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Down To The Final Week BBOTT



Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope you all had a fun and safe Thanksgiving! It’s so weird watching Big Brother celebrate this holiday, but hopefully it will become a norm. This season didn’t ever exactly crash my site with people rushing to get spoilers due to the lack of viewers that CBS gives during the summer, but overall I think it was a fun season that could certainly use some tweaking to be even better next year.  I’ll take two OTT season’s next winter!

Anyway, here we are, down to the final 4 with basically two people set for the final 3.  Jason won the first part of the HoH competition which guarantees him a spot, and Julie said he’ll be able to take someone with him, which is expected to be Kryssie (congrats, Victoria 2.0!). This will leave Morgan to battle Justin for the final spot, and the other two are already making it known who they want it to be, and it isn’t Justin.

I haven’t watched much feeds over the past 36 hours, but I’m hearing that Justin has been more grumpy than normal and it has rubbed the remaining players the wrong way. Well, that or they’re just doing their typical thing where they trash the person they want to leave, so they search for reasons to dislike them. Seeing as the house has been so divided all year, it was pretty common for one side to trash the other, but even when they had to cannibalize, that typically didn’t stop the shit talking. The week when it was pretty well known that Danielle was going home, Jason and Justin had a field day trashing her, which is why I think it’s a bit sad to see Danielle gushing over Jason on twitter – then again, ‘rooting’ for the person likely winning a quarter of a million in a few days isn’t a bad move. Maybe she’ll get a free trip to Boston out of it if he flies his alliance in for a “celebratory dinner”. Shit, that’s the least he can do considering how lucky he was they kept him in the game knowing full well he’ll likely win at the end due to his popularity on the outside.


Now, with all that said, let’s talk final 3 regardless of who is there because the season’s winner is already there. Alright, it’s not a guarantee, but there is 0 chance Kryssie beats Jason, maybe 5% chance Justin does, and maybe 20-25% Morgan. The only reason why I give Morgan that high of a percentage is because pretty much the entire ballsmasher fans will be hammering their votes to her, while the LNJ fans may be split some. I don’t think it will be enough, but it should hopefully be enough to put her in 2nd place (which she deserves).

Yes, as much as it pains me to say it, Jason deserves to win this season out of the 4 of the remaining players.

He played a better game
He played a better game

My decision was largely based on the past week when he won a game-saving (albeit easy as hell) veto competition, and then dominated the HoH comp. Going based on competitions, there is no close 2nd right now. While he had a pretty shitty strategic game, most people did simply because this season was all about America and how we voted. I will still say his fake alliance with the smashers was one of the most pointless moves in BB history, and almost cost him the season when Shelby refused to work with him because of it. He probably would have gone home that week if not for his social game which was his saving grace.

Socially, he was able to convince a bunch of people to keep him in the house and carry him along despite early care packages going his way as a sign how much bigger his fanbase was than the rest of the crew. He convinced two models (Danielle and Shane) that they were ‘misfits’ and ‘outcasts’, and one of them (Shane) he stole from Monte.  Sure, it wasn’t ALL him who stole Shane and created the misfits, but he was clearly the social backbone behind that alliance. They all sat on that couch inhaling his smoke because he was there, not the other way around. He had both Danielle and Kryssie insanely loyal to him, and reeled Justin back in with ease whenever he began drifting to the other side.

And yes, he was also the reason the LNJ was so vile and horrible at times, but that just shows how much of followers they were to him. Whenever he wasn’t around, most people were tolerable, but as soon as Jason strolled in, the shit talk and annoying behavior resumed. He found the worst (dumbest?) players in the house, got their loyalty and used them as shields to get deep into the game. Jason doesn’t make the finals or even come close it without 2 things:

  1. America carrying him when he needed it most
  2. The blind loyalty of his alliance sticking behind him knowing they’ll probably lose to him in the finale

While it would be nice to see a non-vet win a season with vets (who isn’t a super genius like Ian), I don’t think that will happen, so the best we can hope for is that a decent person (Morgan) finishes 2nd and gets what I assume will be a 2nd place prize.  I don’t think there will be America’s Favorite this year, so Morgan winning any type of prize money will be similar to Paul at least winning 2nd place (should have been 1st), and Victor winning AFP.

