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Bald Eagle And Apple Pie – Big Brother Veto Meeting Recap

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Every week, the Big Brother house typically has the same routine. Nominations by Friday, PoV on Sat, PoV meeting on Monday. This is due to incredibly tight production window CBS has to produce these episodes, so it’s hard to fault them. That said, every week it appears the best stuff happens after the PoV meeting when nominations are set in stone. The show typically covers it on Thursday night, but they often don’t get enough time to cover it in detail, so good stuff is left on the cutting room floor. That was clearly the case this week, but that’s not to say this episode was completely dull. It had quite a few game changing moments, and one of them included that Brittany conversation with Devin.

When Brittany went into the HoH room to speak with Devin that night, something happened. Something big. Not only did bloggers (like myself) sit there for 90 minutes listening to Brittany basically repeat herself, but during that time, she not only convinced Devin to take her off the block, but to practically fall in love with her. That is hopefully something you’ll see on tonight’s episode, assuming they have enough time to show it.

Devin, the guy who was blasting Caleb earlier in the episode for having a little crush on Amber walked around for half the week with cartoon hearts in his eyes for Brittany. Anyone he spoke with, it sounded like an elementary school crush he had, and basically even admitted as much. It was both entertaining and incredibly awkward at the same time… much like the season of Big Brother 16 so far.

I am sure Devin will receive a lot of heat for the way he acted this week, but I am giving credit to Brittany.  She pulled the right strings, said the right things, and as you clearly saw last night, she saved herself from the block. Granted, the house was leaning in favor of voting out Paola anyway, but Brittany managed to secure her safety and subsequently destroy the Bomb Squad alliance… all with a long talk with Devin.  Quite masterful, and I don’t even think she realizes the impact of her conversation yet.

If you check out the rest of this site, I have covered the destruction of the bomb squad, but I try not to give too many spoilers in the episode recaps, so I will let you look around if you’re curious how that happened.

In my rambling, I almost forgot to mention the reason the episode was on in the first place – The PoV competition. It was the balance objects on a mobile and the person who can keep their balls balanced while hitting the buzzer wins. This competition is actually much harder than it looks, but Devin pulled it off and won all the power in the house this week. He had Brittany in his sights from the moment he won HoH, and even still after he won PoV, but as you watched, Brittany somehow managed to save herself and Zach became the replacement nominee.


As of right now, I am putting Brittany’s move as the move of the season, but there is still plenty of weeks to go. The live eviction show is tonight, and I will be tweeting and blogging it, so make sure to follow my twitter here. Facebook will also be updated as well,  so be sure to keep track one of those methods.

Wow, I am already at 700+ words and I forgot to mention a huge aspect of the house. Team America was revealed! We already knew about Donny, but the show decided to speed through the remaining two (likely to prevent another Joey situation) and both were revealed this week.  The other two winners are Derrick and Frankie.  The pair will carry out tasks throughout the week in an effort to pocket $5k each should they succeed.  To vote for their first mission – Click HERE!

There is a lot of blogging to do today as so much has happened this week, but be sure to check out OK Magazine for more Big Brother coverage!


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