But sure that won’t happen

  2. TerryD

    Now that the BB players actually get to play their own game, they don’t really know how other than Jason, who’s a vet and should never have been in BBOTT in the first place due to his fan base. Justin will be the next to go if he doesn’t win HOH. Too bad he didn’t know the game and realize he’s been a target of his own alliance for weeks. If the LNJ 3 are the F3, I hope Justin wins over Jason.

    • Shivani33

      It does look like do or die for Justin. Very late last night, Kryssie brought up several anti-Justin points to Jason, not that she needed to, since Jason knew everything that she said without her input. We’ll see what the “game changing ceremony” does to affect the playing field on Nov. 26th. Maybe it isn’t mere fancy wording being used to describe the HoH making one other player safe and leaving the other two to go head-to-head, as I suspect.

      I do think that returning players are better kept to being in All-Stars’ BB games, although it would’ve been different if Jozea was chosen for OTT instead of Jason. Jozea would have been far less automatically popular, as well as less savvy about how to succeed.

      • Avatar

        Jozea would have been an epic fall. He might have lasted a minute longer than Corn Bread but would have been thrown out on his as before Monte.

      • Avatar

        I must admit and yall can yell at me for it but I stupidly voted for skidmark to come back. Jozea got on my friggin nerves the minute he opened his mouth in BB18 and I would have had to kill myself if I had to listen to him that soon again. I knew Jason was annoying but I also didn’t watch the feeds until now so shame on me. I am now kicking myself for doing that just so you know.

        I think had he not been in the house then it would have been a more strategic game along with less of our involvement. And maybe Kerry is right Jozea would have been out right behind or right in front of cornbread. Who knows

      • LindsayB

        I did too. The self appointed messiah would’ve probably been out early which would’ve made this new format much more enjoyable. Bottom line: no returning players with this much of America’s involvement.

  3. Avatar

    I can’t stand listening to lnj so I will only watch on night’s for the comps. All that is going to happen is lnj will torment morgan and hand skincare the money. It is now a waste of my time and money

  4. Avatar

    Even though I just started commenting, I’ve been reading Steve’s post for last 2 bb seasons and bbott..I have always enjoyed coming here reading..comments also..so thanks Steve..Ps..I’m a BS fan..so pulling for Morgan..

  5. AIO_7

    Shelby and Morgan talking in the HOH room. (they are the only ones awake)

    SHELBY: “If Krissie wins this [BBOTT] I’ll shit my pants.”
    MORGAN: “O God, I’ never watch Big Brother again.”

    Then Production temporarily cuts the sound and video from the HOH room.

  6. Avatar

    Shelby and Morgan are some bubbled eyed bitter bitches. If they think for a second they are better than any other house guest they are wrong. At least Jason made it to Primetime. Those puffy faced bitch bait barbie cry babies can’t say the same.

    • Avatar

      But remember Jason didn’t make it far in primetime cause he was a nobody back then. Had it been the same situation with out all the fan girl crap, he would probably have been out a long time ago. Monte was smart to try and take him out.

      • Avatar

        Monte and smart in the same sentence is like saying ice cream with a side of beans…gross.

      • Shivani33

        @Angie Scott was a guest last night on RHAP and said the same thing – that Monte tried to get Jason out asap and that it was a “smart move.” Scott said that when it backfired on Monte, the others in the house were afraid to put Jason on the block, concerned that whoever tried it would be nominated by America and/or evicted as a result. For anyone who is interested in hearing Scott’s thoughts about BBOTT, last night’s Rob Has a Podcast is still available to hear. Alex will be a guest on RHAP soon, too. Scott was fun to watch from his bedroom up in Maine and had a lot to say.

      • Avatar

        I have no idea what RHAP is but glad I am not the only one to say it was a smart move.

  7. Avatar

    Shelby is low key bat shit crazy….bitch is smart but crazy as fuck!

  8. caRyn

    When OTT started I got the feeds for the first time ever. Of course I have seen more than BBAD with the feeds, but it has been more of the same. Today I realized the Live DR’s have more to do with how I view the hg. Once I realized that I started thinking about regular BB seasons having Live DR’s like OTT. If we had 10 minutes twice a week with James or Natalie, more than likely I would like them less. I wonder what Michelle’s Live DR would be like or Frank. I like Kryssie, Morgan and Justin better in feeds. I like Jason and Shelby’s Live DR sessions. For some hg the Live DR helps and some it hurts.

    • Avatar

      Caryn, I’ve liked a lot of these comps on ott too. I don’t really care about the big builds. I like that they’re just getting to the point of the competition. Some of them were pretty ridiculous, but a lot of them were good. I really liked the BB Bar Code and the double veto puzzle. The corn maze and slack line were ridicûlous.

      • caRyn

        My favorite comp – probably of all time – was the haunted house. I cried laughing. Justin had me laughing but Scott had me doubled over.

  9. caRyn

    I love the comps on OTT. Effective but not overthought. I also like that we can view the comps from beginning to end with different angles – new to me with feeds. There were a couple of times in BB18 when comps were in question of being fair. In OTT I haven’t questioned if production had a hand in the outcome.

