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Bald Eagle And Apple Pie – Big Brother Veto Meeting Recap


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Every week, the Big Brother house typically has the same routine. Nominations by Friday, PoV on Sat, PoV meeting on Monday. This is due to incredibly tight production window CBS has to produce these episodes, so it’s hard to fault them. That said, every week it appears the best stuff happens after the PoV meeting when nominations are set in stone. The show typically covers it on Thursday night, but they often don’t get enough time to cover it in detail, so good stuff is left on the cutting room floor. That was clearly the case this week, but that’s not to say this episode was completely dull. It had quite a few game changing moments, and one of them included that Brittany conversation with Devin.

When Brittany went into the HoH room to speak with Devin that night, something happened. Something big. Not only did bloggers (like myself) sit there for 90 minutes listening to Brittany basically repeat herself, but during that time, she not only convinced Devin to take her off the block, but to practically fall in love with her. That is hopefully something you’ll see on tonight’s episode, assuming they have enough time to show it.

Devin, the guy who was blasting Caleb earlier in the episode for having a little crush on Amber walked around for half the week with cartoon hearts in his eyes for Brittany. Anyone he spoke with, it sounded like an elementary school crush he had, and basically even admitted as much. It was both entertaining and incredibly awkward at the same time… much like the season of Big Brother 16 so far.

I am sure Devin will receive a lot of heat for the way he acted this week, but I am giving credit to Brittany.  She pulled the right strings, said the right things, and as you clearly saw last night, she saved herself from the block. Granted, the house was leaning in favor of voting out Paola anyway, but Brittany managed to secure her safety and subsequently destroy the Bomb Squad alliance… all with a long talk with Devin.  Quite masterful, and I don’t even think she realizes the impact of her conversation yet.

If you check out the rest of this site, I have covered the destruction of the bomb squad, but I try not to give too many spoilers in the episode recaps, so I will let you look around if you’re curious how that happened.

In my rambling, I almost forgot to mention the reason the episode was on in the first place – The PoV competition. It was the balance objects on a mobile and the person who can keep their balls balanced while hitting the buzzer wins. This competition is actually much harder than it looks, but Devin pulled it off and won all the power in the house this week. He had Brittany in his sights from the moment he won HoH, and even still after he won PoV, but as you watched, Brittany somehow managed to save herself and Zach became the replacement nominee.

As of right now, I am putting Brittany’s move as the move of the season, but there is still plenty of weeks to go. The live eviction show is tonight, and I will be tweeting and blogging it, so make sure to follow my twitter here. Facebook will also be updated as well,  so be sure to keep track one of those methods.

Wow, I am already at 700+ words and I forgot to mention a huge aspect of the house. Team America was revealed! We already knew about Donny, but the show decided to speed through the remaining two (likely to prevent another Joey situation) and both were revealed this week.  The other two winners are Derrick and Frankie.  The pair will carry out tasks throughout the week in an effort to pocket $5k each should they succeed.  To vote for their first mission – Click HERE!

There is a lot of blogging to do today as so much has happened this week, but be sure to check out OK Magazine for more Big Brother coverage!

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  1. Comments (135)

    I’ve looked on this site for the place where our great author details the breakdown of the Bomb Squad. Where is this? I can’t find it.

  2. Comments (469)

    stevebeans – yes I was really disappointed last night that we didn’t get to see the “blowup” at the POV meeting – you had spoken quite extensively about it in you updates and I was ready for some drama. I agree they are under time restrictions but it seems to me they sometimes devote to much time to non essentials and skip the “good stuff”. After all this whole show is about the psychological interaction between a diverse group of people and who they act and react to social pressure.

    • Comments (46)


      I thought they said they were going to show that part (the blow up) on tonight’s show! I think I dozed off and missed the veto comp. but I saw the the meeting and as it was ending they were showing everyone talking. I believe it will pick up where it left off. Don’t they usuall do that on the thursday show? It starts off black and white and then it picks up what happened after the meeting.

      I do hope they show it. I was a little out in left field about A) what Zach had said that called out Frankie or “threw him under the bus” (man they sure use that “under the bus” a LOT this season) and B) Britt’s speach about Poo-Poo throwing the comp.

      • Comments (406)

        They should show it tonight, but the big question will be how much will they actually show. Hopefully most of it, at least the good stuff.