I doubt there will be a whole lot going on over the next few days, so I’m not going to be posting a lot.  I am busy most of the day tomorrow, but I will try to recap whatever ‘game changing moment’ happens tomorrow night (I think it’s just going to be Jason being allowed to take Kryssie to the f3).

If anything exciting happens today, I’ll post about it, but for not, enjoy your Friday!


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  1. AIO_7

    I hope everyone had great Thanksgiving grub.

    Boooo to Skidmark, I hope he fails. Go Morgan.

    • Avatar

      I’m rooting for Morgan as well..I hate to see skidmark win…the way he has talked about people was vile and uncalled for..he doesn’t deserve to win in my book because of that…

    • NKogNeeTow

      AI, even though a lot of times we don’t see eye to eye on some HG, you know I love you. I am also a person who’s not afraid to admit I’m wrong when I really see or feel that I am. So I’ll have to say it…YOU WERE RIGHT. Jason truly IS a Skidmark. And from hence forth, I shall be calling him that! Regardless of how he felt about Justin not participating in Thanksgiving, his constant bashing and berating of him for the last 3 days have been despicable. I hope he loses and I hope he loses BIG time!

    • Avatar


    • Avatar

      Dude, uncalled for.

  2. caRyn

    I just turned on the feeds and Jason and Kryssie are talking trash about Justin. I hope you are incorrect, Steve. I don’t want Jason to win. Jason said he doesn’t want Justin to have his number. Justin won’t call Jason. That’s a joke.

  3. caRyn

    2:17pm (PT) Kryssie gives Justin a lecture about Thanksgiving Day and how Justin didn’t spend the day with them except to eat.

  4. caRyn

    Justin said he would come back and do OTT again but he couldn’t be away from home for a summer of BB.

  5. caRyn

    4:05pm (PT) Justin said to Morgan this OTT season he has been there for everyone and now that he needs someone because he is breaking down no one is here for him.

  6. LindsayB

    The only thing worse than people like Jason is people who can watch his behavior and support it. He’s going to be rewarded with a nice chunk of change which is unfortunate. Once he’s blown through his stash, he will still just be a piece of shit.

    • Avatar

      Doesn’t matter which houseguest gets that chump change of a reward. Doesn’t matter how they spend, they will all waste on something that benefit themselves. i.e Kryssi if some small chance in hell she wins the money I’m sure she’ll spend all of it on food. Justin, pizza and Morgan student loans, what a fucking waste!

  7. caRyn

    4:13pm (PT) Justin is speaking to Jason. Telling Jason he is not mad at him. Kryssie speaks up also. Take a look.

  8. caRyn

    Today: 7:30pm (PT): Final Live DR’s.
    Tomorrow @ 1pm: Game-Changing Ceremony.

  9. Avatar

    After wearing the patch all these weeks I wonder if Jason will go back to smoking

    • NKogNeeTow

      Probably. He said the other day that he can’t wait to get out and have a cigarette. Today he said he was down to his last patch and was wondering if Production was going to give him more. I’m kind of hoping they don’t. Just to see if he will spin around in circles like a dog chasing his tail. Mean I know, but it would still be funny to watch. Or maybe he’ll get the case of the munchies and try to eat everything in the fridge. I looked at his plate on Thanksgiving. That little man can EAT.

  10. LindsayB

    Skidmark is obsessed with Justin. It’s pretty pathetic. He’s obviously very threatened by him.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I swear Lin, he and Krusti have been trashing Justin so much the last 24 hours, I’m tired of hearing it. At some point they need to let it go and move on. And that sad attempt by Krusti at 2:15 this evening, trying to make him feel guilty and fake crying with not a tear in her nasty little eyes. If she was going for an Academy Award, she need to try another profession. I was kind of pulling for Jason a little at first. Now, not so much. I’m pretty much over him. He said last night that he want Justin to lose and he doesn’t care if he loses as long as Justin doesn’t win F3. Because of that, I now hope Jason loses and I don’t care how good of a game he played. Over him!


  11. LindsayB

    I would love it if they threw in one more twist this season. I wish they would make today’s game changing twist be that Jason’s pick has to come from the dreaded bag vs him getting to choose of his own accord. It would be a great way to say F you to one of the most vile creatures to ever tarnish the game of BB.