  10. Shivani33

    An interesting article: Is Big Brother: Over the Top’ (and the franchise in general) being hurt by some of its fans? The piece originated at Cartermatt and is getting a lot of attention. I’ve typed the title as it was printed. Many subjects are covered in this piece, including things mentioned by our host at BB Junkies, such as him being criticized for expressing some of his viewpoints in his own blog.

    • LindsayB

      Thanks for sharing that. It’s very sad to me that so many people have chosen to attack each other because of their opinions of the game and the people playing it. We all need to remember that this is something to enjoy. The HGs have all put themselves out there to be watched and judged. While they may not like what they see when they get out of the house, it is something they’ve signed up for and is what they risk in the attempt to win some fast money. Our opinions of the game and the conversations and blogs about it help keep this game we all love alive. We don’t have to agree with all the articles, bloggers, or commenters but we do need to respect them. When we start attacking each other is when the game that we are all so passionate about gets degraded. Let’s all remember that when we are on here.
      I’m hoping we can all reset a little bit and regardless of who you root for in the game, remember that we all have something in common: loving big brother. Having so many of us who continue to watch the show, the feeds, etc is what keeps the show going.

      • Avatar

        100% agreed! It’s a shame that ppl can’t agree to disagree and feel the need to insult each other bc their opinions r different…. Why do ppl argue opinions when it’s not factual makes no sense… It’s a shame that a big brother page on Fb was closed due to the nastiness of some ppl against each other…. usually commented to a thread I agreed with in hopes that I wouldn’t be attacked by someone who didn’t agree.. I think it’s great reading ppls different views on a situation bc sometimes it opens ur mind to view it in a way u might’ve not seen it.. That is what the opinion of someone else should do it should open ur eyes not open ur mouth to start bashing someone bc they don’t agree..I find it very interesting how we all see things in different ways while we r all watching the same thing…..let’s agree to diagree in a tasteful way ☺

    • Avatar

      Thanks for the heads up! Great read, many interesting points. I agree whole heartedly with it. I also quit reading Twitter and blogs as much even this one unfortunately, over all of the non game related insults being hurled around at hg and posters alike!

    • caRyn

      Thank you for letting us know about the article. It put my thoughts into words. Especially this part of it:
      The problem is that some of negativity from this season is causing even some of the best “Big Brother” tweeters to stay silent just because they don’t want to deal with it anymore. Yes, we can all say “have a thick skin” or whatever, but those who say that probably haven’t experienced some of what is dished out on social media these days. It’s one thing to hear one or two negative things a day, but try dozens of them every hour for months and imagine what toll that takes on a person when you’re trying to have a good time with a show you love.

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  12. Avatar

    Even though Shelby is being a big cry baby, I think the picture Steve posted of her is really pretty.

  13. Avatar

    As long as Jason gets evicted this week and Justin or Morgan (probably Justin) wins, I’ll be happy.

  14. Mel

    Is anyone else getting an error code when you click on one of the camera views to watch?

  15. LindsayB

    Watching the recap if the veto comp is ridiculous. BB attempting to make it seem like it is a comp worthy of this point in the game is pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about how people did in it. Shelby and Morgan completely choked. I’m just still trying to figure out the OTT in BBOTT.

  16. LindsayB

    Shelby’s eviction speech was freaking awesome. The look on the hypocridiots’ faces was worth having to watch her leave tonight.

  17. LindsayB

    I like how the set up is for the rest of this. My first choice to win tonight is Morgan. If she doesn’t, I hope it’s Jason. Not because I want anything good to ever happen to him in life. I’d like to see him choose between Krusti and Justin. It would make it very uncomfortable for the threesome and that would make me happy. If Justin or Krusti win, both of them would take Jason and that would be boring.

  18. Avatar

    When does Jason have to name the person he picks to go with him to final 3?

  19. caRyn

    I hated to see Shelby go. She was one of my top three. The crying was OTT. I understand it is a stressful and frustrating situation and there was no hope of her staying once Jason won Veto. She will be in a hotel with no one and no phone from what I heard her say. She was fine if someone else was in that situation – like Jason. Js. Anyway, Helen, I am sorry Shelby is out of the game. I know she was your girl.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, my time to rant. When Jason won and Krustie ran up and hugged him crying, I LITERALLY wanted to throw my computer through the damn window. I despise that belching, farting, imaginary size 8 woman with every fiber of my being. She wasted NO time last night, planting additional seeds against Justin to Jason, just in case Jason won. I think Justin sees the writing on the wall. He even said after the Comp “I’m f*cked”. And I’ve noticed while Justin was in the shower and M/J/K were in the kitchen talking, some parts of their convo, when they were talking about the game and what might be coming up, like they didn’t want Justin to hear. I know it’s a long shot but in the back of my mind, I keep hoping and praying that Jason will surprise all of us and say that he’s taking Justin. But he pretty much said without saying, that that’s not going to happen. While the 4 of them were talking, he was telling Justin the story about Cody/Derrick and how Cody should have taken the person he could be instead of his best friend. That my friends, was the sound of the nail going into Justin’s coffin. I know there is a part 2 to the Comp, but let’s face it, if unless it’s a crap shoot, Justin has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Ah well, he was fun while he lasted. I’ll miss him.

