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Eviction Day In The BBOTT House

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Well, I decided to take an unscheduled day off yesterday to celebrate my birthday (which was Monday, but I wasn’t missing that PoV). So, sorry about the lack of updates yesterday, but truthfully I haven’t been actually updating a whole lot because there is nothing going on in the house.

Shelby basically summed up the season in her final live DR session last night when talking about strategy for the season. There really hasn’t been any. This is because of the insane divide in the house along with America’s involvement, people basically just made friends and hung out waiting for America to decide who was going home each week. I love this season and many aspects about it, and at the beginning of the season I loved America’s involvement, but like any beta test period, you realize there are flawed aspects that need tuning. America’s involvement is one of them.  In hindsight, making America co-HoH every single week was far too overpowered and needs a nerf heading into next OTT season (if there is one).  Having one vote was pretty powerful in itself, but co-HoH is just too much.

Looking back at the season, look how useless HoH was:

  • Week 2 – Jason was target, but was saved by a care package. Alex’s ally Monte went home on her HoH
  • Week 4 – Kryssie’s target (Alex) was saved by the care package. Neeley was nominated and evicted by America. Another ally of the HoH
  • Week 6 – Shelby won HoH, America gave Jason Co-HoH which basically gave Jason 2 noms to Shelby’s 1. Alex evicted on her friends HoH
  • Week 6 pt 2 – Danielle won HoH, and America saved Morgan/Shelby with the care package which forced her to send home Whitney
  • Week 7 – Shelby won HoH, and Morgan was due to go home had Shelby not won the PoV
  • Week 8 – Morgan won HoH, and Shelby is going home.  To be fair, this is the first week that an ally is going home that didn’t have America’s involvement. Just bad luck

That makes weeks 1, 3, and 5 as the only weeks that an ally of the HOH wasn’t sent home due to America.  Week 3 was influenced by America with the care package, but Scott still did get someone out he wanted.

So yea, next season, tone down America’s involvement, and we’ll be better off.

Updates coming soon. Everyone is still sleeping

  • 5:15pm – Showing the recap of the week. I can’t wait to watch that pathetic thing called a veto competition happen
  • 5:55pm – Time for the eviction.
    • First, speeches. Kryssie gives a generic one
    • shelby-nom
    • Shelby says she’s not going to waste time begging for votes because she knows how it will go
    • To Morgan: Please win a competition so I have someone to root for in the finale
    • To the hypocridiots, she reveals she’s a lawyer and goes on to talk about women’s shelters, etc.
  • Votes:
    • Jason: Shelby
    • Justin: Shelby
    • Jason offers her some candy on the way out. Shelby replies “That’s ok, I got enough candy from the HoH’s I actually won”
    • Justin told her congrats on the lawyer thing.  Kryssie hugged her.
  • 6:00pm – Message from Julie
    • The winner of the HoH gets to bring another person with them to the final 3. The two who remain face off in a do-or-die competition.
    • Morgan reveals that she and Alex are sisters. Unlike Kryssie, Jason believes her right away and realized there should have been more twists.
    • (Kryssie is the one who is too smart to believe that)
  • 7:00pm – Round 1 begins. They have to roll the balls up the wall and put the correct person in the correct order for HoH wins.
    • hoh-compfinal


Current Status

BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Kyle Capener

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