  12. caRyn

    Maybe this game twist is that the hg Jason takes to F3 has to do a challenge to earn that spot and it isn’t given to them. Kryssie knew she would be any hg’s F3 and she knew she could slide into the spot without doing anything for it. If she failed that challenge she could battle it out with the remaining two other hg for F3.

  13. caRyn

    Jason’s Live DR was mostly bashing Justin. My mom said a dog doesn’t change their spots but I wish Jason focused on himself. He is intelligent and does have so much to offer.

    • caRyn

      Jason wants F3 to be with Kryssie and Morgan. No doubt. He just needs to own why they would be his F3 .

      • LindsayB

        I turned the feeds on about an hour ago and jason was talking to himself (us) about how horrible of a person Justin is. I had to turn it off… he’s disgusting. The only person who is a threat to him winning is Justin. He is now shitting all over him because he’s hoping to sway votes. It makes sense because he has nothing else to do to plead his case. He can’t talk about how good of a gamer or person he is because he is neither of those things. His only hope is to attempt to portray Justin in a worse light. Not gonna work. He’s only showing his own ass just like he has this whole season.

      • caRyn

        Agree. My hope is that his fans will get tired of it and put their vote with someone else.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Skidmark has disappointed me SO much in the last 2 days. I was hoping for the best for him too at first. Not now. He and that disgusting SOW are off my radar as far as I’m concerned. I never liked Morgan, but now I’m hoping she or Justin will win just to see the look on Laurel and Hardy’s faces. I despise the 2 of them with every fiber of my being. The things that they have said about Justin are outrageous. Morgan is only a step behind them. She’s been joining right in, just not as much.

      • caRyn

        I was fine if Jason won, if it wasn’t Justin, up until the last couple of days. Now that Jason is F3 there isn’t a need for bashing. I don’t think he can help himself. Jason needs America’s votes but he is pushing us away now. He just needs to hush. Yesterday I had the feeds on but had the volume on mute. When I put the volume on it was Justin bashing. It was OTT.

      • Avatar

        “Laurel and Hardy”…lol

  14. caRyn

    So I just watched Justin’s last Live DR. Omgosh, my heart breaks for him. I really do like that guy. Whitney needs to make an appearance in the BB house to lift his spirits.

    • LindsayB

      I know!! He’s never been my favorite and still isn’t but I really don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into with this. Most of the time when people get their feelings hurt in BB it’s stemming from how t affects their game. With Justin, he is genuinely hurt. He thought he had made genuine relationships that went beyond the game. He was wrong. He’s been an asshole at times but I hate seeing how sad he is.

    • NKogNeeTow

      As I watched the live DR’s last night, it really hit home, the kind of people they REALLY are:

      Justin just said how much he wanted to win and how much he missed his family and life and how he thought he had made real friends. He wished no one ill will and even said he wasn’t mad at any of them. He never bashed any of them..not once.

      Skidmark spent more time (3/4th) bashing and trashing Justin, than he did talking about anything else. Revealing the real content of his own character. This shows how he felt about Justin all along. He just used Thanksgiving as an excuse to expose it. Skid is right where he belongs…dwelling in the basement with the other spiders and rats. His intent was to make Justin look as bad a possible to America so that he receives as few votes as possible should he be in the F3. He kept saying “America sees you Justin”. Well we see YOU too Skid.

      Krusti spent just half of her time trashing Justin. We all know she was just trying to sway America’s votes away from him and towards her and her “Jesus”, Jason. She knows she won’t get 1st place, but she wants to make sure she gets 2nd. If there was any way I could prevent it, she would get NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO! Can’t wait for her to take her dirty azz back to her dirty boyfriend and her dirty band. Never hope to ever see her face again….EVER!

      Morgan couldn’t find anything nice to say about any of them…especially Justin. I didn’t expect her to though. We all know she thinks they are all despicable people. She and Shelby had been saying that all along, so I wasn’t surprised. At least her DR wasn’t filled with hate, only a minor disgust.