    • caRyn

      I think Kryssie is pretty. When she begins her Live DR’s and she doesn’t know the camera is rolling and she is reading the questions is when I notice. When she came into the house I thought she might be a female version of Paul. She even came on a little strong just like he did. It just so happens they are both Gemini’s too – I am a sun sign person. When she manipulated the conversation about Scott to Monte was when I wasn’t ok with her anymore because it could have been carried over to the outside of the house and caused people real life problems.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    *he could beat, not he could be

  22. NKogNeeTow


  23. AIO_7

    I’m still not quite getting this twist: What position does Jason winning put Morgan in? Is she vulnerable?

  24. AIO_7

    Morgan, Krust and Skid are preparing what looks like their Thanksgiving supper. The culinary wiz kid is still asleep. I guess they feel like they don’t need his “skills”.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Early this morning Krustie and Jason pretty much shut him out. They were drinking some sort of spiked root beer and I think Justin got a little high. While Morgan was in the DR, Justin was telling them he was not only going to beat Morgan, but he was going to beat them all and win the whole thing. He then started telling them that he was in 4 different alliances and had played both sides of the house. When he left the HOH room, Jason went ballistic and Krustie was right there throwing gasoline on the flames. Jason has not declared that he not only hates him, but he wants Morgan to beat him and beat him badly. Krustie then started telling Jason what a nasty, vile person Justin is and how he doesn’t really need the money because he wears $400 designer shirts and that Justin said that she and Jason weren’t poor and didn’t need the money. She said that now Jason can finally see Justin for who he really is. Meanwhile, Justin was laying in the dark alone, talking to America about how he sees that Jason is evil and the only real and true person in the house is Krustie and how much he loves her. He was also saying that it kills him to hear them talk about being poor. That actually, nobody in the house us poor because they have a place to live, food to eat and families and that real poor people don’t have all of that. He said if they want to know the definition of poor, when he was growing up, he lived in a 2 bedroom house with 4 people in 1 bedroom…that when Katrina hit, his house was under 4 feet of water and he was homeless for quite a while. He rambled on for about an hour or so then finally drifted off to sleep. Mind you, before Krustie went upstairs to sleep in the HOH room, she was in the bathroom taking a shower and talking to Justin and telling him things about Jason (this was after Justin had said his piece in the HOH room). Justin asked Krustie if Jason was mad at him and she gave him some kind of cock and bull story. Later on Justin laid in bed in the dark, alone, he listened to Krustie and Jason upstairs laughing. I don’t know why it still hadn’t occurred to him “where” Krustie was and “who” her true loyalty is to. He STILL has blind loyalty to her.

      When Justin was upstairs telling them how he was going to beat them, I don’t think he meant any harm towards them. To me…and this is just what “I” think, he was just trying to psych himself up because he knows it’s do or die in his final Comp with Morgan. He knows if it’s a mental Comp, he’s in trouble. Anyway…he’s the best example why some people shouldn’t drink. It made his lips way to loose.

      • caRyn

        Jason said to Kryssie he doesn’t know what is real about Justin and what is not. Kryssie agreed. One reason is that Justin doesn’t say what he has gone through. An example is Justin talking about being homeless but not explaining how he became homeless to them. Justin opened up about a low time in his life but I guess he didn’t go into detail as much as they thought he should.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    I forgot to mention that Jason also said that today he’s going to blow Thanksgiving up and curse Justin out and tell him what he really thinks of him and that he hates him.

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  27. Avatar

    Well Stevie B, seems your bias posts have had no impact on the game. Is that what you really are saying? This is Americas game and yes, evey round has felt Americas influence. You are wrong once again and this last round was the care package which forced Shelby up FINALLY!
    Looks like your favorite “Shitstain” will chose the low road, and pick Kryssie leaving Morgan to whoop on Justin for final 3. Who you gonna plug then??

  28. caRyn

    I am watching now trying to find the conversation. Around 12:22am (PT) Jason told Justin he is taking Kryssie to F3. The way Jason said it was abrupt.

  29. caRyn

    In F3 if it is Justin, he has my vote. If it is Morgan, she has my vote. I never thought I would vote for Morgan.

  30. caRyn

    Right now Kryssie, Morgan and Jason are talking poorly about Justin. America votes. I would hush-up if I were them.

  31. caRyn

    I just heard that James and Natalie are engaged.

  32. caRyn

    Kryssie heard someone in the storage room. Thought production put some wine in there for them. Morgan got up to check and Kryssie said if there is wine we are taking it upstairs. Not telling Justin and even if they have to wait to drink it at 2 am they will. There wasn’t any wine. Kryssie and Jason turn on a dime and play dirty.

  33. Cheryl

    I apologized in advance if this has been asked/answered/discussed but because of the holiday week and my sons wedding, i’m behind on my BBOTT episodes. BUT wasn’t one of the rules in the last veto comp, maiz maiz, that the contestants had to have the corn in their hands? Didn’t Jason have one ear in his mouth? Am i missing something or just being nit-picky? Thanks all! LOVE reading your comments!!

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