      • Comments (469)

        Live show over – did they show the biggest part of it – what they did show was interesting – but did they leave some things out?????

  3. Comments (469)

    Stevebeans – the tasks they are giving Team Amer. this season put tasks in previous season to shame – in the past they were small annoyances – this year with the first 2 choices revealed – either one will have a stunning effect on the house dynamics – should be interesting to watch this “twist” unfold.

    • Comments (1276)

      I don’t think they got 5k per task before, or got to work with others. It was usually America’s player, so since they have a Team this year, and a good amount of money can be made, to me at least, it makes since to Up the tasks.

  4. Comments (162)

    I want the whole house to blow up and have mini alliances. To me a big alliances suck cause you always know how they are going to vote……….

  5. Comments (68)

    I really don’t think Brittany is the mastermind, but more that Devin is an idiot.

    That guy is like the dog from “Up”, he gets easily sidetracked and doesn’t even know how anyone can be against him.

    He was clueless about throwing Caleb under the bus with his first house meeting. He put a target on Brittany for personal reasons (because she called him out on his BS). He then changed his reasoning saying that he targeted Britany because she was a threat, seems counter intuitive because he said he nominated Nicole and Hayden because they were strong people who would easily beat Paola and Brittany, which means that he must think Nicole or Hayden are bigger threats. He blows up with Caleb and breaks the Bomb Squad only to have it back on again to again break it up.

    Although Zach did a dumb move by arguing for Brittany and saying he did mention evicting Devin, it was only until Zach mentioned putting him on the block that Devin said that it became a possibility. That’s pretty stupid because Devin kept saying how he didn’t thrust Zach and was thinking about putting on the block even before that conversation. He also mentioned how he didn’t want to put up an alliance member right after he broke the alliance.

    I really think he has very poor game. Yes he has power and maybe a few allies, but he’s playing this game like a sprint when it should be a marathon. He already has a few enemies and he will probably get a lot more in the coming weeks. I really doubt he makes it to jury.

  6. Comments (843)

    Zack was the only one who spoke up at their little meeting, although Cody is telling Brittany he spoke up too. That’s why he got put on the block. Devin can’t stand anyone who disagrees with his dictates. They all supposedly want Devin back-doored, which is harder to do than most people think, but will they have the nerve to do it. Another point, if Caleb or Frankie know the plan, you can be assured that Devin will know about it.

    • Comments (1276)

      I don’t really even care too much for Zach. That being said, he is the ONLY one out of everyone in that room who had the BALLS to speak up and say he didn’t agree with Devin.
      I think he thought they all just needed a push, and others would say something. But no one did. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why, who wants Devin to act like they are completely nuts for not thinking he is the end all be all (while saying he’s not the ruler) and then talk to them like they are idiots, but dang, I can’t believe they ALL left Zach hanging like that.

  7. Comments (332)

    I agree, you will have to wait late for a POV and put Devin up or he will put the house on lock down throwing a tantrum. But I have heard several say he is going up because they feel he intimidates them. But Paola is like B-oring she has to go, Zach is much more entertaining.

  8. Comments (110)

    I just wish the shows were longer so we could have more content. I think the way Brittany swayed Devin to use the POV on her was awesome. She said the right things and it worked so good for her. I have never liked Zach and he should have kept his mouth shut instead of telling Devin he was talking about getting rid of him but I can’t wait to see what he says and I applaud that he’s willing to blow up the alliance and expose everything.The Team America twist I hate.in the past they did fun goofy stuff and yeah they are getting a lot of money but I don’t think its fair that their tasks involve made up crap that could hurt other peoples games.

  9. Comments (91)

    Not a Brittany fan. Suspicious of her being a hybrid reincarnation of last season’s Helen+Amanda. I dont feel sorry for her and apparently she looks well tended/high maintenence. The WORST case scenario would be Devin and Brittany riding the Bomb Squad in bed all the way to the end. ugh. 😛

  10. Comments (469)

    stevebeans – I have a huge question for you – and it may also be on others minds – at one point we saw Cody and Brittany talking alone and Brittany is saying since her and Devin’s talk he has come to her several times and summoned her to his room – she tells Cody that it is scary-creepy and disgusting – have you observed any of these “meetings” and if so could you please elaborate.

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