      They all have played the game in their own way, whether it was to lay low or come out guns blazing. Some game play we liked, some we didn’t. The Live Feed Chat has lost it’s mind…Arguing back and forth as to who deserves to win. It now sounds like WWIII in there. People telling you who to and who not to vote for and why. My only advise is vote for who YOU want to win. Whether it’s for their game play or personality, it’s YOUR vote! As for me, I’m not even going to lie to you, although Jason might have played the better game (as many seem to think), I won’t be voting for him. You can come for me, thumbs down me, tell me I’m not a true fan, do whatever you like….not changing my mind. The best I can hope for over the next few days is that they past quickly.


      • LindsayB

        The idea that skidmark deserves anything good is disgusting. Part of playing a good BB game for me doesn’t include the vile things he has done. The best BB villians and shit stirrers have owned up to it and didn’t cross the line over and over again like he did. The fact that he thinks he can manipulate us in his DRs, etc to believe the Justin is the evil one in the house is insulting. That alone would guarantee my vote to anyone but him. Krusti doesn’t even deserve mention in this conversation. All she is is the fly that constantly swirls around a big pile of shit. I refuse to reward skidmark’s behaviour just because he was the head hypocridiot. Justin or Morgan will get my vote.

      • caRyn

        I believe that when you talk bad about a person it doesn’t make the person you are talking about look bad, but it does make you look bad. If Jason and Kryssie continue to trash Justin over the next 3 days they will lose votes. Morgan could get the votes if she kept her mouth shut and didn’t trash talk. It is 3 days until the next HOH comp. If Justin won the final HOH he may win based on the week alone.

  15. caRyn

    One of the best moments in the house for Kryssie, Justin and Morgan was Whitney’s birthday. It was on 10-15-2016 @ 10:43pm (PT). Justin singing was at 10:53pm (PT).

  16. caRyn

    Jason officially made Kryssie F3 but nothing else happened @ 1pm (PT). I was expecting more.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    I take back what I said about Morgan not bashing as much. She is now sitting at the table with Jabba The Hut, trashing Justin for the last hour. The three of them are ALL obsessed with Justin. They are truly scared sh!tless of him. They could easily go their merry way as The Three Musketeers, but they chose to continue to try to railroad America against him. I’m beginning to think that Justin isn’t the Sad Sack in the house, they are.

  18. caRyn

    Justin’s pizza song was on 10-19-2016 @ 1:04am (PT). The remix with Julie and hg was on 10-27-2016 @ 4:09pm (PT). One of my favorite moments in the BB house.

  19. caRyn

    4:28pm (PT) Kryssie said if Justin is F3 they will beat him. Jason said that Justin has never met humble. So they are laying in the HOH bed trashing Justin. We aren’t missing anything.

  20. AIO_7

    Krust and Skidmark are sleeping in the HOH bed: what a nice couple they make. Morgan sleeping by herself in the yoga room.

  21. caRyn

    Jason and Kryssie are still upset about comments Justin made on 11-24-2016 from 12:22-1:01am (PT). The last thing Justin said when he walked away was – I love ya’ll. Justin had no idea that anything he said that morning pissed them off. Jason and Kryssie have been non-stop trash talking Justin since then.

  22. Avatar

    ann2 (gotta figure out why I’m back as Ann)
    Anyway, this is an article Justin referred to:


  23. kneeless

    I previously said that once Shelby was gone, I was pretty much done watching feeds. I have stayed true to that. I also said I would not vote for a “winner.” After reading what has transpired the past few days, I take the not voting statement back. I will definitely vote for Justin or Morgan. I am not a big Morgan fan but I feel she’s not quite as bad as Jason & Kryssie. I liked Justin from the beginning but have waivered on him throughout the season. The way the rest have bashed him & been such mean girls is despicable. I tried to give Jason a chance but he is an awful person. I guess the PC thing to say is he has low self esteem, he’s lonely…but he truly is a horrible person. And Kryssie, NEVER CARED.

  24. kneeless

    I would love it if on finale night, since this has been about being OTT, they would tell the hg’s what feeders said about them, tell them how they ranked throughout the season etc.

    • LindsayB

      That would be awesome. I would like for either Julie or the evicted HGs to ask about the armpit sweat, farts, boogers, etc during the finale. It would be interesting to see how the LNC justify that behavior.

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